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In a new twist in the Radovan Krejcir affair, the Seychelles connection with the  Czech mafia underworld has resurfaced to make headlines in South Africa and worldwide. It is a well known fact (Krejcir has been boasting locally when he was in Seychelles), that the SPPF and James Michel's election was funded by a heavy donation from his dirty money. Herewith we reproduce this breaking news article that further implicates James Michel and his government.
It makes for interesting reading. And of course we welcome your comments...

Krejcir scoffs at 'Mafia boss' claims
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By Julian Rademeyer, Rapport
2010-08-29 18:19 - Johannesburg - Fugitive Czech billionaire Radovan Krejcir scoffs at suggestions that he is “some big Mafia boss from the Eastern Bloc” and says he has “absolutely nothing to hide”.
Breaking his silence ahead of a renewed bid by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to have him extradited to the Czech Republic, Krejcir told Rapport he was the victim of “fabricated stories” and a “dirty plan” concocted to “get me deported from this country, either legally or illegally”.
He says that his record in the Czech Republic is “clean” and claims the country's Constitutional Court has overturned a prison sentenced imposed on him. Despite this, the Czech authorities still want him extradited.
Krejcir has accused “elements” in the NPA and police, Czech intelligence operatives and prominent whistleblower Paul O'Sullivan – who describes Krejcir as the head of an “evil trans-national crime syndicate” that “wants to control the underworld in South Africa” - of conspiring against him.
He claims O'Sullivan is in the pay of the Czech intelligence services and “stands to benefit by $500 000” if Krejcir is successfully extradited. O'Sullivan on Saturday laughed off the claim.
Wealth and power
Krejcir - who was sentenced in absentia in the Czech Republic to six-and-a-half years imprisonment for tax fraud and reportedly investigated on charges of conspiracy to murder, counterfeiting, extortion and abduction – is a flamboyant man, given to ostentatious displays of wealth and power.
In recent weeks his links to a coterie of controversial South African businessmen and underworld figures has been in the spotlight.
He arrived in South Africa in 2007 and was arrested at OR Tambo international airport on an Interpol “red notice” while travelling with a Seychelles passport, issued in the name Egbert Jules Savy. An application for his extradition was unsuccessful.
Krejcir, who has applied for political asylum, has since ensconced himself in South Africa. He holds court at the Harbour Fish Market restaurant in the Bedford Centre, usually with one of his two Porsches, a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari Spider or a Mercedes parked in a private, roped-off bay near the front door. He has free reign of the restaurant.
One corner of the outside patio is shielded with bullet-proof glass, installed at Krejcir's expense after he discovered that a “Russian hit team” had been sent to South Africa by the Czech government to snatch or kill him and planned to position snipers in a block of flats across the road from the restaurant.
Until his murder in May this year, Teazers strip club boss Lolly Jackson – along with George Smith, the man who would be accused of his murder, were Krejcir's frequent companions at the restaurant.
Krejcir's R20m Bedfordview home – which he shares with his wife Katerina Krejcirova, a 9-month-old baby boy and their teenage son, is a four storey mansion replete with a steel and glass lift, aquarium and an infinity pool looking out over the Johannesburg skyline. They also own a holiday home on the Vaal Dam.
Once a week he rents Kyalami racetrack so that he and his son can race superbikes and sportscars. “Lolly and I were very good friends because of my sickness with cars. I love cars. He loved cars. Every week we rented Kyalami for two hours to have some adrenaline because I cannot travel, I cannot do fuck-all. I really love these toys.”
Krejcir says he has no desire to return to the Czech Republic. “I believe this is the best country in the world,” he said this week. “I don't want to go to the Czech Republic because I'll never have the chance of a fair trial and they will kill me.”
There, 5km from the capital, Prague, Krejcir once lived on a 2 000m² estate in a villa estimated to have cost R151m. It boasted a squash court, basketball court, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a giant aquarium containing reef sharks, a 1.7m moray eel and “other dangerous fishes”. There was also an enclosure on the property for a pet tiger.
Czech police say the house contained a secret strongroom packed with weapons, jewellery, share certificates and classified police documents.
The Velvet Revolution
Krejcir had amassed a fortune by the time he was 30, making most it during the wave of state industry privatisation that followed the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” which saw the overthrow of the authoritarian communist government.
In June 2005, balaclava-clad security police and state prosecutors swooped on Krejcir's home. Press reports suggest that Krejcir escaped through a bathroom window. According to press reports, he was supposedly spotted three days later in neighbouring Slovakia at a petrol station filling up the tank of a Lamborghini.
He says he was allowed to leave by a state prosecutor. “In my bathroom there was no window. I don't know how you could escape from 20 guys with machine guns and masks on their faces.”
In the wake of his disappearance, police said they had found billions of crowns in fake currency at a factory owned by Krejcir.
Mixed into the boxes of cash was 8 million Czech crowns (about R3m) of genuine currency.
Krejcir says the boxes of cash were an elaborate gift for a close friend who was turning 40. “We as rich people after the revolution gave some presents like this. The top and bottom of the boxes was real money and the middle was fake and inside it would say: 'Happy birthday'”
“So you give a present that looks like it is billions of crowns but in reality it is only 8 million crowns.”
Seychelles prison
Krejcir next turned up in the Seychelles where he gave financial support to the ruling elite. As a result, he says, “they offered me and my family a new identity”.
“I submitted an application and received from Home Affairs passports under the name Egbert Jules Savy for me, Sandra Savy for my wife and Greg Savy for my son. I came to South Africa believing my passport was a genuine one.”
The Seychelles authorities later claimed the passports were fake.
But Krejcir says “it is not important if the passport is false or not because if you are successful in getting political asylum, it doesn't matter how you ended up in the this country because you tried to save your life.”
Krejcir argues that he is a Seychelles citizen and that his Czech citizenship lapsed when he accepted a new passport.
In the Seychelles, to stave off boredom, he wrote a book titled: Radovan Krejcir - Revealed.
“It was so boring there, like being a prisoner in paradise,” he said. “At least I could go diving and fishing...”
In the book he claimed he had advanced about R20m for the 2002 election campaign of Czech Social Democratic candidate Stanislav Gross and in exchange had received a promissory note which stipulated that if the election bid was successful, Krejcir would be given control of the State oil company, Cepro.
Gross later did an about turn and Krejcir was arrested on a “trumped-up charge of fraud”.
That same year, Krejcir's father was kidnapped. He was never seen again. Krejcir alleges his father was killed by Czech state agents who believed he had the promissory note in his possession. He believes his father's body was dissolved in a vat of acid.
The Czech Godfather
In early 2006, while Krejcir sunned himself on the Seychelles beaches, Czech newspapers linked him to the assassination of Frantisek Mrazek, the so-called “Godfather” of organised crime in the country.
Mrazek was shot by a sniper outside the building that housed his offices.
Krejcir laughs when asked if he had anything to do with the killing.
“Yes, I shot one bullet from the Seychelles and the bullet travelled all the way direct to his heart. I'm very good.
“What must I say my man? I saw this guy twice in my life. We never had a fight. It is the same situation as my father. They killed him and afterwards said it was my criminals. All the time it was the top government and secret service guys.”
“They say he (Mrazek) was the boss of the Mafia. Apparently, if you believe them, there are Mafia bosses all over the place. If you know any more people from the Czech republic, you probably know more bosses. I must be the worst one because I am wanted for murders and all this.”
Krejcir – who suggests his detractors have found him guilty by association – readily admits that he befriended or became acquainted with several of South Africa's most controversial businessmen and notorious underworld figures.
Among them were Jackson, Smith, security company kingpin Cyril Beeka, Brett Kebble murder accused and convicted druglord Glen Agliotti, banker and self-confessed money launderer Alekos Panayi and Gauteng police crime intelligence head, Commissioner Joey Mabasa.
“So what?” he asked. “People find me because they believe I've got money, that I'm an opportunity for them, that I can do some business with them. So the people are coming, especially to this restaurant, like a bee on honey.”
He said he had a wide network of contacts.
Krejcir said he befriended Jackson's alleged killer, George Smith, in April 2007 while he was awaiting his extradition hearing. The two shared a cell at Kempton Park police station and after their release, Smith helped him “get connected” introduced him to “most of the people” he knows today.
“I don't need anybody. I've got my money clean overseas. I've never made one rand in this country from any business. I'm enjoying my life. I bought property, assets, cars. I'm spending money which I brought in officially through the reserve banks of the Czech Republic and South Africa.”
Krejcir believes it will be to his advantage if the State wins their application tomorrow (Monday) for a review of the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court decision that has allowed him to remain in the country. If they do succeed, the State will proceed with a new extradition application.
“If they start it again, it will take another four years. Even if they decide to extradite me, they cannot do so until the political asylum case is finished.”

Eyewitness News

A Moment With The President of Seychelles
Every month, the President of Seychelles, Mr. James Alix Michel, comes into the living rooms of every Seychellois through the state owned and operated TV station the SBC and dishes out his mushy impressions of what our reality in Seychelles is and is not.
This month was not an exception, but the twist and turns this month, make good reading, whereas in past months, we could afford to just turn off the TV, though some viewers have reported to have proudly, broken their sets.
Michel Says Seychellois Must Take Control of Tourism Industry
The first startling point Mr. Michel made was that Seychellois must take control of the Tourism Industry. This is a joke coming from the man that has promoted and approved more Tourism projects outside of Seychelles for Seychelles, than any other President in Seychelles history.
He cautioned us into falling hook line and sinker on his own assertion, when he himself told us:”next year, I will outline a plan on how Seychellois, can participate meaningfully in the Tourism Industry”. Next year?
My question to Mr. President is this: “What is wrong with telling us this year?” Taken a little deeper and more conclusive, “What is wrong with telling us how Seychellois can participate in the Tourism Industry for the last Five (5) years instead of telling your friends from UAE and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, how to do that?”
People of Seychelles, under James Michel, our main Tourism Industry which has been built by Seychellois, has been sold by a Seychellois, James Michel to internationally branded companies that have key players behind them all. The money they earn, off our sun, sea, sand and Seychelles being simply, the most beautiful group of islands on earth, is banked over seas. The only money that comes to Seychelles, is monthly operating expense.
Now, he wants us to believe that he did not do the deals.
Ask questions and All Will Be Revealed
• Who brought in Lemuria Constance Group to Praslin, and now Anse Georgette Beach is off limits to Seychellois and Seychellois establishment guests, which has destroyed the “Seychelles Brand”, in so far as free unfettered island exploring holiday has been in fact, blocked?
• Who approved Raffles Hotel Praslin, which is an environmental disaster, destroying the Seychelles Brand and the Praslin Brand?
• Who brought in Four Season Hotel and Villa’s and what does Seychelles benefit from such a project, aside from a few private jets landing at the airport?
• Who gave Four Seasons tax free concessions on BMW x 5’s 75 in all, to the detriment of Seychellois taxi operators and transfer businesses, while Seychellois hotels have to beg State House for a concession to import a luxury transfer vehicle?
• Who gave Banyan Tree the right to transfer guests, and the right to block off effectively, a substantial part of Anse Intendance, which was one of the most frequently visited beaches on Mahe, Island by visitors and Seychellois alike?
• Who brought in Eden Island, a retirement villa community, that could not handle the market forces as the world financial bubble burst, and has now ventured into renting out apartments to make ends meet on an artificial island, competing directly with Seychellois owned businesses, further destroying the “Seychelles Brand” with a culturally artificial,fake product?
• Who allowed over 200 foreign owned barefoot charter sailboat units set up shop in Seychelles, hence creating the equivalent of a 1200 room hotel, with revenues banked overseas, aside from operating expenses? This decision displaced Seychellois boat operators, and hotels alike across the board, while destroying our environment and marine parks, with unfettered anchorage.
• Who allowed LaBriz Shilouette to set up operations, but allows IDC to furnish fuel to the establishment and boats, which it buys tax free from SEPEC, hence subsidizing a foreign owned hotel in effect;
• Who licensed not yet completed 385 room Ephelia Hotel, before additional flights could be set to keep “Tourist Arrival” numbers increasing? To keep things looking good we now quote: “Visitor Arrival” numbers, which includes ship mates in transit, and Ascon non GOP workers, all 3000 of them.
• Who brought in all these internationally branded hotels, without requiring that development impact fees be paid, in order to upgrade our water catchments nationwide, and our electricity grids and roads nation- wide, now we are at capacity, without funds to upkeep and improve basic infrastructure?
• Who brought in these internationally branded hotels to Seychelles, and claimed that they would save us, when in fact, we were declared bankrupt on October 31, 2008, by the same person in a national televised speech?
Our situation is so pitiful under James Michel, I must stop, but I will carry on in a second part article addressing Michel’s version of the “Melting Pot”, after the practice of selling passports for over two decades, has been exposed.
Melt on Jack!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!
Seychelles Government Sends In Soldiers To
Block Kennedy Road and Block Peaceful
The PP government of James Alix Michel, who has a heart for every Seychellois, has sent 50 armed troops, with tear gas, side arms, AK-47 assault weapons to block the area of where protests have been ongoing for Three (3) weeks on and off, at the intersection of Kennedy Road and the La Misere Road.
On SBC Tuesday August 17th, 2010, only Two (2) days after the Feast of Assumption of our Lady Notre Dame, St. Marie, the Commissioner of Police Quatre warned the protestors to not engage in any further demonstrations, and that Sheik Khalifa had done a lot for Seychelles, and enough is enough.
The Commissioner of Police advised that force and arms by implication will be used in the future. Think about this comment for a moment: “using arms against a group of Seychellois victims of drinking shit water over Eight (8) months, many of whom have fallen dearly ill, even facing death”.
What kind of a human being does something like that?
Public Orders Act Unconstitutional
The Public Orders Act was promulgated just before Rene announced Multi-party democracy in Seychelles in 1991. It was intended to prohibit demonstrations in public. With the enactment of the Constitution of the Third Republic, the right to assembly is fully protected under the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles.
Hence the Commissioner of Police is acting beyond of his scope as public official when he knowingly is applying a one party state law that has been overridden by the Constitution of Seychelles.
Michel Can Give Special Treatment To Sheik Khalifa to Our Demise
If James Michel wants to afford special treatment to Sheik Khalifa’s house and residence, he can do it to the offense of the People of Seychelles.
Under the Protected Areas Act et al, The President can have the residence of Sheik Khalifa protected, as Anse Polite is for France Albert Rene. But be warned Mr. James Michel, France Albert Rene, is a former President, with baggage, and likely needed the area around his house protected. Sheik Khalifa is not a former President, but likely a future President of Seychelles, under your favour. We will wait to see when you declare Sheik Khalifa’s properties as protected areas.
People of Seychelles, do not think for a moment that James Michel will not protect Sheik Khalifa, and Ascon . James Michel will protect them to the detriment of the People of Seychelles.
However, we must not take the systematic violation of our rights sitting down.
The Minister of Home Affairs, Joel Morgan, is already taking instructions from UAE, it appears to me. The last statement announcing that the Government of UAE helping to get ASCON back to the negotiating table is an example of that. In the past we were told, the UAE or Sheik Khalifa, have nothing to do with the incident at La Misere. Now, they are both behind the negotiations.
We Expect A Sell Out To Act like a Sell Out!
People of Seychelles, do not be surprised by any moves James Michel Administration may do in the future. Politicians, whose careers are born out of criminality are capable of anything. Do not forget!
I expect James Michel to use arms and violence against Seychellois to protect Sheik Khalifa’s compounds in Seychelles. When it happens, do not be surprised.
A wolf in sheep clothing is still a wolf.
When the Michel administration starts jailing Seychellois to please Sheik Khalifa and spread fear and intimidation throughout Seychelles, do not be surprised to see him go on SBC and refer to what he is doing as being necessary in a civilized, modern society.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

The Seychelles Column

Systematic Grant of Privileges to Sheik Khalifa Undermine The IMF Marco Economic Program in Seychelles (Part II)
Vienna Convention Does Not Apply
I have clearly established in past articles, that the granting of diplomatic immunity to Sheik Khalifa, and offering him tax free entry of goods status into Seychelles, under the Vienna Convention is illegal and Secretary Barry Faure’s statement that it was normal practice, is absolutely absurd, and nothing but a cover up misrepresentation and likely even a fraudulent act upon the population of Seychelles.
Sugar Daddy Tries The Groove Thing
With that established, what laws of Seychelles has James Michel used to stroke Sheik Khalifa, and offer him sweet daddy deals?
Customs Management Decree, Section 126.1: The Minister may waive , reduce or rebate any duty payable on any goods, where considered in the national interest to do so.
This law, would have to be implemented by Minister Danny Faure, to provide tax free status to Sheik Khalifa on the goods he imported to build his villas. It is estimated that $280 Million has gone uncollected. But Danny Faures’, brother, Barry Faure, Secretary of State, said that the Vienna Convention had been applied to Sheik Khalifa. Since the Vienna Convention cannot be applied to Sheik Khalifa because he is a principal to diplomats and no embassy exist in Seychelles, only Danny Faure could approve such exemptions for the tribal king.
Even if Danny Faure, as Minister of Finance had implemented this section, he would have to establish that the goods for Sheik Khalifa are in fact, being brought to Seychelles in the national interest. PP would have a difficult time establishing that Sheik Khalifa’s over bearing presence in Seychelles is in the national interest. If this cannot be done, Sheik Khalifa would still be liable for the $280 Million in taxes unpaid. This tidy sum could cut our external commercial debt by more than half, and set Seychelles on the course of real economic recovery.
If anything, Sheik Khalifa’s La Misere residents has not been in the national interest, but contrary to the national interest, as the incident and chaos brewing at La Misere, has shown us and the World, clearly and without doubt.
Since this project has begun, 1200 residents men, women, children have fallen sick due to contaminated water supplies from sewage contamination of Sheik Khalifa’s construction workers working under the name ASCON, an unregistered construction company in Seychelles. Clearly, there is no national interest to give the man tax free status, on everything he has brought into Seychelles, which now exceeds 400 containers of goods. About Four (4) months of container traffic in Seychelles, these days. The exemptions have been granted from the clouds in the air, because James Michel has developed a close friend ship with Sheik Khalifa. Unconfirmed reports are coming in that suggest Sheik Khalifa, gifted a villa in the UAE to James Michel. If anyone in the UAE can confirm this report, please send information to to shed light on this material matter of public interest.
Under the Trades Tax Act, Section 4:1, 4.2 ...the Minister may by regulation, exempt goods and services from the payment of trades tax.
Clearly, no regulation has been put in place to this day. Hence, the Trades Tax Act, would not allow the Minister of Finance Mr. Danny Faure to grant Sheik Khalifa, tax free status on the importation of Sheik Khalifa’s goods into Seychelles.
Over 400 Containers Tax Free Are a Systematic Undermining of National Revenue Base
Each container entering Seychelles, and taxes not paid for Sheik Khalifa is a single fraudulent component of a larger systematic program in place, by the government of the day, to undermine the receivables of the Government of Seychelles and to shift the burden of Sheik Khalifa’s unpaid tax bill upon the People of Seychelles.
This systematic and fraudulent undermining of our receivables balance sheet, has a detrimental impact on the bottom line of the Seychelles undergoing marco economic reform. Roads break, water pipes burst, electricity is used, hospital services overloaded with Sheik Khalifa’s workers on so on.
Furthermore, by the PP Government of Seychelles, placing 4% economic activity around Sheik Khalifa’s projects for residences and hotels, and marinas, we are registering growth rates that are not based on our main industries, and input spread over different players, to reduce risk of fallout.
In fact, the Government of Seychelles, has placed its economic viability in the hands of a single man’s whims. This is highly risky for the future development of the Republic of Seychelles, as an independent, viable, state.
Why? Because Seychelles is a proud Christian based society, that will be very unhappy having Sheik Khalifa, a tribal king from UAE running our proud country from his Blackberry. That’s why... if you don’t like that, we pay taxes, so there is no reason why you should not, after all you use the water and the roads for your Seventeen (17) tax free BMW X5 series.
Pay as you Go Sheik, not as you wish! Or else..... we will not rest!

Sesel Pou Seselwa, PP, bunch of sell outs!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")
Damage control 007 style and wooing back La Misere

This week the President celebrates another milestone. He is way past his retirement age and he is in two minds. He needs to go out in style but his obligations to his master the Sheik are more pressing. We are now the centre of world attention but he needs a well deserved rest as he sends in his trusted lieutenants for another round of damage control 007 style.

Lizzy: Hello Sunshine! Happy sixty sixth! The older you get, the sexier you look. I wanted to throw you a party but Bawi banished the idea as it would cause a marital chaos. But I’ve brought you this bunch of blood red roses as a sign of my undying adoration for all things Jj.
Mr. President: Ahhh! Older, wiser, sexier! That’s so nice of you my sweet pea. It’s great to be surrounded by so many adoring fans. But you are the most special one. Srdjana has reported that there has been an outpouring of birthday wishes on my Facebook page. In this age of technology one has to keep up with the modern times as my fans are from far and wide.
BAWI: Indeed Sir. You do not seem to have too many fans from La Misere. We now need to follow in the footsteps of Ramadoss. He already has a website devoted to him and his Narcissus ego. It beats our State House site by far. Lizzy go check out The man of many milestones is making his bid to unseat you Bwana. He is the man with a vision to change impossibilities into reality.
Mr. President: Ohh this gives me the runs man! I need a quickie in the little boy’s room so set the agenda for this birthday week and I’ll be back in a flash. (The President heads to the bathroom to get rid of this malaise and freshen up).
BAWI: So Lizzy what do you make of those latest blundering developments? It seems like we are propping up a liability. The general feeling is that he is a spent force. We are losing support by the day. He is now a one man party with a Jj spirit following. SPPF partisans have deserted us and Lepep is nowhere to be found.
Lizzy: Well Bawi, he has always been one man to me. He will always be mine no matter what. We are both bound together by the spirit.
The President is back in the briefing room with JoMo who has some latest waffle on the pressing issues that threaten to take down this presidency as he burst in a ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings sing along.
BAWI: A warm welcome to the abode Mr. Hot Potato JoMo - the man of many portfolios. Your latest performance in the La Misere saga is commendable. You have contained the anger with some shrewd moves. The best birthday present for the boss. You are a master of deceit and you can act tough despite your size.
JoMo: There are too many lives at stake Bawi. I need to ensure that peace and order is maintained at all times. I called the bluff of those protesters and turned the tables on them. We will now have no more disturbances. Ascon defecated on my doorstep as environment minister and I will now give them a good dose of my home affairs battalion.
Mr. President: I note that you got the 4x4 commissioner to issue the final warning. We have managed to placate all the wailing residents with the twelve thousand rupees, the makeshift clinic and now I have personally ordered ‘experts’ to come to their rescue. We had to wait for six months to ensure that the incubation period of the viruses is respected.
BAWI: I must admit that you have taken a lot of flak these past weeks JoMo. I gather that you drank a bottle of the shit water out of solidarity. I admire your tenacity when it comes to the final solution. I gather that you advocated planting a bomb at Maison du Peuple when you were on a mission in the SNP steering committee.
JoMo: Indeed Bawi. It is always best to go to the root of the problem. I am still convinced that we should blow up any elements that are hindering our progress. We cannot prosper if we have obstacles in our path. This presidency can do without the shackles of ‘Per Fondater’. We want to be what we want to be!
Mr. President: He is really the man of action and ruthless executioner. He took some decisive action while on Praslin to get rid of the makeshift pier that the big Green supporter erected. That’s why I gave him the added responsibilities of home affairs. He can clean house and is our extortionist par excellence.
JoMo: Sir, I have been brought up in the loyal guard dog mode and will defend my master till death do us part. No mission is dirty enough for my aptitude. We are the authority in the land and we intend to flex our muscles. We are the only ones allowed to do what we want with no planning permission or tender.
BAWI: I am amazed at your tenacity and ability to juggle all these hot potatoes with such dexterity. Your brain power is far superior to the whole cabinet put together. Sir, this man of many talents needs to be elevated to the post of designated minister.
Mr. President: He does not need any of these fabricated titles. I have already delegated him to handle the mammoth tasks. He is cleaning up house at IDC and keeping Glenny in check. We have now brokered a deal for our people to spend holidays on Silhouette and Remire.
JoMo: We can resort to radical methods if we have to. No one messes with this regime and I will see to it that we have no more disturbances before the next elections. The boys at Regar will squirm and I will not let them off the hook. This is a serious case of high treason and it cannot go unpunished.
Mr. President: You have to tread carefully my boy. They might open a lawsuit to get you to cough up the $4.5 million that you gifted to the Arabs who disappeared in a mirage in the Dubai desert. But your bullying tactics will surely overpower them. You’ve got them in a bind and we need to go for the kill.
BAWI: We cannot afford to lose anymore support Bwana. JoMo’s standoff with the protesters has not resolved much. It is now checkmate until they take to the streets again.
JoMo: You do not have to butt into my tactics Bawi. No more sympathy for the devil. Enough empathy, we will not drown in this delokaka. The whole nation is now on our side and cannot tolerate those ‘fouter dezord’ asking for millions anymore.
BAWI: Indeed JoMo. We can count our lucky stars to have you to wiggle us out of this mess. The movie took six months to produce and what a blockbuster it turned out to be. Bollywood would pay a fortune for the script you know. In fact, I will call on Ramadoss (who is an excellent role model in pursuing community conscious and citizen excellence-driven business models) to get his film company to promote and distribute this epic.
JoMo: The name is Bond! James Bond! On his majesty Sheik Khalifa’s secret service. With the collaboration of Lizzy as Pussy Galore, Bawi as Q, JP as Auric Goldfinger and your good self Sir as General Gogol.
BAWI: Sir, we have to end on a positive note with a personal message from your No. 1 fan Gus – “Happy Birthday dearest godfather n may u be blessed wit all the strength, determination, good health that u always need blah blah blah”! Man this guy can be an endless chatterbox...
Mr. President: Thank you, thank you! Great to see that I am still held in high esteem! And who said I should retire? All I need is a good break so I am out of here for the next two weeks (mentally at least!).

The latest twist and turn seems to have brought the desired results. The mobilization to contain the shrapnel from the exploding device on shitwater road has worked to perfection. The to and fro resulted in a makeshift compromise of cash, expert checkups and a provisional clinic - enough to placate the victims and tolerate the completion of our new deity’s palace. Allahu Akbar!
Removing all the barriers

These last few weeks we have witnessed several ministers on walkabouts. The newly landed Minister Sinon was quick to get acquainted to some key sectors of his ministry. He even lauded the good work of some people at SFA who got the boot soon after. Quite reassuring for our local workforce striving desperately to replace expatriate workers one might say. But the most noticeable face popping in and out of our TV screens lately is no other than our new VP. He is fast shedding his communist skin to embrace the virtues and convictions of capitalism. The ardent party militant has now ‘metamorfoze’ into the filofax diary toting studious president-in-waiting with the magic wand, ‘solving’ the economic mess and taking notes of all the problems and issues that the people dare to talk about.

Danny Boy (Vice President Danny Faure) is paying visits to various sectors of the economy to tout his brand of leadership with an ‘ear’ for the economic sector. It is also an opportunity to sell his economic reform program which is hitting several glitches. The government is in mop up mode and has set up the system to milk all businesses and working population to pay for the monumental task of redressing our economic situation. All this is being done while we see government departments and agencies (not to mention ministries) splashing out on new cars, jeeps and vans for their own use. It seems that government’s message of ‘ser sang’ is only applicable to the ordinary tax payer. They vote themselves fat salaries and pensions, they splash out on new offices and big expensive cars. Their many overseas trips to meet with the donor countries to beg for debt forgiveness are done in business class. Ministers (old & new) who take on new offices and spend lavishly to redesign & redecorate do so without batting an eyelid. We can do with a leaner government that thinks about the interest of the nation as a whole as opposed to wasteful spending on luxuries while our country is supposed to be ‘redressing’ its economy.

Minister VP Faure has a latest buzzword to baffle us again as he pays more visits to the business sector, singling out that government has how removed all barriers for growth so that insurance companies, tire shop, government departments etc… The use of arcane jargon is to look businesslike and at the same time confuse the laymen. Faure now talks about stabilizing the macro and the urgent need to tackle the micro. The main mission is to foster good governance, accountability and transparency – this is the battle cry that James Michel has been harping on about since his induction as President many moons ago!

All this show is really a move by the James & Danny Dream Team to burn the limelight on the path to the election. They are on the campaign trail and they seem to be giving away a lot of things! Some say giving away with the right hand to take with the left. Others might say it is honey season and the vinegar is fermenting. But one thing is for sure, they are giving back what they took away since the dawn of the revolution. This nation has done 360 degrees and is back to the starting point in this funny game of snakes and ladders that we have endured for more than three decades.

All this rhetoric and hot air being blown by the new VP Cum Finance Minister reminds us of the words from the one party state national anthem. And today we know that the revolution has failed the country and indebted us. We have indeed turned 360. “Avek kouraz e disiplin nou ti briz tou baryer, gouvernay dan nou lanmen nou pou reste touzour frer, zanmen, zanmen nou pou aret lite, plito lanmor ki viv dan lesklavaz…”

We have become ‘lesklaz’ (slaves) of the government as they squeeze us out of every cent in their desperate attempt to get us out of the ‘Ascon’ hole of indebtedness, to the point of subjecting our people to all forms of humiliation…
Getting our priorities wrong!
Seychelles Music & performing arts in the doldrums
We have read recently that the cricket association has been allocated a plot of land by the government to construct their cricket stadium. This is well and good but it seems that we have got our priorities wrong yet again. We note the continuous neglect of other sectors of our societal development by the Parti Lepep government. Its blatant disregard for the aspirations of our cultural advancement is obvious when we see that no particular attention is being paid to music and arts in general.

Unfortunately, the arts council has become a redundant body with a budget solely to prep up its existence. There is a serious need to reallocate these funds to the musicians and artists in order to assist their emancipation and further advancement. Our arts council cannot even organize shows or competitions for the whole nation and allowed the local entertainment scene to be high jacked by the Jj Spirit foundation. In fact, it is a scenario that is purposefully perpetrated by the government to allow the Parti Lepep and its quasi political ‘foundations’ and ‘institutes’ to take over the entertainment sector to fully propagate their own brand of red tainted activities. Today, real talents have to dig deep into their own pockets to be able to produce anything to further their talent. We witness these artists plying their trade in discotheques, ex-SMB hall and other obscure venues without proper facilities apart from a few breaks at the already tired ICCS center when it is not being monopolized for yet another political function. The astonishing prizes handed out at the recent ‘Sesel I annan talan’ Jj show would have gone a long way in assisting budding artists to make headway in their careers. Yes, the Seychellois artists have great talent. But it needs to be a nationwide movement and not a James Michel adoration society!
The case of the allocation of funds and assets to yet another sports discipline is proof enough that music and the performing arts is being castigated and left in the doldrums.

The government built a music stadium in Victoria to sois-disant assist the artists to better promote their talents and productions. The venue was pivotal in hosting shows both local and international, acted as the showcase for several national events such as Festival Kreol. After a few years of operation, the government foolishly decides to bulldoze this complex to make way for a fallow piece of ground that consists of a big circular mound, a gigantic flagpole and a ‘constitution monument’ dreamt up by the fantasy mind of James Michel. Since he cannot face the music of his coup d’etat sin to go and lay a wreath at the fictitious ‘Zonm Lib’, he now has to play the statesman on the altar of a ‘Koste’ Monument. Our constitution that Michel wants to adore spells out some vital fundamental rights that he needs to respect.

The issue of the allocation of land to the cricket association is interesting in the sense that it is a sport that is practiced mostly by one dominant sector of our society comprising mostly of expatriates. It shows how much of influence this community has in our country. It is the same community that has an ever-growing economic power. It is time to see a democratization and rid our system of all the political machinations that is but impeding the growth and ‘epanouissment’ of our society. We need to free ourselves from this mentality that the ruling party has to have the entire population to eat out of its hands. Enough of the favoritisms for only a few sectors of the community. The true spirit of togetherness is not achieved on a specific agenda. It is based on liberty, equality, fraternity. A fraternity that goes beyond political boundaries and colors. This basic recommendation supported by our constitution needs to be applied at all times by any government in order to safeguard the cohesion of our society in the spirit of ‘Annou viv konman frer’. Let our artistic brothers and sister be empowered to release the potential of their talent so that they will make our WHOLE nation proud.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We bring you herewith exclusive pictures of the monstrous palace of Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at La Misere. The building is almost complete and shrouded in controversy. First, it got approval directly from James Michel (President of Seychelles) who overturned the ruling by the planing authority. It was built by a foreign company  - ASCON - owned by the Sheik himself which operated for more than a year without a license. It imported more than 2,000 workers illegally in containers. These workers worked without a GOP (gainful occupational permit).
The massive building is in 3 sections and seven stories high - it can easily house three government ministries.

A series of pollution fiascos including diesel oil spilled into the La Misere water catchment area and a gross contanimation of the district's water supply when the workers used the area close to the water supply as their toilets. More than 1,800 residents were badly exposed to this contaminated water and developed some serious diseases.
Until today, no proper settlement has been reached and the governement has tried to step in more than 6 months after the fiasco blew up in their face.
The situation has now worsened as the construction company has been allowed to slip away and Minister Joel Morgan and President James Michel are now facing the wrath of disgruntled victims and an entire population scornful of their incompetence in seeking justice for their fellow citizens but instead finding every trick in the book to protect the 'investments' of Sheik Khalifa... 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Leader of Opposition Defaults on Unity Deadline

In September and October 2009, I held numerous meetings with Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, Roger Mancienne, Jean Francois Ferrari, with the mediation of a prominent business personality in Seychelles.

In the meetings with these key personas in the SNP, a key point was brought up by myself as being a necessary ingredient to beating the SPPF- PP in the next elections: Unity of the Opposition to face a common opponent. I stressed this and said that the work towards unity had to be taken up as a matter of top priority and urgency.

Picking Up The Broken Pieces of Political Crystal
The NDP leader Ralph Volcere, did not attend these meetings. Since the termination of the Alliance between DP and SNP, there was a big gap widening, for numerous reasons. But the prominent business personality advised him of the meetings and asked for input and sought common ground, and kept him informed of developments. We all seemed to understand that unity in the opposition was important, no matter what kind of bad blood had surfaced over time between the different parties.

With our political history, bad blood is expected. It is what we do about it, is how we will be judged by future generations. It is on this note that true leadership will rise to the occasion.

I personally believe that individual whims and political cliques are subservient to the national agenda for change and a better Seychelles. The time for soft power and soft politics is over as Seychellois face losing their country to outside influences.

The idea of the meetings I believed was to eventually work towards bringing everyone around a round table for discussions, a little like the legends of King Arthur, the knight that united Briton after he was freed from serfdom knighthood under Roman Empire rule.

But time would show us, that in our mist, we have no King Arthur leading us. For those that have read the legend of King Arthur, we have only a Woad-Priest, leading us, in order to feather his bed. Read on, especially the SNP fanatics, but keep the Super Panadol 500 mg in hand, you will need it. But once the headache is over, you will be free from the mental bondages of being referred to as green behind the ears; you will soon know what your leadership is made of.

Can Ramkalawan Win A Presidential Election?
In one meeting with Mr. Ramkalawan the question surfaced: “Can Wavel Ramkalawan win an election with another Alliance”. The answer initially was “no, he is spent”. But Mr. Ramkalawan said that with everyone’s support and help, he could do it and he should be given one last chance, a little like the Michael Jackson last show at the time: “THIS IS IT!”

When I suggested his candidacy would be like a THIS IS IT”!” concert, he laughed, and agreed. He said with money, Scr. 10 Million, he could do it this time!

With that, Mr. Ramkalawan asked me to give a speech to the SNP in a Party Conference on the economy of the Nation, as a guest speaker in order to set the stage for unity within the opposition and to explain to the SNP in simple terms what was happening to Seychelles under IMF Program and national bankruptcy SPPF had taken us to.

I agreed to give the speech to SNP under one single condition put to Mr. Ramkalawan: “he must take immediate steps to unite the opposition, as hard as it may be”.

Mr. Ramkalawan agreed that he would do that, but told me the timing is not right at this time (October 2009). He elaborated, and asked that we set the time to appeal for unity within the opposition with the rebuttal speech he would provide to Michel’s State of the Nation Address in February, 2010. That was Five (5) months from the date of our discussions.

Count the months, they add up and tell a story.

Rebuttal State of Nation Address
The rebuttal to the State of Nation came, after James Michel gave another “Jack Joker liar, your pants are on fire” speech to the Seychellois people.

As Mr. Ramkalawan spoke, I glued my ears to the radio listening to the words and appeal for unity and chartering of a path forward for unity. My wife was insulting me, the entire time, telling me “Ramkalawan will never unite the opposition, because he does not want to win elections”, I snapped back at her, telling her, “Everyone wants to win!” Then she said, “Ramkalawan does not want to win, because he would not have a clue what to do with the mess, and he would have to finally start to do real work..., so stop dreaming”, she explained now with slight aggression towards me for ruining her day again.

The rebuttal speech came and Ramkalawan just took most of an article on STARSEYCHELLES I wrote, and used it for his speech, even the call for “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, he made with a weak appeal, was taken from the article. The appeal had not been made for over 34 years, after Independence.

I must reveal to the People of Seychelles, after that speech, I had never been so down and felt so low, for having been failed, by a man who did not keep his word, when it meant so much to the People of Seychelles.

I have known many political dead beats, but this one, at this time, in Seychelles history, well, let me say no more.

The Priest Cum Politician Is Late To Deliver On His Word Again
If any school boy or university student ever read the Legends of King Arthur, he would get the key message in it: “We are all born with Freedom in hand, and no man can take this away from us”.

Additionally, between men, it is the word of a man that he keeps that gives him value. When men break their word, and connive, mislead the public, and comrades in arms, with deception and manipulation, what they build, they build on sand. With the first wave, the effort is lost, the building destroyed.

This is the way of the world outside of Rene-ism Mr. Priest cum politician.

Break The Opposition Alliance
I know Mr. Ramkalawan broke off the Alliance with the DP and bounced Frank Elizabeth out of the National Assembly. I know his reasons, he did not trust Mr. Elizabeth with the 2/3 casting vote, if ever a constitutional issue would be tabled. There was no constitutional issue at hand when the Alliance was broken.

Mr. Ramkalawan gave some lame excuse to the public that Tromlin Island and Glouriese Island belonged to the French or Mauritius, I do not recall, and it is not worth the time to reference it from past articles.

But the bottom line is this: SNP would not have all the seats in the National Assembly today, if the DP did not lend a hand in the last elections. In spite of that, Mr. Ramkalawan broke his word, and broke a political alliance that could deliver Seychelles from PP and failing Michel.

King Arthur would have died to keep his word. With that, he lived to become the first King of England. I doubt Mr. Ramkalawan will ever become King of anything, if he habitually breaks his word as he treks on. If he does, it will be an act that defies the lessons of King Arthur, First King of England.

The systematic breaking of one’s word, without remorse, is a primitive communist antic I believe today, Ramkalawan learnt from Rene, who habitually, misled good decent people in the past. It is a bad habit and bad practice in any community. It is unbecoming of a priest, if he is still considered one, in the eyes of God.

If Mr. Ramkalawan is still a priest, in my personal opinion, if he breaks his word regularly, he is a perverted version of what a priest should be. The Anglican Church can do better, and the People of Seychelles deserve better.

If one regularly breaks his word on public issues, I can only imagine what he does on personal matters. The standard is obscene and calls for an internal investigation within the Anglican Church. How can priests be allowed to live such unfettered lives in a modern society without any accountability to the Church let alone the people?

Opposition Financiers Call For Tete a Tete
Exactly 30 days ago, a group of Seychellois opposition financiers called for a meeting of the different key players in the Opposition that can make things happen in Seychelles. I answered the call and attended the meeting.

Most of the players showed up. Mr. Ramkalawan noticeably was absent and failed to turn up for a meeting that was another bona fide attempt to unite the Opposition.

I could not believe that he would treat people who finance the opposition with such disrespect. The least he could do is to listen!

Perhaps it is so because today, Ramkalawan is likely being financed by SIVA, Eden Island, Khalifa and other non Seychellois interests that are meddling in our internal affairs and politics.

Many people do not want to believe that but it is beginning to look a little like Michael Jackson, dumping his brothers in arms on stage, to go do the Moon walk by himself, because it just makes more money, with less problems to deal with day to day. However, in the end it was his brothers, who were there for him all along.

Unfortunately, the opposition now faces a calamity in ranks. That does not speak highly of the leadership. I attended this past meeting and I will make myself available for any future meetings to unite the opposition. This remains an open commitment with no deadline on my part.

Five (5) Months Over Deadline
We are now Five (5) months over the deadline Ramkalawan set for himself in the meeting he had with me last year. Added to the Five (5) months grace he asked, that is Ten (10) months of no effort at unity. He is beginning to look like a total derelict, as a leader.

Times Move On and Things Just Happen

Time moves and stops for no one. Not even his Excellency the Right Honourable, Father, Right Reverend Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan. Since he has not met his deadline, we are working overtime to find out why he does not unite the Opposition.

We have exposed many scams ongoing now for many years, involving SNP leadership. I have posted them on Facebook and StarSeychelles. The termites are working overtime to discredit me. They even want to know why six (6) rocks are in the middle of my drive way. Good luck, termites, you will need it.

Since the deadline has passed, we have exposed Pauline Ferrari, sister of Jean Francois Ferrari as being an informant in opposition camp and recently rewarded as Honorary Vice Consul in Paris, working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State House. James Michel occupies State House, not Ramkalawan.

Since the deadline has passed, we have been searching documents. We have seen SNP supporter Patrick Lablache (first cousin to Jean Francois Ferrari, Secretary General of SNP) and close friends, as signatory to the La Misere land sales to Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Mr. Lablache is now Chairman of Island Development Corporation (IDC), where Mr. Glenny Savy is CEO. This transaction to Khalifa was not tendered as required by the State Land and Rivers Act. Additionally, what is an SNP supporter doing as Chairman to CEO, Mr. Glenny Savy? We have heard nothing since the appointment from IDC, all is silent.

Since the deadline has passed, we have exposed Bernard Georges as being Sheik Khalifa’s lawyer for a Ten (10) acres Government of Seychelles parcel transaction, that violated the State Land and Rivers Act, by not offering the land to public tender. Why would Bernard Georges do a transaction as a Notary that violates the State Lands and Rivers Act provision of tender requirement for lands larger than Five (5) acres?

Since the deadline has passed, we now know that Bernard Georges, as Sheik Khalifa’s lawyer, and Renee Trioan’s lawyer, did numerous transactions at Barbarons Estate, to sell land to Khalifa, help him get established in Seychelles, and sell out Seychelles patrimony en bloc to one prince, that would later become a tribal king.

Viyzon infers that Bernard Georges doing transactions for land sale to Khalifa at the time, is fine because Khalifa was just a prince at the time, and not a tribal king as he is at the time Delo Kaka made the residents of La Misere sick.

Shame on Vizyon, today it cannot attack SPPF, it can only defend itself.

We will continue to expose the selling out of our patrimony and continue to educate the people of Seychelles of why there is no unity in the opposition, until there is. There is more information coming every day. If anyone from the Opposition wants to sponsor a full time researcher for Two (2) months, call me and make a pledge. Nobody likes being taken for a fool.

What Else Are We Uncovering under the Table Between SNP and SPPF- PP?
This has included the 38% salary increase SNP conspired with SPPF to get while Seychellois suffered great hardship under the IMF programs. They promised a raise when they took one for themselves, and now Seychellois get nothing, because there is no money to give raises.

This includes the 70% Pension for life for politicians SNP conspired with SPPF to get, that they never reported to the Public or debated. Mr. Hon. Ramkalawan (SNP) and Mrs Hon. Potter (PP) can resign today and they will be paid over Scr. 12 Million in pension if they live for 40 years. All they have to do is breath, inhale, exhale, do nothing for the People of Seychelles. This is not acceptable in any democratic country, why would they think it is acceptable in Seychelles?

Are we Seychellois entitled to less democracy and less accountability?

Do not forget the 18.75% Gross –Up Top Up increase, to pay for their taxes, that will come from funds of the People of Seychelles.

We are being sold out by our Opposition the SNP, abbreviation for Seychelles National Party. The “National” is the Gummy Bear or Spongebob type, choose.

People of Seychelles must open eyes, and open ears.

Unless this is true, the SNP must take steps to unite the Opposition, in spite of its loss of credibility. However, that will now mean cleaning out your rubbish bins, and cleaning house, before guests meet with you at this point.

You guys really stink! Wow, the garbage dump at Providence would be ashamed, if it could register an opinion.

Today, SNP cannot say: “Sesel Pou Seselwa!” Parti Pas Les Tombe, In Kas En Ba Tou Seselwa!

But we can all tell SNP and SPPF: “Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Now you SPPF-PP, don’t laugh too hard, next week it’s your turn again as usual, you bunch of sell outs of Seychelles patrimony.

People of Seychelles, the time has come to draw a line with the selling of our patrimony. If we do not, our children will not forgive us, and we will no longer remain a fundamentally Christian based nation.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


STC - Local Parastatal company advertises jobs overseas
Seychellois are not being offered jobs in their own country. While President James Michel is firing Seychellois, STC is hiring foreigners to run our supermarkets. Of course, the real reason that they want foreigners is that they can steal and control those workers versus Seychellois people who would speak out! We are still waiting on the IMF audit of STC and we recommend the complete shut-down of STC as it has been the monster that has siphoned off millions and STC (the disguised cousin of SMB) under the past leadership of Mukesh Valabjhi and Albert Rene have stolen enough!
As advertised by Hawkins Associates Ltd Job Adverts in Kenya
Career opportunities in the Seychelles
1.Head of Internal Audit
2.Supermarket Manager
3.Trade Marketing Manager

Our client, the Seychelles Trading Company, is the leading supplier of foods and fast moving consumer goods in the island nation, off the East African coast, renowned for its tourism and fishing Industries.
The company’s core functions include sourcing, importing, warehousing, marketing, sales & distribution of a wide range of goods.
The company now wishes to fill the following positions to be based in its capital city, Mahe.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Master on how to manipulate the media, the population and get away.
 By SBC and Joel Morgan
Contributed by Delokaka La Misere on Friday, 13 August 2010 at 00:55

Joel Morgan ponders over new falsehoods to cover up his shit...

Yesterday, in the statements of Minister Joel Morgan to the residents of La Misere, he spoke of the government's strategy in the negotiation.
He appeared today in the news with new statements, perfectly edited and produced by SBC technicians.
As anticipated on this page, one of the strategies that the government will adopt is the usual divide and rule.
Despite having published in Nation, we were 100 people a brief account in the photographs were published yesterday show that we were more than 500.

Today in the news in English, edited cut for expatriates, it is reported that the amount requested is 4.7 million rupees for each of the three hundred household, however much in Nation, as the news in Kreol has stated that this amount is for each of the person involved, about 6 times more. (Note that the journal is distributed among local mass and has little impact among the foreign community)

What are the objectives behind this "mistake"?
1.For the foreign population to believe:
■a. - Effectively the government is seeking fair and reasonable compensation.
■b. - Reaffirm that ASCON is solely responsible and refuses to pay a sum entirely reasonable, close to what the committee originally requested 650 000 rupees per person, about 50,000 USD.
■c. - Clean the image of Sheikh Khalifa.
■d. - In case of publishing in international news that is what we shall see in the world.

2. With the enlargement of the audited statements to the native speakers,they are trying to convince the local population of:
■a. - Residents of La Misere want to enrich ourselves through the incident.
Rs 4.7 million is much more than what most Seselwa perceived as salary throughout their entire live.
This discredits our true intentions of obtaining redress for choosing appropriate and specialize treatment in foreign clinics, and causes a reaction among the rest of the population of disapproval of the claims of La Misere.
■b. - Do think that the protest group is a minority, less than 10% of those affected, we do so uncivil and manipulated by opposition members.
Trying to do its part to voters of La Misere, deter some of the participant to stop participating in protests and those who have not joined do so to avoid, and foresee and threatening to use force in future events to dissolve
■c. - That with the roadblock, other local workers for the project are directly affected, such as transporters, wreckers, blasters, etc..
Again try to make the unaffected refuse their solidarity with our case and condemn our attitude.
Since the government took the lead in negotiations, has deliberately increased the amount by 700%. The government is aware that the figure is completely unworkable, but it has done it only to provoke the disapproval of the rest of Seselwa to our demands. And thus allow Sheik Khalifa complete his project.

That was the reason why the government forced the members of the comitte to sign the secrecy oath, to be sure they could brainwash them so they will accept with eyes closed this extravagant amount .


The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Let’s Clear the Dirty Water At La Misere Part One (1)

The PP government of James Michel has done all it can to keep the murky relations with Sheik Khalifa under wraps. The special treatment given to Sheik Khalifa has been crafted with due legal advice it would appear, to circumvent the laws of Seychelles or subscribe to exceptions within the laws, to treat one person very specially, contrary to the democratic norms of our Country, which requires, that all people be treated equally.

It can reasonably be said, that James Michel has bent over backwards in a characteristically weak leadership posture to please Sheik Khalifa. Michel has set new boundaries of what bending over backwards to please someone means.

A most recent and glaring example of this bend over backwards syndrome was when James Michel turned up to the door step of a family affected by Delo Kaka last week. He brought along SBC and bodyguards, to face a family victimized by his own doing misfeasance.

We will see where Michel is grossly at fault in a series of articles as one article will not do justice to the effort.

• Sale of La Misere in violation of State Lands and Rivers Act;

• Gross Violation of the Vienna Convention 1961, by alluding that the Convention affords immunity to Heads of States and tax fee entry of all goods when it does not;

• Allowing ASCON an unregistered construction company to operate in Seychelles;

• Allowing 2,700 ASCON construction workers into Seychelles, without paying GOP, when all Government Ministries, including Ministry of Finance, knew, or should have known that ASCON itself was not registered to carry on any business activity in Republic of Seychelles;

• Ministry of Health failed to inspect the site of La Misere to determine that normal Health and Safety precautions were being undertaken to accommodate 2,700 workers; after all, with 2,700 workers on site, it becomes Seychelles largest construction site, and necessary precautions should have been taken to prevent risking the water source in the area;

• Ministry of Environment grossly failed to inspect the construction site;

• Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Department of Immigration failed to review the granting of GOP exemption to these workers by Ministry of Finance which is itself against the law as it is not the per-view of Ministry of Finance to deal with Immigration and GOP related issues;

• Ministry of Finance, Trades Tax Division and Customs, allowed over $280 Million in uncollected tax revenue to slip by uncollected, relying falsely according to Mr. Barry Faure, Secretary of State in the Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles, “on the Vienna Convention affording tax exemption on goods imported for Sheik Khalifa’s project”;

• It must be noted that under the Trades Tax Act, Section 4.2 provides in part: Notwithstanding subsection 1 , the Minister, may , by regulations, exempt goods and services from the payment of Trades Tax. No application for Tax exemption has ever been filed according to Secretary of State Barry Faure. To do so now, would be fraudulent and infer that back dating of documents would be necessary to grant Sheik Khalifa tax exemption on goods that would be reasonably assessed $280 Million in taxes;

• To infer that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the power of Tax Exemption as Mr. Barry Faure did on SBC, infers that the State of the Republic ‘s functioning of state affairs has been reduced to nothing more then some kind of mish mash like pig food, under the weak, leadership of James Michel since 2006-2010.

I have now counted Ten (10) bullet points for this week, I hope JJ can wait patiently for the next Ten (10) points, don’t run and get a bullet proof vest, it will not help you.

Remember, Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Minister Morgan get tangled into his own web of deceit
The rise of the cartels

The newly baptized ‘L’Air Dezil’ is a 50% joint venture between Zil Air & Helicopter Seychelles. We can call this the merging of two key magnates in the local business sphere. Francis Savy (Ti Francis) is considered as a local ‘prince’ in the fields of real estate development and aviation ambitions. His Zil Air helicopter operation was created to feed his property developments of Zil Pasyon, Zilwa and other ‘je ne sais quoi’! His new partner is the one and only Fred Keeley. Mr. Gondwana Granite, who also owns Cousine and other trophies, created Helicopter Seychelles to service his island and got into the business of ferrying high end clientele to the likes of Fregate and North Islands – he recently adventured into co-piloting the arrival of the new baby, the Augusta flown in all the way from the UK. The joint venture is the consolidation of the veteran and ‘new kid on the block’ business empires which effectively kills off competition and creates a monopoly. Some would say it is the creation of a cartel in this sector of our aviation industry.

The main reason for this ‘genius’ idea given by the official source is that it will standardize the operation, offering additional services which will inevitably lead to higher costs. The fact remains that helicopters are an expensive mode of transportation and is only affordable to the rich and famous. With the influx of Arab, Russian, South African, Chinese and other investments, there will no doubt be a huge demand for such services. Indeed, a 24 hour service will benefit this type of clientele who operate more in the darkest hours to safeguard their ‘safety & security’.

It is also interesting to note that the merger provides an upgraded fleet of aircraft with a mix of the old and the new. However the same rates for a seat in a new aircraft applies to the older aircraft. There is no doubt that this new company is poised to secure the complete control of the helicopter market. Unless James Michel has another fantasy idea and invites Sheik Khalifa to start his own helicopter venture... At least this time if Francis could not lend his brother Glenny the Euro Copter to collect eggs on Desnoeufs, the Sheik might be able to provide one with floatation landing gear for the next birds’ egg season.

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")
La Misere on the front burner! Lanmans pwalon i so!
Oh this Ascon shit water saga has set off some diarrhoea within the system. The affront has now become the insult as the culprits slipped away and the President has ended up holding the baby and the bath water. The dehydration has caused at least one big head to roll as the dream team seeks ways to arrest this irritable bowel syndrome that’s permeating through the cabinet and threatening to take down the system.

BAWI: A bright sunshiny day to you my good Bwana. We have called in the doctor and the diagnosis of our performance in containing the dirty water fiasco has been abysmal.

Mr. President: Good morning Bawi. You seem to be having indigestion of these events my boy. We are not into the abyss just yet. We have several tactics we need to implement in order to get this winning game plan in action. My two main men are providing me with the necessary back up to come out of it clean.

BAWI: Sir but we are unfortunately now left with a diplomatic debacle as the culprits have slipped away. Ascon has shown us the finger, the truck drivers will soon strike and the poor souls of La Misere have been left in limbo. Your turbo guts tandem team providing the best verbal diarrhea in the land are here to update you on the latest spin.
 The comrades in arms JoMo & JenPa are escorted in by the chirpy, sexily clad Lizzy

JoMo: As-Salam Alaykum. Happy Ramadan to you all! We have reacted to the ongoing developments in our usual osmotic style. Not to worry patron. I decided no more of this sabotage at PUC. I have fired Delaboudiniere and we have freed a few millions from his fat contract so we can pay off the victims.

Mr. President: Another genius idea from my superman hero. Man between your Ghurkhas and your Perseverance attitude, we are in good hands. So use this money wisely and let’s compensate all the households and take over their utility bills for at least two years. A thousand per month should cover all the additional expenses incurred. I was expecting this Lapoudriere guy to go up in flames and blow up in your face JoMo.

BAWI: Wow! What a spin. I am getting dizzy like Lizzy. So what’s the latest deal? A hundred thousand was an affront and now twelve thousand is fair trade? Baffles me on how you guys can wiggle it. I am sure ‘Georgi & Bonti’ will approve of this. I am sure his Highness can donate a few hundred barrels to the cause.

JoMo: Sir but we have to look on the positive side. All roads lead to the Home Affairs portfolio. We have added Silhouette as another gem into our collection. This is 93% of the island as national park. I feel GOOD! The noise on that feat will be enough to dissipate all the filthy press of the La Misere disaster. I have muzzled them and the three day deadline is now effectively three months.

Mr. President: Indeed JoMo. Silhouette is a model. I had the honour to be part of another milestone in the history making of our country. We now have to see to it that Glenny allows all out Lepep to visit this island. No more landing fees. I just wish that we had such a high tech clinic at La Misere. We would have contained all those leaks with that x-ray machine and the decompression chamber.

BAWI: Precisely Bwana! I am glad that you visited the 200 odd inhabitants there. Perhaps the best solution is to ship out all the La Misere residents to Silhouette so that they can enjoy the pristine environment to help them in their convalescence. At least those rejuvenated souls will be fit come the next elections to go cast the red ballot.

Mr. President: Not a bad idea Bawi, but we need to keep the water clean there. Otherwise all our inhabitants will know the same fate as the ‘zwazo linet’ and end up on the endangered species list.

JoMo: Not to worry boss. Glenny will tow the line and start an offensive to ship out the long list of people who have been deprived of a little visit to Silhouette for more than thirty years. This is a historic moment of leadership.

Mr. President: I am glad that my commendable interview on the island has been well received. I have banished the idea of building a road across the island and little Francis will only be confined to Gran’Barb with his boutique hotel. It is now time for IDC to open up and let our people roam freely in their land.

BAWI: Sir I am glad that you are finally taking over the IDC colonies and getting a clearer picture. Shame that you are not as big a sea buff as ‘Per Fondater’! He has been enjoying all the spoils for many years. But don’t forget that you still have your villa on Desroches and you need to learn more about the Farquhar boutique hotel. Lots of poaching and disappearance there I’m told JoMo.

JoMo: Kai torti huh? Hey not so fast Bawi. Our environment is a closely guarded secret. IDC has been providing all the protection and we are slowly emerging out of the shadows. Glenny was entrusted with the mandate but he is now cooperating. We know that a lot of millions have been thrown his way. We will now set up a bird breeding colony on Silhouette so that everyone can have birds’ eggs when they are in season.

BAWI: Wow! This guy’s a genius Sir. Despite having a lot on his plate, he chews his way out of any indigestion. So sidekick, you’ve been quiet all along what’s cooking? I gather that ‘lanmans pwalon’ is not that hot at MOFA right?

JenPa: Well diplomacy is a dish best served cold Bawi. I know that you are not too comfy in my old chair but it takes a lot of induction. With a bit of downtime from the cocktails and power dinners, I have gone into a reflective, anal mode to try and assess all those personality traits in this telenovella that has played out in my district. I also got to drink this Ascon concoction and have come up with some vital clues.

Mr. President: I am sure that your findings are quite insightful. I’ll have this bourbon ‘sheiken, not stirred” please...

JenPa: Well you see Sir, with the help of our undercover agent Mata Hari Ferrari, we have run a scan on the perpetrator’s personality. He has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) coupled with a paranoid (delusional) disorder. To cut through the bull, he tends to be guarded and suspicious, with quite a constricted emotional life. Being so high and mighty, he often reacts with disdain, feigning modesty and humility. He seeks adulation and a wish to be feared (like you Sir) and can be notorious with an abundant narcissistic supply.

Mr. President: Hmm... Sounds very much like me indeed. I had to make a quite trip last weekend as he summoned me to discuss the shit water issue. My summoning of the Ascon boss fell on deaf ears.

JenPa: Indeed Sir. Individuals with NDP are ambitious and capable. They do not tolerate setbacks or criticism and often react with a lack of empathy. The person’s perceived fantastic grandiosity and hypomaniac mood is typically not commensurate with his real accomplishments. His sense of entitlement and constant need for attention adversely affects interpersonal relationships.

BAWI: Oh wow! How very much alike! Sir, you did tell me that you have a very close relationship with the good Sheik. But this is deeper. You seem more like bosom buddies!

JoMo: OK boys. I’m out of here! I am the man with the golden gun. I will leave the gold finger to those who seem to know where to put it. We need to stop the delusion caused by the irritable bowels. I have the Suez farce to orchestrate as a few millions in contractual obligations are due…

Mr. President: Well done boys! I am stunned by the stellar performances that you guys put up in these times of crises. My return to Praslin and escapade to Silhouette is further testimony that the man of the people is in regular touch with his adoring fans. Now that we have some more cash in the pipeline, I am proud to spearhead the construction of the new port on Eve Island. Another milestone in our maritime heritage!

BAWI: Somali pirates beware! I join Gus in reaffirming that we will have to distinguish between propaganda and the truth. For too long, politics has been such that when things go well, everyone wants to be involved. We all want the credit. But when faced with challenges, all responsibility rests with government.

We need all the propaganda machines and photo opportunities to keep prepping up this chaotic management style. The world is at our feet and yet we still have some ungrateful ‘fouter dezord’ who consider our monetary overtures an insult. Well, a thousand rupees a month will go a long way towards replenishing the stock of toilet paper. The clinic is still being shipped from Abu Dhabi. Indeed, it is too little too late…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Sale of La Misere Land
To Sheik Khalifa Illegal
The health crisis of the residents of La Misere has received international coverage, on CNN I- Report, AFP, and Star Seychelles, Seychelles E –News and other media outlets. The plight of the residents affected by Delo Kaka is now common knowledge the world over.

Sheik Khalifa in Abu Dhabi according to the SBC is watching and listening carefully for the news and settlement of the case by ASCON. Construction of the Sheik's project at La Misere has stopped (supposedly) and some workers have been moved over to the Military Coast Guard Base project at Ile Preserverance while others have already left the country. This time, workers are working for TROJAN Construction company, another UAE company in Seychelles, sent by the autocrat Sheik Khalifa from the UAE. The tragedy of La Misere has taken a life of its own, the skeletons are coming out of the closets one by one, day by day.

SNP fanatics better buy an extra bottle of Panadol. SPPF and PP, you need a jar of ENO.

Sale of Ex- United States Tracking Station Site
The sale of two (2) plots to Sheik Khalifa, we were told were to be a gift to the 'chief' to entice him to fall in love with Seychelles, and encourage him to spend his wealth here.
One plot was sold for Scr. 500,000.00 and another was sold for Scr. 1.0 according to the registered deeds. A prominent SNP MNA had done initial deeds of transfer for Khalifa to buy land in Seychelles, mostly Barbarons properties. We will research all deeds and get a complete picture of who has done what.

However, James Michel said in a meeting with the Committee of La Misere that the sale for Scr. 1.0 never took place and much more money was in fact paid. All the deeds indicate that stamp duty was free of charge and no taxes paid either.
Whether or not the land was sold for Scr. 1.0 or Scr. 5.00 five (5) times the registered sale price is not relevant. What is relevant is that under the SPPF and now the PP, there is a systematic effort to sell out our patrimonial properties that belong to us only as Seychellois, to numerous countless foreign elements and individuals. Sheik Khalifa is only one of them. There are many. Most of these transactions that involve State land are being done illegally and the Notary Public for the transactions know they are illegal and they are completing the sales under stamp and seal of their office. These Notary Public officials are major Collaborators with the SPPF to sell out our country for a few pieces of silver. There are a number of key personas in the conspiracy. The collaborators to sell our patrimony includes SNP leadership. This, we are 100% .

People of Seychelles open your eyes. Sheik Khalifa’s money has contaminated the Opposition and PP just like Siva’s money has. We need to change course and change it fast to save our country and guarantee our people’s place in our homeland.
In spite of those who sell out Seychelles each day, we must say to them in un-bashful terms: "Sesel Pou Seselwa". Embarrass them publically without mercy until they fully disclose their collaboration with the SPPF and PP and JJ Spirit “Sell Baby Sell” program.

Alienation of State Land
State Land and Rivers Reserves Act Cap 228, provides:

6 (1). "No portion of State Land may be disposed of by free grant or at any other than its full value...except in cases of religious charitable or educational purposes or public utility".

(7) All sales of State Land shall be by Public Auction or by public tender, provided that sales of State Land up to five (5) acres may be effected by private contract.

The sale of the La Misere plots of State Land violated these key provisions of the State Land and Rivers Reserves Act. No Tender was offered, no Public Auction ever took place. The SPPF in complicity with the opposition Notary Public, broke Seychelles laws to stroke the Sheik from UAE. How much he was paid for this bad deed and sell out of our patrimony, he can tell us.

We have no time for Collaborators who conspire with the SPPF and PP to sell out Seychellois patrimonial lands and resources that belong to the People of Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!...... Call us extremists if you like, Seychelles is not for sale, bunch of sell outs!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!
The Sheik Khalifa Master Plan

AUGUST 2nd 2010 was exactly 20 years since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. Through fear for their lives the rulers of Kuwait and those with the means made quick exits from Kuwait to be away from the Iraqi Republican Guards who were under instruction to destroy and pillage. This, as far as the Iraqis were concerned, was justice for the Kuwaitis who it is alleged were illegally tapping into Iraqi oil.

Today, Saddam is only a bad memory, but the Kuwaitis still live in fear. They no longer invest in their own country, Kuwait, but rather put their money in investments in countries such as USA and Western Europe which are considered more secure and safe. Kuwait today compared to the UAE is like a village. They have huge residences throughout the world. Their country, Kuwait, to them is just a name, and their ancestral homes may be in Kuwait but their real homes are in St Tropez, Monaco, Paris, London, Geneva, New York.

The legacy of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait has been to instill fear in the hearts of the ruling family of the UAE.

The Middle East has had a long history of unrest turmoil and wars. To this day tensions are still festering and occasionally flare up. Can it blow up again? Can there be another war in the Middle East, in the UAE? History has shown that it can.

For a ruler like Sheik Kahlifa, with this dark cloud of possible unrest and war in his Sheikdom, and sitting on the world's principal energy source for the foreseeable future, what should he do? Does it not make sense that he finds a suitably stable and secure place to establish his home and Government away from home that in the event that he and his extended family has to make a quick exit for their lives he can operate from? Of course, it makes perfect sense. All major powers have alternative places from where they can function, be it in bunkers, etc.

And what country shall it be? It has to be reasonably close to “home”, must not be too big that it can have power over him, preferably not have any neighbours close by, so that it is easier to protect its borders. It has to also be a friendly country that can easily be bought.

SEYCHELLES! It fits all these criteria. Isolated islands, 1000 miles from any neighbor, small, mid ocean location, whose Government always has a begging bowl handy and whose President has a newly developed penchant for the finer comforts of an otherwise miserable existence….

The Palace on the hill is not a holiday home. It is THE home. The complex at Barbarons, will house all the entourage and the officials that can run the affairs of the UAE from here. This is why it is important to link the two with a road or a cable car so that the whole complex can be the headquarters of the Sheikdom and can operate totally independent of Seychelles.

When a ruler as wealthy, if not powerful, as Sheik Khalifa is operating from Seychelles, what else does he need? Security of course…. The inner security will be provided by Gurkhas who are already here in force and UAE armed personnel are also operating here within his compound.

But the enemy that he will have run away from in Abu Dhabi will try to come and find him wherever he is and remember that Seychelles is not too far from the Middle East. So he will need protection from approaching enemies from the sea and the air.

Lo and behold Seychelles is being gifted a new Coastguard base and patrol boats. A patrol aircraft is here already and more will come. All these are supposedly to fight the war against piracy. What a good excuse to bring in the UAE armed forces to protect his Majesty. This is the same charade that the Americans have played to bring in drones to combat piracy. These drones fly from Seychelles International Airport in a straight line to Somalia and Yemen and do not search the Indian Ocean for pirates. Then they come straight back. The US is not interested in a few pirates in small boats. They are interested in gathering intelligence on what is happening in the hotbeds of anti American states such as Somalia and Yemen which are on the fringes of the world's energy resources; oil.

The coastguard base will be manned by UAE personnel and so will the patrol boats. You will see soon that Seychelles will install radars at strategic locations around the country. Why have we not done so all this time? Because we did not have a need for it, but for the Sheik, he has to have the best protection and he will donate radars and UAE armed forces personnel will man these stations. They will be for the protection of Khalifa not for Seychellois.

The other strategic entrance is the airport. It is for this reason that the Arabs are sniffing around and are having talks about taking over its management. Already they have turned the airport into a giant cargo terminal that is totally under their control and the once proud SCAA, Customs and Immigration and Transport Security staff can only stand back and watch as they have strict instruction not to interfere with His Majesty's affairs. Taking the airport over formally is a mere formality and it will happen soon.

When the master plan is completed, there will be a new Sheikdom within Seychelles, in the enclave between la Misere and Brabarons, that will operate through diplomatic immunity and which will be guarded by the UAE army who will also control the port and the airport. They will operate a state within a state.

If anything, we common Seychellois will be putting ourselves at risk. We will become the targets of possible aggression because we are harboring individuals who have many enemies. The attack on Kuwait was with Saddam's tanks and artillery and jets. Khalifa is protecting himself from these threats but on the surface we are being told that he is helping us protect ourselves from pirates.

Potential enemies of the UAE in the middle east already have missile capabilities that can reach Seychelles, so they will find him if the need arises and we Seychellois will be caught in the cross fire as the titans do battle. But we mere Seychellois are expendable, at the cost of a few buses, a mercy flight, some houses and so on. What a price to pay.

Some of our leaders today are known traitors. They committed treason in 1977 when through the barrel of Tanzanian and Russian supplied AK47's, they violated the Constitution of Seychelles and deposed the democratically elected coalition Government of which they were part. Some of these same individuals are still in power today and they are once again betraying the trust of the Seychellois people. Traitors will always be traitors.