Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill


Sheikh Khalifa - New ruler of Seychelles?

Bougla Pe Dir Sesel Pou Arab

While the election commission was grappling with the reality of the Constitution of Seychelles being abrogated and the imminent death of the Third Republic under PL, State House announced late last week that Abu Dhabi government officials were in Seychelles to present us a master plan for the smallest capital in the world, the capital of Seychellois national pride, dignity, identity…..Victoria.

The Delegation Was Bigger Than a Football Team 

Minister Morgan and Mr Falah Mohamed with guests in a souvenir photograph at yesterday’s signing ceremony

The delegation James Michel received on our behalf was bigger than a football team. It included the Abu Dhabi Director General of Planning Authority and a plethora of underlings. 

Mr Falah Mohamed during his meeting with President Michel
Khalifa's puppet

It was an amazing display of the Michel’s friends coming to his aid, as he has forsaken our own people  into contributing in a valuable manner, on the development of Victoria.

Messrs Morgan and Falah Mohamed exchange documents after signing the agreement
Minister Morgan signing documents with Abu Dhabi representative

Expo 2020?

The Seychelles 2020 Expo logo
What ever happened to the Sr. 22 Million Expo 2020? Was not that the expo of all expos that showed the new developments for the city of Victoria? I visited the International Conference Center where the expo was hosted a couple of months ago. All the makkets and props were stuffed in a corner collecting dust. Sr. 20 Million in expenses and now it all collects dust. No follow up. Just a fancy show, parade everyone in, lights, action, put on a show, then puff, shut it down, collect the money, run like hell! And don't forget Danny Faure just went to the Assembly to ask for some Sr. 2 plus million rupees to pay for the Expo electricity bill. Talk about taking the Seychellois people for fools!

Michel & Faure hard at work spending tax-papers money.

What About Qualified Seychellois Doing The Master Plan?

Why has James Michel not had qualified Seychellois contribute to a master plan and do it? That may sound like a hair brained idea to Mr. Michel, but it sounds like a reasonable and highly plausible idea to many Seychellois. We are not all meant to carry guns and shoot at our fellow brothers and sisters.

Michel - If Seychellois are not good at Planning, how about an Arab President as well?

Some of us, can actually develop a master plan. Some could probably do it better then Abu Dhabi. One question though, I must ask Mr. Michel, what makes Abu Dhabi people qualified to do this job and Seychellois, not? You know, I use to write papers for these chaps in university. I am a Seychellois. Surely, we have capable Seychelles who can do this job? Lablache? Payet? Didon? Ernesta? Houreau? Chaka? Dogley? Malvina? St. Ange? Pool? Banane? Michel? Herminie? Decomarmond? Prea? Pragassen? Chung- tave? Dhanjee? Mancienne? Bibi? Even some Savy have brains. The list goes on and on. You get my point Mr. Michel?

Seychelles For Sale To Arabs

I have been receiving reports that numerous properties are up for grabs by Abu Dhabi in the coming weeks. This includes ex-Beachcomber Resort Praslin location which was stolen from the Masons, as well as St. Anne Resort as we must not forget that Francis Savy received the island for one rupee, courtesy of Stepdad Albert Rene and one Joel Morgan then Minister responsible. Raffles Praslin is also up for grabs. The Victoria Waterfront property which was highly marketed at the 2020 Expo and which had been promised to the likes of the Seychelles Yacht Club and Marine Charter for further development is now earmarked for Arab investors.  Properties all over South Mahe, even the defunct Emirates Cap Ternay Project is soon to find new Arab owners.  The list is daunting. What exactly is going through James Michel mind to sell interests in Seychelles to basically one family and country? Is he of sound mind?

Beautiful Cap Ternay - soon to be in Arab hands

Desperate Men Take Desperate Measures

Mr. Michel recently took over the Tourism portfolio. But he has not done much with it and we have not seen him do much with it except to increase State House' travel budget at the expense of taxpapers money. It is depressing to say the least. If anything, he has helped to destroy Tourism since he took over. It has been in my opinion, a little like the boy taking a toy and smashing it into a wall because he did not know how to wind it up. To make Tourism work, all players need to be engaged in a real way, and the playing field must not be said to be level, but it must actually be so. 

Our most important Ministry needs a leader with vision, not a President who thinks he knows it all. Why does he not simply hand over the tourism portfolio over to Alain St. Ange who is doing all the work anyway? Surely St. Ange cannot do any worse than Michel. 

Alain St. Ange - the defacto Tourism Minister

More Desperate Moves

Surprisingly, many people do not know that Mr. Michel has taken over the portfolio for Planning, Lands and Land Use and Habitat. It is here where, we must be afraid, be very afraid, because Mr. Michel will sell anything he can likely, under his “Sesel Pou ARAB”- policy! 

But Michel's know-it-all and Arab-loving policies will surely backfire one day in the future as the Seychellois people have been watching the Arab Spring with great passion and are simply tired of being lied and manipulated.  The death of Gadhafi on Thursday is a grim reminder of what happens to despotic and corrupt leaders who believe a country, its people and its resources belong to them. 


Just remember the trick statement he made when he took office: “Judge me by my actions” and then he said: “I am President of all Seychellois”.

I guess a lot of passports will be sold in UAE over the coming months.

People of Seychelles, those in SPPF PL, do something about your leader before it is too late!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

James Michel & Party Lepep - Laughing Stock of Africa

As the 31 members of Party Lepep were sworn in yesterday as the 5th National Assembly convened and proceeded to vote in Patrick Herminie as the new Speaker and Andre Pool as the Deputy Speaker, a large majority of Seychellois watching SBC must have been laughing out loud at the farcical joke of an Assembly under the leadership of the deranged James Michel. 

The Great Speaker Herminie

After all, Seychelles is now truly a one-party state and the Legislative Branch might as well move into State House (Executive Branch of Government) to start taking orders directly from Michel. With no opposition in the house, this assembly will become the joke of the century for the Seychelles people.

Michel, the "Madman" of Seychelles

David aka "Judas" Pierre meanwhile is camping at the Judiciary Branch of Government hoping that come next week, Michel would have colluded with the Judges to ensure that he gets a seat in the Assembly via the back (corrupt) door. Who gives a s**t about the Constitution?  

David Pierre aka "Judas"

Should that happen, then Electoral Commissioner Hendrick Gappy might as well resign to save face, and our European Union allies and African Union might as well name Seychelles the first Communist State in Africa to emerge since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Hendrick "Happy" Gappy - Electoral Commissioner

Marie-Louise Potter who believes she has been re-elected as Leader of Government Business, a fake post created by Michel and one that is not even in our Constitution, has proclaimed that her reappointment is due to the "trust in her abilities". I assume that's the ability to screech louder and "suck" better than all members of her own disturbed party. To add insult to injury, she stated that these 31 jokers will now be remembered as the Assembly who will carry out DEMOCRATIC REFORMS!  Seriously Marie-Lou, which planet do you come from?

Marie-Louise Potter - The Shriek from Hell

Moving on from the farce, we now have the report below from Alain St.Ange the stooge.  

Alain St. Ange The Stooge

Read it and weep:

Seychelles President congratulates proud examples of African leadership

Seychelles President congratulates proud examples of African leadership( Seychelles President James Michel has saluted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and Former President Pedro Pires of Cape Verde as proud examples for Africa following the recognition of their contributions to the continent as recipients of the Noble Peace Prize and the Mo Ibrahim Prize for good governance, respectively.

In his letter to President Sirleaf, President Michel extended congratulations from the people and government of Seychelles, describing the award as a reminder for the international community of its duties towards building a culture of peace:

“Your winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is testimony to your unwavering courage, tenacity, depth of commitment, and the leadership you have shown in advancing the noble ideals of peace and national reconciliation in your country.”

The President added that, given the award was shared by three women, it paid tribute to the role women have consistently played in advancing the ideals of peace, freedom, and equality:

“I strongly believe that your winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is also a victory for women’s rights, human rights, and democracy: the three major components of the winning formula for any country that seeks growth and positive social transformation.”

In his congratulatory letter to Former President Pires, the President celebrated the recognition of the good governance practices being showcased by small island states, adding that the prize was a strong endorsement of the stability and prosperity evident in the Republic of Cape Verde:

“Too often the situation of small islands is marginalized in international forums. We are pleased that this award gives further recognition to island states and also provides a further platform for the defense of issues of critical importance for islands including climate change, the need for a fairer development framework for SIDS, as well as the need for continental developmental programs to also take into account the specific needs of SIDS.”

The President concluded by describing both presidents as forces for peace and development for their countries, continent, and for the wider international community.
MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St.Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:


Now, one must surely believe that James Michel, the amazing savant author of his own autobiography can understand his own quote?  

Best seller from Michel - Two copies sold, 50000 given away to communist schools

Unless of course Jean-Paul Adam is still burning the midnight oil and still writing undercover for the smartest President in the Southern Hemisphere:

"...the leadership you have shown in advancing the noble ideals of peace and national reconciliation in your country.

Michel, when are you going to learn from others?  When are you going to learn the "noble ideals of peace", let alone "national reconciliation" in your own country?  Well, my own guess is NEVER since you have not apologised to the people of Seychelles for your participation in the 1977 Coup D'Etat let alone the murder of your own people!  "Peace and national reconciliation" will only see the light of day when Michel and Rene are both laid to rest at the Mont Fleuri cemetary plot reserved for politicians of their kind.

Michel "The Big Gun" Communist

Seychelles is on the brink of a revolution. It may not resemble the Arab Spring, but there is an unprecedented anger building up inside a large majority of Seychellois. Over 50% of its population is fed up with James Michel and his Party Lepep cronies.  

Albert Rene - From Dictator to Savior?

Some Seychellois are even calling for ex-President and dictator Albert Rene to return to save the country from corruption, nepotism, cronyism and selling of Seychelles land to Michel's Arab friends. 

La Misere "Arab Spring"

Sheikh Khalifa - Michel's Arab "friend"

To add fuel to the raging fire, this new Assembly has no credibility whatsoever since more than 50% of the voting population either stayed home on election day or spoiled their ballots in defiance of the bunch of idiots running this country. 

The Judiciary meanwhile is still a puppet of State House.  Thus, sooner rather than later, something will have to give. 

Justice - What justice?

If Michel has an iota of brain cells left, he should call in all opposition leaders in the country, along with some elderly statesman (something he would know nothing about), and host a round-table meeting to chart a new course for Seychelles.  But having watched the man for over 30 years, he seems to be getting dumber as he gets older and has truly become an Emperor with no clothes. 

Danny Faure the "chosen one with a Cuban education" to take over the party is hated by most Seychellois for his sheer arrogance. Thus the future looks quite bleak indeed.

The "Arrogant" Faure

Now in a few short weeks, Danny Faure will announce the largest budget ever seen in Seychelles, and watch Government spending reach new heights while the normal Seychellois worker toil under new taxes.  James Michel + Danny Faure + Party Lepep = BIG Government and BIG Spending.  Resulting in higher taxes on the Seychellois people.  Plus ca change.....

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill


Seychelles Goes Back To One Party State

The National Assembly elections last weekend has confirmed that Seychelles, under James Alix Michel, is now in a one party state officially. The PL won all seats in the National Assembly with a 50% poll and PDM fielded a desperate 7.4% and failed to get even one seat on a proportional basis because the high number of spoilt ballots exceeded 16,500. The high number of no shows as well, in response to the UNITED BOYCOTT campaign pressed David Pierre’s allegedly rouge opposition party back into the Pandora’s Box where it came from. Pierre even forgot to remove his sunglasses on his cap and head, though it was after midnight. 

There were more voters that did not vote for PL which includes spoilt votes, non voters, then those that did vote for PL . Hence, they do not rule with a majority, but they do hold every single seat in National Assembly. This is very communist. It calls for the drafting of a new constitution to reflect the reality that every voice counts. The 3rd Republic has become exposed as being dysfunctional after years and years of cover up by SPPF and SNP leadership.

The PL leadership openly displayed their facial grief on SBC as the results were made Public, when it was announced that their apparent grandiose plan to field a fake opposition, millions of rupees later, apparently, had failed miserably. This is a political BACKFIRE of the highest quality!

Michel even said, he would have liked to have an opposition to debate with since Pierre indicated he would be debating in a responsible manner to Michel’s satisfaction.

You do not get comments that can be more communist then this. It shows how Seychelles has been living in the one party state in Michel’s mind, all along.

No Opposition Then One Party State

The lack of an opposition now means the PL have caused Seychelles to be  labeled a one party autocrat state officially. This is the same title that graced Seychelles from 1977-1991 under Rene’s one party state. This dubious title, now makes Seychelles under James Michel, a regional pariah, for failing, in due course, over the last Eighteen (18) years, to implement the democratic reforms, electoral reforms, and freedom promised by F. A. Rene, but never delivered by James Michel. Ironically, only James Michel autocrat “grace” can now move the country forward if we are to avoid as one PL said: “civil war”.

Most recently, James Michel was appearing on SBC to be very arrogant and authoritative. We saw him more often then we saw the news presenters themselves. One party state tactics were started to be used again, under his presidency. Example, State House thugs regularly call and harass Freedom Party staff over the good work we are doing to bring unity of purpose in the opposition, and change in Seychelles.

The incidences are so numerous, it is not worth mentioning in an article, I would need a Excel spreadsheet to list them all. We will start listing them, and seek damages for them, and seek Michel’s public commitment that it shall also stop, before we move on.

With no opposition, key provisions of the Constitution of Seychelles cannot be operative. The PL will now have no one to debate with as I promised would happen. They will now debate with themselves. As such, it will be conclusive that the one party state culture is alive and well in Seychelles, until we destroy it permanently or it destroys the Communists. The choice is now yours Mr. Michel and communist company.  

A New Level of National Shame

Shame has taken a new level for James Michel, who at one point tried to pass F.A. Rene off as a dictator with the diplomatic corps and in private and passed himself off as a reformer , democrat and admirer of the free world. He distant himself with Rene, by whining down meetings with Rene, and saying: “Michel has his own style” in the early days of his assuming the Presidency. I cannot argue with that. His style has now taken Seychelles back to one party state.

In 2004 Michel even referred to himself as: ”President of all Seychellois”. Just the new tenants at Ile Preserverans shows he is the President of just the Communists. Where are the 50% opposition tenants at Ile Preservans, Michel?   

Right now, Michel is looking worse then Rene for Seychelles. In the coming months we will see if he can rehabilitate himself under the pressure his own deeds will bring to his door step. As President, he holds considerable domestic power, and can do the right thing if he chooses to.

International Pressure Will Bear Down on Michel

While the PL candidates were using the district offices for a celebration orgy of booze and food, another one party state syndrome at play, they had no clue, that the election results will bring a wrath of critic and pressure upon the PL. Western European states will no longer tell us to give examples of one party state in play. We will tell them to go count red shirts in the National Assembly, and count them at State House. That will be enough.

While they danced and boozed freely on government property as if they owned it, they were in fact bringing greater shame upon their communist party and exposing its one party state fixation that is destroying Seychelles bit by bit, day by day, life by life, because………., we are not FREE. 

International Pressure Will Be Painful

No western country will be able to give out assistance to a rouge one party state. We have become a regional pariah overnight under James Michel. As aid is cut, diplomats will start to voice their opinions because their politicians back home will not be able to sustain the syndrome of guilt by association with the PL as they face legitimate elections and their press and people.

We will get less help on our national bankruptcy brought on by Michel himself. Michel knows this. This is why he recklessly pushed the wild card of ZEEDA Party into play.

A country cannot field fake opposition parties. It is treacherous and destructive to the social cohesion of society. Michel has seen this in the “Spoilt Votes” and “No Votes”. It was as if the light bulb clicked finally.

The numbers are enough to drive the sense of respect into his heart . This silent majority, has PL scared for its future. The international community cannot ignore that the PL rule by hook of a perverted system that is no

longer functional for Seychelles today. They will press for Democracy in Seychelles, and when they do, we at home must press for Freedom.

This task is not for the novice to orchestrate. Hence, we ask SNP leadership to simply follow our steps so they do not get twisted themselves. We will keep them informed and they can copy and paste if they like. But please, give credit where credit is due. When you take and give no credit, you are acting like communists. It just is not acceptable conduct in the free world. It is shameful and destructive to social cohesion in the opposition community!

After telling us we are in a Democracy for 18 years, and after telling us you believe in the BALLOT BOX, it was nice of you to turn up for a BOYCOTT, finally. Now, you see what kind of progress we can make in quick time when we do not think about our salary and pensions of Sr.32,000.00 for life. Bravo!

We will need to get PL to cancel these pensions for politicians, don’t you think? Let me know how you feel about this.

Massive Economic Depression Ahead

While we face this political calamity created by PL, looming over our heads is a massive economic depression ahead for Seychelles, that will outlast F.A. Rene ‘s life, James Michel life, and perhaps Danny Faure’s life, if they do not take bold steps now in the direction of fostering genuine social cohesion in Seychelles.

Real Social Cohesion

Social cohesion cannot be made by artificial means and gestures that are not sincere. They must be real. The first order of the day in the CC where the Communists deliberate is: 1. STOP THE VICTIMIZATION. 2. You Need a Round Table of all parties to discuss the way forward. 3. You must retire the thugs and killers in your operation that threaten our people everyday, take their guns and knives, charge them with some crimes. Send them to jail for the sake of national PEACE. 4. Finally, disclose all arrangements with ZEEDA Party so it can be wind up, as it is an appendage going no where. It is a bit of a Frankenstein party, created out of the belly of SNP, but fed by the communists. A very strange thing, but Pierre seems like he can live under his skin so far, as long as he has a cap.

Then we will take it to the next step.

We will not live in FEAR…… of a failure organization!

One Party State You Want, One Party State You Got!

Time To Move On!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!