Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sheikh Khalifa's Seychelles Castle at La Misere
Aerial view

The monstrosity that stretches beyond the imagination! Gifted to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, UAE for one (1) Seychelles Rupee! Flouting & making a mockery of all the planning & environment laws of Seychelles, it took more that 200 40 ft containers (and counting) that arrived via 'Antonov' planes, more than $100 million in dodged taxes (loss revenue), severe water pollution & other environmental disasters on a massive scale affecting more than 1800 La Misere residents, 2000 illegal workers... and the list goes on... Soon we will have a convoy of more than 15 BMW X5s clogging our roads escorting the 'King of the Castle' in his newly adopted Paradise! ALL COURTESY OF HIS PARTNER IN CRIME JAMES ALIX MICHEL & HIS CABINET OF MINISTERS!

More to come soon, including the Palace at Barbarons!


Anonymous said...

This is enough thought-provocating materials for all of us.It shows us what happens when we allow gangsters to rule us and thus the need to get PP out of power before it is too late.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I can see the laws for construcions regarding maximum height have been followed very well here. A ugly scar in the landscape full of an ugly microbe called corruption.

Patrick X

Missy47 said...

What a shame,this is what we have come to...for a fist of dirty money....shame on them...and they want to govern our Beloved country forever!!! they are selling us to fill their pockets!!My heart bleeds for my beloved country...Aaaaaah wi Sesel.:(

Anonymous said...

Looks impressive! Anyone been invited for the grand opening?

Anonymous said...

Money talks, and just to let you know, it is already too late!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, what a monstrosity! This is an atrocity and James Michel and SPPF should be ashamed of their actions. Seriously despicable.

Anonymous said...

Money talks true koz tou ou menm. Money talks to all including the Opposition Leaders as well!

Anonymous said...

Opposition leaders? Money talks? Who gives a F**K? This is about James Michel selling us out to his F*****G Arab friends. So we are being shafted and all you can come up with is Opposition leaders and money talks! What a bloody joke. It is assholes like you who continue to encourage Michel and his cronies to sell us out, while your kind is ok with our children selling their asses for heroin every night in Victoria. Michel and Rene sleep with 50 army bodyguards every night while our own Miss Seychelles gets raped in her home. Arabs can bring in container loads paying no duty, and we have to pay 100% plus duty for a fucking car! So you know what, continue to support Michel and his corrupt Government. One day when your own daughter is raped, you can go crying to the SPPF bunch.

Anonymous said...

Castles in the air just like in fairy tales. Hopefully the dragons will come out and eat the SPPF baddies soon. Oh, do I dream of a real king to come and save our Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Zot O,

Seulman vrais sa vieux adage ki dir
"La Zalouzi est la Mere de tous les vis." n It hurts Anonym even more when he sees that the Man is all Class and not all Ass like him.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the site with all it's greenery and dense forrests, why is TIKLO so suspicious that the Site was sabotaged in the dead of the night by a bunch of Malfesan?.

It happened to the Americans when someone sabotaged their Site with Diesel Fuel that contaminated the same catchment areas. And ki zot problem avek Mr. Ramkalawan in regards to this matter?. I wish you people would get a life.

Anonymous said...

Planning Authority turned down the application.

James Michel approved it.

James michel will live with it.

Tiklo- don't blame the Opposition for the madness committed by Michel.

Michel under auspicies of Cabinet of Ministers, has no legal authority to over ride the Planning Authority.

The over ruling is reserved strictly for the Minister of Lands and Development under the Planning Authority Act.

Get a life TIKLO, you are begining to look like a national embarrasment rivaling Msye Zomn Lib!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Johnny say its time for action and kick those gangster out befor they do more damage on our island.I am realy ready for action.Its never to late to save our beautiful island.who are coming a place for Mafia around the world to come and hide.Those Arabs who think they can buy Seychellios with they money.May be they can buy PP=Pirates Party because they are all idiot and have no vision.Some Seychellios when they see money,they eyes come more bigger like this Pussy Michel.Michel one day you have to pay back Arabs back they money.Because this palace will one day be destroy and will PLANT back trees and make it more greener than now.


Anonymous said...

Tiklor, that 'class vs ass' line of yours is ass worn out as your own ass after being poundered all those years.

People with class buy their property at the market value, respect laws and don't abuse the hospitality of their hosts.

Judging from Khalifa's behaviour in Seychelles I can't see much class there old man. He has about as much class as Rene did when he wasn't man enough to take the defeat of being next in line and had to steal the presidency instead of winning it like a real man would. I'd say as much class as those who brag about their imaginary cars and mango farms when they're not man enough to admit 'lapo fes pa pou zot'.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

It is not about class or anything of the sort. The guy came, got what he wants and we cannot do anything about it! Once again, we are a weak people. We will never take any real action, all we do is blog our frustrations, like myself. Sad isn't it!


Anonymous said...

Bloggin our frustration is not sad. It is one of the only medium we have to vent and also to let others who are afraid read the truth. In the end, more and more people are starting to understand the real problems facing our country, and it is my job and yours as well to continue educating as many people as we can. Just pointing them to this blog is a good start as it will show the poor SPPF souls who are afraid to speak out that they can indeed be heard. The next step is the ballot box and this is where the real change begins. So take heart my friend as you are not alone. The fight may be long, but eventually the good guy wins. Lucky Luke

Anonymous said...

Michel, your have been able to survive thirty-six years of PP's censorship of our rights to free expression, it is not now, that we are pushing for real change that you gonna give up the fight.

That is the just the first phase of the battle we need to win the war and to achieve that we need all RASIN to rally behind RASIN MOVEMENT, the only real hope for real change in this country.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent." Quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anonymous said...

The issue of corruption, is can the pot call the kettle black? The Opposition may not have benefited from the largesse of Sheik Khalifa (maybe that is where the problem is) but there are other instances where they have conveniently remained silent (Siva, increase in salaries, paid to stand for elections, Volcere in 2001), that is the real problem, unless and until leaders that represent alternative are clean and can look the people in the eye and say we are better, all the noise we can make here or elesewhere will achieve little, the majority of the population will still see the Opposition as more on the same!

Anonymous said...

The majority of the population might see the opposition as a shame but what is worse they see PP as a gang of notorious criminals.I would prefer to be a shame than a criminal.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill,

We are witnessing your shallowness and Konyonnerie with every passing day Mate.

Yes JAM is living with it!!!!

Yes JAM is appproving it!!!!!!

Yes JAM can VETO any "rulings reserved by any Ministers" you big Sttooopid!.

Why?...Because by the Power of the Majority that put him there says so that Yes, he can.

Anonymous said...

Tiklor! How many times have I told you to sign your posts you coward?

Now Michel may have the right to veto anything, but remember one thing: every veto he makes that pisses off the people who gave him that right may well lead the same people to ask him to piss off in 2011.

Then we'll see who's stooopid stoooopid.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I reply to Frustrated State House Staff working full time on Facebook and STAR to network.

JAM is the President of Seychelles. Under the Constitution of the Third Republic, the power to VETO is vested in the President to VETO legislation coming from the National Assembly.

There is no power of VETO under our laws in so far as the Planning Auhtority Act is concerned on the part of the President.

This power, to over rule the Planning Auhtority, is vested in the Minister of Lands and Development.

The legality of the decision is the question and issue.

If JAM wanted to make the decision legal, all he had to do is use his political influence over the Minister. He did not according to the Minister. The Minister, Dugasse said:"CABINET OVER RULED PLANNING AUTHORITY".

That frustrated Sir, at State House, is illegal.

We are not in the Second Republic. The rules have changed.

You need one left foot and one right foot now, to walk. Not two(2) left.

Ciao PP the "Sell Baby Sell" Party!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

How stupid can you be, Khalifa buys property for one rupee, does not pay any taxes and then gives us loans!!!
If he had paid all the costs worth millions of dollars we would not need his loans. The biggest joke is that Khalifa gave a loan for generators mostly for his own use. Future generations will be paying loans that this government has given away as gifts. What happened to the IMF policy of no more subsidies and concessions. Our airport is also being damaged by the constant pounding of the Antonovs. Who will pay for the repairs, another loan from Khalifa? This is business according to PP.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I truly miss Madame/Mademoiselle Lydia Jumeau of John F Kennedy Drive with an update of the going ons up La Misere way. How are you Lydia?. Please blog soon your Gorgeousness.
Bonne apremidi to you par lao san gran kontour prinn de France from your Number One Fan TIKLO.

I know that Basin Ble par lao La Louise was not affected by the dezas, but what about Basin Lulu?. Is it still in it's pristine condition. By the way Lydia, Basin Lulu is Mahe's best kept secret. Only a handful of us knew of it's existence. What about you?.

Anonymous said...

The lesson from Harrods - 22.05.2010

In London, the flamboyant businessman Mohamed Al Fayed has just sold the Harrods store for €1.7 billion ($2.2 billion).

Its new owners are the royal family of Qatar or, more precisely, the Qatar Investment Authority. The news made headlines round the world, and the sale was prominently featured in many newspapers.

Everybody talked about it, for the simple reason that Harrods is no ordinary shop. It is the temple of London luxury, almost a monument to the British capital. Located in the city centre, it is there – according to well-placed sources – that the Queen and the British aristocracy do their shopping,

Founded in 1861 and covering an area of 90,000 square metres allocated to over 300 departments, Harrods attracts almost 15 million visitors a year. Few large department stores in the world can boast of attracting so many shoppers, especially those in search of luxury.

But in spite of the celebrity of the shop, it is worthwhile noting that the news of the sale was announced as if it were the most natural thing. There were no recriminations. There were no condemnations, even though the property changed hands and passed from a resident to a non-resident.

The fact that Mohamed Al Fayed is of Egyptian nationality (not having succeeded in obtaining British nationality) does not make him less of a figure in British business circles. Has the English phlegm prevailed once again? No, it is simply because this sale equates to new capital, new investments and new jobs.

The sale of Harrods was understood by one and all to be an ordinary financial transaction. And that was that!
It would be interesting to find out, given all that Harrods represents in terms of celebrity and strategic importance in London, if such a transaction in Seychelles would have been greeted with the same intelligence and wisdom.

The answer is assuredly in the negative. For recent history has shown that the moment that the government disposes of a property, a plot of land or assets a public outcry ensues. Is it due to ignorance, an issue of race, or simply bad faith? One is sorely tempted to believe that it is a combination of all three.

How else could one interpret the hostility manifested when certain assets or plot of land are sold to a foreign investor in return for massive investments in the country?

Moreover, considering that several countries, including our neighbours, are doing everything possible to attract those investments – especially Arab investment – because they are not strapped for cash, one is obliged to ask oneself whether those so-called politicians who speak out against certain foreign investors have the interest and welfare of our people at heart.

The fact of the matter is that investment means new jobs and income for numerous Seychellois families.

It is obvious that the inflow of foreign capital, especially Arab, disturbs some of our politicians. It throws into disarray their strategy and creates pessimism. For those politicians know that foreign investment is the barometer of the confidence that one has in a government; it is a measure of esteem, stability and seriousness.

Having succeeded in obtaining the sympathy and the confidence of investors such as the royal family of Abu Dhabi, James Michel has sown total confusion among his detractors. Seychelles’ march to progress is ineluctable, the only option left to nostalgic politicians is to whinge!

Every country, large or small, is after foreign investment. The United States leads this race, followed by the United Kingdom and France.

France, for its part, is in the process of revising its legislation so that it is in conformity with the exigencies of Islamic banking.

Foreign investment fuels growth and sustainable development if the appropriate policies are in place. And this is precisely what the Michel government is doing, with a very large degree of success. The success of the reform programme is proof enough of that.


Seychelles Nation 22/5/10

Anonymous said...

Hello contributed!
I can see that you are taking STAR seriously! You have reproduced herewith your article of 22/05Nation.
You rightly state that Al Fayed never got citizenship! Michel gives it out to all and sundry! Al Fayed sells Harrods (his property) for billions of pounds and Michel sells Seselwa land (does not belong to him) for one rupee.

Does Al Fayed bow down to kiss the Queen's feet and summon her for meetings in his office? Well Michel is breaking his back to lick the Sheik's a...! Does Al Fayed dodge taxes and get everything for Harrods duty free like the Sheik's multiple antonov trips and containers galore?

Of course we want foreign investors you moron. You don't need to use the Harrods 'lesson' to try to absolve James Michel from his moronic deads of prostituting our country under the guise of 'economic diplomacy'. He is selling our country to pay for the debts that he has enslaved us with! And you consider that a masterstroke in terms of investment??

You need to have your head examined if you think that the Harrods deal is on par with Michel's 'Sell Baby Sell' stoopid scheme!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comments. Michel is a fucking idiot who has sold us out to Arabs for one single rupee. Comparing this to the Harrods sales is simply disgusting and stupid. If Michel believed seychelles had value, hewould have held out for much more. But then he never was a business man. The man reminds me of a pumpkin. Looks good when it ripens,but as soon as you cut it, it starts to rot. When Rene left Michel in power, Michel started to rot.

Anonymous said...

Land in Seychelles is still in Seychelles -- this guy who is constructing is taking a great risk....
He will leave it one day when he dies
because he never bought it anywhere
so he constructed a structure in Seychelles for free without using tax payers money.
the land will still belong to Seychelles even million years to come he can not take it or scoop it up with a shovel and put it in the middle east...
It still remains in Seychelles...

Anonymous said...

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