Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the subject of Immigration


David Petersik is a Czech National who has applied for Seychellois citizenship according to a notice in Seychelles Nation published 17/05/10. We object to this application as this person is operating an illegal guesthouse - Villa Vanilla - which is being advertised on Czech websites. Mr. Petersik is therefore flouting this country's rules and regulations and doing business ILLEGALLY in our country and dodging tax payments. There are too many of these shady characters that come here in our country to snap up prime real estate and conveniently build mansions to convert them into underground hotels, milking the system, displacing our population and laughing all the way to the back.
In fact, there are several Czechs and Russians who have acquired property in the Belle Vue (Port Glaud) area and they are all minting it! Thanks to the slack immigration rules and regulations of the SPPF government.

Herewith the translation off the website:
Description of the activity:
family pension villa vanilla, Vanilla offers accommodation in an paradise - on the island Mahé - Seychelles. Outside accommodation we are able to provide you an active holiday. It is possible to here to tennis, golf, fishing, diving or traveling on the islands.
Contact information:
name of company: David Petersik
branch of activity: accommodation - pensions
type of activity: services
company's registered office: Usti region

Letter of Objection

Christopher C. Gill
Anse Takamaka, Praslin, Seychelles, Tel 248 711964, Fax: 248 232814

May 18th, 2010

The President’s Office
State House

Department of Internal Affairs
Citizenship Officer
Immigration Division
Independence House


Dear Sirs/Madam:

I am writing pursuant to notice in the Nation dated May 17th, 2010, Section 5(2) or Section (6) Notice of intention to apply for naturalisation by Mr. David Petersik, Czech Republic citizen.

I am registering officially an objection to the naturalisation of this individual as a Seychellois, under the following grounds:
1. Entry into Seychelles in 2004 is not in itself grounds to qualify for Citizenship;
2. During the time since 2004, the applicant has been in and out of Seychelles, and has not been permanently in Seychelles for over Five (5) years;
3. The Applicant says he qualifies for Citizenship because he has substantial investments in Seychelles, and this in itself is not acceptable for grant of Citizenship. Financial investments in Seychelles, are done for a profit and Citizenship should not be tied to that as a matter of national principle and national honour;
4. The special circumstance which qualifies the Applicant for Citizenship is cited as:”I am a resident of Seychelles. I have business interests in Seychelles and I have invested substantially in Seychelles”. These special circumstances are erroneous. Residency was applied for by the applicant, because he wanted another domicile other than the Czech Republic. Having business interests in Seychelles likely sustained him while living here. Substantial investments have not been substantiated by the Applicant, nor should it even be relevant, and nor is it a favour to the People of Seychelles to make such investments. Investments are made for profit and personal in nature. Taxes paid are contribution to the maintenance of infrastructure and social programmes.
5. The Applicant has demonstrated no integration or contribution to the cultural and social life of the Seychellois People, to warrant consideration of Citizenship, nor has be demonstrated spousal support of a Seychellois national for the same.

For these reasons the application for Citizenship must be denied.


Christopher C. Gill


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gill, I am proud of you. It is about time that Seychellois people start objecting to these bogus applications for citizenship. You are doing the job of the Opposition and even SPPF members. They should be the ones objecting to all these foreigners wanting our citizenship. As for the Russians/Czechs taking over Port Glaud, this has been publicized before and no one in Government seems to care. Makes me wonder if they are paying bribes to Government officials.

Well done Mr. Gill and keep up the great work to save our nation from this influx of foreigners buying up our country and getting our passports.

Anonymous said...

Father Ramkalawan - object to a few, show them that you are sharp.

Start with SIVA's work barckwards.

I am proud to be an SNP!

Don't let me down.

Tell them you are not a millionaire priest.

Go ahead, tell them, we are right behind you Father.

Tell them Bernard Georges is not the lawyer of Khalifa on the Scr 1.00 sale from Government at La Misere.

Go tell them Father. Put these people in their place.

A Proud SNP

Anonymous said...

Seen 32 years PP dont care for his own peoples.why sould they care now what Arabs/Russians/Czechs are doing.We have to remove PP=Pirates Party in the next election 2011.SNP win it will be ok for a change,At the momment our laeder Mr Gill can not put his candidate to stand with Michel for the next elecetion.I dont want to see PP to rule for another 4 years and other 4 years of corruption and Distruction.Because we Rasin we are just on the rise.But if SNP chose the same road like PP.Rasin will not wait a 4 yaers to Remove SNP.We will remove them as soon as possibel.


Anonymous said...

THe fact that one does not publish letters to oppose people that want to become Seychellois does not mean they do not submit them.( I personally submitted one against Livio Lang)
After all this is only the 2nd letter Mr Gill has publicly published. Does this mean it is only the 2nd time he objects. I dont think so. If it is then it shows that he has only just taken this stance and has been asleep for the past 19 years like he accuses many other of having been.

Jean Pierre Servina

Anonymous said...

Mr. Servina, with all due respect, is it up to Mr. Gill alone to object? What about the other 80,000 or so Seychellois?

It never ceases to amaze me how we continue to attack the people that are trying to create a better country for all of us. I do not agree with everything Mr. Gill does or say, but at least he is fighting for all of us and for a better Seychelles.

What are you and others doing to create a better life for our fellow citizens instead of simply attacking others like Gill who are working hard to change our country? Even SNP and Wavel are fighting, even if we don't all see what they do on a daily basis. Ralph Volcere is no saint but at least he puts out a paper with hard hitting articles against this corrupt Jj Government. Again, where are all the opposition people? I understand that an SPPF will not and cannot challenge the status quo, but what about the 46% who voted for Wavel in the last election?

Have we become so complacent that we cannot raise a finger to help our own country? Wake us Seychellois! James Michel and his gang of thieves have taken us for a long ride in the desert, and while he rides first class, we are left to trudge in the desert without water and without a camel in sight.

Patrick X said...

Bez zot mem! These are indeed in Seychelles for one sole purpose:

- To milk the system and white-wash dirty money

Well done Chris! I wish every application for citizenship would be posted so we all could send a letter of protest where applicable.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I refer to Anonymous post, incidentally last election held in Seychelles was in 2007, SNP won 43% of the popular votes in all district. In 2006,the Presidnetial elections Ramkalawan won 46% of the votes. Before you ask where are the people who voted for Ramakalwan, maybe you should ask Ramkalwan what he meant by 'mon remersi bondye mon pa ti ganny eleksyon'!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, James Michel,Wavel Ramkalawan, Ralph Voolcere and all the Alibaba politicias have taken you (and Seychelles) for a ride! Ask yourself whether the PEOPLE have not gotten the politicians they deserve, since they are so complacent!

Anonymous said...


Although I do in believe in controlled immigration and ensuring that ll those who seek citizenship should do so with the best interests of our Republic. However may I also remind you that this nation was forged on the principle of immigration. I do not believe that any of us are indigenious to these island and until somebody can prove otherwise I firmly believe that it is highly hypocritical. Pursuing such a path can be highly detrimental not only to ourselves as a nation but is also in contradiciton with the ideals upon which this nation was built, namely fraternity. Denying individuals citizenship is therefor what you want to avoid Sesel pour Seselwa


Anonymous said...

It is precisely what we are trying to do here! To control immigration. It is not because we were founded on the principles of immigration that we have to leave the door wide open for anyone to settle at their own free will.
We are a very small country. We are not America (the land of opportunity) with vast uninhabitable land and resources that we can invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to partake.
If we agree to this principle then we are irresponsible towards our people.
In the case of this Czech national do you think it is justified? In your right mind will you accept that all the 'new foreigners' carve up all the prime real estate with all their slush funds, become the 'nouveau riche' of our society and relegate the pti Seselwa who is struggling in a 'lakaz lapin lo komblaz' to make ends meet and sacrifice to pay for the bankruptcy of James Michel & co?
I don't think so my brother!
We are not anti foreigner. We are pro Seselwa. Seselwa who have been here since the birth of our nation. Seselwa who were brainwashed with promises of a better tomorrow by the architects of 'larevolysion' and find themselves today (more than 30 years later)in rags. But the architects themselves are living like kings!!!
Do you think the people will continue to stomach all this for the sake of the founding immigration principles?
Dream on...you are probably one who depends on handouts and a cut from the 'new immigrants' buying their way to Seselwa citizenship.
Zot annou serye nou! Cabri in fini manze salad e nou ankor pe pise lo bor semen!!

Anonymous said...

The Seychellois Nation was founded on the single overriding principle of "Sesel Pou Seselwa". On June 29th 1976, a distinct people called the Seychellois People was created. It seems Publius is late in the debate.

All countries are entitled to protect their borders and immigration entry, residency, exit, citizenship. In fact, most countries today, are imposing stricter laws and regulation, not loosening them up. Are they hypocritical?

The argument that control of immigration is hypocritical is an argument intended to wash over the SPPF PP scheme of selling thousands of passports.

If the granting of Citizenship in Seychelles was done seriously, based on national pride and honour, and PP was not displacing Seychellois in their own country, there would be no need for a nationalist movement. The fact that PP has forgotten the underlying founding principle of Seychelles, is the cause for alarm.

Publius is fundamentally, lost.

Anonymous said...

Somebody told me that a non Seychellois Citizen married to a Seychellois Citizen will have to fork out Rs 150 000 (US $ 16 0000) if that person was to ask for Seychellois nationality!

Anonymous said...

you may claim that Publius is wrong yet the truth of the matter is that the Seychelles were not founded in 1976 but over a century earlier under the auspices of a crown colony. Therefore equating the rise of nationalist doctrine (which you are clearly advocating) with immigration of the previous few decades is erroneous in all respects.

Anonymous said...

Gill, Houareau et al.

What were your reasons for asking American citizenship?

How much did you contribute to that society before you got citizenship?

Be transparent. Publish the details of your naturalisation application.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Publius-

Of course Publius is wrong. He sounds like the guy who came up with the Gold Card system for tourist to visit our islands and sites.

Seychelles was discovered and colonized hundreds years ago. As a colony, we were not a people. Even "French Canadians" came from Seychelles, at that time.

On June 29th, 1976, we the People of Seychelles, became a distinct people, identifiable by our common culture, langauge, social- habits, and way of life,heritage.

"Sesel Pou Seselwa" is the founding principle of this little tiny island Nation state.

"Not Sell Baby Sell".

The right to protect ones identity and culture through immigration,access to citizenship is protected under United Nations Declarations.

Nothing hypocritical about that, unless you do not consider yourself Seselwa, but rather, a french - islander.

Unfortunately, while running about stealing what they can after the coup, SPPF forgot about the founding principle of the Republic.

Now it is time to remember, and never forget again. What they have forgotten, we must correct.

In this mission, we have not time for half truths (sophistry)

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Publius,you should ask the "INUIT" how do they feel to be colonised and brutalized by immigrants?

We not indigenious,but the blend of our nation was made centuries ago and that gave birth to SESLWA NATION .
The blend has been done centuries ago and we are not going to let foreigners modify it and tell us what is better for us.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I reply to transparent-

Regarding my US Passport. I obtained it when I was nine years old. My Mother made me a citizen.

I did not pay for it.

At the time, I cut grass to earn extra money in the neighborhood that I lived in. I also washed cars.Grass earned me about $5.00 a job. Bigger jobs $10.00. Cars went for $1.00 or $2.00 if they were big. I still do both jobs today, cut grass and wasj cars.

I do not know what reasons she stated that allowed me to be granted citizenship.

It became convenient after the coup and Mancham was deposed, Rene and the Ferrari Klan, Michel, were packing everyone into NYS.

Lately I use it to enter Seychelles, as I cannot trust the government of James Michel to keep me safe. I maintain regular contact with the US Embassy, who encourage me to use my right of Free Speech in Seychelles.

Christopher Gill

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

So are you loyal to the United States of America or the Republic of Seychelles?

If it is Seychelles are you in principle happy with the concept of "passports of convienience"?

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Anonymous (last one):

If other countries want to allow their passports to be used as passports of convenience as you put it, that is their business. Other countries do what they consider to be in their best national interest.

And if a foreign country does allow such passports of convenience, and any individual Seselwa Rasin takes advantage of those laws to obtain a passport of convenience, that is the individual Seselwa Rasin's business. It does not concern us in The Mouvman.

Our motherland was founded on the principle of Sesel Pou Seselwa - the native people of Seychelles on June 29th 1976 as Mancham described us in his pre-independence radio speech. So we do not agree that our country's patrimony should be used and abused for anybody's convenience.

We are a tiny nation and cannot afford to sell our patrimony wholesale as has occurred to all takers creating Fabrike like Ramadoss, Krejcir and Jeyasingh who now claim they have a right to equal ownership and control over our motherland as any other Seselwa Rasin.

Seychelles belongs solely to Seselwa Rasin and to no one else.

david said...

my repast from another comments:

I'm David Petersik. Uff where to start??

1) Villa Vanilla does not rent any rooms to any tourist in this moment! We have not obtain even one penny from renting yet!
The web site which you are mentioned in text is just advertising and promotion for the moment, nothing more. Do you see something illegal on it?
Think before you start write something or do you think we are so stupid to do such thing if we want to run business here?? And of course we will not rent any room to anybody till we get all needed permissions and licence.

2) Why I should have GOP? Do I work for somebody here? No I do not. Anyway my immigration statute is Resident of Republic of Seychelles which is enough for visiting this country. Do not worry I have got it in normal procedure without corrupt anybody . Can you image for example that I'm swimming here only because in my origin country is no sea?

3) It is very bad and unfair that you publish such lies about illegal tourism activity in Villa Vanilla. You are really wrong. So if you want to be really honest please write another text mentioned my explanation. I have feeling that you faith for truth, no? So be rightful and do it.

4) About your complain that GOV evoke sell land for foreigners like me (I thing it is in another post, doesn't matter)
Look, can you image how it is useful for "normal" Seychelois when I'm here and the others?
a) I have spend money for building that house. It means money and work for Seychelles people and taxes for GOV from the material and profits of all domestic companies involved in it. Than GOV buy something for hospital....
b) I have spend money for resident permission every 5 years. Do you think 10.000 dollars from each is nothing for you?
c) I need gardener, housekeeper, watchman and cook in my house for me. Four people get wages and than maybe they spend it in shop of your grandmother. Again nothing?
d) Many relatives come here visit me. They bring I do not know, maybe 1000 euro for one week each. What they do? Spend it in restaurant or they buy souvenirs.
e) I need petrol, phone, food, cloth blablabla and many others. Again money which I bring from Czech, spend it here, what is that? Work and money for your people.

I have seen many countries in world. Believe me, foreigners are useful for any country. Look, even in Czech we need foreigners and I like them doesn't matter from they are. If they do not do any crime of course.
I understand that you do not like corruption and you are against it. I do not like it too. But it does not mean that i'm Czech I do corruption here in general. Ok?

And your protest against my application for citizenship. Thank you very much. You are so good. Bravo. You do not know me (I think) you have never ever spoken to me and you do such thing. Applause. If I will not get it, what do you thing is gonna happen? Nothing. I just leave this country, go somewhere else, you will lose not me :-)
Why you did not contact me and ask me before you write something about Vanilla to get right information?

It is really terrible how big bitterness I feel from all of S*T*A*R*S. But is not my problem. I do my business.

Best Regards,

David Petersik

May 27, 2010 1:47 AM

Anonymous said...

D .Petersik if in your country your government import foreigners to take your people' JOBS it is not our problem .We are Seychellois in Seychelles a sovereign country we alone would decide what we think want or not.

If it is not your problem Petersik why don't your shut up then?

Jeanne D'Arc

david said...

to Jeanne:

I have feeling you did not match what I have written. I give jobs to Seychellois. I do NOT take oportunity I do opposite.


Leonard Francis Gill said...


There is no doubt you provide jobs for Seselwa Rasin. For that we thank you and we thank you for your contributions to our motherland.

But you cannot have our country just because you provide us with a few jobs. Our motherland belongs only and solely to Seselwa Rasin and it does not and never will belong to you. So withdraw your application for a counterfeit Fabrike citizenship and announce that fact here for all of us to see that you have done the right and correct thing.

Additionally, to be fair to us Seselwa Rasin, the jobs you provide to us are designed to make your life comfortable and to help you with your business activities that you hope will make you a profit. So the jobs you provide for Seselwa Rasin is not a one way street - but we thank you for the jobs nevertheless and we appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

to Petersik,
You have the feeling that we just making prejudgement without knowing your background and so forth.Please give us an account of how you get to our shores,how did you family obtained our citizenship? ,a little biography of your person would no doubt help us to better understand you plea.

If you want to be naturalize prove yourself.

Jeanne D'Arc

david said...

to Leonarde and Jeanne:

First. Please do not think I'm trying to show you how good and important I'm for you. I'm not naive and bigheaded. And I do not give take airs too.

I just want to converse about benefit of foreigner for Seychelles.

Also, I do not think I'm going to save Seychelles just my self. But you surly know that more people like me make a big deal for Seychelles. e.g. is better have thousand of Cezchs for your economy than to have just two big monopoly companies providing all tourism, i think.

Leonard, I do not need your thanks. But thank you for your interest. Of course you are right about what my workers really mean for me. But it is not just about my workers I support your economy in another ways. And I want to continue in it. Remember every coin has two sides. And how I set above, thousands of "small" people like me are better for you than big corporation.

About your request for my biography and explanation. You must understand that I can not provide you everything just here on this blog. That is very personal. Maybe later when we know better each other. But do not worry my father or another relatives does NOT have your citizenship.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

We are not against foreigners who respect Seychellois and abide by the rules of our country.Furthermore it doesn't mean because a foreign national come to invest in our country they must be gifted our passports,allow to destroy our environment,blocked us access our public beaches,shit in our rivers,construct in our National reserves etc.etc. and etc.
what we are asking is no different to other countries .
Just follow the legal processs of our sovereign country nothing than that.

Abiding by the rulesand this would surely spare you those controvesies.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


If you do not need my thanks I will not give it to you again.

Secondly, the only thing we disagree about is this: You say it benefits us if thousands like you invest and spend in Seychelles so we should give you are citizenship.

I say we want you to come, invest and live in Seychelles but you or thousands like you cannot have our citizenship. If we give you and thousands like you our citizenship, we give you our country. If we give you our country we have nothing but the jobs you give us as your gardener.

So we prefer to keep our country. We will find a way to get more jobs and investment from thousands like you, but who do not want or need our citizenship.

So do the right thing and withdraw your application.

Anonymous said...

David revoke your application , by doing so it would spare your from cooking your goose in your next attempt for naturalisation when MSR takes over.This would also give you time to learn about our rules of law,our culture,traditions and so on thus making your change of success bigger.

Good day David .

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

If you read all this shit. I should pack my bags. Oneway ticket out off this shithole. Looks like the people are afraid they have share in the loot.

Anonymous said...

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