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The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Communists Blunders Take Seychelles Into One Party State

If you have an interest in the health of the Seychelles democratic experiment, last Tuesday would have sent even a doctor into the ICU. The structures of state institutions are crumbling right before our very eyes many stand and watch in utter disbelief over the incompetence as the institutions of the state are being degraded and held in disrepute by the very people who are suppose to be holding it in high regard.

The Constitutional Court Malaise

Before the Constitutional Court at 9.00 am, there were a number of Constitutional Court cases listed to be heard. Constitutional cases involve fundamental human rights or fundamental inter relationships between the citizen and a constitutional branch of government.

One case involved the case of Mr. Viral Dhanjee who was sidelined as a presidential candidate by the Electoral Commissioner. Mr. Dhanjee is asking the Courts to prescribe a remedy to their past ruling in his favor. It is a stickling point, that has the Constitutional Court caught with its pants down, meddling and co-conspiring with the Executive Branch to uphold the results of the presidential election, or scrap the same.
Viral Dhanjee (left)

Because Mr. Dhanjee’s case involves fundamental human rights, it must be followed carefully, because eventually, he may make it before the UN Commission of Human Rights, and cause great embarrassment to the communist government in Seychelles.

Another case involves Jane Carpin a SNP -PR National Assembly member who has been in conflict with her party, while coincidentally, providing the SPPF PL the One (1) single vote needed to get 2/3 to pass:1. a constitutional amendment, 2. dissolve the National Assembly, no less then twice in one month.
Jane Carpin

The SNP have Two (2) other cases, one filed by Mr. Ramkalwan to remove Carpin and another by Whip Nicholas Prea, to render the motion to dissolve invalid for lack of proper form and procedure.
Ramkalawan (left) and Prea (right)

These Three (3) cases show us that we have no National Assembly. Hence the country is being run by a single Executive branch of government.  Since the Courts decided to take a vacation, we have no Judiciary in Seychelles today. The President is now a full autocrat with no checks and balance in place. Warrants do not have to be issued, because that right has been sacrificed under the law that created the NDEA, a paramilitary apparatus of State House. Seychelles is now in a One Party State in form and structure.

AG Represents Two Branches of Government
Ronny Govinden - Attorney General

Appearing before the Constitutional Court for the Speaker of the ex National Assembly was the Attorney General who also represents the Executive branch of government in all affairs . The fact that his presence has not gone under protest as the Speakers Consul is unprecedented in itself. Additionally, the ex –Speaker was not present to hear his own case. It leaves freedom minded members of the public dumbfounded. But on the other side of the coin, it also confirms we are in fact in a one party authoritarian totalitarian state. Under this type of system things only get worse, and you will very likely not even be able to form a political party.

You do not have to hold your breathe.

Seychelles Freedom Party Exposes One Party State

At about the same time these cases were being adjourned by the Constitutional Court, I walked into the Electoral Commissioners Office and office of Registrar of Political Parties to file party registration papers for the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP). The office had lights, Four(4) bodyguards, a person named Mrs. Jenny Adrienne, known to be the Chief Electoral Officer in the past elections, Mr. Analce Tirant, known to me as a retired official of the same office, who has since returned out of pure need, and Mr. Hendrik Gappy . With all these personal in place, one would reasonably expect that papers to form a party would at least be accepted, pending the formation of the new Electoral Commission, if ever it gets done.
Christopher Gill

Mr. Gappy, politely informed me, that in Seychelles today, it is not possible to form a political party. He expressed thanks to James Michel and Ronny Govinden for their “talent” to draft legislation.

Back to One Party State!

One party state you want, One Party state you get!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

STB Exposes Communist Failure in Tourism


The Seychelles Tourism Board, under the suggestion of the private sector embarked on the drafting of a Master Plan For Tourism last year. Would you believe that after Forty (40) years of Tourism, Thirty-Four (34) of which have been under one communist regime, we did not have a Master Plan for Tourism.

I am not making this up, this is the reality of the predicament of the country. Believe it.

It is too late to cry over spilled milk and wallow in self pity as we wonder what kind of money we could have generated with a proper growth plan.

As the STB green paper (meaning discussion paper) makes the rounds and all sectors of the Tourism Industry are consulted and government, I ask the communist to show some humility because they have royally screwed up the Seychelles Tourism Industry by not having a master plan for Thirty –Four (34) years.

With no plan in place, it means the communists have been making decisions that concern Tourism, well, to put it lightly: “from an un informed basis”.

Communist Said Build More Hotels, But no Direct Flights

If you are a hotel owner or worker in the Industry, and you have looked at your beautiful room and excellent product and wondered why is this fantastic product, on a fantastic location in paradise,- empty, you can blame the lack of foresight and lack of planning on the communists in the past for the reason why the rooms stayed empty.

As Seychelles went bankrupt in 2008, they were busy calling for more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to scratch up cash fast, which James Michel told us was $2 Billion at one point. Since he did not have a plan, his government approved these projects, but we did not have flights coming directly from Europe to meet bed availability.

Hence occupancy for Seychelles, throughout 2000 -2011 has hovered between 50%-57%. As occupancy remained low, room prices dropped, and yield reduced per visitor. Consequently, even if more tourist come to Seychelles, they spend much less and tax our infrastructure and eco sustainability more and more, and reduce the overall brand image of the Seychelles. Each year we are in this vicious cycle, it gets worse and worse.

The low occupancy rates below 75%  represents a total failing grade for the Tourism Industry and exposes severe under performance of the Industry and worse, over capacity. Why? Because as the rooms opened up, Air Seychelles went flying to Falklands, IndiaMauritiusand on charter, contracted trips, where payment could be “negotiated” and lumped summed.

Turning Down 5th Freedom Flying Rights

To make matters worse for Seychelles Tourism Industry, the communist seem to have placed the viability of Air Seychelles, above the viability and success of the Industry. Air Seychelleshas gone off on a tangent that has left it without effective interactive communications with the STB or the SHTA. The national airline has been a strong advocate of denying 5th Freedom Rights to airlines that want to come to Seychelles and fly onwards taking passengers, to other destinations. This has caused a tremendous amount of loss of revenue to Seychelles, over the years, that with that money, we could have reinvested in Air Seychelles, and started to fly throughout Africa, which is booming today, to buttress our national airline. Instead, we have closed off travel and marketing opportunities to Seychelles, and today, the Industry is on the verge of collapse even though arrivals are up, and the President is the Minister of Tourism.

Break The Vicious Cycle of Communist Failure

The time to break this vicious cycle of communist failure is now. We do not even have enough water to wash our rice, and feed our children, yet the PL have approved projects that will demand even more water. A hotel room demands 750 litres of water a day for a 5 star. A smaller hotel needs 500 litres per day. A Seychellois family of Six(6) uses 25 litres of water a day from bakke to a bottle to bathe. When will the communist put an end to this madness? How will all the sewage be treated PL? Where will we get the extra roads for all the projects? What is your plan ? You seem good at planning elections, stealing votes, and buying SNP executive members, beating up young men and criminalizing them, but what is your plan to run the Tourism Industry?

Answer: You have no plan.

The answer is as official as the United Nations accepting South Sudan as a new nation state last week.

Moratorium on Future Projects

In an excellent presentation put forward by Marquise David, STB proposed that a moratorium on future development be considered by the Minister of Tourism and the PL Cabinet, until the PL can catch up with the disaster they have created. Along these lines, was a general sentiment that projects given and approved for foreign interests must be channeled back to bona fide Seychellois national interests to implement. Nationalist sentiment in the meeting of stakeholders was at a peak and should serve as a solid warning to those who think they can walk into paradise and do what they want with the “natives”.

He on Eden Island, who thought this on entry, will have an adjusted perception on exit.

Few if any, have taken Seychellois for fools and did not regret it. Confusing Seychellois with communism is one grave mistake many have made. The deals you cut were with communists. The deals that are cut back, will be made by “Freedom Loving Seychellois”, one way or another.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill 

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Stop Playing Politics With Escobars and Drugs


Our country is being overrun with drugs and it is ripping the very fabric of our society and making it highly dysfunctional. This has been ongoing for the last decade and it has reached a collapse mode today. Over 3,500 addicts of hard drugs in Seychelles today. 

Treatment centers collectively can take only 18 patients on a 4 month cycle. 54 patients a year, at a possible 40% success rate.

This means we have a serious national crisis on hand.

NDEA Numbers Give Fake Results

As a consequence of drug use and addiction, addicts resort to crime and illicit activity such as prostitution to fund their habits. The viability of our work force is under threat, the availability of young men able to work is under threat as NDEA records 400-600 arrest and charges detentions per annum.

Montagne Possee is full over capacity. The strategy to arrest every man with a little drugs like marijuana on hand, has been implemented to fill quotas and provide proof to Michel that the Irish are doing a good job.
Montagne Posee Prison - Overrun & poorly managed

The reality is that they are arresting the victims of drug abuse, and they are letting the Escobars free to continue the supply chain of drugs into Seychelles.

Morgan Says He Knows the 25 Escobars

Minister Joel Morgan, a former SNP Parti Seselwa executive committee member, said on SBC Three (3) weeks ago that he knows all the Escobars operating in Seychelles. Minister Morgan said there are Twenty –Five (25) Escobars in Seychelles, and he personally has all the information he needs on them to arrest them, and he is watching them.

I salute Minister Morgan on his excellent intelligence work. I now ask publicly that Minister Morgan please, take the next step, with the wind of all the Gods pushing your back and bones, and arrest the Twenty –Five (25) Escobars. If you can manage that, you will put John Wayne to shame, and show us all , that after all, John Wayne was just an actor and you , Minister Morgan, are the real DEAL.

Minister Morgan - The Great Crime Fighter?

NDEA Morgan Need to Put Up or Shut  Down!
I watched with complete amusement as Sergeant Naill Scully, ex Guardia Army Irish Reserve, explained to us on SBC that NDEA is involved in a major sting operation with cartoons from a computer print out collage depicting drug lords in different locations of the globe.

This is total nonsense that only a person not qualified for a job would do on national television. If you are doing your job Scully, you do not need graphs and pointers and cartoon characters to tell us you are doing your job.

We will tell you ourselves, that you are doing your job. So far, you have been arresting young men with tibits of marijuana on possession and that means you are not arresting the Twenty –Five (25) Escobars.

We want what James Michel promised: ESCOBARS. When you have them, do not hide them, put them out to dry, and show their: 1. face, 2. name, 3. district, 4. age. Then we want to know what assets are seized and how many years they are sentenced.

Promises, promised and more promises to catch Drug Escobars - So far, not a single one caught.

NDEA Not Police

A widely mis-held perception in Seychelles, is that the NDEA is the Seychelles Police. It is not. NDEA is a para military unit headed by a recruit mercenary named Nail Scully from ex- Guardia Irish Army Reserve. Scully has no Police experience, prior to coming to Seychelles. At one point Michel appointed Scully as Deputy Commissioner of Police. Under his watch more professional Police resigned or were removed by a non police then we have ever seen in recent Seychelles Police history. Anyone that disagreed with Scully which I am not sure if he even holds a college degree, was given the boot. Today our Police force is meek and weak, only because it has been made so in a deliberate systematic manner. To rebuild will take another generation. Let us not kid ourselves.

The NDEA use a bogus enabling statute that created it to conduct search and seizure without warrants ( a violation of fundamental human rights), stop searches without probable cause (another violation of fundamental human rights) , and they are overly armed with assault weaponry (para military aspect of NDEA) which they use in a civilian setting.

Mr. Michel, this is not on.

We also know that NDEA is used by Mr. Michel himself, or with his tacit consent of silence, for political intimidation. The case that comes to mind is the shooting of MSR truck by one NDEA staff or agent with a 9mm gun. I have written to Mr. Michel to address this matter, and until today, he has remained silent. In the modern world, silence equates to guilty as hell. I expect Mr. Michel to resolve this matter that is still pending. The Police that received the complaint form of the incident told us nothing will be done on this.

Breaking Into of MSR Office

Another matter that has been alleged to involve NDEA agents that were based at State House, is the breaking into of the MSR office at Docklands. This matter was addressed in a letter to Mr. Michel, and he did not reply. It is still an outstanding matter that we want addressed and resolved. The using of NDEA for meeting political agendas is equates Seychelles Government to a tyranny and para military state. This disgraceful malpractice must be stopped.

In such a small place, such a small country, there is no place for bullying with AK-47’s and Israeli manufactured short neck machine guns. You don’t need all that armory to stop Escobars, Michel. You just need a little will!

The NDEA reminds me a bit of the dumb bully in school. He was much bigger then everyone else, had some contacts in high places, and pushed his way around, because he was not smart enough to do his work in a cool way to move ahead. We Seychellois are tired of being bullied especially by a bunch of dummies that cannot deliver what they have promised.

Go Talk To The Escobars

If Nail Scully cannot track down the ESCOBARS as James Michel promised, all Twenty –Five (25) of them as declared by Minister Joel Morgan, then Minister Morgan should change tactics. Go talk to these ESCOBARS. Tell them they are ruining our country, and destroying lives, and breaking families. Tell the Escobars they are ruining Seychelles. Beg them to stop and change, turn to the inspirational word of the Lord, and earn their living another way. If they need help, send them to Saving Bank where Carpin and Pierre go to collect their pay packet. If they can go to Savings Bank, why cannot an Escobar get a loan for a fresh start? You seem to be good at handling the SNP, why cannot you handle the ESCOBARS?

When you talk to the ESCOBAR, tell him, if you do not stop, next time I will come back with one armed man and one Vice President to discuss your future. If that does not work, tell him on the third visit, we will bring the President of the Country along with the Vice President.

By then, the Escobar will either stop, or he will be encouraged by the guest list to continue his evil trade and prepare a grand feast for you all that will put to shame what you dished out last month: Burgers, Bakke, Bakka!

People of Seychelles, we must hold SPPF PL fully accountable for the 25 Escobars!

We are waiting.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill

Saturday, July 16, 2011



STAR is conducting a survey and would like all readers to let us know what their views are on the following questions below.  Please be honest and refrain from swearing, cursing and being derogatory to anyone.  This survey is important for the future of democracy in Seychelles.  

Thank you for your honest opinions and value your contributions to the STAR blog.



1. Do you believe we live in a true democracy in Seychelles or is it just a "window-dressing" of a democracy?

2. Do you believe that the National Assembly (Legislative Branch of Government) is a real democratic institution and respected as such, or is it simply a "Rubber Stamp" for James Michel and Party Lepep?

3. Should the Opposition boycott the upcoming National Assembly elections, or should they participate?

4. Do you believe that Party Lepep will ever respect democratic norms if an opposition continues to be part of the process?

5. Should the Opposition unite and if so, how can that best be achieved?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

              Viral Dhanjee Has The Communist Beast By The Tail

After the MSR was blocked from being registered as a political party in the last election and political debate in Seychelles was curtailed by a communist system in place that feared the principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, one of its members Viral Vadilal Dhanjee set out to file papers as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

Viral Dhanjee outside the Court House

First MSR and Christopher Gill denied their rights

Then it was the turn of Seychelles patriot Viral Dhanjee (left) to be denied his rights

Mr. Dhanjee’s candidacy was refused, and he was denied participation in the elections, a direct violation of his right to participate in public and political affairs of his country. This not only violates the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, it is a violation of the UN Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, which the communists have ratified. Typical of communists, they say one thing, do another. When they do this little exercise, they pass themselves off as being smart and capable. They are not of course, and every patriotic Seychellois, must tell them to their face, the truth.

Hire A Fighter For Freedom

To take on the communists establishment point man Mr. Hendrick Gappy the Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Dhanjee and his advisors knocked on the doors of tough, no nonsense lawyer who is very intelligent, and brews with a fighting spirit when human rights are at stake: Madam Alexia Amesbury. Madam Amesbury is earning a well deserved reputation for being a real Fighter for Freedom. Her tenacity to see victory is second to none when it comes to Human Rights.

       Msye Gappy i anons rezilta eleksyon
Hendrick Gappy - Electoral Commissioner appointed by President Michel - How appropriate!

Constitutional Court Rules In Dhanjee’s Favor

Well prior to the elections, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of Mr. Dhanjee being entitled to stand as a Presidential Candidate. However, in typical communist arrogance, the Electoral Commissioner and his team ignored the decision, and denied Mr. Dhanjee the right to file his candidacy. Hence, as the elections were in place, Mr. Dhanjee’s name was not on the ballot paper, for fear, that he would pull the balance of votes needed to push a second round.

Court of Appeal

Madam Amesbury filed a motion to the Court of Appeals to stop the elections, until such time that Mr. Dhanjee’s candidacy was present on the ballot paper. In an erroneous ruling, Justice Macgregor applied the Balance of Convenience Test for Injunctions, to a Fundamental Human Rights issue. When Human Rights are at issue, it is never convenient to the state.

Mrs. Amesbury fighting for justice

Attorney General Ronny Govinden (left) decided to step in illegally to save Gappy

Justice Macgregor is a former SPUP founder, and Central Committee member of the SPPF. He has been an MNA and Speaker of the National Assembly for many years, and he has been nominated -appointed by the SPPF PL as a Justice to the Court of Appeals. With this in mind, Madam Amesbury filed a motion to have Justice Macgregor removed from the bench for this case, as Mr. Dhanjee did not believe he could obtain justice with his presence. Similarly a Motion will be filed to remove Justice Hodoul, a former Minister in the SPUP Government and another SPPF PL appointment. Justice Hodoul also suffers from medical issues that may prevent him from delivering justice. As many will recall, Minister Hodoul signed numerous Land Acquisition Act property orders in the Rene’s One Party State.  This caused many Seychellois to lose their properties and still today, many have not received compensation for these wrongful and illegal communist-based acquisitions.

Justice MacGregor getting some poor advice from his mentor Michel ---   Justice Jacques Hodoul

In a rash move, to get rid of Mr. Dhanjee’s  case, it appears that the Court of Appeals is doing the politically expeditious thing: hear the case on July 12, 2011 and get rid of it to save face for sham elect president, James Michel (PL). 

The Court Is Inconsequential To Human Rights Violation

Regardless of the decision of the Court of Appeals, Mr. Dhanjee’s lawyer has been burning the midnight oil for Freedom and has extensively researched the UN Fundamental Human Rights Charter obligations the Seychelles is being held to uphold by the Dhanjee case.

Pull The Communist Beast Tail

After the Court of Appeals is finished, the Dhanjee case will go to Geneva, before the UN Human Rights Committee. The case will be heard, and very likely, Dhanjee will win his case again. When that happens the Committee will very likely SANCTION the communist regime in Seychelles until the elections are set aside and Mr. Dhanjee is given the opportunity to stand as a candidate, as he should have been given in the first place.

Such a ruling, will affect international funding for Seychelles initiated requests. Jean Paul Adam will have his plate overrunning with SANCTIONS before the UN Human Rights Committee. Dhanjee pursues his case because he is a great patriot who loves his country. The pain, you communists, will only end when we have new presidential elections, and you end the practice of sham rigged Gappy-led elections in Seychelles.

Seychelles SANCTIONED For No Human Rights Country Report

Only in March 2011, the Seychelles was SANCTIONED by the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, for not filing any Country Report for over Seventeen (17) years. This violates Eight (8) different conventions on human rights.
Minister Jean-Paul Adam - No time for Human Rights reports, but plenty of time to party

What Is The Message?

The message is on the wall: “The Communists in Seychelles are being exposed”.


Anyone that attempts to give credibility to Communists for self gain, promotion, or self enrichment, will similarly be exposed as well!

No good ever comes from a deal with the Devil…..

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seychelles Eyewitness News - Father John Gappy & The Roman Catholic Church

Letters from Father John Gappy circulating on the internet

Father Gappy (left) and Rev. Elizabeth giving their blessing to the Child Protection Week activities
Father John Gappy (left) in happier times

Hi to all,

I have recieved some emails these last 2 days asking me if the latest rumour about me is true....this time it is true.

Yet, there was a deal between Mgr Denis and myself that the news would go public on July that I would also write to you all at the same time....but he has not kept his usual, nothing new. He has already told some people about my decision and this is of course spreading.

Rest assured, I am at peace and really feeling good that I have at last come to terms with a hierarchy that functions in an authoritarian manner. It is either you comply...or get out...I have opted to get out.

When I came home last year, after a lot of surely remember.... I really felt the warmth of all the Seychellois I met everywhere I went. Therefore, my decision has nothing to do with our people who I love and will always do.

Since Echo will only mention a very small part of my letter, I believe that the Seychellois is entitled to read everything. Therefore, find below my letter of June 23rd.

Peace and Love,

John Gappy.

Father Gappy (centre) - The happy singing Seychellois priest 
Tuesday 21st of June 2011,
Dear Mgr Denis Wiehe,

On June 25th 2011 it will be exactly five years since I landed in Manila. A lot of events have affected my life throughout these last five years, both positively and negatively. After this prolonged review and discernment, where I have extensively tested my deep longings and desires, I come to the following conclusions.

1. I still have the desire to accompany people in their life journeys similar to what I have been doing as a priest for these last 17 years.

2. However, I have decided to contribute towards positive social transformations of myself and my surrounding in a different way. The divine coincidence of being accepted into Applied Anthropology and Sociology civil Master’s degree at the Ateneo de Manila University is kind of unexpected… it is not at all a ‘temptation’….simply a door opening up, a God-given opportunity that I will not ignore.

Rest assured, I am writing this letter with deep serenity, peace, clarity of mind and a profound sense of ‘the truth shall set you free’. Let me insist, there are no more frustrations, no more anger and no more ill-feelings in my entire being. I have allowed myself to heal and to forgive. This is why I believe that my discernment is genuine, as much as one can “know” what direction one should take.

I am sorry about the pain that my decision might bring to the Church in Seychelles. On the other hand, the time has come for me to make a decision. It is not healthy, neither for me nor for the people of Seychelles, that I let my future remain a floating issue. I want to feel solid ground under my feet and move on. The Lord works in mysterious ways and already new paths are bringing new meanings to my life. I pray that my decision, formulated and reviewed over these last six months (after more than four years of discernment) will be accepted with the same tranquility in which I have made it.

I sincerely thank the people of Seychelles for all the support they have given me, especially in times of trials. Some day I will serve our Seychellois people in a different way, God willing. I thank the Diocese of Port-Victoria for her financial support up to 2010. I thank the Lord for opening unexpected doors when I decided to support myself since 2010 up to this day. I am now full of hope that the same God will be my guide, inspiration and protector in the journey ahead.

The Seychellois people will always have a special place in my heart.  I hope that I will also be remembered by them.

Sincerely yours,

John Gappy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill


A common thread with communist regimes is that they have to fake success all the time, everyday, 365 days a year, year after year, to stay in power. To fake success, they have to fix and "cook" the books.


This idea, of book fixing has stuck with communists from the early days of Karl Marx.
Karl Marx

In Seychelles, the communists in paradise are not an exception they are experts in implementing the rule. Never under estimate a thug that lives under a coconut tree.

IMF Pops in Unannounced 

Last week, the IMF popped into Victoria unannounced, and called for an extra ordinary meeting with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Seychelles. The staffers all lined up, and made their way to the leather seats of the Ministry of Finance conference table to face the IMF Chief of Division African Department and lead for Seychelles program, Mr. Jean Le Dem.  Mr. Le Dem is neither a politician nor a business man. Accompanying Mr. Le Dem was Mr. Nikoloz Gigineishvili, an economist who regularly has been visiting Seychelles.  Miss Nkunde Mwase, economist from the Review Department of the IMF was not present.

Minister of Finance Danny Faure - in the hot seat and very confused

Mr. Le Dem is tasked with seeing through the communist government of Seychelles second generation reforms in taxes, and streamlining and cutting government largess and abuse of government funds, when mis- appropriated. It is no surprise he turned up after: 1. an election, 2. the approval of a supplementary budget approaching Sr. 300 Million for 2011, part of which bails out Air Seychelles again…..for now.

Where Did PL Get The Money

The big question of course, that no one asked is where did PL get the money for the Supplementary Budget to spend nearly Sr. 300 Million beyond a budget which was already high because it was an election budget. They did not earn it, since Fishing is down, and Tourism, though numbers are up according to STB and Alain St. Ange, the bottom line is severely down, Two (2) years in a row. It seems St. Ange, is recruiting any street walker, from any city, to be a Tourist in Seychelles, based on the receivables. But unfortunately, the situation is more complicated then that, I will address it in future article, after the World Bank visits Seychelles in the first week of July 2011 in cooperation with the IMF and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which was here last year when Aida Der Hovanessian, country manager for Seychelles and the region paid us a short visit.

FDI Plummets

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ) in Seychelles these days has plummeted. After PL chased everyone away by seizing a number of bank accounts and transfers, and the water crisis has surfaced, and it is obvious that we do not have capacity for future growth and investment, FDI went from $2 Billion under James Michel, to now likely under $90 Million, this year. Only Sheikh Khalifa of UAE is still putting money in Seychelles, and the PL are handing the ribbon cutting to the UAE in Seychelles, an unprecedented overt action that demonstrates the progressive and systematic selling of our patrimony.

James Michel's Savior & God - Sheikh Khalifa of UAE

James Michel formula for economic growth is very dangerous and likely very lethal to the overall health of the Seychelles economy. 

Khalifa's Castle at La Misere Seychelles - aka "Villa Delo Kaka"

His policy of “Sesel Pou Arab” will have a negative impact on the economy unless it is a total sell out. At which point, Seychellois will be regulated to 3rd class citizens in their own country. We are well on our way.

Khalifa's plane at Seychelles Airport - No taxes, no duty, no customs. Sesel pou Arab courtesy James Michel

Why Print Money Now After Elections

When communists regimes cannot make business work on a national level, and money is short to get through the humps of fiscal shortfalls, they print money. To do so, they will tell you every reason why the old bills of are suddenly no longer good and a need for new bills is necessary, even if they just printed a new batch the previous year.

Here it appears, they have done this to take the old illegal print bills (undeclared print) out of circulation before the IMF shows up in August. Unfortunately for Pierre Laporte and the PL, the IMF showed up last week.

Suddenly all the advertisement of printing new bills, to replace the old ones printed last year, not Ten (10) years ago, stopped on SBC. I wonder why?

Governor Pierre Laporte

If this is so, it is the equivalent of a Central Banker being caught running in town naked for the IMF.  Mr. Laporte will have to explain himself, failing a reasonable explanation, he should be called upon by the free journalists in Seychelles to resign unconditionally, for venturing into political servitude as a central banker, which is illegal in Seychelles under the Central Bank Act.

Did someone say this guy came from the IMF or a polka music band?

Direct Impact  on Every Seychellois Even The Communists

The direct impact of printing more money is “Inflation”, which IMF has adjusted to nearly 6% now, perhaps higher by years end. This means cost of living will go up in Seychelles fast, faster, perhaps fastest.

Too much Rupees in circulation will mean devaluation gradually of the Seychelles Rupee to hard currencies like the US Dollar and Euro.  This will compound Inflation and Cost of Living.

Steady taxes on fuel of over 450% will keep the Seychelles economy crawling for years as the overall cost of living remains high, and the destination remains costly and not affordable  under JJ Spirit, sham President-elect Michel.

Uncertainty in external factors, which I shall treat in future articles, will reveal that I was wrong about a Ten (10) year downturn for Seychelles which I proclaimed in 2007. I will adjust my sails now to assert a Fifteen (15) year downturn for us under the current communist regime, if there is no change, because with communists, you can always be sure of one thing: they will always make the wrong move when it comes to the economy.

Communists know how to spend money, and beg for money well, but they do not know how to earn money and instill the will to earn money and excel in their people. They are great at regulating people to welfare wards, then attack them for being on welfare in the same breath. They are famous for giving holidays for a political event, and ignore the economic realities of the cost of such fanfare. Even when they are bankrupt, they will give a holiday for going bankrupt. In line with this logic I expect, October 31st, will be set aside as National Bankruptcy Day for Seychelles, since this is the day in 2008 that James Michel declared we were BANKRUPT after he told us the previous year, we had cleared all our debts and we were debt free.

With this in mind, we must be prepared for the second phase of the paradise financial collapse post Lehman Brothers Bond default, the next round of downturns for us will be long, deep and drawn out for many years.

I wish I was wrong.

Fixing Numbers Does Not Fix Reality PL

After the PL is finished with this little charade yet to be exposed, we will be back to the same mess we were in before the PL rigged the presidential elections and handed Michel a faux mandate.
The future under James Michel & Parti Lepep - Each man to his own shovel to start digging for water, except for Ministers and Arab Sheikhs.

Fixing numbers, does not fix our reality…..we are still digging for water, and the amount of cancer cases is surging at our hospitals today. Why do they hide those numbers?

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill



The Communist party of Seychelles, Parti Lepep (PL), have called for a “Renaissance in Morality in our country”. The call came by a National Day speech by sham elect-President James Michel, and subsequently a national committee headed by designated Minister Vincent Meriton was appointed with Fifteen (15) members, from a cross section of the society. There are more people on this committee than players on a football pitch.

Vincent Meriton

Appointment of Chief Justice

I was perplexed to note the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles, His Excellency Justice Fredric Egonde Ntende, to this Committee.

Chief Justice of Seychelles - Frederic Egonde Ntende - being lured by James Michel

The Chief Justice who heads the Judiciary Branch of Government, has not politely declined the invitation and advised the Executive Branch that appointing a Chief Justice in a subordinate manner to an Executive Branch steering committee headed by a Designated Minister, is a gross violation of the principle of Separation of Powers.  
Michel taking oath as Chief Justice looks on

Powers under the constitution that sets parameters on how the Executive Branch is to run a country, and set a course for the division of national responsibilities within the parameters of the principle.

Under the doctrine of Separation of Powers, the Judiciary branch and the Executive branch are separate and distinct branches of government. They must function in total independence of one another.

When you blur this Mr. Michel, by bringing on the Chief Justice to do Executive branch work, you kill a democracy and create an autocracy, similar to what we see in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Arab and communist countries.

What we have stewing now is some sort of pig food mess in a pot that Michel wants to pass off as a Democracy and we must all remain silent or face his Communist wrath. Judges will be part of an Executive committee. Soon Ministers, will think they can be judges, and MNA’s will think they can be ministers or even judges.

Appointment of Legislative Branch MNA’s

In what appears to be a total act of desperation, the PL has even gone so far as to appoint MNA’s from the Legislative branch of government to head a steering committee of the Executive branch. This is complete nonsense, and I am perplexed by SNP MNA Mr. Bernard Georges, not overtly declining the invitation politely in writing. A legislator cannot be a member of an Executive branch steering committee.

If it is permissible, then pigs can fly as well. St. Ange will tell us, “Sesel Sa” and wear his baseball cap about carnivals. That type of perverted thinking must be stopped by decent people in our community. If not, we will never know where to draw the lines in society, with that, our morality as a nation will remain in the dust bins that Michel has admitted openly where it is.

What Should Have Been Done

I fully understand what Mr. Michel is trying to do to address a serious issue. But he simply cannot do it as he has. What he should have done is blessed an organization such as LUNGOS with ministerial support and backing to bring everyone together and chart a path forward on national morality issues. LUNGOS could then make recommendations to the Consul of Ministers, then they could issue directives by adopting resolutions on morality that the Executive branch would then adopt and implement.  

Our System Is being Corrupted

The guiding principle of Separation of Powers in the governance of our country is being blatantly corrupted by James Michel. Everyone seems to be playing along out of self interest and remain silent similar to what a mistress would do on the sidelines while she tries to milk every ounce of finance and material benefit from a lover, with complete disregard for the well being of the lover’s family at home.

Perhaps that is why we have a morality issue on a national scale in Seychelles: “too many people stay silent and just play along…….as if nothing is ever wrong”. When we do that, we each become a mistress to lack of morality in our country.

A Call For One Inter Faith Representative

Good luck on finding an interfaith representative for your committee….that violates the scared democratic principle of Separation of Church and State.

Let us see if the Churches will play along with this charade.

The Country is bankrupt, it will get more bankrupt in the coming years, don’t you communists think it is time to start taking national decay a bit more serious?

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!