Friday, April 16, 2010


Last week we touched on the need to relook at the Air Seychelles ‘strategy’ for Great Britain because continuing on the path they are on, the visitor arrival figures from the UK will be nonexistent in the very near future.

Everyone in Seychelles today is following the country's visitor arrival numbers closely. The Tourism Board has managed to get the population interested in their country's tourism industry. This was important because that industry remains the bread and butter for our country and for every Seychellois.

This week we ask the question – “Where did Seychelles go wrong when compared with its competing neighbours of Mauritius and the Maldives who are today receiving hundreds of thousands in tourists?” The three countries’ tourism industry started at around the same time, but 1977 put brakes on the Seychelles when the other two neighbouring inlands were allowed to take off alone (ie. the private sector was allowed to participate fully). The old sayings that ‘we are not maids to tourists’ and that ‘tourism is not our bread’ have had their negative impact on the way Seychellois treated our tourists. In fact, the major point that killed our tourism industry was the socialist model of economy; imposing all the funding of all social benefits for the population on to the back of each and every tourist who landed on our shores for a holiday. Seychelles became more expensive as a destination and today we are still trying to shake off this notion.

But in the ‘70s, Seychelles was being serviced by British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, South African Airways, Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Air Mauritius among many others and we did not have our Air Seychelles. Our priority at that time was to bring planes to Seychelles to drop passengers here and pick up passengers en-route to other countries. We were becoming a small hub. But we got greedy and froze the capitals of these airlines and they could not take their money out and one by one they left. A huge air access void was created and the socialist / communist government of Albert Rene had no choice but to create an airline for the survival of the tourism industry…

Maldives continued with the format of not going for their own National Airline, and to date they are served by most airlines of the world freely to drop and pick up passengers at will. Mauritius has an airline but one that is controlled by Mauritians looking at Mauritius and at its economic consolidation.

Today Seychelles is again relooking at new found optimism for its tourism industry. Airlines are slowly coming back. Emirates is the biggest new kid on the block with six flights and will soon be bringing in their seventh flight when permission is granted. Qatar operates four flights a week and Ethihad are also confirmed with flights or landing rights. Air Austral & Kenya Airways have two flights weekly. There is no doubt that the arrival of these carriers has eaten up in the market share of Air Seychelles as their loads have dropped to merely 60%.

Now the question is, “What is the role of Air Seychelles - to be the insurance for our tourism industry or an airline competing against those other airlines bringing tourists to our shores?” Are the Air Seychelles flights to Mauritius part of the economic plans of the government? Does taking Seychellois shopping to Mauritius take precedence over possible flights to bring tourists to Seychelles from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, India or China? What makes the most sense for our Seychelles Tourism Industry and the country's economy? Would Air Mauritius move in on the Seychelles / Mauritius route if it was encouraged and would they want to extend their flight to India or Singapore? Are the old Mauritians and the British tourists travelling through Seychelles on tickets booked by the Mauritian Company in London our only preoccupation?

Seychelles needs an air policy reform and a review of the Air Seychelles operations. Some good & influential board members sit at Air Seychelles, namely Daniella Payet Alis, a respected Tour Operator, Simone Decommarmond, the former Minister of Transport, herself formally the head of the country's Administration, Jean Paul Adam, the Secretary of State, Veronique Herminie, Principal Secretary among others. Please grab our airline and let us make sense of why it exists. FIRE THE MAURITIAN, not tomorrow, but date the letter of termination yesterday!!

Next week we shall look at the Domestic Service linking Mahé to Praslin. Today only Air Seychelles exists and we are told it is losing money when we had two companies in the past and both made loads of money and they did not have the hefty salary of the Mauritian Rajiv on their payroll.


Anonymous said...

Air Seychelles is a necessary evil for the government. Necessary because it is needed politically and needed to boost natiionalism. It also employs around 1% of the population, but has been losing money for quite a while now and unfortunately is living on borrowed time. However, allowing Air Seychelles to go bust will lead to the PL losing votes from its employees and other supporters and it would cause too much embarassment.

So what does the PL do? They allow Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and others to compete Air Seychelles out so that the planes can conveniently be outsourced to fly to exotic destinations like the Falklands. Flights to European capitals are becoming more and more seldom and every new venture is soon abandoned(Bangkok, Moscow etc). What the PL is doing with Air Seychelles is the same thing our forefathers did with the 'abriti' of the family: They conveniently hid them away.

I am sure that after the election in 2011, the PL will find that the time is right to desintegrate Air Seychelles using some lame excuse to save face. Doing it now however would be too much to bear.

Personally I think Air Seychelles has already lost to the others that fly up to 6 times a week to and from Mahe. The only part of Air Seychelles that should be kept is the domestic part. I am positive that there is an agenda between the Arabs and James Michel regarding Air Seychelles. A while back I heard that emirates had purchased 50% of the shares, but ever since this has gone all silent....just like everyhing else. Can anybody confirm?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

May be the real "Abriti" should tell us how many Airlines have gone broke....and which Airlines have not been losing money. Right now with such chaotic conditions prevailing in Europe with the Volcanic ashes disaster, the Airlines are losing millions upon millions of dollars. Quantas Airline can't even take off from Australia and the Passengers are stranded. I would not want to be at Heathrow Airport right now.

Instead of this "Abrite" shifting the blame on PL, we should seize this opportunity to ask Mrs. Dianella Payet-Alis who is a Member of the Board of Air Seychelles and also who has been a special contributor to Star in regards to the going ones of SCCI that she is also a Member of, to tell us what is really going on with Air Seychelles.

Where does she stands in regards to the questions being asked by the Star Contributor without a name. We will be able to know first hand what are our Airline's constraints.....she may tell us if it is the fault of another Indian who this time comes from Mauritius that has so much Power causing Air Seychelles' such grief and woes?. Should our good Friend Dr. Ramadoss put one more feather in his cap by taking Air Seychelles over and turn things around?.

Mrs. Dianella having been a Tour Operator based in France where she started must be one of the biggest XXXX earner for Seychelles. It would be just fantastic to hear what she has to say about Air Seychelles directions, aims and objectives in response to the Criticisms that has just been levelled at her in her capacity as a Board Member of Air Seychelles.

For the time being, let me say this to the real "Abriti"...If Emirates bought 50% of Air Seychelles Share, where does it says that they cannot do this Transaction if they so wish?.

Anonymous said...

Air Seychelles has failed just as our country has failed under SPPF.As the saying goes "UNCLE SAM AND UNCLE TOM YES THEY ARE THE SAME MAN".

For years David Savy has not been keeping audits not because he does not how to do it but intentionally in order to embezzle our Dollars,just like SPPF at the ministry of fiance under Michel, G.ADAM at SEPEC,Glenny at IDC, and so forth to enrich themselves.

For instance,BEOING had paid compensation to all companies affected by the delay in delivery of their B- 787 ,no one Seychelllois knows to date how much did DAVID pocketed .

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


One thing though: Would the compensation affect Air Seychelles directly or the company the planes are leased though, i.e the one who is the official owner? I'm not so sure wether Air Seychelles ordered the planes directly or are 'owning' them through leasing agreements. Naturally the impression is that Air Seychelles 'owns' planes, but the fact is that they are leased and I'm sure that also applies for the new ones. Now, as to why they were ordered is to me a mystery as the chances of them flying to and from Seychelles are pretty slim indeed since their share of the market is reducing every day that goes by due to competition from not less than 3 Arabian airlines.

The same story applies for 'our' tankers who are(at least were so until recently) all registered owned by each their respective company on Isle of Man, this with the exception of one. We brag about owning and keeping things in Seychelles, yet our national tankers were registered elsewhere. I wonder why.

The unexplicables withing our business ventures never seems to end and clear answers are hard to come by if the people controlling these ventures are asked. And those supporting them, well they answer with agression and insults. Isn't that right TIKoLOr?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Air Seychelles as an airline has good intentions. It is there to help promote and build the economy of Seychelles. However, all of this is on paper.

The reality is that it is run by inexperienced managers who would not be able to survive in a real competitive aviation environment.

How many of them have only gained experience from Air Seychelles? There is only so much that IATA courses can provide you.

Air Seychelles as an airline is not in a complex environment. Let’s face it, they only have one destination to sell! It makes it easier when that destination is one of the most beautiful on Earth. At the same time, they benifit in that we are on an island that naturally people have to fly from.

How would these people running Air Seychelles fair, if they were running an airline with over 75 destinations / offices and with 10,000 staff? Do you see my point?

The issue with Air Seychelles is that bad decisions are made in terms of route profitability, staff training, aircraft leases, agent sales incentives and a lack of budgetary funds to have quality products that make it competitive with other carriers.

If the Air Seychelles management were honest with themselves, they would agree that they spend most of the day drinking tea, gossiping, walking around Victoria, using the company’s vehicles and checking out the internet. This is very sad.There are many more issues that need to be dealt with.

However, it is not their fault that they do that, as they do not know any better. This mentality is everywhere in government.

If there is anyone to blame, it is the senior management and the board of directors.

I once wrote on STAR my thoughts regarding HM, but for those who were not able to read it, the main points are:
- The board does not have qualified people on it. What have they done to deserve to be on a board of an airline? As examples: JP Adam is a false prophet and does not deserve any posts that he has. If Mrs. Decomarmond was so good, why did she get kicked out of tourism. At the end of the day, does the board not question anything?
- David Savy needs to understand his staff and the business more and make decisions based on strong business cases and not just what Mr. Rajiv gives him. Basically it’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

As we often do, us Seychellois forget to place ourselves in the bigger and global context of things. We may be amazing professionals on the islands, but that is about it in most cases. Although, I do believe we have amazing talent here that are untapped or being pushed aside that could help our country.

I remember a while ago, a group of us over-heard JPA make a statement at a local nightclub that he prefers to be in Seychelles, because he is somebody here.

Ultimately, Air Seychelles is only a representation of the government.

It is our national carrier and we can only hope for the best. Hopefully it is not to late.


Anonymous said...

So Monsieur Bee,

By all means, keep on buzzing and especially when you are on a good thing, stick to it.

But why would you bring Mrs. de Commarmond, David Savy and JPA into your line of criticism and not a mention of the other Members of the Air Seychelles Board?.

Silly me I should have known better before asking stupid questions. The three above mentioned persons are Government Public Servants and the others own their own businesses.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm? Could it be that because it is those who are the upper crust of Air Seychelles, especially David Savy who runs the show?

Anyhow, I must say that I give the Air Seychelles ground and airborene staff full points for their service and attitude. It is not there the problem lies, but in the upper crust who makes the decisions and controls the economy of the airline.

The airline itself does not, from an economical point of view, have the right to life as they simply are not making enough money. Nothing wrong with the government helping out, but the problem is that the government is keeping Air Seychelles on life support just for appearances sake as there is too much competition that has been allowed by guess who, correct, teh same ones that 'own' Air Seychelles.

Sad if the airline should disappear, but it is inevitable as there are too many other airlines operating, airlines that have more planes and not least money which Air Seychelles doesn't have.

Of course however it is kept on life support, not only due to the fact that it employs 1% of the population, but also because David Savy's diaper is still being changed by step-daddy Rene and his helpers.

Shut the bloody thing down and retrain its people to function in other sections of our tourist industry instead of importing workers from abroad. The piolts will easily find work elsewhere and so will the flight crew if they wish to do so.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, thanks for the comments. Please review my own full comments regarding HM I made on this site a few months ago. In it,I mention all the people on the board, plus other points of view regarding staff, HR, ground staff etc..

So your arguement stating that I am focusing only on the government connections, does not stand.

However Mr. Anonymous, even if you are silly, I will still reply to your questions any time.

Monsieur Bee :)

Leonard Francis Gill said...

The situation at Air Seychelles is just a symptom of the failure by the PP Collaborators to develop a comprehensive economic development strategy and stick to implementing it faithfully over decades. The Collaborators have lurched between communist ideology, when that was convenient and necessary for them to impose a dictatorship, to socialism when that was convenient to maintain some political support and now to market capitalism because it has allowed them an ideological veneer to impose crony capitalism on us and steal or sell to Fabrike and foreigners whatever is not nailed down in our motherland. In short the PP Collaborators are simply opportunists doing whatever it takes to keep power and fill their pockets. Air Seychelles is just one cog in this effort and has suffered as a result, like the rest of the homeland.

Here is a small anecdote to emphasize this opportunistic character of the PP Collaborators. My late Father was fond of recalling a discussion he had with Michel the Collaborator shortly before the 1977 Coup. Michel told my late Father that tourism was so unimportant to our country that it was not our dupain ni nou diber - tourism was not our bread nor was it the butter on our bread. In typical fashion my late Father responded "zis en couyon pas reconet ki touris y nou diber ek nou dupain - only an idiot cannot recognize that tourism was both our bread and our butter." The implication was to take great care with our tourism development. The PP Collaborators did the opposite for decades.

Meanwhile our competitors have remained focused on improving and developing their tourist product to maximize revenues to their governments that can be used to enhance the well being and general competitiveness of their countries.

A Rasin-ist government will correct this error with a comprehensive economic development plan and strategy of which Air Seychelles will play a key strategic role - but that role must be clearly identified and then it must be diligently and coherently implemented.

Anonymous said...

Is it not amazing that when we are in Opposition, we seem to have
the solutions and answers to any problems or issues that come to our attention?.

Please Francis Gill, do let us know which District you are putting your Candidature. I shall donn lord mon Dallon Rasin in convincing 3 rasins who will convince 3 more rasins who will convince 3 more rasins and before you can say boo, you will have Rasins crawling out of the woodwork left right and centre to cast their Votes your way. All you have to do Francis, is to let TIKLO know in advance where you intend to stand in the coming elections akoz ou pa Zom Kouyon Mate.

Anonymous said...

I reply to the writer,concerning "firing the mauritian, date letter yesterday".

The current date will do, we do not have to resort to tactics Rene, SPPF PP have taught us.

The Board of Air Seychelles is weak in business acumen, hence, it makes bad business judgment. This cost the airline money,and threatens it viability. Savy is a "golden boy"-CEO that cannot be touched. Michel is politically too weak to even sneeze in his direction.

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...


If called to stand by The Mouvman I will do so. If that happens I will let you know right after.

I look forward to meeting you and Rene the Butcher on that field as well.

I will defeat you there just like I have defeated you here with my ideas and the ideas of The Mouvman.

Anonymous said...

To Francis,

Why is it that I am under the impression that your are the "Mouvment?." Do you agree with such a statement from TIKLO or do you think TIKLO has lost his bloody marbles?.

Take care in the meantime young Man and as you draft your reply, just take on board that "Experience is the Best Teacher".

Anonymous said...

Please be advised that we need someone to direct the the airline! Be it whoever! As long as we can survive in this environment! No one at Air Seychelles has ever been laid off!! We have survived up to now for the past several decades under the present government, I do not really understand what the big deal is!!

Anonymous said...

The big deal is that Air Seychelles is living on borrowed time on life support sponsoredby the tax payers. The big deal is that the airline is alive only because it is a political tool, not a tool for making money. The final big deal is that Air Seychelles may not survive the flight restrictions imposed over European airspace. Just to mention a few.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

So here we see that many of you would like to see the down fall of all the workers who are trying to feed their family!! While the government may be assisting the national airline and in effect helping to keep jobs. Very funny when other governments help out their national airlines or companies that is fine. Yes tax payers have to foot the bill, but they are the ones that elected the present government in whom they have put their trust.

Anonymous said...

The government always brags that jobs are plenty in Seychelles, hence justifying the import of forsign labour. If that is true tehn those workers would have no problems feeding their families as they'll easily find work elsewhere in the country.

As to airlines serving Seychelles by bringing in tourists they are in excess. The point which you communists don't understand is that a business needs to make money else it has to shut. Bailing out is ok when the business is of major significance to the country's economy, but I can hardly say that Air Sez qualifies for that category as it is simply a money drain.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Governments are supposed to be held accountable, Anonymous.

Air Seychelles, like Patrick X says, needs new blood. It needs new life.

After all, it is a business organization that is engaged in an industry where costs are very high and profit margins are very low - at times not even reaching 5-10%.

Therefore, there are many critical elements to its success and survival.

Governments, who are in positions to assist their respective airlines and feel a necessity to do so because of their own objectives, often do. But this is at a great cost.

Any decent government would assist only if certain conditions are met by the airline. That includes and is not limited to, having a strong plan in place to remove itself from the negative situation it is in and a long term strategy for sustainability.

I and many others are very much in favor of HM, as it provides many families with an income and is an ambassador of our “Creole Spirit”.

However, as a tax payer, I am interested in having my hard earned money spent on things which provide a return on my investment taxes) and provides incremental benefit to our country.

The issue is that our population does not have a real grasp of how taxes work i.e. we know we are taxed this and that, buy do we know what is done with the money? Transparency, accountability and communication are important here.

Unfortunately, our government has failed miserably in this. So when a government project/parastatal fails, we are the ones paying the bill. That is not a good feeling.

Does anyone enjoy throwing money away?

If we are to maintain a carrier such as HM, then let’s make sure that it is money well spent.

To the previous previous Anonymous writer, the big deal is we need to be smart, spend wisely, and save for a rainy day, so that there can be a better tomorrow.

A mature and responsible government should be of the people, by the people and for the people. They need to be in our interest.

Think outside the red box.


Anonymous said...

There are no red boxes. Also I agree that governments should be held responsible but not all are. That is a fact that we have to live with. The people have voted and so be it. There is another chance coming, we will see.

Anonymous said...

Last year the government bailed out Air Seychelles,no single politicians ever asked DAVID SAVY for accountability before giving him more of our taxpayer's money.In any other countries he would have been sacked and investigated.

The same goes to SEPEC,IDC,PUC etc no audites kept for decades then we had YOUNG AND ENRST REPORT which SPPF has refused to publish to this day.Probably because of the extent of corruption enlightened by the report if released would have forced Michel to quit.

Our country needs real changes at all level of its institutions.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Bee, Seniore Patrick X and Seniora Zann Dark..

TKLO i le konnen akoz nappa - yes you are reading it right - akoz nappa kankan dan leo?.

In the meantime, Bougla Anonymous in bien dir zot ki Air Seychelles pa concern zot. Sa i konsern JAM. Sa ki pa kontan zot a vot pou Monsieur Ramkalawan a la prochaine fois. Pa limem ki pe rode zot?.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, Tiklo, you never fail to make us laugh at your ridiculous attempts of diverting the conversation. You say there is no kankan 'san leo' and I agree that there is no kankan because the lies are so many that all of your living up there have no more perspective on the truth. Your bunch lie so much that they have even started to believe it.

As to Air Seychelles and our concvern I can assure your sorry self that it is the uttermost concern of us Seychellois as it is our national airline, not Michel's or Rene's else it would probably be called Air Rene, Air Misel or Air Mini if it was named after the size of your brain.

Now the majority dod vote for Michel and I respect that, but I do not respedt the fact that he abuses the trust given to him by neglecting the people when it comes to matters of national concern upon which the happenings with Air Seychelles' economy is.

Now, David Savy has publically admitted that Air Seychelles is losing 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' due to the closure of European airspace so I guess that the 'kankan' you were referring to was after all not so 'kankan' after all now was it TIKLOR SEK...ehhh SIK whichever you prefer.

Now unless you have anything sensible to contruibute with I strongly encourage you to go back to wet-dreaming about those sports cars you keep on bragging about here. I do understand however why you do so. With a name like TIKLOR I guess you do need one of those. :-D

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Eoula Tiklo the butcher's chief lackey, it's that kind of mentality & arrogant attitudes that make us seselwa rasin more determine to remove PL from power.

Taxpayers have just recently bailed out Air Seychelles & you're saying that it doesn't concern them & non of their business. So, you're saying that Air Seychelles has a carte blanche to do whatever they want with our money such rewarding it's failed Chairmain/CEO with a colossal salary & bonuses & they shouldn't be held accountable. Wake up chief lackey & smell the revolution!

No wonder SPPF/PL has bankrupted our country because of the same untouchable attitudes.


Leonard Francis Gill said...


I appreciate your compliment that I am The Mouvman and The Mouvman is me.

I am only one of the several key players in The Mouvman; and not even one of the most important ones to boot - there are several more important players than me. I just do my assigned part.

I am not even aware of, or know of, and I am not even personally acquainted with, many of the people who are contributing to The Mouvman's efforts. In many cases I just see the results of what is being done without knowing how or who did it and when or whether it will be done; and that is the absolute truth - some of which activities, and the quality of the activities and dedication, have surprised even me - a person not easy to surprise.

No one person can do it all. The Mouvman is a collective effort owned by each individual Seselwa Rasin contributing however they can or are willing to contribute. But I appreciate the backhanded compliment that is implied in your comment that I have the superhuman abilities necessary to do it all.

I do not think you have lost your "marbles" as you put it, by concluding I am doing all the things The Mouvman is doing in all the areas it is operating - you are simply in denial of the extent of The Mouvman, as is often the case with people who have enjoyed absolute power for too long.

TIKLO get used to the fact that many people are working on a volunteer basis for The Mouvman volunteering their time and effort to remove you PP Collaborators from power and bring you to justice for your crimes against your own people. I am simply perhaps one of the most visible members because of my work for The Mouvman on the STAR Blog and its Facebook page.

On a different subject, your attitude that the solvency of Air Seychelles is not the concern of the Seselwa Rasin people is clear evidence of your belief that the Seselwa Rasin people are not owners of, and are not entitled to control their government and its instruments like Air Seychelles. Your belief is that this is for your close friends Rene the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator to decide by themselves backed by a stolen mandate.

It is this kind of arrogant thinking that requires Rasin-ism to correct - and we will through The Mouvman.

Anonymous said...

Tiklolor again with his terse reply and repulant habits.Tiklo after thirty^-six years using Tax payers money to keep Air Seychelles afloat whilst D.savy has continually been embezzled all the profits ,you think it is not our concern.

TIKOLOR you should be encouraging D .Savy to come out clear before Seselwa Rasin take over then there will be spacec for forgiveness.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


How dare you call Paul Chow a Terrorist?

Chow was thrown in Rene's jail after a coup, did you forget that?

Chow was stripped of his dignity as a man in Rene's jail without charge. Rene did not break Chow,Rene made Chow larger than life.

Today Chow walks the streets of Victoria like a man of dignty and success. How can you call him a Terrorist?

If Chow conducted covert operations against Rene in the 1 Party State, then say so, we will declare him a national hero, because if that is what he did, then that is what he is.

Chow has his faults, we all know, but how many murders is Chow credited with?

How many murders is Rene credited with TIKLO?

Anonymous said...

To Francis,

Please take a hint Mate. As far as TIKLO is concerned, TIKLO says that regardless of our Positions, we are singularly Seychelles because what we do and how we act and what we say about our Country of Birth reflects our Country's good or bad Image in our Communities both in the Seychelles and Overseas where ever we happen to be.

In a nutshell Francis, my question again to you is why are you, Chris and other Individuals in your "Mouvman" trying so bloody hard in creating the kind of animosity that may well haunt us all for the rest of our lives?.

Secondly, there is an urgent need for you to work on your Inter-Personal Relationship especially when refering to other persons in our Communities.

And by the way Francis, the reason why nappa nappa nappa nappa Kankan dan leo should have been quite obvious to all the so grand Savants that are behaving like dogs chasing their own bloody tails. San meme sa bann ki croire zot konn tou ketchoz....that they are the Ants' Pants or God's gift to the Seychellois. Nappa Kankan dan leo is because "la kolinn Montagne i rezonnen" bann donneur grenn....ha ha ha ha ha.

Again Francis, you are the "Mouvman" regardless of your rung up the ladder. So please, in future, do behave accordingly. We have just seen videos of the US Army Helicopters firing and killing un-armed Civilans including children. Now, do we add the tag "the butcher" behind President Obama's family name?.

In regards to Air Seychelles supposedly being "bailed out by Tax-Payers money", what will the British Voter do when they pass judgement on Britain's Budjet Blowout where Borrowing rose to Two hundred and fifty four billion pounds-[254 billion pounds]?.

The Campaign trail is on right now and very soon, the Judge, Jury and the Executioner whall be the British Voters.

Greece has just been bailed out, British Airways has sacked thousands and you supposedly bann "Patriot" are writing and blaming Air Seychelles where you can see where the money has gone in their new Office Building makes one come to the conclusion that really, your so-called "Patriotism"
is true about what they say is a true "Patriot" and that it is the last refuge of a Scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

Rewind the Room 412 tape number 13 and you will hear Gerard and Paul talking to Mike Asher in Seychelles ordering the elimination of the Minister for Defence Ogilvie Berlouis as they insisted that he[Berlouis] was the FORCE there.

When Asher asked what did they mean by elimination, both Gerard and Paul answered and I quote:"a permanent solution".

Now we can clearly separate the Real Heroes of the 5th of June and bann Kapon that were under the Protective Wings of the British Government. They would have thought different then if a British Airways flight halfway to Seychelles got blown up with the explosives that Edmond Camille had smuggled in the plane's cargo Section. What would Paul Chow be charged with if it was today?. That's right..A Terrorist. Another thing Anonymous, art pren Seychellois pou Embecile.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. very interesting to see all these skeletons flying out of the closet!!
Go on TIKLO, give us more juicy bits. Make the konplo 412 tapes available it will surely be the downfall of the so called powers behind Rene's throne today...
The judge, jury & executioner as you say is waiting with batted breath...

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I agree with you that all us Seselwa Rasin should strive to put our motherland in the best possible light.

That effort though begins with how we treat each other at home. We cannot butcher each other, sell out our country under each others noses, and sell our citizenship at home but say everything is OK to the outside world.

With that yardstick in mind, your best friend Rene the Butcher is the worst ambassador of his own people we have ever had.

Additionally TIKLO we are not creating animosity. We are correcting the consequences resulting from you and your PP Collaborator friends selling out our country. We are working for Sesel Pou Seselwa which your best friend the Butcher said was his goal to achieve when he was poor and needed to fleece us. That is why we do what we do TIKLO.

If you PP Collaborators revoke all Fabrike citizenship, amend the Constitution to issue no more Fabrike citizenships, recognize the right of all exiled Seselwa to have the absolute right to vote and then hold clean elections, I will stop - there will be nothing more that would please me and I would have nothing more to do; I will die a happy man regardless of what comes after - and I will reconcile, even with the Butcher, and never refer to him as such again. I can then go back to a life of anonymity, and let others more capable to do the politics, that I know I am ill suited for.

You say I am the real leader of The Mouvman even though I am the equivalent of the water-boy in this endeavor. But that is your prerogative. I know my place. But you are free to think what you want.

I agree with Anonymous that if Paul Chow was trying to overthrow the Butcher after the Butcher had imposed a dictatorship on us and occupied our country with foreign Tanzanian troops, then Chow is a hero. Release the Room 412 tapes that you say establishes that Chow was trying to overthrow the Butcher. Let us all hear them in their entirety. Give us a copy of the draft resolution to make Mancham President for Life that you say exists. Why are you hiding all these important documents but referring to them only when it suits you?

I challenge you to put them all on the internet, unedited, for all to listen to and the documents for all to see. We will make our own judgment about Chow and Gerard and Mancham - we already know about the Butcher's conduct.

Anonymous said...

Well said Francis! If Tiklor's heroes had 'documentation' that he's so obsessed with proving that there were assasination plans as described I believe that these tapes would have been made public. I wonder if Tiklor has similar tapes where Rene gave orders on the disappearance of people? Do you Tiklor or will you forever hold your piss....ehh peace on that matter?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Eoula TIKLO the butcher's chief lackey, if as you said that Rene is a man of the people & a hero. So, why does he has to surround himself with arm guards once he step outside his bubble? Why he can never walk the streets of victoria like la rue bazarre as a free man & with his head held high?
Why does where ever he goes he needs an army of AK47 as protection? Why does he still have a army camp on his private residence.
Tell us TIKLOR.....enlighten us.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and who is paying for those guards? Should he need guards as he no longer is the prezident? Interesting.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X and Francis,

A Young Afif was the Radio Compere when the Room 412 tapes were played live on Air every night of the week in it's entirety.

As to the Document found in Sir James top drawers that was waiting for Mathew Servina's signature, please refer to the SPUP's Main Man in Maxime Ferari's book Sunshine and Shadows.

Yes Francis, the same Doctor you featured with your late Father Edwin Gill in your last Post on STAR.

Another Factor that Francis refuses to acknowledge is when the person who shot Son Chang-Him was asked by FAR why did he had to kill Son, that person turned around, aimed the same gun towards FAR, and said "if you do not shut up, you will be next."

And Francis, Son was a personal Friend of mine. Yes he was a Hot Head and a confrontationist. I have witnessed his agression first hand on a number of occasion and I one of the few who could tell him to shut up so as to cool him down when I was around because he was my Friend. It is most unfair on your part to be calling FAR what you are still refering FAR to be. You are the only person who can mend your bad habits/ways because nobody can force you to do that.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (Friend of late Son)

In your eyes it is OK for the one who pulled the trigger on Son to 'get away with murder' because he pointed the gun at FAR ! It is this kind of attitude we have to change in Seychelles. People who kill should be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

And how many did FAR point the gun at and pull the trigger directly and/or indeirectly? Another case of do as I say and not as I do right?

Patrick X

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