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Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

Another set of musical chairs & enter Bawi

JENPA has used his last days at State House to announce another round of musical chairs for ministers & cohorts of the JJ Spirit team. Little ‘j’ has been hung out to dry and mull over his fat retirement pension. Danny Boy gets the VP nod as dictated by FAR in ‘93 and now they need to redistill the Spirit. Prez’s favourite blue eyed boy is off to chat with the honorary Seychelles Consuls of the world. The Paris Vice-Consul will prove to be a major challenge and ongoing liability. Bawi-4 has been anointed into the flaming hot seat of SOS, complete with its self eject button. This seat has claimed both Orderly and JP and it is hungry for more seasoned diplodocuses. The revolution has now gone full circle as the Marxist 4 x 4 brothers lie in waiting. Bawi wants this first impression to be a lasting one. He is ushered in the President’s office by a luscious long legged damsel in stilettos. Wow, this is the new PS for Presidential Affairs. A gorgeous number indeed...

Mr. President: GOOD Morning to you Bawi, welcome to State House. You are not new here and we are happy to have you on board as my new Secretary of State.
Now that you are back Bawi, we will see if all the money we spent on your plane tickets around Asia and Europe to educate you with these high ambassadorial posts have helped bring you up to handle the matters of state in my executive office.

I hope the speech therapist helped and I do hope you have proper Indian suits for the travelling part of your job. And remind me where I can buy those thick ties you wear that look like scarves around your neck. By the way, who is your barber? I need a trim too, just like yours. I like that ThinkPad look over the head. Now back to the job description Bawi. I warn you, the last two SOS did not last long. There is a virus out there called “State House Anytime Now”, and it puts our SOS into inertia and depression in no time.

Orderly hit the bottle like there was no tomorrow trying to figure out how information is leaked out of State House. Eventually this rag corner revealed a deal he made with Sosis to make me sign the two junk bonds that bankrupted Seychelles and made me look like a donkey. I had him exit via the back door, especially after hearing him bad mouth me over the phone with Ogilvy.

JENPA for his part recently set out on a counter insurgency attack of this virus & MSR. He masterminded the failed attempt (with a little help from our Irish friends) to break into the NDP office to annihilate the biggest political threat to the SPPF-Lepep-SNP alliance. Even the xenophobic and racist label is not sticking on them!

He launched a counter spy fake profile program to sow confusion and ridicule the MSR people. Then my district administration spies found out they already had the necessary signatures to form a party. Three weeks on a computer wasted. Millions of rupees down the drain. JENPA networked Pauline Ferrari and others in the smear campaign but failed miserably. It is time to get off this Facebook thing. It has now become our worst nightmare. I thought I could run my campaign on this platform but have been lambasted by my ‘friends’. Even my sweet pea Chief Press Secretary has disappeared from the face of this book.

BAWI: Yesss Sirrrr!!! I beeelieve it. We need some diplomatic immunity around this house in order to shake off this virus. Now that you have relieved me from managing your extracurricular activities, I’ll be able to focus more on the nitty-gritty stuff. What a masterstroke on the appointment of your new leggy, shexy, long jet-black haired PS. It will surely placate the first lady as it creates a further wedge...

Mr. President: Yeah nice little number heh? So Bawi, your brother is now VP and President in waiting. If I should fall ill and not be able to perform my duties, he will take over. You never know these days. I had to remove JoMo from the running, because Gran Golan said he is too evergreen and was never a red-eye. My time is coming too. So I will show you what I can as fast as I can. I cannot face an electorate after selling the country to Arabs, Russians, Indians and South Africans. Soon I will sell the airport, so the Opposition stops asking questions about all the Arabs landing on it. If they own it, we will have to ask them permission to use it. So the complaining will soon stop.

You know my boy; Danny has been calling me stupid for years. I have the reports but I could not do anything about it. He is ‘Per Fondater’s’ chosen one from the early days of the Constitutional Conference when we were selling Malo arms to Rwanda for Genocide. We did not know what they were doing and did not care. We just wanted the money.

JENPA laid this on my desk, a copy of ‘Jeune Afrique’ with a double page spread on Danny as the architect of the Seychelles economic recovery and refinancing effort of our debts. It does not even mention me as doing anything. It is all about Danny-Boy the chosen one. I am really offended by this, as if I did nothing all these years. I work hard Bawi!

BAWI: Mr. President, you made Danny look good by bankrupting the country. Then he met with IMF because you were not around and he handled the debt rescheduling which you could not. He then negotiated the partial debt guarantee with ADB through Peter Sinon, a most favoured nation deal, which you could not broker. We are a team my good Sir. Do not take it bad. Two Faures = 4x4. And that gives you more torque and can get you through thick mud and rugged terrain Mr. President. Be thankful, VP Danny has not imported Ghurkhas to solve our financial problems.

Mr. President: Ah, Bawi you are so insightful! Yes you are right. But my time at State House is coming to a quick end. It will all be puff, poof, puff, and over with soon. It all went so fast for the first two terms. We had the visit to the Pope and then he died. Then the Lehman brothers came knocking on my door, then me knocking on their door. Then no answer, even from a mobile! Then the debts, then the defaults & selective defaults. Then Siva paying for fuel and buying off the country. Then Khalifa, the shit, the oversized palace, the escaped cobras & oversized cargo planes breaking our runways. Then came the shacks at the international airport making us look like outer Manila. Now they want the airport to run themselves. Then came the collapse. Then Europe falling, our main markets dwindling, then JENPA puts this twisted Mata Hari as Honorary Vice Consul to handle our main market France. What a round of French cancan!

We are in a mess and it is all ending too fast. Soon the side riders will be gone, the BMW X5s and 7 Series will be in Danny’s hands and I will be back in my little Nissan. It has been quite a time Bawi. Oh, and the book JENPA wrote and Mancham sells in his bookstore, I must not forget. At least it will outlive my legacy...

BAWI: I gather that Ton Jim has not sold one copy of your book. Mr. President, on one of my paid State trips in Europe, I learnt that when a book does not sell, it is the fault of the author, not the seller. Did you know that?

Mr. President: You mean JENPA wrote a bad book intentionally?

BAWI: Mr. President, between you and I, when JENPA worked at State House, he was not working for you. He was working for the ADAM and SAVY families. They have placed their bets on my brother Danny. They are Nationalists and totally agree with the MSR platform of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. But they believe “Sesel Pou Adam ek Savy”.

So they believe as I understand Sir, the best way to keep the Adam & Savy in power is to get rid of you slowly. Sir, this is the reason he wrote the book and put all those silly speeches no one even listen to in a book. Postulate Sir! If people never bothered to listen to your speech, why would they read them in a book?

The Adam & Savy, through JENPA encouraged you to implement the “Sell Baby Sell” program to remove you before the next election. Danny controls the party activists’ master list and the fake voters list. You are being set up for an internal party coup my good Sir.

Mr. President: Bawi, this is a very revealing statement. Are you sure? I don’t believe that, it cannot be! ME being set up for an internal party coup? No, No, No! I am well surrounded by my own clique. Have you noticed the security detail that protects me nowadays? They will have to take on my Rambos in the black jeeps and break down the two wheeler Goldwings metal shield before getting to my bullet proof new BMW 7 series. No, I will not end up like Ravalomanana.

BAWI: Sir, I am Danny’s brother, but I am an SPPF-Lepep Communist party animal first. You are my leader. I am loyal to you Sir.

Mr. President: Do you want the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or do you want to be the next Vice Presidential candidate? I can do another reshuffle, I am good at that. Come to think of it, a 4x4 ticket can produce the right traction to wipe out all the blunders and slip ups of the Jj team. With Belmont doing his ‘E-I-E-I-O’ exit we now have a chance to reinvent ourselves. I have now set up a dynamic team with this new reshuffle.

BAWI: I am here to serve you Sir, in any capacity I can. We need to build on that capacity so that we can open up more avenues to diplomatic immunity. This is the key to our success as a team at this glorious abode. I just love being surrounded by all these shexy ladies that ooze so much glamour and charm. I can see that Lise takes on this delicate portfolio of private affairs with a brimming smile. She really makes everyone’s day and is an added ray of light around this house.

Mr. President: OK good, check and see if I still have those blood pressure pills. But don’t mix them with the little blue Viagra pills. This is a state secret I am letting you on. No other damsels - not even the first dame should know about this OK?

Bawi is elated that his first briefing went well and has set the tone for the future gripes. He realises that a lot of the State House affairs have to be handled with a surgical pair of gloves. There are no longer clean hands at this abode and he intends to ensure that he has a regular cuppa with his bro so that a two way communication can flourish between the two high powered offices to ensure that the impending transition is smooth as silk. He gets the jitters just to think that Per Fondater is casting a close squint from the People’s House...


My recollection of our Independence Day!
I was just a 7-year old child on June 29th 1976 but I will never forget the wonderful memories of our Independence Day. I can still recall the joie-de-vivre that resounded in my home and around the country; the smiles on peoples’ faces and a variety of popular Independence songs being played on Radyo Sesel. I can also clearly remember the partisan activities leading to this event such as pickup loads of supporters bearing flags, banners and slogans heading towards Victoria to take part in political rallies and assemblies. I was quite aware of the stiff rivalry that existed between the two main parties, SDP and SPUP at the time.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we never had the opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the true value of our Independence Day because the Government in power had deliberately downgraded the celebration of this important day to a mere inter-school sports event in order to give more significance to the coup d’état of June 5th 1977.

So it comes as a real surprise that 34 years later, President Michel has finally acknowledged the importance of this great historical day and has accepted that Seychelles became liberated from colonial rule on June 29th 1976 contrary to what we have always been told that the real liberation took place on June 5th 1977.

As an adult, I now look back at our Independence Day and can better understand why there was so much jubilation and hope amongst the people. First, we were celebrating the birth of a new nation and our liberation from colonial rule but in my opinion the main reason for our celebration was the fact that after years of political rivalry and confrontation, we had closed the door on partisan politics and had entered a new era of hope and optimism for a brighter future under a united Seychellois coalition Government that represented the whole nation. On 29th June 1976, Seychelles had never been so unified and “koste” in its entire history.

Unfortunately, this joy, hope and unity lasted a mere 11 months.

I can remember the events of June 5th 1977 when the country was taken over by a small group of people led by Mr. France Albert Rene. I can still remember Rene’s voice on the radio the night of the coup and can recall the fear and confusion it conveyed. I remember threats being made to the SDP leaders and politicians. I remember politician being imprisoned. I remember armed “guerrillas” and “militias” patrolling our streets (I had never seen camouflage uniforms and AK-47 rifles before) and the night-time curfews. I remember my parents being scared to speak over the telephone in case it was being bugged. Even when speaking within the privacy our home, I remember my father always having to check to ensure there was no intruder eavesdropping on us. I can remember a multi-party democratic state being replaced by a one-party system. Upon reaching the age of 18, I can remember being given the choice to vote “YES” or “NO” for the ONE presidential candidate. I remember some of our fellow countrymen going mysteriously missing and being found dead in remote places.

The part that I remain most confused about till this day and I would be grateful if some kind person would enlighten me is as follows: If Mr. Michel has accepted that we were liberated from colonialism on June 29th 1976 and then on June 5th 1977 we lost our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to choose a political party, freedom of movement, freedom and right to live in our country for those who were banished into exile for years, how come we still call it “Liberation Day”? What have we been liberated from? Freedom?

It hurts me to see our small country today so bitterly divided along party lines when only 34 years ago we were living as ONE nation under a united coalition Government. What has happened over the last 33 years that has caused so much division and political resentment amongst our people? Perhaps it is the result of years of the pain caused by the freedom that was taken away from us on June 5th 1977.

Finally, the struggle to obtain our Independence from Britain in which the ruling party have always claimed to have played the biggest part of, will serve to no use if we allow our country to slip back into colonialism, this time as an Arab colony.

Contributed by a regular STAR follower


Breaking Vienna Convention Rules To Please Sheik Khalifa of UAE

After all the speeches of the month of June, James Michel has come across as a President that will say anything and do anything to justify his policy of “Sell Baby Sell”. Under his administration, we have heard every excuse under the sun to justify the entry of goods and containers by the plane loads daily, tax free for the residence of Sheik Khalifa. Sheik Khalifa was tendered a large parcel at La Misere for Scr. 1.00 as a gift and we were told that it is necessary to do so. Subsequently, numerous plots have been sold to the same person; we are told it is necessary. As the monstrosity project goes up at La Misere, all materials are brought in tax free and no Customs inspection even takes place. I have personally witnessed dozens of incidents wherein the large Antonov cargo planes unload cargo uninspected, no taxes paid.

SPPF/PP Says Vienna Convention Gives Sheik Khalifa Tax Free Imports on All Goods

To head this frontal assault on the minds of the People of Seychelles, Mr. James Michel sent Mr. Barry Faure two (2) months ago to tell us that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961, compels the Government of Seychelles to allow Sheik Khalifa to import all goods, tax free into Seychelles. This is COMPLETELY FALSE and could not be farther from the truth. Even the last IMF delegation to Seychelles was perplexed over the matter, but they had not yet been briefed on the Vienna Convention.

$300 Million Customs Taxes To Be Lost in One Year

It is estimated that by now, the People of Seychelles have lost over $200 Million in unpaid customs and tax revenue and this number will likely reach $300 Million by the year’s end, if Sheik Khalifa continues to import into Seychelles, at the rate he is currently.

That amount of money represents ¾ of the Republic of Seychelles’ commercial debt. Had the administration of James Michel collected this revenue, Seychelles would have been able to pay off the commercial bond debts that bankrupted us in October 2008 and restructured any existing debt to more favourable conditions, and moved on as a country, instead of being stuck in limbo as we are now. With that money, James Michel would not have to ask the commercial banks to drop interest rates and make money available to jump start the Seychelles economy. With that money (and the precedence set from collecting it), Seychelles would be on its way to becoming a rich nation as it should be with a fractional population of merely 85,000 inhabitants.

With $300 Million in paid taxes, we would not be facing a collapsing health and medical system. We would have the best medical system $300 Million could pay for with the best medical health managers we could pay to do SPPF/PP’s work. With that kind of money

we would not need to beg Sheik Khalifa for a medical ambulance for treating patients from the bus accident on Praslin. With that money, we would buy our own generators to provide electricity to Mahe. With that kind of money we would have equipped Mahe, Praslin & La Digue with reservoirs to alleviate our hardships with water collection.

Vienna Convention Applies to Diplomatic Missions Not Individuals

In the preamble of the Vienna Convention, it is clearly stated that the Convention’s rights are applicable to diplomatic missions and are not intended to benefit individuals.... “Realizing that the purpose of such privileges and immunities is not to benefit individuals but to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of diplomatic missions as representing States”.

The tax free privileges granted to Sheik Khalifa as an individual contradicts the very spirit of the Vienna Convention. The Convention is intended to benefit diplomatic missions. The UAE has not even set up a diplomatic mission in Seychelles!

The Seychelles has been primarily a private second residence for Sheik Khalifa among many others around the world. He comes and goes occasionally. Additionally, the benefits of tax free concessions under the Vienna Convention, under Article 1 apply to the mission itself. This is clearly restricted to key posts which include 1. The Head of Mission, 2. The person in charge of a mission, by a sending State, it does not apply to the Head of State and is in fact, restricted to the diplomatic staff who are agents of the principal Head of State.

Under Article 14, Heads of Missions are divided into three classes, namely:

(a) Ambassadors or nuncios accredited to Head of States...”

(b) Envoys, ministers,....accredited to a Head of State;

(c) Charges d’affairs accredited to Ministers for Foreign Affairs.

There are no expressed circumstances under the Vienna Convention that applies to Head of States or private residence of Head of States where a mission is not already established as in the case of Sheik Khalifa in Seychelles.

Article 23 states:

1. The sending State and the head of the mission shall be exempt from all national, regional, or municipal dues and taxes in respect of the premises of the mission, whether owned or leased, other than such as represent payment for specific services rendered.

2. The exemption from taxation referred to in this article shall not apply to such dues and taxes payable under the law of the receiving State, by persons contracting with the sending State or head of mission.

Under the Vienna Convention, tax exemption applies to the premises of the mission. It would not apply to the exemption of goods that are used by a contracting party, if they were building a mission.
Even if Sheik Khalifa’s residence at La Misere and Barbarons were to be registered as diplomatic missions which they are not, Sheik Khalifa would still be obligated to pay taxes for the works done and materials used by third parties such as ASCON construction company, in spite of the slight detail that ASCON is an illegal company in Seychelles, not registered to do business or conduct any construction works. ASCON would have to pay GOP permit fees and could not apply for exemption under Sheik Khalifa’s name. It is a violation of our sovereignty. The fact that Ministry of Finance approves the GOP permits for 2000 workers does not make it right. It has no authority to approve work permits. That is the domain of Ministry of Employment, statutorily.
Sheik Khalifa cannot assert that the goods brought into Seychelles are by diplomatic bag either. Under Article 27, diplomatic bag status is intended for communication purposes, not the building of three huge buildings on top of La Misere that are over 5 levels high each.

Article 30 says “private residence of a diplomatic agent shall enjoy the same inviolability and protection as the premises mission. Sheik Khalifa is not a diplomatic agent, he is a diplomatic principal, as such the Vienna Convention would not apply to him or his residence. HE HAS TO PAY HIS WAY!

Article 34 details wherein taxes are due by missions, as this is not a carte blanche privilege intended to allow someone to walk into a country and have thousands of Antanov flights follow with tax free goods and construction materials, right down to toilet pipes and water tanks, tax free.

Article 34 states that - A diplomatic agent (not diplomatic principal) shall be exempt from all dues and taxes, personal, or real, regional or municipal, except:

(a) Indirect taxes of a kind that are normally incorporated in the price of goods or services

(b) Dues and Taxes on private immovable property situated in the territory

This means that a diplomatic agent has to pay taxes on goods normally incorporated in the price of goods and services. On landing that would mean customs would have to assess the tax mark up and retail mark up and assess a tax bill for Sheik Khalifa’s goods.

Sheik Khalifa also has to pay taxes on land. Sheik Khalifa is not even a diplomatic agent as he is a principal Head of State. Hence, he would have to pay taxes on all land sales and taxes on all goods imported into Seychelles for personal use as opposed to mission use, which would be subjected to tax exemption if a mission had already been officially established.

Exemptions may apply to : (a) taxes on goods for official use of a mission, (b) for personal use of a diplomatic agent, which could apply to UAE diplomatic agents, if a mission was set up, but not to a diplomatic Principal for his private residence.

Article 42 says: “A diplomatic agent shall not in the receiving State practise for personal profit any professional or commercial activity”.

Now if Sheik Khalifa and SPPF/PP insist that the Vienna Convention does apply to the Sheik, and he does not have to pay taxes on the goods he imports, then the Convention says under Article 42, that he would then not be able to do any business in Seychelles.

Hence, buying land at Beau Vallon, buying Four Seasons, buying out Raffles, and Curieuse Island for example, would violate the Articles of the Vienna Convention. Basically, the Convention envisioned that one cannot enjoy diplomat status and be in business at the same time in a receiving State. The Convention uses the bar words: a diplomat “shall not”...practise for personal profit any professional or commercial activity”.

A Proposal To Table

Instead of going on and on about this matter as a citizen of Seychelles, as it appears the President of Seychelles cannot ask for reasons unknown to me, I ask that Sheik Khalifa please, with due respect worthy of a Head of State, to pay the back taxes on all goods imported to Seychelles for his private residence which, I reasonably believe has exceeded $200 Million, unless proven otherwise.

It would be wise if our opposition MNA’s could take this up at the next sitting of the Assembly and table a motion to set the record straight and dispel the SPPF/PP’s deliberate attempt to fool the people and cover up on the blunders they have made, and short changing our people in the process.

We are not against Sheik Khalifa or anyone and welcome him and everyone to Seychelles, if they pay their way. If ordinary Seychellois can pay their way, the rich and well heeled of the world can pay their way as well. To make Seychelles work well, there must not be any exceptions to this rule.

A little gift here and there is not paying your way, nor is making little cosy deals, paying your way. Paying your way means paying, every step of the way. Now I do believe the People of Seychelles can give Sheik Khalifa a little credit as follows to be applied to his bill: 1. $8 Million, medical health scanner center, 2. Two (2) 8 megawatt generators worth $1 million per megawatt or $16 Million. If there is anything else missing, please mention in comments section. We can leave the interest calculations for the time being, if the bill is settled soon.

Please pay directly to our creditors holding our bonds and not to the Government of Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

When Rain Is Gold To Seychelles
Recently PUC officially announced that our water storage-catchment was down to 62% capacity. With -2% of total stored water in Seychelles being used per day, it meant that we have less than 30 days of water left. A crisis is at hand.
In early morning visit at Eden Island, I turned a faucet on to wash my hands and air burst out, no water, what water there in the line ended up on my shirt and trousers. Not a very 5 Star incident at all.

Water On Mahe
Households throughout Mahe were rationing water in June. Businessmen started to have a grave concern on their face that we have all seen too many times in the past. They all knew we were running out of water. They all know the desalination plants are either broken or not functioning and money has been wasted in the millions of dollars.
The problem has been with us for years. PUC publically blame car washers for the problem and consumers who flush toilets and brush their teeth with the taps on. All good and well, but the blame for the problem rests squarely on the SPPF/PP failure to plan properly and implement a serious program to develop our water catchment and storage capacity as a nation in the face of imminent development anticipated with projects like Eden Island, Four Seasons, Sheik Khalifa’s palaces, Ephelia Resort, Raffles, Shangri –La etc... . 80% of all water that flows from our rivers ends up in the sea. 80% of water piped for reservoirs is lost in the pipeline along the way because of faulty pipes and leaks. The entire system needs to be redone. You do not need a French technician from Suez Group on a Two (2) year Scr.128 Million contract fixed at 19.0 Scr -1.0 Euro to figure that out.

Eden Island Has No Water Reservoir Infrastructure
On Eden Island, they have not placed any water reservoirs. The developers have avoided the issue, to save money negligently. As a result, they rely on the Mahe infrastructure which has not been upgraded in terms of storage capacity since the 1970’s when Mancham’s government built Rochon and La Gogue dams. Mancham was bent on developing infrastructure to increase development capacity for Seychelles. For that, we salute him. Mancham focused first on infrastructure and then he focused on GDP growth because that is what must be done. In other words, PP before you run, you must first crawl, then walk. You need to keep that order. If you try to run before you can crawl or walk, you may end up with your face in the dirt.
As Eden Island brings more houses on line and increase capacity, they will be carrying buckets of water on their heads like most of Mahe does periodically from time to time when faced with a prolonged dry season. Unless of course they contribute in a serious manner to establishing their own water storage infrastructure.

Water On Praslin
Praslin has only Three (3) days of water storage capacity. With Raffles massive grotesque project coming on line with 2000 Indian workers or 1/3 increase of the population of Praslin, things will get worse. Unless of course Raffles is made to pay for infrastructure upgrades. Building their own desalination plant is not enough, because when their plant breaks down, they will fall back to the existing infrastructure for water. They must pay their way as they enter to use our water. Did Michel not ever think about that?

Water On La Digue
Much of La Digue relies on pit wells. With the lack of a proper sewage treatment plant and lines, the chances of pit wells becoming contaminated is high. La Digue has a desalination plant but water shortages are serious there as well. The main issue is the lack of adequate catchment and water storage. It is as if the SPPF/PP knows we need water, but they do not know that water needs to be contained under catchment. The price of fuel and the costs associated with desalination process makes it non feasible for bankrupt Seychelles, on a long term basis. You do not have to be an engineer to know that; you only have to be a sensible person of basic logical ability to understand that.

Gold Falls From The Sky
As SPPF/PP has failed to build adequate water catchment infrastructure, when it rains, gold falls from the sky. Luckily for us, this year it rained in June and not in September. Had it rained only in September, Seybrew would have shut down, IOT would halt operations, hotels would close down and refund clients money, Eden Island sales would drop, Air Seychelles would drop in sales, we would all have been out of business for a time and back to the business strategy of cutting losses instead of maximizing profits. The Government of Seychelles would have very likely collapsed, with Four (4) months of no revenue from taxes. Though they could issue a bond for water works that Sheik Khalifa could buy and Government of Seychelles, bankrupt as it is, could guarantee with some beachfront land or another lovely mountain view top with 360 degree view of Mahe.
For now, Government of Seychelles has bought a little time, from a little rain dance at State House.
Whatever dance it was, this wiggle has been worthwhile. Keep on dancing SPPF/PP and hopefully the gold will keep falling, since you have no catchments.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Le Roi Dizef Zwazo - Seychelles King of Bird Eggs

Le Roi Dizef Zwazo Sesel - The King of Bird Eggs in Seychelles

Friday, June 25, 2010


Irish Army Officers training Assassins and dealing weapons in the Seychelles

The Seychelles Connection - From:  24/6/10
Something is going on between the President of Seychelles, the former Governor General of the Central Bank of Seychelles, ex Irish army officers, and serving Irish army officers, former Taioseach Garret Fitzgerald and former Irish minister for justice Michael McDowell. Explosive revelations brought courageously to our attention by
Paranoid Presidential incumbent, James Michel, contracted CIA Athlone in 2005/06 to find security leaks within his Government. The Athlone based private security firm used former and serving Irish army officers, contracted to CIA Athlone, as personnel for the job and they took six months leave to go and work on the contract. It is worth noting that everything is legal up to this point. At some stage during 2006 the Irish officers dumped CIA Athlone and transferred the Seychelles job to Aver International taking over the security contract worth €25m (at the time). CIA Athlone took legal proceedings (Irish High Court 2009/2845 P) and felt it necessary to hire law society heavyweight Michael McDowell as solicitor for the breach of contract case.

Above is the list of Defendants for CIA Athlone – V – Aver International Ltd. The men on the list were directors or employees of Aver International, apart from Francis Chang Lang who stepped down as governor general of the central bank of Seychelles in 2008. Of the Irish, Niall Scully has since moved on to Deputy Police Commissioner for the Seychelles and Declan Barber is the head man at the Financial Investigations Unit. The remaining three were serving Irish Army Officers at the time and may still serve today.

While working in the Seychelles for Michel the Irish Officers were given the oppurtunity to make vast sums of money arming and training a secretive paramilitary organisation known as the “Assassins”; a suitable assignment for officers who had been training Irish Rangers in the Curragh. Weapons were being shipped in from South Africa and while Mark McEneany was buying arms for the Irish Army Weapons Wing he was buying arms on the black market for Michel. Serving Irish Army Officers illegally buying arms on the black market for the arming and training of a secretive paramilitary organisation.

This has all come out as a result of the €16m breach of contract High Court case. But it’s only the beginning.

The President, James Michel has continued using Irish ex pats, grossly overpaid and probably sun burned in the running of his government. He seems intent on building a police state and on giving his Irish mercenaries free reign to implement it. From Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly:

“We also know that the CCTV system being installed all over the country by an English man is costing the hard working people of Seychelles many millions, but the invoices are inflated because he needs to pay a fat commission to the Irish who have facilitated the contract. The costs of these useless exercises so far are nearing the one hundred million dollar mark… Seamous Griffin for example was paid €50,000 around 2006 for one weekend trip to Seychelles, that is €25,000 a day not bad for a soldier boy who was a serving Irish soldier at the time. And as always the former Governor of the Central Bank was in the thick of it all… It is now clear that the Irish working here are taking advantage of the influence they have over our leaders. In 2007 and 2008 they used the Irish to follow the Editor of this newspaper around and his vehicles were sabotaged more than once…” 13/4/10

“These foreigners are not popular and will never be accepted by the locals, most are thugs preying on the paranoia and weaknesses of our leaders. We have been informed that Irishmen are beating up trainees at the Police Academy at Pointe Larue, treating Seychellois like animals with the blessing of State House. A policeman ended up punching Scully in the face because he was wrongly spoken to by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. The Irish were able to force State House to include a clause in the law, which established the anti-drug agency the NDEA, providing them with full anonymity… How will the victims get justice against these Irish, when they are enjoying the full protection of the government? There is a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment for revealing their identity. This is our president providing full protection to foreigners to behave as they wish in our country… The local police officers are making too much sacrifices, they are finding it hard to feed their families. They cannot get an increment in salary because Scully and his friends are being paid too much money for their inadequate service” 20/4/10

It’s safe to say the Seychelles are in dire straits. After 34 years of independence, the national debt is $1.2 billion and the IMF has entered the country. Hard working Seychellois place most of the blame at the feet of Francis Chang Leng, former governer general of the central bank. Chang Leng stepped down in 2008 leaving the Seychelles a bankrupt state. Most men would consider it a failure; men who write papers titled The Centrality of Central Banking and Offshore Banking is Born would consider it a failure for not having bankrupted the country sooner. His track record is riddled with dodgy deals and and bogey bank accounts. His role is pivotal in the funding and arming of the Assassins.

Health reasons are given as to why he stepped down in 2008 but it has been said that he absconded to Dubai when he recieved a summons from the High Court of Ireland. Chang Leng would travel with a diplomatic passport, he would undergo no security inspection or searches. This position made the movement of cash enormously easy. His life of luxury was paid for by the ordinary Seychellois and calls for him to face justice in his country are falling on deaf ears.

The Bilderberg Buddies

It was assumed by CIA Athlone that hiring Michael McDowell as solicitor, a former Minister for Justice, would add weight to their case. It is not known here what McDowell did during the Irish High Court Case 2009 / 2845 P but what’s known is what he did not do. It’s clear that he is fully aware of the details of the case and has done nothing within his vast sphere of influence to do something good about it. It appears that in court that day he did his best to bury the case and let’s not forget he made money as a solicitor for doing it.

Garret Fitzgerald has been advisor to the Seychelles on three occasions. He has been given Presidential invitations to the islands on behalf of James Michel. He spoke proudly there for the World Bank, encouraging the sale of Seychelles fishing rights and their territorial waters. In this article published with wonderful timing in the Irish Times 29th May 2010, Fitzgerald endorses the Michel regime and it’s dire economic condition while ignoring all editorials and local accounts of the Irish mens conduct. Surely he had been made aware of the High Court case involving McDowell, his Bilderberg brother, six months previous and the potential disaster to them you are now reading. Compare his portrait of the Seychelles to the one given by Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly:

“President James Michel chose to turn to Ireland for assistance with this work – but not to the Irish government, because Seychelles is a middle-income country, and thus outside the range of our official aid programme. Instead the president asked an Irish security consultancy firm, founded by two former members of the Army, to assist with that side of his problems. Their effective performance soon led him to ask them to recommend experts in financial budgeting, customs control, education, police reform and training, and tourism. Moreover, training of public servants is now being undertaken by our Institute of Public Administration.

The IMF has declared itself very pleased with the progress made by the government in sorting out the islands’ budgetary difficulties, helped by the expertise of a former official of our Department of Finance, recently deceased.

The deputy commissioner of the Seychelles police is currently a former Garda chief superintendent, who, with some other former gardaí, is responsible for police training and for tackling a substantial local drug problem. Police handling of a riot several years ago has also been the subject of an inquiry by an Irish judge, whose report was very well received.

Meanwhile Irish ex-Naval and ex-Army officers are heavily engaged with the piracy issue as part of their security role.”

Three weeks previously an article appeared in Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly, May 9th 2010; Fitzgerald obviously doesn’t read the local papers while visiting his powerful friends.

The Irish must go. This is now the general feelings of the population that the Irish mercenaries in the police force must leave our country and go back to where they come from. In fact the police force is not in a better state than what it was before the likes of Niall Scully and Liam Quinn joined the force. Many competent officers with years of experience in the police force have resigned and left because of the bad attitude of the Irish… Niall Scully who is now Deputy Commissioner is a former soldier and knows nothing whatsoever about policing; he treats the local bobby like a soldier. He curse and bully them… Liam Quinn is an old retired Irish policeman, who was looking for a place in the sun to retire, he has literally won the lottery, he cannot believe his luck, and he got his wishes and more; a place in the sun with all expenses paid for and a big fat salary to go with it.”

The average Seychellois police man or woman earns €250 a month, while the Irish are on upwards of €7000 a month. As well as the massively disproportionate pay, police complain about being impeded from doing their job by interfering Irish. Ordinary Seychellois are going hungry and the IMF fly is puking on the country, softening its’ food before the feast.

The carry on of a bunch of thugs, thieves and mercenaries is bringing shame to the Irish name in Seychelles. The depths of disgrace brought upon the uniform of the Irish Army by these men is unforgivable. The cover up by two Bilderberg buddies is as obvious as it is desperate. We have only scratched the surface but there’s something rotten pouring out.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

Ecstatic showboating & fond farewells
June is really a confusing month! There are too many days to celebrate. The Seychelles President is at a loss. He is distancing himself from the ghosts of the 5th and wants to place the 18th high on his agenda. This is his stage. It is his moment in the sunshine. All the others can forever live in the shadows of the 29th. Sesel is no longer for Seselwa. The prolonged effects of the coup have turned us all into third class citizens and we need to bow to our new masters who come bearing gifts from the Orient (middle & far) as faithful JenPa says his final farewell...
JenPa: Top of the morning to you my good Sir. My heart is pounding as I take on the new role you have bestowed upon me. I will have papa’s voice to guide me from up above. I am indeed rather green but I have served you unwaveringly on all fronts in this humble abode. I am a real product of the revolution and I have to live up to papa’s expectations. Long live the Adam dynasty. This is a true sign of strong governance under your tutelage Sir. Your determination, resilience and realistic vision will see us through.

Mr. President: You have been the most popular and ubiquitous face by my side JP. Glad that you have taken on the challenge and your dad’s belt my boy. Marie Pierre’s wish has now been granted and I have made you a minister. Since she hates your guts, I made her an ambassador and she will report to you! The brains have dried up a long time ago in this party so I have found the solution. When there are none within the ranks, we fast track those close to me with a parental lineage. We retire ministers to diplomats and promote diplomats into ministers…

JenPa: Yes Mr. President. Erna will have to face up to the Equator Institute. She will have to navigate through all the latitudes and longitudes at MOH. She is well endowed and has an appropriate belt to kick some ass there. She will show her predecessor how it’s done but she will have to struggle. Her ministry has run up a bill of over 15 million with PUC alone. Oh well, she will soon bask in the glory of a new diagnostic centre. That’s the perfect platform to usher her in. She has vouched to keep a level head and even continue with her consultations.

Mr. President: Indeed JP. We cannot lose touch with the people. We have to keep listening to their aspirations. My Facebook page keeps me in touch with my fans. I will be doing another round of the districts before the next elections. The strategy is working. We have SBC in overdrive and we are drowning all the dissenting voices except for STAR which is giving the free speech promoters the platform to challenge me.

JenPa: Despite my added responsibilities I will remain faithful to the Jj Spirit cause and make the time to wage the cyber wars. With Danny as the new VP, I am glad that you have ushered in Barry Boy. He will now take on my mantle but will have a tough act to follow. It is indeed a hot seat reserved for only seasoned diplomats. But he knows a thing or two about diplomatic immunity and he will have good old Orderly to guide him in the background. My sole mission now is to promote your economic diplomacy of senseless selling to make up for the squandered billions. “I believe I can fly...”

Mr. President: I just hope that Bawi can manage the extracurricular agenda as skilfully as you did. We have several damsels in distress that we need to sustain and I think that the last trip to the two biggest powers in China and India gave him the appropriate stage to ascertain his trade in presidential affairs. He is now ready to acquiesce and I will settle for no less than diplodocuses by my side. One needs a dinosaur temperament for this monumental task!

JenPa: Indeed Sir. You are well taken care of with the brothers in arms. Danny Boy has gravitated with honors as he stage managed the National Day fun party with great gusto. He has outdone Belmont and his agriculture show but the government and parastatals were sorely absent. I can understand that we do not want to open any can of worms for IDC and Seypec but surely PUC should have come to the party. At least they should have used this auspicious occasion to show our people why our reservoirs have dried up and our power grids are in knots! Those French guys that JoMo brought in for millions are taking us for fools. But your grand entrance at Stad Linite was a mesmerizing spectacle! Kudos to you Sir!

Mr. President: I am glad that you were impressed with my showboating at the parade. My grand entrance with my latest BMW wheels, complete with the Honda Goldwing mean machines acting as protective armour with my two jeeps and bevy of Rambos was indeed a sight to see huh? Power and stature is in the eye of the beholder! I rub shoulders with the rich and powerful JP and I have to look the part right? But the speech delivery was a bit of a letdown. The teleprompter malfunction made me look like a schoolboy delivering a verbal book reading assignment.

JenPa: No Sir! Your diatribe was no verbal diarrhoea! Srdjana and I tried to doctor a speech to quell all this talk about ‘Sesel Pou Seselwa’. We cannot afford to alienate our bailers at this juncture. It is now a matter of life and death. We desperately need the new generators. We cannot fail on the promise of the new district at Perseverance. We need the handouts from the Sheik, India and China to keep us afloat. Per Fondater’s empire has siphoned everything off. You were anointed to shield the scams and you have ended up throwing away the baby and the bathwater as the Irish say.

Mr. President: The plan is all working to perfection JP. You will hold the fort on the international front to keep convincing the donor nations to wax lyrical about my legacy. I have taken the IMF bull by the horns and wrestled it to the ground. It is now eating out of our hands and all nations far and wide are goose stepping to our war songs. I count on your devotion to continue waving our flag across the globe.

JenPa: Indeed Sir. You are truly in a league of your own. As you take on your new role as the apostle of change in your blue shirt, unity might finally come. Our people will stay divided as long as we keep rubbing salt in their wounds. We need a new mindset on this revolution and liberation theory that no longer holds water. I will leave this riddle to Bawi and the new generation of leadership at this address...but make sure you are not usurped by an internal coup!

Mr. President: No way! I plan to bow out gracefully and hand over the reins in the same manner that I got catapulted into this seat. This is the best way to ensure continuity in the clan. Now that Danny Boy has done his stint at Finance to ensure that he protects ‘nou ban aki’ and ensures that all the secret codes to the fortress are protected he is ready he is on the right track.

JenPa: Sir, MarlyLou and Big Pat are furious that you have passed them over and shunned the party tradition.

Mr. President: Well I know that they have been craving for a ministerial reward. But they are both liabilities and they need to be confined to Ile du Port. A once in a while appearance on TV is bad enough to tarnish our image. Come to think of it, I am so bored with the high level meetings with the LOGB and I am glad that you have conveniently taken this off the agenda. They should be content with the retirement package which has turned them into millionaires overnight. We now need a cleanup there as well. I will send JoMo on a mission there soon.

JenPa: Great thinking Mr. President. They are costing us too much. The biggest mistake you made was to placate Wavel with the fat salary and perks for the Assembly folks. We are now saddled with this burden for the rest of our lives. This will take a huge chunk of our GDP as the legislators rake in several hundreds of millions every year. What a drain on our already meagre resources.

Mr. President: Not to worry my man! Money is never an issue. It is in our roots and will always flow in abundance. It’s a rich man’s world. Look at us! We started off with ‘tres peu de sous’ and we now have little empires flourishing all over the place. There is no such thing as ‘free money’. We learnt our lessons well. All you need to do is grease all the hands that are stretched out to you. Buy everyone to stay quiet, maintain the status quo and label it as ‘real change’! Now you have to continue this legacy...

JenPa: Yes Sir! I will keep selling as long as we need the money. I take on this noble task to lead your philosophy of desperate economic management with pride.

Mr. President: Go in peace my son! I have always had a fondness for everything diplomatic and economic. I missed out on the Mo Ibrahim foundation prize yet again this year. But once he gets word of my economic-diplomatic thrust he is bound to bestow the accolade of excellence in African leadership upon me. I will then step down in style next year as I ride on the wave of a new election triumph, ‘pou lanmour Sesel’!

Mr. President gives his outgoing SOS a big bear hug as tears well up in their eyes. Adieu to an endearing son and confidant who has done a marvellous job at prepping up the boss and ushered him into the modern era of techno. Duty calls at MOFA and JenPa bows out with grace as the new trappings of his new post awaits him. Hmm... time to ride in a BMW as well....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letter of objection

Christopher C. Gill
Anse Takamaka, Praslin, Seychelles, Tel: 711964, Fax: 232814

June 20th, 2010
The President’s Office
State House

Department of Internal Affairs
Citizenship Officer
Immigration Division
Independence House


Dear Sirs/Madam:

I am writing pursuant to the notice in the Nation June 17th, 2010, Section 5(2) or Section (6) Notice of Intention to apply for naturalisation of this individual as a Seychellois, under the following objection and grounds:
1. The applicant’s entry into Seychelles, was to conduct work for the Ministry of Health, as such, the applicant came to Seychelles for the specific purpose of work under GOP.
2. Since then, the Government of Seychelles has paid the applicant adequate consideration and monies, for his professional services and the request for Citizenship is wholly unjustifiable.
3. The special circumstances cited for citizenship by the applicant is: “...that my continued medical services as senior medical officer for the last six (6) years inspires me to share my knowledge and experience in this Nation as a citizen”.
4. The special circumstances grounds is completely erroneous, as the applicant under GOP and contract with the Ministry of Health, can continue to be inspired to share his knowledge and experience, as long as the Ministry pays him.

Furthermore, the applicant does not have to be a citizen to share his experience and knowledge in the medical field. As a doctor, he is obligated to impart and use his knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

It is for these reasons, which are erroneous and beyond absurd, that the applicants request must be denied.


Christopher Gill


L'Oreal heir Liliane Bettencourt to list foreign assets
Edito: One of our beautiful islands has made the international news. D'Arros is now the center of attention in this high profile case involving it's present owner who purchased the island from the relatives of the ex-Shah of Iran. D'Arros Island is under Seychelles jurisdiction and listed under the constitution as a possession of the Republic. The million dollar question is - was the sale transaction sanctioned by the Government? No endorsement would constitute an illegal sale. It would be interesting to find out from the case if taxes were paid to the Seychelles and if it was sold at fair market value. Currently the issue before the French courts revolves around the non-declaration of the purchase of D'Arros by Bettencourt in her quest to avoid paying taxes... We will soon find out who was behind the deal and who signed the documents on behalf of the Seychelles government in this high profile case of tax evasion. It is also reported in Euronews that Bettencourt, who has a 30 percent stake in l’Oréal, is suspected of trying to funnel 80 million Euros into a tax haven in the Seychelles after secret tapes released to the media appeared to show her conspiring with her financial advisor while at the same time making donations to France’s governing UMP party

The Australian - June 22nd 201

SHE is the richest woman in France, with a $20 billion fortune from L'Oreal, and possessions including an island in the Seychelles.
But Liliane Bettencourt, whose father founded the cosmetics empire, looked increasingly isolated last night as her advisers sought to limit the fallout from conversations recorded secretly by her butler and passed to her estranged daughter.

The butler, who has not been named by the French media, had worked for Mrs Bettencourt for 20 years, and says he hid a dictating machine in her dining room because he wanted to prove that she was being misled by her advisers. French police took a less charitable view of his actions, arresting him on suspicion of infringing Mrs Bettencourt's right to privacy.

The "butlergate tapes" have proved to be a bombshell for Mrs Bettencourt and much of the Parisian establishment. They revealed, for instance, that the 87-year-old heiress held a Swiss bank account and owned D'Arros island in the Seychelles but had not declared either to tax officials.

Last night Mrs Bettencourt sought to set the record straight by announcing that she was ready to divulge the full extent of her wealth. "I have decided to declare all of my family assets that are currently abroad, in co-operation with the French tax authorities," said the woman estimated to be the world's 17th-richest person. She said she had paid taxes of €400 million in France over the past 10 years.

Her statement failed to end the scandal, which threatened to engulf President Sarkozy's Government and notably Eric Woerth, the Minister for Work, whose wife, Florence, managed Mrs Bettencourt's assets between 2007 and 2010.

Mr Woerth, who led a high-profile campaign against fiscal evasion in his previous post as budget minister, denied that his wife had been simultaneously helping Mrs Bettencourt to avoid paying French tax.

As opposition politicians bayed for blood at what they said was evidence of the incestuous nature of the French elite, the minister ruled out resigning and sought to appease public opinion. His wife had resigned from the company that advised L'Oreal's heiress, he said.

The background to the controversy is a family dispute over gifts worth about euros 1 billion made by Mrs Bettencourt to Francois-Marie Banier, a society photographer who befriended her.

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers, Mrs Bettencourt's daughter, claims that her frail, elderly mother was exploited by Mr Banier, who is to go on trial next month for the alleged offence of "abuse of weakness". He denies the allegations, as does Mrs Bettencourt, who says that her daughter is acting out of spite at her friendship.

Monday, June 21, 2010


SPPF / PP and SNP Conspire To Take Millions of The People’s Money

The biggest scam to fleece the Seychelles and bring it to its knees as a bankrupt state under IMF management

The Constitutional Emoluments Bill et al of 2008 came before the National Assembly in late 2008 and the SNP was up and down State House meeting with SPPF to conspire the biggest rip off of the People of Seychelles ever, since the signing of the Constitution of the Third Republic in 1993.

We never knew the whole story, but we have come to know what took place when the Constitutional Emoluments Act of 2008 as amended meant for the People of Seychelles. SPPF/PP and SNP conspired to pass the Bill in the National Assembly and they conspired to keep the details a secret from the People of Seychelles.

The “Deal with the Devil” Signed, Sealed, Delivered By SBC
With the control of SBC, the SPPF barely released the information of unprecedented 38% increase in salary that they brokered with SNP in a legislative conspiracy, but they went silent on a first time ever life pension program for politicians.

The People were outraged by the 38% salary increases and this preoccupied everyone’s mind until the 29% PUC electricity tariff increases came along later. No one knew about the extent or even understood the extent of the new pensions the SPPF and SNP voted themselves, on the eve of the country declaring national bankruptcy.
Under the new Act, a politician can now get a 70% pension for the rest of his life. Hence, the opposition has been turned into a “pensioned opposition”, the ruling party, turned into a “pensioned party” with full pensions for life like the Civil Service, but civil servants get much, much, less on retirement for an entire life’s work and sacrifice.
No wonder none of these rascals really work for Seychelles, they have a life insurance for poor performance, voted for themselves, and the People of Seychelles have to pay for years to come, in spite of them doing a grossly bad job serving us and serving country.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa” Means Truth, Accountability, Transparency, Reality
The numbers are startling. The pension violates the “Sesel Pou Seselwa” principles of honest, transparent and accountable government to the People.
In this article, we expose the rascals, all of them, SPPF and SNP alike. We shed light in darkness so no mushroom grows on our foreheads, be it an SPPF/PP mushroom or an SNP mushroom. Truth, accountability, transparency applies to each and every one!

In the next election, the People of Seychelles need to throw them all out and send them back to the farm to increase agricultural industry contribution to our GDP.
These salaries need to be reduced by 30% and pensions need to be cancelled outright. Politicians are not civil servants and are never entitled to a pension, unless it is a Head of State who serves all.
Politicians are partisans and advance a particular political agenda for a time. Hence why the State should not be required to pension them out for life! They already receive a gratuity for end of term service that is substantial enough.

One Person-Two or Three Ministries
One scam SPPF has perfected is the multiple salary swindle. One person can run a number of constitutional offices and ministries and be paid a salary and be pensioned out on retirement. It is still unclear if the policy is to have the individual choose a salary or choose a pension, nor is it clear if a person can occupy more than one constitutional post. It seems they can and it appears multiple salaries, are part of the SPPF/PP game.

Take James Michel as an example. He is the President of the Republic and Minister of Defence, Legal Affairs, Information and Tourism. He is entitled to the salary of President, but is also paid for each ministry he heads all for work done in one day. If his cabinet makes each heading a different ministry, as it appears, then he takes a ministerial salary for each and a pension for each. Hence, Michel as a person will take a 70% salary-pension for each heading, if his government sanctions it. His retirement package will then be: Scr.26,600.00 (Office of President) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Defence) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Legal Affairs) + Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Information) + Scr. 19,600.00 for (Ministry of Tourism). Adjusted total is: Scr. 105,000.00 per month. If Michel the lives for 40 years, his pension will cost the people of Seychelles: Scr.50, 400,000.00.
He is the big winner in this deal, which SNP signed off on side by side with SPPF/PP.

Bye, Bye Belmont!
Recently, Mr. Joseph Belmont announced his retirement from his political career. The Constitutional Emoluments Act et al, over cushions Belmont’s premature departure. Belmont has been part of the Jj Spirit Team that bankrupted Seychelles but he is pensioned out for his failures and bad decisions or indecisions that led to our country becoming bankrupt officially. Instead of punishing failure to discourage future failures, the Constitutional Emoluments Act rewards failure today, to encourage ongoing failure in the future.

As Vice President, his salary was Scr. 35,000.00 per month. As a retiree, Belmont will take home every month, for the rest of his life Scr. 24,500.00 per month. Per year, Scr. 294,000.00. If he lives for another 40 years, Scr. 11,760,000.00 for being the Vice President who is responsible for bankrupting Seychelles, the same year, they voted for this salary-pension guarantee for life.
Now, Belmont was also Minister of Administration and Minister of Tourism – two (2) separate ministerial headings. As such he may and could well be entitled to pensions for each heading. Based on a 70% of total salary of Scr. 28,000.00 for each or pensioned out at Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Tourism and Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Administration. Total with Vice President pension could possibly be: Scr. 63,700.00 per month for the rest of his life. If he lives for 40 years more, Scr. 30,576,000.00 will be paid to Belmont as pension, unless he disqualifies for a ministerial heading, which is unlikely.

Farewell Marie Pierre Lloyd
Ex – Minister Lloyd had a short spout as Minister. Towards the end of her run which was cut short, the Ministry of Health had collapsed. They do not even pay their PUC electricity bills these days. The irony of this situation is that we will now pay Minister Lloyd a pension for a job badly done. She is a one term minister and entitled to 40% of salary as a pension. She will receive a pension of about Scr. 11,200.00 for the rest of her life. Per annum we will pay her now, Scr. 134,400.00 for doing nothing all year. If she lives for another 40 years, her term of failure at the Ministry of Health will now cost us the People of Seychelles another Scr.5,376,000.00, over and above the cost of a failing the Ministry of Health. Her payout is more frugal than the LO and LGB, see below.

Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business Salary & Pensions
In the National Assembly, where this legislative conspiracy between SPPF and SNP was endorsed the Two (2) leaders from opposite sides come out as big winners in their own right. It was one of the few rare moments when both sides of the house voted unanimously on a bill!
With a pension for life, politicians no longer become answerable to the voters. They can send us all to hell, they believe, don’t answer phones, ignore emails, block chats on Facebook, do not reply to written letters. Basically send all their constituents to hell!

Now, you know why the SNP has stopped opposing the SPPF/PP, aside from the occasional copy and paste of articles from Star or Weekly.
Previously the Leader of Government Business (Marie-Louise Potter of SPPF/PP)and Leader of Opposition (Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, SNP) were paid each Scr. 19,000.00 base pay excluding gratuities, allowances and other perks. They increased their salaries to Scr. 28,000.00, an increment of Scr. 9,000.00 per month, on the eve of Seychelles being declared a bankrupt state. Their pension for the rest of their lives is 70% of their salary or 19,600.00 - more than their past salary of Scr. 19,000.00 before the 38% increase.
Per annum, on pension for the rest of their lives, both Mrs. Marie Louise Potter and Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan will each earn Scr. 235,000.00.
If both Potter and Ramkalawan live for another 40 years, which is highly likely, they will each cost the People of Seychelles Scr. 9,408,000.00 for doing nothing, ever again...
People of Seychelles, SPPF/PP and SNP have taken us for fools!!!!!!

The Members of the National Assembly (MNA’s)
MNA’s that do three (3) terms in the National Assembly are entitled to 70% of their salary as pension for the rest of their lives. Past salary was Scr. 8,000.00 per month. The new salary is Scr.14, 000.00 per month, an increase of 6,000.00. The three year term, will guarantee the MNA a pension payout of Scr. 9,800.00 per month.
In 12 months after they leave the National Assembly, each MNA will cost the People of Seychelles, Scr. 117,600.00. If all 34 MNA’s make it to Three (3) terms and retire, it will cost per annum: Scr. 3,998,400.00. If they live for 40 years, than that will cost us Scr. 159,936,000.00 for them to remain on pension and do nothing.
Adding Scr. 159,936,000.00 MNA pensions to the pensions of the Two (2) Leaders in the National Assembly will give us: Scr. 178,752,000.00 just for National Assembly pensions, excluding the Mr. Speaker guy, His Excellency, The Right and Honourable Dr. Patrick Herminie.

If you add his Scr.34, 000.00 per month package excluding allowances, gratuity, perks, at 70% it is Scr. 23,800.00 per month pension, or Scr.285, 600.00 per annum. Over 40 years, His Excellency the Right Honourable, Dr. Patrick Herminie’s pension will cost us Scr. 11,424,000.00. In total, Scr.190, 176,000.00, excluding the pensions of past MNA’s to serve in the National Assembly. Over time, the pensions will wipe out progress for the Nation, unless revoked by legislation.

SPPF/PP and SNP voted themselves a golden parachute for life.

Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame on all who raised their hands to vote for fat salaries and pension deals for themselves and their political masters!

Now the People of Seychelles, you all know why neither party listens to you and your concerns.
Now the People of Seychelles know why they are so frustrated with inaction and there is never enough money for anything. But yet, we are supposed to be rich.
Now the People of Seychelles need to wake up to the biggest political scam in our history.

People of Seychelles, when these politicians have sat in their big leather chairs that Communist China gave them, we thought they were sleeping and their hair and beards were getting white as time passed. We were right! But what we did not realize, while we worried about our future as a people, is that their future was already guaranteed – thanks to the greatest legislative conspiracy of Seychelles history. No wonder why these MNAs would not give a hoot if their hair and beards were getting white. They even fell asleep in their chairs most of the time.

I have this to say to SPPF and SNP: “Sesel Pou Seselwa”.... and Seselwa pou deal ek zot pareye zot inn deal ek Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!