Friday, April 2, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Being Sold By President Michel
Seychelles is entering a chaotic period of desperation, confusion and despair as Michel Administration grapples with collapse mode.
The PP led by Mr. James Michel, aka “Mr. Winner” in their circles of yes men and women, is now “Losing For Every Seychellois”. His answer to crisis is to sell Seychelles one plot at a time for as little as One Rupee at a time. 

Locally, Michel cannot make heads or tails with the situation Seychelles faces. He has delayed repayment of our debts at 8% interest from 6-10 years, but our children will have to repay all of it when he (Michel is gone). This is a travesty. Our children will not have a fighting chance to survive the future, with such a huge load of debt on their shoulders.
People of Seychelles, open your eyes; Rene and Michel’s failures are being transferred to our children. Wake up from your slumber, get involved, have courage to stand up and do what is right for your children.  
Stock Sugar To Reduce The Pain
Stagnation in Fishing Industry, reduction in revenue in the Tourism Sector is rife, the only growth industry is political power, as PP stoops so low as to buying stocks of sugar to supply baka hubs throughout the country, to make Seychellois forget the misery and reduce the pain they live each day PP is in power. However, the next day, after a dosage of baka, the problems aggravate for us all.
Confirmed Long Haul Downturn

On the world financial stage, the numbers are in. The experts have taken a look at what type of World financial crisis we are dealing with. It does not look good. The crisis is not a country by country crisis and it is not regional. It is global. Even China with 8% GDP has 15% unemployment. It will take a decade to get back to the prosperity of 2008, perhaps.
The People of Seychelles must be prepared for a long haul. We must be prepared for the reality of a downturn that will last for years to come. Already, we are facing a Three (3) year down turn with James Michel as the leader of the Country as we register negative growth rates each year, between -9%, -7%, -4%.

As I have said before, the downturn will last as much as 7 to 10 years if the P.P. start doing things right today. They will not, so we will have to remove them before we can rebuild Seychelles and have Seychellois take their rightful place in their own country.
Blind Man Walking Thru Excrement

The PP will not start doing things right. PP does not know what to do. They are blind to the correct path forward. They lack the instincts of free market, and need to balance and protect Seychellois Rasin interests in our homeland.
The La Misere madness of contaminating drinking water from the excrement of 2000 illegal workers, and the subsequent cover up to protect Sheik Khalifa of UAE shows that James Michel and PP do not know how to run a Country for Seychellois Rasinist. Their priority is only power, not our wellbeing as a People.
Their solution to difficult times is always to sell Seychelles to someone.
Seychellois Rasin say: “Sesel Pou Seselwa!”

My solution and the Seychellois beginning to rally behind me today calling for a new movement, encouraging me to move forward, is to preserve “Seychelles for Seychellois” (“Sesel Pou Seselwa” PP!). This call to unity nationwide-worldwide has been launched in January 2010 on STAR. It is now taking another dimension, which will allow all Seychellois Rasin who are non-collaborators to PP to participate.
Do not forget it, PP, “Sesel Pou Seselwa”!
This slogan has departed your lexicon. I have brought it back to save the People of Seychelles from you PP. We will succeed. Failure PP is not in our lexicon. PP, be thankful to all Seychellois who answer this call of unity in the years to come.  For it is then who will unravel your mess and set Seychelles on the right course to lasting success.
We Seychellois Rasin, will take back our country from the doldrums of failure you have led us into. We will retrieve the missing $2.5 Billion, jail the main 15 culprits and set Seychelles on a course of freedom of graft and corruption.
We Seychellois Rasin, will restore our dignity as a People in our motherland, which you PP, have forsaken and taken as lightly as the very colonialists who oppressed us for generations and made us “boys” and “maids” in our own home. Some made us slaves PP.

You PP, will not enslave the People of Seychelles any longer. You PP, will no longer make us servants in our own homeland! We are not your boys and maids! In our homes and in our country, we will remain masters of our destiny, in spite of you PP losers and your failures. Today PP, we Seychellois Rasins do not lick boots of foreign masters, whether they wear pants, robes or dresses.
You Leader of PP, are guilty for teaching your followers how to bend their knees and beg foreigners for handouts in our own land. You are guilty for encouraging Seychellois in your party to subjugate themselves to a non-Seychellois ruler through you, as his adopted estate agent. You go on national television and encourage them to bow to foreigners in our own land.
Now read on to see the pot of #@%%^^ James Michel has brought upon us, People of Seychelles.
Is James Michel Khalifa’s Guardian Angel?
Michel spares no energy and effort to protect Sheik Khalifa. It appears that Mr. James Michel forgets that Sheik Khalifa is not who he is supposed to be protecting.
Michel is mandated to protect the interest of all Seychellois Nationals. Instead of protecting Seychellois, and defending Seychellois, Michel protects Sheik Khalifa and he orchestrates our protection piecemeal, by calling for a governmental committee through the District Office of Grand Anse Mahe, to address the water contamination issue for residents of La Misere. It is conclusive today that the PP takes care of themselves and their foreign friends at the expense of Seselwa Rasin (those true Seychellois who have a vested interest in Seychelles their motherland).
Michel and P.P forsake Seselwa Rasin interests for Fabrike’s and foreign interests’ time and time, again and again. The incident at La Misere is but one incident. People of Seychelles, there are many examples. This is only the most grotesque example that even Hollywood film makers could not dream of.
I say to James Michel, Seychelles belongs to all Seselwa. Seychelles does not belong to Sheik Khalifa or to any other foreigner. Get this straight; do not forget it, because it will not forget you.
James Michel, Seychelles is not, I say, is not, your personal asset to dispose of, as you wish to please your foreign friends. This act of national betrayal will resonate in the hearts of all our true Seychellois for years to come. The consequence will be unity of purpose to depose and remove PP at the ballot box, forever. Once gone PP, you will not be back. We will create a corner at the Museum and call it traitors’ corner and place your picture there with the picture of all the colonialist rulers who grace the walls of State House under your despotic leadership.
Bring Back Land Acquisition Policy To Restore Sovereignty Over Our Motherland
I will push, and advocate a strong response to this policy of selling out Seychelles and displacing Seychellois in their motherland. This is my solemn duty as a true Seychellois. It is a gift of effort I bestow upon my children and all Seychellois able and capable as myself, and who are being called upon today to do the same.  
It is the duty of every Seychellois from all political parties, to support this sincere effort in unity. I call on all Seychellois, who have supported political parties of the past, such as SPUP, SPPF, DP,NDP, Parti Seselwa, NAP, SNM, Liberal Party, SNP, to join us, in unity, to move forward and secure the rights and dignity of the People of Seychelles.
Appeal To Opposition
I ask Regar and Weekly, in the interest of Seychelles, to print this article in whole, unedited.
Serve the country, not your personal political interests that are party oriented. Go beyond the gates of the party, unite the people. Do not play the games SPPF has indoctrinated into the minds of the People of Seychelles. Smash divisions in your mind and spirit. It is a key to success. Do the right thing, if you stand on the side of Truth; do not live on the political wall of division to please PP.

If you have made commitments to foreign masters like PP and taken their money and today you cannot defend the People of Seychelles, call your foreign masters on the phone, tell them you no longer serve them. Just do it! Do not worry about the money.
Write a letter to your foreign masters and tell them Seychelles is not for sale. Stop counting the amount of money you raise for campaigns, count the amount of people that suffer because of soft deals you make to sacrifice Seychellois Rasin interests.
If you cannot end the contract of servitude with your foreign masters, withdraw from the political playing field, retire your party. We will secure Seychellois Rasin interest, and you will benefit directly from our efforts. You will continue to contribute to the development of Seychelles through your talents. No one will be castigated or swept aside because Seychellois Rasinists are not a small group of people, we are the entire population of Seychelles.

Agenda One
People of Seychelles, protecting the People of Seychelles from a foreign invasion brought on by James Michel is today our most pressing agenda as a People. Once this agenda is completed, we have the brains and know-how to fix the failed economy of Seychelles.  We can do this!

A.    History Is Calling Us To Rise
Today, the People of Seychelles have a glorious calling at hand. It is a call at a moment in history, that, because of James Michel’s utter catastrophic failures, he Michel has granted all the People of Seychelles an opportunity to unite for one common cause. Those who do not support the effort to re-establish sovereignty in our motherland are sell out “Collaborators”. We will name and shame all collaborators and expose them to the People of Seychelles.
As they turn on Michel and PP, we will accept them in our family of Seselwa Rasin brothers and sisters. We must be big enough to forgive the pawns of Michel and Rene if they are not responsible for murders and the missing $2.5 Billion from our banking system. The country must be able to move one at Godspeed. As these Collaborators remain opposed to our ideals to protect Seychellois in their homeland, we will carry them on our shoulders.
This means we must not insult them if they insult us. They are fighting to preserve themselves, but teach them, that in a new government, they too will have a place according to their ability to perform, but their mastered ability to bootlick will not have any value to a new government. We want and expect debate. For this is wherein the best successful ideas come from. This golden rule of democracy cannot ever be circumvented.
We will not displace Collaborators because they were SPUP, SPPF, PP. I too have family members who were SPUP. They are not diseased as some parties make them out to be. They are people, our people, misguided as they may have been. Hitler misguided millions. But the Allied Forces of World War Two did not kill all the misguided people of Germany.  The Allied Forces taught them to stand, walk, and prosper according to their ability. Germans were assimilated into the World of Nations, and they became more productive than Hitler could ever imagine. Today Germany leads Europe in growth and innovation.
So if Rene and Michel misguided a few thousands, we must learn from history and not be punished by history as a People by a bad emotional decision at the spur of a moment in reaction to a personal attack, well planned and executed by P.P upon any political threat.
Seychelles must heal, in spite of PP.
Many of these Collaborators sit in the National Assembly, protecting James Michel and PP, to protect their bowl of rice and the cost of Seychellois losing their homeland to Sheik Khalifa and others like him who come to take advantage of the weak PP leadership.
As the debts build up, PP will bring in many more foreigners to sell us out. This has been spoken by their “Losing for Every Seychellois” leader.
         B. The Michel Strategy
One Collaborator very close to James Michel but very unhappy with him, told me James Michel’s strategy is to get the Arabs to pay for everything. But Michel does not stretch his brain to conclude Arabs will pay for everything only if you sell them everything that is Seychelles. Today, this is Michel’s economic strategy for Seychelles.  That’s as far as his brains can think!
Most recently, the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce has been taken over by another band of Fabrike’s led by Dr. Ramadoss. One by one, Seselwa Rasins are resigning from the Chamber in protest.

Seychellois open your eyes! The political opposition, wake up, unite; you have only your chains to lose. I say this economic strategy is a plan of a failure cum traitor to the People of Seychelles.
C.       Gill’s First Step To Correct Michel Injustice Towards People of Seychelles
After PP is removed from power, which it will be, I will advocate an aggressive Land Acquisition policy to return to the Seychelles all state properties that have been sold to foreigners and that were not tendered by James Michel or Albert Rene during their terms of office.  
Any properties not duly tendered according to the law will be acquired. The consideration paid will be the price paid by the foreign party.  For example, Sheik Khalifa who paid SR 1 rupee for the La Misere property will be paid back the SR 1 rupee that he paid.  Sheik Khalifa will also be given enough time to restore the site to its original condition at his own cost. If the People of Seychelles bear the cost, we will seek judgment for all costs and execute on the same for the same, unless there is a settlement that is in the interest of the People of Seychelles.  The same goes for the SR 1 Rupee Ste. Anne island sale and many other illegal acts undertaken by the SPPF-PP Government.
James Michel and Albert Rene are guilty of selling state land without tender procedures.  This land is the national heritage of the People of Seychelles. For this, they have violated the Oath of Allegiance to uphold the Constitution of Seychelles and to protect all Seychellois National.
President Violates Sovereignty of Republic of Seychelles

Article One (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, states that Seychelles is a Sovereign Republic. This means that Seychelles is independent of any other sovereign nation or any other head of state. The political status of independence requires that every government apply the laws and rules of the land, to protect and secure the sovereignty and independence of the Republic. This means, that any presiding President is obligated and duty bound to see that no laws of Seychelles are violated, or that no laws or rules of the land, be compromised, circumvented, to please a sovereign of another land without exception.
Mr. Michel, in case you did not know, or you forgot, you are duty bound to defend Article One of the Constitution. This article forms part of our Constitution. Perhaps you were not there when we debated this section in the Constitutional Commission debates. I recall very well, while your seat was empty, you were busy handling the arrival of the Maria, or MALO ship, loaded with arms and weapons, that made its way to Rwanda eventually by airfreight through the Seychelles International Airport.  Lest you forget, this little event of history under your command led to the massacre of thousands of innocent Tutsi people in the Rwanda genocide. The United Nations seems to have overlooked this slight detail of your involvement in the sale-shipment of arms. Sheik Khalifa should be wary of the company he keeps in paradise.
Intentional Legal Oversights for Trinkets
No amount of money tendered, no amount of BMWs gifted to State House, no amount of free tickets to a Ferrari Grand Prix, no medical scanner or building to house our hospital radiology department, should suffice to allow a President of the Republic of Seychelles to go to his knees like a lowly beggar, to please the ruler of another land, no matter how rich that ruler may be.
To us educated who boot-strapped ourselves from the fall and exodus out of June 5th 1977, and have succeeded in life in spite of SPPF, we know that money does not make men. James Michel, it is men who make money. For that, you need good ideas, which you do not seem to have, as you have conclusively proven to the People of Seychelles, year after year, decade after decade.
In fact, because you lack any good ideas, you even stifle debate on the national radio and national television station. That kind of leadership will never make Seychelles successful. That kind of leader will bury Seychelles. And as you know, we are being buried now not only in debt but in other stinking things too.
Michel, resorting to corruption and stealing do not replace the good ideas to make money and create wealth. This is a house of cards you have dealt yourself under your own administration. It will come down with the first wind. And the winds of change will blow!
Our Constitution’s Preamble, foresaw, that Seychelles is a Country created by God, of unsurpassed natural beauty, and that many will come with gifts and tidings to compromise her territorial integrity and independence of her simple, but very special people who are the true owners of this special land which is truly the most special islands in the World.
People of Seychelles, James Michel has compromised our sovereignty and violated Article One (1) of our Constitution. He has sold land that belongs to our National Heritage to meet the personal requirements of the ruler of UAE, to meet his pleasurable requirements in the realm of Eros. Today, even our Coco De Mer stamp on our passport has been sacrificed by Michel and PP to please the ruler of another land. This is an unacceptable atrocity upon the dignity of the People of Seychelles.
Sheik Khalifa Has Promised $30Million To Finish The Highly Political Project of Ile Perseverans

This project is intended to garner enough votes for PP to win an election as keys will be handed out just before the election. As a non-Seychellois, Sheik Khalifa has no right to invest in a political project or to participate in our politics in any form.  A foreign head of state of another nation does not interfere in the day to day operations of another sovereign country. As a head of state a conflict of Interest arises when Sheik Khalifa invests in Seychelles for business purposes. This conflict of interest will breed great discontent over the years as they unfold.
People of Seychelles, we have troubled waters ahead. We need serious leadership to navigate through these rough seas and bring Seychellois Rasin to safety. We are facing the destruction of a People under PP. It is not right for Sheik Khalifa to interfere in the internal affairs of our country when he is only a mere guest. As he interferes in Seychelles politics, Sheik Khalifa will become a political issue in Seychelles.
As this plays itself out, it will play itself out on the World stage. There will be no cover ups. If anything, we will uncover all that there is to uncover. We will not rest, we will not despair, and we will not be deterred. The word will spread until it is understood. The world does not look favourably on rich Arab leaders who use their money as a form of bribery.
I urge Sheik Khalifa to withdraw support for this request from PP to fund the Ile Perseverans Project. Such a withdrawal of funding will go a long way to make amends with the People of Seychelles. It will be a start.
But it will not be enough.
I suggest Sheik Khalifa appropriate the $30 Million to infrastructure development at PUC.
While I understand Sheik Khalifa does not change his mind often, this is one time, where it may be best to change course.  Mr. Khalifa, save face while you can as you have been misguided by a gang of criminal opportunists, who have been Communists, arms dealers, mafia associates and even importers of soldiers from other lands to kill their own people. Their reputation, Sheik Khalifa, precedes your arrival to these shores. Your presence does not efface their bad deeds.
As your father fought hard to protect your people’s interests in your state and bring about unity of all your people, you will appreciate our noble and justified effort in our own land to do the same.
We will not accept less for the Seselwa Rasin People.
I propose to Sheik Khalifa, commit to fix the road and sewer line and drinking water line at La Misere, which your agents destroyed. Pay all the residents of La Misere and Grand Anse Mahe, Cascade, Plaisance, five (5) times the amount each, of what they ask. Pay them directly and do not pay the PP government. Solve this problem as a real King and Ruler would. Disassociate yourself from this criminal gang you seem to have mixed up with in the middle of paradise.
Additionally Sheik Khalifa, I propose you commit to upgrading the electricity grids not just for your personal homes, but all of Mahe, which is operating at capacity and can overloads very often! Commit to invest in sufficient water catchments to solve the water problems in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. These infrastructural investments will benefit all Seychellois, and not just the sell out government of James Michel and P.P. Such development investment will allow Seychelles to grow exponentially and allow her to restore her dignity as a Country, by creating more wealth and repaying the unsustainable debt obligation the James Michel government has created.
Yes, Sheik Khalifa, your guardian angel is a dead beat national debtor of world standard! This is why he routinely calls on you, begging for money, and giving every sorry excuse that is unbecoming of a leader, to encourage you to fork out more money to keep him floating. No sooner than you can write a cheque, he has spent the money and is asking for more. This is a bad investment at best.

Sheik Khalifa, you are on notice, that you are associating yourself with a man who passed on all the debts he created to the next generation - MY children and ALL the children of Seychelles. This is something that you Sheik Khalifa would never consider doing to your own people. You will be regarded as a wiser Sheik, to know Mr. Michel intends that you settle his bills of failure.
We the People of Seychelles, will refuse to cover the balance left by Mr. Michel owed to you, we will not accept liability for Michel’s actions borne out of corruption, greed, and flagrant disregard for our Constitution.
Even in royal family circles, you are, the company you keep... by association. Hence, why life of the royals is ever so lonely.... even in Paradise.
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!
Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

TIKLO says you are One very sick person and that you should be treated with the contempt you so deserve. You are a bloody disgrace to us Seychellois/e.

Your old Man would be rolling in his grave and his message would be "forgive this young man Christopher for he does not know what he is saying or doing".

And when are you going to be more objective young man?. Your problem is that you are so pissed-off with the FAR and JAM's successes in turning a pisssy little village by the name of Victoria into the Greater Victoria that your photo only shows one third of such Magnificence. As far as JAM and the PL are concerned Chris, success breeds success and it has been done and always will be done without foul-mouth, insolent two bod lairds fouter dezord like yourself and other empty vessels.

Anonymous said...

And guess what Chris, the x president Kaunda of Zambia was 100% spot on when made this statement on one of his earlier visits to Seychelles and I quote: "Seychelles is the only place in the world where the Government critics and Oppositions Leaders are not in jails.

Anonymous said...

One day the truth will be out and on that day there will be no where to hide for people like you and your masters.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO, I don't see anythng sick about what Gill writes as he is absolutely right in his saying. I may however disagree on his methods and how to deal with the foreigners that have pucrchased land for peanuts etc, but he is damn right in saying that there has been too much monkey business going on in Seychelles.

Now since you so eagerly accused Gill of being sick I'm sure you won't have a problem stating exactly what you feel is sick about his articel above. Please do so so we can all have a chance to discuss and debate your reply.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill is correct. Seychelles has been sold by James Michel, the greatest idiot ever born in the Indian Ocean. The man's tiny brains has Khalifa Kaka in it and he needs to win an award as the MOST STUPID PRESIDENT WHO HAS EVER LIVED.

I personally will vote for Mr. Gill or anyone else who has more brains and determination than the Coup D'Etat James Michel, the tired Ramkalawan and that shady character known as Volcere. These 3 are not what Seychelles needs at this critical stage. The country needs real leadership and someone who will go clean up the mess made by the SPUP, SPPF and Le Pep parties.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Hello TIKLO-

Welcome back. Please do not call me sick. Try to address the issues I place in the public domain for debate. If you have a point please make it, we can balance the value of ideas together.

Incidentally,I gave an interview to AFP this week on the breach of our sovereignty and the Khalifa issue. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the opportunity to comment and State House, according to the journalist.Hence, I believe it is fair reporting.

The article has now gone around the world and most people will have read it by Monday.

A little late to be jailing writers TIKLO. Reconsider that strategy.Howver, it may increase capacity on Air Seychelles, which is operating below 60% and not breaking even on routes.

Now TIKLO, who is more sick, me, or the AFP Journalist?

Perhaps we are all healthy and alert and that offends you.Please TIKLO, do not be offended. As Rene said to TIKLOD....."it's only words, TIKLOD....where does it hurt on your body", so do not hurt other bodies".

Keep well TIKLO who says: "Sesel 4 Sale"

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I do not agree that Christopher is a disgrace to anyone, much less to the Seselwa Rasin people. In fact, we need Christopher to agree to lead the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin, and many people have commented that he should do so. I sincerely hope that he agrees to do so, the Mouvman badly needs him to lead.

I also disagree when you referred to Victoria as a "pissy little village". Perhaps that is what Victoria was to you, but to me it was and still is my charming hometown and capital of my homeland.

Any development of our capital city was the least that the PP Collaborators should have done to develop our country after three and a half decades in dictatorial power. If you Collaborators had not wasted our money and taken bribes from foreigners to sell of our country we could have done even more. So do not take credit for doing less than the minimum expected of you as the PP Collaborators are fond of doing. Take credit when you have done more than is expected of you as is the Rasin-ist way.

I also disagree with you that my late Father would disagree with what me and Christopher are doing to make Sesel Pou Seselwa. In fact he was aghast at what you PP Collaborators were doing to our country under your philosophy of "Sell Baby Sell".My late Father would be extremely proud of what we are doing - of that, I have no doubt at all - if I had any doubt, I would not do it. Our banner of Sesel Pou Seselwa was his banner of Seychelles Pour Seychellois.

I agree with you that success breeds success so we should do all that we can to make our country successful and to develop its full potential. But if we develop our country only to lose political control over it, as is happening now, what good does all this development do us Rasin? We Seselwa Rasin must be the primary beneficiaries of the development of our country not Fabrike like Ramadoss and not foreigners like Khalifa, who has turned our country into his personal colony with the help of the PP Collaborators.

Finally, personal insults and personal attacks are not arguments supporting your point. It just shows the frustration of an old man who has done much harm to Seychelles and who is frustrated that this harm to the Rasin people is being exposed for all to see. I suggest you get a hold of yourself and focus, if you can, on making considered arguments rather then slinging insults. In that way we all can benefit by our exchanges of ideas.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO is a well-versed SPPF propagandist, his words typify the psychological damage done by SPPF on the mind and soul of their followers.
Or has TIKLO dropped too much dutch courage "BAKKA" already?

The campaign hasn't kick-started yet and you sound aleady in a tipsy state TIKLO.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I like that saying on the flag:


This is what Seychelles needs. Young, smart, charismatic leaders to lead us into the future. Not some old haggards who have been there for nearly 4 decades making Seychelles their private property and swindling the people of their assets.

It is time to focus on the future. We should remember the past only for the purpose of not forgetting the misery that Albert Rene and James Michel have inflicted on our small nation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, that would certainly insult the one who calls himself the 'King of Victoria' as his kingdom is referred to as a pissy little village. Wouldn't that make him a 'pissy little king'? What say you TIKLO? Are you a pissy little king?

Patrick X

Sharon said...

AFP is a good start. Now a copy of the article needs to be sent to the BBC and the UK papers. They will have a field day over this.

Tiklo you amuse me. For sure you are no Machiavelli. Here's a suggestion from a wise soul. This is a serious blog that welcomes intellectual debate from progressive thinkers and those who want to see something positive happen in this country. Sooooo....instead of saying that the here mentioned column is sick, why don't you clearly state your arguments as to which part makes you sick and why? Is it because true to PP style you cannot make a plausible argument? If that is the case, then it is typical of the PP psych of which you are proud to be a part of to eschew the real subject by engaging in salacious and frivolous debate with no benefit whatsoever to anyone. So therefore, typical example here; no substance whatsoever in your lame argument...Sick?How very Loltastic!Psssh. You guys in the propaganda dept of PP need a serious wake up call. Young people of the Rep of Seychelles are no longer blind and willing to swallow your polt gimmicks or theatrics. They are educated and well read and do not appreciate being taken for fools. As Bob Marley says: "You can fool some people sometime, but you cannot fool all the people all the time"So before jumping in with propaganda reminiscent of the 80's and 90's, bring logic to the table man. Shame on you!


Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

In my book Mate, only a sick person would write a colunm that is so vile and so disrectful to the not only the Head of State of Seychelles, but to His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalifa of the United Arab Emirates.

Yes Christopher, you are one mentally sick person whether you can see it or not.

Maybe you should take a leaf from Doctor Popip Sheikh so as to improve your standing with your peers. As far as this writer is concerned, you can raise any issue what so ever pertaining to the Seychelles Government in what they are doing wrong but for crying out loud, why do you have to be so bloody disrespectful in doing so?. When are you going to start playing the ball instead of the Man?.

I guess you are like one of the Koson up Fair View way. You sit on your own shit because you do not know any better.

By the way, how did your interview go with the AFP?. Did the Australian Federal Police come all the way from Christmas Island to interview you on the Kato Noir Island?. Did they think that you are a Rasin People Smuggler?. Sorry...just kidding.

Seriously Chris, surely by now, you can see that you cannot go against this very stiff and strong wind so why don't you adjust your sails accordingly Mate.

Kind regards from TIKLO.

And by the way Chris, if your Friend can't tell you of your need to change tack, who the hell is going to tell you?. Don't count on Patrick X because he does not know whether he is coming or going.

As for Francis Leonard Gill, he is smart and savvy like you and not as good looking but he loses so many points when he uses dirty words like "Fabrique, Collaborateur and Butcher" that becomes his achiles heel.

Anonymous said...

And Francis stated that "personal attacks and personal insults are not arguments supporting your point."

How right you are. And you mean to tell me that you are blind as to not see the personal insults to both President Michel and Sheikh Khalifa by your brother Chris?.

And when you are told about them being so ad-nauseam, sickly and a lack of class by Chris, you want to jump up and down as if you are god's gift to us Seychellois in denial?. It might be wise on your part also to adjust your sails accordingly Francisco. TIKLO

Anonymous said...

Reply to TIKLO:

Thank you for the comments TIKLO. However,if writing the Truth is sick, TIKLO....... I am sick.

If calling Michel to task as a servant of the people gone astray is sick to you TIKLO, well,.... I am sick.

If calling Khalifa to task over his mismanaged project imported tax free, that has amounted to enough tax revenue which we could have collected, and paid off all our commercial debts SPPF created, makes me sick, TIKLO,.... I am sick.

AFP made it a point to interview me not because I am some high and mighty man TIKLO as you assert facitously, but because my STARBlOG has a heavy amount of credibility and is respected throughout the World.

You see TIKLO I do not write this alone. I have a committee, they tell me what to write, after we debate it for a week. In the end, the best ideas prevail.

Now TIKLO, as you sit in the rocking chair, concluding I am sick, as long as the world does not think I am sick, I am ok with your thoughts.

You TIKLO in my mind, have no disease, and you TIKLO are not sick.

I wish you good health and a long life.

Keep spares of batteries for the pace maker,..... you never know with these communist chinese batteries.....they tend to act up every so often.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Tiklo is no other, than one of those 15 PP cronies that will be hang, after we took back our country, from this crazy dickhead Michel, Have the courage at least to print your name, like the realy brave Chris Gill has done, Gill is so brave, that he is fighting the lion in it's own den..this is true seselwa rasin..bye bye Tiklo your days are numbered

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Happy Easter to you TIKLO though your friend Rene the Butcher, the once avowed godless communist, would not approve - Happy Easter to you anyway my fellow Rasin.

On a light note on this Easter day, we have finally found something we both unambiguously agree on. My brother Christopher is far better looking than me. However, that is where our common ground ends.

You say that the term Rene the Butcher is a personal insult. I agree that the description is disgraceful to Rene and as such may be considered a personal insult by him. However, there is a difference in accurately describing someone's actions perpetrated against the Seselwa Rasin people, not actions in some far off land, when compared to statements that describe Christopher as a Koson. Rene the Butcher butchered his own people - allegedly literally. Describing his actions accurately insults him because what he has done is disgraceful and embarrassing. So I have not slung personal insults at Rene the Butcher rather, I have accurately described his actions against his own people which he finds disgraceful and insulting.

The same is true of Michel the Collaborator. I have accurately described Michel's actions of selling out his own people to foreigners and Fabrike. This is not a description of Michel's actions in some far off land or concerning his personal life. It is a description of what he has done and is doing to his people, the Seselwa Rasin now - in our own country. So describing Michel as a Collaborator accurately describes his actions against his own people; though I agree it is disgraceful and abhorrent for a leader to sell out his own people to foreigners. This is different than calling Christopher a Koson which is meant purely as a personal insult simply because you have no other argument to make.

The same is true of calling someone a Fabrike. The term Fabrike or counterfeit accurately describes the character of the type of citizenship a person carries. It is not personal at all. This is different than your personally calling Christopher a Koson.

So each of the terms you say are personal insults from me, in fact describe the actions of Rene and Michel and the type of citizenship held by their counterfeit Seychellois. So they are not personal insults at all though they are considered insulting because the actions they describe are disgraceful actions by the perpetrators. Ironically by considering my accurate descriptions of Rene and Michel's actions as insulting you are agreeing that they have acted disgracefully and abhorrently towards their own people.

As far as insulting Khalifa I do not see your point. How have we personally insulted Khalifa - by not calling him our Highness as you do? We Rasin-ists have always described Khalifa's actions accurately. And, while Khalifa may be your highness TIKLO he is not ours. So we will not call him Highness. We Rasin-ists are all equal citizens of our sovereign country - we have no king, Caliph, Sultan, or other supreme ruler - we chose our rulers who are our servants not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, Christ has avowed his intention to lead this movement and
we Seselwa Rasin are all agog by the news.
The effete government of SPPF has lost all credence among its people, time for change is at dawn TIKLO,Why not rally behind this movement too?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I have just been forwarded this blog site by a friend who told me it was the hottest Seychelles political blog around.

I have been reading the past articles and must say that I am very impressed at the honesty and truth in the articles.I also appreciate the comments and debates that show freedom of speech and expression. It is hard to believe that only a few years ago, anyone whispering or writing about Albert Rene would disappear! Fortunately for us, Mr. Rene and Mr. Michel cannot stop the internet and technological progress and it is time for those two to retire and enjoy their millions that they have stashed away at our expense.

I also agree that Seychelles needs new leadership and must forge ahead for a better tomorrow. The ruling party has too much bad history to lead Seychelles into the future and to create a true united and peaceful environment where all Seychellois can feel proud to call Seychelles home and live happily in their homeland without having to resort to politics or serving some political party master.

As for the opposition parties, I don't believe they are any better at this point as they have showed lack of good judgement and have also played divisive politics. SPPF and Party Lepep have made so many mistakes and yet not one party has capitalised on those mistakes, except pointing out the blunders in Weekly and Regar. This is not enough to win over voters.

Seychelles needs fresh blood on the political scene. We really need a Messiah to save us from the 30 plus years of decadence and tyranny although I don't have any candidate in mind. I really wish that someone with the qualities of a non-partisan leader would step in to run for President and to bring us hope for a better future. If he/she did, I would gladly give them my vote today.

My hat goes off to the Gill brothers and others who are fighting for our democracy. You give me hope that one day, we will be liberated and free in our own country.

May God bless you all on this sunny Easter Day.

Joyeuses Pâques.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If looks make good politicians, then TIKLO has either very bad taste or needs to get himself new glasses cos our prez ain't exactly pretty now is he?

If Khalifa or any other leader is insulted then I believe they themselves should come forward and defend themselves in our public media and I am sorry to say it, but he is not our leader as we are not an Emirate although our leaders sometimes behave like Sheiks with regards to extravagance in addition to having a herem of wives and girlfriends.

In connection to the financial crisis James Michel said 'Les JJ travay' and he was allowed to do so uninterrupted, this by the opposition, but what did he do? He allowed an elite of foreigners to be exempted from the new taxation laws of the country in addition to labourers entering the country without any form for control.

Now how would TIKLO like it if the Australian government gave the same rights to certain people alnd allowed them to breach the immigration laws that apply to everyone?

If TIKLO and the likes of him cannot understand why the Seychellois have had it up tot heir ears then I dare say that his intelligence is overrated or that he is so loyal to his masters like a eunuch who's sole job is to look after the master's goodies but cannot touch. Must be painful being reduced from being the self-proclaimed 'King of Victoria' to a simple eunuch.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

TIKLO hides and calls Gill a disgrace. Now TIKLO, you PP brain,how did you conclude that?

I am proud there are Seychellois like Gill. We need more. If we can have a handful, you TIKLO and Pp will be history. Seychelles will have a future. Our Seychellois overseas will come home. Because if Arabs can make it in Seychelles, I do not see why Seychellois cannot. I support Gill on that.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo and PP dont have any vision, like Rasin movement.TIKLO look what PP have done with some of his young PP today,they are all in heroin and on the street begging.Who's fault is it?PP.To make the youths fuck up that they countinue sellig them with Arabs and Mafia.if you see today crime is more than you ever no in Seychelles PP,corruption PP,murder PP,there are to much bad thing that PP have done wrong seen 32 years in Power.Seen years Tiklo Seychelles not even one fishing boat in the Port.This kind of things Rasin movement want to change.this just one exampel Tiklo.when Rasin will be Power one day you will see more what we can do for our country and for the youth of tomorrow.We need peoples with fresh mind not some one like you Tiklo.may be you sould jion us.For God sick.

Anonymous said...

As i have stated before such issues need global attention as we have global personnel interest in the Seychelles.

Why not consider CNN citizen journalism(CNN I- Report). The matter cannot be addressed from the inside only.


Anonymous said...

ID, it's already reached the UK and The Independent so sooner or later it will reach the rest of the world. Just keep on throwing petrol on that fire and fry those who have given Khalifa special priveleges.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

CNN -I Report is a damn good idea. We will follow up.

The volunteers (who work for the love of Seychelles, not money) will get to it PP.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Tiklo is a aburated and desperate SPPF crony who can't accept the fact that a revolution is on the brink.
Like it or not it's real TIKLO.

Under the leadership of Christ there is a movement afoot to do just that, bring about the genuine change our beloved motherland and people deserve.

Together with all Seselwa rasin we are going to overwelm this grotesque and failed PP government and bring them all for justice.We want accountability from PP now.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Tiklo you are sick,have you ever leave in Arabs country? NO,I was laeving in Bahrian befor.Do you no how Arabs treat peoples there as worker,like slave.They kick those Asien works in there asch with they foot and schlap them in the face and they work like slave lots of hours for littel money.Me i was lucky i was captain on this boat,but i could not watch this kind of abuse,i break my contract and come to Seychelles.May be slave have abolisch,but Arabs are still make peoples slave in they own way Tiklo.You want Arabs to come and do the same in Seychelles.May be one day Seychellios peoples can not even kiss on the street.Like with the 2 British coupel who was kissing on the beach in Dubai and being jail for kissing.TIKLO Rasin dont want to see this,rasin want Seychelles stay for Seychellios not for kahlifa.RASIN WILL BRING FREEDOM,DEMOCRACY,JUSTICE and we say no to Corruption.Tiklo

Anonymous said...

I am an attorney in the UK and have visited Seychelles several times in the past 20 years.

I was shocked when I read the Independent story regarding the La Misere incident. My legal advice is to tell the residents to file what we call a class action lawsuit against the construction company and then file a separate lawsuit against the Government of Seychelles. For those not familiar with class action lawsuits, here is a short description below. Good luck to you all and may the good Lord bless you all.

* * * * * *

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Parag said...

One of Michael's weakness is that he doesn't trust his own people.
Seychelles airport

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