Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Foreign hotels eating up the small fish
Over the years and throughout our history, the SPPF / Lepep government have been the prime architects killing the goose that lays the golden egg. From the infamous ‘gold card’ to the biased concessions handed out to foreign investors, they keep making the same blunders! They are now hell bent on starving the Seselwa out of the taxi, car & boat hire businesses. The latest trick is Duty Free Cars and Boats given to foreign owned hotels.
 How can anyone be that subservient to foreign groups at the detriment of their own brothers and sisters? Our little country was a colony until 1976, but that era is history and those in charge must move on and continuously remind themselves that our 'Masters' are gone and that we are now claiming to be free of our 'colonial past'.

A hotel is a tourism establishment and not a defacto taxi company, nor is it a car hire or a boat charter company. If that is the expected norm why would Maurice Lalanne of the STB support such absurdities? Our tourism industry will never be stable until our people are left to benefit from that industry. Giving away the country's crown jewels (prime land and beaches), the obvious side benefits of our tourism industry must be left for Seychellois. But do they want to strangle the ‘pti Seselwa’ who are trying to make a living from their country’s prime industry? These are the reasons why today in Zimbabwe, they are moving to get existing businesses to donate to the locals 51% of their business. This solution may seem farfetched, but when you are allowing big businesses to milk the country's main industry with no care for the country's small people, extreme solutions are brought in sooner or later as corrective measures. In fact, this was also the case in Seychelles where investors have to go into such investments with Seychellois partners.

Taxis Services must be left for Seychellois. Car Hire businesses must be left for Seychellois. Boat Charters must be relooked to ensure that Seychellois benefit from that business. Defacto maneuvers of hotels getting involved into these services are also unacceptable and the concessions given to hotels to have big luxury duty free cars & duty free boats are measures allowing them to partake into these activities deemed protected for Seychellois – at our very own detriment.

Unlicensed accommodation establishments were addressed last week when we aired the Farquhar Island dilemma where a Mauritian tourist, Mr. Felix Maurel, is believed to have disappeared and now presumed dead. These establishments are a time bomb for the Seychelles tourism industry and one that is waiting to explode. Farquhar lost one tourist; more will happen if Mr. Lalanne, Mr. Moncherry and their group of inspectors refuse to act to close them down. Why clamp down on the small Seychellois trying to have a change of use for their small establishments when the big boys, including the Government’s (IDC) Farquhar Island are allowed to operate illegally? Isn’t that shameful?

Well today we bring another foreigner who has joined Farquhar Island's illegal practice. Foreigners are now taking to the gravy train of doom being piloted by James Michel. They can all grab a piece of Paradise for a few pieces of silver, build a mansion, convert it to a tourism establishment, advertise it overseas, collect all the revenue overseas, dodge all taxes, seek Seychellois citizenship, laugh all the way to the bank and enjoy permanent retirement on a beach under the sun! This is happening before our very eyes! And yet, Maurice Lalanne turns a blind eye and would rather enjoy another round of golf instead of dismantling this racket that is robbing the real Seselwa of the little crumbs that this government leaves them. Yes, Mr. Lalanne! Here’s a website for starters: http://dovolena-seychely.cz . A Czech who is flaunting all the rules and regulations that are supposed to govern and regulate our tourism industry… We realize that Mr. Nalathamby is now unable to react because the precedence is set by Farquhar. What a disaster!

Air Seychelles gets greedy?

The domestic arm of Air Seychelles has increased its charter rates to private islands such as Bird and Denis raising a few eyebrows. This matter is puzzling because nobody serious in the tourism industry can increase their charges by over 50% and expect to be taken seriously. If their costings were wrong for all those past years then those responsible MUST be fired for wasting public funds. If they have just gone hungry for quick cash they SHOULD be fired for hurting our country's tourism industry reputation, because the hefty new increase in their charges is exactly what they are doing. Discussing the matter at Pirates Arms this week, everyone just laughed saying that such decisions by Air Seychelles is what can be expected. Today they are in India, tomorrow they are out; tomorrow they are in Malaysia and the day after they are out again. No concrete plans, no management, just a joke everyone believes. Now they have forgotten the need to bring tourists to Seychelles and are flying British Army personnel to Falklands and ethnic Mauritians to Mauritius. The question is - do we need a French woman to market such a comedy? Do we need 6 French Managers in France to manage that 'theatre'? Do we need a Mauritian Doctor to be the 'metteur en scene' of such a performance?

Our Seychellois can do all these jobs and our airline and our country would be much better off if only David Savy can learn to believe in Seychellois. When the likes of Conrad Benoiton and Freddy Karkaria managed Air Seychelles all those foreigners were not involved and the airline was working for the interest of Seychelles and turning a profit. Today, it is total confusion with all these expatriates. We should expect more of these disasters. And by the way, Rama Sithanen is out of a job in Mauritius and we should not be surprised if David Savy invites him for another stint by his side to help save his skin…

Next week we shall look at the staffing at Air Seychelles and why Seychellois employees are today so unhappy and many looking at leaving.


Anonymous said...

The case of the Czech having an illegal tourism establishment is surely a cause of concern and easy to investigate. What about GOP? how is it that this Czech (who is obviously a non Seychellois, since he is only now asking for citizenship allowed to possess immovable property in Seychelles, was sanction asked and gotten from the Govt), can we ask our so called official opposition in the National Assembly to aks a question there or write an article in the newspaer, since Gill has more or less given all the materials, and a simple investigation on their part can easily verify the info!

david said...

Hello all of you,

I'm David Petersik. Uff where to start??

1) Villa Vanilla does not rent any rooms to any tourist in this moment! We have not obtain even one penny from renting yet!
The web site which you are mentioned in text is just advertising and promotion for the moment, nothing more. Do you see something illegal on it?
Think before you start write something or do you think we are so stupid to do such thing if we want to run business here?? And of course we will not rent any room to anybody till we get all needed permissions and licence.

2) Why I should have GOP? Do I work for somebody here? No I do not. Anyway my immigration statute is Resident of Republic of Seychelles which is enough for visiting this country. Do not worry I have got it in normal procedure without corrupt anybody . Can you image for example that I'm swimming here only because in my origin country is no sea?

3) It is very bad and unfair that you publish such lies about illegal tourism activity in Villa Vanilla. You are really wrong. So if you want to be really honest please write another text mentioned my explanation. I have feeling that you faith for truth, no? So be rightful and do it.

4) About your complain that GOV evoke sell land for foreigners like me (I thing it is in another post, doesn't matter)
Look, can you image how it is useful for "normal" Seychelois when I'm here and the others?
a) I have spend money for building that house. It means money and work for Seychelles people and taxes for GOV from the material and profits of all domestic companies involved in it. Than GOV buy something for hospital....
b) I have spend money for resident permission every 5 years. Do you think 10.000 dollars from each is nothing for you?
c) I need gardener, housekeeper, watchman and cook in my house for me. Four people get wages and than maybe they spend it in shop of your grandmother. Again nothing?
d) Many relatives come here visit me. They bring I do not know, maybe 1000 euro for one week each. What they do? Spend it in restaurant or they buy souvenirs.
e) I need petrol, phone, food, cloth blablabla and many others. Again money which I bring from Czech, spend it here, what is that? Work and money for your people.

I have seen many countries in world. Believe me, foreigners are useful for any country. Look, even in Czech we need foreigners and I like them doesn't matter from they are. If they do not do any crime of course.
I understand that you do not like corruption and you are against it. I do not like it too. But it does not mean that i'm Czech I do corruption here in general. Ok?

And your protest against my application for citizenship. Thank you very much. You are so good. Bravo. You do not know me (I think) you have never ever spoken to me and you do such thing. Applause. If I will not get it, what do you thing is gonna happen? Nothing. I just leave this country, go somewhere else, you will lose not me :-)
Why you did not contact me and ask me before you write something about Vanilla to get right information?

It is really terrible how big bitterness I feel from all of S*T*A*R*S. But is not my problem. I do my business.

Best Regards,

David Petersik

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Mr. David Petersk:

First and foremost, we in The Mouvman want and need foreign investments for many of the reasons you describe. But just because you buy gasoline or hire a gardner does not mean you can have our country - when you become a Seychellois it means you have an equal right to own and control our country, as any other Seselwa Rasin - this is unacceptable.

If you want to stay and work in the Seselwa Rasin motherland, you are welcomed to do so, provided you follow all our laws. But, you cannot become a Seychellois - that is non-negotiable.

On the issue of land ownership - we in The Mouvman believe that only Seselwa Rasin should own land in our motherland. All foreigners should be allowed leases of up to 75 years only. If the government of Seychelles want to lease land and does it in an open, transparent and competitive fashion, but for not more than 75 years, few would object.

What we have seen is that the corrupt PP Collaborators have been "selling" Seselwa Rasin land and pocketing the cash for themselves, even while they bankrupt our homeland. This is unacceptable.

We suggest you withdraw you application to become a Seychellois. When The Mouvman comes to power we will not recognize any citizenship that is granted to you anyway. Then we suggest you follow our laws in how you operate - we do not believe just because you are Czech you will do things illegally, but it appears you have been advertising for business when you are not licensed to do business.

If these conditions are unacceptable to you, then, as you suggest, your investment may be better placed elsewhere where the conditions are not as stringent as I have described here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Peter

I wrote the first post in this thread but did not write the article.

1. On issue of GOP. Generally you need a GOP (if you are not a Seychellois) to work in Seychelles. Be it self employed or employed by somebody else. A Resident Permit does not allow you to work. You yourself say you do business in Seychelles and you do not have a GOP. I hope the Govt takes note because you are acting illegally. You can have more information by simply contacting the Immigration Dept and ask anyone on the front desk and they will be able to tell you that.

2. As a non Seychellois you are not allowed to owe immovable property or even if you are a shareholder in a company, that company will have to seek sanction/permission from the govt. You do not say how you came about to owe immovable property, maybe you could enlighten us. Again Mr Peter, if you do not have sanction you cannot owe immovable property in Seychelles.

As for your application for Citizenship, i am also totally against, my vote in the next election will depend on whether the govt gives it to you or not. Building a guest house for rent to tourist (which to my recollection of SPPF Govt policies is limited to Seychellois) does not in my humble opinion entitle you to become Seychellois Citizen but Cizenship are dished out at the President's pleasure ).

Bottom line Mr Peter, is you are already advertising for a service which you claim you have no permission to give. This in itslef is false publicity, no where on your site does it mention you do not yet have the necessary permission. Secondly that business you are seeking permission for is normally (unless SPPF has reversed its policies) reserved for Seychellois. Maybe you know that since you are now asking to become a Seychellois. Thirdly, you claim to owe property in Seychelles but it appears that you never obtained sanction (we await your clarification) and fourthly you claim to do business here, yet you do not have a Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP), clearly illegal.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Mr Peter, for precision sake. I am not a Member of Mouvement Rasin. I disagree with a number of their policies. I am a blogger and respect Gill and MSR for what they have done up to now. So my post above was not for or on behalf of MSR but my personal opinion. By the way, you have my respect for expressing your opinion on STAR!


david said...

To Leonard:

You say on one side you need investments and on other side you are not giving chance to do so. You think somebody will take his own millions and invest it under condition 75 years leas? No. What happen after that 75 years, who is going to own already built house? Someone totally else who doesn't have anything common with the origin investor? I think nobody will invest than.

I don't need citizenship for control your country how you say. I just need it because I want to make save my investment. Thats all. This is the best way how to do it in this moment. Actual low is like it is so I try my best.

Than you say something about PP's pocketing because of selling land to us. And do you know that normal Seselwa Rasin are selling their own land to us too? Can you image it that even "normal" people want to do with their own land what they want? This we call democracy. And actually many Europeans do so, even us. I do not care if I buy land from government, Seselwa or from E.T.

If anybody from Seyselwa is pocketing it is problem inside this country. It is not mistake of investors. You can not punish us for your mess. And do not worry, pocketing is everywhere same including Europe. Always depend on presentive system and people.

Your note about not accepting citizenship in future is very funny. Please can you explain me how do you want to do the selection of all people on this islands? Will you go and just pick white people? Or you will take all passports of all people which has not born in country? Just example. Someone obtain passport and buy land here, build house, run business. After you will take his passport. What than is going to happen with land, house and business? Will you take it too? But than you do the crime, you steel. M'i right?

One more. I do not do any illegal business with Villa Vanilla yet! The web site is just promotion. We did our job only. We want to be ready understand. Your investigation seems to be wrong in my case because you even did not have 10 minutes write email to me and ask my opinion.

To Vox:

Again m'I working here yet? No I'm not. Do not be so panic. I want to do everything legally, do not worry. If I will need I will do it. But in this moment I'm just someone who swim in the ocean here.

For your information. I know exactly what can I do or what I can not do here. Including how to own immovably property. I pay my lawyers and I think they know local law much better than all of us together. Please do not think I'm beginner :) No offence against you.

Thank you that you appreciate my present on this blog but do you know what I would appreciate? If I do not see lies on this blog.

David Petersik

Anonymous said...

Petersik we need foreign investors not neo- colonalists.From the start you were illegal thus you will stay illegal until you conform by the rules of this country .

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

As for land being sold to foreigners by seychellois it is a concern that needs to be address by the government.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

David Patersik:

We think that there will be a substantial number of foreign investors who will invest with a 75 year lease. At present, many leases have been issued to foreign investors for 99 years by the government of Seychelles. I have invested and built substantial buildings on 75 year leases. Of course an investor always prefers fee ownership, but that does not mean they will not invest with 75 year leases.

At present, before a foreigner can buy land in Seychelles they have to get permission or sanctions from the President. This is, in many cases, just a means to delay and complicate the investment process so that the PP Collaborators can collect bribes to grant the sanction.

The Mouvman will eliminate all permission for a foreigner to obtain a 75 year lease and for any individual Rasin to lease their property for 75 years to any foreigner. That in itself will draw more foreign investment to Seychelles since it sends a clear signal that we do not play games with investors. We tell you straight what we expect and we establish fair and clear rules for the investor. At the end of your lease the land and improvements will go back to the original Rasin owner as is the case all over the world for leased land.

On the issue of land sales, at present, it is not illegal for a Seselwa Rasin to sell his or her land. So we in The Mouvman have no problem with that. You say you will buy land from E.T and could not care less - well many foreigners have bought Seselwa Rasin land not from E.t. but from the PP Collaborators and paid bribes in order to do so. You do not care about that? It is a crime to pay bribes in our country and it is money laundering to do so. It is these transactions to which we object.

Secondly, you cannot have our citizenship just so you can save your money or because it is convenient for you. Our citizenship is not for your convenience or for the convenience of anyone else. It is a sacred inheritance that we must preserve only for real Seychellois - Seselwa Rasin. If you need our citizenship to invest in our country then invest elsewhere. Our country is not for sale for any amount.

Who said anything about white people? Why do you think I am talking about white people? I do not know what color you are and do not care. Any person who is not a Seselwa Rasin should not be a citizen of our country. I am telling you that now so it cannot be a surprise to you later when your Fabrike or counterfeit citizenship is cancelled.

However, no one said anything about kicking you out or "stealing" your property. If you did not get what you own illegally, a Rasin-ist government will not touch your property - you just cannot have our citizenship. And you will just have a 75 year lease on your land. And no one is saying you cannot stay in our country - you just have to follow our laws, without exception.

I will accept your explanation that you spent your good had earned money on an advertisement for a hotel you had no legal right to operate just as a "promotion" of a business you did not have - but just this one time. If it happens again I will say you were conspiring to engage in an illegal business venture in violation of our laws.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Peter
I am not panicked. I am not a lawyer but i know how foreigners can or cannot owe immovable property in Seychelle and it is very simple.

If you owe immovable property in Seychelles (which i believe you do reading between the lines, since you say you have invested in a house....) legally you must have had sanction from the Govt. But you do not say whether you have obtained the sanction?

If you do not have sanction, then you are using illegal means to 'owe' immovable property.

Anyway that is just a side issue.

The main issue is whether the Govt would give you a license to operate a small tourism establishment when since decades these type of establishment had been reserved for Seychellois (i agree 100% with this policy)? You say you do not have a license yet. I am assuming that one of the reasons for you wanting to get Seychellois citizenship, is for the license.

The other issue if whether Citizenship should be given to Mr Peter? Is it sufficient for somebody to invest in Seychelles to be afforded citizenship? Mr Peter how easy is it for Vox a Seychellois to get Czech nationality let alone buy properties in Czech republic?

Mr Peter has put his finger right in the middle of things (i have often haggled with the Gills over that, and that is foreigners are not interested in Seychelles Citizenship to vote, they are interested in Citizenship to buy properties here in Seychelles), Mr Peter says that it is for 'protection' and that a lease is not good enough.

After land has been sold to Mr Peter, what is the likelihood that Vox, or some other Rasin can buy that property back? Practically nil, simply because the cost of living, salary of a Rasin is no match with Mr Peter. This is the danger Seychelles faces, that sooner or later, Rasin will never be able to buy property. But let us not be hypocrites, it is rasin selling to foreigners!

Wishing you well.


david said...

To Jeane:

Can you let me know what I did against low? What is illegal in my case? Honestly I do not about anything.

Please can you explain me why Seychelois can not sell their lend if thye want? Doesn't matter who leads the country. But the ownership of land and the manipulation including selling is one of the principle right in democracy.

And why I should be something like neocolonialist? What do you mean by it? What is wrong on it if I buy peace of land here and build the house? It is the same that you can come in my country and buy peace of land and build also... Would you be a african neocolonialist which is harrying our Europe? In my eyes you wouldn't be because there is nothing wrong on it.


david said...

to all:

This discussion has no end I think. We can sit here and talk forever about what would be the best for you Seselwa or what is better for your economy. It is everything just about our personal opinions and thoughts. Matter of opinion. Maybe you are wrong and country will go down after your changes. Maybe not. Who knows who is right?

So my final manifest is:

Till know I have not done anything illegal. And I'm not going to do so.

I understood your opinion and accept it. I see where you are aiming.

You can not blame from the things I have done here because your system enable it to me. If you do not like it you must change it but you cant punish me now or later when you change your policy. If something is done once you can not come later and change it again. Or you can but you must change the whole system from the democratic to the totality not just the leaders of country. We will see how it goes :) But I tell you something, we had the totality system before 20 years in our country and it is really nothing good for anybody....

My reason why I went in this discussion is that i saw some lies about me on this blog. Thats all.

All best to you!!! Thank you and good bay.


Anonymous said...

Petersik ,Seychellois can sell their lands , but to permanent residents only.
Foreigners on working permits and so forth are not allow by law to do so.
And if there is no law to prohibit it ,the governemnt must amend such law to stop this practice in order to secure land for our people and generation to come.

Furthermore, whether it is in Europe or elsewhere no country in the world including your homeland allow foreigners to pocess,buy land unless they are a permanent resident. why do you think it should be different here?

Ownership is a democratic rights ,but this right concern only the native of a land where such rules are part of their constitution and there is nothing to do with foreigners.

In your case you can't proclaim land ownership in our land because you not a Seychellois and not a P.Resident.

The reason why your act is illegal is because you obtain land here when you on a working permit and not a Seychellois ornot even a foreigner married to a Seychellois.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to David Petersik-

You say you have not broken any laws by advertising your unlicensed villa in Port Glaud. Just by advertising an unlicensed villa for self catering is in fact, against the law.

You violate Seychelles Tourism Board rules and regulations and Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) laws.

For your information, Seychellois Citizens have been prosecuted under Seychelles laws for what you are doing. I do not see why you are not charged with a crime.

Why should you be given any special treatment over a Seychellois national? You should not.

Secondly, you say that your lawyers know how to get you land with out Sanctions. Usually lawyers use nominee companies, and if you did that, the lawyers circumvented Sanctions, as a prime intention, and that violates the Immovable Property Restrictions Act.

Additionally, the self catering villa arranegment is reserved for Seychellois nationals only. How did you circumvent that? Or perhaps, you are now trying to circumvent that law, by becoming a citizen, then having the nominee company that holds title to your property, then transfer to you as a new citizen if granted such privilege. This is another violation of laws of Seychelles, if that is your intention.

75 year lease are fine and bankable for mortgages. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you are not happy with that, then that is your choice.

In the finality of this issue, investing in Seychelles is not a favor you do to Seychellois. It is an investment, which you expect a reasonable return on investment. A profit.

Hence, I believe Seychelles is not obligated to grant you Citizenship. In fact, the request is ridiculous, bordering on the sublime.

What you should ask for is an investor residency permit, that does not allow you to simply apply for citizenship after five years.

I would not object to that, and you can stay as long as you wish, but our citizenship is not a packet of fish.

If you thought it was and have been misled, I am sorry for that, and we are correcting this false perception.

As for the comment you made that we do not even know you and should not pass comment on your application, this is ridiculous as well. The notice provision is made so anyone can pass comment, either substantive, subjective,or procedural.

Thank you for your comments.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

You guys all know that Seychellois have been selling their land to foreigners and using loop holes to get around the law. (having the land registered in a Seychellois name etc) and transferring for 1 rupee. This has gone on for years and years by PP and rasin alike. To make any new Law retrospective concerning land ownership will cause chaos.
However there are rumours that Mr Petersiks father owns the Land as he has citizenship (purchased) from the SPPF, so therefore it is legal.

Anonymous said...

Air seychelles staff is definitely not happy with the clan of David savy.They will always go to pirates arms and after a few drinks vent their frustration.Staff of air seychelles and the general public have the same traits.They have to drink to let go of the pain and oppression.We are talking 30 years plus of oppression.....We have a nation who has gone into resignation....its sad isn't it?David Savy and his clique has to go.Starting from all Mauritians next to him,engineering,catering and logistics cabin services,marketing,international and so forth.Get real David Savy si mon pou komans dan Marketing i deza annan seselwa KI KAPAB FER LOUVRAZ SA DIREKTER KI PE ZIS PRAN LARZAN LETA.Son bann collaborators dans Paris office should go.Gilles dan Paris office kin vinn director Europe should go brother....Apre tou i en pilon....that is why you gave him this big post?What is he up to?soliciting male client?pou li avek lekel? this is why air seychelles do not prosper.Director marketing drink like a fish and do not forget sa ti fanm ki oun met dan catering cabin services.I devan laport tekila boom,lovenut ek barrel tou le swar.Parole i dir ki Madanm Adeline Elsia Hoareau kin kit pei si tan vit ti galan avek David Savy.Personn pa konnen kote i ete si langleter,lanmerik oubyen somewhere dan lerop avek son de zanfan.La David Savy i pou bezwen pran madanm tekila boom.???

Anonymous said...

Every government whatever its form is to be regarded as an agency to supplement the efforts of its citizens to aid them securing temporal we-being and to protect them in its enjoyment.

If a government attempts to do more than supplement or assist its citizens and assumes to do for them what they themselves could do better,it becomes paternalistic and stiffles natural initiative the life-blood of national welfare.

If a government does less than supplement or assist and shows itself indifferent to injustice or oppression,it opens the door to anarchy and its own destruction.

In other words,that governement is best for a people which best promotes its welfare.


Anonymous said...

Reply to Petersik, Father comment.

Buying a passport can never make you a bona fide citizen. It is a fraudulent transaction and the person who commits a fraud cannot benefit from his crimes.

Having done so under the color of law does not make it not a crime.

Reply to Petersik saying he gives Seychellois jobs.

That may be so, but they give you many opportunities aswell,while you are here and an opportunity to earn a profit legally.

Granting Seychellois jobs is not grounds for citizenship, and is in fact patronizing towards us and such condescending thinking should not be enocuraged in our society.

I believe it is conslusive gorunds to turn down the request for citizenship and the Department of Internal Affairs needs to be held to it.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

HM's headless tactic regarding Praslin is nothing more than them trying to milk extra money from a monopoly , and then shift the revenue towards their international portfolio. Basically, correcting a wrong with another wrong.

Sorry David Savy, we see right through you as well.

Is that all you and your only Aviation Doctor in the Indian Ocean has?

Not very dynamic or impressive.

But we will face the effects in a few years when these toursits go back and tell their friends about the messed up fare they got charged to Praslin. But you won't feel these effects, will you David/Rajiv, because you would have gone to your little golden nest.

Shame on you both.

HM is not a dictatorship.


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