Monday, May 17, 2010


Social Centers & Lapire Joints v/s Clinics & Police Stations

Today our society is being attacked relentlessly by vices and ills. From drug addiction to prostitution; from ‘kas lakaz e vole’ to rapes and murders… The list is endless! There is no doubt that we face some serious challenges ahead to try and contain all these evils rearing their ugly heads. Our law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with the current high rate of crime. The prison cannot cope. The courts are a shambles. The government turns a blind eye.

Here is a candid assessment of where we got our priorities wrong in tackling the social ills eating away at the fabric of this nation.

We all know the story of a certain ‘Minis Lapire’ who promoted the idea of allowing our working population to drown their economic sorrows in local brew on the cheap. Today we wonder why we are inundated by foreign workers when we see our carpenter or mason hobbling home totally intoxicated. We are on the verge of destroying our middle cadre workforce in such vices as ‘en pti lamok baka’... There is glaring evidence that these local brews kill! And yet, it is the same government that is struggle to make ends meet to provide proper health care that is glorifying and promoting alcohol abuse!

There is a frightening amount of ‘baka & lapire’ joints dotted across the country. And how many police stations do we have to cater for this massive invasion of delinquents? There are at least 25-30 such ‘Lakanbiz’ per district alone. This works out to about 1 for every 100 inhabitants. And in comparison, there is hardly one police station per 5 districts. In other words, one ‘kordgard’ to cater for every 12,500 inhabitants. Quite an alarming statistic!

The ‘baka & lapire’ problem also rears its ugly head on our health system. It is unfortunate that we have seen the closure of clinics in the districts rather than new ones being opened. How are we to cope with all these social ills if we cannot afford adequate health care? Today there is only an average of 2 clinics per 5-6 districts. The ratio of patients versus health carer is a cause for concern especially with new diseases hitting our population (besides those self inflicted like alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution, unsafe sex etc…).

On the flip side we see that each district is crowned with a glistening social center used mainly to house an office run by the party in power with no obvious wish to welcome other divergent views. These buildings hold the key to any development in the districts. And most of this is done along party lines. The opposition is shut out completely in the district social center circuit. These hardly utilized district social centers should be turned into platforms for free debate and discussions. We need to see a work in progress when it comes to our democracy. People should be allowed to hold meetings at their own free will to participate in the future prosperity of their districts. Access should not be to party stalwarts only. Let’s make better use of these assets constructed (wastefully) with tax payers’ money.

It is sad to see so much money poured down this huge hole to build social centers. The country would have been better off if this money was invested in building clinics to cater for our sick and police stations to provide the population with more security.

Let’s get our priorities RIGHT and move our country in the right DIRECTION.


Anonymous said...

A Brilliant article on an important subject.

And no legalise canabis crap either!

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

"Ou kapab amenn bef kot larivyer, me ou pa kapab fors li bwar delo".
Whoever wants to destroy their lives by drinking it away, it is their freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO would like to know if the writer is having a go at the Lakanbiz, Lapire, Baka or this new import called "Tyomityo" that sent someone to hospital at nine o'clock in the morning and pronounced dead on arrival. Can somebody please tell us who is importing this tyomityo stuff?.

And who was this Seychellois Artiste from Australia that wrote a song "legaliz san danre" meaning legalise Canabis?.

Anonymous said...

Canabis dont sent Peoples in klinik at Anse Royal to clean there self.Problem is this heroin.Why in the US California they have already legalise and in Holland.Legalise our canabis.Seen 16 years i am somking now am 42 years, i never have a problem with my health and i never have to go and clean my self.I am more healthy.Patrick x if they legalise Goverment can benefit from canabis and they will be not Dealer to make money.Like PP they sons are big Dealer.Heroin are big money for PP.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Patik x come in Switzerland i can saw you a few farms were canabis are Planted.Then we can have a smoke togethere,bring Tiklo also with you.

Patrick X said...

Patrick X wiull from now only post blogs using his goole account so there can be no mistake of his ID. Shame on your cowards.

Patrick X

Patrick X said...

The legalized lakanbiz I seem to recall were legalized just prior to an election so as to get some votes from the owners who coulld make a quick buck from those in need of cheap booze.

The amount of lives that this failed policy(another one to add to the list) is even longer than the list of lives on Rene's merit list.

I personally know one owner of such a local lakanbiz who recently lost his own partner due to too high consume of the poison he brews in the evening and selss in the morning. She on the other hand lost her sister due to the same poison just a few years before. Local boys in their best working age, once strong and full of force are now reduced to moving lumps of flesh and bone who cannot even bend down to tie theit own laces. These once fit young men now work for one sole purpose only: to get enough cash to buy their next 'lanmok lapire'.

Indeed another failed PL scheme.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

To the contrary,
a brillant plot! They still have control!

Anonymous said...

To the author of this article, I can only congratulate you on bringing up such an important subject. It seems that Star is bringing out all the main problems of this country while the people in our Assembly are sitting on their laurels. While I congratulate the Star writers, i find it hard to understand why the SPPF politicians and the SNP opposition sit and do nothing about these important issues. It is very sad for our country when we have to discuss matters like this on a blog instead of addressing the issues on national TV and in real live debates.

I am tired of SPPF politics, policies, lies ad deceit. We can do better and we have to do better. I am prepared to vote and even donate the little money I have to a new breed of politicians who believe in a new democracy for our country.

Anonymous said...

PP has only antedullivian and barbarous ideas, as a consequence it is suffering the ignonimy of public dismissed another losing battle for PP.

All is good to try to fod weak-minded including hard drugs.After all PP is a gang of gansters so their conduct does suprise us at all,it's tacit and has become PP's national sport.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

What is sad in seychelles is how the government can get away with such a mathematically improbably idea. That they don't know how we are getting drugs into the system, who is in charge, who is using, who benefits.

For F***'s sake- we have barely 90,000 people in this country.
Given the power(some already have it- sowing doubt on why they don't use it properly)-i am positive that within a week i would have put the drug business on its knees.

It is even easier to do so as it is illegal and therefore has no rights to exist. In countries where some use of certain drugs is legal, certainly it is to be expected that some cases would be dubious/ambiguous therefore take more time to deal with. But here- it is straighforward.

Why do we allow this government to keep telling us that they are 'working' on it? If you've been working on it for over two decades then you either don't know how to work on it or you don't want to make it work.

A side note- the controlled use of certain drugs is being proven to be a very worthwhile approach to controlling its abuse, and also the cartels involved.

I, like all seychellois have a side opinion on homosexuality and prostitution. The latter i feel, needs to be looked at in the context of two things- PROSPECTS and most importantly, the prostitute's NEEDS. Denied access to either, the person could still probably survive. But our government has taken both from most of our sex workers. What do we then expect?

It is also sad how most men think it's ok to go to a disco, buy a woman a few beers then walk out with her looking like a GOD, only to have sex in the bushes or on the beach outside(a rented apartment if she's lucky)- but flinch and complain when her services need to be paid for. Hypocrites.

I am, i state again on this forum, an educated atheist. A person's choice has to do with what that person wants with her/his precious few years on this planet- as there is nothing to look forward to. My beliefs force me to be good for the sake of being good, to make choices not on what effect they would have on me when i die. Given limited resources and demanding needs, a person makes choices. Given other resources and prospects, that person could have made ather choice. It doesn't matter which choice is made as long as it's hers /his and it's voluntary. To be sure, the law is the law and if something is illegal then by all means deal with it. As long as the law is fair and not predominantly based like most laws, on the present religious settings in the country. Because there, the law is rendered invalid.

That is my opinion and i expect there to be anger.
We are normally angry at what we can't understand.
Homosexuality is not normally a free choice in Seychelles as it is frowned upon by the state and the church. We have hundreds of homosexuals who were not forced/encouraged to 'turn' so- but privately chose to. It is a personal choice, and most true homosexuals would tell you that they feel happier when doing what they really want to do.

Of course, this feeling applies to all of us- but when condemning others we tend to believe some feelings are ours and ours only.
Hypocrites. I am not gay- i feel happier being with my wife. I love my male friends and i would kill/die for them- but i am not gay. But somehow who loves someone of the same sex is no less a man/woman. He/she is in fact a better man/woman for being true to him/herself. To go against all norms because it feels like the best decision is a brave brave act.

Like i feel when i say i am an SNP supporter. I feel proud to be me.

So there it is...

Zaklen Zoulou speaks

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