Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

We Are Not Anti-Foreigner...We Are Pro–Seychellois!

In the State of the Nation for 2010, Seychelles President James Michel was quick to point out that there was a xenophobic movement taking root in Seychelles and he categorically defended the hiring of a number of Irish Ex-Army, as Police Officers, and as part of the Financial Intelligence (FIU) based at State House.

In the same breath, he defended his hiring of Australian tax agents which included the highly qualified and capable Mr. Rene Nusse. In that group of Australians were individuals like Mr. Simmon Hannaford, and Mrs. Fiona Powell at the Seychelles International airport and Port Customs who the Government of Seychelles, simply did not need to staff the Customs office of the Government of Seychelles. There is no debate there.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa in 2010”
In my first article on STAR for 2010, I announced that this year, the theme of my writings were departing the standard business , economic and social issues, and would refocus on the founding principle of the Republic of Seychelles: “Seychelles Pour Seychellois. The new translation under Rene’s KREOL is now: “Sesel Pou Seselwa”.

I am happy to note that the Leader of the Opposition took notes of the article and used a substantial portion of it in his rebuttal on the State of the Nation, though I never received any credit for it, or even a thank you card.

I could make out the faint call of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” in the speech as I heard it over the radio, driving through Victoria. It was weak, but at least he tried. Many have asked me why the sudden shift in gear in 2010. I will clear this up, today.

The reason I launched this year under the banner “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is simple enough to most of us, today, but it would have been overlooked completely if I had not taken the banner to task and raised it from the closets of history.

The SPPF, after the Coup of 1977, dropped the banner of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. Since the Coup of 1977, the SPUP turned itself into SPPF and never looked back.
The SPPF turned thug criminal organization, abandoned the banner that united us all as one People. To stay in power, to run the country, as many highly capable Seychellois left Seychelles between 1977-1992, the SPPF imported foreigners to Seychelles, made them Seychellois (Seselwa Fabrikes), to the point that no one in Seychelles even questions the application of citizenship of these individuals, prior to my writings this year. Even in the State of Nation address, Madam Gamatis, said this banner, “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, is no longer relevant today.

I say, “Sesel Pou Seselwa “ will always be and remain relevant to Seychelles. Hence why, MSR founding and enduring slogan will remain: “Sesel Pou Seselwa” for generations to come, even long after, I am gone.

The SNP opposition remains silent on citizenship applications, though they call themselves the Seychelles “National” Party. They remained silent on who is a Seselwa for many years. With this in mind, why do they use the term: ”National”? Does it refer to National fan, to blow up and inflate their salaries solely, today?

As the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) begins to take root in Seychelles political life, as a Nationalist movement, we will displace the middle of the road sleeping moderate, softy “national” party, that has taken to cocktail parties to lobby the Government of Seychelles run by PP. For whatever they want. The list over the years has been endless and much of it resolved over cocktails and shrimp tails.
MSR will work hard and tirelessly to remove PP. from power. Why? Because for Seychelles to succeed, they have to go, simple enough, nothing complicated in that assertion.

“Define a Seselwa”
The first intellectual challenge to lifting the banner of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” in 2010 has been to define who is and who is not a Seselwa, in the social quagmire SPPF created from 1977-1992 and beyond.

MSR took on this challenge early in the year 2010. We knew we would face opposition in the definition of who is a Seselwa. But we did not waver and came up with a plausible definition, which made sense and the People of Seychelles are grasping it quickly. The exceptions include naturalization applicants, individuals married to Seselwa –Rasin, and humanitarian grounds if we miss any one unfairly through a loophole.

Repeatedly, I have asked the SNP to define who is a Seychellois. They refuse to take any political risk and do not define who is a Seychellois in Seychelles today.
This political posture of the Country’s main opposition, only gives the PP a Carte Blanche to go on doing what it has done for the last 34 years, sell passports, to anyone who will buy them, and make a citizen anyone who will remain loyal to them.

With that in play, the voters list is stacked, with defeat for the Opposition becoming a permanent rule to the democratic process in Seychelles.
SNP ignores the 10,000 odd residents of Eden Island, citizens in the making, as they ignore SIVA’s Ambassadorship and Citizenship, because it is profitable to do so.
We need to find an acceptable medium status for these people. They have invested in Seychelles, and we need the investments. But we do not need to sell our citizenship, and they have no right to participate in the political affairs of our country.
The Eden Island residents should be granted investor residency status, an appropriate amendment made to the laws and constitution allowing for the status with caveats on citizenship application. No exceptions.

The Sivas of the world, are many, they buy passports and buy status and must be sent a strong message from the People of Seychelles: “ we will not honour such deals made with PP or SNP”.

On Facebook page “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, created by SNP to override the MSR ideology, I have repeatedly asked the administrator, no less than 3 times, to define who is a “Seychellois”. The administrator has remained silent, preferring to allow all that register to believe what they want in their minds.

Another page by SNP’s Pauline Ferrari has been started in response to MSR ideology and it is called: “Sesel Pou Tou Seselwa”. This gives us an idea of what the SNP are up to.

They accept everyone as a Seselwa under their nationalist ideology. I suppose as long as the incoming new citizens pay their way, much like SPPF and PP today. In one article in Regar, they suggested that economic benefactors to Seychelles should be allowed citizenship. If that is not a political sell out ideology, I do not know what is. I find it grossly unacceptable. Some of their spokesmen have made the same comments on STAR Blog.
It is a recipe for national disaster.

Silence Is Deemed Acceptance of an Allegation By Public Figures
It has been alleged and never denied, that Mr. Ramkalawan received euro 150,000.00 to remain silent on the SIVA Ambassador at Large nomination, while Mr. Mancham’s nomination for the same post was taken off the order paper of the National Assembly. Silence is deemed to acceptance of an allegation.

Too Much Wood to the Fire
Recently, the Seychelles Weekly has written a strong anti–foreigner editorial. One article written even said “Foreigners Go Home!” I personally do not write in Le Nouvo Seychelles Weekly, and deny any involvement in its Editorial or its policies in 2010. Le Nouvo Seychelles Weekly does use some articles that are posted on STAR, and they have asked permission to do so. We do not object to that.

MSR and all the writers, and journalists of STAR and mouthpiece Lavwa-Seychelles are not anti-foreigner. We are all pro Seychelles and pro Seychellois, and this is the bond that brings us together from all political party colours be it former Reds, Greens, Blues and Yellows.

To preserve Seychellois interest and rights in Seychelles, large commitments are forthcoming from common citizens who love their Country. The recent pledges made to me are nothing short of heart wrenching to see patriotic Seychellois, coming forward one by one to support the MSR movement. MSR thanks them all for the voice of support.

We Are Not Fools!
In October 2008, Seychelles went officially bankrupt under the Michel Administration. Today, we are undergoing a Three (3) years IMF Reform Program. How will Seychelles come out of national bankruptcy if we are anti foreigner?

We need foreign investment in Seychelles. The process for investing must be streamlined and made easier for foreigners, in areas that Seychellois cannot obtain adequate financing. What we do not agree with, is granting of favourable concessions to foreigners because of under the table deals have been struck.

All foreign investors must contribute to the infrastructure of the country through Development Impact Fees, and not get concessions that give them an unfair advantage over Seychellois investors. Priority should be given to Seychellois that have a proven track record in development and business. Foreign investors should take on Seychellois partners in all development, to maximize Seychellois participation in the development of the country.

Additionally, we will not tolerate the victimization of any Seychellois business or individual in Seychelles, while foreign investors get carte blanche from the PP. Large projects, need to have a corresponding large investment in education, and training to boot strap our young people, as not to displace them in the development process.

Our people have no free lunches; investors should have no free lunches as well. The grossly favourable treatment of the Sheik Khalifas of the world is completely unacceptable as a mode of seeking out investments. This type of investment, Seychelles does not need. Under no circumstances, must Seychellois have to go on their knees to please any investor, and cover up his misfeasance and malfeasance to the extent that our sovereignty is compromised, not even for a scanner, or a building that has a scanner.

As Seychelles faces a downturn, we will have to regroup and reset our economy with Seychellois at the helm. We do not need foreign investors that destabilize existing investments. New investments must be carefully analyzed to assess impact and consequence on earlier gains.

Example what use is a 440 room Emirates hotel, if Air Seychelles does not allow additional flights in bound? If you allow the new foreign investment and do not allow additional flights, Government destroys existing Seychellois investments.

Additionally under the MSR Creed, we do not accept that a foreigner should work in any management position of our Army, Police, Defence Forces, or occupy any managerial post of the Government of Seychelles. Foreigners are free to work for the private sector, under GOP. While here, they cannot apply to become citizens of Seychelles, unless they fall under an exception.

The management of our governmental affairs must always remain Seselwa Rasin managed and run.This provision of our CREED is not anti-Foreigner, it is pro-Seychellois. Why? Because there are more than enough capable Seychellois to occupy the leadership positions of the Government of Seychelles. However, that does not mean they will work for PP, under existing conditions. This being the case, the conditions will have to change.

Wise Up PP
PP will have to become more transparent and it will have to allow the managers of government affairs to operate openly, and freely, without fear or favour, towards PP cronies.
For example, the Police Force has more than enough capable officers the Irish have fired, that could be brought back to run the Force effectively. Mondon, Simeon, Mousbe, Tirant, are all highly capable and better qualified then Mr. Naill Scully an Irish ex Army not ex -Police, to run the Seychelles Police.

If Conditions Do Not Change?
If conditions do not change, then the imminent collapse of the Government of Seychelles and the PP will take place, just as the imminent collapse of the Seychelles economy has taken place and I provided SPPF with ample Three (3) year advance warning. Here is your second advance warning. Then What? Then capable Seychellois, will rebuild Seychelles, without PP.

We Are Not Xenophobic
We fear no foreigners and welcome and accept them all, as long as they are not part of a corruption scheme to disenfranchise Seselwa-Rasin of their motherland and rightful place in it.

With MSR ideology, you are more than welcome to Seychelles, but regularise your status and do not buy it from PP. Pay your taxes, obey the laws and be respectful towards our people, however disenfranchised you may find them to be, after 34 years of Communism and Cronyism. 34 years of mafia rule and Marx, has its disadvantages on a People.
Just remember one thing. Before June 5th, 1977, we were not like this.

I cannot speak for other political entities in Seychelles, they appear to be in a toss of confusion between money received from SIVA and doing a Robert Mugabe on us all. But I believe I have made a sincere effort, to clearly state the position of MSR on foreigners in Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

Visit MSR on Facebook and sign up to join the Seselwa brother & sisters determined to have their voices heard! ttp://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000886674421


Anonymous said...

Kool, makes sense. Finally someone is making sense.

Tiklo- where are you old buzzard?

Hope you did not loose yourself on the Lavwa -Seychelles radio.

So SNP does not know who is a Seychellois?

Well SNP, say something.

Looks bad if you don't know who is a Seychellois, especially for a "National" party.

Looks like Gill has you dudes in a vice. Better think twice, unless you are Marie Brown.

That's Zappa!

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill when our freedom Radio will set up?If PP reject or refuse our proposel.We will take in the street.


Patrick X said...

Johnny, make the right choice in the coming election and all radio stations in Seychelles will be radio freedom.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Very well said Christopher Gill! I fully agree with everthing you have written! May God Bless you for the coming struggle!

Anonymous said...

David Johnstone-

You agree with "Sesel Pou Seselwa"
bu tyou do not define who is a Seychellois. This is the official SNP stance.

You say you do not want Seselwa Fabrike declaring they are Seselwa Fabrike. With SNP they will have a declaration to make. With MSR, our Creed states their passports will be revoked if they involve themselves in our political affairs.

You agree individuals who paid a few thousand dollars should have passports revoked. What if their lawyer is also SNP? Will you revoke the passport?

If yes, we are in accord on this issue.

Yes Eden Island buyers, all 6 of them per apartment have residency status.

What do you think they can apply for in 5 years under the current law?

My Daivid, you are begining to sound like a State House Press Officer./

You say you stand on your points on the the Eden issue. You are in the water my friend, floating and stand on nothing.

SNP has been silent on Eden for a few advertisements and clients for your lawyers.

You cannot do politics like that today in Seychelles.

If you persist, you will be wasting the time and future of the People of Seychelles. This English standard of politics over beer and cocktails will not work with our problems.

Your offer points are not relevant to the discussion.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The Eden island residents are allowed Permanent Residence status which they pay for. We should not mix that with Seychellois Citizenship. In fact as it stands now one does not even have to be a Permanent Resident to get citizenship. Seychelles Citizenship is given at President's/Cabinet Pleasure. Not even being married to a Seychellois Citizen gives one the right to Seychellois Citizenship. I believe that is the situation in many Commonwealth State. What is wrong in Seychelles, is how this privilege is being dished out by SPPF/PL. That is where the real problem is. I am pretty sure that removing Citizenship is not legally possible, i suppose there would be a presumption of legality (especially for acts done by the State).

On another matter i watched briefly the last press conference of the IMF. Where the hell was REGAR? I saw Volcere and SBC/Seychelles Nation/People. Was REGAR not invited?


Anonymous said...

Every Seychellois Tom, Dick and Harry know who is a Seychellois with the exception of Christopher Gill and his Cohorts.

The late President Reagan asked Ex President Gorbachev to "tear down that wall" and Gorbachev duly made it happen. And what do we see being built in Arizona to keep the ilegals out?. A long, long, long and high high high wall.

Chris Gill and his merry band of wannabe Red Necks can all go and get stuff. They are a bunch of sick renegades instead of having Rene-Sense in their Racist little minds that will eventually get JAMMED a tou kou. TIKLO

Anonymous said...

I dont beleave in any Radio than a RAdio freedom from Rasin movenment,if there will be one.With free freedom speech like i beleave on star.But only think,how we can trust those politicien?

Anonymous said...

what do you know about the case in the international court aginst...

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of Seychellois politicians we have encountered in exile, prior to the Colonail change and indeed since the 3rd Republic their refusal - rather inability to grasp what may be termed as plain reality, rather the need to take a common issue and work, pull the resources together and achieve a positive objective.

Politicians like Mr Phillipe Boule, Mr Ralph Volcer would support you and we are certain the main NGO body in Sechelles - Seychelles would do so too.

Prior to Mr Gill and others starting their noble crusade of "Sechelles - Seychelles pour Seychellois" the then division going on in DP, SNP - having see some of the important gap - mal function of that SIROP - CDU, DP, Allinace, MRD, SNM exile return program of 1987/88 - 1991 - had we the exile then written a solid return program - with all the details which one must usually submit to UN and other - the reason we did not do this. How were we going to impliment many of these important economic program without the help of outside expertise, technicians, work force. Should a proper review, debate - accountability report be undertaken our nation, politicians, will see many great problematic.

However for these good reasons as well as taking up and echoing the the wish of politicians/ministers past under Sri James Mancham government, the late Mr Gerrard Houreau and indeed some of former FA Rene friends, politicians - bedise allowing all Seychellois outside to vote. To include in our Constitutions a Senate for the good reasons that we have been advocating for the past 20years. It is no good crying over spill milk - Very many seychellois in exile have attempted to return to Seychelles and the results. The massive imblance in democracy, economic justice.

Sooner or later those who had come to live and work or invest in Seychelles would be demanding certain rights and even marrying our lads or female.

By having a Senate parliamentry system - this would create the posibility for,those individuals to contribute contructively to our nation building - they woudl be ought to be given a voice in the Lower House or Local appointment.

Over such Democratic platform the people - the nation would be able to exert their democratic rights, their national rights more effectively including challenging the exceses of the investors, those who have acquired our nationality etc.

Mr Gill, Your late father and dear friend support this vision - you have been some 20 yeras in Sechelles - Seychelles politic - why do not your Movement take un this most noble vision/cause - You will be doing the Seychelles Nation a great honour and justice - the politicians of the current government are scared, what will happen to then if the give up or share power. If they were reasured as member of a Senate be it the Upper House or Lower House they would be respected - there woudl be a very different approach to Sechelles - Seychelles politic and doing politic.

Finally Mr Paul Beranger who was great freedom fighter - had his party won the election in Mauritius whould have change Mauritius constitution to have a Senate.


Anonymous said...

Relpy To PNQ.

I did not say anything to Bernard Georges of Wavel Ramkalawan. I only wrote the article on Genocide in Rwanda and asked them why they never said anything on the matter.

1,000,000 people died. Seychelles had a hand in distributing the weapons for the killing.

It cannot be over looked.

After I posed the question, you SNP people freaked out on me. Total loss of mental cohesion in group think.

Since then, SNP have intellectually totally unraveled on Facebook and STAR.

Did Mancham know about the arms deal and fake certificates? I do not know.

I am not Mancham's keeper.

Pose the PNQ and we will find out.

In the meantime, get your brains in gear to unite the Opposition.

Sorry to sound so brash, but people of Seychelles are suffering, I take that seriously.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gill,

We have tired to locate your article on the Genocide in Rwanda 1994.

You and countless young politicians, media activist in Sechelles - Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, former OAU - African Union today, given the hightned Geo Strategic role, responsibilities
of not just the Island Sechelles - Seychelles, but its very people - inhabitants. After our historic global exposure the COMECON debacle, the USSR debacle, Germany Reunification debacles - its astrominical impact on world affairs - like it or not, can or do not want, some of that - the need to develope a different intellectual caliber, capicity to think, judge, review information and what compel/make decision making would have been forced on you. Thereby giving you the ability to grasp more complex, complicated functioning of the world, society. Including what we/I am bout to say.

The vast majority of you when we addresed certain very complex political and economic issues in 1991 to 1997 excuse the terminology - you either insulted us - lunatic and the such - we prefer to say you gap back at us.

The issues sarrounding the Massacar/Genocide in Rwanda had/should the truth be told will cause a scandal of global proportion. Many of you have written of the horrors of being sick - you do not really know what it is all about -

For all those who swear, uphold Masonic/fraternal/archaic bench mark, integrity. Where those hideous issues were taking place which cause the Genocide in Rwanda there is a Proper Masonic Lodge in Folkesotone and Dover and the Workman Lodge as many call them in Dover and Folkestone. They are supposed to be gaurantor of events, history, incidents, etc and there exist science, mechanism to verify, porve and disprove what we are stating.

There were other incidents linked/developed, came about about the same time in Africa too and the Gulf Region.

The Conservative was in Power, those that had been involved in helping me to migrate/take up some kind of responsibility in Belgium and indeed the correspondance with Mr Radegon our Ambassador in London.

The involvement of President Francois Mitterrand government, Special Police and masonic Fraternity.

Then President FA Rene, the failed bid negotiation of the Exile politicians to impress, make headway and get into power. The decision we took/had taken to support - that FA Rene stay in Office. Mr Gill you just do not grasp waht this mean/meant.

President Bill Clinton election - those who force/bend the rule that he be elected and why. (The bloody mad thinking/corrupted propaganda that the USA and Britain had change the COMEOCN, USSR. Germany Reunification and they were hell bent upon recking that exile return program their good reason and the Indian Ocean today and Africa, the Arab Region} One of these evening get a bottle of Whisky and sit down at the Beau Vallon beach and chat with some ex Russian Intellegence operators.

All hell broke loose in term of Masonic/fraternal/archaic and when that happens with your 20 years learning ought to know what will happen/expected.

Including that Yugoslave War and the Somali War. (Just like the current crap/manure with EU and other fighting the Somali pirates - we starting writing/warning about the situation way back in 1994/5}

Some of these isseus were cited in writing at the Court Case in Canterbury County Court and the Royal Court of Justice, copy to the UN, the European Court, the International Court, Seychelles Court, Mauritian Politicians, the Officials of then OAU and President Francois Mitterrand.

This is why we underlined - insisted that Sechelles - Seychelles constitutions you/those of you fighting to change Seychelles then the 3rd Republic insist that we have a Senate, all the EU, African, USA politicians and British French who said we were dreaming.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to protecting our identity, our motherland, our pride for Seychelles, we should put politics aside. We should unite because we have the same roots, same true nationality, and if we let these aliens take our pride from us and treat us as third class citizens, then we will be left with nothing. The Seychellois pride and identity is something we are born with. No matter how many passports they sell to these rich, short brained foreigners, we will make sure that they do not keep shittimg on us anymore.
Seychelles belongs to true Seychellois Rasin and we will democratically chase them away from our country. We do not need 5th class indian doctors, Judges from corupt, non democratic african countries, Irishmen and australians which cannot aford a job in their own motherland because they are uncualified..etc.. We the people of Seychelles are capable of running this country. We are well educated and have enough experience to run our affairs.

So it is time for those useless ass lickers to leave our land before we are obliged to force them away

God bless the Seychellois Rasin

Anonymous said...

I can understand issuing permanent residency status to promote investment on the Seychelles but can anyone explain how a 55 year old South African woman with no qualifications at all gets a Seychelles passport by paying 25000Rs.She has no money to invest,no qualifications to help the country and is less than a decade away from retirement.Seriously????

Anonymous said...

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