Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seychelles Cartoon

Our President has called upon the 'professionals' to give his administation ideas on how to run the country!


Patrick X said...

Nice silicons on 'Madam Minis', fake just like the rest of her.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cartoon. Shows that Marie-Pierre Lloyd has no idea what she is doing. More importantly, this cartoon depicts the real state of our health system let alone the health of our nation. We are going back to the cave days under James Michel. We need ARabs to donate radiology equipment. No planning whatsoever, fataq growing at the hospital premises, no sanitary controls etc. Simply put, we are a nation in decline and James Michel and his SPPF party have put us there. To think that a president can create a supposedly SPPF think thank under the name of Equator Institute, and then ask the idiots on there to come up with ideas on how to fix the healthcare system is mind boggling. How stupid and desperate is Michel? How about asking the Doctors and nurses? How about asking the patients to fill out a survey form every time they receive healthcare? How about we plan properly, take over that Ramadoss hospital and make it public, and at least we will have a nice facility for our people? How about compensating our doctors and nurses properly instead of having them attend political rallies? What about removing Gedeon, a doctor who no longer practices but is on TV every day making a useless speech or attending some bogus conference?

Michel is an IDIOT. I repeat, he is a STUPID MORONIC IDIOT. Nothing will change in our country under this fool. The only way we will move forward is if we remove that fool from State House.

The cartoon shows that "we are back in the African bush".

Anonymous said...

Equator Stink Tank is it a village in Equatorial Guinee? If yes,Why not name Shylla as Chieftain?.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Anonymous' comments of 23/5/10 1.18 am. I was so hopeful when Marie-Pierre Lloyd was appointed Minister of Health, I believe she is a woman who could turn the Ministry of Health around, but I am so disappointed with the end-result. I can't understand why as a Minister with all the power being weilded in your hands you cannot push your agenda to improve a situation, specially in the context where we all know our President is an idiot and the other ministers are no better, these are situations that you exploit to your advantage, if you have some grey matter that is. But it appears she has used her power and position to boost her ego and amass wealth. It's not suprising that as soon as she became Minister her daughter got a scholarship she didn't deserve to study in the UK, when Govt refused to give scholarships to other Seychellois students who attended International school. She took the job for her own benefit,I'm sad to say she's a disgrace and a disappointment. She should do the honourable thing and go.

Anonymous said...

We have finally seen the true colour of Dr. Telemaque who is the chairman of the so called think tank Equator Institute, the name itself is riduculous, how can a true professional associate himself/herself with such stupid ideas. If these doctors wanted to play politics they should have pursued a career in law or polical science, why on earth they chose Medicine. If they want to be politicians now they should leave the medical profession and pursue politics. There's a saying which states you cannot serve two masters. Now we know Telemaque is a supporter of sppf/lepep how do we trust him with the health and life of the Seychellois people (ie) all including the pa ek nou. How can you put your trust in such a person. I heard that Telemaque and Reginald failed their exams and thanks to the sppf/lepep I am not sure what kind of strings were pulled, they were made to pass. They now own their livelihood to the sppf (someone else might know more on this issue). There's another socalled doctor who recently joined the Victoria hosplital called Dr. Mervyn Fanny who didn't even made the points in his A levels to entitle him to a scholarship, who studied in Manipal, India and is now practising at Vic hospital. A student has to score 18 points to qualify for a scholarship, he scored 16 points and he got a schoarship. Would you place your life int he hands of those cowboys? On the other side of the coin 25 medical students who went to New Zealand for total cost of Rupees 50 million or more of taxpayers money have not returned to Seychelles and the Govt has turned a blind eye because some of them are the son and daughters of sppf big chief and party stalwarts. That is the state of our health system in Seychelles

Anonymous said...

Food for thoughts for SNP sympathizers
Five years ago in the last presidential election Mr Ramkalawan told us that he was poised to win the presidential election . After the election result was pronounced he said unquote< It is a blessing that I did not win the election because the sauce pan is too hot to handle>. So being a priest with all his flimsy attempt to really explain what he meant. I am still convinced until today he has never truthfully tell us his supporters what he really meant by the statement.
My argument for Mr Ramkalawan is simple . You do not have to be a member of to see that the situation currently now on all front in the Seychelles are far worse than it was five years ago. I can honestly said the the frying pan handle is 100 times hotter than it was five years ago.
This is what the caption of his weekly column in Regar said < Times are tough; the tough keep coming>

Unless Mr Ramkalawan is living in his self- proclaimed cocoon to tell me otherwise. The inactivity of the SNP even convinced Mr Ramkalawan that SNP would win the next election. Sir I personally think that your ego is getting too much to handle that you are becoming like the naked emperor or people in your own circle are indoctrinated you with these illusions.

Why? To this day being in a district that was won by the opposition I have never actively seen much involvement of the SNP leadership in that district and yet they are telling us that they are ready for the next election when PP call in the shot.

On the other hand I see PP organizing themselves in the same district, mobilizing their support base and getting their activists to record all new eligible voters. SNP nowhere to be seen probably they taking their very cold bath to handle the hot frying pan.

Please politic is a noble profession for honest, selfless, dedicated people and people who have a sense of altruism.At the moment our existing politician who are in the limelight have none of those qualities.
Trying to get poor intelligent people to sacrifice themselves , their family for free is dead and gone SNP. Dig in your pocket SNP employ people to work in the local districts so that disenchanted citizens can hear the message and form an inform opinion for the forthcoming election.
When there are opportunities look for intelligent opposition supporters instead of giving the opportunity to your friend who is a lawyer and earning a fat salary to commend a second job for presenting the party as a member of the assembly as a proportional member. Show us that the SNP party is really an alternative to Parti-lepep not through words but through deeds.

Step down when you have lost three consecutive elections encourage other potential leaders to show their true potential.
In the opposition we do not vote for personality unlike parti-lepep supporters. We voted for SNP because we want to remove SPPF shackles from the brains of our brothers and sisters and because we know that we are heading to be secondary citizens in our own country and slaves of our newly found slaves master from India, Arabia, Russia and South Africa.

To conclude I must say that we need an alternative party to that of the two dominant existing party.

Mr Gill stop being talking please walk the talk register your party and you will see that a lot of Indigenous Seychelloise will support you. I will never vote for the SNP status quo and giving PP my vote that can only happen when I am living in GS Pillay village at Mont-fleuri or in a morgue.

Do not form any coalition with SNP if there are no written and legally bidding agreements. If he thinks he can win an election based on his personality he needs to see a psychiatrist because we are not dumb like most Parti-lepep opportunist and those who burry their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

Show these people with split personality disorder that we are intelligent not dumb.
En Selsewa Rasin

Anonymous said...

I will say Amen to that!

Totally behind MSR & still believe that they should be represented in the next general elections. Time is of essence, so let us act now!
I'm sure there will be many many obtacles & contrains in the process but we should at least give it the best shot. But with strong desire & determinations we will overcome them.

Don't rest on our laurels like SNP. We have to surpass them & show them how a real party with determine members really works.

SNP has failed miserable on it's mandate. They have been given their chance & took it for granted. Let show them that MSR is a force to be reckon!

Finally to Anonymous, don't lay much blame at Mrs Lloyd doorsteps, she's here to serve one purpose only & that purpose is to serve the government policies. Eventhough, a minister with some limited powers but at the end of the day it's the party policies that prevailed. So, we need to attact the parties policies at the core & they only way to do that is to rid us of SPPF/PL. Which unfortunately SNP has failed to do & that leave MSR to carry the fight to another level.


Anonymous said...

Right NIYA,MSR once become a party must bring the fight to another level.Its policies must differenciate from that of both PP,SNP,in other words it must be of quality, provides effective solution to the issues of today.

MSR is today the only political movement with a clear vision for this country.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is the point in having a minister then, if you have the Equator think tank? Sounds like the govt giving some people who want some recognition scraps from the table, whilst trying to pretend they are doing something for the people.

Any sound leader with any form of common sense would know that to improve the level of service they offer, they would need to engage their customers and review the processes.

I wonder how the Minister feels. BTW, was she qualified to take this post in the first place?

As the government always likes to do, how does our health system compare with Africa now?


Anonymous said...

B ,PP has run out of ideas and the think tank is their last hope to come up with something but as always it is just a wild -goose chase.

Jeanne D'ARC

Anonymous said...

PP have fail in all Department,PP have always leave in the Past but not in the future B.I want to no from Madam Minis,Those Indian and other immigrants working in Seychelles.Do they also get our health service for free?Do they pay some thing for our health service?How much they pay?They are also sickness coming in SEYCHELLES that no one have hear befor.It time for those immigrants at they arrivel to saw a health certificate and build a klinik at the Air Port to control them.This klinik can be use also for if a disaster happen at the Air Port.


Anonymous said...


Patrick X said...

I also Have a think tank, or rather a think bowl which happens to be the one I visit 3 times a day and leave a bit behind every time.

The idea of the 'think tank' is good, but at least fill it with professionals, but by all means it is important to listen to ideas from the man on the street, at leat the man on the street who has something sensible to say.

However, this one is just a way to capture attention and show that they are listening to 'lepep' hence increase popularity. After the election the 'think tank' will be dissolved like all the false promises that the PL will make prior to it.

But here's a good idea for Marie Pierre Lloyd: Why not re-introduce 'bonom dibwa' to the health system? After all, a lot of the Indian doctors we have have the same qualifications as those bonom bibwa from yesteryear. at least they'll be cheaper than importing those useless Indians and we'll be creating a Seychellois job or two.

Pastrick X

Anonymous said...

Marie pierre its time to go...the writing is on the wall for you and PP collaborators...Your days are numbered...get out while you still have at least an inkling of dignity...because what will happen will not be nice will be put a la porte with disgrace of course.....i wonder if you will be able to add the part on your resume which will read as "minister in a corupt state for 5 years...reason for leaving....incompetence beyond doubt.Your friend Dolor Ernesta is like a lisyen ki napa pider...the only thing that is keeping him although on a piece of string is all the money he embezzeled from the government.I am sure he will pay for all.we will repossess all the land he took.

Anonymous said...

Be it Delor,Lloyd ,they all PP's disciples ,thus they must all quit. They have had their innings now is time for accountability .

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Rumour is that MP Llloyd has already tendered her resignation!

Anonymous said...


In the actual political status quo much is made of decreasing turnouts and increasing (voter)public apathy.Undoubtly a threat to a healthly democracy.

However public apathy is not a problem in itself nor the lack of interest in issues but rather the lack of trust and belief in politicians and the political process.For many people,it is a perception that government-national,local-simply doesn't deliver on issues that matter to them most.

For example,the ongoing shenanigans in the ministry of health highlights the adversarial nature of party politics where childish putdowns take precedent over policies and ideas from other parties are opposed,rejected regardless of merit.

The government political system is not open and transparent,doesn't engage stakeholders or intellectually develop policy with everyone having a sense of involvement in the decission making process.

It's a tribe-like government,and a far cry from a honest system where decissions are taken on factual merit.

With all this evidence,the question has to be asked:How likely is it that the current of party politics will deliver real lasting solutions?

A new party evidently believes it flies into the face of all evidence to believe that the current system will deliver positive change at all.

On the same lenght,society is not an army-it's not enough to issue an order at the top and expect everyone to believe in or follow it.Change happens because society as a whole decides it wants that change.And logically a new party must lead that change.


Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Health is seriuos sick. Just walk around Victoria hospital and have a look at its infrastructure. Be carefull you may vomit. The whole place needs to be reformed. At least a coat of paint. During the last 20 years the only ssection which underwent a remodalation was 3 or 4 rooms at the Medical Ward and its purpose was for Ministers and other high clicks in the goverment. I myself attended Minister Pillay who was admitted there.
How can a ministry offer cuality health attention when the only drugs you can precibe come in a small balck leaflet called DRUG FORMULARY, which contains 20 drugs when most countries have drug formularies with more than 2000 pages???? What are they doing with our money??? Travelling expenses??
Why do we need so many uncualified medical assesors at the ministry??

Seychellois doctors and nurses recieve peanut salaries compared to expatriates and what is worse is that most of them are completely undercualified.
The trend during the last years is for Seychellois doctors to get involved in politics, because it is the only way to make quick money. We have cases like: Dr. Herminie who practised only during 3 years. Cuban graduated Dr. Reginald, actually a surgeon at Victoria hospital, who claimed in an SPPF party campaign at Mont Fleuri, that he was the first Seychellois surgeon and that was thanks to Albert Rene. God we laughed, this guy is really stupid. How can he be a surgeon???
Our next brilliaant surgeon is Dr. Telemaque, who is incompetent and wll go down in the books of History of Seychelles as the man who has performed the largest number of hip and knee amputations.

Rcently a young girl and her twins died at Victoria hospital diagnosed of Hipervolemic Cardiomiopathy related to pregnancy. Instead of performing a cesarean section theysent her home. Where did these guys study??? If you cannot manage a cardiomyopathy related to pregnancy, what can we expect from the obstetrics and Gynae dept of Victoria hospital??
This is just the peak of the iceberg at MOH. The minister, the Ps and all these useless advisers should resign with inmediate effect, and let competent Seychellois run this ministry. After all is is our lives which are in seriuos danger. Will continue....

May god blees our souls


Badaaztb said...

Marie pierre its time to go...the writing is on the wall for you and PP collaborators...Your days are numbered...get out while you still have at least an inkling of dignity...because what will happen will not be nice will be put a la porte with disgrace of course.....i wonder if you will be able to add the part on your resume which will read as "minister in a corupt state for 5 years...reason for leaving....incompetence beyond doubt.Your friend Dolor Ernesta is like a lisyen ki napa pider...the only thing that is keeping him although on a piece of string is all the money he embezzeled from the government.I am sure he will pay for all.we will repossess all the land he took.

Anonymous said...

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