Monday, May 24, 2010

Number Cruncher

These are the salaries as voted by the National Assembly after the austerity measures were announced in the wake of the IMF economic reforms in 2008.
The compounded effect (taking into account the annual gratuity and the end of term payout) on the tax payers are as follows:
  • Sr. 71,500.00 per month for the President (James Michel)
  • Sr. 61,500.00 per month for the Vice President (Joe Belmont)
  • Sr. 50,750.00 per month for the Designated Minister (Danny Faure)
  • Sr. 59,050.00 per month for Ministers
  • Sr. 59,500.00 per month for the Speaker (Patrick Herminie)
  • Sr. 49,000.00 per month for the LGB (Marie-Louise Potter)
  • Sr. 49,000.00 per month for the Leader of the opposition (Wavel Ramkalawan)
  • Sr. 24,500.00 per month for the Deputy Speaker (Wilby Lucas)
  • Sr. 23,750.00 per month for the Members of the National Assembly
  • Sr. 32,200.00 per month for the Electoral Commissioner
Even more mind boggling:
As soon as they retire from the National Assembly irrelevant of age the MNAs will collect a pension of at least 75% of their last salary provided they had completed five years in the Assembly. In the case of MNAs who have served 3 terms (several Lepep & a few SNP) that's a cool Sr. 9,750 as monthly pension plus a gratuity bonus of Sr. 585,000. In the case of the leader of the opposition (Wavel Ramkalawan) this is a whopping Sr. 21,000 monthly plus a cool gratuity bonus of Sr. 1,260,000. If he lives for another 20 years then he is expected to hit the jackpot of over Sr. 10 million. Imagine what Patrick Herminie, who has served already 3 terms as MNA and two terms as speaker is pocketing?
The cabinet of ministers, president, vice and designate are all set for the cushiest lifestyle under the Seychelles sun. Who wants to be a millionaire??


Anonymous said...

This is unacceptable.The country is bankrupted ,PP is asking the victims of their failed policies"the people"to constribute more while they enjoy their big cat salaries and live in luxury.

This is one of those many reasons why PP must be deposed by all means.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan will likely live another 40 years. and cost the people of Seychelles SCR 10 Million if he resigns today.

Marie Lise Potter, related to Harry Potter, will cost the people of Seychelles, in addition all salaries today, another SCR 10 Million if she resigns, and retires.

This is a conspiracy between SPPF and SNP to milk the People of Seychelles dry, while the People go through the worse economic crisis since WWII.

Now you know why SNP has been sleeping for 5 years.

Resign SPPF, resign SNP, you are the children of Zomn LIB all of you.

Your hearts are made of steel when it comes to the people. But your pockets are greased with WD40, when it comes to your salaries.

Long Live MSR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill, How much are you and your Tonton Mancham getting. I have not see either of you renounce it. You should lead by example and refuse it if you want to become a leader of tomorrow. Not point fingers at others while still claiming your bit

Anonymous said...

To the previous Anonymous, Mr Gill has already made his ccomment on what you are asking him to do. PLease read the previous bloggs and know your facts.

As for my own comment on this, I would prefer that MNA's are paid based on performance on a pre-set agreed key performance indicators before they enter their term. When that is assessed can be determined.

My suggestion may not work in the real world, but at least I am looking for a solution to this joke of a salary, when the rest of our population is suffering.

Sorry, but MNA's need to work with results, for my hard earned money and not drink water in the assembly for a year.

As for the govt, they will be judged.


Anonymous said...

Sorry B but as much as I read the previous blogs I do not see him answer my question. He says he uses it to pay phone bills for msr work. That makes it worse. The fact that msr are using taxpayers money for part of their operation goes against all that they preach. He accuses wavel of fat salaries and gratuities and says he will reject his if wavel does the same makes him no better. Good leaders are those that give good examples. That he is not doing. By the way has he ever told the people why he had property seized by the court and sold by public auction. He may fool some of you but some of us know him better than the positive image he tries to portray. There are more worms in the can

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is ,he is getting nothing thus there is no comment to be made and nothing to renounce to.
They real question of concern to Seychellois is not how much Mr Mancham receive or not ,but rather where is our u$2,5 billion missing in our coffer? It has been w almost a year now and we have still not get an answer from PP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear jeanne d'arc

I suggest you remove those dark glasses msr have put over your eyes and read previou star blogs. Christopher publicly admitted to Jean Pierre servina and David Johnstone that he does receive a scr 3000 per month pension for his 5 years spent as a dp then sppf MNA. You are claiming he gets nothing. Is he hiding something from you. Also as you seem to know him well ask him my previous question on why he had personal items confiscated by the Seychelles courts and auctioned. The people await an answer.

Anonymous said...

Before you jump to conclusions the people on my previous post referred to the people of Seychelles and not the rag published by the PP.

Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

I have asked someone in the know that spends a lot of time in Seychelles this question: "We know why the Chicken crossed the road because the Chicken can..can you please tell me "Why did Chris Gill crossed the floor?."

His simple reply to me was. "Chris Gill crossed the floor so that he could get his hands on the land at Anse Takamaka Praslin on the cheap."

Can Chris Gill tell us exactly how many acres did he acquire at Anse Takamaka and how much did he pay for it?. TIKLO thanks you in advance.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Christopher has said that your pal Rene the Butcher was intending on killing Christopher and blaming Mancham. Just like it appears he did killing Gerard and blamed mercenaries.

So after fighting the SPPF Betrayers tooth and nail for five years on behalf of his Bel Ombre constituency, on the last day, he crossed the floor to stop your pal the Butcher's plans to murder him, like he has so many others. It worked brilliantly and he lived to fight another day, and he is taking on the PP Collaborators once more as he has been for the last few years on this blog.

So now you are trying desperate efforts to smear Christopher because you have nothing else. You say he obtained the land in Praslin for crossing the floor. Well unfortunately for you that land was purchased by me before Christopher was elected. We now own it together. All the records are at the land office. Go look them up. Your pal the Butcher can make a phone call.

TIKLO we Gill Brothers do not rip off Rasin land for SCR 1 as your friend Rene the Butcher's kid did when he was "sold" St. Ann for SCR1. We do not sell Rasin land for SCR 1 and get paid USD 50M and steal the money as is alleged with money paid by Khalifa and allegedly stolen by the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator and laundered in foreign banks.

Sorry TIKLO try again.

Anonymous said...

I guess the reason behind the confiscation or better say robbery is simple .PP is in need for some extra money to sponsor its election campaign after having completely emptied our coffers.

So every cent count and when it is not enough, then PP uses what it knows best namely rob others saving.

NB:MSR are immune from such lampooning and trivia.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Everytime we mention the SNP entering into legislative conspiracy with SPPF to vote themselves a huge pension 70% of salary and then a 38% pay packeage increase, they blow a fuse, loose their bearings and blame me for it.

If you do not work for the people and work for yourselves, then so be it.

Are you going to blame me because Ramkalawan is now a millionare preist as all other ministers are now millionaires?

Hats off to you all, if you earned it. But if you are riding the peoples back, you need to go face the real world and get a real job if you can keep one.

I think we should publish the salaries and related articles, everytime SNP attacks the author.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

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