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2010/11/29 - Eddie Botha / Daily Dispatch Investigations Editor

IT WAS like reading John le Carré’s espionage novel, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. Remember last week I wrote about the assassination of Gerard Hoareau, the leader of the Seychellois National Movement, in London in November 1985 – not too long after I met him in cloak and dagger circumstances at his resistance movement’s safe house in the British capital.
Then early Monday morning, a few hours after the Dispatch went online, I received a call from someone who introduced himself as Ian Withers. He was phoning from London, he said. He had read my column with great interest, as he had been heavily, and I mean heavily, involved in the Seychelles during the time I covered the aborted coup by mercenary leader Mike Hoare and his South African-backed band of army recces and hired soldiers of fortune.
Not to forget the behind-the-scenes support by SA’s military and national intelligence officers for Hoareau’s movement, which sought to overthrow the Seychelles government of President Albert Rene, who deposed former President Jimmy Mancham’s regime in a bloody coup.
Withers told me he worked for Rene at the time of the coup attempt. I mentioned to him that I had been detained in police cells by the Seychelles government, soon after my first visit to the island, because I had been mistaken as a relative of one the mercenaries who had escaped.
“I probably ordered your detention,” he said. Nice to meet you Mr Withers!
Our conversation brought back many memories of my numerous trips to the Seychelles. The many nice people I met there, my relationship with Hoareau, who tragically died by the hand of a sniper … and the Groot Krokkodil, PW Botha’s wrath after I – courtesy of a Seychelles contact – exposed the names and passport numbers of two national intelligence agents, who came to the island to (unsuccessfully) secure the release of their buddy, Martin Dolinschek.
At the time Dolinschek was on death row, after being caught on the island following the coup attempt. For that exposé I was found guilty of contravening the Official Secrets Act (Dolinschek was later released by Rene and he travelled back with me to SA).
Back to the death of Horeau. In 2006 the Seychelles Weekly published an exclusive interview which Rene had given to the French newspaper, Indian Ocean Newsletter, in 1986, the year after Hoareau was shot.
During the interview Rene was asked why Withers did not go back to Britain to answer the police’s questions about the killing of Hoareau. Rene said Withers preferred to stay in the Seychelles. “He is someone who has helped us. We cannot ask him to leave the country.”
Rene said he personally knew that Withers was not involved in Hoareau’s death.
“He was responsible for telephone bugging, that is true, and they know this in Britain. The day after Gerard Hoareau was assassinated, he (Withers) went to the British embassy and volunteered to provide all the necessary information, on condition that police go to the Seychelles to question him. They did not do so. Personally, I do not blame him for not going to Britain.
Would you go? The two people who placed the bug in Gerard Hoareau’s home are both in prison.”
Rene said his government had asked Britain to keep Hoareau’s resistance movement under surveillance. “They did not do this, even though the opposition openly says that it is prepared to overthrow the government by violence. So we did what was necessary in order to find out what was going on.”
The Seychelles president admitted that it was “troubling” that Hoareau was killed in London while his telephone was being bugged by his agents.
“But there is no link. If we had wanted to assassinate Gerard Hoareau, don’t you think that we would have removed the bug before doing so,” said Rene.
Then who killed Hoareau? Here is Rene’s explanation: “Gerard Hoareau had contacts with loads of people, with mercenaries to whom he owed money … In any case, it was a professional who carried out the killing. I am absolutely sure that it was not Ian Withers. He was paid only to monitor telephone conversations.”
Next time we chat, I’ll ask Withers
Pertinent Note: If Rene knows Whithers did not kill Gerard, then he must know who did, since he knows who did not.


Following on from our previous questions we present the following scenario that point to the most plausible reason for Gerard’s assassination:
The illegal SPPF regime in Seychelles was receiving pretty good reports of Gerard’s movements from Ian Withers and his team who had installed sophisticated listening devices in a house next door to where Gerard lived in Edgware in London. However such an operation did not come cheap and was costing the regime tens of thousands of British Pounds on a monthly basis, adding up to millions annually. It was not something that they could afford to do on a long term basis.
Based on previous experience, Gerard himself was aware that his home telephone was probably being monitored and it was for that reason that he never spoke or communicated any of his business on the phone apart from normal and inconsequential conversations with his family and friends. Thus any consequential communication pertaining to his activities (as President of the SNM and more importantly head of the MPR) against the illegal regime was carried out at random public phones throughout London. It was impossible for the regime to monitor such calls as they could never tell which of the thousands of public phones throughout London that he would use on any given day. However Gerard was not aware of the fact that they had bought a house next door which contained other listening devices that could pick up some of his conversations within the house but again there was not much in terms of his strategic plans that they could pick up from his normal conversations that he had in his house. This must have been frustrating for the regime especially in light of the fact that they were paying millions of Pounds to keep up this surveillance operation.
However sometime before November 1985, they did pick up a bit of information that must have been rather disturbing to them. Gerard had decided to move from his Edgware home to a new undisclosed address in London. This meant that their costly surveillance operation would be made redundant unless they could dismantle it all and relocate it to wherever Gerard was going. This would have meant finding and purchasing a new house near Gerard’s new address, moving and re-installations of all the electronic devices. This would not have been easy because they would probably not have been able to purchase such a property immediately especially if there was no property next door for sale. At a time of rising property prices in London, it would have added up to substantial extra costs. Further to the cost element, this new operation would have taken a lot of time before they could get everything operational again and during that time they would not be able to gather the vital information that they were looking for.
At this juncture, the murderous SPPF regime had to make some decisions:
Could they afford the extra cost of funding this move to a new address?
Would they be able to immediately find an appropriate house next to Gerard’s new home again?
If not how long would that take?
Could they afford the loss of information that would occur while they tried to relocate and re-install all the equipment?
How long could they afford to continue funding such an expensive operation run by an expensive spy like Ian Withers and his group?
If the answers to the above questions were negative was it therefore not simpler and less costly to eliminate such a dangerous and determined opponent like Gerard once and for all?
Was that the time therefore that they decided that Gerard should be assassinated?
Who took that decision?
Who hired the assassin?
Who selected the Sterling sub-machine gun as the murder weapon?
Was that weapon taken to the UK through diplomatic bags and if so who authorised it?
Who carried that weapon which was eventually used to murder Gerard to the UK?
Who was therefore ultimately responsible for Gerard’s murder?

Make your own intelligent deduction!


Twenty five years have passed since the young, popular exiled resistance Seychellois leader, Gerard Hoarau, was shot dead outside his home in London. Twenty five years and yet still no answers with regards as to who ordered and carried out this odious crime. Gerard was not the only victim of politically motivated murders in Seychelles. The list is long and all the murders with the exception of Gerard’s were carried out on Seychellois soil and yet again we still have no answers as to who carried out those crimes. While South Africans have exorcised their demons through a public process of national reconciliation inspired by Bishop Desmond Tutu’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, the regime in Seychelles has never bothered to initiate any public inquiries into any of the murders and disappearances of its political critics that occurred under their watch and in their own jurisdiction. Until they do so intelligent people can only assume one thing – they sanctioned those crimes and they are responsible for them.
Here we present you with some facts and ask some questions on Gerard’s case. Draw your own conclusions.
Fact: On 29th November 1985 Gerard Hoarau, President of the SNM and Head of the MPR was shot dead outside his home in London. The perpetrators of this heinous crime have still not been identified or apprehended:
Who ultimately ordered the assassination of Gerard Hoarau?
Who pulled the trigger of that Sterling sub-machine gun that emptied 39 bullets into Gerard’s body?
Fact: The British Police found out that Gerard’s movement were being monitored by sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment placed in a house next door to Gerard’s London home. That house was purchased by a company belonging to Mario Ricci who was acting as an agent of the Seychelles Government at the time.
Under whose direct instructions was Ricci acting upon?
Who hired Ian Withers and the three men who monitored Gerard’s movement on a 24 hour basis for months and eventually leading to his assassination?
Fact: Gerard was killed with a British made Sterling sub-machine gun. Those guns were standard issue to the riot control PMU squad of Seychelles Police prior to the illegal coup of 5th June 1977. These weapons were captured by the SPUP terrorists when they usurped power in the coup.
Who issued that weapon to the assassin and who used it to murder Gerard?
How was that weapon smuggled into Britain and how was it disposed of after it was used to carry out that dastardly act?
Fact: Three men were arrested by the British Police for carrying out an illegal electronic surveillance of Gerard’s activities. They were consequently prosecuted and convicted of perverting the course of public justice at the Old Bailey in London. Some interesting facts emerged from this case.
Scotland Yard Anti Terrorist Squad wanted to pursue leads that led to Seychelles. Their requests to follow those leads to collect evidence were refused by the illegal regime in Seychelles.
Why was Scotland Yard refused access to Seychelles?
Those three men reported directly to a notorious spy by the name of Ian Withers.
Who hired Ian Withers who was based and owned businesses in the Seychelles at the time?
One of the prosecuted men (a BT engineer by the name of Richards) revealed in evidence in court that the night before Gerard’s assassination, he turned up at the house to check on the equipment. When he tried to open the door, the other man Underwood who was in charge of the surveillance team, opened the door from the inside and told Richards that he could not enter because “one of their guys was inside the house” and he did not want Richards to see the person inside. Richards left without seeing who was inside. The next day Gerard was killed.
Who was the mystery person that Underwood called “one of their guys”?
Why did Underwood not want Richards to see that person?
Was that person the one who ultimately shot and killed Gerard the next day?
Why did the prosecutor not ask Underwood to reveal in court, who was that person?
Did Scotland Yard officers investigating that crime, interrogate Underwood as to the description of that person?
If so does Scotland Yard know and hold a record of the description of that person and is that the reason that they wanted to follow their investigations in Seychelles?
When sentencing the three men, the British Judge at the Old Bailey, described their crime as vile and despicable and said that he believed that their actions had directly led to the death of an innocent man. He said that he wished that he could have given them a much more severe custodial sentence, but that regrettably he was constrained by the punishment stipulated the law relating to the specific charges against them. From the Honourable Judge’s comments it is clear that he saw a clear link between the surveillance activities and Gerard’s assassination. Therefore, the miscreants that authorised and financed that illegal surveillance activity of Gerard’s movements, were also those responsible for his murder.
Who were all the people behind that operation and who gave the ultimate order to open fire and kill Gerard Hoarau?

Inspiration from the younger generation

I recently asked my friend's little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up.
She said she wanted to be the President some day.
Both of her parents, Party LePep supporters, were standing there, so I asked her, "If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?"
She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all the poor Seychellois people." Her parents smiled hugely.
"Wow...what a worthy goal." I told her, "But you don't have to wait until you're President to do that.
You can come over to my house for a morning and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and sweep my yard, and I'll pay you SR100.
Then I'll take you over to the supermarket where the poor guy hangs out, and you can give him the SR100 to use toward food and a new house."
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked:
"Why doesn't the poor guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the SR100?"
I said, "Welcome to the MSR Party."
Her parents still aren't speaking to me.


Run up to the Seychelles General Elections
The Smear Campaign has started...
Agents of Parti Lepep and Hendriks Gappy - Electoral Commissioner - have falsely acused the MSR (Mouvman Seselwa Rasin) of being a RACE based Party, over the Immigration issues in MSR Manifesto.
These same agents of PL have said that use of deportation process is discriminatory. However, the PL have failed to highlight which Race MSR is racist towards. The reason is simple: there is no race MSR is racist towards. MSR is a party with members from all RACES and all Religions.
In the UK, 4000 Mauritians have been deported. In France, thousands of Romas sent home by Sarkozy. In Germany, Angela Merkel has insisted that immigrants speak German and become German enough, before being granted Citizenship. In the USA, restrictions are being placed on immigration from South America. The 1960's notion of multiculturalism in the face of globalization of the new century has met resistance in many countries. Seychelles is not an exception. The voice of opposing beliefs must be heard, in a Democracy.
Herewith below, the latest developments in UK involving citizens of our neighbour Mauritius...
Mesures anti-migration en Angleterre : Quelque 4 000 Mauriciens forcés de rentrer au pays

L'Express By Estelle Bastien - 11/28/10
Environ 4 000 Mauriciens ont été déportés d’Angleterre sur une période d’un an. Selon Bushan Deepchand, avocat d’origine mauricienne exerçant en Angleterre, c’est suite à un renforcement des critères pour le renouvellement des visas que ces Mauriciens ont été forcés de quitter le sol anglais.
Une baisse de 20% du nombre de visas accordés aux immigrants issues des pays autres qu’européens. C’est le gouvernement britannique qui a annoncé cette décision le mardi 23 novembre. Selon Bushan Deepchand, directeur de Lambeth Sollicitors et consultant en immigration en Angleterre, beaucoup de Mauriciens ont eu recours à des hommes de loi pour des démarches de renouvellement de visa en espérant pouvoir rester en Angleterre.
«Les lois deviennent de plus en plus sévères et les Mauriciens ont tendance à penser que l’herbe est plus verte ailleurs. Cependant il faut savoir qu’il est très difficile de vivre en Angleterre, surtout que maintenant les critères pour l’obtention et le renouvellement des visas ont été renforcées. Et, bien souvent, espérant accélérer les démarches, les Mauriciens ont recours à la justice mais les hommes de loi anglais n’arrivent pas à défendre leur cas», explique Bushan Deepchand.
Cependant, il faut comprendre que ces avocats ne font rien d’illégal. Pour certains, les immigrants qui ont recours à la loi constituent une aubaine pour les hommes de loi anglais.
«C’est une lutte perdue d’avance et les avocats le savent. Si votre visa expire sans que vous ayez déjà entamé les démarches de renouvellement, vous ne pouvez pas rester en Angleterre», affirme une source qui connaît bien la situation.
«Beaucoup de Mauriciens croient que l’Angleterre, c’est l’eldorado. Mais ce n’est pas vrai, la vie est très dure pour les immigrés. Des familles sont souvent déchirées parce qu’il faut que certains de leurs parents rentrent dans leur pays», soutient Bushan Deepchand.
D’ailleurs, son cabinet de consultant lance une campagne de recensement de tous les Mauriciens qui ont été déportés. L’avocat parle même de drame humain, puisque plusieurs immigrés ont eu des enfants en Angleterre mais qui, suite au problème de visas, ont été obligés de quitter le pays et de retourner à Maurice laissant derrière eux leurs proches et leurs biens.
«Nous ferons ce recensement pour alerter les autorités britanniques sur le drame humain que vivent les immigrés», lance Bushan Deepchand. Outre le recensement, le groupe d’avocats compte soumettre un rapport au gouvernement mauricien sur cette question.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Democracy Collapsing In Seychelles Today
It is now over Seventeen (17) years since the Seychelles moved from a one party dictatorship Communist junta regime run by France Albert Rene, to a multi party democracy, that ushered in a new era of hope and bought Rene more time to ply his corrupted ways.

In 1991-1992 the time the Western democracies which included United States, Britain , France, Italy, Germany all collectively placed Seychelles Communist Junta under pressure to make a transition to multi party democracy. All these countries sent high level delegations to Seychelles, to ensure the process was completed and they all helped to keep Rene’s hand to the fire, after the end of the Cold War.

The Commonwealth Observers Played A Critical Role

In the first elections, the Commonwealth Secretariat sent Observers to oversee these elections, and made numerous recommendations to establish a true democratic culture in the Seychelles.

The common Communist Junta response to these recommendations has been that it will take time to implement the recommendations, but they were welcome and that assured the Public and the Commonwealth, they would proceed with best efforts to implement democratic processes and most importantly, respect fundamental human rights and level the political playing field in Seychelles.

In effect, today we know, the Communist Junta was just buying time, and in the meantime, they have stifled Democracy in Seychelles. Today, Democracy is on the verge of collapsing.

Commonwealth Recommendations Totally Ignored

Of all the Commonwealth Observer recommendations in 1993, 1998, 2006, none if any have been put into practice.

Since 1991, we are in terms of democracy, with few exceptions, still in the One Party State Communist Junta Era. Human rights are still not respected, and the concept of equality before the law is still alien. I will elaborate on this later.

Seychelles and World Financial Crisis

As the World refocused on the financial crisis, and Seychelles itself became one of 12 states to default on sovereign bonds, and become the most indebted country in the world per capita in 2008, the focus of the Communist Junta, who had pulled the wool over the eyes of the international community for now 15 years, shifted from giving the impression that Seychelles was implementing democratic processes to literally surviving the bad economic policies of France Albert Rene’s successor James Alix Michel.

With that effort of survive borne out shear desperation, the true nature and intention of Rene and Michel in the early days of October 1991, now comes to light today, for the World to see today.

There was never any true good faith intention to move towards genuine democracy in Seychelles on part of the ruling Communist Junta.

It has all been a sham and a scam exercise on the international community and the People of Seychelles themselves. I highlight the main points below that reveal this. It is an indictment of evasion of democracy by the ruling Communist Junta for 17 years using the tools of violence, intimidation, fear factor.

1. Stringing Mancham Along For Over 17 Years

I have not always agreed with Former President Mancham or his policy of National Reconciliation from a position of weakness. But I know he and many other people have been strung along for 17 years needlessly on property acquisition settlement cases.

While the coup of June 1977 was perpetrated on a Nation, Mancham, since his return has been a financial prisoner of Rene and company, as he has had to endure long settlement negotiations on properties taken after the Coup. This has not strengthened Democracy in Seychelles, it has weakened it Democracy intentionally by the ruling Communist Junta.

2. Overpaying The Opposition

On the eve of Seychelles being declared a Bankrupted state by James Michel on October 30, 2008, in the previous year, Opposition MNA’s and Wavel Ramkalawan trekked up to State House and negotiated a 38% salary increase for MNA’s, LO, Leader of Government Business, Ministers, Vice President, and President. The salary increase, weakened the Opposition by feeding them to their hearts content on over inflated salaries for a part time job in the National Assembly. In the case of the Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business, they now earn an outrageous Rs. 1,800.00 per hour, for Five(5) hours work a week, sometimes less, or Rs. 36,000.00 per month. MNA’s earn Rs. 700.00 per hour, an outrageous sum when compared to the hourly wage scheme newly created wherein an average worker earns less then Rs. 20.00 per hour.

3. Pensioning Opposition

Another measure taken to weaken the democratic foundations of Seychelles, has been the erroneous pensioning of politicians. Some will be paid out Seventy percent (70%) of their monthly stipend for life. This has the effect as we have seen, of discouraging opposition from being alert, affective and responsive to the needs of the democracy. Opposition MNA’s have gone to sleep from a case of perpetual over feeding for life. They no longer have to perform.

4. Use and Threat of Force At La Misere

When the residents of La Misere took to the streets this year, to protest the water source contamination resulting from Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin al Nayan’s castle at La Misere, the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Joel Morgan, and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Quarte, invoked the use of the Public Orders Act 1991, a One Party Communist Junta legislation, to threaten the protestors with use of violence and force, if they should continue to protest and assemble in a Public area, in groups of more then three (3) persons at a time.

Both Commissioner Quarte and Minister Morgan, used full air time on SBC the Nation’s Broadcasting apparatus, controlled by Mr. Antoine Onezime, the Communist Party Junta propagandist, to air their views on prime time news broadcast. SBC never question the veracity of implementing the provisions of a One Party State law versus the right of the protestors to peacefully assemble under the Constitution of the Third Republic. At that moment, SBC went to sleep and saw no evil, heard no evil, spoke no evil, questioned no evil. It is a travesty for democracy and Mr. Antoine Onezime has brought shame upon the entire crew of SBC for his inaction.

5. Burning Lydia Jumeau’s Car at La Misere

Immediately, after this broadcast was made to the Nation, the car of Madam Lydia Jumeau, a front lines protest organizer, at La Misere, was doused with fuel and torched in the darkness of the night, at her residence under a garage.

This incident, attest to the lack of commitment to true democratic process and ideals in the Seychelles, under the ruling Communist Junta till today, in 2010.

Again, the SBC under Mr. Antoine Onezime, did not see the correlation between the lead protest organizer being threatened and her little car being set ablaze. No news coverage, but for Regar, Weekly and a facebook You Tube film on the MSR page, which international reporters caught and followed up with subsequent articles.

6. Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin Al Nayan

The Constitution of Seychelles provides that all persons are equal under the laws of Seychelles, Article 27 Equal Protection Clause. However, the ruling Communist Junta, has blatantly ignored this Constitutional Article, and has openly defended the special treatment of Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin Al Nayan.

Because the special treatment is widespread, and unabated, without restriction, Sheik Khalifa has a free for all in Seychelles, to the point that he has openly interfered in the internal affairs of the Seychelles, to the extent, that his involvement will be determinative of the coming elections due to extensive largess and funds being donated to prop up a failed regime.

This includes:1. Buying 30 buses to prop up a collapsed bus system,2. Funding a scan centre at the hospital to prop up a collapsed health care system;3. $15 Million for a military base;4. $16 Million for two generators for a collapsed electricity grid system;5. BMW’s for transfer of VIP, to prop a failed Government; and other gifts like planes and boats, tickets to the Formula 1 Races with dinner for the President and over night flights.

In exchange, Sheik Khalifa has been granted free import duties on all goods he has brought into Seychelles, which we believe exceeds $300 Million in taxes.

These funds, if collected as they could have been, could settle much of Seychelles external debt and set a solid practice of equality before the law for all residents, citizens and visitors, hence strengthen our democracy. Instead, the Communist Junta, has done the direct opposite, and has weakened our democracy.

Our creditors are put on notice that these funds are available.

7. Eden Island Project

The Eden Island Project has violated the norms of Equal Protection in article 27. One can only ask who is really behind this project, when a Government baby sits an investor to the extent that laws, norms and policy, are broken to forsake the Tourism Industry and purchasers of Eden Island to the benefit of Eden Island Development Company and Eden Island Management Company.

Eden has recently been given permission to continue to operate its once illegal apartment pool as a hotel. Eden Management has the exclusive right to market these apartments as hotels and the owners will not be able to do so independently or in cooperation with each other.

The decision sidelines Eden’s original project memorandum and allows it to venture into a business it did not put the Public on Notice , that it would be entering.

If the Constitution of Seychelles is suppose to be the legal document that determines all rights in Seychelles, today, it has been sidelined as a symbolic document of little meaning with the recent decision of Eden Island.

This only weakens the respect for democratic practice in Seychelles and it will have a long term adverse impact on the economic stability of Seychelles, and Eden Island as an investment. The Promoters are hoping they can sell Phase Two fast. Hence the sale contracts will provide for tender of 75% payment for villas once the roof is up. Roofs may go up before the foundations have set.

8. Breaking Into Democratic Party Office

Between 2005-2010, the Seychelles Weekly, has earned a reputation of reporting on many controversial issues, and exposing many politicians of wrong doing.

This is healthy in any democracy, and should be encouraged even by the persons who become the subject of such articles. The strength of Freedom of Speech is not in the speaker or writer, but in the listener and subject of the Speech to exercise due tolerance and accept the critic if true and not defendable, defend it if false and defendable.

However, in that same period, there have been many break-ins into the Seychelles Weekly office, which is also the office of the Democratic Party. The break ins show the lack of tolerance by the ruling party of opposing critical views. It demonstrates that the ruling party, fundamentally does not believe in the right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, protected under Article 22 of the Constitution. The Freedom document, our Constitution, is being taken to be a sham cover document, to only allow the Communist Junta to function with the credit of being democratic, but in practice, Democracy, does not exist in Seychelles today.

The irony of these incidents at the Weekly-DP office , is that the Seychelles Police, controlled by State House, itself, has not come up with one suspect for the break ins though fingerprints have been found. Yet, the Police has a budget of Rs. 125 Million per year to deal with crimes. But political crimes go unsolved habitually in Seychelles.

9. Burning of the Regar Printer

Sometime in 2005, during the heyday of the SNP aggressive and positive critic of the government of James Michel, the Express Printing (Regar) printer was set on fire after an office break in. The printer was down for a few months, and Freedom of Speech had been trampled upon again. Since that time, to participate in the process, Regar, has toned down, as not to offend the subject of its articles; a compromise that compromises democracy and destroys it at the same time. This political related crime, has gone unsolved, because the culprits are the ruling Communist Junta themselves.

10. Breaking of Ferrari’s Head and Ramkalawan’s Head by SSU

On October 3rd, 2006, not long after an election, the SSU openly attacked Jean Francois Ferrari, and Wavel Ramkalawan in the corridors of the National Assembly precincts. A crowd has gathered to protest the license fee of Rs. 800,000.00 and restriction of political parties from broadcasting. However, the PL through SBC and propagandist Antoine Onezime, broadcast liberally in the name of the Nation every night, a disparity in opportunity that demonstrates Seychelles is not even close to being a democracy. Ferrari and Ramkalaawan then toned down to continue to participate in the process. This weakened democracy and has helped it collapse. The culprits of this incident were actually promoted.SBC the state broadcasting company remained silent on the promotion.

11. Breaking into the MSR Office

Most recently, the MSR office was broken into and all hard copy documents taken along with manifestos and stickers. By coincidence, this incident took place only two days after Mr. Hendriks Gappy, the Registrar of Political Parites and Electoral Commissioner, refused to certify MSR as a political party in Seychelles, using provisions of a One Party State law, to circumvent a primordial provision of Article 22 the Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression and Right to receive and impart ideas protected fully under the Constitution of Seychelles.

If these provisions are not given full unfettered effect, there is no democracy in Seychelles. If a group of Citizens cannot participate in elections, then elections cannot be free or fair. Nor can the political playing field be levelled if players cannot even make it to the field to participate in due time. MSR filed registration documents Five (5) months ago. Fine finger prints were taken from this crime scene as well.

12. Threats of Violence and Intimidation Attempted Drug Fixes on Opponents to Attempt to Silence them into Submission

Throughout our multi party experiment with the Communist Junta government led by France Albert Rene, and now James Michel, an ex Colonel and both coup plotters, the road has been rocky and bumpy for anyone at any given time, that opposed the corruption of the Junta.

When opposition has been meek and weak, the Opposition has been allowed to co exist and share in cocktail party canapes.

When opposition has been steady and assertive, they have been attacked, threatened with violence, intimidation, drug plants, breaking of offices, stealing of documents, burning of printers ,burning of cars, and so forth.

When the Opposition works as it should, they are constrained with threats of violence, intimidation, counter violent attacks, to subdue them, and set their work back. The pattern involving the DP, SNP, now MSR is obvious and serves as an indictment of the Communist Junta’s intention to never allow Democracy to take a deep root in Seychelles.

These acts, because they have been systematic for 17 years, with a distinctive pattern, demonstrate that we are still in a one party communist junta dictatorship, with only the basic dressings of Democracy in place to please the west and investors that are fooled by the window dressing. With the window dressing up, projects like Eden Island can take investors money. With the dressing down, the investors will see the gamble of Eden for themselves.

People of Seychelles, the international journalists, international community, I call on you all who believe in the promises of Democracy, to place light on the situation of the Republic of Seychelles.

Today, in our country, the ruling Communist Junta is making a mockery of Democracy and they are making a mockery of civil conduct in the affairs of men.

Though we are a small country, every person deprived of the right to persuit of life, liberty, happiness, and denied the right to be equal before all men, must live a life of fear and intimidation, sometime violence, is a life lived in vain. This Truth is self evident.

Next week, I will write part II of Democracy Collapsing in Seychelles Today and focus on the crumbling structures.



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")

Pontiff’s blessing and the big 75

The Seychelles President’s second visit to the Vatican was his private confession to try and absolve the sins of June ’77. He is now repenting for having followed the Atheist creed of ‘Per Fondater’ who, at the ripe old age of 75 will never ask for any forgiveness for his misdeeds. He has already sent everyone who did not agree with the revolution into exile. At 73, he ordered those with other ideas to go to ‘lazil’ and this time around, he invites them to a forced retirement! But the venom and bitterness is still very much alive...

Lizzy: Good Morning Sunshine! You have been sorely missed these last few weeks. I am lost in this house without you. I have drawn up an intensive district visits program so that I can keep busy.
Bawi: Hey we are following in Mancham’s footsteps. We cannot allow the old beardo to clock more miles than our man of the people. It is the era of economic diplomacy. We have fared well in selling off our land to pay for our debts. We are now back to our colonial days and heavily dependent on handouts.
President: Indeed Yes! The elderly remember these times and this is why the founding father went on about the necessity of the coup. It is unfortunately only our elderly people who remember these days. The youth do not know about our struggle. So it is important to keep this yearly party alive.
Bawi: But Bwana it is sad to see that even at 75, our papa still harbours all this bitterness. Despite all the fanfare, it was really hard to hide this tension between you two. He still cannot accept the fact that you are now a grown man with Sheik Khalifa as your new master.
President: Well at least his Highness gives me the opportunity to take regular breaks to the Sheikdom to attend Formula 1 races and indulge in a rich and famous lifestyle. With the old man, I had to prop up the struggle and adore the iron man every 5th June. This is out of my league now...
Lizzy: I always wanted to be beside a high flyer. I am also flying high in my latest grand vitara. You see Bawi, he looks well after his little harem. All his lucky girls are part of the jeep clan. This is why the old man is so bitter. He has lost his mojo and Lady Sarah cannot stand this life in retirement.
Bawi: Oh what a shame. She has to put up with all these Tom & Jerry flicks and we all know that she cannot stomach seeing this stately abode taking in a metamorphosis! No wonder she was avoiding all eye contact and felt so ill at ease. I have a feeling that this will be the last birthday bash for our dear father...
Lizzy: This is what you get when you care. Let’s now get serious. Our internal and external geniuses are here to report on the latest developments...
The sexily clad Lizzy does a pirouette and ushers in JenPa and JoMo who are brimming with confidence.
JenPa & JoMo (in unison): Top of the morning my good Sir.
President: Oh what a breath of fresh air! I belong to the future. My metamorphosis is complete when I see myself surrounded with such youthful exuberance.
JenPa: Sir the Pontiff is in awe with desperation to meet with him – it is of particular significance for all Seselwa.
President: Indeed my son. I was so emotional and honoured. I have met his holiness twice in my tenure and my coup d’etat sins have been forgiven. With my medal from the Lord of Military Sovereigns of Malta, I am now the most decorated President of the Indian Ocean – if not the world!
JenPa: Sir we are about to hit the black gold. We need to get this coastguard base and patrol boats up and running soon as we cannot let the Somali pirates siphon off this precious resource that will turn us into the new emirate. His Highness is waiting for the payback time..
President: I have already done my training in ‘Emirati governance’ and ready to assume this new found status. So JoMo, what do you have to report on the internal scene? I hear that some irritating disease might have has a swipe at your household...
JoMo: All’s under control as usual my good Sir. We have put an end to the Delokaka upheaval. I have bullied all of them into submission. No one dares to make any claim now. I claimed 450, promised 250 and ignored all of them to the point that no one dares to collect their check.
President: It seems that you are suffering from amnesia. You need a proper check up my boy. Your extracurricular activities are putting a strain on you. I gather that the ‘Lasiren Ros’ is a handful and will blow your brains out.
JoMo: Sir you need to put me out of my misery. I desperately need a break and visit Alaska to patch up the home front. I cannot take all these charades any more. I tried to emulate you but do not have the stamina to look after all these birds in the bush.
JenPa: Well this is not the time for distractions main man! Soon our water source will dry up and you will have to get water tankers and barges to quench our thirst. You should also seek some funds to lay that power cable from Mahe to Praslin. Can we salvage the desalination plants?
JoMo: I have always been inspired by our founding father. He has dedicated half a century of his life to our country and clocked up a string of white elephants and squandered millions. I will follow in his footsteps and maintain this ‘tres peu de sous’ socialism doctrine all sue all those who accuse me of embezzlement. This is what makes me proud.
Bawi: Mr. President, this is the new era of free market and capitalism. We need to live with the times. I can see that our Chairman of High Level Piracy Committee is losing his marbles. He really needs a makeover.
President: Indeed, we are heading in the right direction. We have managed to steer the ship and made a smooth transition from comrades to tycoons. We are now the masters of our own destiny and I am headed for a landslide at the next elections. What a makeover indeed!
JenPa: Our forefathers have endured a lot of sacrifice to bring this country to what it is today. I am a product of these hard times and it is high time we sit back and enjoy the spoils of such hard work. At such a young age, the world is my oyster.
President: That’s right my son, I am just keeping the throne warm for you. We older people, we have a duty to continue to educate our young and remind them that our country has come a long way in its development, and that today they have a lot of opportunities. But I belong to the new generation and will empower all those who adore me.
Bawi: Indeed Bwana! The youth is right behind you. The Jj Spirit will keep the flame burning bright well beyond your 75th birthday. Your empowerment program is paying dividends. You are now adored by thousands of fans. Your daily appearance on TV has made you the undisputed household name.
President: I have taken on a new role as the media king of Seychelles. I do not miss out on any given opportunity. My latest masterpiece is lending a hand to selling our precious land on You-Tube.
JoMo: Now that’s an idea! I will probably need this tube to comb the desert in the hope of retrieving the lost millions... We need to work together to ensure our country continues to be the jewel of the Indian Ocean.
The President is obsessed with popularity. He has now earned a coveted place in history. His many accomplishments will never be emulated. His dream is to be elected by an overwhelming 100% majority to beat his mentor’s high score of the one party state. A Machiavellian feat indeed! We need to annihilate all opposition and buy all the votes – or perhaps dismantle any “Sesel Pou Seselwa” movement that might spark off another ‘revolution’. We will need another Pontiff blessing...


Friday, November 19, 2010

Seychelles Cartoon



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eyewitness News

 The Seychelles President was on yet another escapade to the UAE to mingle with the mighty and powerful and indulge in the pleasures of the wealthy. From rags to riches - the little boy from Anse Boileau has now been adopted by Kalifa of Abu Dhabi who is exposing him to the lifestyle of the rich and famous in exchange for the surrender of prime property of our patrimony - Seychelles.
And all this in the guise of  'official visits', as he tries to fool the people back home, as the man enjoys his newfound fame and trappings of ill-gotten wealth...

Mohammed hosts dinner for F1 VIP guests
Khaleej Times
13 November 2010, 10:43 PM
General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, hosted on Saturday a dinner banquet at Yas Hotel in honour of kings and presidents and VIP guests who are visiting the UAE to attend the final leg of the F 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit.
The Thebanquet was attended by HM King Juan Carlos of Spain, President James Michel of the Seychelles, Prime Minister of Swaziland Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini, former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Shaikh Sultan bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, and a number of members of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, senior officials, diplomats and dignitaries.
Sheikh Mohammed wished the guests a pleasant stay in the UAE and exchanged with cordial talks about the FI races

General Shaikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (right),  Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces meets with James Michel, President of Seychelles at a reception at the Yas Hotel  on day two of the 2010 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eyewitness News

Seychelles Electoral Commissioner Gappy in collusion with Party Lepep to stop MSR party registration
It would seem that the MOUVMAN SESELWA RASIN (MSR) has become James Michel and his Parti Lepep's worst nightmare! The party has filed for registration since 6 months and it is only recently that the Seychelles Electoral Commissioner, Hendricks Gappy has moved to prevent this from happening. Not content with blocking the registration (twice already), the State House sponsored thugs were ordered to break in and ransack the party headquarters at Docklands. Fear and intimidation is now the weapon being used to curtail democracy and free speech! MSR has turned out to be the bee in the bonet of the mighty Parti Lepep who fears a real credible opposition that is exposing all their evil deeds and threatening its political survival.
Herewith a press release and letter to to the Commonwealth Secretariat sent by MSR

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles President Michel
Takes To The Districts To Save Himself
Recently President James Michel took clown and pony show from Abu Dhabi and the Dubai shopping malls and moved the parade of horribles to the districts. Surrounded with uzzy holstered body guards, wearing sunglasses in the dark, and all the ministers available and in country, plus an entourage of advisors of bad advise, and no advise, Michel made his way to Point Larue, the traditional SPPF strong hold which has garnished 64% plus percentage votes in every election.
After 45 minutes, it was clear for all of Seychelles, that aside from the senior citizens on crutches in the front row, the populace of Point Larue were not very amused with the promises of riches in 2006 and the gift of poverty bestowed on them in 2008-2009, by President James Michel, the man who feels for all our pain, in spite of being the man himself, that is responsible for inflicting our pain.
Lets break down the main lies as Mr. Franke of Point Larue challenged Mr. President but instead, he ran for cover under the arm pits of Cuban trained Danny Faure. The minor lies, we will leave for the people to take down as they take down this Jack Joker liar communist regime.
Mr. Franke Is Frank!
As Mr. Franke of Point Larue challenged Mr. President to account for the $2.4Billion missing in overseas accounts according to IMF, Mr. Michel coward away from this difficult question and handed it over to Minister Danny Faure, to “play it again”, as he put it.
Under instruction, Faure said again, but in a very arrogant tone of defiance, that the $2.4 Billion IMF has alluded to, is in fact money held by off shore companies.
Mr. Franke was denied a follow up question to this pertinent issue, and State Security apparatus started to circle him, should he insist on asking a key follow up question that would end the floating of the JJ Spirit once and for all in Point Larue prematurely for SPPF supporters. The question Mr. Franke would have posed if he could, is along these lines and is damning indeed on SPPF.
Of course Mr. Faure, and Mr. President, we know all that the $2.4 Billion missing is in the name of offshore companies. Former dictators and their cronies like Albert Rene and the People around him, perhaps, do not traditionally hide stolen money in their names. Dictators and cronies use offshore companies to hide wealth stolen from the People. To keep it onshore, would lead the People to notice it everyday when they go to work, like all the buildings on Providence in companies belonging to cronies and lovies.

Dictators and cronies use numbered accounts to secure and transfer wealth offshore. In Seychelles, only Nouvobanq has numbered accounts registered with the Central Bank of Seychelles. Mr. Laporte has easy access to that information. Nouvobanq happens to be Standard Chartered Bank, the largest bank in Africa, but it is also Government of Seychelles , SPPF controlled through majority shareholdings. Mr. Siad works for his shareholders, mainly Government of Seychelles aka SPPF Government. Hence why a Pakistani national was granted citizenship in spite of the fact that he could easily return to his homeland, which enjoys a higher credit rating then Seychelles. After all, he does not really love Seychelles in my opinion.

What IMF said to correct Mr. Faure our Finance Minister, was that these companies offshore, that hold these funds are owned by Seychellois Citizens. Consequently, we want Mr. Faure, to ask IMF to publish the list of those companies in order that we can proceed to execute on ill –gotten funds, if they so exist to the amount of $ 2.4Billion, as per the implication of IMF’s statements. We can cross check this list with Mr. Laporte’s numbered account list, created while Francis Chang Leng was Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles. The list and subsequent transactions will show where much of the $2.4 Billion has gone.
Faure Says offshore is Not in Seychelles
Faure says monies offshore is not in Seychelles. He seems to want the People of Seychelles to forget about the $2.4Billion; he and SPPF hope and aspire to beat the Opposition to death over mentioning of this amount.
President Michel, a man that cannot even ride a horse, or drive a car himself, says the $2.4Billion missing is a horse of battle for the Opposition. It is not, it is our money you arrogant SPPF failure, that can only claim to be educated publicly, when a gang of body guards with AK-47’s surround you!
People of Seychelles can be forgiving about a lot of things, but when it comes to the People’s money, there is no compromise and no pardon, SPPF. So give back the money SPPF.
Remember The Mango Lesson
People of Seychelles, when a thief is holding your mango in his hands, remember, he will tell you the mango was broken off the tree by himself, he will have you believe because he took the mango, it belongs to him. Now SPPF want us to believe, that because the corrupt took this $2.4Billion belonging to People of Seychelles, according to IMF, this money belongs to them now.
Do not be fooled by the thief! We need this money to help us through a period of great hardship which SPPF has dragged us into since they drove Seychelles into financial bankruptcy before we ever heard anything about a world financial crisis.
Now, as time goes by, the days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years, SPPF will have us believe that the world financial crisis is the cause of our problems in Seychelles today. Do not be fooled.
The only thing that the world financial crisis will bring to Seychelles and SPPF is one fact, SPPF will now have to repay all its debts. Because they have fooled us before, we will pay the price for failure as long as SPPF is around. When we get rid of them, much of our debts will be pardoned and we will be able to live again as a decent people, gifted with a most special place by God, on Earth.
As the next District meetings get under way, People of Seychelles, gather your courage like Mr. Franke and tell it like it is.
Mr. Payet Calls For True Unity
At Pointe Laure, Mr. Payet bravely , with great courage of a true Seychellois, cut through Mr. President’s charades and challenged him to cause to be resolved, as a Nation, the atrocities committed by James Michel Government and France Albert Rene’s Government during the One Party State. Mr. Payet called for a Commission of National Reconciliation to be formed to hear and bear witness of wrongs committed against fellow Seychellois to help the Country heal a wound that SPPF wants to believe does not exist. Being indecisive and wiggly for fear of offending France Albert Rene and murderers that still walk our streets, James Michel said the suggestion can be placed before a Committee.
People of Seychelles, in this moment of despair, how many issues will be placed before how many Committees. We live in an era, wherein we require Leadership , true Leadership to navigate through the disaster before us. Michel proposes that Committees handle even basic and simple but important ideas. He has none of his own, he goes to the Districts and converts frustrations into ideas, and then send the idea to a Committee. To lead a Committee he needs Irishmen. Michel has taken Seychellois pride and reduced it to a basket of incompetency.
How many more years can we survive with this kind of putzy ,incompetent, leadership? In no time, we will need a Committee to decide when we can use the comfort room, when we can use electricity, when we can fill up our gas tanks. We will need three (3) stamps and two seals to buy 1 packet of 6kg Pampers for our young babies. We will need a Committee to approve use of S -26 infant formula, since it is better then the Donkey milk products they want us to use to feed our babies, which have writings on it we cannot understand, nor can the Customs Officials figure out.
I salute Mr. Payet for his great courage to face a putzy, incompetent leader and ask for a Commission of National Reconciliation. But Mr. Payet should have also asked for a Committee to pour water for the Committee as well, and one to approve of the water pouring for dry seasons, since the idea of $25Million for desalination plants has not worked out too well. But the commission money has been banked.
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and our Beloved Seychelles!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


People Editor Has No Backbone
For “ Sesel Pou Seselwa”! Ha, Ha, Ha!
Last week in the People, a writer with no name had published an article saying we are not Creoles, we are Seychellois and it is high time we came to our senses, seemingly making an appeal to the Parti Le Pep lost goats on the issue.
The Editor of the People, placed a disclaimer to the article saying the opinion of the writer was not necessarily the opinion of the People.
How coward and lack of backbone has the People, the Parti lepep (PL) ragtag weekly become?
No More “Sesel Pou Seselwa” @ People?
Gone are the days when People would stand up for Seychellois and say: “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, that famous phrase Peter E. Gill handed to Albert Rene, to push for Independence after he came back from Kenya in 1965 and where there was a push for Independence throughout Africa from Britain’s receding empire in Africa and beyond.
Rene of course betrayed “Sesel Pou Seselwa” on June 5th, 1977.
After that infamous day , Rene proclaimed: “Sesel Pou Albert Rene”. The rest has been history, until James Michel embarked on a course to BANKRUPT Seychelles and sell her to the highest bidder, Khalifa and company.
This week, November 5th, 2010 , spineless and gut less People says: ....”Economic Risk of Opposition Sponsored Xenophobia”
In this rubbish article found on page Four (4), the writer got clearance from the Central Committee of JJ Spirit, made up of puffs and dragons, to site Jean Le Dem’s of the IMF, statement on the success of the Seychelles Economy in 2010.
Mr. Le Dem pointed out that Seychelles may finish the year with 6% GDP. But what Mr. Le Dem did not tell us, and he could careless, was that 6% GDP growth is from James Michel selling Seychelles to Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin al Nayan for a pittance borne out of a few donations made from the whims of Khalifa himself, after not paying over $300 Million in taxes due for goods used on his house at La Misere. Just that amount of uncollected taxes could settle ½ of our external debt or ½ of our domestic debts and banks could drop interest rates to the commercial sector.
For Mr. Le Dem and IMF, these are complicated matters that will add paper to his Seychelles file. So he remains silent on where the growth comes from. This is our internal problem according to Le Dem and IMF;a little like the missing $2.4 Billion from our banking system, which can be addressed only by a change of government.
If Khalifa had paid his taxes when due, our GDP would be at 18% perhaps, outpacing Singapores’ 9% GDP for the year 2010. Weak pussy whooped by a female camel out of a zoo, People ignores that little detail, hiding the corruption that under pins SPPF’s investment programs.
I say this to the spineless Editor of the People: We Seychellois do not want a one man economy. It is a dangerous precedence and it is bad for the macro economic balance of country in the long run. We want a diversified economy that is fundamentally based on the most loyal investors to Seychelles: SESELWA! If Khalifa does not like that, he should go home. IMF will adjust the figures.
Don’t Forget Pitiful Eden Island
The second area of growth is Eden Island . This area is slightly lower in national contributions then Sheik Khalifa. But Eden Island has been given a free ride to exist in Seychelles that Seychellois investors would never enjoy. The Editor at the People does not mention that little detail.
Eden Island represents about 2% of the GDP. But People Editor, Eden Island paid no Stamp Duty on $49 Million land transfer, representing Rs. 35 Million in uncollected duties.
Additionally spineless People Editor, SPPF gave Eden Island all the beaches on Eden Island and the water ways, in direct violation of the Constitution of Seychelles, Article 2 which provides,1. The territory of the Seychelles, shall consist of- b. The territorial waters of Seychelles and the land area of the Seychelles.
How can Patrick Lablache sign off our waterways and beaches to Eden Island without a constitutional amendment People Editor?
Additionally weak, pitiful People Editor, spineless as you have become, Eden Island is operating an illegal hotel pool of apartments that is destroying the existing Tourism Industry. You are suppose to protect and enhance existing business when you bring online new business, not destroy exiting business and industry. The Editor at People is silent as a door nail on the matter.
People Editor like President Michel, has their left shoe on their right foot, and their right foot on a banana peel: mis-stepping every step of the way.
More Mis-stepping By Spineless People
In trying to explain the economic situation in the country, People says: “Yet, subtracting the foreign element from the Seychelles economic formula is exactly what the Opposition from SNP to NDP and Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) are attempting to do through their xenophobic campaign.”
As far as MSR is concerned, we are not xenophobic nor are we anti foreigner investment. We are pro any investment. How else are we going to pay off the debts SPPF created, People Editor? Investments can be it Seselwa or foreigner. However, our citizenship is not for sale as per MSR manifesto. Our land must not be for sale any longer as per MSR. Leases must suffice with foreign investors like in many countries. SPPF has sold too much for too cheap.
James Michel has sold more land to foreigners then any other sitting President of the Republic, weak, Spineless, People Editor, who has no courage to stand up and defend the People of Seychelles anymore. Instead you have reduced yourself to covering up for Michel’s failures and his program of selling our patrimony.
Neither is MSR willing to collaborate with providing foreigners any soft deals under the table like James Michel Government. This is where weak, spineless People Editor gets it wrong.
If Seselwa cannot benefit from the economic progress of our country, and our people cannot play a meaningful role in developing our country, because they do not pay bribes to SPPF, then we will eat bread fruit and salted will be a pleasurable meal as usual.

I call on the Editor of the People to RESIGN!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Taking The Maynmar Road To Sham Elections
The Government of James Michel’s recently re-appointed Registrar of Political Parties, Hendriks Gappy, has failed to certify the registration of Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) for now Five (5) months.
From was a Three (3) day approval process according to Mr. Gappy, has now gone over Five (5) months and counting.
The main contention of the Registrar of Political Parties has been the Manifesto and party platform of the MSR: “Kredo Rasinist”, a document which highlights the main principles and beliefs of the party members.

The first refusal to certify the party registration documents, came after Four (4) months of not hearing a word from Mr. Gappy.
In a letter dated October 12, 2010, Mr. Gappy suggested that we file a case in the Constitutional Courts within 21 days to appeal his decision taken under recommendation of the Attorney General Mr. Ronnie Govinden.

The dubious grounds of the refusal was that the beliefs contained in the Manifesto are contrary to the Constitution of Seychelles.
MSR, under the recommendation legal consul amended the Manifesto to make its contents more palatable to Mr. Gappy and Mr. Govinden, as both men are agents of the Communist Party of Seychelles, currently in power.
It was agreed between MSR leadership and legal Consul, that these agents of the Communist Party, may have misunderstood the nature of a Manifesto or the place of political beliefs of a group of people in a democratic society in relation to the Constitution of Seychelles.
Mr. Govinden for his part has been losing cases before the Constitutional Court, example the landmark case of Elwyn Talma vs. Attorney General, concerning land use at Anse Lazio, Praslin.
I had personally advised Mr. Talma to file the case to secure his rights, once and for all before the Constitutional Court. The rational of the Attorney General in the case is highly dubious. I found the Constitutional Court to be on point, given great weight to the right to use and enjoyment of property enshrined in the Constitution.
Within Two (2) weeks of submitting an amended Manifesto, the second refusal letter to certify MSR was received by MSR Administrator at Docklands Level 3 MSR office on November 5th, 2010.
This time Mr. Gappy was not citing the Constitution of Seychelles, he cited Cap 173 of the Codes of Seychelles. The plot to block MSR from participating in the upcoming elections worsens.
Constitution Defends Our Right To Freedom of Belief and Expression
Article 5, states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any law inconsistent with the Constitution is void. This would stuff Cap 173.
Article 22 gives the members of MSR the full.....right to Free Expression and for this article, includes the right and Freedom to hold opinions and to seek, receive, impart ideas and information without interference....from the State.
The right is subject to laws prescribed in a democratic society, but no regulations or laws even, have been drafted by the Registrar of Political Parties to limit the right to beliefs and expression yet under Political Party Registration.
The Registrar has been sleeping and relying on its enabling legislation for over 17 years now, without amendments or rules.
Yet, he is paid a Ministers salary for the post plus another ministerial salary for the post of Commissioner of Elections. Correct me if I am wrong, but is the man paid over Rs.64,000.00 for this funny business?
Administrative-Legal Hurdles To Block MSR From Participating in Upcoming Elections
It is becoming clear at this time, because of MSR’s principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is the underpinning principle of the Manifesto, the Communist Party of Seychelles, intends to use all administrative hurdles and all legal hurdles possible to inhibit the certification of the MSR registration.
They have said in People paper, their rag tag weekly this week, that MSR ‘s principles undermine their efforts to “sell Seychelles” to foreigners while under REFORM, which we refer to as NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY.
This principle is captivating the minds of Seychellois across the country and is ending the politics of division played out by Red, Green, Blue, which are the divisional politics of the past 34 years.
“Sesel Pou Seselwa”, today, is uniting all Seychellois under one banner to remove the Communist Party of Seychelles from power and set her free.
The Communists intend on preventing the MSR leader Christopher Gill, from standing as the next presidential candidate, and prefer to have stooge candidates like Philip Boulle and Wavel Ramkalawan running.
Boulle is an attorney for numerous foreign interests in Seychelles. Mr. Ramkalawan is a Priest who has now become a millionaire in opposition and is happy with his new status and has remained quiet for most of the last Five (5) years while in Opposition.
He has become a loyal Opposition to the party in power, voting along with the Communist Party in Seychelles on key issues: 38% salary increase for MNA’s and Ministers, 70% salary for life pension for MNA’s and Ministers, all in a bid to keep everyone quiet and towing the line no different then the military Junta in Burma. His party recently voted in favour of a Supplementary Budget of Rs.77 Million, while the Seychelles remained under IMF Administration and external debts un serviced.
Myanmar Same Story
In Myanmar, elections are up the road and Aung San Suu Kyi’s party will not be able to field her as a candidate. Aung San Suu Kyi will be blocked by the socialist military government, led by General Than Shwe, who holds title “Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council. A little like the JJ Spirit Chairmanship, held by James Alix Michel.
In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi’s supporters and the international community are already calling the elections a SHAM ELECTION PROCESS, because the ruling socialist military junta will NOT allow her party to participate with their leader in the upcoming elections.
Seychelles walks the Road of Myanmar SHAM ELECTIONS
In Seychelles, the situation with MSR is no different, and MSR will advise the SADC community and the Commonwealth Secretariat of this fall back to communist tendencies by the James Michel PL Administration, and until MSR is a duly recognized political party in Seychelles, we will consider the road to elections a sham and seek court redress on the issue and we will seek damages and cost for hindering the evolution of the democratic process in Seychelles.
Pending registration certification MSR has spent nearly Rs. 1 Million and will seek recoup these costs from Mr. Gappy and the Attorney General of Seychelles.
Bring On The Troops
Because Seychellois troops will be reluctant to fight for James Michel and the Communist Party of Seychelles when faced with internal strife, arrangements have been made in advance, to bring in troops from the UAE under the guise of fighting piracy within Ten (10) months to Seychelles. The base to house them is being built and will cost $50 Million with all the creature comforts a soldier could want, including a mosque.
This will usher in an old strategy the Communist in Seychelles have used in the past: oppress and crush the will of the People, with foreign domination and the use of force and guns.
After all your games, administrative hurdles, you pose before us, and all your legal symantics are done, PL, remember this:

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")
‘Nou pre, nou lwen!
The president’s hectic schedule sees the ‘man of the people’ district hopping to try and contain his waning popularity while sustaining the travel escapades in style. A stopover in Montreux to rub the French the right way is crowned by a second audience with ‘Il Papa’. All the Emperor’s sins need to be absolved so that the good Sheik can settle in and protect us from all evil...
Mr. President: Good morning my faithful flock! ‘Bonzour Sesel’! Bon fet zot tou! En lizye lo le pase en lot lo lavenir! I have cemented another milestone with Sarkozy and we’ll see plenty of money flowing for the promotion of ‘la langue Franςaise’ in my empire.
BAWI: Cet oun tre bonn inisyativ patron! The French fully support our ‘Kreolité’ and were quite impressed with the young dynamic team that JenPa assembled for you. The linguistic pact that you signed will take us to another level and we hope to learn a lot from the Frenchies.
Lizzy: Well let’s hope that our people do not get ideas and adopt this mentality of taking to the streets. This is also part of their culture you know. But in this administration it is the executive that takes to the streets. We are in tune with the pulse if this nation with our district visits.
BAWI: Sir! Lizzy (our district visits mastermind) is mapping everything out with precision. Since we have lost Praslin, she made sure that we secure La Digue. Anse Etoile was more to give Ramka a kick in the teeth. When things fall apart, we get a scapegoat and rub their nose in.
Mr. President: ‘Bondye y avek nou dan nou voyaz’. The Pope gave me all the blessings needed for another five years. The last time I met him I was inspired to deal a sanguine blow to the voices of free speech on the steps of the assembly. This time I will crack down on all those who do not vote for me in the coming elections. I have absolute confidence in its outcome…
BAWI: Oh Bwana! I also note that the tentacled Orderly has been dropped as the ambassador to the Holy See. Bendictus has agreed to bring the ‘Trwa Frer’ cross down and you managed to sell him the idea of a Mosque at the base. Our Highness will be happy and can disburse a few more dollars to solve out water and gas problems.
Mr. President: Indeed! That’s the strategy Bawi boy. You take stock of the problems on the ground, throw mud on a few culprits and seek the solutions overseas. This is how an Emperor functions. Get an Aladdin to work the magic lamp and produce some genies! The latest one out is the Doctor Minister who has never seen so much generosity coming out of the desert in her lifetime.
Lizzy: Oh honey! You have the magical potions to solve everything. You managed to uncover an Escobar cartel and clean up the drug infestation ‘dan leo’ Anse Etoile. Police need to be more active and we deliberately avoided a visit to the dilapidated ‘kordgard’.
BAWI: This selective thinking is working wonders! A visit to the La Gogue dam would have been an embarrassment. No water and no gas makes Jack an angry boy. Now JoMo has another bomb in his lap as the pirates have hijacked our LPG consignment.
Mr. President: Oh not to worry. In the true spirit of our culture we will bring back the ‘lakwizin tradisyonel’! There is plenty of dead wood around. And soon all households will be equipped with solar powered cookers and ovens from Abu Dhabi and like the desalination plants, our gas problem will be history.
Lizzy: We need to take better care of our old folks. The deplorable state in which our ‘twazyenm az’ are living in at Anse Etoile is unacceptable. We need to pull up our socks! According to my files, the one responsible is our new candidate for the coming elections. Good work indeed!
Mr. President: I am so disappointed that our MNAs are failing us. They are indulging too much in their own private business and Meritus is too focused on the youth to care about the old folks. Now he says that everyone has to play a part to tackle the constraints.
BAWI: We need to focus on the positives Bwana. Our ‘forom ekonomik’ was a great success. With JenPa pushing through the economic diplomacy and Ramadoss turning the Indian Ocean into a free trade platform we have a win-win formula.
Mr. President: Indeed Bawi! Il faut être proactif et innovateur. ‘Nou pre, nou lwen’! All the islands will soon be united with a little vanilla flavor. We have EU supporting us with another 2 million Euros next year.
Lizzy: Oh I just love the smell of vanilla! It brings in the millions. But Ramadoss put us to shame as he can hardly speak English let alone French and I wonder how he can lead us for integration into the Indian Ocean.
BAWI: Oh well, he is Indian enough! We have Dolor as vice to push him through. His broken French and neocolonial upbringing is the key. We can enlist both of them to take crash courses now that we have signed this Francophonie pact in Montreux.
Mr. President: The Prima Lady also made the news in Malaysia. Caring for our little treasures is a noble cause and her youthful demeanor has attracted us the right attention on the world stage. The press in the east has been drooling over her…
Lizzy: Oh she has infected all her peers with her enthusiasm. You are such a lucky president to be surrounded by women of substance. We now need to tackle all those hooligans who are attacking our schools and harassing our kids and destroying that image.
BAWI: All is under control. MySuzy and Bon Kestyon have been dispatched to diffuse the situation. We cannot allow our kids to be terrorized. I will see to it that Danny allocates additional funds in next year’s budget to ensure sophisticated security devices are installed in all schools.
Mr. President: Good idea Bawi. Our water dilemma will soon be a major problem as well. I have sought the help of his Highness and soon the Antonov cargo planes will resume their daily flights with consignments of bottled water for the desert kingdom. My empire needs to be saved come hell or high water.
BAWI: Sir the good Captain should also seek a solution to our gas problem. We have so many tankers on the high seas with a green one doing the Praslin run and yet we are not able to bring in our own consignment. The old man needs to retire from Seypec and focus more on his golfing.
Mr. President: I cannot intervene in this area Bawi. We are dealing with local royalty and they do not conform to my empire’s laws. I cannot wrestle with the Adam and Savy clan and risk being deposed. I have a legacy to protect at all cost.
BAWI: OK Bwana. Indeed, you don’t mess with ‘Per Fondater’. I note that you ended up catching a few small fish in the fight on corruption and got a bollocking when you tried to open the army’s Pandora box.
Mr. President: I need to put on a little show as the Weekly is uncovering too much sleaze. All this is landing on my back and I need a tortoise shell for protection. Let’s just leave all the sordid details out of the equation for the time being. It is best left under the carpet as much as possible.
With all these local ‘Wiki-leaks’ it seems that the Jj Empire is being seriously threatened by the crusade for transparency and democracy. Heads cannot be allowed to roll in this war on corruption. Will it be the straw to break the camel’s back? Fafer i sal! Danny is wooing IMF to use the surplus to maintain our welfare state so that we can keep the blindfolds on…