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A member of the MSR (Mouvman Seselwa Rasin), Anthony Battin has been tracked by State thugs who, according to him they want him dead. State knows he is a member of MSR and he is also a former bidyguard of former President Albert Rene. He abandoned them after they killed his brother in the 80's.
This is further proof of ongoing Human Rights Violation in Seychelles.

Eyewitness News

MSR denied registration for 3rd consecutive time

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

 PL Gives Us a Titanic- Fake Budget
As Vice President of Seychelles Mr. Danny Faure spilled over the Titanic Budget of Rs. 3.3 Billion, before the National Assembly, I could see the moans, groans and curiousness on the official PL opposition side.
SNP bench meandered about, not knowing what to make of the Budget. The Majority, remained silent, knowing the Leader of the Opposition will have no clue what is going on. They would allow his rebuttal and then just poke about on the points he raises over the suffering , pain, malaise of our people under PL, the same speech for 17 years. In the end, this Budget session will mean more failure for our people.
The Budget Is a Gigantic Fake
The Budget proposed by Faure is a “fake” in the sense that it is a projected Budget to hype the public on the eve of elections in early 2011.
The PL want to fake it until they make it to another mandate. As Ramkalawan diverted away from Budget issues and strategy and focused humanitarian suffering, the PL had taken him right into their trap. I will rebuttal the key essential scams that went over Ramkalawan’s head like a missile war head to a floating barge in a tub .
The Magic Illusion of GDP 6.2%
Faure revealed to us that Tourism Industry has registered a 10% Arrival growth on last years figures. This is a result of Alain St. Ange’s creative work with little or no money to bring Tourist to our shores.
The second budgetary revelation was that the “Receivables” in the Tourism Industry was down substantially. This means while “Arrivals” are up, the “Yield” is down as much as -12% this year,  -15% last year. Is PL registering non GOP workers for Khalifa as Visitors?
We are no longer earning the same per Arrival head. It also means foreign owned entities like Eden Island, and other hotels are keeping money overseas, similar to the days of the Black Market. This hurts the REAL GDP of Seychelles. It also means Seychelles has lost her branding as an upmarket destination. This is confirmed by the Five (5) star price rooms at euro 50.00 per night per person during the year. Ephelia Hotel did that, and even Lemuria dumped prices below euro 200.00 per couple B&B, as did Eden Island, contrary to what Heegar said on SBC.
Eden Island has gone as low as $50.00 per day per room. You can put Ten (10) people in a room at Eden, since they do not control it, as they do put Ten (10) people on a boat. You did not think of that PL, did you?
 Magic-man Faure and Hudini Michel, do not see this reality, it is invincible to them. Most recently, their government took a mad decision to license Eden Island as a hotel operation. In a collapsing world economy, it will have dire strait consequences for Seychelles Tourism Industry.
Eventually, we will see Tourists, but we will not see the money. It will make the Black Market years look like a sand pit for toddlers for Seychelles economy and finance. Prepare yourselves for the worse economic catastrophe ahead, borne out “100% pure as it gets” stupidity cultured by Communists.
Faure also revealed to us that Fishing Industry was -25% revenue last year, and it bounced back to 20% this year plus side , only after the sale of IOT to a Thai interest our main competitor to access EU markets. That takes Fishing to +5% compared to last year. Where does the 6.2% GDP come from?
It comes from Khalifa, and Faure has factored in the following to create the magic Illusion that has fooled SNP leadership and fool the People of Seychelles: 1. Two Generators 8 megawatts each(to guarantee supply of electricity to Khalifa’s Villas and Palace, not for the People of Mahe); 2. 60 Buses donated from PRC and 3, 30 buses donated from AUE ( Khalifa’s workers use the bus system) ; 3. Khalifa’s donation of $10 Million for scan centre and medical centre upgrade ( for his workers that will be in the Thousands as has been the case in the past two years);4. AUE’s donation for Coast Guard Base, which will be used for Khalifa’s security personnel as evidenced by the Mosque to be built on the base $50 Million; 5. Khalifa’s donation to finish the 169 houses at Ile Preservans opening Scheduled for December 21st, but no water no grids in place; even the 18% increase in block production is for Khalifa’s projects; hence this is where the 6.2% GDP comes from.
There are no miracle works done by the Communist Party of Seychelles, there is no magic, just a sell out to one man and his friends, on a grand, grand scale, never seen before. Mr. Faure refers to this as “FDI”. SNP encourages this calamity upon us by proposing that foreigners pay taxes on land they have come to own, somehow, most without Sanctions.
Fake 6.2% GDP, Fake FDI, that is the conclusion we all must draw from Faures magic tricks. Do not be fooled like SNP Leadership, if it is. ( I have my doubts)
Domestic Sector Debt
Magic –man Faure remained silent on the Government Domestic Sector Debt, which stands at Rs. 2.8 Billion, unpaid, interest ticking. By 2011 this figure will exceed Rs. 3 Billion.
This unpaid balance of loans in Seychelles Rupees is the fundamental reason why the free and independent commercial banks of Seychelles, cannot lower interest rates in the market much more. These banks must carry the bad debts of Government of Seychelles, SPPF -PL. All consumers and business suffer greatly for it.
Hence, why rates cannot go lower then 10% when most of the world is at 2%, Mauritius commercial rates at 5% or 6%.  Because of SPPF, Seychelles has lost it’s competitive edge for years to come. This will usher in a prolonged period of stagnation, if not addressed with forthright rescheduling. Left unattended to, it will push further devaluation of the Seychelles Rupee.
SNP did not see that missile of deception overhead that Magic –man Faure launched on them, or did they, and Mr. Ramkalawan just remained silent?
Which one is it, SNP?
External Debt Sector
This debt sector of Government portfolio has received the most publicity and coverage. Yet, Mr. Faure mis-stated the peak debt to be $782 Million, when in fact it was officially capped at $860 Million. A slip of the tongue worth almost $100Million, and no one in the Opposition even bothered to alert to it, by a simple “POINT OF CLARIFICATION, MR. Speaker ”. How much do we pay these People to sip water as PL tramples the People of Seychelles?
Mr. Faure says that the debt has been reduced under the IMF program. True. It now stands at $480 Million. It is 1/3 of our debt, not 2/3 as Faure wants us to believe again, in his magic.
Mr. Faure does not tell us about the interest on the External Debt and is silent on that. Most of that debt, which is commercial, will be at 10% interests per annum.
By 2017, when SPPF promised to double our GDP, in 2006, we will have redoubled our debt in interest payments and bring it back to $860 Million, and Faure is not worried about meeting the $45 Million instalment then.
Magic- Man Faure cannot meet funding for ministries in 2010, but in 2017, he says, he will have no problem paying the $45Million in instalments due then.
When he lies, watch his cheeks and lips go into automatic vibration mode. It is a built in mechanism to expose deception.
By 2017, James Michel will be gone, Albert Rene will have been forgotten, even by DA’s but our debt will have been doubled again, back to $860 Million, wherein we started with SPPF, who had to change their names to continue to function.
Only IMF will still be around in 2017 under Faure’s program.
When Faures Tricks Do Not Work, He Has An Answer
Magic –man Faure is no fool and is politically very, very ambitious. He knows that Michel is a spent force and is credited with bankrupting Seychelles.   
Magic knows in the PL, he is touted by Rene as the promised child to deliver them from defeat. But Magic has to lie about our financial reality to get through the next Six (6) Months in a fake Budget proposal.
After June 2011, we will have a different reality, and Faure has built in an excuse in his speech, so you do not blame him for the grand failures ahead.
Magic –Man Faure, has said that 75% of Seychelles revenue comes from the European market, and they are undergoing recession. He says this will make Seychelles “vulnerable “ to external factors. This is the excuse he gives, when things will go bad by mid year 2011 and he will announce the severest measures to cut the fake budget back to reality figures. By as much as half of what he proposed, unless Khalifa decides to build another castle and buy more blocks.
United Nations projects that world food prices will increase by as much as 20% in 2011. The Magic man is silent on this and does not increase salaries by 20% to help the mass of Seychellois cope. He cannot of course. There is no money, really for any salary increase, not even his which is 38%.
Magic does not tell you that European economist have already chartered a course for the worse economic and finance year to be 2011 in Europe, with national bankruptcies looming, sovereign downgrades apparent, strikes, civil unrest, become common everyday events. When that happens, Europeans will not venture far from home for a holiday or buy expensive fish for meals . We are moving towards a double dip recession, worldwide. St. Ange at STB will have the mother of challenges before him.
Social Ills Discussed by Demoralized Leaders
Faure sites for us all the good money running after the bad social ills that have gripped our Nation. Each year, the grip tightens on our People.
Faure does that to show how compassionate his Party is in spite of their policy to sell our patrimony and displace our people under PL. But the reality is that a society, that has no moral compass, cannot be free of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, theft, burglary and crimes of violence or corruption. The dream of  a computer in each house will be a quixotic exercise if the moral fibre of our society is not strengthened.
This is the type of society the Communist Party,  as admitted by Madam Marie Lise Potter, has built in Seychelles , today. This is nothing to be proud of Madam Potter, it is a title of shame and disgrace you carry upon yourselves.
No number of houses or schools, built with donations and hand outs from foreign friends can erase this shame and disgrace upon the SPPF-PL. It is a revelation to what you have allowed Seychelles to become, a society wherein morality has no place, good is sidelined, and evil and deception prevails.
Hence, the Leader of the Opposition, has the courage to speak to us with  heightened moral tone, in the budget debates, about the poor, vulnerable, disabled, HIV victims, prostitution, and the lack of adequate funding for these segments of society.
I ask the Leader of the Opposition, where was his moral compass when he went into legislative conspiracy with SPPF PL to vote himself and his party, along with PL, a 38% salary increase , and 70% Pension for life?
In my opinion, and in the opinion of many good God fearing Seychellois, this single incident, destroyed all moral authority Mr. Ramkalawan had, to speak on behalf of the poor of Seychelles, and the weak of our society. It showed us all that he was just using the poor and the weak, as a stepping stone to his own well being and his own wealth creation, which he has been greatly successful at, becoming Seychelles first priest millionaire cum political leader, or the other way around. Take your pick, either, way, it is the same result.
At a time when Seychelles went under IMF administration, then the Queen cancelled her 600 strong Christmas Party, the UK Parliament cut salaries by 15%, and Faure says our Tourism market is vulnerable, in Seychelles, they gave themselves a pay raise and pension for life.
I call on Mr. Faure, and Mr. Ramkalawan, to put your heads together, as you did for your salaries and explain to the People of Seychelles, why in this Budget, you did not reduce salaries and cancel your pensions, to help the victims of social ills a little more as you profess you wish to do.
People of Seychelles are tired of the fancy talk from both sides, if there are two sides. More and more, it all looks more like an acting stage.
The Pain Has Just Begun
The PL have used this Budget as an attempt to fake success to prepare for elections. They know if they get a mandate, at mid term of 2011 the Budget will be adjusted to reflect our realities. That means cut this Budget according to IMF demands.
Then for Four(4) years we will drink Communist brewed red vinegar. Ironically, the SNP voted in favour of this Communist brewed red vinegar for the last Four (4) National Budgets, or they abstained in silence.  They have been part of the conspiracy of our failure all along as they played along with the SPPF-PL every step along the way. Today, they act like they do not agree with the Budget.
Tax Foreigners on Land
By suggesting a tax on foreign owned properties in Seychelles, they also attempt to validate the SPPF PL Policy under James Michel, to sell our Patrimony and regulate Seychellois to third class citizens in their own country.
By remaining silent on Eden Island, and silent on “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, silent on the non certification of MSR, they too are guilty of failing the People of Seychelles as SPPF –PL.
Misdeeds of SPPF-PL cannot be just brushed over by the officially sanctioned and salaried, PL opposition, which is today SNP.
This is a crime upon our People, as we face a collapsing democracy, SNP is only playing the chorus line to PL song and dance, instead of setting a serious  political, social, economic, finance agenda for Seychelles. They have been doing that since 2006. 
You do not need power to set the agenda SNP, you need brains and a commitment to your country, not your pocket.
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!
Merry Christmas to All Seselwa Rasin........and even you sell outs Communists that do not believe in God....,the message of Christmas is the message of HOPE, for all of mankind, hence we hate not the ignorant nor do we hate he who haveth  not a  moral compass to guide himself or his country through these turbulent and difficult years ahead, which will endure for many, many years to come in spite of the message of this Fake Budget!
As the People of Israel spent Forty years in the dessert, the People of Seychelles, do their time in their dessert.
Stay Strong!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now!

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")
Climate change & the 3 billion budget…

A turbo charged 4x4Vice President has taken the People House by storm to present a fully baked cake of 3 billion rupees for 2011. A cake so big that his team of fat cats are prepared to share ‘pou benefis tou Seselwa’. Meanwhile on the international front, Ronny Boy is telling all that can listen that we are disappearing from the face of this earth. We need all the grants and loan write-offs to keep afloat…

Lizzy: Hello sweet pea! Now that the royal euphoria has died down, Miss. Sarajevo is here to update you on all things press. She is being witch hunted by a ‘Ziz Soungoula’ and has been keeping a low profile.
President: Oh how sweet! Don’t let those evil forces drag you down my ‘lil angel. You are of the Chevening stock like JP. With all your ethics and politics, you are now my press chief. Don’t be intimidated by any monkey business…
Srdjie: A very good morning Sir. I have been in the bushes lately keeping up with your Facebook page. We are in sleep mode on our website to avoid any ‘Wikileaks’. I will need an iPad to be able to cope.
Bawi:  Oh well my dear, you can always work on a piece for CNN to whitewash things. You have singlehandedly attracted the Somali pirates in our midst with your piece about ‘the hidden treasures of the Indian Ocean’.
Srdjie: Ooh Bawi! This gives me a wet warm feeling. My reportage on CNN! But I have pugnacious Ronny on Skype who just won’t shut up. He is trying to make up for the fact that he advocated that we build more dams.
President: Damn! How could he have done that! We have no rain and the dams will stay empty. We have a solution for our water crisis. The good Sheik will be sending two Antonovs full of pure Arabica water daily from the oasis of Abu Dhabi and the water shortage will be a thing of the past. Bring on Ronny.
The Skype connection to NYC is live and the gregarious faced Ronny Boy pops onto the screen
Ronny Boy: Even when we're underwater, when the bubbles pop, you'll hear us yelling. If we don't solve climate change, nothing else matters, because many of us will be wiped off the face of the Earth.
President: Good job my boy. I can see you rushing from negotiating session to bilateral meeting and back again, past the manicured lawns, palm trees and turquoise pools.
Ronny Boy: Indeed Sir! I have plunged into the chaotic whirl of the scientists, activists, business executives and journalists at the conference. I'll talk to anyone. I don't care who they are as long as the word gets out.
Srdjie: Oh I understand the feeling! Negotiations can be demoralizing. You're talking to people who refuse to listen. But then your Facebook friends say, 'Way to go, Ronny. Give 'em hell!'
Ronny Boy: Indeed Sis! I hold forth at environmental seminars, sit for interviews with bloggers, update my Facebook page and chat with students. It's simple. As the poles melt, we drown. “1.5 to stay Alive” otherwise we disappear beneath the waves.
Bawi:  Drought has left us with a 20-day supply of drinking water. Desalination plants are running at full capacity, but that means burning expensive fossil fuels, which contributes to global warming. Wish you had built your Grand Anse dam before you escaped to New York.
Ronny Boy: Hey, this one's about Seychelles! Check out this photo (he flashes a picture of some guys with their heads buried in the sand like ostriches). And no, I am NOT one of those with their butts whistling in the wind! Hasta la vista Cancun! 
President: Good on you my boy! Everyone knows your dedication to conservation and the environment. And now they want Diego Garcia as a marine park without consulting the exiled people of the islands. Indeed they have no heart. God bless my boy. Keep our flag flying high! 
Srdjie: Thanks Ronster! Sir, the royal visit failed to make an impact in the UK. Despite an avalanche of press releases, we failed to make the headlines. The Princess herself refused to give a press conference to get us further mileage.
Bawi: Well we indulged in self gratifying publicity as it is important for the election campaign. You can always do a piece for CNN i-report.  JoMo had to interpret the feelings and translate the comments of the princess. She does not have a tongue and so we got him to read her mind.
Lizzy: Oh she is such a graceful creature. Love her dress sense with her ‘kanboul’ and gloves.
President: She wanted to do a walkabout in Victoria but we did not want her to bump into the commercial sex workers and drug addicts. I gave the First Lady her moment in the limelight so she could show off our little treasures. The Princess felt quite ill at ease at the cocktail. She had never seen such youthful exuberance at the helm of our national affairs.
Bawi: Well it is proof that your empowerment program has succeeded. Who needs experience when you can experiment?
President: Well the experiment has taken over three decades. In the meantime we’ve had the collapse of the economy but we have rebounded again. The sacrifices have paid off! The cake is baked and we are now ready to dish out some moist slices.
Lizzy: The baker is here to give you a rundown on the ingredients and recipe for this decadent, deliciously divine pastry. This cake is no lie! 
Danny Boy: Hello Bwana!  We have never baked such a masterpiece before. We will have enough crumbs ‘POU BENEFIS TOU SESELWA’.  I have switched on my turbo and your 4x4 stealth machine is in the off-road mode.
President: Ok my pecuniary guru! I can see that your Cubanomics is defying gravity. Give me a quick rundown on what you have concocted this time around…
Danny Boy: Well my good Sir! The 2011 budget is about ‘redistribye nou gato nasyonal’. And I will shout from the top of my lungs so that ‘lepep’ can benefit. With the progress in our economy, price stability and sustainable debt, we have a 9.4% surplus. We now need to protect the vulnerable, increase resources in social programs…
Bawi: OK bro! Enough of the political hogwash! We have a tight agenda. Give us the main pointers and you can go brainwash the dodos in the assembly later.
Danny Boy: Hey easy bro! You seem to have deserted your Cuban indoctrination since you are heading tourism! OK then, here’s my wish list:
  • Tourism will get 78 million
  • 1 billion surplus to share with ‘Lepep’
  • 2 generators for PUC from our good Sheik
  • 10% of our tax revenue to go back to welfare
  • Full on oil exploration (our future depends on it)
  • 20 million for small businesses
  • Tackle the ‘fleo sosyal’ as 40% of our prisoners are thieves
  • 1.3 billion on housing (thanks to our good Sheik)
  • Install internet ‘dan tou lakaz’
  • Build a solid social safety net
  • Assure ‘sekirite alimanter’
Oh well I will not bore you with all this mundane stuff. You can catch it all on TV where I will ram the message home over one and a half hours. Fodre tir lanpayaz dan ban pti biznes!
President: Good stuff! 2010 will go down as another milestone in my distinguished career. I have surrounded myself with such brainiacs that no one will be able to unseat this presidency. But we showed in the end that smart minds and determination were as equally important, if not more so, than an inflow of capital.
Danny Boy: Impressive indeed Bwana! As long as Ronny boy keeps harping on the message that we are hitting the seabed, our rubber duck will continue to bounce around on the high seas to reinvest in our people. The solutions rest with us!

The President is delighted to be riding the crest of this giant wave that formed in the eye of a storm. Miracles do happen and his transparent team is keeping it real. He is assured of another commanding mandate in 2011 in his capacity as the man of the people who bankrupted and salvaged the Seychelles in the same breath. It takes a lot of kudos!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


SPPF Volunteers Evidence of Guilt
For Breaking Into MSR Office, Docklands
The People rag tag weekly paper which dishes out its written propaganda each week to numb the brains of the People of Seychelles, has stepped on its own feet as expected.
In an article titled:

Fissures show up in amorphous MSR”, November 26th

2010, the writer is quoted as saying,” The People has caught wind of mounting tensions between two main political figures, behind MSR, Christopher Gill and Marc Hoareau, over money matters. The wedge issue is the non –payment by MSR of a Xerox Work Centre.
Victoria Computer Services (VCS) owned by Marc Hoareau, is mad at Gill for failing to make a payment of $2,000.00 in the company’s account held at Barclay’s. The sum would have been the first if four instalments for the equipment delivered in October

which cost 85,000.00 rupees.”
 The only way People could know that our second printer is a Xerox Work Centre printer in our office, is to have access to our documents found in our Xerox Work Centre file.

These documents were stolen in a break in when our offices were broken into last month.

The contract for the second printer as revealed by the People is completely correct and the purchase price is correct, spot on. This information could only be obtained from MSR internal files, which were stolen from the office. Hence it is reasonable to conclude, beyond a doubt, that the People PL have access to our files which were stolen, by break in and entering, with the use of force, into MSR Docklands office.

Additionally, the payment of $2,000.00 as an instalment to be made to VCS was to come from a donation, and People could only know that through bugging my private phone line and having access to my conversations, which PL does.

The only information People got wrong in the article was Marc Hoareau’s involvement with MSR.

Marc Hoareau is not a “Member” or “Leader” of MSR and he is a “Supplier” of MSR through VCS, his company, like he is a Supplier any other entity in Seychelles. VCS was chosen as a supplier by MSR because it sells Xerox Machines, which are highly reliable and efficient. If Mr. Hoareau was a member of MSR he would just give us the second printer, like I have given MSR the first printer.

The main political figures and spokesmen of MSR are Christopher Gill and Francis Gill.

This People article provides conclusive evidence that SPPF ordered and carried out the break in of MSR office and the documents, stickers, taken from the MSR office are in Maison Du Peuple where the People rag is printed.

You only have to now place one of our stickers on the front page of People, Editor.

I warned you, you should have resigned a long time ago, now you have revealed criminal activity of your party in a desperate act to save your reputation as an Editor.

MSR will file a separate report detailing the contents of this article with appropriate Human Rights Organizations and the Commonwealth.

It is another nail into the road to Seychelles SHAM ELECTIONS in 2011.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to get Seychelles Column printed in the streets weekly can contact me at: sezfree4u@yahoo.com

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!

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The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Democracy Collapsing In Seychelles Today (Part II)
Focus: The Structures of State
Upon the passing of the Constitution of the Third Republic, there was great hope and aspirations that Seychelles would reconcile earnestly, and the Nation would move into a new era of Democracy, that would require, that the structures of state be re-enforced.
For many that lived through the One Party State Dictatorship, it was this hope that democratic structures would be strengthened, that gave them hope for a free and democratic Seychelles, wherein individual rights would be respected, and the rule of law and order, would rule the day. Perhaps it is these optimist that have been let down the most through the farcical democratic experiment that has dragged for Seventeen (17) years.
Under France Albert Rene’s Two (2) additional mandates and a 3rd shared with James Michel, and Michel’s last mandate, the structures of State have taken a beating and dress down as the Nation entered into an era of great denial and eventual failure between the years 2000-2010.
1. The Executive Branch No Longer Administrates
Executive Branch went from micro management by Rene, to no hands on management Michel.
Under Rene, the micro state of Seychelles was micro managed by a dictator. We may not like the decisions Rene took day to day, but at the very least, there were decisions etched on a little note pad, passed down to the administrators of government to move things along and set a course, case by case.
Under Michel, files were ignored, and handed to lesser mortals with no mandate, than handled by the President himself.
Immediately upon assuming office, letters to State House were replied with a confirmation letter, and follow up was common to take months. As time was wasted, the government administration went into
chaos. What would normally take Two (2) weeks could drag out to take Two (2) years. If anything can describe Michel’s Administration, it is “no Administration”. Michel’s tenure can best be described as a “Hollywood Presidency”, as he hogged the camera for the entire term of his mandate.
When he went to the Tuna Factory, the camera was there, filming Michel with the fish. When the Tuna Factory owners bonded us, the camera was there. No questions asked or put to Michel. When the factory owners Lehman Brothers called in the Bonds, the camera was there.
When we went bankrupt, the camera was there. When we went on our knees before the world, the camera was there. But, no dissenting opinion was ever heard, not even an unprepared material question posed .
Each time, dissent was silent, democracy was weakened in Seychelles.
2. Police Force Collapsed
When Michel started to lose support for his own failings, he imported Irish mercenaries and Guardia on leave, to take up internal national security and run the Police. As he did that, a mass departure of Police in the force vacated posts and walked out, the best qualified Seychellois Police that remained had left. Over a 100 departures of Officers.
These officers refused to work under the Irish, these men and women left for the private sector. Today, they are all better off running their own security companies, or working in high paid jobs, enjoying larger numeration then the Commissioner of Police himself.
It will take years to rebuild the Police Force. Michel will not be able to do it, because he does not have the clout or moral authority to lead a Seychellois force, after importing foreigners to run our Police Force.
One Irish Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Liam Cohen, was caught lying on the stand in a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the death of a young boy and his father. Cohen quick stepped back to Ireland, after firing dozens of Seychellois Officers. Michel never asked these officers to return.
As a stop gap to this crisis, Michel created NDEA based not at the Police Headquarters, but based at State House. NDEA is a drug task force, but has now ventured into Policing, to cover up for a collapse Police Force.
3. Judiciary Promising Catch-up
If there is one branch of government that has promised a lot and taken a long time to deliver over the last 17 years, it is the Judiciary.
The law Reports have not been published since 1994. That is 16 years. Without Law Reports, courts cannot establish and institutionalize case law and enshrine the democratic process in courts, to insure constitutional rights are respected.
The critical shortage of Attorney’s following a decision after multi-party democracy by France Albert Rene to stop Bursars for law students , because they can get too smart for the system, has back fired today.
At this time, the Attorney General has run out of Seychellois attorneys and must import a batch of Sri Lankan attorneys to keep the office running. The office itself is a testimony to failure, with broken printers, broken computers stacked up against the walls where Law Reports should grace.
The Attorney General himself has done little to strengthen the democratic process, as he has been a servant of the powers that be and not the Constitution of Seychelles. He has been quick to the draw to protect the State, but slow to protect and defend Individual Rights in order to strengthen our democracy. As he fails to do what is right and serve his master, he hurts democracy in Seychelles.
In case the Attorney General did not know, it is respect and tolerance for Individual Rights that strengthens a Democracy, not the strengthening of the arm of the State at the expense of the Individual.
Most recently, the Attorney General has been taking a beating before the Constitutional Court. His streak of defeats started with a Right to Property issue present by Alwyn Talma over the restriction to use of Anse Lazio property 66 acres beach front. The Attorney General was even fined Rs. 100,000.00, an unprecedented decision.
Recently, the Court of Appeals ordered Attorney General Ronnie Govinden to draft new legislation to establish the impartiality of SBC, he has not submitted any drafted to the Courts or the Executive Branch, delaying the effect of the Courts Judgment on an issue that should have been resolved 17 years ago, according to Constitutional intent.
By attempting to defend the un-defendable, Ronnie Govinden has become the “Himmler”, of the SPPF PL government of James Michel. Himmler took over Hitler’s battles on the front lines, when he could no longer fight himself, as he was resigned to the bunker for his last days.
As Michel, takes Seychelles democracy to collapse mode, Mr. Govinden will we be defending the failures on the front lines, as being normal in a democratic society. But even our imported Judges from Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, will be offended by Mr. Govinden’s gesture to reduce Individual Rights to some subservient element to the State.
A word of caution to Mr. Govinden, in case not many people give you good advise: “An Attorney General that picks battles to lose, is of no value to any government administration, be it left, right or centre”. Right now Ronnie, its not looking good.
4. Legislative Branch
The National Assembly has weaken tremendously over the last Five (5) years. The Opposition no longer walks out on as a protest on issues. The Speaker passed a law that will sanction them Rs. 1000.00 per sitting. This has sold out the democratic right to legislative protest, though they all earn between Rs.700.00 –Rs. 1,800.00 per hour, plus a 70% pension for life, earned in a legislative conspiracy.
As the Opposition submerged into a culture of legislative conspiracy with the ruling party on budgets, salaries, pensions, they lost their moral compass to lead the Opposition. Even an election Alliance between DP and SNP was broken, which was instigated by James Michel in talks with Ramkalawan it is believed, since the Leader of the Opposition was in regular meetings with Michel at the time.
By 2010, MNA’s took to star blog to download speeches from article content, and they grossly misled the Public to think that they were debating from the heart and the brain was in gear.
This malpractice on part of our legislators is detrimental to our Democracy. It makes a mockery of the entire structure, and we have been left with a fake opposition in place as well as a fake majority that even smiles when the country is bankrupt.
5. Armed Forces
The Armed Forces has been hijacked as a political –apparatus by PL. Just this week, the Armed Forces promotions graced pages of People a pure political party mouth piece.
It would be totally acceptable to have these promotions covered extensively in the Nation. But People being a partisan paper, reported on the promotions as if the officers serve the People and the PL.
The promotions come at a time the Coast Guard have done exemplary work in the fight against piracy. They are merited, as are the increases in salary , provision of housing, car loans and fuel allowance and extended holiday of Three (3) months on One (1) month off, as they face harms ways routinely now in the fight against piracy in the region.
Seychelles Armed Forces, must be run by Seychellois, and not foreigners. Our men must never turn their weapons upon our people and must keep them facing pirates and any other enemies to our shores.
PL will attempt to lower their dignity and use our Armed Forces, to face election defeat in 2011. When Seychellois refuse to use arms to defend a failed election bid , the UAE will have troops stationed in Seychelles, to protect Michel, and insure his SHAM Elections are respected. Democracy will have collapsed completely by then.
6. Ombudsman
The post of the Ombudsman was intended to be an impartial voice, that aggrieved persons could approach and attempt to resolve issues pending against the Government of Seychelles. However, it appears that the SPPF/PL have neutralized the constitutional intent of the creation of the Ombudsman post, by promising holders of the post that the Office of the Ombudsman is a stepping stone to high court appointed posts if the Ombudsman tows the line for a time.
In 1993, the Ombudsman was Bernadin Renuad. He went on to become a Judge. Gustave Dodin then replaced him, and Dodin then went on to become a Judge. Today, Dora Zatte occupies the post, and she will likely go on to become a Judge. Miss Zatte retains close relations with key personalities that pose great conflict in her post and weakens the post of the Ombudsman. She is friendly with James Michel, Brigadier Payet, and the Electoral Commissioner Hendriks Gappy.
7. The Electoral Commissioner
The intent of the Constitution behind the creation of the Electoral Commissioners office, was to have an unbiased person running elections in Seychelles. However, the record of Mr. Hendriks Gappy speaks for itself, and his bias in executing his duties has weaken democracy in Seychelles and ignored constitutional intent sometimes out of shear arrogance and defiance.
Most recently, REGAR December 3rd, 2010, reported on a Constitutional Court Judgment involving Queency Jumaye who was denied the right to vote in the last elections. She is not alone, and many have suffered that fate. The Constitutional Court delivered a damning blow to the Electoral Commissioners office, rejecting the Attorney General Ronnie Govinden’s usual pro communist arguments intended to weaken the private citizen, saying, denying Miss Jumaye the right to vote, is a serious violation of one of the most important rights of the citizen: the Right to Participate in National affairs”.
Unless Mr. Gappy is removed from the post and an Independent Electoral Commission is formed, to run elections in Seychelles, elections will always be compromised and undemocratic in practice, due to the bias and weakness of the Electoral Commissioner.
Electoral Commissioners that do not promote the Right to Participate in National Affairs of all citizens, weaken our democracy, and ignore the intent of the Constitution of Seychelles. This will compromise democracy in Seychelles, greatly.
8. Central Bank Our Economy
As Pierre Laporte gave his speech on the state of the Central Bank this week, Francis Chang Leng, sat in the back of the International Conference Centre, and chewed his finger nails.
I may not always agree with Mr. Laporte, but he has been a breath of fresh air and has demonstrated an intent to improve a very bad situation. We need to give Mr. Laporte a little credit for taking us out of the doldrums of the Francis Chang Leng era.
However, not all is rosy as James Michel would like us to believe as usual. Michel used the Central Bank seminar, to tout misleading numbers: INFLATION – 0%. GDP -6%.
The Inflation at 0% is as dangerous as the Black Market rates in the old days running twice as the bank rate. A little Inflation is good for an economy, it demonstrates buoyancy and shows it is not sinking.
The key component Michel did not mention was DEFLATION in the market, which Reuters conservatively reported to be -2%. Deflation indicates the dropping of prices, reduction in activity, of the real economy, and the lack of demand and a general negative investment climate borne out of lack of activity. This James Michel has achieved in Five (5) short years. It is in fact the direct opposite of what he said he would do in 2006 when he said that under STRATGI 2017, he would double our GDP by 10% per year.
Michel has taken our economy to the brink of collapse as he has taken our democracy.
Where Does GDP 6% Come From?
By now, every Seychellois knows this money and artificial growth, that is hinged on the whims of one man, comes from Sheik Khalifa Al Nayan Bin Al Zayed’s investments into his villas, his personal donations, and UAE building of houses, base, buses, scanners.
High level SPPF –PL say, that “if Khalifa did not help Seychelles, we would have been finished”. Well that does not say much over SPPF PL leadership, and it only shows how weak our economy has become under James Michel leadership.
Even Tourism profess 12% increase in Arrivals, but an unknown undisclosed substantial reduction in revenue, hidden from IMF, but covered by over all activity by Khalifa, to fake it, until we make it.
A long time ago, I told Michel in this Column, you cannot fake it, to make it.
This applies to Democracy in Seychelles as well, which is collapsing at the end of 2010, and it applies to our economy in 2010, which is now barely floating through the aid and personal whims of a Surrogate Resident President.
Five (5) years of Nation building by James Michel has turned into the collapsing of a STATE in less then Five (5) years.
People of Seychelles, open your eyes this Christmas. It is the greatest gift you can give to your children.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

("A political satire based on actual events as portrayed through the state controlled media")
A Princess comes calling…

 In another moment of international fame, the Seychelles President has the honour as Chancellor to be by the side of British Royalty at the official opening of UniSey. Having singlehandedly apprehended more pirates and freed our subjects, he pays tribute to the men in uniform for our protection over these 33 years of glory.
Lizzy: A Royal salute Mr. Commander in Chief! PS MO is here to juggle the agenda as the British Princess is about to hit our shores.

Bawi: Good day Mr. Beardo! I can see that all affairs foreign suit you perfectly. You seem to be learning the ropes pretty fast from your mentor JenPa. It is important that you shed your aloofness and get closer to the community. The open day was commendable.

MO: You have left a legacy at MOFA my good Bwana. Your spell there has paved the way to a new vision. We are still reaping the rewards of your hard work from your days in Brussels.

President: Wow, what an honour to have the presence of the longest serving civil servant in our midst. So all’s set for her Highness’s visit? I have ensured that our Gaines Cooper Rolls Royce is put to good use. I only rub shoulders with popes and royalty. So what is on the agenda?

MO: Good day to you Herr Chancellor. Everything has been mapped out. I will welcome the Princess on the tarmac and she will be whisked away to UniSey. Dr. Roff has already waxed lyrical about your vision and you will have the honour to jointly unveil Plato who has been your inspiration. You need to dress like the opposition assembly members with a tie.

Bawi: The stage is set. We will then give her the opportunity to put a few poppies at the Cenotaph in memory of the fallen. The 29th November is a very eerie day in our history as we had a fallen hero on the streets of London...back in 85. The verdict is still open and I am scared the Princess might press the case to solve the mystery.

Lizzy: Oh but Bob said, “in this great future you can’t forget your past”... So dry your tears.

President: No women no cry Bawi. We are now with a new vision for our youth. We will throw a party on our lawns and everybody will be merry. No orders came from me in this 412 case. The Union Jack will fly again at State House to welcome back our early days. I always wanted to emulate one of our governors.

MO: Sir I am not privy to any Wikileaks of the past 30 years. But I was in action in 81 and had to take refuge in a trash can in the tower. Diplomatic duty calls and I have to attend to the final protocol details. ‘On a du pain sur la planche !’

Bawi: OK MO! We admire your sense of duty. Sir, we have a call from young Kim in North Korea. He is seeking some advice on how to shed this communist dogma but still enjoy total control. He seems in a bind and wants you to repay the favour that his grandpa did after the coup. Was it not the construction of the building housing UniSey? I do remember Per Fondater paying a visit to Pyongyang sometime back.

President: No that was to beef up our security. My communist days are behind me Bawi. Who does he think he is calling me for help? Today, I only deal with those with money and not a bankrupt economy like North Korea. I am a reformed pragmatist and he should emulate me.

Lizzy: Sir Jomo is here to report on the latest piracy developments and the Princess’ visit to Valle de Mai and Pete will update you on the ACP meeting and combating the piracy scourge...

JoMo: Sir the Emirs and other friends from the Gulf States and the Russians all have spear guns on board their yachts and have been using them randomly everywhere they go, while the poor Seychellois fishermen are not allowed to have spear guns as they are banned. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander! They will also be using them on the pirates...

President: I must also command our men in uniform. They are all in for a raise and maximum benefits – we need 100% loyalty there. The new technology I have at my fingertips allows me to direct operations right from this office. I gather the police are rounding up the stray rounds.

JoMo: Sir while on Police, a report in the Irish parliament states that Seychelles has spent 25 Million Pounds on consulting fees and other services with the Irish so far. Wonder what we bought?

President: We bought counter intelligence to silence the opposition. Oh I am glad the Princess brought us some rain.

Bawi: We got lucky on that alright Bwana. I would hate to see her queuing up for a bowser. Oh well we can turn this around and discuss about our water problems aside the piracy saga. She will surely be sympathetic to our cause.

Pete: Well Bwana, the time has come to ‘walk the talk’ on piracy. Given that we are shooting at pirates on the vessels despite the fact that we have hostages on board, we should be more innovative bring in the "Israeli Raid on Entebbe" by the Israeli commandos!

JoMo: We will give the Princess a walkabout in the Garden of Eden and let her be mesmerized by the natural beauty of our love nut. Shame we could not bring her to Aldabra.

President: She will be equally impressed by the developments I am spearheading in the tourism industry. Our investment is paying off and she will not even feel that we are a country under IMF bailout.

JoMo: Indeed Sir. We are directing this war on piracy from the heart of the Indian Ocean. Our EUNAFOR contingent and soon our new navy base and arsenal will thwart any attacks by these crazy men in skiffs. We will deal them a killer blow as they are threatening our very existence and prevent our Sheik from enjoying his Paradise.

Pete: We will soon come out with proposals on how to add value to our blue gold so that we can all get our fair share. Fisheries and industry work hand in glove. We shall harness the power of our oceans and my comrade JoMo will produce a ‘gro manze’ master plan so that we can attain food sufficiency.

Bawi: Sir we have a 3 billion budget to contend with next year. A record for the election year! SR81 Million for Landscape and Waste Management! SR 376 for "Benefits and Approved Programmes of Social Security Fund". SR41 million for the President's Office so that you can travel first class!

Lizzy: Sir Dr. Ruff, the man of multiple degrees and diplomas is here to update you on the opening ceremony...

Dr. Ruff: A very good day Your Lordship Chancellor. All the invited guests will be present except for the Per Fondater who has headed off to Remire and sends everyone to hell. He does not believe in showing the light to our youth as is against his NYS principles of encoding.

President: I am happy that Mancham will be there. He will not miss his chance of mingling with royalty. Yes, our young will become business incubators. We are in a knowledge driven world. Knowledge is key! But we need to hide the truth. The Education should be according to the Jj doctrine.

Dr. Ruff: Our Plato Statue resting on a blue sea is ready to be unveiled Sir. The very symbol of knowledge and wisdom! Your vision becomes a reality Sir. And I will bestow an honorary degree upon you to fulfil this dream. No one will accuse you as being uninformed anymore…

President: What a year it has been. I launched this vision back in 2007 and today on the eve of my incumbency, I unveil together with our motherland Princess our very own house of knowledge provided by the wisdom of a visionary leader who will stand firm to protect ‘nou ban aki’ from this curse of pirates & corsairs.

Bawi: Indeed Sir. The Princess will be thunderstruck by all our achievements. Hope she has not got wind from the Commonwealth about Gappy Boy’s intrigues in stifling democracy so that we can cling on till kingdom come…

With a ‘Filozofi’ for everyone to emulate, the President contemplates the year 2010 as a milestone in his presidency. He believes he has ridden the storm of bankruptcy and his last bid for the throne has had the blessing of the Pontiff and is now being endorsed by British Royalty. Onward to the big celebratory mother carnival next year!!