Monday, May 31, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Post Mortem on Michel’s Failure in Tourism

I have had a busy Tourism related past Two (2) weeks, if you will. It started out with a meeting on La Digue, then the next day, a meeting on Praslin, followed by a meeting with Eden Island top boss Mr. Craig Heegar and Mr. Smith, his financial arm and numbers man.

Last Friday the Seychelles Hotel and Tourism Association (SHTA) had an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and I was re-elected as a member of the Executive Board of the Seychelles largest and most prominent NGO. The Executive Board is made up of many leaders of the Tourism Trade and we meet regularly with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and the IMF when they are in town and conduct extensive briefings on the economic situation of the Seychelles. The Executive Board also interacts extensively with Government of Seychelles, on policy issues that affect the Tourism Trade.

Crime and Tourism
When crime went out of control from 2007-2009, it was SHTA that took the lead to bring crime down, as the Police department changed Deputy Commissioners and Commissioners. On Praslin, SHTA company agents spend over Scr. 25,000 per month on fuel bills for patrols. The Seychelles Police has a budget of Scr. 10,000.00. Today crime in Cote D’Or and other areas adjacent to it are virtually nil.

In the past, the area competed with Beau Vallon for the coveted infamous title of highest crime area of Seychelles. The Public Safety Committee of SHTA chaired by myself, in my opinion can bring crime down in all of Seychelles, against Tourist and establishments, but Mr. Michel must take a position and address Deputy Commissioner Naill Scully, and ask him to clarify if he is ex-Irish Army or ex-Irish Police as the last Deputy Commissioner Fitzgerald. Mr. Scully of course, is ex- Irish Army and must go; he has no Policing experience, aside from what he has learnt in Seychelles. He is too timid to deal with NGO’s concerned with crime, and Seychelles being a micro state, with limited human and financial resources that is simply not acceptable. The margin of error, we place on Mr. Naill Scully curbing crime in Seychelles and making Seychelles a safe destination for our visitors is highly risky if left to him solely to do the job without private sector providing a civil structure to curb crime on private properties and impart information on to the Police, and check the Police performance.

We Have Serious Problems in Tourism
While Alain St. Ange has done a fabulous spearheaded effort, with the help of the SHTA and Mr. Louis D’Offay the Chairman, to keep tourism visitor arrivals up on par with previous year’s performance, the yield of the total arrivals are down -25% in 2009 and in 2010 we expect the yields to go to -30%. These dark numbers no one dare speak of in public, as they will cause alarm, and blame will then follow, panic will set in. I state them because we need to wake up to the urgency of the challenges before us as a People. Challenges will become defeats in the silence of the night, if we are not made aware of the gravity of the hour we face as a Nation.

Responsibility of these low receivables for Tourism cannot and should not be shouldered by Mr. St. Ange or Mr. D’Offay or even the Tourism Trade. The problem is political in nature. The buck stops on Michel’s desk, whether or not he uses it.

Michel Answers My Plea of Removing Politics in Tourism and Industry
Recently Mr. Michel has taken the bold step of posting on his Facebook wall a plea that we take politics out of Tourism and Industry. Fine words from the guilty, however late they may be. Mr. Michel’s JJ Spirit cheerleaders applaud him for the lovely words, but they pose no substantive questions. Hence, making the Facebook medium a complete joke for a sitting President. The Advisor that tricked Michel into doing this exercise should be sent to sort out the illegal hotel on Farquhar Island and set up a guard post while there for Five (5) years.

Before we see that politics is taken out of Tourism, Michel will have to remove the political figures in Tourism management that affect us all and the bottom line.

Who Gets The Boot?
First to get the boot, will have to be the full time golf player and avid game fisherman, who tokes on Cuban cigars, even though his official government salary possibly could not allow for paying for the Havana’s he puffs.
We are of course referring to Maurice Lousteau Lalanne. He is nothing but dead weight at STB. His heavy handed policies of regulating Seychellois hotels, has earned him the highly infamous persona of being one of Tourism’s most disliked personalities. He has become the Rodney Dangerfield of Tourism, no respect.......he cannot get any respect.
While Mr. Lalanne has run STB he has also been involved through his wife, as a shareholder of bare foot charter boats and other interests. He is also Chairman of the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF), the non profit organization that built the concrete monstrosity in the Vallee De Mai, with Greek Columns positioned less then ½ meter from the main road. Recently, a nurse ran into the columns on a rainy day, and broke 3 ribs, arm and suffered head injuries. It is illegal to build a structure within Three (3) meters of a public road.

The concrete building has recently been used as a garage for a new 4x4 truck and visitors have to walk around the truck to get to the Vallee De Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which we charge €20.00 for entrance. I have more details, but I will save Mr. President further embarrassment. But time is ticking.

The next in line that must go in order for politics to be removed from Tourism will of course, have to be, unconditionally, Captain, Colonel David Savy, who heads Air Seychelles.
Under the leadership of Colonel Savy, Air Seychelles has gone from one crisis to another. In the process, the national airline carrier has simply lost its raison d’être.
No longer does Air Seychelles solely focus on bringing visitors to our shores. It now cattle herds oil rig workers to the Falkland Islands for the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, and does some sort of return back to Port Louis business with Mauritians that live in the UK, on one of its UK flights to Seychelles, that does an onward bound connection to Mauritius.

Sixty percent (60%) of those seats on that flight from the UK are presold, to the Mauritian market, and potential visitors to Seychelles, are left at the airport in the UK looking for another destination. The pictures of Seychelles on the London taxi cabs, now remind the British holiday maker how difficult it is to get to the Seychelles in 2010.
The net result of Colonel Savy’s poor business judgment is that while Ephélia Resort opens 330 rooms and can take 700 people at once, we have no additional flights and additional seats available into Seychelles. Other hotels in Seychelles remain at the lowest occupancy rates since the mercenary coup. I have personally witnessed prime hotels on Praslin and La Digue suffering from low occupancy levels due to Colonel Savy having no foresight to handle the extra demand that the Ephélia Resort would create. The pain these operators face is griping.

To make matters worse, Colonel Savy took it upon himself, to raise the price of visitor tickets from Mahe to Praslin in January to Euro 80.00 one way, making a 15 minute Twin Otter hop fuelled by kerosene cost as much as crossing the United States in low season. The pricing is discriminatory as some past articles highlighted. That is bad for business as any business marketing professor will tell you.

I put it to Mr. Michel; we cannot take politics out of the Tourism Industry, if we have to deal with excess political baggage. Lead the way, clear the excess political baggage.

If Alain St. Ange did not perform with flying colours as he took over the marketing department of STB, he would have been booted out in no time. Now, why does Seychelles have to carry excess political baggage to our detriment in the Tourism Industry?
The time to clean up house is now, for tomorrow will be too late, some will say.

I say, today, Mr. Michel, you are already late as usual. Shake up the Air Seychelles Board. They have become a melting pot of lackeys except for one (1) Board member. Inject the Board with professionals and business minded individuals. Waste not a second, for you are at the midnight hour of destroying the Tourism Industry, much like you were on October 31, 2008, when you waited till the last second before the Seychelles ran out of fuel, for you to admit that we were bankrupt and needed to adopt an IMF Standby Arrangement to pay our fuel bills in order to keep the pumps going the very next day.

Your government is already operating a 12 month year on a 6 month year. What are you waiting for, to operate a 12 month year on a 3 month year? The function of government cannot be accomplished with re-runs like Antoine Onezime has done on SBC when he has no money.

Get moving man, double time, make up the lost time. You are at your last hour before a major collapse that will destabilize the entire Tourism Industry and Seychelles.

Tourism Has No Five(5) Year Plan
Be not fooled by the politeness in the cocktail parties or the interviews on SBC.
Seychelles is in a financial economic quagmire. Fishing Industry is part of that and so is the Tourism Industry. The projected 4%GDP growth IMF said Government has indicated is based on Sheik Khalifa projections as a new pillar of the “Sell Baby Sell” economic policy.
In Tourism, there is no plan. Every destination has a Five (5) year Integrated Tourism Development Plan (ITDP).

In Seychelles, we have no plan. We cannot have a plan. Why? Because the Michel Administration does not have the political courage to make difficult decisions in order that Seychelles can have a Five (5) year plan.

What Does No Plan Mean?
No plan means we go around in circles. We make mistakes, and shoot from the hip on the main hard currency earner for the Nation.

No plan means Colonel Savy can make his own plans and fly to the Falkland Islands if he likes. It means that Colonel Savy can bus tourists to Mauritius if he likes, instead of bussing them to Seychelles. It means Colonel Savy can charge any rate on a charter to Bird or Denis Islands at his own whim. If he has a buyer for those islands, he can raise the charter price per flight, bankrupt the proprietors, finish them off, and cause a sale. It means he can do the same to all the hotels on Praslin, before Raffles Hotel opens, or on La Digue, before Felicite Island now known as ZIL PASYON opens, which is owned by his brother the Eminent Highness His Excellency Francis Savy, who is credited for destroying the marketing image of Seychelles, when he turned us into a black and white destination. Now he excels in his business ventures after positioning himself to our demise as a destination, destroying the natural beauty of Felicite Island forever.

No plan means Mr. Lalanne can create a grading system to close down hotels in a downturn. Then he can secure buyers for prime properties if he chooses. No Five Year Plan means he can play golf while our revenues dip -25% or -30% in Tourism. No one will ask a question, because there is no plan to base a question on. He can play golf because that is his only plan. Between swings, he can sell a property going belly up and perhaps take a sellers commission for the sale. As he is in government, he may even ask for an advance payment.

Eden Island Factor
No Plan means Eden Island can be conceptualized as a retirement home or second home market purchaser’s product, then when times get tough, apply for a change of use and operate a pool of apartments that violate the policies of STB, which the rest of the trade is held to respect. What prevents the residents of Roche Caiman low income housing estate from operating a similar apartment pool as Eden Island, across the street? There is no plan.

Hence Eden Island cuts into the tourism pie, without programming an increase in arrivals, dictating that it is in Seychelles interest to allow a change of use of apartments. No plan means Eden Island has no hotel built, but is operating a hotel, without a hotel license to help it’s developers get through the tough times of the world economic downturn. “Fish cannot keep whales from drowning”- ancient Seychellois saying.

No plan means Eden Island uses the Victoria sewage connection and faeces overflow between Eden Island and the treatment station regularly. It means Eden Island build apartments and has no water reservoirs on its island, and drains the La Gogue Dam early in the dry season. It means Eden Island uses electricity from our grids, instead of setting up a separate substation on the Island. Our local residents load shed, to keep Eden Island lighted. No plan, means no contribution to increase our grid capacity, water capacity or sewage treatment capacity. With the 2800 illegal Indians down the road, even Eden Island will be screaming no plan in no time, when the faeces makes its way to its apartment villas. No plan means the Minister of Lands said they will send the faeces out to sea by large pipes, instead of treating it at the Victoria sewage treatment plant.

Never has one single investor as Sheik Khalifa brought so much shit to Seychelles, in exchange for so little.

Eden Island will tell you that no plan means they keep Air Seychelles landing in South Africa, with bank guarantees of $ 300,000.00 to pay for their fees, since they have trouble settling bills there. The nightmare is endless, with the no plan thing. Eden Island is a victim in a way, but it has also been a player enjoying the no plan scheme. Now the game is up.

The International Airport
No Five (5) year plan means Ministry of Lands gives Sheik Khalifa, prime adjacent international airport property to house 2800 illegal workers, and stifles the Seychelles International Airport ability to expand and meet demand requirements caused by the increase in total amount of beds in the country.

In case you did not know PP, when you have an increase in beds nationally available, you have a corresponding increase in demand for airline seats, fuelling, parking, taxiing, of airplanes. I bet you never thought of that PP.

Now that we know you have no Five (5) Year Plan for developing Tourism, PP, what are your plans, PP?

The answer is: “Sell Baby Sell”, the only Five (5) Year plan you ever really had! You repeat it every Five(5) years.

I have a message for you PP:

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”
If you no longer believe it, then it is time for you to go, ask Dolor!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

Visit MSR on Facebook and sign up to join the Seselwa brother & sisters determined to have their voices heard! ttp://!/profile.php?id=100000886674421


Anonymous said...

Pp remains the stumbling-block to the improvement of our tourism industry.Only a change in government will bring about the changes needed in this industry.Until this happens the industry will remain stuck in the mode of quandary though the hard work being delivered by SHTC.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

By far the best article written on our tourism sector in years. The failure of the tourism industry, as in fishing, lies at State House and with the SPPF. The likes of Maurice Lalanne, Francis Savy, David Savy and Glenny Savy who controls the outer islands should have been booted out years ago. Lalanne's ego is so large that he once told a French reporter that he was the real Tourism Minister of Seychelles and not Jacques Hodoul. The man has been a disaster every where he has been and Michel would be wise to sack him and send him to golf retirement along with his golf crazy friend Guy Adam. If Michel was serious, he would have removed these people barriers a long time ago. But then, we all know that Michel is the king of playing politics and uses SBC and Nation on a daily basis to his advantage. Gill is right. Michel has no plans, has never had any plans for our tourism industry except to sell land to his Arab friends. And if he did, he would have appointed a Minister of Tourism and a Minister of Fisheries by now. Our 2 most important industries have no ministers. Figure that one out for yourself.

Anonymous said...


Led by Emirates, Gulf-based airlines such as Etihad and Quatar are plundering passengers from traditional carriers because in this 21st century with globalisation and open skies in full swing, the above mentioned airlines in the Persian Gulf region are financially strong and above all, flexible.

And because of their geography location, they can offer passengers and freight forwarders the fastest routes between South-East-Asia and Europe.

With Emirates at the forefront with over 24 destinations in Europe with Amsterdam added on May 1 as well as another 74 destinations around the world aside from Australia and New Zealand Cities, these carriers are raising concerns in airline boardrooms across Europe, Southern Asia and Australia as they reshape traffic flows with massive aircraft orders and aggressive expansion. And Air Seychelles is not spared either.

Are they just plundering at will, stealing passsengers from traditional European and Asia-Pacific flag airlines with ultra low fares and rerouting them through Gulf Airports?.

Are the steady stream of aircraft orders from Gulf-based carriers and the associated airport building boom just an oil-fuel grab for power or do they reflect a genuine shift in influence of 21st century trade routes?.

Like Beaute Kreole would say, the answer is in the eye of the beholder or perhaps the passengers. And the 23 million of them a year that fly on Emirates have voted with their BUMS. And certainly, Emirates has an advantage and it is called Geography because over 80% of the world's population is located under 12 hours from Dubai and 95 per cent within 16 hours. It's middle east network covers 13 destinations whilst it's African network covers 19 destinations and serves 18 destinations in India and Pakistan. The strength of Emirates network with shorter flight times due to geography, with multi-award winning in-flight service, is a magnet for Australian passengers. Last but not least, Emirates has evolved as a truly global airline and with cabin crew from 108 countries, Emirates is more than any other airline. One can come to the conclusion that it is the face of 21st century travel.

And to think that Emirates' Chairman and Chief Executive HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum has invested heavily in the Bijou of the Indian Ocean that is Seychelles and for a Lunatic in the like of Christopher Gill to forever and a day bad-mouthing our Arab Friends and the President of Seychelles with impunity leaves a lot to be desired. I guess Gill must be grateful he is exercising his democratic rights to express his point of view in Seychelles and nowhere else on this earth.

Regards from TI KREOL LAY O

Anonymous said...

So Christopher Gill,

Can you enlighten your true and loyal Subjects with whom are you planning to replace the Ones that you want axed with?.

Mercy davance, Grand Grapp.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the odd one out in thinking that our overall tourism strategy was dis-jointed at the hip, to use a polite turn- of- phrase. Kudos to Christopher Gill for hitting the nail on the head! In saying this I take nothing away from Alain St.Ange and his team. They have been tasked with performing miracles with one hand tied behind their backs and so far, they have demonstrated a more than admirable effort at trying to change things.

Our National Airline is a source of pride to most Seychellois; nevertheless I believe the time has come to seriously look at how best it can perform its stated aims and objectives within the framework of a more focused and integrated tourism strategy. The status quo is not sustainable especially when our tourism industry already faces the real danger of the collapse in the Euro zone tourism market on the back of the weakness of the Euro and the possibility of sovereign defaults in a number of western European Countries. Brace ourselves for a rocky ride!

Anonymous said...

Whenever i travel and where it is permitted i have always taken Air Seychelles (and that even with La Vielle Creole) not because i have got a death wish but because i am patriotic and take pride in travelling with the Seychelles National Carrier! I agree with the article, and add that our Tourism has for long seemed like a boat adrift on the seas, without a Captain on Board, from Gold Card to Seychelles affordable, Seychelles seems to have had only one constant over the years: expensive and a one in a life time experience only! unfortunately the politicians are playing with Tourism a bit like a a crazy fellow palying a la roulette russe! When are we going to realise the tourism is the bread and butter of this country, so stop horsing around and get it right. Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

The problem with SPPF and Michel will continue until a different party is elected to State House. Michel takes orders from Rene and as long as Rene lives, the 3 golden sons aka Glenny, David n Francis will continue to pilfer the coffers and fill their own pockets. Michel has no balls to take them out. As for the other idiot Lalanne, he will remain forever a silent thief. He ran Air Seychelles once and is alleged to have made so many deals and taken bribes along with Conrad Benoiton and Norman Weber who were on the board.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the likes of David Savy and Lousteau-Lalanne will not last past their first board meeting of a Publicly listed company outside of Seychelles.

Although they are both well educated people, they have been in the job too long and sadly they bring nothing new other than the same old tired thinking.For the life of me, I cannot understand why the President cannot get rid of these guys and replace them with dynamic professionals with International business acumen.

Can't he see that they are not delivering to the standards of our competitors? Air Seychelles has become the joke of the Airline Industry. It is like a tart's knickers, up, down, wham, bam, Thank you ma'am!

How much longer are we to sit back and watch this airline being screwed by those two jobs-for-life useless pricks?

This airline needs direction and fresh thinking.Get off your arse Mr President and show some leadership. Give me the chance to believe that you are serious. Your written words are beautiful but I need to see some actions. I need to see some balls!
Man Friday.

Anonymous said...

Alain St.Ange is trying hard to re-invigorate the British Market which had been neglected in spite of the fact that statistically, the brits take more holidays abroad than most other nations.

Someone mentioned all the Gulf based carriers under open minds and open skies. The fact of the matter is that British folks like to fly branded European Airlines and more specifically British registered airlines. They do not like to fly small airlines that they've never heard of.

If we are to believe in the open sky, open mind argument, Until we get British Airways or Virgin or some other major European carrier to fly to Seychelles, the British market, one of the biggest in the world, will remain beyond our reach.

They will carry on holidaying in the Maldives, Mauritius and and the Carribbean. This Country will carry on losing out.

Let's wake up and smell the f**cking coffee!

Man Friday

Anonymous said...

Good article Chris and I agree with all your points.

As I have said and many numerous people can already see, our govt does not have a policy for anything, let alone long term thinking outside issues that do not involve a bribe.

As for HM, we need new blood and i touched on it many times before on this site. We need restructuring from top down , including all the processes/procedures.

Our president has no balls, backbone or brains.

I really feel sad for our state of affairs.

Anyone with any brains and who is being honest, would agree.


Leonard Francis Gill said...


I have never seen Christopher "bad mouth" Arabs. He has contested Michel the COllaborator selling out our country to foreigners which include some Arabs. He has contested Michel the Collaborator selling out our country to Khalifa and allowing Khalifa to go so far as to dictate what visitor stamp we can use on visitor passports.

Secondly, it is not for you or your pal Rene the Butcher to decide how much free speech we should have in our motherland. This is not a privilege that we Seselwa Rasin must be thankful for to the Butcher or Michel the Collaborator. We have to be thankful to no one for our right to speak freely. This is our absolute inalienable right as a Seselwa Rasin in our motherland.

Our right to speak freely and to our liberty is not the Butcher's or Michel the Collaborator's to decide. It is ours. If they take it away we will fight them for it by all means necessary.

Anonymous said...

Has the same mentality like PL government.
When it comes to competition & to demonstrate our ability in business acumen & make our small country proud but instead they will accept the status quo & come up with unless amount of excuses of why we can't compete & do better. They will find ways to remain stagnant while other foreign industries and companies become successful in their own rights & proliferate all through their hard works.

Perhaps, start first with getting rid of those foreign fat cats at Air Seychelles & as well as the inefficient CEO turned Chairman turned CEO turned CEO/chairman....
If Michel has the guts & balls that is!


Anonymous said...

I think the fact is that those companies like Emirates have experts at their heads , thus have outwitted D.Savy who just has a smattering of how the industry operates ,and due to his incapability and lack of understanding ofhow the industry operates has turned the company topsyturvy.

Jeanne D'Arc

Net said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course what Mr St.Ange is doing is the right thing to do, to develop european markets not Asiens.The former when travel spend their money for instance on watersports,fishing,going to bars and restaurants,diving etc etc and etc the latter just pass their time sitting in hotels and doing nothing thus don'T SPEND.
PP ask Mr D'Offay how it was in the nineties with AFRICAN SAFARI and others we did not have five star hotels but the revenues collected by the governemnt was much important than today with those ammuth hotels keeping eighty percent of their revenues for themselves.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What can you expect from the PP ministers if they are all a bunch of incompetent asses. For example our dear Minister of finance did a 3 year course in politics at Nico Lopez Institute in Havana, Cuba. They failed almost all the exams and had to bribe their tutors with packets of marlboro cigarettes so that they could pass their exams. If one thinks that this information is false maybe you should ask Simon Gill who is an expert in bribing poor cuban teachers.
Seychellois we are in deep shit. The closest thing that our Minister of finance read about economics was an outdated book called POLITICAL ECONOMY IN SOCIALISM, which at that time was just another subject which lasted 3 months.
How the hell can we go forward when we have monkeys in key positions???

We are not only drinking delo kaka from the indians but also from monkeys.

We are in real deep shit

Anonymous said...

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