Sunday, May 9, 2010


The curse of the hospitals
Has Dr. Ramadoss cast a spell (or rather a curse) on the medical profession in Seychelles? He wriggled his way into the health infrastructures and professionals by taking the Chairmanship of the medical association. His advice has turned our medical institution into a shambles (he was or still is advisor to the MOH). Apart from his frequent donations of a CT Scan here another piece of equipment there, the good Dr. has tried the stepping stone of building his ambitious dream of a multi treatment hospital on state land (Providence). Hand in hand with the precious family of the Emerald Holdings we were to have our own Apollo hospital. But the deals seem to have turned sour and Apollo has opened in Moka, Mauritius instead. The Seychelles version is just an abandoned shell of concrete.

With his firm grip on the SCCI, Ramadoss is courting all the business leads that his mentor James Michel brokers. The set up that the SPPF concocted with the casino business (Ramadoss is still the kingpin) to fund their overstay in power has now been brought on the national level. Suddenly Michel cannot travel without his good Doctor who looked well after him during the hard times as colonel in the army. It is time to secure all the good business deals with the Chinese to keep everything in the big Parti Lepep family.
Keep on dreaming as we might need a hospital to cater for those who have totally lost their minds. We cannot keep selling ourselves and our homeland while the good friend Narcissus keeps starting at his big mustache in the reflection of the pond.

He is screaming out for his X5s as he now drives around with a bevy of bodyguards that puts Michel's security detail to shame! Ramadoss for all the influential associations and business ventures in the land!

The gifted beamers
La folie de grandeur or waste of money? We let you be the judge. While our country is on its knees with the IMF bitter pill stuck in the throat, the Parti Lepep government has decided to indulge into a spending spree (or a begging spree!) in style. It is already old news that Sheik Khalifa has imported 19 brand new BMW X5s to satisfy his big ego while touring around his newly adopted homeland. But he had to grease some hands along the way and ‘gifted’ a couple to his friend James for his own personal use. There are two conspicuous numbers (one black, one white) sporting GS number plates. No duty or taxes were paid except for a Sr. 25 documentation fee. The duty alone would have financed at least 10 made in China (cheap) buses to alleviate the transport problems of the polytechnic student. James Michel prefers to get beg for the buses from Hu Jintao so that we become further indebted to the Red Dragon.

Now tell me. Who are we trying to fool?? The same guys who are telling us that our country is in dire straits are splashing out taxpayer’s money to enjoy a cushy lifestyle. Do we need all these huge gas guzzlers that are overcrowding our roads while Michel plays the environment card overseas? Can we continue to tolerate this corrupt mentality that is pushing this country further into the abyss?

Remember you can fool the people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, so the good Dr needs bodyguards now. Well, the newly crowned Maharajah of the SIK(Seychelles Indian Kingdom) seems to also have caught a few drippings from the good Sheik's golden shower.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that the CT-Scanner was donated to the hospital by Land Marine Limited and not Ramadoss. That fat Indian is too busy filling up his own pocket to care about the hospital. He also supplies Viagra to Albert and Michel, all paid for by the Seychellois tax payers. Hopefully there will be an overdose soon and someone will end up as a stiff!