Monday, May 10, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

The Seychelles Link to the Genocide in Rwanda

On Saturday, 23 November, 1996, the Chief Reporter of The Independent, Steve Boggan, stumbled upon an issue concerning the Rwanda Genocide, that missed the culpability of numerous members of the Seychelles Government.

Had Mr. Boggan gotten a few facts correct, the International Courts of Justice, would have sent investigators to Seychelles before the dawn of the Millennium. Mr. Boggan came very close indeed but missed the mark, just a little.

80 Tons of Weapons in Seychelles
In the first paragraph of the article, he says,” For once, it appeared a UN arms embargo had worked. A Ship, the Malo, carrying 80 tons of weapons bound for troubled Somalia, had been seized by the Government of the Seychelles”. The error of fact, in this article is this: The “Malo” was not seized by the Government of Seychelles per se.

The Maria or the Malo at the time, the Constitution of the Third Republic was being drafted. The Port Authority called in to James Michel who sat directly across me, his driver interrupted the proceedings, and gave him the news of a boat in distress. The Maria’s engine had broken down and the boat was adrift. The Harbour Master later confirmed that the name of the boat was the “Maria”. This was highlighted when the SBC film crew filmed the ship coming into port. The name “Maria” had been painted over quickly with undercoat, and “Malo” name next to it.

The duplicity of names was visible to the eye of even the television viewers. This issue was never explained by either James Michel or Albert Rene, and it was the beginning of a cover up that would end up in massacre of over One Million (1,000,000,000) Tutsi’s in Rwanda in April and May of 1994, one year after the Constitutional Commission convened the second time to draft a new constitution for Seychelles.

No Seizure on High Seas of Malo Ever Took Place
There was no effort by the Government of Seychelles to seize a ship with arms. Once the broken engine ship was brought to Port Victoria, the ship was bordered and inspected by Port officials. With the first crate being opened, the Customs officials called in the Army.

Then the 80 tons of arms was discovered and seized by the Government of Seychelles. Booty worth its weight in gold. Mr. Boggan says in his article, “It was 1993 and the UN had banned sales of weapons to Somalia as warring clansmen reduced the country to chaos. “In impounding this ship, “James Michel, the Seychelles Defence Minister, said, “We did the international community a service.” Mr. Michel obviously was covering up the accident of stumbling upon the ship called the Maria then called the Malo. He neglected to say that the Port Authority of Seychelles simply were responding to a distress call and stumbled upon the 80 ton cargo of arms.

At the time, the arms consignment upon being seized by Government of Seychelles, was off loaded from the ship, and made its way to bunkers at Grand Police Bay Army base for storage. Under James Michel command as Minister of Defence, Seychelles Government had taken full uncontested control of all the Malo ship 80 tons of weapons.

As the death toll in Somalia had been mounted, Mr. Michel claimed that a great service had been done to the People of Somalia, in Mr. Boggan’s article. Within the year, according to Mr Boggan and two (2) months according to me, the weapons had been targeted by unscrupulous operatives of a new arms procurement network....set up to devise ways of circumventing another embargo of sale of arms to Rwanda.”(Boggan Article).

The deception of calling the ship the “Malo”, allowed everyone, including the Government of Seychelles leadership, to infer that the arms were destined for Somalia. The question that the International Courts of Justice Committee on Rwanda Genocide need to answer, is what did the Manifest for the “Maria” list as its final destination? With that question answered, we will know if the new suitors for these arms were indeed new suitors, unbeknown to Mr. James Michel and Mr. Albert Rene, or were the suitors, just calling in to collect their goods, after a short delay and payment of handling fees.

Mr. Boggan writes inferring that Mr. Michel was too stupid to realize that the suitors for the 80 tons of weapons were indeed innocent purchasers. A brilliant publicity stunt by the reporter, if Mr. Michel was paying for the article he could not ask for a better escape valve.
I quote:”Mr. Michel and his colleagues did not know it, but they were about to fall victim to Colonel Theoneste Bagosora. Colonel Bagosora , a former Rwanda government defence official, had become the master arms buyer for the Rwandan government in exile as it regrouped for what, had it happened, would surely, have been one of the bloodiest wars in African history. The planned returned to Rwanda was codenamed Operation Insecticide by Hutu militias.”

Now Mr. Boggan wants us to believe that James Michel controlled 80 tons of arms and he did not know who he was selling it to? Now that is incredible. Even Bollywood could not think of that one.

UN Unpublished Report on Arms Sale to Rwanda
According to the UN unpublished report on the Arms sale to Rwanda, the Malo arms were sold using Zaire government End User Certificates (EUC’s).
Mr. Michel exercised no due diligence to verify that the end user certificates were valid. They usually are not. But he just accepted what was shown to him. No phone calls, no faxes, no investigation conducted by not even a lawyer in Zaire. No call to the government of Zaire. Check the Cable and Wireless records.

South African Apartheid Government Contact Makes Deal with Michel
The person that approached the Government of Seychelles in June 1994, to buy the 80 tons of weapons was a man named Wilhelm Terius Ehlers, known as Ters Ehlers, a former senior official in the apartheid government- and Colonel Theoneste Bagosora, a senior official of the Rwandan Ministry of Defence of the Hutu government in exile, in Zaire. These two men arrived in Seychelles to negotiate the purchase of the arms. It has been said, but not confirmed, that Glenny Savy did some of the negotiations on behalf of Mr. Michel and Mr. Rene.
When interviewed in Goma in February 1995 by the Human Rights Watch researcher, Colonel Bagosora said he had met with South African officials at the end of May (likely Teruis Ehlers) and June 1994 to arrange weapons shipments to the former Rwandan military. The officials (presumably Terius Ehlers) has refused to consider direct South African arms shipment but had offered to help to arrange shipments by other parties (presumably the 1994 Seychelles Government, headed by Rene and Michel).

The Shipment to Rwanda through Goma
The UN unpublished report says, on the nights of 16-17 and 18-19 June 1994, two planes of Air Zaire flew the weapons from the Seychelles government –controlled stockpile, to Goma airport. The weapons were then transferred to the ex FAR military forces in Gisenyi just across the border inside Rwanda.
The weapons included, anti tank and fragmentation grenades and high calibre ammunition. According to Human Rights Watch, an Air Zaire DC-8 aircraft with the call sign 9Q-CLV had transported the arms from the Seychelles to the Zairian town of Goma in two separate flights.

UN International Commission of Inquiry (March 1996)
The Commission found that a “highly probable” violation of arms embargo had taken place in June 1994 involving more than 80 tons of weapons purchased in Seychelles by Colonel Bagosoro ( Rwanda citizen), former high ranking officer of the former Rwanda-ese government forces.
The UN International Commission of Inquiry, now needs to ask whether Mr. Rene’s Government and Mr. Michel should have known that Colonel Bagosoro entering Seychelles with a Rwanda passport, would be legitimate grounds to question the authenticity of the Zaire sealed end user certificate?

A little hint to the UN International Commission of Inquiry on Rwanda Genocide: Colonel Bagosoro went through the VIP Lounge, at night under the cover of darkness. His entry into Seychelles, as a businessman will not be found at the Department of Immigration, nor will Mr. Teruis Elhers entry be found.

Finally, you can check with the ANC Government of South Africa, and you will confirm that Government of Seychelles, in 1994, made no attempt to clear Terius Elhers as a credible businessman in the purchase and sale of arms, carrying a South African passport.

The Statute of Limitations on “Genocide” never ceases to run, especially for 1,000,000,000 people
We Seselwa Rasin condemn acts whether direct or indirect that aid and abet genocide anywhere in the World. We call on the UN International Commission on Inquiry to get to work on the Rwanda Genocide and bring to justice all those that aided and abetted in the realization of Genocide in Rwanda in 1994.
The time ticks, but it does not run out.

One little detail UN Commission of Inquiry, if anything happens to me, you know who did it and prosecute that as well.

Sesel Pou Seselwa! May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

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Anonymous said...

I know that you were a sick Man Christopher Gill, but I had no idea that you were that sick Mate.

TIKLO says that he will answer your false accusations and half-truths in due time. And in the meantime, you can rest assured that since you are a Red Neck, a Racist, a Loser and a Nobody all rolled up into one Oxy-Moron, all the related Authorities will protect you for the simple reason that you are an endangered Species and we want you to be around and not to end up like the Dodo.

And there are no reasons for you Chris to start running scared for what you have to say because you happen to be in Seychelles where you are free to exercise your democratic right to express your points of view and not in Singapore or Thailand for the matter.

Anonymous said...

PP cronies are so sick that they tend to think that others are sick.

PP has shown us on repeated occassion that they are so sick that they consider failures as success.For instance Michel asks us to judge him by his actions instead of give us an account of his actions he used tax payers' money to publish a book full of cock-and bull stories,examples are many.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I suppose there was freedom of speech for all those Seselwa Rasin your friend Rene the Butcher slaughtered or who "disappeared" under his regime. I suppose there was freedom of speech for all those Seselwa Rasin Rene the Butcher's foreign Tanzanian troops slaughtered on the sacred soil of their motherland.

I suppose there is freedom of speech for all those Seselwa Rasin who are afraid to speak lest government benefits such as scholarships be withdrawn or withheld from them or their children, or housing denied or medical treatment delayed.

Is that the freedom of speech you are talking about TIKLO? I just want to be clear I understand your point.

Anonymous said...

TIKOLOR you just a PUNCH in PP'S "Punch and judge show.In fact TIKOLOR it 's PP which scares the rapidity of which the Rasin movement is getting bigger each day.It's you who is living in fear , Tikolor.No panic,we believe in the rules of law and you will not be beaten for your point of views when Rasin take over.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

To Chris Gill,

One glaring omission in your blog is the Fact that the "80 tons of weapons" seized by the Seychelles Government on the Bato Malo were destined not to Somalian Warring Clansmen, but were destined to the Somalians to be used against the United States of America's Forces that had already invaded Somalia.

In a nutshell, Seychelles was the Hero as the World and the Americans were concerned. Seychelles did the right thing and asked the Americans what they should do with the Arms and the Americans advised FAR's Government that the arms now belonged to the Seychelles and they can do what ever they want to do with them. The only mistake JAM as the Minister of Defense made was not going ahead and blow the bloody Malo and it's "80" ton Cargo up where it was moored into smitherines.

Ehlers was a General in the South African Army and came to do a deal to buy the arms for the SA Government. When it was found out that the two planes went to Goma, the deal was immediately called off. For Steve Boggan's The Independent to Headline "Seychelles' Arms are responsible for Rwanda's Massacre" was not only criminal, but subjecting us to such a farago of verbiages in the 'guise of Fictions as Facts, can only be described as "Murder by Language."
He and other unscrupoulous Media namely the Sunday Times failed so miserably in trying to tarnish the Seychelles' Reputation because live news in the preceding months on Television in our Lounge rooms every night showed us that machetes and not guns that were used in Rwanda's Genocide. For your information Gill, the French and the British were blamed for failing to stop the Genocide.

Do us a favour Gill. Before you go suck an egg Mate, just put it through your thick as a brick head that Weapons and guns do not kill people. People kill people.

Ti Kreol Le O i fer ou salam!

Anonymous said...

TIKLO No.1 Proxy To Rene and PP-

I did not miss anything. The Malo ship was officially destined to Somalia.

Where was the Maria suppose to go?

Are you not tired of lying?

There is more information to come out soon, because I expected that reply.

The egg you want me to suck, TIKLO, it is on your face!

The case will be reopened by the UN Commission of Inquiry.

There is no Statute of Limitation on Genocide TIKLO, start packing bags for the Hague. Don't forget comfortable pajamas and a favorite bed pan.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tiklor, Tiklor! You never fail to disappoint. So in your opinion Seychelles did the world a favour by preventing Somalians from getting their hands on arms that would kill Americans, but instead killed Rwandans!

I don't know what kind of stupid people you normally associate with, but your attempt to justify the Malo incident is about the poorest you've supplied here. Since you're so so fond of oxy-morons I believe it's time you get your own class of moron. I hereby declare you to be a Maxi-Moron for coming up with such crap.

Albert Rene may have convinced a fool like you to believe taht story, but we are not fooled Tiklor.

Next thing you'll be raving on about that pet mouse of yours again or some other imaginary posession. Now I understand why you had to go live in Australia. The embarassment of having an idiot like you in the family must have been to hard to bear.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

The little lad from the LEO is back to town.What's good news from the valley?Has PP already paid La Misere populace their compensation or still holding the money in order to sponsor its coming election campaign ?

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You say that a South African General came to do buy the arms for South Africa. Yet the End User Certificate showed the Republic of Zaire (Rep. of Congo now) as the buyer? Didn't that set off alarm bells? You do not even have to be a little smart to think this one through.

And, the SA General with the Rwandan businessman, the one famous throughout the world for buying arms for the Rwandan Hutus, passed through customs unrecorded in the dead of night?

You want us to accept that with these facts the real destination of the arms were unknown to the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator? You probably want to sell us the world's largest lake in the middle of the Sahara desert too, I imagine?

Then, unimaginably you try to justify all this by saying the weapons did not kill the innocent Rwandans, they were killed by machetes and by Rwandans not the bullets and guns your pal the Butcher provided. You can't be serious.

The million murdered innocents were killed by bullets and by machetes. Many of the bullets were supplied by your pal the Butcher. And he appears to have knowingly given them to people he probably knew or should have known were likely to use them to kill innocent people.

You are right TIKLO, people kill people - your pal the Butcher, in my opinion, killed many of those innocent Rwandans by, in my opinion, knowingly providing the genocidaires with the means of killing them.

Anonymous said...


The world's largest lakes are below the Sahara desert. They are called Aquafors and Libya has been harvesting their waters for a long time now.

To all the Grand Savants, is it not amazing how one seems to have all the answers and knowledge through Hindsight?.

Arms are sold and what one does with the arms are not the seller's concerns. That is what the Americans, British, Germans, Chinese and the French have been saying since the beginning of time. Are the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the above mentioned Countries held responsible for all the people their Country's arms have killed?. Bez en la paix dan zot lekor sil vou ple. TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell this forum how many foreigners and how many Rasin are employed by;

1. Barclays Bank
2. Cable & Wireless

The above 2 companies employs a very small number of foreigners. Their workforce are made up of Seychellois Rasin in the main. We need to understand how these 2 companies can recruit, train, motivate and most importantly retain good Seychellois Rasin in employment.

Seychellois workers can work well when given the environment to excel. The above 2 companies are excellent proof that the right training and remuneration package can motivate Seychellois to work.

Over the past 30 years the Rene administration promoted a policy to exclude hard working Seychellois who did not agree with his communist policies. We had and we still have an active policy of rewarding party supporters in order for the ruling party to remain in power. This has resulted in an exodus and 'brain drain'.

How can we have a Seychellois owned business in England employing over 400 Englishman and women out there in England. On the other hand, we have Fabrike owning businesses here in Seychelles yet creating no jobs for Rasin. These Fabrike owned businesses imports immigrants by the plane load, rather than investing in the local workforce.

The government should have a policy to encourage businesses to recruit, train, motivate and reward Seychellois Rasin rather than watch them leave our shores for pastures new whilst replacing them with fabrike!

The above example reminds me of 'Trading Places'

Jean W

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...


So you want to sell us the worlds largest "lake" BELOW the Sahara. Sorry TIKLO, we're not buying. We want our lakes above ground, where we can have a swim - oh, and I should add, in daylight; just in case you say we can swim underground.

You are right TIKLO, nations sell each other weapons all the time. Some of which end up killing innocent people. But rarely do they sell weapons in order to kill innocent civilians.

When any nation or person knowingly sells arms in violation of a UN arms embargo and to people or a country who intend to use these weapons to kill innocent people, that is called a crime against humanity. This is what your pal the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator appear to me to have done in Rwanda.

The tortured screaming souls of these Rwandan innocents are waiting for your pal the Butcher's soul at the gates of hades to witness his ultimate day of reckoning. That day TIKLO, with each passing minute, each passing second on that clock in your bedroom, edges tick, tick, tick ... ever so closer. Aaaah TIKLO, your pal the Butcher must be dreaming of these tortured screaming Rwandan souls and cursing the tyranny of time in relentlessly dragging his reluctant soul to justice - its stoic cold hearted brutality in marching every mass murderer, like the Butcher, to their ultimate day of reckoning; with absolutely no escape.

Sweet dreams TIKLO.

Parag said...

As the arms and weapons was to be used against the American's, Seychelles rightly asked them what they should do. And not surprisingly America advised Seychelles to handle the weapons as they like.
Seychelles airport

Anonymous said...

The Americans did not tell Rene and Michel to go sell arms to individuals with fake end user certificates or to take steps to circumvent and bust a UN embargo of sale of arms to Rwanda Hutus.

The Americans did not tell Rene and Michel to make a deal with a South African Apartheid ex minister, to transport arms under the cover of darkness.

The Americans do not condone GENOCIDE.

If they do, they will be judged as those that do condone GENOCIDE and aide and abett GENOCIDE of over 1,000,000,000 innocent people.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Christopher Gill,

The biggest perpetrators of Genocide are the Americans themselves. They bombed Hiroshima and sprayed Agent Orange all over Vietnam indiscriminately.

Now can you tell us what method was used by the Kmer Rouge in Cambodia's killing fields?.

How dare you come on here and accuse Seychelles "Arms Responsible for Rwanda's Massacre?." It is becoming more obvious every day that you are walking on thin ice bougla.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo all of those thinks are true and real like it or not you have to leave with it for the rest of your life now.RASIN movement are on the rise to free our peoples and make peoples now what PP are doing seen 32 years in Power. Exampe Michel and co have always done deals behind close door.when Michel travel to Arabs state he is always on his own,Michel can you tell Seychellios want DEALS you make with Kalifa.Rasin want to open seychellios eyes once and for all and show them the way of real Democracy speech and stop corruption and STOP PP selling Seychellios and stop brain wasch Seychellios.


Anonymous said...

It's been a while- but firstly, i'm guessing i need to congratulate PatX for managing to get out of the limelight. Now that he seems to be contributing fairly and with less obvious partizanship, the dialogue here is much more educational.

One thing tho'- the idiot who was making a point about lakes in the sahara(missing the point, he wanted to appear smart by pointing out that apparently, there are huge 'aquafors' there).

My friend,-there are no such things as 'aquafors'. It is spelt 'aquifer'. It is shameful to appear stupid by being arrogant.

My word for today is DICTIONARY. In your case, try a DICK-tionary.

Zaklen Zoulou

Anonymous said...

Smart may have the brains,stupid has the balls,crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Yes Imsieur Zaklen Zoulou,

I did check out the DEEK-tionary and guess what?, I was not able to see the definition of Zoulou. I saw Zoo, Loo, Moo and Zulu. It described how Zulu is pronounced as zoo-loo and Aquifers pronounced as A-qua-fors. I did try to look for the word "tho-" and then realised that you meant to say "though" and not dough. Listen and listen well Zaklen Zoulou. Tell us what has been your contribution so far on this blog and forever hold your piss DICK.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill is only one who always knew the end user certificate was false.

Christopher gill was sitting in the assembly.

Christopher did not stop the arms deal.

Conclusion: Only one person is guilty for not stopping the arms going to Rwanda - Christopher Gill.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Dementia -

The end user certificate did not come to the National Assembly. It was handed over to Leopold Payet who then gave it to James Michel.
Rene then had a look at it.

You are demented my friend, on such a serious issue, you place personality politics and party salary over genocide of 1,000,000,000 people in Rwanda?

Where is the Private Notice Question on the End User Certificate by the Leader of Opposition or the Leader of Government Business in that time?

Who are you to question me, and the UN Comission of Inquiry, use your name dementia!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It is you who make light of serious crimes in silly school boy antics you pass for politics.

You have a habit of disturbing the bones of the innocent dead everywhere you go Christopher.

It is getting rather tiresome.

Anonymous said...

I have recently had the pleasure of being introduced to this site, I am delighted to see Seychellois being frantic and passionate for once. I did not beleive that my people had the balls to come out and express their feelings this way. However I am also saddened to note the personal insults that are flying around in the blogs. Mature and sincere arguments turns into personal insults when the argument is lost. Let us get away from this rather bdemeaning method of communicating and instead use proper well constructed arguments to defend our points of views. One would be surprised how respect is earned on both sides of the political devide when this method of communication is used.
Long live democracy and long live the rasin movement.

Anonymous said...

I have recently had the pleasure of being introduced to this site, I am delighted to see Seychellois being frantic and passionate for once. I did not beleive that my people had the balls to come out and express their feelings this way. However I am also saddened to note the personal insults that are flying around in the blogs. Mature and sincere arguments turns into personal insults when the argument is lost. Let us get away from this rather bdemeaning method of communicating and instead use proper well constructed arguments to defend our points of views. One would be surprised how respect is earned on both sides of the political devide when this method of communication is used.
Long live democracy and long live the rasin movement.

Anonymous said...

topher, You want to know where the PNQ from the Leader of Opposition was. ASk him. After all it was your at tghe time Party leader James Mancham.Is that why you crossed the floor. In protest. Dont point fingers at either Bernard Georges or Wavel Ramkalawan

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