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From Wikepedia - A boycott is a form of consumerism activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for political reasons.

So there we have it.  Following last week's sham Presidential Election, the 3 political party leaders have called  for a boycott of all future elections until James Michel and his Government make major amendments to the Constitution and Elections Act, and start respecting the laws of the land and stop abusing state resources to win elections.  

Buying votes has become a norm under James Michel and his Parti Lepep, and it is time to give the party and its followers a taste of their own medicine.
PUC Truck used in campaign rally while Seychellois suffer without water in their taps


The 25,000 patriotic Seychellois and Seychelloise who voted with their brains for the Opposition must now use their power to bankrupt the businesses of these Parti Lepep supporters and the ones of their corrupt leaders, friends and partners.

Let us stop buying from these people once and for all as the money we spend in their establishments or on their products are then used to make donations to keep Michel and his corrupt party in business.  

For example, start boycotting the businesses of Ramadoss, from his restaurant and hotel at Beau Vallon to his Amusement Centre to his Pirates Arms and to his Ramson Construction Company and to his Printec Press Printing where he still has the largest poster of Michel and Danny Faure still hanging at his premises.  Boycott the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry where Ramadoss is the pseudo Chairman and Dolor Ernesta is his side-kick.

Then start boycotting the insurance brokerage firms of the likes of Dolor Ernesta and France Bonte. Move your business elsewhere or go directly to your insurance company so that these thieves do not get any commissions.

Then boycott Intelvision too and get your own satellite dish if you can afford it, as Intelvision belongs to Mukesh Valabhji, Albert Rene and Joel Morgan.

Then start boycotting the Nation newspaper and stop putting adverts in that rag and on SBC-TV and Radio.  These companies are used by Michel and his sycophants like "Bonne-bouche Onezime" to brainwash the less educated members of our society.

Then boycott all the shops that you know who supported Parti Lepep.  Buy your food and drinks from somewhere else.  Buy your beer, wine and spirits from Opposition companies and shops.

Do not fly Zil Air and do not buy wines from East Indies as these companies belong to Francis, David and Glenny Savy.  Do not buy any computers from Space95 and Paradise Computers or use Kokonet as these companies belong to the likes of Francis Chang-Leng, Moutias, Hendrick Gappy the corrupt electoral commissioner and the Ramanis. 

Do not buy any Yamaha engines or Daihatsu cars from Abhaye Valabhji as they are one of the biggest donors to the Parti Lepep fund. Do not bring your car to Island Motors as Sunny Kan is Albert Rene's partner.

Boycott restaurants, bars, taxis, shops, pharmacies, banks, dentists, doctors, phone companies, fuel stations, newspapers, magazines, farms, take-away shops, construction companies and any other companies that are associated with Parti Lepep. Boycott Alvin Grandcourt, Derek Savy, Chico, Mussard on La Digue, Green on Praslin, Gilbert Pool, Alain St. Ange, STB, the ambassadors and all those other idiots who spoke on behalf of James Michel. Even boycott the Catholic churches whenever Bishop Wiehe or Agathine preaches.

Boycott Khalifa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Emirates Airlines, Four Seasons and Etihad. Boycott the Russians, the Mauritians and the South Africans at Eden Island who have propped up the Michel regime while taking us all for fools. Simply take your business elsewhere.

Boycott all of them and let them suffer for a change. After all, we the opposition people have the buying power in Seychelles.  These 31,000 people who voted for Michel are opportunists, corrupt members of our society and the poor idiots who sold their votes for a 500 rupee note.  

It is time to make them realize that we the Opposition control the country economically, and not them.  Let us use that power to bring them to their knees. When they are bankrupt, they won't have any money to give to Parti Lepep.

I urge our fellow opposition members to post comments online and to let us know the names of companies and individuals that we should boycott in the future.


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Fraudulent Seychelles Presidential Elections - Michel wins shallow victory

The wait is over and the fraudulent results are in.  Michel has won the Seychelles Presidential election by allowing fraudulent voters who bought Seychelles passports to vote for him. See Bloomberg's report below:

May 22 (Bloomberg) -- James Michel won his third term as president of the Seychelles, securing 55.46 percent of the vote yesterday against 41.43 percent for Wavel Ramkalawan, his main opponent.
Both Michel's Parti Lepep and Ramkalawan's Seychelles National Party accused the other of bribing voters on the Indian Ocean archipelago.
About 58,000 eligible voters cast their ballot over a three-day period, out of some 69,000 registered voters. Voting was extended to allow people on outlying islands the chance to participate.
Michel has been in office since 2004 after replacing the People's Party socialist leader France Albert Rene, who came to power in a coup in 1977. Michel was re-elected in 2006 with 53.7 percent of the vote against the 45.7 percent won by Ramkalawan.

What Bloomberg failed to say was that the 3 other candidates boycotted the result announcement and decided to stay away from the farce of an announcement by Electoral Commissioner Hendrick Gappy, one of the kingpin behind the fraudulent election. Ramkalawan, Volcere and Boulle all refused to wait around for the results of an election which was fixed well before the first ballot was cast.  It is now up to the international observers to file their meaningless reports that will state the elections were "free and fair".  

In summary, this election was as far away from free and fair as can ever be imagined. Michel won with manipulation, illegal money and more importantly, by allowing illegal and ineligible Seychellois to vote.  Seychelles is truly doomed for 5 more years while the country is raped by Arabs, Russians, Indians and Chinese. The corruption will simply continue on Monday morning under Ramados, Dolor, Savy, Adam and the rest of the thieving gangs who will return to robbing the people of Seychelles. 

STAR warned for months that this election would be fraught with corruption.  Christopher Gill called for a boycott of this sham election many weeks ago, but no one listened. Maybe now the politicians and opposition members will wake up to this battle cry.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Seychelles Politics

Yes friends, this is our future under James Michel.  Vote well my friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seychelles Presidential Elections - Use of Government Vehicles & Illegal Voters

James Michel and his Parti Lepep have vowed not to do anything illegal during the election campaign.  But as usual, Michel is a liar and can never be trusted.  We offer photographic evidence below of two clear signs of abuse by the ruling party.

Firstly, there is water restriction in the country and Michel says that we have no water to put in dams and that we have no money to build a new dam.  And yet, he finds the funds for large political rallies while asking his supporters to use Government vehicles to carry out his campaign.  Below is a picture of a PUC truck at the rally and there are many more on Facebook. This is not an isolated incident, but quite normal throughout the Parti Lepep campaign. They will stop at nothing to win the elections illegally.


But Michel does not stop just at the illegal use of Government vehicles and intimidation of Government workers.  He has also summoned all overseas ambassadors, their wives, children and all immediate members of their families back to Seychelles so that they can vote illegally. All paid for of course by the Seychelles taxpayers.  Ronny Jumeau from New York, Vivienne Focktave and Claude Morel from Europe, Dick Esparon from India and the list goes on and on.

As everyone is well aware, Seychellois nationals who reside overseas are not allowed to vote.  This was a ploy by Albert Rene and James Michel to prevent legal Seychellois nationals from flying into Seychelles to vote.  Rene and Michel knew that they would lose an election if Seychellois living abroad could exercise their legal voting rights, as most left Seychelles after the coup d'etat to go into exile due to intimidation by Rene, Michel and their Tanzanian AK-47 toting goons. Many Seychellois lost their properties due to illegal Government land acquisition (a la Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe) and even lsot their right to return to their homeland.  

But in the meantime, while legal Seychellois are denied their right to vote, Albert Rene and James Michel have illegally sold thousands of passports to foreigners, regardless of their origin or despite their sordid criminal records.  The passport selling scheme under the Parti Lepep has made millions not for the State coffers, but for the pockets of corrupt Party Lepep officials.  Some even get their passports overnight, depending on the amount of US Dollars that exchange hands illegally. Others like Indian billionaire Sivasankaran "Siva" who became an overnight Seychellois was even doted with an "ambassadorship" by James Michel, when this post had already been promised to ex-President James Mancham. Shameful indeed.  

It is clear that James Michel and his party are not respecting the rules of the election and that this Presidential Election which starts today is wrought in corruption and illegal activities. Our only hope is that the people of Seychelles vote Michel and his bunch of Parti Lepep crooks and cronies out of power before midnight Saturday May 21st.  
Ronny Jumeau flew in from United Nations in New York - cap courtesy of Fidel Castro
and camera courtesy of Seychellois taxpayers!

For those also interested in more injustice under James Michel, please read the following report by Ben Carson titled "Seychelles - Democracy without Freedom":


Sunday, May 15, 2011



We are now entering the final week where Seychellois voters will have to decide who to vote for.

STAR would like to start a poll through this blog site to get the honest opinions of voters.  We want everyone to come online and blog and tell us honestly what they thought of the candidates and their messages during the broadcasts. Let us keep our debates clean and stay away from insulting each other. Instead, let us talk about each of the four candidates and what we really thought of their programs for the future. After all, we will all be voting next weekend for one of those 4 candidates listed below in alphabetical order.

Boulle Philippe - Independent Candidate

Michel James - Party Lepep

Ramkalawan Wavel - SNP

Volcere Ralph - New Democratic Party

Also tell us what is the most important reason for wanting to vote or not vote for a particular candidate. For example, are you concerned with corruption? Is crime, violence and drugs worrying you? Is the state of our health system your primary concern? What about education? And the state of our economy and our bankruptcy and IMF administration? The Police or Army? And what about our lack of investment in areas such as water and electricity? What about sale of State land to foreigners? And what about Seychellois citizenship, passport selling schemes and immigration reforms?  Please feel free to comment and write about your personal concerns and why it will affect the way you vote.


Ballot decides order of candidates’ names and public broadcasts
The Seychelles National Party’s (SNP) candidate will appear at the top of the ballot paper, it was decided by lot yesterday evening.
 Representatives of the various parties witnessing the drawing of lots yesterday

The Parti Lepep candidate will appear at the bottom while that of independent candidateThe order in which the names will appear on the ballot paperPhilippe Boullé will be second, and that of the New Democratic Party (NDP) third.
Mr Boullé will be first in the launching of Party Political Broadcast (PPB) on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s radio and television programmes, followed by Ralph Volcère of the NDP, Wavel Ramkalawan of the SNP and James Michel of the Parti Lepep.
During the Open programme which has been divided into two units of 26 minutes each, Parti Lepep will be first, followed by Mr Boullé, the SNP and the NDP.
Mr Michel will start in the closing PPB, followed by Mr Ramkalawan, Mr Boullé and Mr Volcère in that order.

The order in which the candidates will present their public broadcasts on radio and television

Go ahead and click on Post Comments and let us hear your honest opinion.  After all, this is YOUR blog and YOUR site to blog freely without fear of victimisation.  

Thank you.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

United Nations Slams Seychelles On No Human Rights Record
The United Nations, New York, has cited Seychelles as being in violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights at Geneva Switzerland on April 29th, 2011.
United Nations Building New York
Seventeen Years Head in The Sand
According to the sanction, for Seventeen (17) years the Seychelles, led by SPPF Party-Lepep has been avoiding the scrutiny of the United Nations Human Rights Committee by refusing to submit its initial report which was due in August of 1993.
Party Lepep Communist Leaders
March 21st 2011 Review
On March 21st, 2011, the UN Human Rights Committee reviewed the Seychelles case in absence of a state report (from the Attorney General’s Office).   According to the Press Release from centre for Civil and Political Rights, the state of Seychelles, “failed to take advantage of the committee‘s invitation to attend the session and engage in a dialogue with the Committee members”.
Govinden (pledging allegiance to Seychelles or to Michel?
We will recall that the Attorney General Ronny Govinden was during this time, was actually before the Supreme Court of Seychelles, arguing before the Court to den registration of the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) of its registration as a political party to protect Party Lepep communists from defeat at the polls.
Hence, the Attorney General was actively engaging in efforts to deny a segment group its political rights, when he should have been before the UN Human Rights Committee to be educated on safe guarding Human Rights in Seychelles according to the Eight (8) UN Conventions Seychelles is a signing party to.
The report says, the violation of obligations to not file reports, demonstrates that the States (Seychelles) disregard for other articles of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, making it even more important for the situation in Seychelles to be reviewed.  This means that the CCPR believes Seychelles may very likely not be respecting conventions on international human Rights obligations, which we believe is the understatement of the 21st century to describe state action in Seychelles.

The light is now on in this dark room!

Bouncing Jean Paul Adam Hits The Roof
Jean-Paul Adam 
In reply to this press release, which all international organizations will have received and international banks which Seychelles has obligations with, and possibly some pending loans, Minister Jean Paul Adam did a press release, pulling out the small nations island state story, saying Seychelles is small state, and has a limited budget, and we have been busy under reform, blah, blah, blah and more blah, blah, blah.
The communist born, bred, fed, educated minister made this self incriminating statement on SBC, the nation’s only TV news station, which is fully controlled by his communist party.
We will   recall junior Minister Adam is the same person who recently referred to dictator Muammar Gaddafi as “BROTHER GADDAFI”, in a cocktail in honor of the dictator’s friendly relations with the Seychelles, was seen noticeably jumping up and down in a bouncing regime on SBC.
Gaddafi - Friend on Party Lepep
Minister Adam said that Seychelles was too busy to file these reports, and lacked funding.  But he did not say that the Human Rights Commission had been formed to file these reports.  Nor did he say that the Office of the Ombudsman was in place since 1993 to file reports in cooperation with the Attorney General on Human Rights.
Instead, the reality is that these institutions have been nothing but window dressing of a fake democracy, which has now been exposed by LUNGOS and the victims of the regime, which includes the MSR and their activities.

The Right and Governance Commission NGO Report
There are Five (5) prominent cases in this report.  Of the Five (5) Three (3) cases involve MSR activist or its leader, attempting to register a political party.  There is one case of extrajudicial killing reported in 2010, Tirant vs Republic.  Another case of Desuabin vs. Republic who was evicted from his business premises on the inter island quay on Human Rights Day.
The MSR cases are Batin vs Republic, which involves two incidences of attempted murder of Anthony Battin, an MSR activist; and the case of Jean Paul Isaac vs Republic, which involves the case of Jean Paul Isaac’s detention, and beating at the Police station Port Glaud in December 2010.  Mr.  Isaac is the Political Affairs Officer of the MSR.
What is noticeable in the report is the lack of issues presented by the NDP.   None.  They have been barking here and there to sell paper, but when the issue of Human Rights is critical to the country, they have gone silent and do not follow through.  It is in the follow through that progress is made for all of us.
To credit of the Seychelles National Party (SNP), there is one case cited on permission to hold meetings in public being denied by the commissioner of Police under the One Party State Public Orders Act (1991, et al), which Rene party democracy.  SNP vs. Commissioner of Police. 
Even this issue, I had to push Ramkalawan in a meeting to raise and press as the lead party.  It was a little like forcing a camel to drink water.
Wavel Ramkalawan-Leader of SNP and of the Opposition

Ramkalawan-bludgeoned to near death by Party Lepep & Michel's goons

Critic of the SBC, which is sufficient to sound off alarm bells on the health of the democracy were clearly stated and perhaps, this is what alarmed the Centre for civil and Political Rights (CCPR) on Seychelles flagrant abuse of international conventions and the United Nations (UN Human Rights Commission) that Seychelles is threading on “rogue state status” under the PL and James Alix Michel as its President and Danny Faure as its Vice President.
Cuba Communist Trained Danny Faure

The UN should know that Mr. Michel has no higher education beyond secondary schooling and Mr. Faure has a degree in political science from Cuba earned under a scholarship program me Fidel Castro offered Seychelles not under Raul Castro, the reformist leader .  
Castro - Party Lepep Communist Ally
So you are put on notice as to what you are really dealing with. We must respect titles, but we must not be fooled by them. This is life in the 21st century.

Finally, we cannot finish the article without mentioning the case of Laurence Wells versus Republic. 
Laurence Wells
Mr. Wells was recruited to work for a Russian group that own the Coral Strand Hotel at Beau Vallon. He was from the USA and was illegally terminated from employment.
Mr. Wells was a victim of the system in place in Seychelles that has a tendency to render judgment based on political contacts. Though he lost his case and was deported for not having the right contacts in Seychelles, Mr. Wells case shows one thing: Corruption in Seychelles is highly prevalent and that in itself is killing foreign direct investment (FDI) each day under communist rule of the Party Lepep.
Mr. Wells has appealed his case to the international courts and the ILO. He has also filed a case in the Federal District Court of New York for violating the rights of a US citizen.
The Party Lepep thugs who burnt my garage shed down and shot my truck with a nine mm pistol and stole $10,000 dollars of campaign materials from my office, will want to follow carefully this case, it applies to you. Mr. Michel I am waiting for my cheque for damages to my property. I suggest you call your president’s Principal Secretary instruct her to contact me and I will provide her the amount to settle my loss caused by agents. Do not send cash, and do not cross the cheque. I will not accept third party cheques either.
It shows how far one must go to seek justice in Seychelles, these days. The United States of America, must be ashamed of itself to have a drone surveillance base stationed in Seychelles, a country that is communist led, with such a pathetic human rights record: NO RECORD, ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISION.
I will alert Mr. Wells of this article and I will ask him to push it forward to his Congressmen in New York and force questions on Seychelles on the floor of the US Congress and call for an investigation on who agreed on stationing these drones in Seychelles without calling the communist government in Seychelles to task on Human Rights.

Today in the world the rising nations in the world that have lived through tyranny and communism for decades, want real democratic reforms to take place in their countries.  All People are born free and titled to freedom that western states afford their own citizens. It is not politically correct today, to allow freedom to reign at home, and ignore the lack of freedom in other states if it is expedient and convenient to do so for short term political or economic gains.
This story is being played out around the Middle East today as the USA and EU are called to task for their double standards. The era of double standards for freedom and democracy will end the 21st Century.

Mark my words PL communist, put the date of this article down in your diary of failures and remember it every year when you sulk over your disaster like management of Seychelles!

In Seychelles, the UK and France, Italy,Spain which all form part of the EU are most guilty for kissing up and playing lip service to true democratic values in Seychelles. The time has come for EU, UK to put their interest truly at the forefront for the long term and press the communist government of PL in the Seychelles, to respect true democratic norms, and fundamental human Rights in Seychelles.  We Seychellois are not exceptions to Human Rights! We are part of the rule!

Even Prince William and Kate Middleton are having their honeymoon in Seychelles, where we face a communist regime daily. This is where they will spend their money and set an example for the world to the same!
Prince William and Kate Middleton 
There is no Seychelles version of the human rights. There is no Seychelles version of the extra judicial killing or Seychelles version of peaceful protest so long as it is in your closet, so no one hears you, or you protest while sitting on your toilette so it all stays clean.

The Seychelles is a signing country to Eight (8) international conventions on the civil and political rights and we as citizens demand our rights today. We the people of Seychelles hold the USA and EU accountable for the double standards they have played in Seychelles out of political expediency and politeness to the ruling communist party of James Michel.
We will expose this double standard until the Seychelles government, led by a communist party, is held to task to respect individual human rights of all its citizens and all its guests.
Judge Karunakaran

No kangaroo court led by Judge Karunakaran will change the Universal Human Rights Conventions.

People of Seychelles open your eyes!  
Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill


Viral Dhanjee & Running Mate

From the Residence of Viral V. Dhanjee
Union Vale
I, Viral V. Dhanjee, protest most forcefully the fact that my right to participate, as a presidential candidate, in the upcoming Presidential elections has been denied.
I firmly believe that single-handedly I and I alone, would have thrown the Presidential Elections into a second round. That would have been ONE of my main objectives in wanting to take part in this coming Presidential Election.
Throwing the elections into a second round would have had the effect of redefining the political landscape of Seychelles, ensure an irreversible boost to democracy in the Seychelles and an important step to taking the people of Seychelles to the next level as ADVANCED CITIZENS.
Without me in the game, I do not believe that the election will go into a second round.
Furthermore, I believe that in this very important election the SNP should have fielded their strongest team and not their reserve team as it is impossible to win against the SPPF/LE PEP even when the opposition is in majority. That, I believe, was the case in 2001, 2006 and 2007.
The second round would have been played between the giants in any case. I fail to see what anyone could have been scared of if I had been allowed to exercise my constitutional right and participate as a candidate. Whichever of the two giants actually won at the end of the day would have a more politically mature population to govern.  What could possibly be so bad with this? ? On the other hand the population would have had much more transparency and good governance from the ruling party. Isn’t that a most wonderful legacy for anyone to have?
With the elections being played out in the first round only there can and will be only two winners, namely the presidential candidates of the two big parties, with both getting their wages, pensions and gratuities.
If the elections are played out over two rounds the additional winner by far is the People of Seychelles. Only then can we truthfully claim the slogan ‘Winning for all Seychellois’.
In his autobiography “Distant Horizons—My Reflections’, which he would have us accept as his legacy, presidential candidate James Michel has omitted many chapters to which another can now be added; that of democracy under his rule and the state he leaves it in when he finally goes.
I also believe that the electoral ballot paper should include a blank space for those who have no confidence in any of the proposed candidates and believe that no one deserves their vote.
I am filing a case in the Constitutional Court of Seychelles to contest the decision of the Electoral Commissioner to deny me my right to participate, as a presidential candidate in the elections and I will seek an injunction to have the elections and the election campaign stopped until my participation is approved.
I have also advised the Commonwealth Secretariat of this serious breach of my constitutional rights.

Viral V. Dhanjee
Union Vale
3rd. May 2011


5th. May 2011
Press Release 2

I, Mr. Viral Dhanjee, proposed Independent Presidential Candidate advise
that I will be in court on Friday May 6 th, 2011 Victoria , Mahe Seychelles, to
hear a Motion seeking injunctive relief, to Stay the Presidential Elections of
2011, pending the certification of myself, Mr. Dhanjee as an Independent Presidential
Candidate by the Courts .

I, Mr. Dhanjee assert that my constitutional rights as a citizen of Seychelles
have been grossly abridged and compromised by the Electoral Commissioner Mr.
Hendrick Gappy.

The sitting will commence at 2.00pm.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Viral Dhanjee blocked from participating in Seychelles Presidential Elections

Mr. Viral Dhanjee, a prominent Seychelles society personality has been categorically blocked from participating in the upcoming Presidential Elections by Mr. Hendricks Gappy, the Electoral Commissioner in the Republic of Seychelles.
Hendricks Gappy - the Not-so-independent Electoral Commissioner who takes orders from James Michel

This block of certifying Mr. Dhanjee as an independent presidential candidate comes after the Commissioner of Elections blocked the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) from being registered as a political party.
The leader of MSR, Christopher Gill, has called for a general boycott of the Elections believed to be rigged and a sham.
Christopher Gill - MSR Party Leader banned from taking part in the elections 
MSR Flag

The blocking of Mr. Dhanjee as a candidate is another nail in the coffin of these rigged sham elections in Seychelles. It is an overt display of selective discrimination to help the party in power, Party Lepep.

Nomination Day 
The rational of blocking Mr. Dhanjee is that of the 670 signatures he submitted, with ID card numbers, only 474 were fully complete after they were closely scrutinized by Election officials. This means Mr. Dhanjee was short of 26 signatures. However, Nomination Day had not closed yet, and Mr. Dhanjee could have easily been given the opportunity to get 26 signatures, before the close of the day. He was not given this opportunity. It is highly unreasonable to not permit him to cure any defaults,  if any.

Mr. Dhanjee believes that his candidacy would garner at least 12% of the vote from intellectuals and grassroots disgruntled with the ruling Pary Lepep led by incumbent James Michel, and the placated SNP opposition led by Wavel Ramkalawan.
Wavel Ramkalawan - SNP Presidential candidate 
With his 12% vote support, Mr. Dhanjee says that this would push a second round and the norms of democracy in Seychelles will then begin to take root. By him being blocked from participating in contravention of the Constitution of Seychelles, Mr. Dhanjee believes that the possibility for a second round is now slight with the current list of candidates.

Mr. Dhanjee will be writing the Commonwealth to brief them on this undemocratic blockade of his candidacy and he will take appropriate court action.

It is now becoming clear that some citizens can participate in the political affairs of the country, and others cannot.

If Seychelles is a democracy, it did not look like one on Nomination Day with the refusal of Mr. Dhanjee‘s right to participate and no MSR candidate allowed to be present let alone be permitted to exist.

Mr. Dhanjee was a registered member of the MSR and decided to attempt to participate in the election process after the MSR had been blocked by the Supreme Court from being registered.

Mr. Dhanjee has lost a battle, but he has not lost the war. By blocking him, it is in fact the Party Lepep who is losing the war. On the sidelines, the opposition candidates of SNP, NDP and Mr. Boulle have thus far remained silent on blocking of candidates in the process.
Philippe Boulle - Independent Presidential Candidate

Ralph Volcere - New Democratic Party Presidential Candidate

In the end, another court case for Hendricks Gappy, the not so independent Electoral Commissioner to deal with after the sham election is over! The elections in Seychelles is clearly rigged in favour of the incumbent Party Lepep and its leader James Michel who participated in the June 5th 1977 Coup D'Etat to oust the then legally elected Sir James Mancham from power.
Power Hungry James Michel (left) with Kalashnikof Sub-Machine gun

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Hurdles To Rigging An Election Then A Coup?

I have written about the election process being a SHAM PROCESS in Seychelles politics in the past. As the leader of the MSR, a party that filed for registration with the Office of the Political Party Registrar and Electoral Commissioner, I have had a first hand personal impression of the state of mind of the Electoral Commissioner Mr. Hendricks Gappy. Those impressions, accumulated over a period of over Ten (10) months of seeking registration of our party, has given me a keen insight into his role in executing the election  process. Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware!

Hendricks Gappy 
The Voters List

The Voters List is open for inspection Two (2) weeks out of each year during the last Two (2) weeks of January. While the List is open for inspection, you are allowed to verify your own name only, and cannot inspect the veracity of any other name on the List or district a person is registered. You also cannot raise an issue concerning whether a person is a bona fide citizen of Seychelles. This is taboo. Reason being, many naturalized citizens  have been granted citizenship while under Gainful occupation Permit (GOP) or never spent in residence, Five (5) years in Seychelles. They are in the thousands, after 34 years of dictatorship.

While the List is open for only Two (2) weeks, the caretaker of the List, in the past, Chief Voter Register, occupied his post all year round, making adjustments to the List year round, and not giving the Public any Notice of the changes he makes. There is no Notice by Publication of the changes, nor is there a publication of all the names in the Gazette or Nation.  The changes are made in secrecy, hardly a democratic practice. Parties get a copy of the Voters List, after the fact, after the changes have been made. The un-coding of the changes, is a monumental task to say the least without Notice of changes being made public.

This naturally allows the Chief Voter Register, under instructions from the Electoral Commissioner, an open opportunity to manipulate the Voters Lists as they choose. Who will monitor them year round? Answer: No one will and no one does.

From our interactions with the office, we have learned that no one in Election Commissioner’s office, takes a step without the approval of the Electoral Commissioner himself. When he says stagger and delay, the whole office structure comes to a stand still. When he says, move expeditiously, they do so.

In one instance, in a call from Gappy’s office they advised us that there were Seychellois (e) on our party members list that are not in the country, but they had departed Seychelles recently.  So what?

Are Seychellois who become members of a political party not free to exit and enter Seychelles as they please?

The answer is “it depends which party you belong to”. But the insight into this assertion is that they closely monitor entry and departure of citizens, on the List, and hence the opportunity for Voter List manipulation arises if there is collusion with a participating party or candidate and the Office of the Chief Registrar and Electoral Commissioner.

5,000 Fabrike Voters

In the Election of 2006, I met the Chief Registration Officer in the Domestic Car Park by coincidence. He was sitting on a car drinking beer, and a few Seybrew’s ( about Eight (8) ) were accumulated by a car tire. I asked him in passing, how are you, you seem like you are depressed? He replied and explained to me briefly, he cannot manipulate more then 5,000 votes on a Voter List. Beyond that, it becomes humanly impossible to control under the veil of secrecy. When he saw my eyes pop out, on the assertion, he changed subject, as if he had alerted me to a deeply held secret. He did, unless the Seybrew was doing all the talking. Ironically, the results of the last Election when PL faced a united opposition was not much more then 2,500 swing votes for a victory and the soldiers with AK-47’s had circles National Library while the vote results were being announced.

18 Year Old Citizen and Eligible To Vote

A key component of voting is that a Citizen has achieved the age of majority Eighteen (18) resides in Seychelles for the statutory period and can vote. This condition presupposes that a person will find their way to their respective polling stations on the day of the vote. If they are out of country, they will not be able to vote under the current system. If they are sick in bed or hospitalized, jailed, they will not be able to vote. The Electoral Commissioner goes to great lengths to insure that people are able to vote in the elections that otherwise would not be able to. Arguably this effort by his office is ultra vires of his scope of duty and goes beyond his mandate. We need to take a closer look at this effort.

Voting On Silhouette An Excursion That Can Open The Door For Voter Fraud

Emergency Services of the State are advised by the Electoral Commissioner, to submit a list of names to his office, to allow persons engaged in emergency services to vote on Silhouette or at National Library. This List is submitted very early in the process, allowing the possibility that the list can make its way into the hands of someone who would use it to rig an election if there is collusion at play. ID cards can be made in duplicate quickly, and puff, the emergency worker votes once at National House, then an imposter or self, can vote again in his District. The purple ink on the finger placed after a vote, I understand can be removed with the right chemical. With the right chemical, anything can be removed. If a party was executing a fraudulent election strategy, it is reasonable to assume, that they will get the right chemical to remove the ink from the voters fingers.  How many emergency workers will there be in an election? 1000, 2000, 3,000? How many times will they vote?

Naturally, the Commonwealth will not know who is an emergency worker, but local NGO’s would. The Commonwealth will just observe that voting is proceeding smoothly between visits to stations. If there is fraud, it is patent, and not viewable to the naked Commonwealth eye browsing from station to station on voting day. By co-incidence, local NGO’s have been excluded as Election Observers by the Electoral Commissioner, hence another nail in the coffin of credibility of the process.

Mahe Workers On Praslin Working

Last week the Electoral Commissioner sent out a letter to all hotels on Praslin, asking that they submit names of all workers from Mahe working on Praslin, early, again, to insure they are allowed to vote on Praslin. What is the Electoral Commissioner doing sending out letters to create a Master List of Mahe residents, working on Praslin? There is no statutory precedence that allows this. If there was statutory precedence, it is undemocratic.

This list is a micro composite grouping of the Voters List, a sub list created without the Public’s knowledge. It is illegal. How can one insure that such a list does not get into the wrong hands? We cannot of course, and that should be enough reason to be alarmed of the potential for rigging votes that can show SHAM elections are at play. Another nail into the coffin of credibility of the process.

Only last month we were told the Voters List is not credible yet, because 2,000 transfers had to be processed. These workers that must live on Praslin, they are not transfers? More nails to the coffin of credibility of the process.

A Glaring Conflict of Interest

We all know Mr. Gappy is appointed by James Michel who is a Presidential candidate. Gappy’s office used the Attorney General’s office to defend its case against MSR. Mr. Gappy did not seek independent consul to prosecute this case. The Attorney General is a State Consul at the service of the President of the Republic. This is a clear case of uncontested Conflict of Interest.

Michel (The Boss) & Gappy (The Worker)

If Gappy employed Mr. Boulle for all his affairs, and Mr. Boulle was a Presidential candidate, PL would stay silent? No. Another nail into the coffin of credibility to the process.  

The Mahe residents- Praslin workers list can have as much as another 1,000 voters on it.

The Electoral Commissioner should not be babying voters to the polling booth with this list and that list. It is a red flag.  Everyone should choose to either make their way to the voting booth or choose not to vote. In the National Assembly we have seen that ABSTENTION from voting is a recorded vote. If a person cannot vote for whatever reason, it is the luck of the draw. No voter should be assisted to vote, certainly not through supplemental lists. The balance of victory or defeat may well hinge on these lists.

Sheik Khalifa Pumps Millions and Hundreds of Millions Three (3) Weeks Before Elections

The UAE and Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed Al Nayan, has been pumping Millions of US Dollars into projects days before the Presidential elections to insure that James Michel wins without a contest. This is now approaching $ 100 Million. If all else fails, and the Electoral Commissioner cannot deliver the desired results, the thinking appears to be that the money will seize the day for PL and James Michel.

Sheikh Khalifa - Influencing Seychelles Politics

The settlement for La Misere Delo kaka is over Sr. 80 Million, alone, including 37 houses at Petit Barbaron, where Rene resides, though there are only 17 houses there, and they do not get water from a contaminated source. Sheik Khalifa and Ascon seems to have been taken on a ride by PL on this settlement.

If the entire settlement is audited, one will stumble upon other irregularities.  In the end, the people really affected by the Tort will suffer the most and receive less then what they are entitled to.

People of Seychelles, open your eyes.

Call For Ethics Commission By Michel

To cover up the SHAM in play James Michel has called for an Ethics Committee Three (3) weeks before the elections. This is ridiculous. Such a Committee will just be a talk shop to keep the talkers busy for Michel. He will not attend and can use it as a smoke screen to go on shamming and rigging the elections to completion. Anyone that participates in such sham process is fooling themselves.

When All Else Fails, Just Do A Coup!

If the Voters List rig does not work, the Sheik Khalifa and UAE money does not help, and Michel does not get 50% plus One (1) vote, his past actions give you a reasonable indication of what his future course of conduct will be: “Just Do A Coup”. His latest book glorifies this stage of his life history, it made no excuses. In fact, he seems to give the impression that the Kalashnikov and AK-47 machine gun are mightier then a People, and perhaps a God like tool in as much as a few men (10 -15) with a Kalashnikov or AK-47 can shape history for generations to come.
James Michel (left, holding the machine gun) 
State House Informants royal to “Sesel Pou Seselwa” have advised us that Michel has met with Soldiers asking for their loyalty to him in the event an election does not go democratically in his favor.

But in 2011, Michel will find that is a very tall unreasonable order. Seychelles is still BANKRUPT under his leadership.

The International Criminal Courts (ICC) are putting soldiers on trial and dictators who use arms and force on their people to suffocate the freewill of the people. The lack of respect for the Right to Assembly, The Right to Freedom of Expression, The Right to Hold and Impart Belief‘s within dictator states like Seychelles, is causing an uproar in the international community through out the Middle East region and Africa.
No Seychelles Defense Force soldier of sound mind will turn a weapon AK-47 on his people in this era. If they do, they must know that they will be held accountable before international courts and they will answer for crimes committed upon a civilian population.

What Will Happen To Michel?

If James Michel fails to get 50% plus One (1) vote, and someone else does, and he loses, and resorts to coup, we only have to look at His Ex- Excellency Dictator Hosni Mubarak to know what will happen to Michel.

After putting on a show of being larger then life, and accumulating over $70 Billion in wealth, Mr. Mubarak is currently sitting in a hospital- prison bed. After he was removed from power as Boss of Egypt, a little detail emerged: he was not 35 as he looked from frequent facelifts and Botox injections and he was living all along because he was under special medication, having to take a little tiny heart pill once a day. Once deposed, he had no reason to live, so he stopped taking the little heart pill, voluntarily, in order that he not face charges for corruption and murder of his own people.

What About SNP , NDP, Boulle and etc?

Do they believe the process is rigged? No.
Do they believe the Elections are a SHAM? No.
Do they believe Michel will likely stage a Coup if he loses? No.
Do they believe Mr. Gappy is a trusted independent Electoral Commissioner of Elections ? Yes, they are falling in line under his tutelage one by one not even united as one opposing force.

People of Seychelles, open your eyes, BOYCOTT Sham Elections, and do not be part of this un credible process that SNP and NDP will help to make credible for the benefit of he who rigs elections like a master of the AK- 47 he is.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!