Thursday, May 6, 2010


The Seychelles Connection
Most notorious Czech fugitive becomes South African state witness
Czech international Radovan Krejcir is allegedly being treated as a state witness in the murder case of South African strip king Lolly Jackson. He is reported to have offered full cooperation to investigators. Jackson was allegedly shot 15 times on Monday (May 3, 2010) in Johannesburg. A Cyprian man by the name George Smith is accused of his murder.

Police said that Smith was linked to Krejcir having allegedly worked for the Czech criminal, who is wanted for several criminal offenses in his native land. Police said that Krejcir and Jackson were being charged on allegations of money laundering in which Smith was also involved. The Czech’s lawyer told the press that his client is not being treated as a suspect, despite the fact his house had been searched.
Two years ago a corrupt South African judge ruled against the extradition of billionaire Krejcir, whom the Czech authorities have dubbed “the country’s most notorious fugitive.” He was arrested in Johannesburg a year earlier. Prague Radio at the time said that the South African decision was another step helping Krejcir to escape Czech justice forever as the South African judge had ruled that “the murder plot and 3-bil Czech Koruna tax fraud (Krejcir was accused of) are not considered) is not a crime in South Africa. (Isn’t it ironical how useless Interpol is in such simple cases? – editor).

At the time Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer said, “The news from Johannesburg is very disheartening, and a very bad blow for the Czech Republic.” Despite his absence Krejcir had been sentenced to six and a half years for tax fraud. He is also charged for various crimes (attempted murder, counterfeiting, extortion and abduction).

The Czech Justice Ministry did not agree with the South African judge, and said it would keep the case open as long as necessary. Krejcir escaped with his family to Seychelles, which has no extradition agreements with the Czech Republic. Obviously Seychelles knew he had a very good Swiss bank account. Allegedly several corrupt politicians had been tipped off to help Krejcir and his family escape justice.

(Source: The Budapest Report -


Anonymous said...

That is state-organized crime.

The most important type of criminality organized by the state consists of acts defined by law as criminal and committed by state offcials in the pursuit of their jobs as representatives of state.

Examples,include a state's complcity of piracy,smuggling,money laundering,assassinations,criminal conspirancy activity as an accessory before and after the fact and violating laws that limit their activities.In the latter category would be included the use of illegal methodes of spying on citizens,divertingn ways prohibited by law8eg,illegal compagne contributions andsupport criminal activities.

State-organized crime doesn't include criminal acts that benefit only individual officeholders such as the acceptance or the illegal use of violence by the police against individuals,unless such acts violate existing criminal law and are official policies.
For example,the policies of harassement and random violence by police are incorporated under the category of state -organized crime because,apparently,those practices are both state policy and in violation of existing law.

Our land is being ruled by criminal,we had better plunk up our courage and make a clean sweep of those mafias at the helm of the country.


Anonymous said...

This SPPF Fabrike is embarrasing Seychelles. I had enough of SPPF , I am joining Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR), on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

One thing is sure though:

Now that Radovan Krejcir has snitched on a fellow mobster, he will sooner or later(rather sooner) have a bullet with his name on it. He may get asylum in South Africa, but that won't stop his enemies coming after him.

Patrick X

Lavwa Seychelles said...

International Press Points Corruption Finger at PP Collaborators

Anonymous said...

Patric X is so fond of "bullets". He even has one for Ramadoss that he twisted and turned in denial that he ever said so.

Patrick X's cheap posts i fer la peine and he wants to lead the Country. Heaven forbid. Le O

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you could come up with? running out of steam are we?

By the way, I don't have a bullet for anyone, the one who was fond of dishing out bullets was Rene and his deputy Michel. They're the ones who will have a bullet for Ramadoss when he gets too big for his designer shoes.

I prefer to sort issues over a table negotiating, but I guess that word is unknown in your books.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

It would be too expensive to gifted a Indian caste a bullet .
One the over hand he illegally obtained our citizenship,thus putting justice in to practice would be enough,meaning that he would be deported,TIKOLOR.

We believe in the rules- of -law of our land.We will show PP how justice should function, namely,by the book.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Zan Dark, Patrick X and the Brothers Gill should head to Arizona of the US of A for some much needed practice and first hand experience on how to deport over 460,000 ilegals back to the Mexico. Then when you bunch of Legends in your own Lunch Boxes come to root power, you would be ready made for the start of your ethnic cleansing.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


The united States was founded as an immigrant country.

We were founded on Sesel Pou Seselwa that Rene the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator betrayed to fill their own pockets.

We do not need to go to Arizona to learn how to clean out the Fabrike criminal business partners of the PP Collaborators whether they be black or white, Indian, African or European or anything else. We know how to do that already, and we will do it in quick time under a Rasin-ist government.

And we will bring the PP Collaborators to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people - their own people.

Anonymous said...

We would be pleased to have a trip to Arizona but unfortunately we have a job to get gone,namely ,to get PP behind bars first,at Montagn Posee.

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

Well said Jeanne. Let Arizona deal with their Mexicans and we'll deal with our problems. And Tiklor, please be man enough to sign your posts and also please stop comparing pears with apples.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

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