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MSR Press Release - 24th March 2011 - Meeting with Commonwealth

Press Release - MSR
The Leader of Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR), Mr. Christopher Gill, has met with the Commonwealth Secretariat head of delegation His Excellency Ambassador Ayo Oke, Special Adviser, Head of Africa Section, Political Affairs Division at the Beau Vallon Berjaya Beach Hotel today, to discuss the non registration of MSR, and the blocking of MSR from participating in the upcoming elections, by Mr. Hendrick Gappy, the Registrar of Political Parties and Commissioner of Elections.
Mr. Martin Kasirye, Adviser Africa Section and Jean Paul Isaac Political Affairs Officer of MSR were also present.
The Commonwealth was surprised that MSR was not listed on its agenda to meet with political parties, fixed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
His Excellency Ambassador Oke asked that the Commonwealth be briefed immediately, once the judgment is entered by the Supreme Court of Seychelles on March 30th, 2011 concerning MSR’s registration. This may have an impact on the credibility of the election process itself depending on the judgment of the Supreme Court. 


Felicite Island aka "Zil Pasyon" Deal Exposed

Felicite Island aka “Zil Pasyon” Deal Exposed

Felicite Island (now Zil Pasyon) 

Felicite Island is situated just off the coast of La Digue and is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Early in his political career, that beauty captivated the imagination of France Albert Rene, dictator of Seychelles from June 5th, 1977 until he handed over power to his cohort James Michel in November 2004.

France Albert Rene - Dictator 
The island is situated only twenty-five (25) miles from the main island of Mahé.

The Acquisition of a Jewel
On July 19th 1983, Government of Seychelles acquired Felicite Island (now called “Zil Pasyon”) under the Land Acquisition Act of 1977 from Mrs. Marie Emilie Alix Cauvin, Mr. Jean Francois Cauvin, and Miss Marie-Helene Cauvin. This acquisition is transcribed in Volume 70 No. 164. But I must point out, it is very hard to get a copy for reasons unknown to me. It is unclear what compensation if any was paid.  

Felicite Island
Beach at Felicite 
The Dictator makes a Move to hide The Jewel
Five (5) years later, according to Transcription Volume 76, No. 110 April 7th, 1988, Registration Volume B32, No. 2081, Repertory Vol. 43, No. 453, an agreement was made on July 13, 1987, before Annette Moulinie ( Georges, Former SNP-Vice Presidential Candidate) Notary, France Albert Rene, Commander in Chief, acting in his capacity for and on behalf of the Government of Seychelles sold Felicite Island, to L’Union Estate Company for Seychelles Rupees One only (Sr. 1.00).

One begs to ask if Rene signed this agreement as Commander in Chief, if it is legal in the first place.

Stamp Duty
Stamp Duty was free. No valuations for the Island took place.

Sleep on the Island For A Few More Years
Everything went quiet from 1988-1991 months before multi party elections and transition was announced.

July 25th, 1991, L’Union Estate Company (Ltd.) leased to Gregoire Management  Company PTY. Limited, the entire island of Felicite Island that comprises over 188.186 Hectares of land for consideration of another Seychelles Rupee Sr. 1.00 for Seventy (70) Years. The Sr. 1.00 was to be paid in cash, no checks accepted upon signature of the parties.

Rent for leased Felicite Island was set at Seychelles Rupees Eight Thousand per month (Sr. 8,000) fixed for a period of Seventy (70) years. There was no increase in rent during any period of the lease term. The duty paid on the Lease was Sr. 9,600.00 only. The representative of L’Union Estate that consented to the transaction was Francoise Scroff. Madam Scroff was also special assistant and Principal Secretary to F. A Rene at different times. No record of a Board Resolution to make this material transfer of assets is recorded. Under company laws the transaction would be void-able.

Addendum to Transfer of Lease 27th April, 1995
September 13th, 2006, an Addendum to Lease replaced Gregoire Management as the lessee of Felicite Island, with Gregoire Payet in his personal capacity. All other terms were to remain the same.

L’Union Estate Company Sell Back Remainder To Government
July 18th, 2007, Francoise Shroff, representing L’Union Estate Company, sells the remainder lease of Felicite Island, for Sr. 1.00. Veronique Herminie, the wife of the Speaker of the National Assembly, did the honors to receive back, the remainder of Felicite Island on behalf of the Government of Seychelles. Stamp Duty was free and no property valuation was made. The government of Seychelles appeared to be getting a very good deal at Seychelles Rupee One (Sr. 1.00) for Felicite Island. But don’t hold your breath on good fortune for Government of Seychelles, when it comes to land and SPPF, you may choke to death.

Veronique Herminie

“One Month Later”, The Jewel Island finds its “Owner” 
In a Land Registration Act Lease, dated 3rd, June 2008, Francis Savy, step son of ex- Commander in Chief F.A. Rene, takes a 99 year lease on Felicite Island commencing on  17th August 2007 (BACK DATED).

The Consideration For The Jewel Island
Nothing on signature.  Free. But within 30 days of signature, a premium of USD 50,000.00. That is about the cost of a Suzuki jeep with taxes in Seychelles or a little more than a Ford pickup truck full options.

The annual rent for the Island is set at USD 175,000.00 or 2% of the gross annual turnover of a hotel. This ambiguous rent fee if based on the first figure, is per month USD 13,000.00. This sum is substantially below market value prices. No valuation has apparently taken place to set the rent. Nor is there any rent increment, beyond the ambiguous 2% gross turn over figure, which is not ascertainable.

People of Seychelles, we must have PASYON, to overcome the corruption which sells our patrimony through Cronyism.
Francis Savy - Albert Rene's Stepson 
Mr. Francis Savy must give back Felicite Island aka “Zil Pasyon” to the People of Seychelles. He should not have taken it in the first place. We call on James Michel, to tell Mr. Savy to give back the Lease of Felicite Island, AKA Zil Pasyon or else!


May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

James Alix Michel has doomed us all at the hands of torturing Arabs!!


Sheikh Issa bin Zayed torturing the man

3:31pm UK, Friday May 01, 2009
Officials in the United Arab Emirates may investigate a member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family over a videotape showing a member apparently torturing another man.
See link at:

This is what is in stored for Seselwa.  The UAE Sheikh may not be his brother but a brother is a brother. The imminent danger here is should ever Khalifa become a refuge from protest in his own country, his family would be welcomed here by James Michel with open arms.  And his brother the torturer as you have seen in the footage would also be invited into our country – SEYCHELLES.
What will happen when his need to torture and violate the Seychellois/e outburst's?
Well simple answer.  Nothing to him or the Khalifa family!  President Michel made it clear that diplomatic immunity is bestowed upon Sheikh Khalifa and any souls that he deems fit.

The Torturer - Sheikh Issa bin Zayed - Khalifa's brother

So if any Seselwa working for him were to suffer the faith of the man in the footage, there would be no place to go for redress.  Diplomatic immunity to conduct as they see fit.
MSR has spotted this danger and is calling on the people of Seychelles to heed this warning. Don't let yourself or anybody else become a victim or live in fear.
Now the question is. James Miche,l are you prepared to do this to Seselwa??
MSR would not let our Seselwa brothers suffer at the hands of Arabs!! 
Sesel pou Seselwa. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The pictures displayed shows a savage act of arson on the property of Christopher Gill on Praslin! Following the torching of Lydia Jumeau's car at La Misere, they have now targetted Gill... A sad day for Seychelles!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

                        Carnival De Crisis Floating In

No sooner then the Carnival De Carnival was finished, Alain St. Ange, was off to ITB to promote Seychelles as a destination. St.Ange is doing the hustle for Seychelles, and we must all support his efforts.
In a meeting with IMF last year, St. Ange and I pleaded with the IMF to pressure Government of Seychelles for the Tourism Marketing budget he needed. He got most of it, and he is stretching every Rupee he can stretch to make up for what he did not get. Hat’s off to Alain St. Ange.
St. Ange and the entire Tourism Trade, Government and the IMF are looking to Tourism to pull through to bring in the numbers- to propel Seychelles out of national bankruptcy. Every chance he gets, St. Ange applauds the record breaking Arrivals for the World to take notice of the Seychelles. It is not many Arrivals, in fact, a mere 174,600 in 2010. But it is an improvement. That is big news not just for Seychelles, but for the World.
The point is that St. Ange’s tenacious character and individual drive is what brought in the numbers, when many destinations were experiencing a severe downturn in Arrivals. We did much worse under the Haut de Gamme destination banner of Lousteau Lallane and worse under the black and white paradise of Francis Savy in the best of the good times.
Air Seychelles Expands To Falkland Islands…oops!
As Air Seychelles started to fly to the Falklands in 2010, and maintain Four (4)  weekly flights to Mauritius with 60% pre-sold seats to Air Mauritius for Mauritius bound travelers out of Heathrow and Gatwick, St. Ange approached Emirates, Austral, Kenya Airways, and any other airline he could, pleading with them to increase their presence in Seychelles. He did this on behalf of the Tourism Trade and Seychelles, not SPPF-PL or any political party.

At the time, SPPF PL was vacillating between protecting Col. David Savy, Rajiv and helping Captain Adam get Ephelia to float for himself, keeping Eden Island afloat above water in an endless effort of favoritism and cronyism that translated into discriminatory practice against the whole Tourism Trade.
The results of St. Anges’ bold effort will likely save the Industry in 2011, in spite of the discriminatory practices of the Michel Administration the Trade faced and still faces. I urge the Trade to file a suit against the Michel Administration for discriminatory practice in violation of Article 27 Equal Protection Clause. The most hurt, have been Seychellois owned hotels.
IMF is aware of this policy malaise and will consider this mis-step as it assess Seychelles challenges and forecast it’s future when it releases another installment under its administration.
Emirates have increased flights from Dubai from Three (3) flights a week, to Seven (7) flights a week, to Ten (10) flights a week. By the end of the year, they have committed Fourteen (14) flights a week, Two (2) flights a day.
Qatar Airways has started to run larger planes to Seychelles. Additional flights may soon follow.
Air Austral was gone, now it is back as a partner with Seychelles, looking for opportunities to expand further.
Perhaps St. Ange will be able to lure Virgin, or British Airways back or maybe even South African Airways.
At the same time interest was being sparkled in the Seychelles routes, Air Seychelles signed another year contract to fly to the Falkland Islands with the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. James Michel called this a success and a bold new effort on part of the now departed CEO and Chairman of the carrier.
Excessive flights to Mauritius were continued and a new contractors-worker flight to Chennai, India without any Tourism promotions for that market. The Dream liner never came as promised in two elections, but one Twin Otter new, arrived this year, and cost $3 Million, a bit above what was anticipated.
By the time the Twin Otter arrived, Ravij was out and Col. Savy followed soon before the new Twin Otter could be painted with the Air Seychelles logo.
We are waiting for audits of Air Seychelles to be made public and appropriate charges filed against anyone who may have misused funds of the carrier. We are also waiting for the appointment of serious leadership at the national air carrier helm, to save her, save our image as a Country and save her nearly  700 staff that rely on Air Seychelles, for their bread and butter.
Not a day passes that I do not think of these staff at Air Seychelles. I am most certain documents are being shredded for the next Three (3) months to cover up what has passed.
2011 IMF Delegation Meeting
This week, I met with IMF as the delegation led by Mr. Le Dem returned to Seychelles to assess our progress after One (1) year. It does not look as rosy as Michel and company make it all out to be.
While Michel has paid for a Four (4) page advertisement in the Economist this week, to promote his government’s effort to come out of BANKRUPTCY, the IMF dished out the reality beyond the gloss.
IMF says that it “appears” our receivables in Tourism, the “National Yield”, is in fact -15%, after achieving a record breaking Arrival figure in 2010.
While External Debt has received a hair cut, and partially pardoned and reduced just under $500 Million from $870 Million, our Domestic Debt with commercial Banks that sits around Sr. 1.7 Billion is still high. Interest rates of Central Bank Bonds remain below 1%. Banks do not want to give the Domestic Debt a hair cut because they feel they have already taken it in the pants with the devaluation of the Seychelles Rupee.
Low bond rates should have encouraged the commercial Banks to start lending to stimulate more liquidity and activity in the economy, but it has not happened and beyond what Khalifa is doing we are experiencing a deflationary phenomena that is about to be replaced with hyperinflation another extreme.
Banks are still holding on tightly to cash. Growth of 6% has been mainly from Khalifa’s interventions in 2010. The IMF will not go down that road officially. They believe that this is an internal matter for Seychellois to resolve. It will take time but it will be resolved.
Piracy Plague Continues
In addition to lower receivables, we continue to be plagued with piracy attacks in our waters. While our waters are 1.2 million square kilometers, and 99% of the attacks are very, very far off from Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, they are not far from Desroches Island, Alphonse Island, which we hear little about these days.
The Amirantes Group run mainly by Glenny Savy and IDC are in fact close to the pirate attacks. I have been told Savy is training his own troops to defend pirate attacks. Perhaps he can confirm or deny this information and allegation in the Public Interest.
Seven Hundred (700) hostages remain in custody of the pirates and nearly 100 ships held. Seychelles needs to engage the commitment and assistance of solid democratic states and not solicit the help of rogue states or authoritarian regimes.
The PL had made a request to Col. Muammar Gaddafi last year to help in the fight against piracy. Thankfully Col. Gaddafi’s regime was slow to respond. What if Col. Gaddafi had become a main source of assistance today, in the fight against piracy today? We would be in trouble, indeed.
PL bad judgment always cost the People of Seychelles. This time, we were lucky, their wishes were not granted so fast.
Seychelles must engage respectable states that have a dominant permanent role in the region. This includes first India, USA, UK, France EU, and Spain. The recent assistance of India in providing surveillance plane is most welcome. Similarly, the coastal surveillance boats the UK gifted is most welcome. The gifts of boats and base from the UAE, an authoritarian regime, who’s own people have petitioned for free elections this very week, are not welcome in today’s World.
Countries that are stable and respect democratic norms are the best partners we must engage in the long fight against piracy in the region. It is reasonable to assume, that they will be solid partners down the road in the fight against piracy on the high seas, and on the ground in Somalia to establish order and structure. Protests in their streets will not jeopardize their contribution to the anti piracy campaign. Their leaders will not give orders to the Army to shoot their own people. In any case, the army of matured democracies would never follow such an order. In Seychelles, we must move towards democratic maturity to the point that the Army does refuse to shoot any Seychellois.
The Army must defend our territory, not keep it for a dictator, Mr. Govinden.
Water Crisis Goes Year Round
The water crisis use to be a seasonal crisis. With demand pressure from Eden Island and Sheik Khalifa’s residence and workers  on Mahe, Raffles on Praslin, and bore holes exhausted on La Digue, the water crisis is becoming a year long issue that threatens the viability of the Tourism Industry.
We must all call upon IMF to allow Seychelles to borrow sufficient funds to rectify this crisis issue. Funding for water catchments, water production and transfer, treatment is needed as a matter of urgency and we are facing a crisis that will affect the national bottom line, if nothing is done.  How much in refunds will hotels have to give to guests because there is not enough water? How much money must we spend on auxiliary catchments, that we could have spent on guest comfort or solar energy or even double glazed windows?
Seychelles today, cannot grow further without more water storage capacity. Government has failed generations when they failed to meet the water requirements of the country over the years.
They have failed us when they fooled us with AutoCAD computer layouts of plans that never materialized in the same time. They were all just pictures of a dream is what they did for us and ran on SBC to fool the simple minded.
Each time a Seychellois carries a bucket of water, or bathes with a bottle of trucked water, the PL have failed all of us. Each time we must smell the stench of sewage on Mahe the PL fail us. Each time we loose a fridge, or TV  to power surge, PL fails us.  Add it up PL. Add the failure, then tell us the results.
Crisis Beyond Our Shores
As I write this article, the people of Japan are facing a Tsunami of record size. The world’s third (3rd) largest economy is near declaration of State of Emergency and may take the World into a double dip –tip recession, just when we thought we were coming out of the worse recession since the Great Depression.
At the same time, countless neighbors in the Middle East are fighting for greater rights and civil strife for democratic process is in play. Libya has become a war zone. Other Middle East states may follow. The price of fuel will soar in July as demand peaks and supply will be short fallen if production lags in the region.
These two crisis will reach our shores through decline in demand for paradise holidays and significant increase in the cost of living as I said in late 2010. At the time, Danny Faure, Vice President, said,” we do not know, we will have to wait and see”. Well Mr. Faure, foresight is the mother of prevention, in case you did not learn that while taking lessons from Rene or Castro.
As a consequence of price increases and instability in the region, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will plunge beyond Michel’s wishful figures declared in his State of The Nation address. His figures are always off 1 or 2 Billion Dollars at a time.
We have seen Pinnacle properties disappear, and Eden Island is slugging it out, without success and will become Vijay Eden, then Seychelles Eden. Each day, less yachts dock at Eden, sales of villas are dropping as fast as flies to a Doom can. After the villa sales stagnate, Eden may start a used golf cart lot for sale of refurbished golf carts, possibly. By that time, Craig Heegar will be gone. We will still be here, like we were here in 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004.
If St. Ange thought last year was tough, 2011 will be even tougher. 2012 will not be easier. His contract is up and Government must sign him up again.
As long as St. Ange stands up for the Trade, we must all stand up for St. Ange.
To those kankan mongers attacking the man, be advised that St. Ange does not work for James Michel…….., he has to work with James Michel and Michel has to work with St. Ange!
The reasons are obvious.
Thank you for all you have done for the Trade and all of Seychelles-Alain, you have allowed us to side step the deluge for now!
I did not see Albert Rene in the parade.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

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Press Release

Monday, March 7, 2011

Press Release



After Three (3) months of waiting for the registration of a Publication company,
whose major shareholder is Christopher Gill, SESELWA PUBLICATION has finally
been registered on 01st  March 2011.

Gill has said that SESELWA PUBLICATION's objective is to promote publications of
all forms to develop Seselwa awareness of the role they have to play in their

According to Gill, SESELWA PUBLICATION will now pursue it's licensing of the
publication company to start to print a weekly newspaper. We call on the SLA to
be fair and expeditious in the licensing of SESELWA PUBLICATION, and no
discriminatory conduct on part of the SLA should bar the company from publishing
because Christopher Gill is the major shareholder of the company.

Gill stressed that it is important to document restrictions on Freedom of the
Press and Free Speech in Seychelles, and once done so, it will have an impact on
aid Seychelles Government under PL receives for the combat of piracy and other
infrastructural assistance, if information of violations are channeled to the
right organizations.


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Eyewitness News

Third Financial Piracy Suit Filed Against the Seychelles, According to Hofheimer Gartlir & Gross LLP

March 03, 2011 06:00 AM Eastern Time

Complaint Alleges Over 100 Cases of Seychelles’ Seizure of Funds Without Justification, While Accepting IMF Loans and Help from The African Development Bank and Devastating the Nation’s Offshore Banking Industry

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two Companies, Cooperhill Investments Limited and Kazou BV, recently filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York seeking to recover $10.8 million that the companies allege the Republic of Seychelles illegally seized from them in 2010. As alleged in the complaint, this seizure is the latest in a campaign of financial piracy by the Republic of Seychelles, which has seized over 100 bank accounts of foreign individuals and companies since 2008. Following a consistent pattern of behavior that has been exposed in two previous lawsuits alleging financial piracy, the Seychelles’ Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), who took the money, has offered no explanation at all for its seizure of the assets. One of these prior lawsuits, according to the Complaint, alleged that Seychelles even kidnapped foreign nationals, threatened them with false drug charges and harassed a teenage girl to meet its goal of stealing money from the plaintiffs in that case.

The Complaint alleges that this program of state-sponsored financial piracy is being undertaken by the Republic of Seychelles in order to rebuild its foreign reserves as the result of an acute financial crisis stemming to 2008. Furthermore, as the Complaint pleads, Seychelles is obtaining financial assistance from both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the African Development Bank, while, at the same time, stealing money from Seychelles’ banking customers. This conduct, the Complaint alleges, is consistent with findings of the U.S. State Department that Seychelles officials sometimes engaged in corrupt practices with impunity.

As alleged in the Complaint, in this most recent example of financial piracy, a BMI Bank manager lured Cooperhill’s patronage from another bank and then helped the FIU illegally take Cooperhill’s funds. The Complaint also alleges that BMI Bank then helped the FIU actually increase the amount of money in the account by surreptitiously blocking withdrawals while at the same time allowing numerous further deposits. The Complaint further alleges that Barclays Bank, as it has done in the past, conspired with the FIU to illegally seize Kazou’s funds. To accomplish this goal, the Complaint alleges, Barclays Bank stalled and asked unnecessary questions in order to prevent funds from transferring out of the account. The net effect, according to the Complaint, was that Barclays helped the FIU to grow the funds that it stole.

Craig Weiner, Esq. of Hofheimer, Gartlir, Gross, LLP, a New York based law firm and lead counsel for the plaintiffs stated: “Few people would believe that in this day and age that their bank assets could be seized by a foreign government without regard to due process of law, banking regulation, or standard business practice. Our complaint alleges that this very condition has existed since at least 2008 in the Seychelles, and we strongly advise investors to be wary of depositing any assets there for that very reason."
The Complaint also pleads that the FIU carried out their illegal actions at the direction of Irish nationals Barry Galvin, Liam Hogan, Declan Barber and Joe Cully (aka Niall Scully), who act as subcontractors to Seychelles, and each have been individually named in prior lawsuit(s) and in this recent Complaint. According to the complaint, Galvin and Hogan are former members of the Irish national police force and secret police and Barber and Cully were members of a secret Irish military unit. According to the Complaint, these rogue subcontractors reportedly receive substantial commissions based on the amount of funds they seize and are compensated far in excess of their Seychelles counterparts, which according to the Seychelles press has resulted in significant discord.

The Complaint alleges that the Seychelles government has continued its policy of financial piracy, even in the face of heightened scrutiny from the prior lawsuits and media attention. This time, as alleged in the Complaint, Seychelles has not even bothered to offer an excuse for why its agents have stolen the funds -- it merely took the money.
Clients are represented by Craig Weiner at Hofheimer, Gartlir, Gross and Avi Pawar in the UK.

keating / co
Rick Keating, +1 212-925-6900

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James Mancham The Collaborator on Selling  Our Patrimony

Last week MSR was leaked information on a key interview to prop up James Michel’s “Sesel Pou Arab” policy to sell our patrimony to Arab leaders in the region to be given by James Mancham, former President of Seychelles.

Last night on SBC, our leak proved to be 100% as James Mancham meandered before the cameras and gave his take on the selling of land to foreigners and Khalifa in particular.

The interview comes after Mancham shut down the Seychelles Review, to start VIOAS Voice of Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, a hasty publication who’s agenda is to lure more Arab investment to Seychelles through Mancham himself, and to prop up James Michel policy of “SESEL POU ARAB”. It is believed that he used the publication as an introduction piece to get a audience in UAE recently. He did not get far.

Mancham who likely spends more time overseas and in flight then he does in Seychelles, is completely out of touch with our realities in Seychelles, and from my discussions with  him, today, he could careless of the well being of our people. It has all come down to “what Jim can  get for Jim”, in my conclusive view. Sad, but exile in ones prime can do many things to a man’s heart.

However, even if Mancham was in touch with our realities, it does not mean he would have a different opinion on the wholesaling of our patrimony, by James Michel.

Recently, Mancham secured a property settlement worth millions and he is now trying to seek another settlement with Arab interests behind the scene. He will have to go through James Michel’s desk to secure the interests.

Mancham has become a ward of the state since his return to Seychelles. His security is paid for by STATE HOUSE Budget, his driver, is paid for by the STATE, and his car, a BMW 5 series sedan, is owned by State House, and has likely been sponsored by Khalifa himself. His cars have been negotiated to be replaced every Three (3) years. It appears to me, all this comes in exchange for his cooperation in maintaining political status quo in Seychelles by fomenting confusion in the Opposition and breeding chaos, sometimes fomenting fear when timely.

Some have commented that such conduct is disgraceful. But that will never cause a shiver in the character of James Mancham. We must not forget, he was raised on Hangard Street, where the street culture of personal survival is alive and well.

It is no surprise, that a retired politician who has no political party today, would pop up out of no where, on the eve of elections, and give his two cents to the selling of our patrimony.

In his time, he was referred to as “Salesman Jim”, selling land like it was no ones business. The joke around town at the time was that if you wanted to see a real estate broker, you had to go to State House.

Today, James Michel holds the title of “Salesman Jim” . Mancham it seems from the SBC interview has opted for the title of “Sidekick Jim”, to “Salesman Jim” in 2011.

MSR suggest that Mancham enjoy his retirement in his twilight years and avoid addressing public issues which are apparently above his current intellectual cognition and knowledge. A Founding Father should not sell his Nation and its people into perpetual servitude to foreign interests for Sr. 1.0.  

MSR calls on all former supporters of James Richard Marie Mancham, to BOYCOTT the coming presidential elections and stay home and be proud again! The time for us to live in shame is over! We will lead the way to securing Seychellois dignity for all Seychellois!

Do not allow yourselves to be used in a conspiracy to keep James Michel in power, like a worthless used rag under the banner: “SESEL POU ARAB”.

The upcoming elections are SHAM Elections.

We are not in 1976 today, we are in 2011. What year are you living in Ton Jim?