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Seychelles President Michel Announces Government Restructuring

NEW CABINET or "Nouvo Kabinen" (new toilet)?

This week, our globe-trotting, book-writing, highly decorated Honorary Doctor and President of Seychelles (James Alix Michel aka JAM) revealed the names of the new candidates in his Government. 

While many of the names were already known, the Seychellois people were stunned at some of the announcements. The most controversial was of course the appointment of Mitcy Larue as the Minister of Health and we are quite sure that Madame Gamatis must be wondering when she will become Minister of Hydro-Carbon. Surely she qualifies too.

Alain St. Ange has been rewarded for his hard work, but more so for his sucking-up to Michel, while Rolph Payet is probably the most deserving of them all since he actually earned his Doctorate Degree by attending University (hear that James).  

Christian Lionnet is another shock as he is neither competent nor qualified, and his speech on SBC 2 mights ago was appalling.  Studying for a couple of years in Communist China must be rewarding as Idith Alexander, another unqualified person has landed a cabinet post. Must be great to be a Party Lepep card holder.

As for our ex-Central Bank of Seychelles Governor Pierre Laporte, he will now have to take off his Capitalist hat and put on one of those new Socialist Michel-Morgan styled cap in order to cater to James Michel's welfare state. Forget Milton Friendman and Economics Mr. Laporte. Focus instead on Cuba (Castro), Rene & Michel, North Korea, Stalin and Lenin, Chavez, Mugabe and all those other incredible successful communist economies and those great leaders. Maybe you can ask Mukesh Valabhji, Francis ChangLeng and Leopold Payet to give you some tips on how to become rich, or at least how to empty the coffers of the country. After all, you are no longer running a bank, but you are now in charge of the Treasury. So spend, spend and spend like there is no tomorrow, and get ready for the Assembly to request another 2 or 3 supplementary budgets before 2012 is over.

Marie-Louise the Shrieking Lady of the House has now been rewarded with an ambassador post in the USA. Only God and James Michel would know what this woman will do for Seychelles while she stuffs her face with McDonalds burgers in the USA, but White House and Obama here we come and the red designer dresses will now have to be bought from Macy's in New York. The "Potters" are already packing and they can only see green dollar bills and the land of opportunity ahead. Beats the hell out of that Beau Vallon slum now doesn't it?  Now Marie-Antoinette Rose the new Leader of Government Business (what is that exactly?) must be chomping at the bits to start imposing her rude, obnoxious style into the National Assembly. Look out big Herminie, you have competition.

Poor Conrad Benoiton.  They have found another role for him in the hot Sepec seat. The man does change jobs faster than a bullet train, but he need not worry.  After all Conrad, James the Great Leader is the Minister of Hydro-Carbon, so you are in good hands. But change your chair and spray the office though, as Captain Adam and his dog might still be haunting the halls of the new oil building for years to come. And look out for Mr. Belle who throws Romanesque parties at La Misere.  Just as James Mancham was warned of Albert Rene's plot, the good Captain Adam was warned but did not heed the warning. Traitors amongst the midst. Oh Brutus...

Shamlaye and Athanasius also off to some magic land out there to represent Seychelles as ambassadors. By the way, anyone knows what happened to Siva our great international ambassador?

Veronique Laporte the Bus Lady and Joel Morgan's side-babe is now moving to Health.  Good for her as she has done a good job at SPTC.  Let us hope that Mitcy lets Laporte run the show while Mitcy pampers herself a-la-Athanasius at the Aarti Chambers spa.  Erna had an open account there and spent many hours each day in total relaxation and massage-land as per her own doctor's recommendations. Don't forget the hair and nails now.

And we now have an "Ambassador of Climate Change" in Ronny Jumeau our happy, gay ex-Minister who is enjoying the big apple of New York City and rubbing shoulders with Bank Ki Moon.  I guess Ronny has no clue how much hot air there is coming out of State House these days and this is probably contributing to the global climate change. He will soon know when Madame Potter lands in Washington.

And for the final master stroke, the wife of our good Sepec man, Jacqueline Moustache-Belle has been given a second chance, probably due to hubby's spying eyes and whispers to State House. I guess a huge salary, nice office with plush leather chair, nothing to do for months on end is a great reward. Just tell PUC to string a few more lights at night so we do not get mugged my dear.  And no worries about who will pay for all of this luxury.  Pierre Laporte will find a way. 

We will not comment any further and will allow you to write with your own thoughts of this "restructuring".  But one thing is clear. More Seychellois doctors and nurses will be packing their bags and emigrating as fast as they can.  And since we now have several new Ministries, more leather chairs, expensive vehicles, concubines, girlfriends will have to be bought so Minister Laporte or the "Door Minister" should ask for a supplementary budget as soon as possible.  Bankruptcy? What bankruptcy? Smaller Government? Not under James Michel.

God bless Seychelles.






President James Michel has announced the first phase of the Government restructuring with the appointment of Ministers, Principal Secretaries and some CEO posts. A second phase of appointments will be made at a later stage.

“It is fitting that on the eve of International Women’s day, I am appointing women to key positions within government as well as the University of Seychelles. Women form part of an integral leadership role in the New Seychelles.  I am confident they will serve the public well and add new dynamism in the public service. We are aiming to fulfill the MDG Plus targets, and become an example of women’s professional development in the world,” said the President.
As announced in the State of the Nation Address, the President’s portfolio is for Defence, Legal Affairs, Information, Youth, and hydrocarbons, and the Vice-President’s portfolio is Information Technology & Communications and Public Administration.

Together with the President and the Vice-President, the following Ministers will form the Cabinet, subject to the approval of the National Assembly in the case of new Ministers;

1.      Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports and Designated Minister, Vincent Meriton
2.      Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport, Joël Morgan
3.      Ministry of Education, Macsuzy Mondon
4.      Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam
5.      Ministry of Natural Resources & Industry, Peter Sinon
6.      Ministry of Finance, Trade & Investment, Pierre Laporte
7.      Ministry of Environment & Energy, Dr. Rolph Payet
8.      Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Alain St Ange
9.      Ministry of Land Use & Habitat, Christian Lionnet
10.  Ministry of Health, Mitcy Larue
11.  Ministry of Employment and Human Resource Development, Idith Alexander

The President will propose 3 new ambassadors to the National Assembly;

  1. Marie Louise Potter
  2. Bernard Shamlaye
  3. Erna Athanasius
The President has thanked former Ministers Bernard Shamlaye and Erna Athanasius for their hard work in the public service, saying that he believes they will continue to contribute towards the development of the country in their new roles.

The President has appointed Marie-Antoinette Rose as the new Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, after the departure of Marie-Louise Potter from this post.

Ambassador Ronny Jumeau has also been named the Ambassador for Climate change issues.

New Principal Secretaries

1.      1. Principal Secretary for Environment and Energy- Wills Agricole

2.      2. Principal Secretary for Finance, Trade & Investment - Steve Fanny

  1. Principal Secretary for Health- Veronique Laporte  (the former PS, Bernard Valentin is moving to independent consultancy services)
  2. Principal Secretary for Transport- Terrence Mondon
  3. Principal Secretary for Employment & Human Resource Development- Veronique Bresson
  4. Principal Secretary for Natural Resources & Industry – Michel Nalletamby ( although the person remains unchanged, the portfolio of industry has been added)
  5. Principal Secretary for Community & Sport-Denis Rose ( although the person remains unchanged, the portfolio of Community has been added, and Youth removed)
  6. Acting Principal Secretary for Land Use and Habitat - Yves Choppy- (the position is temporary until the necessary law to enact the creation of the Project Planning and Implementation Company, of which he will be CEO. The PPIC will also absorb the Seychelles Land Transport Agency).
  7. Principal Secretary for Culture- Benjamine Rose

New Special advisers

1.      Special adviser to the Minister of Environment and Energy - Didier Dogley
2.      Special advisor to the Minister of Education – Mr Selby Dora
3.      Special adviser to the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry - Antoine-Marie Moustache
4.      Special adviser to the Minister for Foreign Affairs- Jeannette d’Offay
5.      Special adviser for Culture to the Minister for Tourism and Culture- Raymonde Onezime
6.      Special adviser on Community Development to the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports - Dan Frichot
7.      Special adviser on Social Affairs to the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports – Marie-Josée Bonne

The President, who is also the Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, has also announced that the Seychelles Institute of Management will be absorbed by the University of Seychelles.  The President has appointed Marina Confait as the new Vice Chancellor and Lucy Athanasius as Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Seychelles.

President Michel has also plans to create PetroSeychelles as the new national hydrocarbons exploration company, which will be headed by Eddie Belle as its CEO. The board of the new company will be chaired by Barry Faure, Secretary of State in the Office of the President.
The Seychelles Petroleum Company, SEPEC, will be headed by CEO Conrad Benoiton, and the board will be chaired by Steve Fanny, the new Principal Secretary for Finance.

The following are further new appointments across a wide number of agencies and organizations;

New appointments
·         Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles- Caroline Abel
·         CEO of the Early Childhood Centre- Shirley Choppy
·         CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board- Elsia Grandcourt
  • CEO of  Seychelles Public Transport Corporation - Geffy Zialor
  • CEO of Seychelles International Business Authority- Wendy Pierre
  • CEO of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency- Marc Naiken
  • CEO National Arts Council- Jimmy Savy
  • Mayor of Victoria- Jacqueline Moustache Belle (the Mayor’s office will fall under the Vice-President’s portfolio)
Editor’s Note

The women in key posts are as follows;

  • 3 women ministers,
  • 7 out of 15  Principal Secretaries are now women
  •  1 female Central bank governor
  • 1 female Vice Chancellor
  • 1 female Pro Vice Chancellor
  • 3 new women CEOS

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Air Seychelles Needs Real Competition

The famous "Air Seychelles" brand - gone forever

The recent surprise sell out of Government of Seychelles interest in the national air carrier Air Seychelles, has exposed the very deep rifts that exist in the Air Seychelles failed business model.

United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) Takes 40% Interest and Control 

Abu Dhabi - Air Seychelles new headquarters

Most are knowledgeable of the 40% interest the UAE Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad has taken in Air Seychelles. Many have called this a national shame for Seychelles. It is a shame. Etihad Managing Director has said that after the acquisition: “Etihad is not considering any other acquisition because its plate is now full with the purchase of Air Berlin and Air Seychelles”.

Etihad - Savior of Air Seychelles or the beginning of the end for Air Seychelles?

Indeed the Etihad plate is full. It has also negotiated full control of Air Seychelles, in spite of the ex-national air carrier having only One (1) single Boeing 767-300 that can do international flights. Etihad has placed its own CEO and Chairman at the helm of Air Seychelles and they even control the domestic segment of the Air Seychelles company. Here is where our problems start and I will propose solutions.

Domestic Fare Hikes Outrageous!

Air Seychelles Domestic Service - plagued by bad management,poor customer service & high ticket fares

Last week Air Seychelles hiked air fares between Mahe and Praslin from SCR 512 (US$ 36) round trip to SCR 1,600 (US$ 112) round trip. The lower rate was a local residential rate, while tourists were already paying the higher rate in hard currency. Now the highway robbery rate applies to residents purchasing tickets under some sort of code. This new rate is not only outrageous, it is ridiculous. In Europe one can purchase a ticket from Heathrow to Spain for GBP 20 (UK Pound Sterling).  Most of these domestic flights are empty or operate under 50% capacity.

Even Minister of Transport Joel Morgan had no clue the price hike was on the way. Poor Minister Morgan, kept in the dark by his own Frankenstein creation.

Minister Morgan - In the dark and out of his depth as usual

In the past Air Seychelles advertised over Twenty (20) flights to Praslin per day. Today, we are lucky if Air Seychelles runs Four (4) flights per day to Praslin. It is doing close to what Cat Cocos does. But the boat carries over 500 people on two trips. Air Seychelles can carry 80 passengers on Four(4) trips. Do the numbers and you will know the loss of market share for Air Seychelles over the years.

The fast and sleek "Cat Cocos" Catamaran Ferry - Excellent, affordable service

Service Is Just Plain Bad

The other common gripe with Air Seychelles domestic for years now, has been that service is just plain bad. It sucks. It is a bad experience. Delays on Air Seychelles are common. Flight cancellations are a regular event. The front desk check-in clerks treat you like you are baggage yourself and rude is a polite pronoun for many of them.

In spite of being advised by management to be polite with travelers, the system they are tasked to run, is patently flawed and they too being human, run out of patience when faced with reoccurring failure of Air Seychelles ability to deliver good service at a fair price.

Cat Cocos Beating The Plane To The Ground

The other inter-island option for travelers is Cat Cocos. They run a more efficient check in service than Air Seychelles domestic. They are even more professional and handle your booking much quicker. On the route, you are offered a choice of seating classes, food, beverages, and even in route DVD and CD entertainment. Even better then Air Seychelles, the seats are clean and laundered regularly. Leatherette seats are available in Lazio class and they do recline. When one takes the delays of inter island Air Seychelles into account, you get to Praslin on Cat Cocos in about the same time as taking Air Seychelles, but it is much cheaper. An economy seat runs for SCR 169 (US$ 12). A Lazio Business seat with food and drinks, cold towel, a smiling hostess and reclining seat costs just SCR 285 or (US$ 20).  If you take ten (10) trips, you get one free.  On Air Seychelles, you can take 1,000 trips, you will not even get a coke for free, but you will be guaranteed one thing: before the 1,000 trip, the ticket price will go up and so will your blood pressure.

Competition Will Clean Up This Mess

A plethora of bad reviews has plagued Air Seychelles for years now. We complain to management, they do nothing. Today, even management does not know what to do.

Rajiv Bissessur (Mauritian) and David Savy - Air Seychelles former incompetent management team

Air Seychelles Domestic is now run out of Abu Dhabi. It is a reality and it is a pure shame. To clean up this mess which is having a detrimental impact on Praslin and La Digue islands as possible destinations for guests, the time has come for the private sector of Praslin, La Digue, Mahe, Bird Island, Denis Island and other SEYCHELLOIS entrepreneurs to come together and create another airline company to make inter island flight feasible and functional with realistic pricing and rekindle the “Seychellois Spirit” service. This is the only solution at this point to rectify a non-responsive Air Seychelles, to the problems we have been facing with its operations for years now. The recent callous price hike is simply the straw that broke the camel's back.

Make Public Share Offers Raise Capital For new Planes

To push this along, business leaders need to group and act. Make a public offer to raise capital to buy new planes and deliver excellent inter island service from Mahe onwards. The company should be 100% Seychellois owned and we can leave Air Seychelles in the hands of James Michel, Sheikh Khalifa, Joel Morgan, David Savy and of course Etihad. We can even call it “Seychelles Airways”, and put an end to this madness that is hurting our tourism industry and the entire inter-island community, which even includes misguided Communists as you all know.

After Seychelles Airways is off the ground, let us go find the right plane and expand with direct flights to our core market which is Europe, and let us take back our tourism industry with a renewed “Seychellois Spirit”.

As President Obama said 4 years ago:

"We can do it, and yes we can!"

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


To all our faithful followers and fellow bloggers,

The management of STAR took a well-deserved break for the holidays, and we thank you all for your patience during the weeks that we did not post.

More importantly, we stopped posting for a while because there were too many online spies and Party Lepep bloggers who were coming online to disrupt our work, to criticise needlessly and sadly, most were uneducated and could only use swear words to express themselves.

Bloggers like these we do not need in 2012

But we are back with a renewed spirit for 2012 and will strive to educate our people on the mismanagement and corruption that is going on under James Michel's government.  Our country is facing major economic and social problems and we all need to pull together to rid ourselves of this illegitimate Government.  James Michel is not a president for all Seychellois, but has shown clearly that he favours Arab Sheikhs over his own people.

The end of Air Seychelles under Michel & David Savy         David Savy the Big Baby

The demise of Air Seychelles was planned months ago by Michel, David Savy and Khalifa, and while Etihad is now playing the good samaritan, we all know the full story and why they have acquired a stake in our national airline.  Sadly, many of our own Seychellois brothers and sisters, from pilots to ground crew to flight attendants have lost their livelihood and now scrambling to find new employment in a tough job market.  Most Party Lepep supporters were not made redundant and it was clear that opposition followers were targeted first.  Another black mark on Michel's record, and in the meantime, no one including the SBC-TV has questioned the fiasco and financial disaster orchestrated by David Savy and the smart sycophants that surrounded him during his tenure.

Michel-Not President of all Seychelles                   Michel's Best Friend - Sheikh Khalifa

It is quite clear that Etihad will swallow Air Seychelles eventually, from the domestic airline to the eventual management of our Pointe Larue airport operation. But beware as it does not stop at Air Seychelles.  Abu Dhabi also has their eyes on Port Victoria and is busy drawing up plans for a "new" Victoria where marinas and new buildings will spring up and owned by "friends of James Michel.  Of course, the new Seychelles Coast Guard base recently built by Khalifa, and guarded by Khalifa's UAE soldiers, along with the new boats "donated" by Khalifa, will only be used to protect Michel and Khalifa. The Masdar wind turbines, donated by Khalifa, will soon be turning in the harbour of Port Victoria and will be the new eyesore and blemish on our land; let alone the maintenance costs to be borne by us the good citizens of Seychelles.

Wind turbines - An eyesore for Port Victoria

Our Seychelles tankers will soon be "sold" to so-called friends, and our oil fields will soon be in the hands of Arab prospectors.  Seychelles Petroleum is on the "privatisation" list as well, and Captain Adam's sudden departure is the first step in that direction. PUC will follow suit and possibly many other parastatals as well.

Captain Adam and his tankers - losing millions and now a burden to our economy - Abu Dhabi bailout?

The Arabs have also found a new playground not too far from home, and the private planes continue to land at Pointe Larue full of young women flown in specifically for the carnal pleasures of the Arabian princes. The ex-Plantation Hotel is now called Kempinski and is the new Arab Playboy Mansion.  Two more large hotels will be built in the South of Mahe, all owned by Arab "friends" of Michel. In the meantime, Khalifa is busy buying up the properties of Indian magnate Siva who has apparently fallen out of favour.  From Mahe Beach Hotel to Therese Island and Conception, those will soon be in the hands of the good Sheikh and his family, all courtesy of James Michel and his party of cronies. Large tracts on Praslin and La Digue are also being transferred as we write this post.

Kempinski Seychelles - Playboy Mansion for Arab Princes

Apart from selling our islands as fast as he can for personal gains, Glenny Savy of IDC is now selling dredged-up sand to the public, and the tons of sand removed just off the shoreline of Beau Vallon will have dire environmental consequences in the future.  Coastal erosion has been created by the James Michel Government and not by global warming as Michel so valiantly professes during his myriads of overseas trips.  Michel is a liar and will continue to string the world along in order to get a few Euros from a foolish European Parliament and United Nations doomsday agencies, but Michel will not be able to run from the truth in the future.

The Fat King Glenny of Seychelles - "All islands are mine, and now I sell sand too".

Michel's tenure as President of Seychelles has been a shambles from day one and marred with disgraceful events. From bankrupting the country to judiciary collusion, from fixed elections to corruption, from the La Misere "Delo Kaka" incident to murders of innocent Seychellois citizens, from prostitution of our nation to the Arabs let alone social demise of our youth via prostitution and drugs, from passport selling scandals to white elephant projects such as the 2011 Expo, the list goes on and on.  Sheikh Khalifa's castle on top of La Misere is proof of how low our nation has fallen, and the illegal and ridiculous appointment of David Pierre as Leader of the Opposition, let alone the vengeful case against Ralph Volcere by so-called Judge Matilda Twomey are some of the final nails being hammered into the annals of Michel's coffin.

Ralph Volcere - Soon to be silenced by the corrupt court of Matilda Twomey, Ronny Govinden & Michel

Michel is also looking to the Chinese as well to help fund the coffers of Parti Lepep, and Danny Faure the chosen-one to be President is currently in Cuba probably getting a Doctorate Degree in Finance and Bankrupting Countries 101 from his Alma Mater. After all, even Castro has finally admitted that Communism is not the best way forward and Danny wants to learn from the best.

Confused Cuban Trained Dictator in the making

Meanwhile, the good Doctor Ramadoss has been appointed to the Party Lepep Central Committee, an affront in itself given that he cannot speak 2 words of Creole let alone English.

Dr. Ramadoss - Newly elected to Parti Lepep Committee

His younger brother has also been given a new Seychellois passport while his long-serving Accountant Palani has been given the boot.

Coco-de-Mer stamp found offensive by Arabs

The Doctor also continues to spend as if rupees are being printed at his Printec Press Holdings.  After last year's fist fight with ex-Printec owner and SPPF stalwart Louis Gopal, Ramadoss has now moved into the heavyweight division and recently took on local businessman Joe Albert of UCPS and Creole Travel in a loud screaming match.  Soon thereafter, and to spite Joe Albert, the Doctor went out and bought the catamaran "Praslin Express" to compete on the Mahe-Praslin-La Digue ferry route.  Not to be outspent, he also doled out nearly 15 million rupees to buy a commercial building from the Soleil family at Hermitage, and then went on to pay millions more for the commercial car wash next to the Victoria Fuel Station.  One wonders why the Tax Department or FIU does not investigate the finances of the good Doctor, or his source of funds.  Surely the Victoria Casino is not doing that well during this economic downturn?  So where is the Doctor getting all those millions to spend?  Election money?  Or is he fronting for his new Party itself or laundering the funds of the Ministers and other high-ranking Government officials?  Or has he finally sold the dilapidated hospital to Mukesh and Albert after taking money illegally from so many unsuspected investors?  Or is he bringing back some of the dollars he exported and stashed away in India during the foreign exchange black market crisis, albeit at a higher rate today than it was 5 or 6 years ago?  The people want to know.

Seychelles Rupee devaluing by the week

Tourism is in dire straits, the Euro, Dollar and Pound Sterling have appreciated by 20% or more against the rupee within 6 months, and IMF has finally stopped lying and told us that inflation is over 6%.  More like 50%  my good friends!  A bourgeois (red snapper) now sells for SR 500, if you are lucky enough to get one.  Ghurkas from Burma and now English wardens from the Isle of Wight of all places have arrived to guard our prison which is overloaded with Somali pirates awaiting trial or repatriation by our new Chief Pirate Minister Morgan, the most incredible lying Minister that has ever worked in our country.

Joel Morgan - Also known as Minister Lapire (Homebrew), Pirate Minister or Minister Pinnochio the Lying One

Meanwhile, the drug Lords continue to ply their trade under protection from the same people at State House and the Police who were supposed to be protecting the public. Corruption in every department of Government continues unabated.  Containers continue to be cleared from the Port on a daily basis without payment of tax and duties, all destined for friends of James Michel and his entourage who are seen flying in First Class and driving around in expensive jeeps.

First Class on Etihad anyone?             What about Emirates?                                  Or Qatar?

Our passports continue to be given away or sold at an alarming rate to anyone with $25,000 to pay to a Minister or high-ranking friend.  Government land is being "sold" to friends and relatives while large tracts are being auctioned to the highest Arab or Russian bidder. Beau Vallon has become the new "Little Russia" and can only be described as an environmental nightmare.  Eden Island is the enclave of a white South African "nouvo-riche" breed who believes the island is the new Cape Town, reserved for whites only and where they can treat our own Seychellois locals like "kaffirs" (black South Africans).  In summary, we Seychellois have become slaves and second-class citizens in our own country.

Eden Island or Cape Town?  Seychellois not welcome.

My dear friends, 2012 will be another demanding year for us Seychellois people who believe in real democracy and freedom for our people.  We urge you all to contribute intelligently to the STAR blog as the best gift you can give to the future generation is to get your friends to read the blog regularly and to start asking questions and demanding answers from our so-called electorate.  We need to strive for freedom from the foreigners who are preying on our weak leader Michel, and we need to continue the fight for democracy. It will not happen overnight, but if we work together towards the same cause, we will win eventually and maybe one day we will see the Barry Laine Freedom Train in action from Victoria Station to the Anse Royale Danny-Barry Faure Station.

The Barry Laine Freedom Train

We wish everyone a happy 2012.  Rest assured that the STAR team will continue to work and fight for democracy.  We will win one day, as God is our only guide.

The STAR Management

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ralph Volcere Served with Court Papers - Mathilda strikes again!

Ralph Volcere served with papers to appear in court on Monday morning. Mathilda Twomey strikes again!

Last Night Friday 9th December, two CID police officers came to my house at around 6.30pm. They served me with court papers to appear before the supreme court on Monday 12th December at 9am. The complaint against me was made on the same day by judge of the court of apeal in regards to the front page article in this week's Weekly issue. The speed at which the papers were drafted and filed and a court date identified and delivered at my house was simply out of the ordinary. If all court cases are address in this manner. There would be no criminal in Seychelles. This is a clear move to stop me from publishing articles about the shennanigans of the CA. On Monday they will issue me with a gagging order. I am appealling to everyone fighting for democracy, freedom and justice for Seychelles to come down to court on Monday just before 9am to show support for the cause. See you there... we have lost a battle but not the war. God Bless all freedom loving people wherever you are in the world. Peace and Love to you all!! RALPH VOLCERE

SOME IMMEDIATE REACTIONS OFF FACEBOOK (which might be banned soon by James Michel and his Communist Party Lepep):

Dear All. Ralph Volcere, Leader of NDP and Editor of Weekly was served with summons to appear in court on Monday 12th December at 9am to answer charges laid against him by Mathilda Thowmey. They want to stop him from writing on the shameful judgement of the Court of Appeal. We must all gather at the court from 8am to give Ralph our full support. We stand for freedom of expression and justice. Enough is enough!

    • Evelyne Honorez Wish I could come to support you, Ralph! This is terrible! Good luck to you and to the people of the Seychelles!
      23 hours ago ·  ·  2
    • Michael 'ace' Sabadin A man can't ride your back unless it's bent. Martin Luther King, Jr.
      23 hours ago ·  ·  2
    • Claude Mondon Well what do you know. Seychelles unique by a thousand matter what the world may say we are truly unique. No doubt about that. We design our own democracy, our own human rights standards etc etc. The rest of the world Should follow. We are the best.
      23 hours ago ·  ·  4
    • Robin Johnston Hi Ralph take our constitution book to Court with you open the page that tells us about our freedom of speech and ask the judge to explain what it means!! then say you could not hear him and ask him to speak as loud as he can, then ask him what the PROBLEM IS? lol!
      23 hours ago ·  ·  5
    • Kathleen Sabrina Any way those who think tht u speak to much they mit go to hell becuse this call free speech the cid only going to poeple house for promosyon they must first seat think of 2morrow lol.
      22 hours ago · 
    • Gilles Moulinie Hang in there and don't give up the struggle. Look at how the so Leaders / Dictators are not getting taken out by their own people. One day like my dad always said... He would be proud of you as JBAEM as he was called wrote enough Poison Letters ...this is what SPUP used to call it... He was just expressing the Truth and Freedom of speech ... Freedom of the Press. Have a good Christmas my friends in the Seychelles...and let us all pray for a better New Year for all. Gilles Moulinie, Durban, South Africa.
      22 hours ago ·  ·  2
    • Christina de Comarmond I wish i could be there for support Ralph, but I will be there in spirit.
      21 hours ago · 
    • Elvis Joubert A few weeks ago Lepep stalwart Gustave Decomarmond wrote on his page the following after he was visited by 2 CIDS regarding comments he wrote on facebook about air seychelles.

      "I never knew our freedom of expression on such a popular social network like Facebook could be violated just coz a few 'untouchables' find it hard to swallow the truth & prefer to act as cowards & use their privileges to use the police to come & intimidate me!

      A sad day indeed & wot a worrying state of affairs in this country if FB is now being policed...just coz the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth hurts! Wot next...FB users will start disappearing under 'mysterious circumstances'"
      21 hours ago ·  ·  3
    • Behold TheThinker i wonder how many people will turn up on monday.
      21 hours ago · 
    • Sang Wong A Communist country by any other name!
      19 hours ago · 
    • Sang Wong An ILLEGAL COURT OF APPEALS, in an ILLEGAL SUPREME COURT of an ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT. Time to get rid of the FACADE and set up a country for SEYCHELLOIS PEOPLE. SEYCHELLOIS want their country BACK. NOW!
      19 hours ago · 

      The decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of the Popular Democratic Movement is devoid of legal justification and totally ignores the key provisions of the Constitution regarding the matter of the case. In this decision, the Judges of the Court of Appeal, JJ Macgregor, Twomey and Fernando, have not interpreted the Constitution as it exists, they have written their own. These Judges have decided that the wording of the Constitutional amendment is not suitable and they have made their own amendment.

      In its decision, delivered on December 9, 2011, the Court of Appeal found that the PDM was entitled to a proportionally elected seat in the National Assembly from the result of the general election held on October 1, 2011 because it had obtained over 10% of ‘valid votes’. It thus reversed the majority decision of the Constitutional Court given by CJ Egonda-Ntende and J Gaswaga and of the Seychelles Electoral Commission that the Constitution allocates proportionally elected seats on the basis of total ‘votes cast’ . The decisions of these institutions could have been overturned only with clear Constitutional basis which the Court of Appeal has not been able to provide.

      The Constitution makes very clear and specific distinction between the allocation of seats to directly elected members and to proportionally elected members.

      Article 78 of the Constitution states without ambiguity that the allocation of proportionally elected seats shall be as “specified in schedule 4”.

      This Schedule 4 carries the clear tile “Proportionally Elected Members” and deals only with such members. Thus the Constitution clearly sets different rules for the allocation of these seats. The Judges of the Court of Appeal have no basis for saying that the two must be the same.

      This Schedule 4 contains the provision that has been quoted so often and which was the basis of the Judgement of JJ Egonda-Ntende and Gaswaga of the Constitutional Court.

      “A political party which has nominated one or more candidates in a general election and has polled in respect of the candidates in aggregates 10% or more of the votes cast at the election may nominate a proportionally elected member for each 10% of the vote polled. “

      As the two judges of the Constitutional Court stated in their decision, the Constitution has in several instances used the terms ‘votes cast’ and ‘valid votes’ and it is clear that there are two different meanings. ‘Votes cast’ as stated in Schedule 4 is different from ‘valid votes’.

      Votes cast can only mean votes that are put in the box. As CJ Egonda-Ntende stated, this is the only possible interpretation. The action of casting the vote comes before any interpretation of the vote as being valid or not. If a vote is invalid, it does not alter the fact that it has been cast.

      CAJ Fernando’s statement argues that the Constitution could not have intended to recognise that a person would not vote or would cast an invalid vote. But this is precisely what Schedule 4 does.

      The principle of using total ‘votes cast’ may be misguided. If this is so, then we have to go back and change the Constitution. The Judges have no right to ignore what the Constitution says.

      The Judges of the Court of Appeal have fallen back, as Judge Burhan did in the Constitutional Court Case, on the Elections Act, which prescribes a different method of tallying the votes. But it is very clear that the Elections Act does not apply to Proportionally Elected Seats.

      This is how the Elections Act begins:

      Short title and Application 1. (1) This Act may be cited as the Elections Act.

      (2) This Act shall apply for the purposes of: -

      (a) an election of the President

      (b) an election of a directly elected member of the National Assembly

      (c) a referendum.

      The Act does not include ‘Proportionally Elected Members’ in its stated purpose and makes no mention of proportionally elected seats. In seeking to rest their judgement on it, the Judges are grasping thin air.

      The decision of the Court of Appeal, being so weak in legal justification, undermines the credibility of the Judiciary as the guardian of the Constitution and the law. The decision has grave consequences for our democratic system because it allows the composition of a National Assembly that is not according to the Constitution and by that sets aside the wishes of the electorate.

      The Court of Appeal has, in this ill-considered decision, diminished the credibility of the Constitutional Court, of Chief Justice Egenda-Ntende and of the Seychelles Electoral Commission.

      Seychelles National Party
      December 9, 2011
      19 hours ago ·  ·  1
    • Kareen Laurencine God be with you
      17 hours ago · 
    • Myrna Confait Have faith and believe in you , there are consequences of being a politician, its not an easy job. You trying to find justice and fight for the people's right. Its a long winding road Ralph and lonely but your belief and Passion for it and trustworthy people who believe in you will soldier on hopefully by your side.God luck and god bless,
      17 hours ago ·  ·  1
    • Behold TheThinker i have to see it to believe it. too many cowards around.
      16 hours ago · 
    • Myrna Confait In life, we all can't be doctors, teachers, dentists , mothers and fathers , brothers and sisters. Like there are good politicians and shit politicians.its not about cowardice,, its their lively hood for of the people of Seychelles.Years and years of struggle. Let down numerous time..whether to believe all promises...
      15 hours ago · 
    • Jacques Pool Hold on tight bro! United we stand behind you!
      15 hours ago ·  ·  2
    • Sandra Volcere Hey Dad! Such a shame that it's come to this! I've been trying to call but I can't get through, hope you are safe. I'm so proud that you have the resilience and courage to stand up for what you believe in. Good luck for Monday! Stand tall and stay strong! Xx
      13 hours ago ·  ·  5
    • Guy J. Confait It is one party state. This is what happen.
      10 hours ago · 
    • Doris Volcere Be safe, we stand by you always
      10 hours ago · 
    • Sang Wong You said it Guy! A one man band! A bloody joke if you ask me!
      7 hours ago · 
    • Mirenda Monthy hey ralph stay strong
      29 minutes ago ·