Friday, May 21, 2010

Inspirational Quote!

The great thinker, philosopher and promoter of logic and democracy has a few words of advice! All believers in Seychellois Truth, Accountability & Reality need to focus on the common good that unites us! SPPF / Lepep is the scourge that we need to remove from power. It is only after this noble cause is achieved that our beloved Seychelles will be able to break the chains of economic servitude, mental slavery and false promises that has enslaved us for more than three decades...

A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)


Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree with most of this site, I firmly believe MSR has to adopt a new strategy to rally support from the mass population of Seychelles. I have been passing the message to at least 10 members of the public every week, but it seems computer is not the best mode of communication for most here on the islands. I firmly believe MSR should register as a political party and should have a weekly publication out on the streets of Seychelles soon. Go on Chris, we are right here behind you.


Anonymous said...

Tonton, the problem is that people that matters have lost faith in politicians and politics, and i say that as a Seychellois who walks the streets of Seychelles. I am not a politician, never been associated with politics, never ran for office, my participation has been attneding all meetings (that i could possibly attend), listen and make an opinion and cast my vote! Seychellois have evolved in 2 faced people, they will say something (and that is mostly to politicians) if they believe you are with X party, and something else if they believe you are with Y party.

When i look at past election results invariably it has always been a split of 40-60% (with a swing/margin of error of 5%), that is why i could not help but laugh when reading Ramkalawan's column in REGAR today when he says that the SNP is going to win the next elections- my first reaction was that this fellow must be stuck somewhere in the 'Alice aux Pays des merveilles', or 'the Emperors New Clothes' if he is relying on information from his staff, but realised soon after that like all politicians at the top, he seemed to have lost touch with reality!

Yes, i agree with you Tonton, that if Gill is serious he should be on the streets, by that meaning with a political party, with a mouthpiece, and be aware that he Gill may not even make it to power but preparing the way for the future. That is where Ramkalawan/SNP got it wrong, they never prepared for the long haul!

Anonymous said...

It will take Gill at least the next 15 years to rally enough support to win an election against the sppf/lepep, may be. I think in the current climate all oposition must join together to fight the common enemy the sppf/lepep. There's not enough time from now till the next election to rally support for MSR to win a presidential election. It's just not going to happen.

Patrick X said...

There may not be enough time to rally now, but it is all the more important that more parties participate in the 2011 election than SNP and SPPF.

Wavel's comment show's that he's stuck somwhere hovering between Mars(the red planet) and Uranus.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I agree that the best solution should be a unified opposiiton- but we all know that is not going to happen (at least not with the present leaders of the SNP/generally other opposition parties), we all know that the Ramkalawan/SNP alone cannot defeat the SPPF. Should it not naturally follow that we look elsewhere than the SNP, especially if we take into account their performance at the ballot box and over the past 5 years? As a unified opposition behind Ramkalawan in 2006 we could not win, what makes him so sure that after all his antics between 2006 and now (and a fragemented opposition) he is going to win?

Of course it is going to take time to give the Opposition to its 2006 support and beyond that support, and it will probably take more than 15 years, and it will most probably not be Gill who wins against the SPPF/PL, but a solid foundation based on democracy, honesty, political philosophy, competency (values absent from SNP or the NDP) must be set first. The present bunch of opposition leaders are so dirty, that it makes my skin crawl as much as the SPPF/PL leaders does.

I read with some amusement an article in the The People of a face book conversation between Gill and one of the SNP activist. Yes, it was bloody wrong for Gill to have crossed the floor, he gave an explanation. Some accept, it other don't. Has anyone ever heard an explanation from Ramkalawan as why he said in the National Assembly that he thanked God for not winning the elections in 2006? Ramkalawan may not have crossed the floor, but those words is an admission that he is not interested in Opposition politics let alone coming to power, and for people to still have hopes on the fellow is beyond my comprehension, in fact this hope is as misplaced as the majority who hopes SPPF/PL can make things better for them!

Anonymous said...

Tonton is right.Nevertheless,MSR is still a movement and we don't expect to be represented as a party in the next coming election but surely in 2016.

Should the movement use other means than eternet to pass its message across the country?Yes,but it's all a process under gradual build up.
No rush,MSR does things orderly not by hit and miss like PP,it will come as the MSR becomes bigger.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Patrick X,
The time to act is now & MSR should formally be registered as a Political party & fill a candidate in the next general election. We can't wait until 2016 to make our presence, the earlier the better & comes 2016 MSR will have been well established & the right footing in place. otherwise, seselwa will think that MSR are not serious at all.


Anonymous said...

Many practicalities are needed first in setting up a party.For instance,appointment of the board,registration with electoral commission,whether to charge for memebership and/or the right to vote,writing the constitution ,how to appoint/elect our candidates and so forth.
Having a new party which would not be able to take part in the coming election in my opinion is not the right thing to do right now.I might be wrong.

Of course we must have our party register soon enough in order to be ready on time.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Just be careful Gill of this advise that you need to be on the street as a true political party.It is a strategy of PP to break this sudden freedom on the internet.They do not know what to do and how to control people from expressing on the blog and is a very powerful tool that is preoccupying PP and their cronies so much that they even use government time to check those sites every hour.

Anonymous said...

PP is not only checking MSR site but also robbing our ideas.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

The Mouvman is now collecting membership registration forms required to formally launch our party. We should be able to do so soon. We have already drafted our party Constitution.

Once we have launched our party, we will define our electoral strategy for the coming election and our overall strategy to make Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

That's good news Leonard for all MSR supporters.I'm agog by the news.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Aristotle was the wisest of teachers. As such I agree wholeheartedly with his observation that a common danger unites.

In our case we must define that "common danger". Is that common danger the PP Collaborators or is it those who betray or water down Sesel Pou Seselwa - the founding principle of our homeland?

In my view the common danger we face is the betrayal of Sesel Pou Seselwa whether the source of that betrayal comes from the PP Collaborators or from any other party or group. At present, the PP Collaborators are the main source of betrayal of Sesel Pou Seselwa so they must be our main focus of attention.

But what sense does it make to unite to remove the PP Collaborators from power only to put in power the SNP who supports Fabrike citizenships like those of Ramados and Jeyasingh's? Are we only to replace the PP Collaborators Fabrike friends with the SNP's Fabrike Friends? Are we to replace the PP Collaborators selling our passports and our homeland with the SNP doing the same?

Yes we must unite, but we must unite to defeat the common enemy - that common enemy are all those who betray Sesel Pou Seselwa. We must therefore unite to accomplish Sesel Pou Seselwa and not to replace the PP Collaborators with others who want to do the same thing that the PP have done just with a change of pockets being filled at the expense of the Seselwa Rasin people.

Anonymous said...

Since I can recall, we have lived under SPPF/PP and we are tired.

We are tired of the lies, the stealing, the disappearences and the manipulation of our lives, beliefs, education and our children's future.

What I am sincerely and seriously saying to you and those members within the party who are to lead this fight is this:

Please do not take all our hopes and aspirations like the DP and SNP did, for us to be let down. Be professional, honest, sincere, determined and remember the people and where you have come from always.

Christopher and Leonard, my friends and I support MRS and Seychelles. We will vote for you in the next election, if the party ready.


Anonymous said...

I reply to the two comments.

MSR was formed about 3 weeks ago on Facebook. We have over 800 friends.

On the streets,in the districts,, is where all politics has to take place.

We will get there. But we are not on JJ Spirits timeline. MSR is moving forward with due diligence.

We are also not on SNP's timeline, as SNP has demonstrated that they have no intention of forming a United Opposition.

MSR's creation is a response to this default by SNP.

Christopher Gill

One of many leaders of MSR

Anonymous said...

Reply to Niya and Patrick X-

Activist are calling in with the forms of members on the ground.

I will add that with MSR Administrators, registration forms, to form the Party.

Looks good.

1.Creed- Manifasto (check)

2. Constitution of Party (check)

3. 100 registered members (check, over)

4. Office ( being finalized)

5. Warehouse ( being finalized)

6. Bank account ( finalized after party formed)

7. Fund Rasing ( after Bank Account)

This gives you an idea where it stands.

Not bad after 3 weeks.

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I personally thank you for your support and confidence. The Mouvman thanks you for your support.

You have my personal pledge of fidelity and commitment to the Rasin-ist Creed. If I should betray the Creed I will expect you and everyone else to oppose and fight me. That goes for all the leadership in The Mouvman.

We ask for your dedication to Sesel Pou Seselwa as defined by the Rasin-ist Creed, and not your dedication to any one person. And the responsibility to demand and defend Sesel Pou Seselwa, as defined in the Creed, is with each Seselwa Rasin. My voice can be reliably counted on to be part of that chorus of the Creed's Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

Food for thoughts for SNP sympathizers
Five years ago in the last presidential election Mr Ramkalawan told us that he was poised to win the presidential election . After the election result was pronounced he said unquote< It is a blessing that I did not win the election because the sauce pan is too hot to handle>. So being a priest with all his flimsy attempt to really explain what he meant. I am still convinced until today he has never truthfully tell us his supporters what he really meant by the statement.
My argument for Mr Ramkalawan is simple . You do not have to be a member of to see that the situation currently now on all front in the Seychelles are far worse than it was five years ago. I can honestly said the the frying pan handle is 100 times hotter than it was five years ago.
This is what the caption of his weekly column in Regar said < Times are tough; the tough keep coming>

Unless Mr Ramkalawan is living in his self- proclaimed cocoon to tell me otherwise. The inactivity of the SNP even convinced Mr Ramkalawan that SNP would win the next election. Sir I personally think that your ego is getting too much to handle that you are becoming like the naked emperor or people in your own circle are indoctrinated you with these illusions.

Why? To this day being in a district that was won by the opposition I have never actively seen much involvement of the SNP leadership in that district and yet they are telling us that they are ready for the next election when PP call in the shot.

On the other hand I see PP organizing themselves in the same district, mobilizing their support base and getting their activists to record all new eligible voters. SNP nowhere to be seen probably they taking their very cold bath to handle the hot frying pan.

Please politic is a noble profession for honest, selfless, dedicated people and people who have a sense of altruism.At the moment our existing politician who are in the limelight have none of those qualities.
Trying to get poor intelligent people to sacrifice themselves , their family for free is dead and gone SNP. Dig in your pocket SNP employ people to work in the local districts so that disenchanted citizens can hear the message and form an inform opinion for the forthcoming election.
When there are opportunities look for intelligent opposition supporters instead of giving the opportunity to your friend who is a lawyer and earning a fat salary to commend a second job for presenting the party as a member of the assembly as a proportional member. Show us that the SNP party is really an alternative to Parti-lepep not through words but through deeds.

Step down when you have lost three consecutive elections encourage other potential leaders to show their true potential.
In the opposition we do not vote for personality unlike parti-lepep supporters. We voted for SNP because we want to remove SPPF shackles from the brains of our brothers and sisters and because we know that we are heading to be secondary citizens in our own country and slaves of our newly found slaves master from India, Arabia, Russia and South Africa.

To conclude I must say that we need an alternative party to that of the two dominant existing party.

Mr Gill stop being a talker please walk the talk register your party and you will see that a lot of Indigenous Seychelloise will support you. I will never vote for the SNP status quo and giving PP my vote that can only happen when I am living in GS Pillay village at Mont-fleuri or in a morgue.

Do not form any coalition with SNP if there are no written and legally bidding agreements. If he thinks he can win an election based on his personality he needs to see a psychiatrist because we are not dumb like most Parti-lepep opportunist and those who burry their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

Show these people with split personality disorder that we are intelligent not dumb.
En Selsewa Rasin

Anonymous said...

Reply to Intelligent Seselwa Rasin-

I agree with most of your comments.

I like the part about stop talking the talk and start walking the talk.

We already have activist registering members, not just on Facebook, but on the ground.

We have the numbers to form the party and will be filing papers soon.

However, we want to keep on registering beyond the mark of what we have and make Mr. Ramkalawan see what he cannot see now, the balance of victory and defeat is not in his camp. He cannot win, will not, cares not too. Hence, it is best that he does resign.

Mr. Ramkalawan has done many good deeds for Seychelles, but even racing horses, end up as dog food if they do not know when to call it a day.

Christopher Gill

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