Friday, February 25, 2011

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Air Seychelles CEO sacked

Air Seychelles CEO sacked

By Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN | Feb 24, 2011 (eTN) - The board of directors of Air Seychelles has taken the unusual step of sacking the company’s CEO, a Mauritian citizen often in the cross hairs of the media and equally often said to be at loggerheads with key staff. No specific details have been ascertained yet, other than a replacement will most likely come from within the Seychelles, i.e., halting the trend of recruiting expatriates.
Some staff this correspondent is in more regular contact with, while generally shy to discuss the issue, have, however, expressed relief over the development and voiced their hope that the new CEO will be able to work hand in hand with staff and board and drive the airline forward.
Only recently, as reported here, was a new board appointed for the airline and the Executive Chairman Capt. David Savy been retained in his position. He, it is understood, will for the time being hold fort at Air Seychelles but be sure to read updates first here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eyewitness News

 Seychelles Brother Gaddafi on Libyan State TV
While Col. Gaddafi gave a speech on Libyan State Broadcasting Company (SBC), Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations said that Human Rights crime against humanity charges are being considered by the United Nations. Senator John Kerry (Democrat, Foreign Affairs Committee) called on oil companies to withdraw from Libya and UN to impose immediate sanctions. Libyan soldiers and pilots refused to kill their fellow citizens, who numbered in the millions, calling for the removal of Col. Gaddafi.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Seychelles’ Brother:
If you love Gaddafi, go out and secure the streets of Libya.
I have not started violence, but I am willing to do so.
I did not bring in North African mercenaries to kill my people, they came on their own from North Africa.
Foreign elements and a small group of Radio and Television abuse these events. Google and Aljazeera are enemies of the revolution.
I will fight to last drop of blood.
We know each other, we feel each other.
I Col. Gaddafi says I will not leave Libya.
The Youth is to blame. If they do not leave the streets, I will go house by house, to clear the protesters.
I call on all people come out and support us.
Give up the weapons you have taken from the Army, those who are terrorizing the people.
People of Benghazi, turn yourself in when the Police come back from holiday. Shame on you. Are you gangster, Youth? Do you use drugs?
I will teach you a lesson, when security personnel come back from holiday.
What’s come over you protesters?
We have oil, water, peace, now you burn the country down?
The country will fall into the hands of crazy people, if you do not go home.
All those people revolting, bring them to me, is it possible for a people to destroy a
If the Youth do not follow Col. Gaddafi, who will they follow? Some one with a
Room color changes from dessert creme to emerald green. Gaddafi pulls out his “Green Book” and large bulky glasses and reads to the people:
Anyone who turns against the regime, the fighting will start. I will cleanse the country zone by zone, house by house. Protesters must surrender to me.
The revolution demands sacrifice from everyone. My forefathers deserve Libya and I do. Any one who challenges this is a rat or a brat, or a dead protester ( Translation unclear).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles’ Brother Gaddafi Shooting Protestors in The Streets
 Recently, Muammar Gaddafi’s unelected regime, took to shooting protestors in the streets of Tripoli with guns and aircraft missiles. The international community has expressed outrage.
At one point, the Air Force was ordered to shoot missiles onto the crowds and kill them off en masse. Mercenaries have been brought in from North Africa, to kill the opposition to Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, brother of Seychelles Communist Party, PL.
The whole scenario is being reported by all major networks, minute by minute around the world.
“To The Health and Prosperity of Col. Muammar Gaddafi”
One of the very first diplomatic cocktails officiated by freshman minister Jean Paul Adam for Communist PL in Seychelles, was a cocktail to honor Libya and Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Minister Adam referred to him as “Brother Gaddafi”.
As the champagne poured, the toast was made and Jean Paul Adam pledged support for a regime that does not allow free and fair elections, likely, in the hope that someday, the PL Communist Party of Seychelles would have a friend to call on in a moment of need.
Dictators Love Dictators Like Brothers
Dictatorial regimes stick together, they caress each other, diplomatically stroke each other, to give each other credibility. That has been how the tyrants of the world, survived the 20th Century. Minister Jean Paul Adam referring to Gaddafi as a “Brother” is an example of this hypocrisy borne out of the need to survive, typical of Communists.
As the winds of change sweep across the Middle East and Africa, and other parts of the World, this standard operating procedure of how things are done, in the name of a Country, will come to an end. The age of embarrassment and humiliation over diplomatic caresses will end for Seychelles and her people.
Seychelles Loosing Friends Like Flies Under a Doom Attack
With “People Power” on the move in the Middle East and threatening in North Africa, the Seychelles led by Communist PL, is loosing many of its friends in the region. What is startling is that many of their friends were dictators, and they were perceived to be powerful, rich and strong enough to with stand the will of the people. Today, even Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed al Nayan is shaking in his robes, though he is said to be worth $23Billion.
Sometimes, the more you are worth, the more trouble you are in. This might be one of the instances, as personal wealth can be equated to corruption. Example the ruler of Qatar, owns Aljazeera is worth only $1 Billion, compared to $23 Billion for Khalifa.
Dictators are proving to be much weaker then they made us believe they were. They are all being exposed one by one as empty rotten tree trunks, waiting to be pushed over by the people they lord over.
Alarm Bells in Seychelles
No tree trunk is as empty and hallow as the tree trunk of the Seychelles Communist Party, the PL.
They are weak, and loosing their hold on power, as the people slide into discontent over their mis-administration of the Republic for 34 years.
Today, Seychelles must beg to survive. We cannot borrow from commercial banks, our economy is propped by a faltering Seychelles Rupee kept afloat by a Governor of Central bank that bends to political demands; inflation is hidden under taxes, and the entire conspiracy translate into a higher cost of living for all Seychellois, but with less money in their pockets to make ends meet, as money flow in the system is restricted by pending bad debts by the Government.
President James Michel has imported mercenaries, similar to Gaddafi to survive. Gaddafi imported North African mercenaries; Michel imported Irish mercenaries to run the Seychelles Police, National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA), and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Two of the Three mentioned departments are based at State House itself. The FIU has stooped as low as seizing money in exchange for extortions money to release funds; it has been reported in the international press. The NDEA has taken on neighborhood patrols, in Mamelles and Corgate Estate to stamp out growing political resistance under the guise of stopping drug trafficking.
Left unfettered, this situation will get worse, as the regime gets more desperate. No Carnival will hide this malaise brewing in paradise.
The next Five (5) years will be the most difficult for Seychelles if this Communist regime is not put to rest.
The Opposition Props Failure
The only factor keeping this empty tree trunk propped up is not Khalifa with his Billions of dollars, as he has only come forward with a few million only.
It is not SIVA, with his private planes, cash, and fantastic personality.
What props this regime, is a lead opposition party that has fallen into line with the Communist regime, taking orders, following their bent rules, and adding credibility to an otherwise not credible process of democracy.
The Former President, James Mancham is also guilty of this political inertia for the past two decades, showing up at critical times to the regime, to confuse voters foment fear, and keep the empty tree trunk right where it is. The proof to this truth is in our reality.
A Lesson From Eygpt
The lesson from Egypt is this, even if a dictator can be worth $70 Billion, like Mubarak is allegedly worth, he can rig elections year in and year out, like Rene has done, and deny a material part of the population from playing meaningful role in the affairs of state, they can be beaten and taken down and dragged out to dry.
Unity of purpose is the first step that must unify all those that want real democracy their country. No country is an exception to this rule. I have called for an opposition conference for unity for years now. It has been ignored.
In Seychelles, unity does not exist yet, as the main opposition the SNP has actively worked to divide the opposition up to now. I appeal to them to change this course of great failure they are running.
In the meantime, the Communist PL, can thank the leader of SNP, Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan for their momentary good fortune, in the midst of loosing so  many close friends, so fast, around the region……….. At God speed.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eyewitness News

Herewith below is an article by the Parti Lepep rag. In this year of elections, James Michel and Co are seeing ghosts. They are accusing two ladies who are keen to celebrate a milestone with family and friends for something that only the figment of their crazy imaginations can conjure up. There is no doubt from this piece of crap that they are running scared in the light of what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East. The Seyco & Regina Mundi ghosts still haunt them. Well, get used to free speech ghost writers of 'The People'. This is the age of Facebook & Twitter. No one can take the freedom of anyone away. We will express ourselves as much as we want. If it makes you all see ghosts, just too bad!!

Are May and Dora Forming A Political Platform Under Ex-Students Gathering?

A so-said friendly activity being organized by some individuals promoting themselves as former students of the Ex-Seychelles College and Regina Mundi Convent, last week took a different turn when the so-said organizers of the event finally came out with their true colours and started a full blast anti-government campaign over Facebook.

Facebook readers, specially the former students of the ex-Seychelles College and Regina Mundi Convent, were on Thursday February 10th 2011, shocked to discover that what had been projected and promoted over the web for the past months as an innocent student gathering programmed for the month of August this year in Seychelles, was in fact taking the shape and direction of an under guise political and anti government gathering and activity.

People we spoke to and who in the true name of friendship were anticipating to attend the gathering, expressed their total dissatisfaction with the turn of event and said that they were indeed shocked and saddened for having being taken for a ride by some individuals they described as political sadists.

The wild cat was let off the bag through a posting made by one “Dora” and the further conversations which followed suit between Dora and one “May”.

In the initial comment Scott in what she described as “Breaking News” stated that the entire of North Mahe was on total black out. According to her, there was no television transmission, telephone, fax and no email functioning within the region.

Few seconds, following what seemed to have been an innocent comment, came the master piece of the infamous conversation. In came May responding to Dora’s comment. The conversation then degenerated into anti-government declarations and improper remarks with political connotations vented at not only the government of the day but furthered in the direction and person of Sheikh Khalifa.

To try and spill the incorrect and false impression that Seychelles is the only place on earth where power cuts occur can be looked and categorized as being only a stupid and illiterate comment from people having nothing better to do.

But to make such statements as was the case of those made on Facebook, that the staff over at PUC and those over at the Coast Guard could not make proper use of the generators and boats the country received from the Sheikh as a gift to our country, is indeed an insult to the intelligence of our hard working fellowmen working in these institutions.

For the benefit of Dora and her good friend May, we the people of Seychelles would like to let you know that we are not the only place on earth where power cuts occur. It is a known fact that it occurs in even the most developed and rich countries.

We in Seychelles through our dedicated people over at PUC try our best to deal with our problems within a minimum time span whereas on the other hand, it is a known fact that in some countries, people have to live with power cuts and in certain cases not for hours but for days.

Eyewitness News

UAE pledges dignified living for all nationals
AL AIN 18th Feb— The President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on Friday pledged all-out efforts to provide dignified living conditions for nationals.
Shaikh Khalifa was speaking after being briefed by General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, on the results of the latter’s tour of the Northern Emirates where he received first-hand reports about the nationals’ needs as well as infrastructure projects being implemented.
Gen Shaikh Mohammed undertook the tour upon the directives of the President which set the needs of the citizens as the highest priority of the government.
The tour was also aimed at inspecting the level of services provided to the citizens by governmental departments.
Shaikh Khalifa stressed the necessity of close and continuous follow-up of the tour in order to live up to the aspirations and hopes of the citizens, already a high priority of the government as part of its strategy to continue the march of comprehensive development the UAE currently witnesses.
The President emphasised the utmost importance of providing dignified living conditions for the citizens, be it through completing and developing nationwide infrastructure projects, or through advancing the level of basic services the government provides in all sectors, based on the leadership’s belief in the necessity or harnessing all capabilities and strengths bestowed by Allah on the country for the welfare, happiness and progress of the nationals.
The President issued directives to the government and affiliated entities to closely follow up the results of the field tour, in cooperation with local departments, and to develop a specific implementation programme to provide all required capabilities and resources in order to realise the prudent policies followed by the leadership since the establishment of the Federation four decades ago, as well as to implement the present Cabinet’s comprehensive and sustainable development plans led by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Gen Shaikh Mohammed had met hosts of nationals during his Northern Emirates tour, engaging them in friendly exchanges in order to learn about their conditions, needs and requirements.
Gen Shaikh Mohammed lauded the directive of the President to meet the needs of nationals and to provide a dignified life for them.
He said the President pays special attention to the nationals and advancing their living conditions, including housing, healthcare, education and general services.
The nationals expressed delight at meeting Gen Shaikh Mohammed and his interest in their needs, as part of the cohesion between the people and the wise leadership. They reaffirmed their confidence in and allegiance to the prudent leadership of the President and the Vice-President and their brethren, Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council Rulers of the Emirates.

COMMENT: What about a dignified living for the people of La Misere and Seychelles? Khalifa has not settled the ASCON pollution case, and he has not paid his $200 Million owed in taxes on good imported into Seychelles.
He is indeed getting jittery about people power in the Arab world and is trying frenetically to appease the disgruntled voices. All despots will meet their end sooner or later...and we will soon see Khalifa setting up permanent residency in Seychelles.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

News on the street!

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")

Papa Clocks, Coco de Mer and a Beluga Nightmare
 2011 has started off with a strange bang. Or shall we say a slow tick-tock to this dreaded judgement day. Suddenly some papal clocks and ‘saple beni’ start coming out of the woodwork. The President grabs hold of the cherished prize possession of a nut to hand over to the Indians as he seeks more ‘command control’ courses in the land of Topaz. Capturing the Beluga with its wealthy toys turned out to be a nightmare…

Lizzy: A Papal salute Mr Commander in Chief! Apart from the early consignments of the ‘Papal Handshake’ clocks, blessed rosaries and the side mirror flags, it seems that all our election paraphernalia have been lost on the high seas. Our piracy minister has had some pretty tempestuous moments to handle lately.

Bawi:  Indeed Sir. Sometimes stress can attack you in the private parts of your own home. This is what you get when you act too much like a cuckoo. Total distress emanating from heavy doses of contaminated water can turn the brain lopsided and bring several paternity woes. 

JoMo: Good day Mr President. I apologise for lying low in this New Year as I have been recharging my batteries. I had to cope with some very vitriolic bouts of cat fights. 

President: Not to worry my man of all talents. You never cease to amaze me. Between the piracy conferences, order of new buses and securing our wetlands, you still manage to find time to dance around…

JoMo: The skill is there from my disco day! Sir you did good to visit India to seek military support. It was a bad idea to follow the Sheikh’s orders and chase the Beluga. We could not manage a heroic performance this time around and the pirates made off with some of our patrons’ toys.

Bawi: You see! When I was still at MOFA I could handle all these delicate issues with my command of the diplomatic jargon. It is called ‘diplomatic immunity’ JoMo. Now that you are signing off some important treaties to close the net on the corsairs, you seem to have arrived.

Lizzy: But careful that you do not pop too many of these balloons. Cats have sharp claws you know and we do not want you to end up with too many ‘mini-me’ around.

President: Well let’s hope that my new clock will be able to absolve all these mishaps and blunders that came our way in my last tenure. The people should swing back behind me despite letting them down at La Misere and gifting land away right?

Lizzy: Oh my sweet valentine! Careful that the blessed gifts do not turn into a curse!

Bawi: Sir we are exerting all the vital control on all fronts. Tourism is our bread and butter to take us out of the doldrums. Now that we have sold off quite a chunk, we need to cash in on all the revenue that has been illusive. I have a plan.

JoMo: Well, I should be credited as I am the one who opened the door with the $4.5 million ground breaking volatile investment that has ended up missing from my private quarters following the ransacking at the abode. Luckily it is our great Du Gas generator that is slowly churning out the deals today.

President: Yes and I anticipate that my 4x4 team will go all the way to help me to another victory. We need to finalise the Marie-Louise land deal with the ‘lapas’ to ensure that we fulfil our mission with Sheik Mohsen. The whole west cost is now reserved for our benefactors. From Cap Ternay to Port Launay; from Barbarons to Petite Anse; from Baie Lazare and Ros Kopra to Marie Louise en passant par Gran Police…This is the new Monaco in the making.

Bawi: And with it comes all the new technology. Coupled with our 4x4 ideology, we have the winning formula. All this wealth is supposed to trickle down for the benefit of our people. But it seems that it is being starved off somewhere at the top of the funnel.

JoMo: In life there has to be perseverance Bawi. Today one cannot do anymore undercover missions. It is time to ‘larg dilo’. I am off the shit water case and given the noble mission to the new Acting General, Ronny boy.

President: Your idea to bring a Coco de Mer to arouse some senses in India worked perfectly Bawi. Since we are all in the seduction mode, we need to use the carnival to portray our sexiness to the world. Let’s get into this party mode and dream up a float to represent our awesome teamwork.

Lizzy: Okay, we’ll get all of you to design something wild and colourful. How about a ‘pous-pous’ with a charming lady being drawn by our man of the people? This could be a modern version of what Mancham did back in the days…

Bawi: Well I will probably be part of a colourful creation that depicts the High Level Strategic Marketing of our diverse tourism proposition. I will be in my board shorts and riding the crest of a giant wave on my surf board with a cigar between the teeth and a Cuba Libre in my right hand.

JoMo: Yeah I like that! I will make my grand entrance riding on the back of Per Kobe with my iPad using the latest ‘shoot the pirate’ app to give a nod to both our environment and the battle to eliminate the scourge of piracy.

President: Well I would prefer to ride into the parading floats in my bullet proof BMW complete with its motorcade as a tribute to my legacy of a man who has been around for more than 34 years and still not wanting to fade away. After all, I am enjoying this show and do not want it to end.

Bawi: Perfect Bwana! And in true 4x4 tandem, Danny bro will pay tribute to his two greatest mentors. His float will be a miniature NYS cluster where he will dress up in revolutionary military garb and red beret next to the waxed figures of ‘Per Fondater’ and ‘Comrade Fidel’ puffing on their fat cigars.

Lizzy: OK, onto more serious matters. JenPa the Diplodocus par Excellence is here to report on the state of Africa & Middle East.

JenPa: Good day my fellow dignitaries on this centenary year. The winds of change are sweeping the continent and all incumbents are being discarded. Some like Bagbo are clinging on to dear life while people power has turned the Mubarak pharaoh into ashes. And now with Yemen and Bahrain catching this flu, it is getting closer to Abu Dhabi. There is cause for concern…

Bawi: Well we are containing the situation by rubbing shoulders with the biggest democracy in the world. Shame you did not manage to pick up your dishdasha when you transited in the UAE Bwana. You would have blended well with Singh, Karzai, Pachuri and co.

JenPa: I ended up wearing the robe and I made sure that all my movements were off camera. I am worried that we have called ourselves Parti Lepep as the people might do an Egypt on us.

President: Hey this is supposed to be the year of “Laviktwar pou Sesel”. It seems that we are going a little bit against the tide of Africa & Orient. We have to ensure that we do not get washed away…

JoMo: Sir we need to have a master plan for our water problems. Water cuts have become the norm and we need to reverse that trend! Ronny did a full assessment before leaving for New York and it was totally ignored. We should not have a repeat for the ‘delokaka’ fiasco.

Lizzy: Oh but he made a powerful speech in India and I am sure that this will resonate well in the districts where all households will be adorned by our cuckoo clock and the Sunday congregations will glorify our blessed rosaries. Long live our Man of the People. All the way to victory..

Hmmm… it seems that we are seeing ghosts of a people’s revolution in our midst. A victory in the face of adversity! What a challenging prospect. This business of disappearing millions and selling of our real estate might backfire. There are more questions than answers in the door to door…

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Entering The Age of Transparency and Accountability 
It has been an honor and privilege to write over the last Six (6) years on issues that Seychelles face. Each week, I pen an article on current events, that address the political and social life of the Nation.
The effort is a living effort, it is in real time, focusing on real issues, and I place my pen on the line each week because I do have to defend my points against anyone in Seychelles society and anyone in the World through the blog comments.
No other public figure faces blog comments in Seychelles. Both SNP and PL leadership use fake profiles to place comments and attempt to poke holes in ideas I present and others on the STAR team.
Age of Transparency
The exercise has alerted me that we are entering an age of transparency, wherein the 20th century way of doing things have become obsolete. No longer can a Minister steal money, sell off land cheap and expect that he will be able to get away with the abuse of public confidence. They will get caught, they will be named, they will be shamed, and their family members will succumb to the pressures of being related to a public thief.

Recently, one thieving ministers wife, faced him, and told him, she cannot take it any longer, and wants a divorce. The public resentment, built up, having to live a life of duplicity, had taken its toll on a marriage that stooped to living off public largess.

Beyond that, we must document the incidences of theft and abuse of office. Information flows to me from all walks of life. But those that give the information want one thing: a better and accountable Seychelles. I am certain they will get it. I salute them for their effort, and commitment.

Commonwealth Lawyers Conference
This week at the Commonwealth Lawyers Conference in Hyberadad India, Commonwealth lawyers and judges came together and announced that corruption must be stamped out in the Commonwealth, and abuse of funds, thieving of state assets, is tantamount to a violation of Human Rights, because these public thieves, deny society  a higher quality of life they would have if the thieving and abuse of funds had not taken place.

The Commonwealth conference resolved that not only should culprits be vigorously prosecuted and do jail time, but they must return stolen money, and be cited for Human Rights violations.

Mr. Ronnie Govinden, Attorney General in Seychelles, attended this conference. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with as a plan of action to deal with human rights violations centered around corruption of our political leadership, which he works for.

I learned a long time ago, you are better off carving your own niche in life, then carrying someone’s dirty laundry and acting like it smells good. I hope Mr. Govinden will see this thread of solid advise. The community is watching him with an eagles eye.

Francis Chang Sam, a former Attorney General, cum legal profiteer knows the impact of public scrutiny concerning his professional practice. Mr. Chang-Sam has been a director of the Central Bank during the days Seychelles defaulted on the Lehman Brother Bonds, and he was paid to handle the Bond transactions on part of the Government of Seychelles, independently.
In any other country he would have been disbarred by now.

Seychelles Before UN Tribunal For No Human Rights Report
The Seychelles must face a UN Tribunal for not filing a national Human Rights Report for over 34 years next month. 
It is a damning testimony to the lack of seriousness the Government and political parties and NGO’s have placed on human rights in our country.
Without holding government in check on the abuse of civil liberties, we cannot evolve into a better country, but we will roll back Seychelles, to the tyranny that it came from on June 5th , 1977. Everyone is culpable for failing to effectively handle Human Rights as an issue. This includes the Butcher himself, to the man frolicking with the 1960’s message of world peace -world wide, and everyone in between the two of them.
We just have not done enough as a country or as a people to take tyranny to task.

So Far We Are Rolling Back
From what I have seen on the front lines facing the Michel Administration, we are rolling backwards and heading for a rear end collision with tyranny, because Michel himself, has not adapted to the age of transparency.
He is stuck in the past, with the thinking that an AK-47 is the best solution to a prolific pen, or bull horn in the streets. Granted Michel has adapted his techniques with recent purchase of small nozzle automatic assault guns for his secret police we call NDEA and Irish mercenaries which he has imported, but the tactics of intimidation are still there, save the fancy Irish sounding letters Naill Scully writes to cover up the NDEA abuses upon our Constitution.

Every Seychellois Is a Reporter
Today, unlike 1977, every Seychellois can be a reporter with cameras and recorders on their popular mobile phones. With a little help, that information can be placed on the internet, and scams - schemes of a  dictator can be exposed for the world to see in a minute.
Today, Facebook pages like Mouvman Seselwa Rasin, Sesel Pou Seselwa, STAR blog, are breaking news issues, before newspapers hit the streets. Photographs, recordings of incidents are making it to the internet tripping up the communists in their arrogant ways of doing things. International journalist regularly contact us for the back story on articles we write.
For example, the digital recording of Gappy refusing a 4th submission of MSR has gone around the world. Reporters ask me for it, I point them to it on Lavwa –Sesel. They listen in and judge for themselves if the Commissioner of Elections is impartial. That has an impact on the regimes image around the world. Soon enough, it will make its way back home and back to Mont Fleuri when Gappy gets the boot, which he will.

For example, NDEA is told to watch our political movement and when they trek up to Docklands, or Glenny Savy peeks into our windows, we see them, just when they thought they were not seen.
Through the internet, we see the land sales of Zil Pasyon -Felicite Island, a property that was leased under value to Gregoire Payet for SR. 10,000.00 per annum, then transferred to Francis Savy’s company. The buyers are alerted to our coverage of the sales and are put on notice of the under handed deals that under lie the island transaction itself.

Eden Island, the buyers to that scheme, know that they are threading on a delicate situation. They can access our articles on Eden Island and everything Craig Heegar tries to hide from them to make the sale, we expose. When they buy, they buy on a calculated risk, knowing the facts.
Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer BEWARE) reigns.

Balancing of the Dictator
The internet has balanced the playing field against tyranny more then ever.
Last year, State House felt it important to create a Facebook page for Michel. Staffers service it and place comments for him. The comments are confined to pep talk for JJ Spirit mostly, which is made up of younger people looking for job placement or promotion.

That effort in itself has exposed a tremendous weakness of the Administration, it has succumb to the internet, and community trends. It has tried to adapt, but has yet to understand, the impact of transparency in its regime life. You cannot effectively host on community pages if you have something to hide. Hence, why so many fake profiles come from SPPF.

Era of Dictatorships Ending
The understatement that will define this century will be: “the Century that ended dictatorships ”.
Puff, they will all go, one by one, thanks to Google, Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones, satellite dishes. The individual will be empowered like in no other time of human history.

This collection of know how, is rooted in America’s quest for technological solutions to problems, that will be the greatest gift to mankind, and our plight for freedom in the face of autocratic tyrants like Michel, Rene, and their friends. The ball is in play.

All tyrants that rule by fear and intimidation and use violence as a tool, their days are numbered. These sick people cannot torture, mayhem, scare, kill enough people to keep the pages of history from turning on them.

As our world becomes more transparent, dictators and their agents, will become more accountable, it is they who will run scared this time.

In Seychelles we only need an opposition that can see that, and not live in the past with their past fears, to effect change in Seychelles.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!