Monday, April 12, 2010

By: Leonard Francis Gill

Peter Edwin Gill was born on June 29th, Seychelles’ Independence Day, in 1932. He died on April 14th 2009. My Father’s ashes were scattered by the lighthouse at the entrance to Port Victoria on December 29th 2010, and will be watched over in eternity by the black granite mountain faces of Mont Trois Freres.

On the night of my Father’s death, I wrote the following poem saying goodbye to him. I believe it sums up his qualities and the high regard that those with whom he came in contact had for him. So I will share it with you:
Goodbye Papa
Papa, we are here, to say goodbye
our sadness, knows no end
we can’t believe You’re gone
we grieve for You
but our grief, is tempered by our memories of You
by the good man that You were
You were always there to support and care,
to the very best of Your ability
You were kind, and You were generous
You were gentle, yet You were strong
but You were stronger than we could have, ever, imagined
You were dignified
but You were more dignified than we could have, ever, imagined
by Your example, You are our teacher and our guide
we know, You know, You were loved, by all those You touched
we know that Your soul rests in peace,
with the spirit of the universe
when we look at the stars
in Seychelles
Papa, we will remember You,
we will know, Your spirit, is with us still
Papa, goodbye.

But Peter Gill was more than just a beloved father, brother and friend. He played a small part in the history of Seychelles which should not be forgotten. Especially since the part he played, and the principles he held that underpinned his efforts, are very relevant to us in Seychelles today. So I will walk through some events of that part of his life with you that I believe are relevant to us Seychellois today.
My Dad was born in St Louis in a small wooden house. The house was built not far from the holding pen for the family tortoises, perched on a granite rock, and part of whose front step was the top of an even larger mostly buried granite boulder. He was born into a middle class Seychellois family, and as an adolescent young boy, he enjoyed the modest benefits of middle class status in Seychelles. At 18 years old he left for Kenya to see the world and seek his living. During his absence from Seychelles, he never forsook his Seychellois heritage but instead embraced it, a feeling perhaps reinforced by his absence from home. Twice, my Dad came back to Seychelles to find his bride and, thereafter, made sure all his children were educated in Seychelles’ primary schools so that we would love Seychelles like he did; this strategy worked. Like many Seychellois before him, when he felt he had “seen the world” and saved a nest egg, he returned home to live, work and to die in his homeland.
While in Africa, a young Seychellois lawyer named France Albert Rene, fresh from school, connected with my Dad in the early 1960’s. Mr. Rene was full of new ideas of independence and dignity for Seychellois. It was after all the post-colonial season in Africa with Kwame Nkrumah leading the way of African independence in Ghana. Mr. Rene spoke to my Dad of his dreams of a free and independent Seychelles. Rene promised my Father that he would work to achieve a Seychelles where Seychellois would have full control over their own country, so they could, in dignity, democratically determine the fate of their own country and enjoy its full benefits – in summary, Rene advocated “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. My Dad was taken in by these magic words, since Rene’s words were my Father’s ideals.

My Dad once explained to me that Rene had the Devil’s gift of knowing exactly what was in your heart and had the uncanny ability to speak the prettiest most convincing words to make you believe that those feelings and ideals that you held so dearly, were as completely his as it was yours, even though Rene, in fact, thought very little of those beliefs which he usually only half believed. Mr. Rene skillfully concealed this deceptive part of his nature from even his closest friends and advisors, until it was usually too late.

As my Dad recounted to me many years later while exiled in a foreign land, Peter Gill did what he thought was imperative for we Seychellois to gain our independence and to gain full control over our own country. He took suits and other clothes from his closet and gave them to Rene who had none that were equal to the attire needed for a man who promised “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” and needed to make this point with foreign dignitaries and other Seychellois. With these new clothes, Mr. Rene could respectably present himself on the world stage to begin the quest for Seychelles’ independence and for Seychellois to control their own country. Suitably attired, my Dad put Rene on the back of his motorcycle and off they went to various Seychellois homes throughout East Africa in search of funds and supporters for the new political party and movement Rene and my Dad had discussed. Many of these Seychellois families responded positively with their hard earned cash and with their support. The nascent seeds of what became the Seychelles Peoples United Party were thus nurtured into existence. My Father, Mr. Rene and Mr. Philibert Loizeau became the first three founding member of the Seychelles Peoples United Party with one of its principle missions to make “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”.
My Dad not only provided moral support for the party while requesting others to provide cash support, he put his money where his principles where. For instance, in those early days my Dad recounted to me while in exile in a foreign land, that during the early days, the party could not afford to publish the People newspaper which was essential to get the message out that the SPUP wanted “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. So for approximately five years of its initial existence, my Father personally provided the bulk of the funding needed to publish the People newspaper. This was not the only material support he provided to the party and its important cadres. Throughout the early years there were multiple cash supplements and other support generously handed out by my father to those who were fighting for a “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”.
Eventually, after the last general elections in 1974 pre-dating independence, in which my Father stood as an SPUP candidate for Praslin, it appeared that my Father’s and many other Seychellois’ dream of a “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” would finally come to fruition. He traveled to London with other members of the SPUP delegation to negotiate the terms of independence with the British Government. He provided input on the coalition unity government that followed with Rene as Prime Minister and Mr. James Mancham as President, and was an SPUP delegate to the constitutional commission that drafted the unity constitution. He felt self satisfaction on his birthday on June 29th 1976 when Seychelles became a free and independent nation led by a united government ready to improve the lives of all Seychellois without regard to past divisions, wrongs or grievances. He believed we Seychellois would all work together to implement the slogan “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”.

Then came the betrayals. It is apparent now that all along, Rene had no intentions of all Seychellois working together for “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” regardless of past divisions, wrongs or grievances. On June 5th 1977 Rene overthrew his own government, shattered the recently negotiated unity of the Seychellois people and abruptly abandoned the nationalist slogan of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. On that same date, Rene brought into Seychelles hundreds of Tanzanian troops who eventually desecrated Seychellois soil by massacring scores of Seychellois in their own country, mercilessly spilling Seychellois blood into sacred Seychellois soil. Rene did this shamelessly, and to this date, without apology, remorse or regret.

Rene forgot about “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” in many other ways too. He threw off the cloak of Seychellois nationalism that he had used to convince many Seychellois to support him, and took on the cloak of international communism – you see, this was a more convenient ideology to support a dictatorship where he could kill, torture, imprison without charge, confiscate property without compensation, sell his house to the government for millions of rupees and lease it back for one rupee, enrich his family at the expense of the state’s treasury and on and on – Rene was, if nothing else, a practical man. Armed with the ideology of his false convenient communism, Rene could ignore the limits that “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” naturally imposed on him to better the lives of all Seychellois without retribution or recrimination while respecting their individual dignity and democratic rights.
Rene’s systematic persecution of a sizable portion of the Seychellois population to impose his dictatorship led to the exile of 30 percent of our population who now still, for the most part, live and die in exile away from their beloved country. This forced exodus is the single largest cause of suffering to Seychellois that one Seychellois has ever inflicted on other Seychellois – this was and is indeed the Great Suffering of the Seychellois people and is a stain on Rene’s soul and on all those who aided and abetted him. This is not just a theoretical form of suffering for me personally. I watched my Father live, and especially, I watched him suffer and die in exile away from his beloved Seychelles. I saw it in his eyes on his death bed, when he knew he was dying, as he asked me if I had any news from my brother Christopher of any new developments in Seychelles. As my Father suffered, I suffered. I am sure this is a ritual repeated thousands of times throughout the world by the many thousands of Rene’s Seychellois exiled victims.

I have heard Rene justify his dictatorship and the exile of a substantial part of our population by pointing to the many achievements he accomplished in developing the country and providing many needed social benefits to our most needy citizens. This argument, in my view, is a red herring, and I reject it. Rene’s arguments do not establish that he could not have accomplished what he did in almost three decades of power without inflicting the Great Suffering on the Seychellois people and without imposing a brutal dictatorship on the country. After all, Rene was not a person without political power before his coup. He was the Prime Minister of the country with the full ability to fashion changes he thought were necessary and important. As Prime Minister in a unity government Rene could have developed the country as he pleased. But as Prime Minister in a democracy guided by the rule of law, Rene was constrained to follow the law and he could not rape the public purse and pillage national assets and sell out our country. He did the coup so he could act arbitrarily and with impunity for his personal benefit, and to enrich his family. He did not do it to develop our country and the current well know facts of a history of continuing corruption in his inner circle proves my point. So I say the opposite is true, Rene’s coup was not a necessary prerequisite to Seychelles’ development achievements. If we Seychellois retained our unity after Independence we could have achieved far more development, far more social and political justice and done it in a genuine democracy that respected the individual dignity of each of us. In the final analysis, the Rene/Michel dictatorship has set us back at least two decades in our national development efforts and at the cost of untold suffering and brutality inflicted on our small country.

Needless to say that after Rene’s coup, when Rene abandoned “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” and took on the convenient cloak opportunistic international communism he lost my Father’s support. As Rene’s actions became more dictatorial and oppressive so did my Dad’s criticism of him. A dictator does not like any kind of criticism, no matter where it originates and regardless of whether it is motivated by good intentions. In retaliation, the Rene dictatorship started to put more and more pressure on my Dad’s business interests. At the time, my Dad was part owner of a fishing company that exported fish internationally. My Dad had invested substantially in this business called Bon Poisson expecting to create more employment opportunities for Seychellois and to establish a large commercial fishing business owned not by foreigners, but by a Seychellois in his own country.

In other words, my Dad was implementing the SPUP slogan of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” that had motivated him to help Rene raise funds from the back seat of his motorcycle in the early 1960’s. Rene’s government did not believe in Seychellois entrepreneurship or even the basic SPUP slogan of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. In my view, what mattered to Rene was what he could personally obtain from the business activities anyone conducted in Seychelles, and he required that any businessman allowed to operate in Seychelles provide his dictatorship with unquestioned support in order to receive government favor and be free from intimidation and harassment. These goals and needs of Rene eventually drove the bulk of Seychellois entrepreneurs into exile requiring decades to rebuild a partial replacement class of entrepreneurs from those who stayed behind. To replace the bulk of exiled Seychellois entrepreneurs, Rene then surrounded himself with a motley crew of foreign businessmen of questionable reputation who did his bidding without question – there was no more “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. These foreign businessmen could care less about Seychellois democracy and dignity so they cooperated with and profited from Rene’s communism of convenience. To ensure that he put my Father out of business and silence him, Rene passed a law from his desk stating that all fish exports would be done by the government, and set a below cost price to purchase fish from my Dad. Ultimately that put my Dad out of business as Rene intended, allowing Rene to acquire his business for a pittance.

Eventually, even my Dad’s partner Mr. Jean Dingwall was imprisoned by the Rene government for many years, most or all of which were without any charges. The writing was on the wall. It was either exile or prison without charge for my Father. My Dad chose his long exile instead of prison, living and dying in exile and becoming one of the thousands of Seychellois on whom Rene had inflicted the Great Suffering of exile. Perhaps not coincidentally, Rene’s house in San Souci is named Exile foreshadowing Rene’s evil intentions to inflict the Great Suffering on the Seychellois people. The extent of the exodus from Seychelles caused by Rene would be equivalent to the exile of 100 million people from the United States today. This was and continues to be a catastrophic event to the Seychellois people.

In December of this year, when I returned to Seychelles to scatter my Dad’s ashes under the eternal gaze of Mont Trois Freres, I was met by story after story of how Seychelles is rapidly being stolen from real Seychellois. To me a real Seychellois is one who forms the roots of the country, the roots of Seychellois culture and the roots of Seychellois society. These are the indigenous Seychellois people – perhaps one of the most newly formed indigenous groups in the world. The indigenous Seychellois are the people who were Seychellois at the time of independence and their descendants, and their spouses who became or who will become Seychellois through naturalization – these are Seychellois Rasin, born of and nourished by the roots of Seychelles.
To replace the thousand of indigenous Seychellois Rasin that Rene exiled from our country, Rene and Michel have sold or given Seychellois passports to thousands of foreigners who now dutifully return the favor in bribes and votes to keep the SPPF and its successor the PP in power. These are Counterfeit Seychellois or Seychellois Fabrike. These Counterfeit Seychellois now hold the balance of power in our country. They are the margin of victory for the SPPF and now the PP. They held this margin of victory in the last election and will do so again, in increasing numbers, in any future elections. This vote from Counterfeit Seychellois and the fraudulent votes the PP has placed on the register, along with other deceitful and fraudulent practices of the SPPF are intended to allow the PP to claim an electoral victory with a small minority of genuine Seychellois Rasin votes in their favor. The Counterfeit Seychellois not only hold the balance of political power but they believe and, in many instances do, have more rights to the benefits of our country’s wealth than indigenous Seychellois Rasin. The SPUP/SPPF/PP government has given these Seychellois Fabrike social benefits such as social security payments and houses while genuine indigenous Seychellois Rasin are told there is a budgetary crisis and there are not enough of these benefits for them. Time after time indigenous Seychellois Rasin’s benefits are cut back while more and more are given to Counterfeit Seychellois. This is completely intolerable and flies squarely in the face of the principle of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. The benefits of our patrimony belong to genuine indigenous Seychellois Rasin and not to Counterfeit Seychellois Fabrike. This insult from the Rene/Michel dictatorship must be stopped at all costs.

Seychelles belongs to Seychellois Rasin. While foreigners should and must be welcomed to invest in and live in Seychelles, they must not be given control over our country no matter what. This is non-negotiable. What they have been fraudulently given must be returned. At a minimum their citizenship must be cancelled. If they ever vote in our elections from this day forward, whenever a Racin government takes over, these Counterfeit Seychellois who have violated our sovereignty by voting, must be deported – no exceptions; full stop. This is “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. On the other hand Seychellois Racin, wherever they are, must permanently and unambiguously have a homeland in Seychelles, and they should be given a voice in the affairs of their country – they should be given the right to vote by absentee ballot. Anything less is to continue the effects of Rene’s Great Suffering on the exiled Racin Diaspora who have been forced to live in exile.

The displacement of genuine indigenous Seychellois Racin with Seychellois Fabrike subservient to the SPUP/SPPF/PP does not only exist when it comes to distributing the wealth and social benefits of our country, but extends to the distribution of other privileges in our country as well. For instance, foreign Counterfeit Seychellois are given tax credits to bring in cars, furniture and all other equipment they need to do business in Seychelles. Meanwhile, a fisherman who is an indigenous Seychellois Racin who needs to buy a Yamaha motor for his fishing boat has to pay full taxes and fees on hat Yamaha. In fact, he or she is required to pay full tax payments on all the equipment he or she needs to conduct business in his or her own country. This goes for any other Seychellois Racin doing any business in their own country. Seychellois Fabrike are given more opportunities and more benefits than Seychellois Racin. In some cases, PP Seychellois Fabrike are allowed to bring in goods without even clearing custom formalities, much less pay the equivalent taxes as a genuine Seychellois Racin is forced to pay.

But these indignities and offenses to the principle of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” are compounded even more than I have already explained. As time goes by, Seychellois are being excluded from even going to enjoy a day at the many world class beaches that exist throughout our country. For instance, Petite Anse is now closed off to genuine Seychellois Racin on Mahe, and on Praslin, Anse Georgette is closed off to Seychellois Racin, and soon, Anse Possession will be, while some Counterfeit Seychellois and foreigners have free unimpeded access to these beaches. When approaching the gates that guard these beaches o visit the beaches, you can hear Counterfeit Seychellois with foreign accents accosting indigenous Seychellois Racin demanding to know what that Seychellois Racin is doing at these gates. What happened to “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”? Additionally, I am told that if a Seychellois Racin wants to visit Silhouette, he or she must make an appointment three days in advance, and then suffer the indignity of listening to a Counterfeit Seychellois with a foreign accent instructing on the history of Mr. Dauban, a prior Seychellois proprietor of the island.

Our beaches and our islands are part of our patrimony. They belong to all Seychellois Racin wherever they live and we all should have free, unimpeded and inalienable access to them. There was a time when Rene believed that too, or at least he pretended to in order to gather support from Seychellois nationalists like my Dad. I recall the numerous times that my Dad recounted proudly how he and Rene and numerous others including I believe Mr. Michel, gathered to protest Mr. Pomroy, a millionaire American investor who had purchase Port Launay, who was attempting to close off the Port Launay beach to public access by Seychellois. My Dad and the others brought drums and other means of making party noises to the Port Launay beach by boat, and held a party on that beach to emphasize the fact that all the beaches of Seychelles are our patrimony and will not be wrested from us Seychellois Racin without a fight. Now, some in this same group who protested on the Port Launay beach on the grounds of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” are selling us and our beaches to the first Seychellois Fabrike they create with a one rupee coin to give them.

I realize what I have written will be questioned on the grounds that being a Seychellois living outside the country I have little standing to speak to the issues I have written about. To those people I say, “I do not stand on only my own two feet when I write what I have written here. I stand first and foremost on the shoulders of my departed Father. But secondly, I also stand on the shoulders of all those who sacrificed and contributed to achieve “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” who have come before me and whose contributions I can never hope to match. So the grounds I stand on are thousands of Seychellois Racin thick and thousands of Seychellois Racin deep.” These issues of the loss of our country to PP Counterfeit Seychellois were crystallized for me when I returned to my office after scattering my Dad’s ashes in Seychelles. There, on my office wall hangs a political poster. On the poster are my Dad and Dr. Maxim Ferrari who were standing as SPUP candidates in the 1974 pre-independence election. On that political poster exhorting Seychellois to vote for my Dad and Dr. Ferrari stands the slogan “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. This slogan was on Rene’s election poster in the same election. It was on Michel’s election poster as well.

It occurred to me that my Father, a champion for the slogan “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” has fallen. Others who believed in that slogan have fallen too. Given the Seychellois Fabrike takeover of our country, there has not been a time since prior to independence, when we Seychellois Racin needed to fight harder for a “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” and we need to retake our country from the Fabrike and their collaborators. We all need to lift this fallen banner, dust it off, and while carrying it high, to charge the ramparts of all those who have sold out our country and betrayed their people and route them from their positions and establish “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”. It is my responsibility, and it is your responsibility, to take up this fallen and almost forgotten banner and continue the fight. We owe it to the memories of those who have left us with a legacy of struggle and sacrifice for this ideal of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”.


Anonymous said...

Christ, as your Dad did in the past,today the struggle continues,together with you as our leader ,we Seselwa rasin will bring this land back under the control of its genuine owner namely Seslwa Rasin.

We will never accept our land being controlled by indian immigrant.

In fact once we take over RAMBO illegally obtained citizenship will be revoked and he will be deported to India and that together with the other tens of thousands of illegal immgrants SPPF brought to our shores in order to shit in our rivers,modify our unique society ,its culture,traditions,our mentality,ways of life etc.

Seychellois is a unique nation without clan,tribes etc.But since those illegal immigrants had landed on our shores we've been hearing aguments on racism ,foreigners etc,something that should never happened here. But why is that?
Because SPPF thinks by doing so we will just allow them to continue with their illegal practices and accept the situation as such.

Seychelles is a sovereign land ,it will under no circumtances be ruled by foreigners and less by an illegal immgrant to the likes of RAMBOSS.

Likewise we will need to stop them from importing their religious,tribal, etc... conflicts on to our shores like we have seen going on in Sri Lanka,India ,Pakistan ,and so forth.

SPPF has already and illegally allowed them to cavalcade our streets in Hindu religious march.This procession is illegal and have nothing to do with us Seychellois who are in the majority of christian faith and do have our own religious processions.
I am sure Bishop Veil will be keen to organize some processions for SPPF.

There is nowhere in the world where a government would ever accept such illegal foreign religious march to take place on their streets, endless you are in Seychelles under SPPF corrupted system.

SESEL POUR SESELWA and we don^t take a damm what RAMBOSS or other foreigners think.We are a unique nation and that is what makes us and we are proud of it.

Who doesn't like or accept our principles must just packed up and vanished from our shores.
After all we never invited them here .

SPPF hasalso been trying to use racism as tactics. It just do not work on Seselwa rasin , we are immuned from those tale stories SPPF and this won't make us change our position.

Seychelles will not END UP in the same faith as FIJI ISLAND or MUARITIUS.
And Indian will never ever rule this christian country called Seychelles.

As our ancestors did, we will fight to the very end until this land is freed from the neo-colonisation or bourgoiesie system ,SPPF wants to imposed on us.

Be careful SPPF we might well take to the arms to free our land just like your illegally did in 1977 to imposed a dictatorship on us. But this one will be to resort democracy and our coumtry's sovereignty back to its people-SESLWA RASIN


Anonymous said...

Francis Gill,

Let me be the first one to extend my sincere congratulations to you for what you had to say on your blog. I am very happy indeed that you have expressed your view-points in the way that you have.

Even though France Albert Rene may go kicking and screaming into truth-telling, or truth listening, the gold that FAR will find after the kerfuffle dies down, would be bloody priceless. FAR will be as graceful in the process of self-reflection because it is well worth it Mate.

As for the Suave, Smart but not so Sophisticated Francis Leonard Gill, the past keeps popping it's head waving and saying hello and there is a need for you to leap into it and wrestle that past into submission so that that past become even more present. Since you have greeted the past in a friendly manner and greeted it with the tip of the hat, now you have to get back into the here and now mate.

As for moi TIKLO, I do not intend to seduce anyone whether in business or pleasure because chances are that I may get more than I bargained for. I would hate to have to handle a Bull or a Bull...t by the tail that do have quite some Horse-Power. As you can see Mate, I have been around long enough to concede that anybody's naivete will never work as an argument or rationalisation.

My kind regards to you and your family.....TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

A dog barks out of fear, but in barking it causes fear, fear begets fear.

This is natural primal behaviour.

What is inexcusable is the man who knowingly whips the dog to make it bark (and bite) for his own purposes.

I understand you boys have much personal grief and suffering to bear, but you do your father and his generation a dis-service by using the intelligence you inherited from him in such an unfortunate way.

You don't see that the journey you are embarking on only leads to one place, and it is a place he chose never to take his beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Please Seychellois stop and listen to yourselves, you are blaming foreigners for your plight rather than the perpetrators. There are many, many honest non-Seychellois living here, investing money, employing local people, paying taxes, paying their GOP, do not start a race hate campaign as this will truly have a NEGATIVE effect on Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

What about gazing the Fabriks? best way to finish with it? right?

Anonymous said...

Excellent article and tribute to a father and patriot who cared about his country. Many others helped Albert Rene in his young days, but over the years, Albert threw them all out and proved that he was in this to fill his own pocket.Unfortunately, along the way, he has created a country of many illiterates so that he could lord over them. These people are now dependent on the State in order to make a living or get a house, and this is exactly how Albert planned it. Michel is just trying to exorcise the ghost of all the Seychellois he has killed during his tenure with Albert, including his son who supposedly committed suicide because he did not want to attend NYS.

The ghosts of all the people who has suffered under Albert and Michel still live. They will haunt thesetwo until they too depart from this Earth, so that they may face our Creator who will surely judge them for their actions and cast them to the gates of hell where they belong. Justice will prevail.

As for the EXPAT who does not seem to understand English by saying that the Gills and other bloggers are blaming Expats for their problems, I have this to say to you:

You came to our country in search of a better life or to engage in some form of business. No one has persecuted you. You have the freedom to return home if you are not happy here. However, for us Seychellois, we have nowhere else to go. Seychelles is and will always remain OUR country. We did not ask you to come here. You came on your own free will. Now start respecting the few laws we have and more importantly, respect our culture and our way of life. Even more important to note is that we don't vote in YOUR country. We don't get a passport from YOUR country. So why should you expect to become a citizen of OUR country just because you are here to work or to invest. We like the fact that you are here and we welcome you. But don't ask for citizenship and for God sakes, YOU should not be part of our electoral process. YOU my EXPAT friend are not a Seychellois, but a mere VISITOR to our land. If YOU wish to vote and make a difference, go back and vote in your native homeland.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that if all expats left what would happen to Seychelles!! You better be sure what you ask for mate! Now I know where to put my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Well if all expats leave we will have total controlled over our sovereign land now being illegal infested by foreigners that we the people never authorized SPPF to import onto our shores.

Then we will have Seselwa rasin taking their faith in their own hands as any other sovereign nation does.

We do exist as a Nation for other 350 years and we managed by our own sweats to move forward.

Likewise we have hundreds of highly qualified Seselwa Rasin who can do a better job than all those illegal immigrants to the likes of RAMBOSS a waif raised by Mere theresa in Calcutta who luckly with the helping hands of SPPF became multi-millionaire.

,Before Expats come Seselwa rasin and please don't tell us what is good for us like SPPF, we are educated and will decide our own faith.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Seychelles got independence in 1976, the running of the country was by the Europeans prior to that! You seem to have all messed it up. As for anybody, we all have the right to live on this earth. How many Seychelles citizens have left the Seychelles and taken up citizenship of other countries? They were never insulted by taking up citizenship of these countries. If you have a problem, take it up with your political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeanne d'Arc,
you claim to be well educated don't you know that Jeanne d'Arc was a paranoiac - schysophrenic? Looks like you choose the right pseudo? are you hearing voices as well? hahahahahahahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Those Seychellois who left this country to go abroad they did it by respecting the rules- of -laws of the countries that hoted them.
They were not brought in illegally in containers to any shores.

Likewise,those who have now double citiyenship did have them by following the normal and legal process of the country which hoted them not by illegally buying passports or paying bribes to obtain their passports.

As to Jeanne D^Arc my dear, she is a HERO and a PATRIOT in the history of French revolution,If you think i am kidding , ask Trauyan whoever the ex-French ambassador who has also illegally obtained our passport from SPPF shorttly, he will be keen to enlighten you on the issue.

Jeanne D-Arc

Anonymous said...

I agree that shipping people in through containers is illegal but that is not the issue. They are not claiming citizenship I presume.
Whoever bought citizenship, if the law at the time was so, then so be it. But I can tell you that there are many of us who have gained citizenship legally. The issue is not with expats raiding the country, it is the current system that exists. The people voted and so you have to accept the consequences.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 6 comments back, my English is perfect thanks,and no I do not wish for citizenship, nor to vote as POLITICS is a dirty word here and life is better without it. I came here at the request of a Seychellois business man to invest in his business, not for a better life as I had a very good life where I was.
In my country there are hundreds of Seychellois with citizenship, living good lives and have the right to vote and we welcome them without any preconditions apart from honesty, integrity and contributing to our society as opposed to being a burden on the state.
We also have lots of foreigners who we dont want, that are economic migrants, they contribute nothing and beg off the state and are a burden on local resources. But we don't treat all foreigners as unwelcome as your comments suggest you do, you are tarring us all with the same brush as RAMADOSS et al, this is what you call fair I suppose?

Anonymous said...

No Sir,we are not tarring you or better say putting you in the same basket as the likes of Ramboss.

let me explain,expats who got married to Seychellois for instance or those Like the gentleman who owned Plantation club before are welcome in our country as long as they respect and abide by the laws of the country which host them ,and that what we expect from you in the same way as you would expect us to do should we live in your homeland.

But in the case of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants for instance who have nothing to do here and we never authorized any respresentatives of SPPF to bring them here , are therefore illegal aliens then they must be dealt with as such.

Secondly when the same gang of illegals want to oppose their imported culture ,tradition etc on the ûs naitive instead of learning our culture and you have some who even want to rule us and already cavalcading our streets in Hindu religious procession then they must also be ready to face the consequences of their illegal actions.

As you rightly put it ,in your country you accept foreigners but not all,dito to us ,we accept legal expats not those dropped in containers somewhere in the woods of our country:It illegal both national and internationaly and it is a human right abuse.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc stop pussyfooting around what you want to say.

You've already said you don't mind the racist label.

There are specific races you are against, unless they have married into your roots and hide their dispicable origins.

Just like the "piti batar", who was sometimes allowed into the salon, but had to be very careful because anytime he could be ridiculed for not being grand blanc and thrown out.

Plus ca change.....

So it really is not about the rule of law, or the economics, or democracy. You want to make Seychelles into another Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Anonymous said...

Dear zann Dark,

Looks like you are confusing French Revolution with the Hundred Year's War. For that i will kindly bring you back to don't how much you make me laugh every day! hahahahaha...

As for Joan of Arc she appears to be the leading figure of french fascism according to the BBC news...hahahahahahaha... Not only are you proud to be coucou... hearing voices, but you are apparently revendicating that you are a fascist! hahahahahaha...please answer for me to laugh a little more today....hahahahahaha

Why don't you create your own icon in order to stimulate your imagination, for exemple a Dodo which has incidentally disappeared...hahahahaha...bloody foreigners ate them....

Hope it will educate you ,See the link below

Anonymous said...

Racism was never a part of our culture it has been imported to our shores by SPPF.,Michel prefers foreigners than his own people.

A good example is our institutions which have been completely infested by foreigners who are earning fat cat salaries and having lots of fun but haven't delivered anything in return for the perks they been pocketing.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

"infested.... foreigners....fat cat... perks"....uhm? Looks like you are kipping the xenophobic vocabulary up you smart Monkey? hahahahahahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands! Well considering the population of Seychelles seems now that you are out done. The majority rules. Times change, if Seychelles becomes a hindu dominant nation, well that is it's future.
I see no ills with the influx of hard working foreigners. They do not beg off the state now do they. They are hard working people who want to earn a living in this world.

Anonymous said...

Racism has always existed in the underbelly of Seychellois culture. From the original Settler/slave racism, through to ruler/clerk/worker colonialism, and on to wealthy/educated/poor classism; the only thing that has kept seychellois society together is a fantastic sense of humour and an easygoing attitude to life.

Now that the Racin-ist movement has rejected the two latter parts of its culture, it has exposed the roots of bile, despise and hatred that lies underneath.

You have to be Seychellois to understand the amount of venom that is injected into the term "malbar" (Indian) and "mazambik" (Black) whether it is used against new immigrants, or people with generations on the island.

The self-appointed executive committee of this Rasinist movement might claim that they are above such things, but you only have to read the comments from the grass roots to see the real agenda.

This is simply a suicidal approach to resolving some genuine issues that exist.

It hides the fact that this nazi Rasinist movement does not really have much unity if it engages in dialogue about details such as a fair tax policy within the Rasines themselves once they have done their ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

The Opposition (i notice that now SNP has jumped on the bandwagon) had/has to find a rallying cry and agenda for the forthcoming elections. All the old cries have sort of been made obsolete (the SPPF/PL have adopted in twisted ways): Ethics Commision/declaration of assets, forex, too big govt, liberalisation...

Having been wrong footed and not having prepared for the long haul not have any real political phylosophy to rely on, the Opposition has only the nationalist agenda left. Nothing wrong with that- except that as pointed out above, it is only the laboutik malbar and malbar contruction workers who will bear the brunt of such an agenda. Ramadoss, the Russians that have taken over much of B Vallon, the Labriz Silhouette Maldivians, the Mauritians of Lemuria, Ste Anne and Port Launay will not be affected and are well protected.

All in all, this agenda may just give a sense of purpose to the Opposition, but it is unlikely to get them far. I sincerely believe that the majority of Indian Merchants have no interest in politics, but the way the Opposition is coming down on them, i will not be surprised if they contriubute volountarily (or coerced) in the SPPF/PL campaign fund (along with Khaliffa and the rest of the foreign capitalist), i am unsure as how after whipping up the exnophonic sentiments, how the Opposition will go back to the merchants.

If we were to assume as correct that that many people have gotten nationality (yet to be proven by the Gills, despite the Electoral Register made available to Political Parties- surely the Gills can borrow that of SNP or NDP?), their names will not be removed by the SPPF/PL (other than legal/consitutional issues arising) due to political reasons. Therefore i am unsure how this could become one of the main theme of the Gill movement, surely logic dictates that one must first be in power to get rid of those people on the Register (same principle goes for allowing Seychellois abroad to vote)!

En passant Philip Boulle has launched his Presidential campaign on the theme of of Govt of Nat Unity! :)

Thoses were my humble thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Hey Vox.

I must say that your "humble thoughts" are worth their weight in Gold.

The SNP has adopted their new slogan "Sesel pe rode ou" and guarantees no more "DISCRIMINATIONS and POLITIC SABOULE." It is very good to see that Ramkalawan has re-invented himself.

With all due respect, the Brothers Gill have lost the plot and they should come down from their "Ivory Tower" and behave like all decent Seychellois behave without making bloody fools of themselves.

King regards.....TIKLO

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, i thought the SNP slogan is 'Sesel i bezwen nou/ou' or something similar. Frankly it takes a lot more than a new logo, an unfinished website, one new song to win an election. I do not call this re inventing one self, but more of the same, very similar to when SPPF changed to Parti Lepep and had a new logo.

Chris Gill, i see your fans are expecting a lot from you!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't underestimate the Gills Tiklo, they have proved to be a 'morpyon anba grenn Misel' that has kept him jumping up and down. With all the digging that has been done a lot of dirty PLaundry has been hung up for everyone's viewing, espepcially the IMF, the US and not least the Seychellois.

This will not win Chris the coming election should he decide to be a candidate, but it will make a lot of people think twice about the PL and their doings. Mark my words when I say that there will be change regarding special priveleges to the likes of Khalifa and Ramadoss. Many have simply had enough and will react in one way or another. The people can be taken for fools sometimes, but not all the time Tiklo. Just look at your pathetic comments here and what they have achieved: sweet nothing as your poor attempt of charming your way through simply isn't working anymore.

As to James Michel and typical PL tactics prior to elections in order to win votes by for instance cancelling loans and dishing out other freebies I believe he'll have a harder time doing these now with the IMF breathing down his neck and I somehow have my doubts that Ramadoss will be willing to part with his $$$ to help Michel to that extent. Mind you, Krejcir said enough was enough too back then and we all remember how that went. Embarrassing subject eh? :-D

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To all those who support the Rasin-ist cause and who have expressed condolences for my Dad's passing on the first anniversary of his death I thank you and The Mouvman thanks you. Please do me a personal favor and drop a flower in the ocean in remembrance of my Dad's passing.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You are not a Seychellois. You are a Fabrike. We Seychellois know who we are, you are not one of us, no matter how you obtained your citizenship. You are a Fabrike.

To those Fabrike, and you appear to be one of them, who bought their citizenship, this was immoral and unconstitutional act. A Rasin-ist government will revoke it. If you have not voted in our elections, or violated our laws in any way, you can stay in our country and contribute to its development and to the well being of the Seselwa Rasin people. If you decide to leave and we need your skills, we will replace you with a foreigner who does not demand to own our country or to be immune from our laws in order to provide us with the skills we need to develop our own homeland.

You say that many Seychellois exiles have been granted citizenship in foregn lands. That is not our concern. What foreigners do in their own country and the morality and legality of those actions are for them to determine. We Rasin are concerned with our country. In our country you cannot become a Seselwa Rasin and own our country unless a majority of Rasin voting agree to your particular request to become a Rasin - just like they do in some districts in Switzerland.

You say we blame foreigners for a political problem caused by our own people. You are wrong. The first people we blame for selling us out to foreigners and Fabrike are the PP Collaborators who are traitors to their own people and have sold us out to Fabrike like you and Ramadoss and foreigners like Khalifa.

But since Fabrike like you and Ramadoss support and keep the PP Collaborators in power we must defeat you Fabrike to defeat the PP Collaborators. At the present time, the Indian Fabrike in our country led by Ramadoss, are at the forefront of the effort to steal our country from us Seselwa Rasin. So we must fight the Indian Fabrike with all our might. If we must crush them, so be it - we will crush them and those who vote in our elections, we will deport them.

You say we are full of hate. You are wrong again. We only love Sesel Pou Seselwa. When we have a Sesel Pou Seselwa those Fabrike, including Indian Fabrike, who have not voted in our elections or violated our laws will become our friends. We hold no grudges against any nationality and against any color. We will fight any nationality and of all colors who try to steal our country from us.

You say some of our Rasin-sist followers are not following the Rasin-st Creed by engaging in rasist declarations and actions. I say we Rasin-ists will educate ourselves not to hate anyone but to love what belongs to us - our motherland. We are a new movement and only now getting used to respecting our distinct identity. The country you come from EXPAT has been grappling with those issues for hundreds if not thousands of years. We will find the right balance between ourselves and for ourselves only.

But what is clear Expat is you cannot have our country - get used to that. We Seselwa Rasin will fight you hand to hand in the streets of Victoria to retake our country from the PP Collaborators and their Fabrike friends. That day is coming soon - get used to that too.

Anonymous said...

To Leonard Francis Gill


Anonymous said...

SIR,as have been said on numerous occassions such expats to your likes are welcome here.You are doing business in a joint venture with Seychellois,thus participating in the development of this land and giving Seychellois work.

Likwise a hope you landed on our shores by following the legal process of our land.If so welcome to Sesel, but keep in mind SESEL TO SESELWA though.

Now let us scrutinize RAMBOSS Intentions and this can be supported by his wicked actions shortly wherby he manipulated votes to keep himself at the helm of SCCI.

Since he illicity hold this position ,hundreds of Indians have been illegally brought to our shores including his two bothers ,with the sole intention of colonizing our lands in order to help SPPF and maybe later himself to grab power.

What we have seen shortly by his re-ection is a precusor of what is coming up in the next coming election namely votes manipulation.

He is so use to such wicked practices that he was not even disturbed to fraud the votes in the day light.

We must deal with this Malbar FABRIKE firmly and this immediately.

Jeanne D'Arc

Carlos the Jackal said...

True colours slowly rising to the fore but not sure how we could translate 'seig heil' in Kreol ;-)

Anonymous said...

It’s been a while since my last contribution, and I have been using that time, to analyze the trend of the comments.

As a result, I feel that we need to really take a step back here and take a deep breath.

Some of the words being used and the way that they can be interpreted, need to be scrutinized, before there is a lack of control on the outcome or it fosters misinterpretation of the noble cause that the movement is trying to achieve.

I agree that there needs to be a movement for Seychelles’ national interest, as well as a group that has Seychellois interest at heart. This is needed at this moment in our history and development.

Those who came by illegal means and are here to rape our islands should of course leave. This would be true in any other civilized and democratic country.

The principle of Sesel Pour Seselwa is something that we all should all aspire to.

My advice is that in order to get to the next stage of its development and have a legitimate chance to make more than just a ripple in the water, there needs to be more sound and concise strategies and firm stances on issues, that will attract supporters and not alienate any potential members of the electorate to a point that those sitting on the fence, feel that their interests will be better served with the government.

Let us please be smart about this.

Maybe Christopher and others are already working on this, of which I support them, and hopefully we will be able to read soon. I say this because I feel that the people are getting anxious.

There needs to be a plan, a party manifesto, along with the Sesel Pour Seselwa stance on the following issues, but not limited to:
o Local Business
o Corruption
o 4.05 Billion
o Land
o Balance of Payments
o Cleaning Up Politics
o Climate Change and Energy
o Community Relations
o Agriculture
o Crime
o Culture, Media and Sport
o Defense
o Economy
o Environment
o Africa
o Pirates
o Family
o Foreign Affairs
o Health
o Housing
o Immigration
o Parastatals
o International Development
o Jobs and Welfare
o Justice
o Prison System
o Drugs
o HIV and other ills of society
o Motivation of the population
o Social Affairs
o Fishing
o Utilities
o Local Government
o National Security
o Pensions and Older People
o Schools
o Technology
o Human Rights
o Transport
o Universities and Skills
o Women and Equality

It is only then that more supporters will be attracted to the group, which will make more impact to achieve the Sesel Pour Seselwa objective.

The above needs to be discussed, structured and agreed upon, to move forward and prevent the party’s intentions from being confused with racism or any other jargon that the government will label it as.

Loving your country should mean having pride for its beauty and all it has to offer – inclusive of sincere and decent individuals who are not the same as us.


Leonard Francis Gill said...


If you do not claim to be Seychellois, and I erroneously concluded that you were from your previous comments, my apologies. I and the Rasin-ist Mouvmen have no quarrel with you, and we appreciate your contribution even if we do not agree with what you have to say.

To Vox:
We do not care what the Indian merchants do or say. If they contribute to the PP Collaborators so they can keep their right to call themselves Seychellois, that is their option. We will still confront them and defeat them. Those who chose to vote in our elections we will deport them.

Rasin-ism is not solely about electioneering and opprotunitstic politics as the PP Collaborators have engaged in. We will contest and win the next election. And we will do it on Rasin-ist grounds. We do not intend to go with a begging bowl to Fabrike merchants to get money from them selling out our country to them just so we can win an election. If we do not win the election and the PP Collaborators use their Fabrike friends to stay in power they will feel the wrath of the Seselwa Rasin people. If we refuse to allow the Collaborators to govern with the help of their Fabrike friends they will not be able to. If they persist in selling out our motherland, as they seem to, we will have a revolution and bring them to justice for their crimes against their own people.

Insofar as the electoral list is concerned, we have attempted several times to obtain it from an existing party. It is my understanding these efforts have not met with any success. We have also been informed that Gappy intends to make the list available to political parties in digital format. When we establish our party we will seek a copy of the Electoral List and we will publish it - something which Gappy should have done.

To Jackal - You make fun of our ideology by comparing us to Nazi-ism. But that simply shows you are ignorant of our Creed and have probably not even read it. We Rasin-ists, unlike Nazis, do not believe we are superior to anyone. We believe we should be treated equally before the law in our own homeland as foreigners and Fabrike who have bribed the PP Collaborators to be above the law are treated - we believe that all persons in our homeland should be treated equally before the law. We also believe that we have the exclusive right to own and control our motherland just like the Swiss and just like the people in Monaco and just like the people in Lichtenstein. Each of these states are small countries who guard the right to becoming a citizen of their countries knowing that selling citizenship to all comers will endanger their ownership and control of their countries.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To TIKLO: I have just paid respects to my late Father's memory on the first anniversary of his death. I am absolutely sure he would be extremely proud of what I am doing with the modest intelligence he provided me, and the education he worked hard to make available to me. I am absolutely sure that my late Father was and would be aghast at you PP Collaborators selling out our country to foreigners like Khalifa and Fabrike like Ramadoss. He fought against the British to make Seychelles for Seychellois not for Ramadoss and Khalifa.

You say we Gill Brothers are in our ivory tower. Yes you are right. We have been studying hard and engaging in long arduous and difficult discussions within our Leadership Committee and on this Blog, and we have been considering the contributions of people like Patrick X, Jeanne D'Arc and others in formulating our Creed. You of all people TIKLO, a close friend of the Butcher, should know that revolutionary change does not start in the streets. They start with ideas formulated in ivory towers.

Now that we have studied and thought and argued and discussed and formulated our Creed, we are ready to go into the district and the streets. So you will get your wish. We Gill Brothers and all other Rasin-ists will see you and your fellow Collaborators on the front lines in the streets until we defeat you, and take our country back from you Collaborators and bring you to justice for your crimes against the Seselwa Rasin - your own people.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To TIKLO: I have just paid respects to my late Father's memory on the first anniversary of his death. I am absolutely sure he would be extremely proud of what I am doing with the modest intelligence he provided me, and the education he worked hard to make available to me. I am absolutely sure that my late Father was and would be aghast at you PP Collaborators selling out our country to foreigners like Khalifa and Fabrike like Ramadoss. He fought against the British to make Seychelles for Seychellois not for Ramadoss and Khalifa.

You say we Gill Brothers are in our ivory tower. Yes you are right. We have been studying hard and engaging in long arduous and difficult discussions within our Leadership Committee and on this Blog, and we have been considering the contributions of people like Patrick X, Jeanne D'Arc and others in formulating our Creed. You of all people TIKLO, a close friend of the Butcher, should know that revolutionary change does not start in the streets. They start with ideas formulated in ivory towers.

Now that we have studied and thought and argued and discussed and formulated our Creed, we are ready to go into the district and the streets. So you will get your wish. We Gill Brothers and all other Rasin-ists will see you and your fellow Collaborators on the front lines in the streets until we defeat you, and take our country back from you Collaborators and bring you to justice for your crimes against the Seselwa Rasin - your own people.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Your comment and suggestions are very well taken. Go to our Facebook page Mouveman Seselwa Rasin. Many of the categories, but not all, that you describe has been addressed, in one form or another, in the Rasin-ist Creed. This has been done in a general format. Ultimately we will have comprehensive strategies to deal with many of the significant areas you outlined.

Additionally, we cannot be too concerned about what the PP Collaborators will say or do. No matter what ideology is outlined that protects and promotes Seselwa Rasin interests they will call it racist, even if we do not discriminate against any race. They need to do this to allow them to continue to keep power and sell out our country. Our job, as Rasin-ists, is to point out this basic fact. If we do not discriminate against any race how can we be racist?

The opportunistic Collaborators call us racist because we insist they have no right to sell out our country to Fabrike like Ramadoss and foreigners like khalifa. This accusation is one more piece of mere PP Collaborator propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Jackal"SIEG hEIL" equates VICTORY in English and it is a German word not a CREOLE one.
Note that our grand parents went to fight NAZI on the side of the allies in Europe to defence Freedom.It was not their war but still they were ready to sacrify their own lives to save freedom.

And Jackel if you a Nazi or a the son or daughter of a ex- Nazi please don^t put the blames of your parent's crimes on us.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


One day we shall know how and why your late Father felled out of favour with his Party Coleagues under the Leadership of a very desisive and incisive FAR.

Another top Official in the SPPF hierarchy that I will not name, was told by FAR that he should not use his Government Ute to carry "zerb bef" on his way home every day towards Baie Lazare way because people were complaining that he was using his Government provided transport for his own personal use.

That top Official did not pay any heed and FAR gave him his marching orders and burnt him completely.

Now if your late Father got shot down in flames too, hopefully FAR will tell us in his memoire.

For your information Francis Gill, for you to think like FAR, you have got to know FAR. Like your father eventually found out, FAR is everybody's Friend, and a Friend to nobody. I only wish that you would stop talking and listen to what everybody is trying to tell you, we would all be better off.

Anonymous said...

JACKAL "SEIG HEIL" equates VICTORY in English and it is not a CREOLE word.

Just to refresh your mind. Before you compare us to NAZI note that our grand parents went on to fight NAZI on the side of the allies in the second world war in EUROPE.They sacrificed their lives in a war that was not theirs nor ours but one between EUROPEANS.

And Jackal if you the son or daughter of an ex-nazi,please don^t put the blames of your grand parent's crimes on us.

SIEG=victory ,Heil =holy is not creole but your mother tongue German.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

And by the way Francis, TIKLO says that you can call FAR the Legend in his own Lifetime what ever you want, History will be the Judge.

And Seychelles has no place for Radicals like you and your brother.


Anonymous said...

Tiklo we would prefer to have radicals than a gang of communists crooks at the helm of our country .

What differs radical and SPPF communists is that the former would never sell their ass to foreigners to the likes of Khalifa .

Likewise Michel has travelled to Lybia to beg and indebt our country further more .In retrun GHADAFI would probably claim a stake on our land to,thus come to join the Arabs club of despots on our shores.

And my warning to your SPPF friends Tiklo, Ghadafi is not a man to play with If you bull shit him he will give you the double.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, i forgot to inform you, Michel has launched a book with all his monolog and prolix speeches(old wives' stories). I am sure it will interest you.

SPPF needs money for their coming electoral campaign Tiklo. Our coffers are empty or being emptied by PL.There is no single cent left for them to embezzle.They are then calling you for help.

Each dollar counts Tiklo ,helps your mentor by buy his book now.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


My late Father never took a penny on the government payroll like your friend Rene the Butcher. He fell out with Rene the Butcher because Rene the Butcher became a dictator of our country and enriched himself and his family at the expense of our motherland and of his own people the Seselwa Rasin. If the Butcher has any other set of facts, he can say it now on this Blog anonymously, or he can have you say it for him like he does everything else.

You say there is no room for radicals like me and my brother Christopher, both Seselwa Rasin, in Seychelles. Yet you have room for the likes of Khalifa who will tell your friends Rene the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator what kind of entry stamp to put on our passport. There is no room for me and my brother but there is room for the likes of Ramadoss who appears to have bribed you Collaborators for favorable business conditions and to be above our laws. There is no room for me and my brother but there is room for Rene the Butcher who butchered his own people for power and money.

What there is no room for in our motherland are traitors who sell out their own people to Fabrike like Ramados and to foreigners like Khalifa. There is plenty of room for Seselwa Rasin like Christopher and myself who tell the truth and who are working to protect Seselwa Rasin ownership of our motherland so that your great grandchildren will have a homeland when Collaborators like you have spent all the ill gotten gains you obtained from selling out your own people to Fabrike and to foreigners.

You say I should stop talking and start listening. I will not listen to nonsense from the Butcher, the legend in his own mind, so he can give me reasons why I should accept his corruption and accept the fact that Collaborators like him are selling out our country from right under our noses. I do not need to listen to Collaborator propaganda that says Rasin-ism is racism when we do not discriminate against anybody. In short I will not listen to Collaborator nonsense. I will listen to the Rasin-ist Creed that shows me how to recover my motherland from you traitors and Collaborators and bring you to justice for the crimes you have committed against your own people - the Seselwa Rasin.

Anonymous said...

Well said Francis! If Rene 'cleared' someone out of the way it was either because that someone was more intelligent than him and was therefore a threat. The other ones he 'cleared' were those who would contradict him or blow the whistle on his stealings. Oh yes, then there were those who stole or tried to steal what he was about to steal.

Oh yes, there were some Rene spared though: those with a conscience, but they were conveniently given jobs elsewhere, i.e as embassadors, consuls etc. Out of sight, out of his way.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Marc j when Rasin will be in Power.If you elegal in our country volunteryily,we will put you by force on a Plane,and if you insist,we might sent you back on the same container.Rasin dont what to see those conqueror to Divide our nation and take over like they did in Fiji.Seychelles pour seslwa.

Seslwa Rasin

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