Monday, April 27, 2009

Seychelles 2nd Coup D'Etat - Ramadoss Royal Flush

Royal Flush for the Bogus Philanthropist

Ramadoss lays his siege on SCCI

The Bogus Philanthropist is at it again! In a major coup orchestrated with the sly intention of power consolidation and influence on the country’s economic community, the good old doctor lands in the chair of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce (SCCI).  It is well known that Dr. Ramadoss has been accumulating wealth and businesses handed on a golden platter by the SPPF government – tainted by allegations that he acts as a front man for key figures in our society. He has even hinted at the prospect of joining the political race, presumably taking into account his support from higher up or from the shear fact that he has enough in his coffers to fund such a high risk gamble.

And gambling is one of the doctor’s main line of business. A business he has enjoyed with impunity where taxation laws are concerned for over a decade. Is there a specific reason for the SPPF government to refrain from taxing one of the most lucrative businesses? There are surely some ulterior motives… perhaps it is the main source of funding for the SPPF or a major source of income for the ones in the shadows or the Bogus man himself? Surely a decent tax on this industry of vice would go a long way towards digging us out of this financial hole that we find ourselves in today.

With the advent of privatisation, the doctor was at the forefront of the acquisition of several government companies with the latest being the SMB bottling plant which he has snapped up under the name of his two brothers (the empire expands!). Awash with cash, he diversified into hotels, other casinos, restaurants, super market, construction, private hospital, agriculture, local tour operation company, printing, food manufacture etc… sounds like SPPF nationalisation of the ‘80s? Well, it is the perfect way to let go by grabbing almost everything through the back door. Why has no one questioned the cronyism or favouritism being practiced by the SPPF? Is this not CORRUPTION to the first degree Mr. President Michel?

With the rise of Ramadoss, we have seen an alarming interest and involvement of Indian nationals in our society to the point that several locals fear a radical transformation of the Seychellois community as we know it. A predomination of one ethnic group in our country will surely alter the makeup of these rainbow islands. This wave of influence being wielded by the doctor and his cohorts is more far reaching than one would like to believe. Having already thrown his weight in the Medical Association and the Hindu Community, Ramadoss mobilised his kinfolk and threw them into the arena to take on the most influential independent institution of our land. With the SCCI chairmanship firmly in his grasp (don’t forget buddy Dolor as Vice-Chair and cohort Palani as Treasurer), the good old doctor with his Midas touch is poised for another meteoric rise on the echelons of power… up high in the sky and perhaps one day to State House! Better watch your back Mr. President Michel as you will now have to engage in dialogue with the man himself… Or is it Narcissus staring at himself in the puddle?

Seychelles Cartoon - Paris Club & Michel's Anger

Paris Club only forgives 45% of Seychelles debt.  I guess Michel was hoping for a 100% write-off! 

Meanwhile, the poor Seychelles citizens are left to pay off the remaining debt of US$ 820,000,000 (US Dollars Eight Hundred and Twenty Million), while the kings, queens, princes and princesses of the SPPF clan enjoy their ill-gotten wealth accumulated during Rene's and Michel's reign of terror, corruption and nepotism!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where is the Seychelles Coast Guards?

Melody Cruise Ship Successfully Evades Pirates Near Seychelles

Another day, another attempted pirate attack.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- MSC Cruises confirms that the Melody cruise ship was attacked by pirates near the Seychelles Islands on Saturday evening, April 25, 2009. The ship initiated avoidance procedures and quickly escaped the attack with no injuries to any of the approximately 1,000 passengers and 500 crew members onboard.

The pirates approached the ship in a small speedboat firing automatic weapons at 7:35 pm GMT while the ship was sailing 180 nautical miles from Port Victoria in the Seychelles. MSC Cruises immediately informed the Italian government foreign office (La Farnesina), the Maritime Security Center in London and the Coordination Center for Security in Dubai.

A military vessel from the international security forces in the region has been sent to escort the Melody as a precaution, and the ship is continuing to Aqaba, Jordan, on its scheduled itinerary.

But where is the Seychelles Coast Guards, patrol boat "Andromache", Indian Navy ship, let alone the French patrol plane?  After 32 years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a useless army to keep Albert Rene, James Michel and the SPPF in power, the Seychelles today cannot even defend its inner islands and the two hundred mile zone around Mahe!  Shame on you Albert Rene, shame on you James Michel.  You are both losers and today the country is paying the price for your 3 decades plus of mismanagement and corruption.  Too bad Albert is so sick he can no longer visit his favourite islands.  What a gift it would be to the people of Seychelles if the Somalian Pirates could hijack Albert, Sarah, Michel, Mukesh Valabhji, Glenny Savy and a few others in the corrupt SPPF government.  It would be the pirates' greatest payday ever as the millions in ransom would be paid within 24 hours.  Meanwhile, the 10 Seychellois citizens are left to rot on Somalian soil while Albert, Mukesh, Jj and others continue to pilfer the country's coffers.  The end is near dear SPPF so-called leaders.  Better start praying that it comes sooner rather than later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seychelles Satire - State House Anytime Now

Cascade HELL hath no fury...and all things in between

Life seems to be a cruel hell! With the much publicised district meetings back on track, every stop is like a rotten egg on the face as the populace are asking pertinent questions that Mr. President has to shadow box his way out of. Even the heavy editing by SBC could not put him in a good light. To make matters worse he had to endure a monologue of sarcastic praise from ‘Deco’ the comedian MNA. JenPA could not come to his rescue as he was mingling in the crowd trying to get the proper pulse of these bad vibes, along with the State House madams with writing pads in hand taking notes.  Hmmm, we need to push for a major youth activity to turn things around and at least bring some cheer to good old JAM - only five years and already contemplating throwing in the towel…

JenPa: Bonjour Monsieur le President! The eastern river of hope cascaded on our heads last week. I was always under the impression that Deco had everything in control there. I never realised that they would bombard us with questions and insinuations of incompetency. You surely do not deserve this Sir! After five years of toiling to end up in the same spot does not auger well. You see, Orderly has been fooling you all this time.

Mr. President: Indeed JP. I have always been fooled and I do not have the wisdom to see through all this. I am led by the nose like the bulls on La Digue. This is why I surround myself with all these bodyguards and I go to these districts with my team of ministers and high ranking officials. It is to project the image that we work as a team and I am in charge. But it is for me to deflect the nasty questions and to take the praise & glory for the few good things I have done so far. I need to be present everywhere JP so that my people can see I am a man of action! Remember that I told them when I came to power that they need to judge me by my actions. Well, I have been the Clint Eastwood and Rambo of Seychelles for the last five years…

JenPa: Sir, we need to work on getting you as much sympathy as possible from the people. They know that you cannot be everywhere but they do see you on TV every night. You seem to be a one man show! You cannot handle all the ministerial portfolios all at once. Guys like Pillay is enjoying his role as host on the cocktail circuit while he builds his palace at Port Launay and you take on his role as Foreign Minister…

Mr. President: Yeah, I also had to take on the function of Minister of Defence when I got back from Japan as little Jo seems to have cherished this role – despite shitting in his pants when he sees an AK 47! Big Jo the static VP had gone into hibernation during this whole debacle. He is still recouping from the prison mutiny dilemma. I am starting to get fed up with all these complaints we are getting from the districts. It shows total inefficiency of my government and puts me in a terrible light.

JenPa: Sir we have to attend to some of the comments made at Cascade speedily. It is totally unacceptable that we are still having public transport problems despite the importation of new buses and modernisation of SPTC.

Mr. President: I am equally dumb-assed JP! No one seems to be finding solutions to these petty issues such as lights for ladies to be safe at night. We have new buses from China and now it seems that no one wants to take them on the routes. I will probably make a call to Greg and ask him to break the monopoly on ox-carts on La Digue and send some over to Mahé to handle the secondary routes.

JenPa: Very well Sir! We should also perhaps fire some more workers to keep the IMF happy and reduce the load on the buses. If the workers of Cascade do not have a job, then they cannot go to work and hence don’t need the bus.

Mr. President: Good thinking my man! We probably need to decentralise the whole thing like Auntie Mitzy did on Praslin. But we have to try and protect the girlies by giving them some Cuores and Picantos! They refuse to ride the bus, but at least they are fresh and smell like roses when they arrive… I like these young women that smell soooo good JP.

JenPa: Ok Sir, enough of this wheels business. We have to watch the budget. Liz was the last one to get a jeep. In fact, we need to start raising some money from now on. We should go along with the Irish recommendation of selling all the AK 47s and remove them from civil policing.  

Mr. President: Good idea! We should do a “Malo” arms deal and get some precious forex. Or better still, we can do barter with the Somali pirates and give them the arms as a ransom in exchange for the hostages. Yeah, let’s get Glenny in on this. He can wrap it up in cases of ‘fouke sale’, birds’ eggs and ‘torti sale’ like he did in ‘94!

JenPa: That should do the trick Sir! If it is well concealed like that even Tonton Albert will never notice. By the way, there has been an outpouring of compliments on my new appointment as SOS. A lot of this has been via ‘Facebook’. I can vouch that I am the most popular guy on this social networking site. It is a great gauge for my future presidential bid, judging from the tough time you had at Cascade – and more to come!

Mr. President: Hey not so fast! What is this book that you are writing? I have seen a lot of faces during my five year tenure and perhaps you should also include me – with the Pope, with the Japanese Emperor, Sarkozy! Hey, I am popular as well!

JenPa: Indeed Sir. Especially with the girls as the social agenda is getting more and more delicate to handle. We had to placate the one on Praslin who got a toaster from you as a gift with a trip to Singapore (paid via the Jj Spirit Foundation) as she was complaining badly. We will maintain the trips overseas – despite the criticism – so that you can continue to explore the more exotic varieties.

Mr. President: Good work JP! With the new car hire I have given to Natti and the nice Raffles Hotel contract coming up, she’ll be kept busy and stay quiet for a while. This is the best repositioning. Give them what they want and we have peace of mind on that front. Liz is on the State House team so we can monitor closely. Doreen is a docile secretary who knows all my whims…

JenPa: Enough of the name dropping Sir! And from now on, I will create a buffer zone so that the fresh ones do not become cling-ons! In this economic downturn, they all want to get a piece of you and we did not foresee such casualties.

Mr. President: Very well. I need to meet up with the journalist to work on this special edition of my 5 years as President. I am already thinking about the answers for the ten questions for your State House newsletter. Man, the number 10 seems to be heavy on me. I feel like Moses carrying those tablets of the 10 commandments, even if I don’t believe in God! And we have not even gone past ten districts yet… OK, plug in Praslin for next week as I am popular there!

JenPa makes way for the team of Irish advisers who have called in to brief the President on the progress on the war on drugs and other security details. There has been a lot of mumblings as a result of the latest round of firing of key members in the force. Could it be that they have finally caught one of the Escobars?? JAM (the Irish wolfhound) stands to attention, sniffs the air and licks his master’s hand as he snatches a cookie… setting the tone for this high level security debrief. Ah, the Irish have settled in Seychelles, the President mumbles to himself… They are now sub-servient to us….much better than the Brits we kicked out many decades ago…

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Seychelles Column - Disaster at Cascade - By Christopher Gill

Cascade Shows Signs of Despair

As the Presidential show took to the Cascade District, another SPPF strong hold, Mr. President was hoping his Party faithful would be gentle and understanding and Koste blindly according to his rallying call to all Seychellois.

His wish was not granted. The Cascade meeting reminded me a little of the moment Cinderella discovered her fine jewelry laden coach carriage had turned back into a pumpkin. The dream had a bad awakening and she had to walk back all the way home, after a grand ball of good times.

When the meeting was over, Mr. President was clutching his MONT BLANC PEN upside down for the whole Nation to see. Then he dropped his pen and used his hands, to finish his defense rebuttals as he carefully called Meriton and Morgan to the front lines to defend him and his Government. Meriton sounded like he was giving a speech to volleyball players and Morgan read from notes apparently tied to his feet when answering questions concerning a mismanaged landfill cum health hazard for residents of Cascade. 

MNA De Commarmond From Cascade Speaks!

SPPF MNA for Cascade Charles Decommarmond gave an introduction speech that lasted about 15 minutes - this time no role playing so he felt a bit uncomfortable with all the sweat beads on his face.

In classic Charles (comedian) style, he highlighted in a subtle but piercing manner, shortcomings to the situation at hand. He said a single light has not been placed on the Cascade Bridge since being built, requests have been pending for years; residents still do not have adequate facilities for Youth and small businesses, housing constraints, issues concerning rise in crime, the list was endless.

MNA Decommarmond made a sincere appeal for competence and leadership within the Executive Branch of Government. At times, he sounded as if he was in Opposition to JJ Spirit. In what appeared to be an offer of pity for Michel, Decomarmond seemed to offer Cascade fishermen as volunteers to fight pirates. I find this request acceptable if Michel puts his Colonel bars on and leads the way. But he will not, so the fishermen can stay home and tend to their families.

The very fact that the questions of competence were posed indirectly, shows that the SPPF have a real problem at hand.

Michel has abandoned the Districts and opted for the politics of the jet set traveler. As he returns to the Districts, he finds, there are no lights, no this and no that. Even buses are in shortage to take our people to work, in spite of having over 285 buses.

As Seychellois become poorer and poorer under Michel, we must all start taking the bus. This fluctuation in demand for public transportation increases a burden on Government. Failure has a way of strangling itself.

Charles Decomarmond must be commended for standing up to Michel's antics in his own subtle, but sure way. Congratulations MNA De Comarmond,sometimes, a single light under a dark bridge, can make a big difference for everyone, you are so right on this one.

Mr. Walter Labrosse Calls For More Autonomy 

Seemingly frustrated over lack of action in his District, Mr. Walter Labrosse businessman and traditional party liner, respected in community, has called on the Michel administration to grant greater autonomy to the Cascade District, as promised, in order for the District to solve its own problems.

Michel early on five (5) years ago, immediately sent the District committees packing with their assessments and recommendations. Preferring total control to be able to take credit for everything that happens in all walks of life of this country, Districts were left to being buildings of wasted resources, which we badly need today, when Michel can no longer borrow money to run the Country.

For years now, State House and Government rarely consulted the Districts on numerous matters. Now this decision has come back to back bite Michel. Having more or less abandoned Districts and suspended capital projects throughout Seychelles, now SPPF must redefine the relationship of Executive Branch and District-MNA Branch. SPPF will watch Michel as he steps on his own foot once more (the Spirit Dance of 2009).

Michel's tongue was noticeably twisted as his brain ran amuck in confusion over the question posed by Mr. Labrosse. Mr. Labrosse works for a living and does not live off others for a living, so he waited patiently for an answer.  Maybe he can find his own answers at the ballot box in 2011.

Proper leadership defines a moment and period of difficulty, it does not get dragged by the ear over it. In a crisis, leaders must rise to the challenge and not be over run by the challenge. So get that light for the Cascade Bridge Michel, even if you use the whole JJ Spirit team to turn the light bulb in the right direction. While you are at it, have your SOS YouTube the turning on ceremony.

Pere LaFortune Gives Us A Real Lesson 

How can a District meeting be heard, without hearing out the Parish Priest? A very difficult task indeed.

Pere Lafortune had perhaps the longest winded question possible, which lasted at least 5 minutes, over crime and the case to stop "Escobars", from ruining our Country. When Pere Lafortune was finished, Michel's Mont Blanc had twisted and turned in his hand until it was upside down, then he simply dropped the pen as if it never belonged in his hand, as if to give up on answering a question, which should have been answered, everyday of his administration.  Atheist trembling or simple fear of God?

As the SOS went red in the background and girlie giggled as she saw her professional boy-friend President crack, the answer made its way out, although as lame as a duck out of water.

According to Michel, he is still working on the hunt for Escobars. But it takes time, and he needs to find their assets and seize those items. It has been five (5) years Mr. President, I do not suppose that you need five (5) more, do you? The assets of the Escobars seem to multiply overnight and at the rate that Michel is taking to track them down, he will be dealing with Medusa's heads all over our islands!

The issue of crime and robberies was also raised by other members of the audience. Michel had nowhere to hide as he felt powerless in not being able to protect his citizens (as per his commitment to the Constitution when he took his oath as President). Cascade is the best case in point as it has no Police Station since the last existing one was put to the ground more than 10 years ago! Cascade is not the only district without a police station to protect its district's citizens.

His team will have to do a better job at filtering the questions for the other district meetings. Crime is of prime importance today as this wave is hitting all and sundry - ironically it is the 'pti Seselwa' that is the most affected as the big shots are being guarded by the best security apparatus in the land.

As we are advised by Police to chain our bananas, Michel has no real answers, because his government has done no real work on Escobars, thieves and criminals that very likely are in his own Government as hinted by the good Pere Lafortune.

Yes there are a few Irish and a few dogs at the airport and yes you have a K-9 Squad, but that should have taken 5 months to set up not five (5) years dear Michel.

As the Drugs trafficking takes hold of our society, Cascade has sounded a desperate alarm for help. What are you going to propose Mr. President? Perhaps you need to clean up your State House security (like you did at the Central Police station) who have been implicated in the dirty gang warfare similar to Mexico and Columbia, where bodies have been found tied to engine blocks and floating in the sea or boats mysteriously exploding in the Ste. Anne marine park. The drug problem is now a dirty game that is filling the coffers (or accumulating assets) of a few big fish either in high positions within government or individuals enjoying the protection from very high up. We are still seeing those mysterious cargos addressed to big shots in the army or your very own government, the same one you keep touting every night as “Mon Gouvernement”.

So far, Michel has caused to be fired more Superintendents of the Police then he has caught Escobars. You would think he is targeting the wrong people again, based on Irishmen rumours.  And in fact, not a SINGLE Escobar has been caught under his Presidency.

The lesson of the Cascade meeting is revealing. A promise made to be competent and the best, is a promise even SPPF will hold you to, Mr. President. When you told us we were going to double our GDP in ten (10) years,and we would become rich, many people in Cascade wanted to believe you.

Now you tell them we are BANKRUPT, under REFORM, and the World Financial Crisis has slowed down our "aspirations", and "mechanisms", so what do you propose for us over the next ten (5) years when you will seek for another term (if you still have the courage to face this kind of tune), "doubling of our daily burden”?  Do you remember Rene’s “Ser Sang” slogan?  Well, the belt no longer fits as the people are hungry.

It does not look like the People of Cascade are willing to accept that to please you and allow you to get back to your jet set lifestyle that can be handled by a Minister of Foreign Affairs. In fact, why have a Minister at all if you want to do his job?

Many more residents of Cascade had much more to say, that was all valuable and revealing. I guess these poor residents will have the chance to decide at the ballot box in 2011 whether your lies are worth listening to.

But unfortunately, the whole exercise is showing only one thing: the only thing "Transparent" in Seychelles today, is the see through- Presidency, aside from that, People of Seychelles see no hope in Michel and JJ Spirit!  Emperor without any clothes come to mind!

Many still clap hands so they do not lose their jobs, their chance for a flat or piece of state land, or a homecarer.  How sad and how low can one go!

I ask the Minister of Social Affairs, if Mr. Michel applies for a job or homecarer assistance, to please do give him one or both, because in this condition as presented to us in Cascade, even the SOS will not be able to help him much.  By the way, is it not time to retire all these old Presidents that have been hanging around for nearly 35 years now?

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Where Is The Forensic Audit?  By Christopher Gill

The Michel Administration has been big on talk about transparency in government but VERY SILENT on accountability. Thus far, we have only seen him bury issues in water drinking committees and we have yet to see any discrepancies highlighted or actions taken by his administration. According to Michel, all is on the up and up and all monies and resources are well accounted for under his Administration. Corruption does not exist in the Central Bank or his Government. It is found only in the Police Force, according to Michel Administration jargon. 

Well, as the birdie presidency continues to stick its head in the sands of Beau Vallon, we have a patriotic obligation to help him pull his head out of the dark sands of denial and help him breathe the air of our reality with us. If Michel fails to take appropriate action where corruption and funds have gone unaccounted for, and individuals have benefited improperly from ill gotten wealth, then we must campaign for his removal and his own accountability, to the People. We can also safely assume that he is also part of this grand scheme of fleecing our country for the best part of his five years at the helm. Failing that, we will join Michel in his drowning sorrows of incompetency, which places blame on everyone’s desk except his own – with the catastrophic risk of plunging this country into the abyss, buried under a mountain of debt which will burden our children’s children for decades to come.

Enter Price Waterhouse Cooper International Accounting Firm

To buy time and achieve some semblance of credibility at the Central Bank of Seychelles, the Michel Administration has engaged the services of Price Waterhouse Cooper (international accounting firm) to audit the books of the Central Bank after I wrote two articles on the matter in 2008: 1. ‘A Report on Corruption Allegations at the Central Bank ‘- Seychelles Weekly, October 31, 2008 and 2. ‘Seychelles Needs A Forensic Audit!’ -  Seychelles Weekly, December 12, 2008.

We are still waiting for the Michel Administration’s  action concerning these allegations which places  the state of finances of the Republic of Seychelles in an unfavorable (if not tainted) light,.

With all due respect to Price Waterhouse Cooper international accounting firm, for starters, we want the following allegations clarified to restore integrity to the Seychelles financial system managed by the Central Bank of Seychelles. By engaging in this exercise, Price Waterhouse Cooper takes on a noble task to shed some light on all these controversies and hopefully clarify all those dealings (murky or otherwise),  done in the name of the people of Seychelles. Let us all hope it does not take the path of the once Masters of the Universe, Lehman Brothers – and lose its credibility in the process!

Allegation One

Is it true that Francis Chang Leng, former Governor of Central Bank of Seychelles, used Sr.8 Million on personal related expenses in 2006-2007 for himself and his traveling staff?  If not, quantify all expenses Mr. Chang Leng made in 2006- 2007 and parts of 2008 for traveling, clothing, hotels, airline tickets, entertainment and correlate the expenditures with the related business.

 Allegation Two

Was Central Bank staff paid salaries that were disproportionate to corresponding EP levels in the Government of Seychelles?  In spite of the assumed independence of the Central Bank, is it acceptable for the Michel Administration to allow the abuse of salary structures for some sections of government, while causing to take leave 2,000 employees as part of its macro-economic program?

I call on Pierre Laporte to make public these salary structures and advise what reductions he has made if any while assuming the role of Governor of the Central Bank. If he has not made any reductions, I ask him to pronounce himself as to whether or not he believes the bloated salaries for some staff is justifiable at a time when he is implementing severe, painful measures that are adversely affecting the entire Nation. Just to keep things on the up and up, I ask Mr. Pierre Laporte to publish his own salary and perks received each year. While the Central Bank is independent, it is not free of the free blog press and the people have the right to question any elected or appointed officials that have been mandated to serve our Nation.

Allegation Three  

It has been alleged that as Mr. Francis Chang Leng’s days drew to a close, he was rapidly renovating the Central Bank of Seychelles building. As our economy was collapsing, the Central Bank underwent a renovation allegedly worth Sr.16 Million - Sr. 20 Million. 

I call on the international auditors of Price Waterhouse Cooper, to make public the expenditure and payments for this lavish renovation that is allegedly 15 million Seychelles Rupees over and above the actual cost of the building. There was no local tender for the project either – most of the expenses paid to a company in Singapore in precious foreign exchange.

 Allegation Four

As silence has prevailed by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank, it is now time to shed some light on them. 

Mr. Francis Chang Sam has been a Director of Central Bank by appointment as Attorney General. After his resignation as Attorney General, he maintained his directorship and assumed the role of legal counsel to the Central Bank. Mr. Chang Sam is also the personal counsel to Francis Chang Leng and a close friend. 

I ask that Price Waterhouse Cooper disclose all the legal fees paid to Francis Chang Sam for all the transactions involving Lehman Brothers bonds, most recently, the $230 million bond issue and the dubious Euro 54.75 million private bond issue. Include the payments which were made to offshore accounts and not in Seychelles, if any. Balance these payments with what is legally acceptable to charge as fees in Seychelles. Please bear in mind that at the time, it was illegal for a Seychellois to transact in foreign exchange, unless approved by the Central Bank. Finally, recall well, that Mr. Chang Leng was already a Director of the Central Bank, hence retained to give advice already. Additional sums if received would not be in order and will demonstrate a high degree of lack of professionalism, ethics and integrity.

Allegation Five

It is alleged that the former Governor of the Central Bank is still drawing a monthly Sr.32, 000.00 pension which is not in his contract or provided for under the Central Bank Act of 2004. Is this part of the golden parachute deal he cut with President James Michel?

We ask the JJ Spirit team to clarify with Price Waterhouse Cooper, whether or not, it is appropriate for an ex-Governor of the Central Bank to receive an ongoing retirement pension of Sr. 32,000.00 per month, when it was not in his contract of employment in the first place, especially in these difficult economic times when ordinary workers are being laid off?

Allegation Six

It is alleged that Mr. Chang Leng received a termination package of Sr.1.3 Million. This package is not provided for under the Central Bank Act 2004 nor is it part of his contract. If this is true, can Price Waterhouse Cooper recommend that this money be returned to the People of Seychelles? 

It is further alleged that this package was never passed by Central Bank Board resolution. If true the Board of the Central Bank is a melting pot that cooks chicken, beef, pork , fish curry and other nasty things at the same time and ought to be disbanded immediately to restore credibility to the Bank. 

Allegation Seven

I ask Price Waterhouse Cooper to determine through forensic audit, how much money was really disbursed in the Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank loans. What commission money was paid and how were funds expended. Which accounts did that money go to in its totality? How much did Mr. Chang Sam and Mr. Chang Leng receive if any, directly or indirectly? Please set the record straight.

Allegation Eight

I ask Price Water House and Cooper to also investigate the Citi Bank facility transactions and the ABN AMRO loan deals for the same details and make them public. Were Directors upholding their Duty of Care or were they careless? 

Were any monies deposited in Liechtenstein offshore companies and accounts belonging to Mr. Chang Leng and cohorts to defraud the People of Seychelles?

There are more points to highlight concerning other Directors, if they do not press for accountability upon Mr. Pierre Laporte, to cause Price Water House Cooper to get to the bottom of this alleged gross abuse of public funds. I will refrain from chopping the bamboo gardens at one go. Now muster your courage Directors, before your fate becomes a bamboo fish trap similar to the resignation of your master ex- Governor Francis Chang Leng.

I call on the Leader of The Opposition to insist on the creation of an independent Committee that will review and make recommendations for prosecution if necessary, resulting from the audit of the Central Bank of Seychelles accounts by Price Waterhouse and Cooper. It is the very least that we can do in the spirit of openness and accountability. It is our duty to curtail the abuse and bring to justice those who keep using their position of high office to fleece our country of its meager financial resources for their own personal benefits.

Corruption is the root of all evil and the cancer that is eating at the core of our society. The Michel Administration now needs to engage its muscles into action to rid our country of this scourge once and for all. We are still waiting on the famous ‘Judge me by my actions’ President who promised a new departure of a clean government. If he is unable to clean up the past acts of the Central Bank and its shady ex-Governor then it is beyond reasonable doubt that he is the main conductor of this cacophonic orchestra that is all out to fool its people in order to maintain its power at all costs, while the pillaging continues unabated – with the man at the helm conveniently turning a blind eye...  

 If this does not get birdie to pull his head out of the sand, then do not say that I did not tell you so. The storm is already upon us. The ostrich syndrome will sink us even further into this black hole.

My intermediary advice to Mr. President is this. Start getting used to not having coffee in the morning with Mr. Chang Leng to scheme on how to keep these best kept secrets under wraps. Remember, where it concerns the People's money, there is no compromise SPPF. The truth will come back to haunt you.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!




Friday, April 17, 2009

Seychelles State House Comedy - Playing at a theatre in Victoria

State House Anytime Now

New SOS on the block – Save Our Seychelles; and not to be confused with "Gros Sosis"

With Orderly out of the picture, it is time for the new generation from the rainbow stock to glow in this modern age of a battered and bruised State House. Integrity is at its lowest ebb and there is a strong movement for a more credible alternative to lead this country out of its morass. To counter this, JenPa senses that he has a chance of a lifetime to cling to Michel and force some sort of a youth revolution ‘A la Française’. The stage is set for his career defining interview and he briefs Mr. President on this latest media masterstroke...

JenPa: Konnichiwa Mr. President! I was up all night to prepare for this interview with SBC. I am indebted to you for this meteoric rise in the ranks at our beloved State House. I will serve you with diligence and will be at your every beck and call. As you know, I have a huge following in the youth ranks and we will create a new revolutionary movement.

Mr. President: Kanpai JP. Albert had his ‘Solda Rene’ and I need to get this new Jj Spirit movement up and running as my popularity is fading fast. We have desperately tried to paint a rosy picture for my five years in office but the odds are against us. I hope that you have some new tricks up your sleeve.

JenPa: Goshinpai-naku Sir. From now on we will create our own PR machine out of State House. We have started with the newsletter and we will make it a point to use the gardens as the backdrop for our interviews. I will be conducting mine and will be doing my self- introduction. I will put forward your noble cause of giving the youth a chance. I will show that despite my tender age, I have been exposed to lots of stuff. My formative years in the diplomatic corps will ring well with the intellectuals and the fact that I was discovered by Orderly will prove that there is continuity and we are cut from the same fabric.

Mr. President: I have not much of a choice my man! I did raid the Ministry of Foreign affairs when I took over five years ago but all the grey matter that I could count on has now taken flight. I am only left with yourself and Appoo. The Japanese promised that they would help out with a few robots here and there but they needed to fine tune the existing prototypes so that they can operate in a humid and tropical environment. I hear the new Honda humanoid model is called “Asimo” and quite brilliant.

JenPa: Aso! These Japanese are quite funny Sir. I was totally lost in translation on that trip. With all the seafood, butter fish, sushi, sashimi, beer and Sake in the system it was difficult to concentrate and focus on matters at hand.

Mr. President: We have to find another reason to visit this place again. I am quite fascinated by their complex culture and I find this Geisha tradition appealing. We need to start off a Geisha school locally so that we can add more sophistication to this new wave of prostitution that is hitting our shores.

JenPa: Very well Sir! I will send a note to the ministry concerned to look into this. It seems that the Japanese have promised a lot to us. I do not understand why they say ‘Aso’ to everything we ask and then tell us that we can do a study project.

Mr. President: Well you need to understand them my friend. They have perfected the art of projects and studies. Every idea has to undergo a project stage which then has to be studied and reviewed - a bit similar to the various committees that we create here to review all aspects that need urgent attention. The committees meet to review and discuss projects on a regular basis and this gives the impression that we are attending to matters at hand. Great way to confuse people when you don’t know what you are doing…

JenPa: Aso! We can surely learn a lot from these guys. Their savoir faire in the field of technology is unmatched. The respect they bestow on their elders and persons in authority is exemplary. We should start implementing a bowing ritual here at State House so that the visitors who call on us will treat you with the respect you deserve Sir.  Just like Obama bowing to the Saudi King a couple of weeks ago!

Mr. President: Kanpai JP! Too many people are taking me for a lightweight. I know that I do not master all those complex issues relative to the running of a country. But I was put in this chair to ensure that Albert Rene’s legacy lives on. We need to protect the revolution at all cost as long as the old man is alive. He is heading the Comrade Castro route and I know that all hell will break loose when his cigar extinguishes.  He was so close two weeks ago!

JenPa: I am sure that you do not want to be around when this happens, although a true State funeral might be good for your image. But you need to be discovering new avenues by then and leave it to the Jj Spirit Foundation to continue the reform. As you know there are several factions within the party but we are rising above all this with our movement. We are liberating the young generation to get them to think positive and forget about the hardships and tough economic times that we are under. I am the embodiment of these aspiring youths. Despite the little experience at least I have the ‘bonne volonte’ and courage that I mustered during my days at competitive swimming.

Mr. President: Kanpai JP! Experience is not the best virtue in this day and age. Albert chose me for my unwavering loyalty and not for the experience. This is where I am disgusted with some of those upstarts who think they know everything. They imagine life is like a bunch of roses which they can give out to every girlfriend that pulls a nerve inside their body. One cannot rule this country with the heart. This is something that I learned very well from Albert…  

JenPa: Indeed Sir. But we should not forget that we need to raise your profile which is currently quite dented. We need to exert all the influence we can in all circles. We need to be compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, considerate, kindhearted, sensitive and bring back this caring thing…

Mr. President: Aso JP! There is a lot of apathy in this country and some of my team members are pathetic. We have to turn things around. Your idea of doing interviews on a regular basis will surely turn things around. The more I can be visible on the small screen; in all our papers etc… the better it is for me to reshape this profile. Do you think I am due for a facial makeover? I need to keep my appeal with this new generation that you are getting me to court as our base for the next elections… I need to be forever young like good old Mancham.

JenPa: Goshinpai-naku Sir. Will get all this organized and soon we will have our team of Geishas coming in courtesy of Mr. Aso.

Mr. President: Don’t forget to send over the refrigerated box of blue fin tuna loin, bigorno, birgo and banbara we promised him.  And tell big old Randolph at SFA that we need to offer a few more licenses to the Japanese long-liners.  Tell him to take a few away from the Taiwanese boats as we prefer a unitied China.

JenPa: Goshinpai-naku Mr. President. I have already dispatched the driver to take care of this and booked the cargo space on Emirates. I will now attend to my first press conference as the new SOS of this new generation of leadership. Sayounara…

Mr. President wishes JenPa the very best as he strolls into the gardens exuding an air of cockiness. He feels right at home in the driving seat of State House, his brain in overdrive as he turns the page on five years of bedlam to usher in a new era of controlled chaos... peppered with a fairy twist!