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Norisco Disposed its interest in North Island Seychelles April 2010
Wilderness Holdings Ltd has been fronted by the Government of Seychelles as the proper owner of North Island since it took possession of the Island and vouched to build a premier world class island eco resort on the island.

However, in an abridged Circular to Wilderness Shareholders relating to the disposal of North Island, which took place in the 2nd quarter of fiscal year 2010, Norisco  Holdings of S.A. reveals it had substantial shareholdings in North Island, Seychelles. Norsico also goes to great steps to reveal the nature of the transaction, which the Government of Seychelles has been silent on till now. No publication of the offer was made to a Seychellois.
One begs to ask who are the real shareholders behind Norisco, holding North Island for years unbeknownst to Seychellois. It remind me  a little like referring to IDC as a parastatal, when it is an LTD company.
Wilderness Had Limited Shares In Norisco that held North Island
The circular states clearly to shareholders, that: ”Norisco has disposed of shares of its wholly owned subsidiary North Island  Company. Wilderness held only 20% shares of Norisco. Government of Seychelles, never divulged this little detail to the Public.
Who Is Wilderness?
Wilderness is an investment holding vehicle…has been in operation for 26 years…and has developed a brand offering classic safaris. Wilderness has a policy of “building sustainable conservation economies through responsible tourism and shares the benefits of tourism with local communities and ensures conservation of these areas for future generations (end of quote).
The circular also reveals that Norisco is an investment  company incorporated in Luxembourg and North Island, Seychelles  is its sole investment. Without explanation, Norisco, who ever that is, not Wilderness, decided to dispose of North Island. Numerous heavy hitters in key positions of government in Seychelles, enjoy incorporating companies in Luxembourg as a pass time.

Groval Buys Out Norisco
On April 29th, 2010, an agreement for the sale of 100% of share capital of North Island Company and the assignment of the shareholder loans, was entered into between Groval and Norisco.

How Much For North Island, Seychelles
The total amount paid by Groval, to Norisco for the entire share capital of North Island Company was $US 47.5 Million. $ 6 Million was held in escrow for release on May 31,2011 to secure all of Vendors warranties.

Immovable Property Restriction Act
Under the laws of Seychelles, any transaction be it transfer of shares or interest in immovable property, by non Seychellois, must obtain Sanctions to successfully complete the transaction. Additionally Stamp Duty would have to be paid for the transfer. It is unclear at this time if either has taken place.
When Sanctions are not obtained, the transaction is deemed void.

Who Owned Norisco and Grovel
It remains unclear at this time, who owns Norisco or Grovel, the purported new owner of North Island, Seychelles.
Additionally which Seychellois if any, were involved in the transaction.
North Island Company is incorporated in the Seychelles, and entire share capital is held by Norisco. Now, why would they do that, if Wilderness was
Running North Island all these years?
More to come !

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SPPF Gave Islands for One Rupee to IDC 
On December 20th, 1994, Francis Chang Sam, drafted a lease for 99 years between the Government of Seychelles and the ISLAND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED (IDC). 
The Managing Director of IDC at the time was Mr. Glenny Savy and he signed the lease on behalf of IDC.  Joseph Nourice now Ambassador, signed on behalf of the Government of Seychelles. Chang Sam who is quiet, but is becoming known to do a lot of these cozy deals for the powerful prepared the lease documents and acted as a Notary. 
Chang Sam was also a Board member of the Central Bank of Seychelles, long after he departed as Attorney General, and was paid to handle the Lehman Brothers Bond transactions on behalf of the Government of Seychelles. The Bond transactions of course, led to our national bankruptcy as a country in 2008 when Government of Seychelles, defaulted on the Bonds and could not make a $3 Million installment payment. 
Lease Term 99 Years at One Go 
The lease consideration for a 99 year lease was Rs. 1.00. No other payment was made. 
The Lease included all buildings and all existing infrastructure on the following islands, many of which Mr. Savy has gone on to sign off sales and subdivisions and made numerous transactions. 
All along, we were given the impression that these islands are being cared for by IDC, for the people of Seychelles.   
Are they being cared for or are they being milked? 
Name Those Islands for Rs. 1.00 
The islands that went for One Seychelles Rupee in One transaction for 99 years, to one company managed by one man, is as follows according to the transcription Volume TB 8 No. 214 , Registration Vol. B 33 No. 1219 , dated 20th January 1995 are: 1. Silhouette, 2. Ile Platte, 3. Desroches (of the Amirantes Group), 4. Remire (of the Amirantes Group), 5.Marie Louise ( of Amirantes Group), 6. Desnoeufs (of the Amirantes Group), 7. Poivre Atoll, 8. Alphonse and St. Francois Atolls, 9. Providence Atoll, 10. Farquar Group of Islands 11. Cosmoledo Atoll. 
Stamp Duty “Free” 
To add insult to injury, no valuation of assets on the islands were made. No valuation of the islands themselves made. Finally, no stamp duty was paid. Under the Stamp Duty Ordinance, section 6 and 20 Revenue Stamp it reads: “FREE”. 
D’Arros Island Group 
In the matter of the Bettencourt properties of the D’Arros Island Group bought from the Palavi Family of Iran, her lawyers had estimated and valued that island group to be worth Euro 1 Billion, and formed a significant portion of her real estate holdings in terms of value. 
Given that D’Arros is worth almost Euro 1 Billion, what value could we place on the islands given for 99 years for Rs. 1.00 to IDC, a company that Mr. Savy will likely now try to control for life, for obvious reasons. 
Restriction of Assignment
One interesting article of the lease is the restriction of assignment of any interest on these islands without the written permission of the Republic. 
Has the Government of Seychelles approved of all the land sales on Desroches Island and the other islands? Is this the Government of Seychelles policy, to sell interests in the Outer Islands and promise year in and year out to build little self catering huts for local Tourism? 
Complaining about Glenny Savy Acting like a President on Outer Islands 
Those who complain that Glenny Savy acts like the President of the Outer Islands can now stop crying. The deed of Transaction that Albert Rene ordered, before he left, soon after multi party was announced, allows Mr. Savy to do what he wants to the Outer Islands. You will likely have to bring him a tin can of bully beef each time you visit if he so commands you. The Outer Islands and Silhouette have been divested from the People of Seychelles, for 99 years, thank you SPPF. 
Now we know why IDC offices are referred to as STATE HOUSE at Newport. 

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eyewitness News

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

We Want True Democratic Elections Not Sham Elections in Seychelles

Happy New Year all Freedom Loving Seychellois!
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Freedom Loving Seychellois, a Happy New Year! We are all born free and no one gives us Freedom. Freedom is our birth right. Seychelles is our Motherland, she belongs to us, as we belong to her, let not one man  take our Motherland away from us: Happy New Year!
We Want True Democracy Not Sham Elections
Seychellois want true democracy to reign in Seychelles. We do not want any part of tyranny, communism or sham elections to prop up failed regimes. We want the Right to life, the Right to Liberty, and the Right to the persue  Happiness to be guaranteed to all Seselwa Rasin in their Motherland, no matter where they live in the World.
We will not accept any excuses why we cannot enjoy our Freedom as God intended we do.
We will not accept excuses over why we cannot enjoy the Right to life, and meet our Maker, when he decides, as opposed to when a Communist thug decides.  
We will not entertain explanations of why we are not entitled to be happy in our Motherland, while we are overrun by foreigners willing to pay bribes to enjoy paradise and launder wealth.
In 2011 I say this to PL Communists and their cohorts: Seychelles belongs to Seselwa Rasin, not to any one else. This is a constant in the political equation of Seychelles that will never, change.
Communists and Collaborators that attempt to keep Communists in power, before warned: it is the wish of the Seselwa Rasin people, that Democracy reign in Seychelles, and sham elections be done away with once and for all. All voices must be heard, not just some voices that sound off according to instruction.
Electoral Commissioner Setting Up Sham Elections
It is becoming highly evident to me personally that the Electoral Commissioner Hendrik Gappy, who doubles as the Registrar of Political Parties in Seychelles, is setting up the Elections of 2011 to be a SHAM ELECTION to keep a failed regime in power, led by James Michel.
Everyday, Mr. Gappy, who has been appointed by the PL Presidential candidate on a short leash Two (2) year term of office, uses the SBC to brainwash the Public into believing that his election process is “free -fair and credible”. It is not of course.
Early in the process of elections for 2011 there is a strong case to demonstrate that the elections of 2011 will be sham elections.
MSR Denied Certification To Participate
On December 17th, 2010 Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) was denied certification to participate as a bona fide political party in the process, by Hendrik Gappy. Mr. Gappy blocked certification of MSR because MSR poses a real threat to the ruling PL Communist parties hold on power. Because MSR members and supporters come not only from the Opposition, but from the PL as well, PL did not want MSR taking votes from it in the upcoming elections.
A little here and there would be enough to defeat James Michel, the only President in our history to lead us into bankruptcy.
Briefly, Mr. Gappy claims the party platform of MSR is discriminatory, but our lawyers say differently. They are right of course and Mr. Gappy is wrong as usual. A party platform cannot discriminate against anyone, since it has not been put to practice, under color of law or government action. It is only a proposed program for reform and change of status quo until validated by the support of the People.
Furthermore, after over Ten (10) years of being a Registrar of Political Parties, Mr. Gappy has no rules or regulations in place for party certification. This means he cannot legally deny certification any political party. Without rules and regulations in place the Registrar of Political Parties is a little like a crab- without claws.  
Any hobo lawyer will tell you that enabling legislation creating an agency is not sufficient for the functioning of the agency. You need rules and regulations in place to function as an agency. It is illegal to function on as AD HOC basis, especially when you are dealing with the election process. Mr. Gappy has admitted to functioning on an Ad Hoc basis on SBC only this week. Hence he knowingly has broken the law in the past in the course of administrating elections.
In reality, Mr. Gappy’s disclosure on SBC reveals that all our past elections were illegal. Now he wants the next election to be “credible”.
A dereliction of civil servant duty if ever there was such a case. Yet the man was just handed a Two (2) year contract again. Why?
No Equal Protection For MSR Supporters No Human Rights
As MSR is denied certification, Mr. Gappy has curtailed the rights of MSR members and supporters who have their names on the Voter Register. This being the case, the Voter Register cannot be credible, since those MSR members and supporters will not be able to vote for their presidential candidate Christopher Gill. Any Voter Register that victimizes a voter based on his or beliefs, cannot be remotely credible.
To restore credibility to the Voter Register in this instance, the Voters that support MSR must be given the right to cast a vote for MSR candidate. Alternatively, Mr. Gappy must resign from the office of the Electoral Commissioner before the next elections, to restore credibility to the process after MSR is certified.
Verification Process of Names on Register Badly flawed
The process Mr. Gappy uses to verify names on the Voter Register is badly flawed. This makes the Voter Registry not credible. The flaw is in the process which is highly controlled, to contain discovery of the fraud within the Voters Registry. Read below.
Mr. Gappy opens the Voter Registry once every year, for Two (2) weeks, in January of each year. He allows you to go to your District to check for YOUR name. His highly flawed process does not permit you to go to his office and reveal fraudulent names on the registry be they patent or latent in nature. This being the case, no one inspects the fraudulent Fabrikes on the Voters List.
We in MSR believe there are as many as 5,000 Fabrikes on the Voter register that are not bona fide Seychellois. They have obtained citizenship under GOP and applied for Citizenship, they have obtained Citizenship through buying passports, which we know has been common practice in Seychelles for many, many years. 
Credibility of the Voters List could easily be certified if the list was made available on the internet. No secret in having the right to vote. But Gappy uses an elaborate process to check ones name and district.
Mr. Gappy knows that MSR will address these issues, and the balance of power and political control in Seychelles, hinges on this key point. Hence his attempts to ridicule our serious efforts to form part of the political process in Seychelles.
Sudden Departure of the Chief Electoral Officer and Dubious Replacement
A final point that renders the Voter Register flawed and not verifiable as being accurate of the bona fide voters in Seychelles, is that the Chief Electoral Officer for over Ten (10) years Mr. Anacle Tirant, has just suddenly resigned or retired, without Notice to the Public. Mr. Tirant has been caretaker of the Electoral Register for many, many years, and he just packed up and left on the eve of a Presidential Election.
Miss Jenny Adrienne has been named as the replacement of Mr. Anacle Tirant, and her qualifications and trustworthiness have not been solidly established with the Public at Large. In fact, her career record leads one to believe she is bent politically towards the PL Communist Party and not a neutral person.
Here are the reasons of this assertion: 1. she retired from Revenue Commission and Customs after a long career, 2. went to the Central Bank, left quickly; 3. went to the Supreme Court, as Master of the Courts and left abruptly, without Notice to the Public as to why she left.
Now, if someone has bounced about that much in Government in this short time span as Miss Adrienne, one can only ask why has she been handled with kid gloves all along the way only to be given the post of Chief Electoral Officer on the eve of elections?
I leave this to Miss Adrienne to clarify to the Public as she is so obligated to do. If she does not clarify this adequately, MSR will call for her resignation as well, as we call for Mr. Gappy’s , for breach of public confidence, in knowingly violating material provisions of the Seychelles Constitution in the discharge of official duties.
For her part Miss Adrienne has told us that she is capable and can do the job as Electoral Commissioner. Mr. Gappy backs her up and says that they can make the Voter Register credible in the Two (2) weeks Miss Adrienne will be working on the list in January 2011. I suspect she said she was capable when applying for Master of the Court post and the post at the Central Bank of Seychelles, which she quickly departed from.
Against this back drop is numerous years of poor voter turn out to verify their names on the Voters List every January of each New Year. 8%, 12% 16%, etc.
If Voter turn out is poor over the next Two (2) weeks, then the Voters List has not been sufficiently verified by those entitled to vote, to push forward with elections using the list. It renders the list not sufficiently credible. All parties in opposition to PL must stand united and Boycott the use of a not credible Voters Registration List.
When Mr. Gappy moves forward with a flawed Voters List, as we expect he will, he will be implementing a flawed election process upon the will of the people. The world usually calls such process a  SHAM ELECTIONS.
Sham Elections should be BOYCOTTED by the People, to take the Government of the day down the hard way. We will have to reclaim our Freedom.
Mr. Gappy knows that, that is why he spends each night on SBC to brain wash our People over his already, dubious process.
His efforts remind me of the Jonestown, Guyana massacre where Jim Jones in Guyana, the guy who mixed a KOOL AID ( Orange Squash) for his church of 1000 people and made them drink it. But Jones  did not tell them the mix had a little Cyanide in it. Hundreds died, listening to Pastor Jim Jones, “a man of God”.
Bona Fide Seychellois Overseas Still Not Permitted on Voters
While Mr. Gappy and Mr Tirant have been registering patently or latently fake citizens or Fabrikes on the Voter Registration List for years, they have been denying bona fide Seychellois that reside overseas the right to be placed on the list and the right to vote in upcoming elections.
The residency requirement for Voter Registration was done in 1993, because of the high cost at the time to register voters residing over seas. Today, with internet technology, it is easy to register a Bona Fide Seychellois who resides overseas to vote. No effort has been made by PL , Gappy or the Attorney General to do that in order to enfranchise these bonafide Seychellois.
Overseas voters have even formed groupings on Facebook to have their voice heard. If these people cannot be placed on the Voters Register List, then that list is flawed to the extent that these names, cannot vote. There numbers are substantial and can turn an election.
You can scam, you can try to Sham, you can have lunch every day, using the People’s money, but we will expose you, until we get true Democracy in Seychelles!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Addendum to Transcript of H. Gappy Refusal to accept 4th Submittal of MSR
The transcript of Hendrik Gappy refusing to accept a 4th Submittal of MSR of its manifesto is highly indicative of his bias, arbitrary and capricous intent to deny MSR certification.
Mr. Gappy attempts to lure MSR member Isaac with the way forward as being a case before the Constitutional Court to seek redress because Mr. Gappy  knows the process before the courts will be long and drawn out with appeals, that will go beyond Nomination Day for the 2011 Presidential Elections. Final court decisions will be made long after elections have passed.
It is for this reason, why MSR has submitted numerous amended manifestos to attempt to satisfy Mr. Gappy, as much as we can over the last Eight (8) months.
But because Mr. Gappy is making maliciously driven decisions in regards to MSR, there is nothing we can do satisfy Mr. Gappy.
It has been in exhausting all possibilities before us, that we have exposed Mr. Gappy's bias, his arbitrary conduct of public affairs, which render him not qualified to be the Electoral Commissioner to officiate fairly over any  election in Seychelles. Our experience demonstrates, Mr. Gappy is not capable of fairness. The recording, says it all when taken in the context of the realities MSR has faced. 
Mr. Gappy says we must go to court after each decision he makes. This is false, as he accepted Three (3) submittals and two amended submittals from MSR. The 4th submittal, was a Party Platform I gave Philippe Boulle to file, which he later amended slightly by simplifying it and eliminating the section on a poltical party. Mr. Gappy accepted that document, and Mr. Boulle is a Presidential candidate now.
The final exposure of Mr. Gappy's discriminatory conduct and effort to obstruct the process of certifying MSR is evidenced by the simple fact that as a Public Servant, he refused to even accept the document addressed to his office, and he refused to even give the MSR agent a written receipt for the documents intended for his office.
Can you imagine handing in documents to a government office, and they refuse to take them, refuse to give a receipt of acknowledgment of receipt of documents? The whole country would come to a standstill. This is what Mr. Gappy has done to the democratic culture in Seychelles, within the context of the election process which he officiates over. MSR has just been a tool to expose this flaw in our system.
The laughing over a serious matter by Mr. Gappy, in my opinion exposes Mr. Gappy's hidden agenda to block MSR from running in the Presidential elections to protect James Michel, the only President, to ever Bankrupt Seychelles. PL know that MSR's support bas eis from the opposition camp and their own party, as SPPF defectors have joined the MSR and  Michel cannot afford to have to face a third flank in the upcoming election. 
MSR has filed a Constitutional Court case as a last resort. But in the  meantime , the Commissioner of Elections has disenfranchised thousands of voters, from having the right to freely associate, and choose their representatives freely, a prerequisite to any democratic system. What Mr. Gappy is doing to MSR is not any different then what Apartheid South Africa did to ANC; it is not different then what the JUNTA in Burma has done to Aun Sun Su Kyi.
Tyranny has many faces, but always the same intent: keeping power at all cost.