Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

President Michel Meets Polytechnic Students

Mr. President his Excellency, James Alix Michel author of the year, has taken to the road show to meet with the people of Seychelles. The cameras have been packed again, the bodyguards shaped up, and the girls in the background given a fresh consignment of lipstick to carry over the day between meeting the students and meetings in Shanghai.

The Polytechnic School A Levels
The SBC allowed us a little sneak peak of events into the meeting with Mr. President. The style his own, no other man could emulate.

Try To Get On The Bus Gus!
When asked about the lack of buses available to the students of the school who are disregarded by bus drivers who take other passengers, the President demonstrated sheer leadership style, and told the students, “more buses are coming”, and I will address this matter with the SPTC right away.
How is that for leadership style? No one can beat that. Though we have had buses coming for the last 34 years, but they were never enough to cope with demand.

University of Seychelles
The feather in cap that Jean Paul Adam and Rolf Payet claim for the last Six (6) years of effort is the University of Seychelles. It is the single most prominent accomplishment Mr. President has achieved to date.
Polytechnic students recall well the key item that determines the educational value of any university: the volumes of books for research available in the library. Mr. President did not bother to count. 1,2, 3, 4 volumes?
But in this day and age of information technology, adequate bandwidth can give you access to volumes of books the world over. Mr. President did not tell you he failed to give us fibre optic connectivity and adequate bandwidth in order that the 36 students at University of Seychelles can read and do research and compete on a level playing field as all other students in the world.
Today that will cost $35 million Mr. President. Now, students of the Polytechnic, could President Michel afford to sell St. Anne for SCR 1.00 if he knew he had those costs for a University to deal with?

Was it leadership to sell La Misere for SCR 1.00 or to even sell 27 plots of land to Sheik Khalifa if we needed $35 Million for fibre optic cables to connect your internet services and bring them on par with other students in other universities, around the world?
Student of the Polytechnic, do not settle for less. The students in Mauritius do not settle for less. Not even on Rodrigues. Why should Seychelles be settling for less. Demand performance from your President, not excuses that are 34 years old.!!!!!
Without Bandwidth, the long distance learning programs that the University centres its courses on, will only be able to handle limited amount of pupils. A university experience Mr. President, in case you did not know, and Jean Paul or Rolf did not tell you, is valuable not if one sits before a computer, but one has to face the challenges of debate and ideas in the arena of knowledge.
As Mr. President undersold our assets, now we need a loan from IFC to pay for the optic connection. That is leadership, JJ style.

Where Is The Speed Boat Rolf?
In the conception presentation of the University of Seychelles, Mr. Rolf Payet gave us a picture of a new glass building sea side with a jetty and speed boat. Mr. Payet power pointed us to death on SBC with that picture.
Students and Parents, recall well when Mr. Payet power point us to death, I wrote, that, we must not waste money on new buildings. We need books. Convert the Polytechnic to a University and the NIE to a branch of the University. As fate would have it, this has been realized, not because of Christopher Gill, but because Mr. President has BANKRUPTED Seychelles. This is so, for we have lived the early days of bankruptcy. It is not over.
As Rolf crunches the figures to come up now with a power point to justify the failures of JJ, remember, Rolf is hired to make the failures look like a success, to steal our country from us. Do not be fooled!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

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Anonymous said...

SPTC(seychellois pou touzour Kuoyon,Rene's acronym for SPTC) has long been lacking the tools to deliver their duty.Our buses are beening to transport the two thousands of illegal Indian workers
to Khalifa's construction site.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Rolf has never turned anything into sucees apart from his own personnel goals to be where he is today.

Anonymous said...

The undersea fibre optic cable will probably cost around US$ 45 (forty-five million dollars). Albert Rene the great architect did not have the vision to install this cable when it would have cost Seychelles US$ 10 million. Michel was right by his side then and of course was an idiot then and is still an idiot today. Two fools who have have bankrupted our country and who should be in jail for treason and corruption. The money they have stolen from our country could have paid for the installation of 10 fibre optic cables to our shores.

As for that other idiot Rolph Payet, he is simply riding on the high with his University degrees and fake Nobel prize which seems to follow his name everywhere on google. Dream on Rolph. The day you win a nobel peace prize is the day Michel resigns from power on his own accord.

May God turn all of you corrupt liars into pillars of salt.

Anonymous said...

We would have to mould ZONM LIB in order to reward ROLF with a medal like his mentor Michel who had already won all the medals existed in the world.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

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