Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Eden Island Seychelles -The New Johannesburg

If you fly into the Seychelles International Airport on a clear day, you will be fortunate enough to get a peak of the landscape of Mahe Island from the air and you will see Eden Island. As your pilot takes your plane down for a landing, if you are coming in from the north, from St. Anne Island, you will see the 56 hectare plus coral man made artificial island below you just before you land at the Seychelles International airport.

The artificial island is named “Eden Island” is home to 450 house units and a marina, partially completed, but not quite and it will be a while, before the completion ribbon is cut. The project is now well behind schedule by years, not days. Parts of Phase one are complete.

Over the years, I have made this flight into Mahe countless of times, and I am always anxious to see the work progressing at Eden Island. The project concept is ambitious in itself in the best of times. It is now obvious to even a lay man that the World financial crisis has taken its toll on Eden Island as delays take on a compounded effect on the project.

Eight weeks ago, I received a call from Eden Island executive secretary to the CEO and was advised that an imminent press conference was to be held and I had been particularly invited to attend. The morning of the press conference, I received another call from the same person and was advised the press conference was cancelled, as the CEO had to fly back to South Africa immediately for urgent matters. No further reason was given and no press conference ever took place.

Behind the scenes it was being discussed by business players in Victoria that Eden Island had been seeking a loan to finance Phase Two of the project, which is made up of larger executive villas mostly. Apparently Barclays offshore has not been forthcoming for Phase Two financing.

It has been awfully quiet and the developers have not said a peep publically. But when I flew over last week, all construction in the Phase Two section of the island seemed to be on halt from my view of things, though they had been announced earlier in the year that Phase Two had started.

Phase one has been advertised as sold but I am unsure of that. Many Beachfront villas remain incomplete after a decade of conception to attempted realization.

When I did visit the Island a month ago, I was met a robust heavy Dutch accent middle aged lady in a safari suit in the coral-sand car park opposite the main office. I asked her where the restaurant was so I could enjoy a lunch with a view of Mahe with my wife. She told me it’s too far to walk. I said I could take a buggy there. She replied to me, “Look, let’s get this straight my boy, here, it is Johannesburg, across the bridge over there, is Seychelles”.

I was shocked by the assertion and tone of the loaded statement. In my mind, I thought , I have never been subjected to this level of arrogance from anyone in my life, through all my travels, now I am a “boy” in my own country, in spite of being a signatory to the Constitution of the same country. Without blinking an eye, she calls me her “boy”, I reflected? It was all astonishing and disturbing at the same time. However, inside my heart, I knew it was coming, sooner or later, knowing fully what the PP policy is.

In any case, her abrupt very un- Seychellois tone spoilt my wife’s curiosity to dine at the new restaurant and we decide to make our way to Sam’s Pizza, where you can still get the best pizza in Seychelles with a friendly smile and simple but very special Seychellois hospitality. It took me another month to convince her that we should go back and face the music on Eden and dine at the new restaurant, Bravo.

Predictably, the incident disturbed me for many nights, not because I was brushed the wrong way by someone I did not even know, but because in my mind, it became clear, that the incident was a small sample of how our island society is changing dramatically for the worse with leaders that tolerate this type of slighting of Seychellois. I am not the first, and similar incidents grow in number each day.

If our leadership in both camps sleep on this issue, I will not sleep. For the human head is not meant to lie on a pillow 24 hours in a day. If one chooses to lay to rest 24 hours a day, then they do not merit the salary of a CEO to look after our affairs as a people. Seychellois must open their eyes.

Freehold granted to investors
Although I do not have the documents before me, I understand that Eden Island is under a lease arrangement with the Government of Seychelles. However, on their website, they say that Freehold is granted to investors. How can you sell in freehold interest when you only have a lease? I ask Government to make the lease public in order that we may know what exactly are the conditions to the Eden Island lease.

The Opposition papers have remained quiet over this issue for many years now, enjoying the patronage of regular Eden Island advertisements. It is time to stand up to defend the interest of the Seselwa Rasin, Opposition.
We are servants of the people, not servants of foreign masters for a little advert here and there.Be forewarned, the stakes today are worth much more than an occasional advertisement subvention. If you have a conflict of interest in defending Seychellois-Rasin interests foremost, give back the advertisement money, come clean and get to work. Stop taking us on a joyride to just secure your salaries and perks.

Wake up! For to sleep now will result in dire consequences for Seselwa Rasin for generations to come.

Permanent Residency Granted
The Eden Island developers offer permanent residency status to the purchasers of houses or apartments on the island. On the Eden Island website, they say,” every owner and his family or immediate family can qualify for permanent residency of the Seychelles”.
The initial project conceptualization was to offer retirement homes to the world. But now the retirement homes have become hotel rooms.

Eden Island offers time share schemes. In practice that could mean one unit is owned by 4 or 6 families. This can translate into possibly 50 residency permits for one apartment. Compounded over 450 units, Eden Island can possibly produce 20,000 residents over the next Five (5) years. Eventually this figure will work its way to 20,000 new citizens, since the PP are known to sell passports for side money as a corrupt business practice.

20,000 New Residents cum Citizens A Political Time Bomb!
These 20,000 residents under the current laws can apply for citizenship, then like Dr. Ramadoss, they will be able to run for the Presidency or participate in the political affairs of our Country under a PP government.
In a phrase, Eden Island is a political time bomb to Seselwa Rasin interests in our country. The timer has been set, only political mobilization can stop it and reverse its imminent impact on all our lives.
Only Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) has the will to stop the timer. MSR’s
Creed sets out our clear, no fuss, objectives and intentions. The rest of the Opposition is silent or ambiguous on the issue because they are afraid to offend foreign interests that they take money from, even advertisements. How low can we go on like this?

The PP pulls in every hobo or vagabond for citizenship. They even pull in Ambassadors. For example, Michel Tretout former French Ambassador and cum PP deal maker, acquired Seychellois Citizenship last year. Ambassador Tretout can now become our President. He can run in an election side by side with Dr. Ramadoss or as his opponent.

PP is proud of this and defends the move, while Paris is ashamed of it and wants to act as if it never happened. This is a reality we face under the mismanagement of the SPPF/PP. Because PP fears losing power, it allows and encourages sympathetic, opportunist foreigners to our shores, to become citizens to improve the vote tally in its favour. The balance of power rests in this tally of foreign voters that we call “Fabrikes” (Fake Citizens).

As Seselwa Rasin, it is our right to decide who owns and who runs our country. It is also our right to limit who becomes a citizen and who participates in the political affairs of our country. This right to define a people, and who participates in the political life of the country is the right of all people under the United Nations Charter. We will exercise our right.

Let me be clear, we welcome investors, but we want them to pay their fair share on the way in, and pay their fair share while here. We will not tolerate schemes to avoid taxes when due. While in Seychelles, foreigners are to stay out of our politics and respect the integrity of our citizenship. If you do not want to pay taxes, and you do not intend on respecting Seselwa-Rasin, then we will encourage you to leave Seychelles. Our people are not your doormat to be used to clean the soles of your soiled shoes. The stupidity of PP is not a license to evade taxes or offend our people.

Eden Island Offers Schemes to Avoid Taxes
The Eden Island scheme offers the best options to not pay taxes as advertised on the company website. We will have to put an end to this scheme. Money for house sales has to be banked in Seychelles, not in South Africa or Mauritius or elsewhere.

I call on the Government of Seychelles to audit the Eden Island apartment and house sales. Let us see how much money came into Seychelles. How much money has been paid into Seychelles accounts. Cause to be conducted an independent audit that will clear our minds of the doubts of viability and direct benefit to the People of Seychelles of these types of projects.

Eden Island Says Use International Business Company (IBC) To Buy
To avoid local taxes the Eden Island developers say on their website, that International Business Company’s (IBC) are the most popular and versatile type of offshore company for all forms of International Business, with no reporting (income), minimal record keeping.
The Promoters say that IBC are not subject to tax, or duty on income, profits. Shareholders are not subject to income tax on profits derived from an IBC. The inference reasonably drawn from this jargon is to encourage a buyer to buy property on Eden Island using an IBC to avoid taxes.
Additionally, it says, “income from long term residential income is not taxed, but short term rentals will be taxed”. How convenient an arrangement. Who monitors all that? Ministry of Finance does not have enough staff to implement its second generation tax reforms. How will it monitor Eden Island taxes? Well, it does not seem to be monitoring Eden Island. If it is, then the Ministry of Finance, should advise the public how Seychelles benefitted from the Eden Island project in terms of revenue over the last Five (5) years.

Eden Competes With Hotels
Most recently buyers on Eden Island have entered the hotel business by renting their units to tourists. You can find comments on Trip Advisor regularly. Under STB Policy, no hotel project can operate and receive guests unless the entire project is completed. Eden Island is far from completed, but these rentals are ongoing. They do not even have a license to operate as a hotel concern!

The initial project conception did not mention that the units would be converted to hotels. The project was pitched as a retirement colony and second home for the well heeled. Will Government of Seychelles allow Eden Island to operate as a hotel, even when not completed and when it goes beyond the project conceptualization and intended use?

When I built my hotel, I was subjected to very strict measures, rules and regulations. On Eden Island however, construction works go on daily in Phase One, many units are unfinished, but tourists are arriving daily as well. The place is a fully fledged construction site with a car park carved out of rubble and dust filling the air... It is unclear to me at this time who holds a license for hotel operations - the individual owners, or the Eden Group? How does the Government of Seychelles monitor the new Johannesburg, or does it, or can it? Or have they been paid off to ignore it?

The Hotel Industry in Seychelles is all onshore, run by companies registered locally – except perhaps some of those new arrivals that have been given carte blanche to import everything they wish and answer to no one. Apart from those chosen few, each legitimate hotel has a tax number. They are subjected to record keeping and audits. My company has been audited every single year since 2000, something unheard of in the civilized world. At one point a group of Australians came to visit me and they counted 150 lights at night from across the Bay. Even my lights have been audited.
Most of the individual interests on Eden Island are held by offshore companies, or IBC companies. They do not operate on the same field condition as the hotel industry of Seychelles, but they compete for the same clients. It is a great disservice by the P.P. to the industry, to allow Eden Island to enter into an onshore business, when most of its owners are IBC or offshore companies. The very nature of these businesses are designed to avoid taxes, not to pay their fair share as they prod along milking the infrastructure, and overburdening our roads, electricity grids, water catchments, environment and so forth.

Wake up PP you inbred Communists
I cannot believe the lack of grey matter between the ears of these SPPF, now turned P.P. You implement a project that taxes our infrastructure, the developers do not pay for it, then you let them operate businesses not approved, then they devise schemes to avoid taxes, publish it on the web, and you let it go on as if it is in the ordinary scheme of business.

Speculate No More
Eden Island is a highly speculative market investment product. Developers such as Eden can be here today, and gone tomorrow to the next boom town. When market economic bubbles are in expansion mode, Eden style developers turn up to the door. When market economic bubbles burst, they are on the next flight with one way tickets.
How can the Government of Seychelles forsake the Seychelles hotel industry and allow IBC offshore companies to compete with onshore, long term investments found in the Hotel Industry. This is simply beyond me.

Bubble Trouble
The bubble has now burst, so we will see what happens. With property values 60% less then what they were in 2008, today, the mush will all be surfacing soon enough. Buyers that are already in the trap have lost as much as 60% of their investments. Buyers coming in, may as well hold out and wait for the market to bottom out. The downturn will last Ten (10) years according to the experts. But that is for the United States and Europe, perhaps. How long will it last for Eden Island?

Eden Island a Source for Future Fabrike Voters
With this situation simmering today across the bridge to new Johannesburg, the Seselwa Rasins of this country have no time to waste. We must secure what is ours and what belongs to us only. We must draw a line.
We categorically advise all buyers of houses and apartments, villas at Eden Island, while this government may give you residency permits, do not expect Seychellois Citizenship and a passport in the future. Our Citizenship is not for sale.
A new Rasin government will cancel all passports that are purchased for hard cash. We will cancel all fraudulent transactions involving citizenship as the basis of purchase of property in Seychelles.
To the developers of Eden Island. I advise you to amend your terms and conditions with the Government of Seychelles and your Purchasers as follows: negotiate an “Investor-Residency Permit”, which categorically restricts citizenship for your purchasers in the future.
Our citizenship is not for sale. Do this voluntarily while you still can. If you have been given a Seychellois passport, give it back, and renounce your citizenship. Because if you do not we will cancel it . Again, our citizenship is not for sale.

I would not want your entire development to be jeopardized in the future, over the slight mishap of promising or inferring that your purchasers can obtain citizenship after permanent residency status. Come clean, and clean up the dark areas left open by SPPF-PP. You have too much to lose, and we have too much to lose to ignore this issue any longer.

Now if you have trouble finding tenants, you can always create what they did outside Johannesburg with vacant land space: a township in Phase Two (2) and give residency rights to the 400 residents across the street from your entrance that are doubling up in flats in a government public housing project built by Communist China.
A Final word to all, recall well the golden rule in real estate: “Location, Location, Location”.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christ for edifying us once again and muckraking the infos for us ,long being kept under wraps by PP.

What is cristal clear though,once Rasin take over we are going to make a clean sweep for our land from those pests.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... there are so many incorrect facts that I'm not sure where to start...

Firstly, if anyone buys in a company (not a share scheme at all) on Eden Island the government will grant up to 6 directors of that company the residency and no more...

Secondly, there is both freehold and lease hold land... easily found in the deeds office...

There are many more inconsistances but I think you know that and your article is simply written to shock.

Christopher, luckily enough there is a wonderful policy of freedom of speech in Seychelles but next time I would correct your facts before you publish them to the world.

Anonymous said...

This is the reality in this country under SPPF. There is nothing shocking in the article than the truth.
You probably living in complete oblivion of what is going on around you.

I would suggest that you go to correct Michel and educate him on the rules of law and constitution of this land.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

No Jeanne D'Arc, I'm afraid you are.

Unlike you, I actually know the cold facts, I know how much tax is paid over to the government on every sale of Eden Island, I know how much tax is paid on resales, on rentals, on incoming furniture and imports.

I know that you are being blinded by your political stance instead of making a reasonable and factual summary of the situation.

You are free to like or dislike the development, you can comment on how you feel it is a blight on the environment, you can say things with an independent slant but you can't I'm afraid say that the residents don't pay taxes, because they do, you can't say there will be 20 000 with citizenship because there won't, you can't say that it is being sold as freehold land when it's leasehold because it's incorrect.

As Abraham Lincoln once said "truth is generally the best vindication against slander"

Anonymous said...

As you hold the facts .Should the people of this country have access to those information as you do?

To avoid misunderstanding and fault allegations, maybe you could make those infos., public for us all to appreciate and thus promote accountability.It would be a first step in the right direction.

Get to the stick!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

But you know them yourself!

It is the same as anyone living in Seychelles.

How much import duty would you pay? How much tax on a self-catering apartment that you let out would you pay? How much stamp duty on a resale would you pay? Why would you think Eden Island is any different? Do they pay less in the shops? No. Do they pay less if they open and turn a business, in taxes? No. Do they pay less if they rent out their homes? No.

You have the facts. Somehow you'd like to believe that it isn't so because people keep telling you.

Whether you like it or not, developments such as these have brought in a considerable sum of money through taxes which have also helped to pay for schools and hospitals and new roads and everything that so many people take for granted.

These developments bring in people who spend in the local shops; buy food, clothes, goods... all this helps the local commerce. With the recession firmly in hand and departing slowly there are countries all over the world in the grip of an economic depression, places such as Eden Island have helped the Seychellois economy not to fall as the rest with an influx of money.

Like it or dislike it - these are the facts and you know them... you just don't want to see them.

Anonymous said...

I reply to "Shock" with no name, but claims there is Freedom of Speech in Seychelles.

First off, the star blog is posted on google,because there is no Freedom of Speech in Seychelles. No paper would cover this article, because Eden Island has bought them all through advertisement subventions.

You say in the case of companies purchasing, only 6 directors will be given residency permits to Seychelles. However, the Eden Island website does not say that and I stand by what the Eden Island website says.

You say that Eden Island pays taxes like everyone else. All good and proper. I have asked the government of Seychelles to Audit Eden Island and see what totality of benefits a project like Eden Island brings to the People of Seychelles. We the People of Seychelles will then judge if we like these types of projects.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Shock on Eden Island-

You say Eden Island pays taxes like anyone else. I say we want to see what Eden Island pays. Make it public.

This is in the interest of the public.

You say you pay taxes for self catering establishments, where in your conceptualization project memorandum does Eden Island say it will be doing "self catering". In fact, the Government of Seychelles told us Eden Island would not be competing with any hotel business in Seychelles.

You say my article is intended to shock. You are wrong. The intent of my article is to bring forward an issue which concerns all Seselwa Rasin:the dealings in our country. This includes Eden Island, since though many may think it is Johannesburg, it is just an artifical island off Roche Ciamen,Providence, part of Seychelles. Therefore, Eden Island concerns us Seselwa Rasin.

Eden Island also concerns us particularly when the company website encourages investors to avoid taxes overtly by using IBC as the purchasing mechanism of the properties.

I see no attempt at shock in the article. The only shock is that someone finally wrote about Eden Island. I can assure you, since you do not quite understand what I wrote in this first article, I will oblige and write another more detailed article to satify your requirements "No name Shock".

Finally, you fail to mention that property values in Seychelles have dropped 60% since 2008. Did that not shock you, or were you shocked into silence?

If you do not agree with the % ask any real estate agent for his opinion and we can bridge the difference or span it as needed.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Gill, dude, you are all over these people. Finally, someone has written about Eden, instead of waiting on them for free beers at the bar!!

Write about how the people that work there are mistreated. No food on a 10 hour shift. They walk home for lunch and walk back to work after.

Seychellois will not tolerate being treated like that.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are selling villas on our land and automatically distributing our residence permits to other foriegners.My question is ,does it even exist a law that allows such practices?if yes under which article is this in our constitution?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Mark Jayasingh-

Yes I signed the Constitution we live under. But that does not mean the time has not come to change it.

Even JJ Spirit wants to change it. We Rasinist want it changed aswell to protect our interest in our country.

I can see why you defend your Fabrike interests so emotionally. You have no better option.
Our Creed offers a Humanitarian provision for people like you Mark. We have not left you out. So I do not see what the fuss is all about.

By including a provision for humanitarian grounds, acceptance of a non Seselwa Rasin as citizen,we have cover the loop hole you are moaning and groaning about with the importation of WWII NAZI-ISM.

We Seselwa Rasin are good hearted people, but we do not tolerate arrogance towards us or the belittling of our people like balye zik sweepers behind a kitchen.These days are over,Mark. This is unacceptable.

Your effort to align our ideology with NAZI-ISM has failed, we hate no one, and wish to exterminate no one. We only wish to protect what is ours. Seychelles is our homeland. Sri Lanka is yours. Let us not confuse ourselves for mere convienence and comfort.

No one is preventing you from living in Seychelles. But our politics is not your concern under MSR ideology.

Our numbers are growing, so it means the ideology makes sense to the Seselwa Rasin. That is what is important, because it is intended to protect them first and foremost.

Peace to you Mark.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

On how much dollars we have collected with those SPPF illegal deals we do not have the foggiest of ideas,as SPPF doesn't keep audits and published any transactions made in our names.

Enlighten us ,you who has all the details at hand.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

M.JAYASIGN maybe you should go to advice your own people who have been fighting each other for decades now ,on how to make peace between themselves before coming to give us lesson on race.

Note that our nation is a blend of different races, we do not really need lesson from foreigners.

Who is the racist in Sri Lanka TAMIL TIGERS or the BUDDIST GOVERNMENT in power?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are Seselwa Rasin? Because from where I stand, it is the majority, or is it not?
I thought it was the Seselwa Rasin that voted! Very odd! We reap what we sow!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are Seselwa Rasin? Because from where I stand, it is the majority, or is it not?
I thought it was the Seselwa Rasin that voted! Very odd! We reap what we sow!

Anonymous said...

I reply to TIKLO the mango farmer-

I just finished cutting some grass, so I can identify with your frustrations.

Unfortunatly TIKLO, our commercial debt repayment has been delayed until 2016 at 8% interest to be precise. You don't give a wanker if our children will have to repay those debts and they will have a false start that they were promised they would never have. Your children I presume are busy planting mangoes in Australia.

My children live in Seychelles, so I am deeply conerned about this faux pas.

Michel if you did not hear, four years ago told the Seychelles population we are rich, rich, rich. Today Tiklo- mango man that you are, we are poor poor poor.

IMF and ADB has confirmed that.

So are you suggesting we should accept this status quo?

Who is the wanker now TIKLO the mango man?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on with the heading

"President Michel at the bottom of a pit"

This is the leading text:

"After introducing a hefty dose of free-market economics into the archipelago, President James Michel is at a bit of a standstill when it comes to introducing democratic reforms. He is having trouble extracting his regime entirely from the administrative inertia of the former one-party State....."

The rest of the 691 word article is
hidden and must be paid for. However much I wanted to read it, the price of EUR 7 was not worth paying for especially as this is news that is common knowledge to all, except the likes of TIKLOR and his merry men.

Now tell us that Africa Intelligence is spreading 'poppycock' or 'kankan' or maybe that the article is written by your favourite doctor Sik Tiklo. Is it?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

TIKLO's prolong exposure to the Butcher's Cohíba smoke has seriously affected his sanity.


Anonymous said...

More like he's been consulted too much by that Dokter Lopip Sik he keeps on raving on about. :-D

Patrick X

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Anonymous said...

Any President that stands for "Sell, Baby Sell, and Sell as fast as you can" must be at the bottom of a pit.

Any President that knows his people are drinking shit water, and tells them to be patient, must be at the bottom of a pit.

Any President that imports Irish Army, arms- traffikers to run the Seychelles Police, must be at the bottom of the pit.

Any President that calls all professionals in Government together, and calls them EQUATOR Institute, must be at the bottom of the pit.

Don't blame STAR for that.

Hell, we are not even in Government, let alone do we even warm those SCR 32,000 per month seats in the National Assembly.

However, that does not mean we do not make sense. We do of course.

And we make sense for free of charge.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

You said that you have just finished cutting some grass and you got so high that you thought you heard a Tsunami warning coming through on the Radio, that you decided to take your half a dozen very mature plants of canabis up to higher ground and when you got bogged down, destroyed the evidence before the Coppers could catch you red handed Yes?.

Frustration is to you Mate.

My Mangoes are Legal cash crops and when TIKLO's Farm produced the first box last season for Auction the hammer went down at 23,000 smackeroos and the proceed went to the Lions Club of Western Australia.

Pa pren KIKLO pou Zom Kouyon Mate.

Anonymous said...

And Christopher,

Jams Alix Michel is no ordinary President. His style of Leadership is Servant Leadership. He will tell you to your face over and over again not to follow him for he may not know where he is going. At the same time he will tell you that it is his choice not to follow you either. But what JAM has been saying to the Seychellois People from all the Constituents that he has personally visited this year and a few days ago to the young Ones, JAM message has always been to "take my hand, come walk with me and be my Friend" for Together we will make a difference. The Key word has and continues to be Koste and that applies to you too Chris.

You have so much to learn Christopher. You can start by addressing the Head of State in the proper manner at all times and if you don't, the Judge, Jury and Executioner that are the Seychellois Voters will have you and your ilks in their Cross-Hairs one more time come the next Election. Have a good day. TIKlo

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiklo, Mr. Judge, Jury & Executioner. Sitting on your mango farm and sucking on your latest harvest. You want to koste but you are still stuck in Aussieland and your shrinking brain is already in la la land!
So in reply to your "take my hand, come walk with me and be my friend for together we will make a difference" that you are attributing to JAM, I say this - it is exactly the same with the below analogy -
"it is like a father who rapes and beats up his wife, terrorizes and brutalizes his children and come home drunk shedding crocodile tears saying "I love you all, you are my reason to live & to be alive and I will never part with you".

Perhaps you need to get JAM some of your mangoes to suck on so that he can join you on your farm (animal farm?) in la la land...

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Then Anonymous representative from Eden Island says only 6 persons in a corporate owner of each house in Eden Island can apply for a residency. That Anonymous representative made this claim to establish the point that Christopher has exaggerated the number of potential new permanent residents on Eden Island. However the Eden Island website tells a story that is closer to Christopher's numbers than those stated by the Anonymous contributor. The website allows up to 6 persons their spouse and issue for each house to become a resident.
If you assume a conservative number of 2 children on average the total theoretical number of new permanent residents exceed 10,000 people. Even if you argue that not all the buyers will be corproate buyers the numbers are very significant for such a small populaion as ours. It is clear that we must stopany residents of Eden Isalnd from being made into new PP Fabrike.

Here is a direct quote from the Eden Isalnd website so you can decide the issue for yourself:

"1. How do I apply for a Residency Permit?
2. If you have purchased a property on Eden Island, you automatically qualify to apply to the Seychelles Government for a Residency Permit.
3. Application must be made within a period of 90 days from the date of occupation of the property that has been transferred into your name.
4. Application may be made in respect of:
5. natural persons for up to six co-owners, their spouses and issue; or
6. a legal entity for up to six natural persons nominated and declared by the legal entity as
having a beneficial interest therein, together with their spouses and issue. As the application is open to only six members (and their respective families), the members will have to decide amongst themselves who will apply."

Anonymous said...


Your reference to me using drugs and planting drugs is directly in line with a PP strategy to attempt to plant drugs on me for a number of years now , for my writings, which have exposed.I do it for free! It's a volunteer effort!

Four (4) years ago I recieved a letter from a Police officer,naming people paid by SPPF to plant drugs in my car on Mahe.

In response, I sent my car to Praslin. I use different cars each week on Mahe now.I change them every other day. This is the price of Free Speech in Seychelles today, TIKLO, which I pay.

Last year, PP paid a close confidant and mutual Opposition high personality to come to Praslin to plant drugs on me again.

An angel from State House made the early announcement and told me to lock my car doors. I did. And we waved another State House thug who came along as a witness hello as he made his way on the road on foot.

The matter has been well documented and information is with the Bishop of Victoria and the US Embassy in Mauritius.

Now drugs is not something in my DNA- TIKLO. I can earn what you earn off mangoes, on coconuts, since under JJ Spirit, they now cost SCR 5.50 each.

I collect at least 200 a day. That is income potential of SCR 33,000.00 per month if I am not responding to you.

I welcome your debate and participation. However, please remain coherent.

I am still waiting for your reason why SBC does not allow divergent views as required by the Constitution of Seychelles.

I also express grave concern about your 1960's mentality of world citizenship which has no appplication to Seychelles or the world today.

Seychelles has produced one Global Citizen, that is Mr. James Mancham.He pays for his airline tickets, and is given limited time visas everywhere he goes.

His escapades around the world, are not a reaon for us to now allow a free for all on our citizenship in a micro state that has gone bankrupt under your JAM man, inspite of his philosophy of "Sell Baby Sell" referring to Seychelles.

After you are done picking up the mangoes TIKLO, pick up the marbles!

Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

Mark j when Rasin will be in Power.If you and others are elegal in our country,we will put you by force on a plane and if you insist,we might sent you back in the container.Do you think Rasin will let those conqueror come divide Seychellois and bring more distruction on the island.Like they did in Fiji.No,Rasin will never let this happen.

Selwa Rasin

Anonymous said...

Tiklor says, I quote:

'Jams Alix Michel is no ordinary President. His style of Leadership is Servant Leadership'.

I must give Tiklo full credit for that statement as James Michel is indeed a servant, but not for the Seychelllois people because he has become nothing less than a servant for Sheik Khalifa and a handful of others.

I'm glad Tiklor brought that up and has clarified the matter. Thank you Tiklo, that's about the most sensible thing you've said so far this year. We can't wait for your next revealing statement.

Next time you suck on of of your mangoes, make sure it doesn't get JAMmed between those teeth of yours. Who knows, could be hard finding help to JERK it out again.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


That mango farm of yours, or perhaps for your best pal Rene the Butcher, is paid for in patriotic Seselwa Rasin blood, sweat and tears.

Careful if you bite too hard on your mango. It might bleed the blood of the patriots who fertilized your farm.

This is what will be in your dreams tonight TIKLO, even if you try to wash those nightmares away with a bottle of whiskey before bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Come on now Christopher,

Don't you know a fib when you see one Mate. The person that moved his canabis plants to higher ground after a Tsunami warning was a New Zealander. He was pulled over by traffic Cops when they noticed a broken tail-light and got busted. O.K?.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been subjected to some underhand tactics by some enforcers. My advice to you is to take your concerns to the Secretary of State Monsieur Jean Paul Adam. He might be the recipient of your sarcasism every now and then, but I am confident that he has a wry sense of humour. He is there to protect you as a Seychellois Citizen and for him to hold a grudge against you Chris, is definitely not his style. Jenpa has too much class for that sort of razamatazz.

And Chris, as far as Mangoes are concerned, TIKLO is a Connoisseur of fine foods, fruits and vegetables and that means I am a consumer and not a Grower or Farmer you big Stoopido. I have always said that the Morel Brothers of Carnavon Western Australia grow the best Mangoes and Pawpaws one can ever lay their hands on.

And Chris, don't be too harsh on yourself. Try learning to read between the lines. By the way, who picks your coco nuts?. As a kid I used to pick the day's droppings wich could have been fifty or so and I got paid 10 cents and that would buy me ten Kounounou's that I sucked on till my tougue would turn to the colour red that inspired FAR to pick the SPUP Kolor Red. Take care or yourself.

Anonymous said...

And before I forget Christopher, you and Paul Chow are the ones that have put your signatures to the Constitution and it was passed by the required two third Majority in our second ever referendum. Moin mon pa ti la. Ou ki ti la. Moin monn fini dir ou ki dan lepok angle, Governeur pa ti les nou servi radio Seychelles ek Seychelles Bulletin pou kominikette ek nou bann Siporteurs. Pareil ou Frere Francis in bien dir nou ki ou Papa Edwin ki ti kommence raise funds so as to make possible the People Publications. Sir James was already in the money and there was no need for him to pass the hat around so to speak.

My next question is what kind of Global Citizen is our Sir James that requires him to get limited time wherever he goes?.

Anonymous said...


Answer the question that is not between the lines, why will SBC not allow divergent views to be aired, as per the Constitution of Seychelles?

I can take care of myself, and you can rest assured, I would not turn to class stacked Jean Paul Adam for help, for a threat to my safety caused by his Office, State House;particularly, if the attempt to plant drugs on me os solely because of my exercise of Free Speech.

So you see TIKLO, you diner of fine foods, Seychelles is not so Free, and we are not so happy, as you assert.

Check out our internet broadcasting station: SBC "Seychelles Bullshit Corporation. I am sure, or your proxy Rene, you would like to charge us for the use of your antennas.

You will have to find other use for your antennas. If anyone has any suggestions what TIKLO can do with his SCR 800,000.00 antennas, please make a suggestion.

Thank you all for your participation on STAR be have breeched 2,000 visitors per week, over 35,000 views, and soon, it will be time to move on.

It has been nice.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Aaaar wi senyer! From bing a vagabond, self-proclaimed king of Victoria, spending all this time hanign aroud at the post office whistlig at female passer-bys to becoming a connoisseur of good food and driving imaginary sports cars? Tiklo, who are you trying to fool bonom? Nou tou nou konnen ou en sa bann kouyon kin al Lostrali kouyon e oun vin pli kouyon ankor laba. Asse bat latet dimoun foutou ler oun bour ou larak bonmarse ek larzan gouvernman donk.

Patrick X

Parag said...

The article mainly aims to bring forward an issue that is concerning the dealings in the country. It includes Eden Island which many think is Johannesburg, it is just an artificial island off Roche Ciamen,Providence, part of Seychelles.
Seychelles airport

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much it cost us taxpayers to have the land reclaimed where “Eden Island” is? How much are we earning in terms of taxes from Eden Island as a business now? Are we making a profit from reclaiming this land?

Interesting article that for me shows how the government of today does not have a serious long term strategy for our country (apart from the mumbo jumbo dreams "pou bous trou" of Aspirasyon 2013, 2017 or whatever those two things are called). Funny how you do not hear anything about them now.

Where are we heading and is it the right and sensible path?

Already we are getting sneak previews that bad planning will happen again and again.

A potential extra 10,000-20,000 new residents from Eden will cause a burden on our utilities infrastructure, education system, health services and potential electorate- not to mention other environmental impacts etc..

Similar to this, is the government making any plans on how the La Misere compensation (when it is eventually distributed as a voting tool) of potentially around USD 100 million (based on current compensation proposal and the figures of those effected), will effect our already burdened economy? How will this influx of money into our system effect us?

Seriously, how much longer can we take incompetence and lack of leadership from someone who is proud of using taxpayer’s money to promote a book he didn’t even write?

We need a government with backbone, balls and brains.

We need to be proud to be a Seychellois in our own country.


Anonymous said...


Reclaiming land is ok if the recmlaimed land is used for something sustainable like industry, schools or mass housing(apartments in 4-6 storeys etc) but to spend billions on dredging to built a complex that is a copy of Dubai's projects(which also has turned out to be a failure) is what we can call 'folie grandeur', something the PL is very good at.

I say level the damn thing to the coral and build up industry there, at least something that can bring in some real cash, not the petty cash these twats leave behind. Then again, the real cash has already been pocketed by certain (mis)leaders.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Michel program was concocted by Arabs,he uses the same methods as Khalifa.For instance,instead of employing Seychellois in our Institutions he has imported and infested them with foreigners.

Seychellois are too educated compare to him who doesn't have any degree except of how to use an AK-47. So employing Seychellois would enveil all his misdeeds to the public.It is to risky for him.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Michel and Rene have been importing foreigners to do their dirty jobs for them since the coup detat. Remember the Tanzanian soldiers who terrorized our citizens and killed our Seychellois men? Remember the hired killer who shot down Gerard Hoarau in London? Remember the Irish spies who planted bugs all over Seychelles and on other dissidents in Uk, France, South Africa and Italy? N

Now Michel has some idiot Irish at his beck and call and licking the ass of Arab sheiks to get money. He will sell his soul to ARabs, Russians, Krecjir, South Africans and anyone else who has a buck. As for Ramadoss and his Indians, he will continue to give them citizenship as thye give money to the SPPF coffers every time he calls. Michel is too stupid to see the consequences down the line. But then, he will be dead so to him it won't matter. The man is plain STUPID and does not realize that it is his wives and his children and grandchildren who will have to live with this Indian invasion. Forrest Gump said it: STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. Unfortunately for us, life is not like a box of chocolates. We actually know what we are going to get from Michel the STUPID IDIOT. Absolute BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

Here is my proposal of how to curb the influx of expats from invading our shores.

1)Only a pre-determined number of expats would be allowed in the country,for instance THREE THOUSANDS IN ANY YEAR.
This would concern only highly qualified expats.Contract for menial job would be abolished.

2)Contract would be DEFINITE and not exceeding TWO YEARS and non renewal.

3)Expats would have to pay taxes for health care,insurances and so forth.This though,could be incorporated in to their contract by their employers.

4)Expats would not be able to seek or take other jobs than that they were contracted for.

5)Once contract ended,expats would have to leave our shores and would not be able to seek or take any job in the country for a period of FIVE YEARS.Under certain circumstances,an employer would be able to seek a contract extension,but this would not exceed the original/previous contract and could only be extended once only.

6)Expats involve in illicite acts would be immediately or jailed then deported.Depending on the gravitiy of their deeds.

7)Expats would not be allowed to purchase,land ,houses etc and nor seek for PERMANENT RESIDENCY during their contract.

8)Children born to expat parents would not be able to proclaim citizen or naturalization.

AS TO EMPLOYERS,they would have a quota fixed up for them of the amount of expats they could import per firm,for instance 10%-20%percent of the total employees.Those employing more than the quota allows, would be DOUBLE TAX ,thus discouraging them from importing expats and encourage them to recruit locals.

At government level ,only foreign ADVISORS would be permitted not to illegally control our institution,as Chief Judge IDI AMIN or commissionar of police MACCOPS is doing,but solely to ADVISE US when/if the need arises.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc, I usually agree with you but this time around, I beg to differ.

Seychellois Employers from all industries, be it tourism, accounting, fishing, construction etc.. should be allowed to employ as many foreign workers as they want.

Let me explain. If for example you are a new hotel, you would be hiring from the same existing pool of employees that exists today. Thus, if say Ephelia Resorts needs to hire 600 new workers, the potential employees would already be working at another hotel. So if someone decides to take a job at Ephelia because of better pay or conditions, then the other hotel needs to replace that worker. Where do we find that "new" worker?

Anotehr example is in cosntruction. If a company gets a contract for a project to build a new building, and there is a time schedule of say one year for completion otherwise there are penalties. Where does that construction company find the workers?

The point here is that there is a clear lack of manpower in Seychelles in all sectors. Try finding a good maid or a gardener today. Try finding a construction company to give you a quote for renovating your house. Try finding a good let alone qualified accountant. I spoke to someone last week and they said that tourism companies are looking for drivers. What about nurses, dental workers, computer netwrok people and so forth. Not easy.

The problem can be solved by allowing employers (who know their business better than Government and who knows their true requirements) to bring in as many workers as they want. They should be able to get a GOP quickly and pay the necessary fees annually (great source of revenue for the Government), provide accomodation (great source of revenue for people renting homes, apartments or even a small room in their homes), provide a health certificate (we don't want diseased workers), and the employers should pay for some form of health plan. Also, these workers would pay the SAME TAX as Seychellois workers (no preference here as they are working here and using our resources).

The key point is that these workers are NOT IN ANY WAY ELIGIBLE FOR CITIZENSHIP! This is the bone of contention! They are workers, not potential Seychellois. Thus, if any one attempts to apply for citizenship at any point, they would be kicked out of the country. Just check out Dubai's policy on foreign workers. Work as long as you want in the country, but simply NO CITIZENSHIP.

I would go one step further. If a person who has worked in seychelles for let's say 7 years and is married to a Seychellois/e, thehe he/she would be eligible to apply legally for citizenship. However, they would have to pass a written test on our history, a verbal test to ensure that they are not faking it (i.e. by marrying a Seychellois just for convenience), and it caught lying on an application, they would be deported right away.

Also, children of foreign workers born in Seychelles would NOT be eligible for citizenship unless of course the parent/s apply legally and able to pass the above tests and time limit in SEychelles.

In the end, we need more foreign labour in SEychelles now. Minsitry of Employment and SPPF GOvernment are playing games instead of creating clear rules for workers. Workers are not immigrants and this should be CLEAR. However, foreign workers most times work harder and for cheaper wages because they cannot find work in their own country. Also do not forget that there is also a clear lack of service ethics in Seychelles (example hotels and restaurants), thus foreign workers can help us bring up our tourism service. Other professionals for example in FInance, Health or IT positions are also seriously required in SEychelles at this point.

In summary, most employers I've spoke to would prefer to hire a Seychellois. However, we do not have enough Seychellois to fill all the posts available in all the fields required.

We don't need any more debates on this issue. Grab the Dubai policy and let us run with it.

Anonymous said...

Well any foreigner who want to do business in our land must be told that they must employ Seychellois in their firms orif not they justhave to go to spend their money elsewhere.,We can not continue to allow foreigners to come to use the beauty of our land but then in return import cheap labour thus affecting our own industry and economy.
Businesses that do not produce revenues for the country in which they do busisness in should not be allowed to invest here simple as that.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Foreigners searching for work to make a living must understand that first wemust create jobs for our own people before foreigners.Their repective governments must create the jobs they need and that in their own coutry.
As to Indian, they can start by controlling birth like the Chinese has done.We sovereign we must first feed ourselves and then if anything is left share it to foreigners.Our people have priority before foreigners.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Firstly, it's not citzenship that is offered but a 5 year residency - you are all so vocal but yet you are very confused.

Secondly, Jeanne D'Arc.. your posts are appalling - I hope for your sake that you have no relatives living overseas being treated as you are treating these foreigners.

There are thousands of Seychellois living in other countries and I hope that they don't receive the welcome that this blog is giving the people who love the Seychelles so much that they wish to spend more time there.

Humanity has been lost on these pages.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a little ironic to want the foreigners (including the French I suppose) out of your country and yet you are happy to appropriate one of their national heroines as your signature Jeanne D'Arc??

So you just want to use other countries when it suits you?? No doubt you may drink their wine too, eat produce from their countries, listen to music made by their musicians, wear clothes made by their hand... but God forbid you should give anything of your country...

You're like a vegan who eats meat... you can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Humality has in fact been lot in this country under SPUP,SPPF,PP,PL whatever their names .
As most Seychellois we share some commonity with Europeans thus some of us have relatives abroad still have contacts with their grand grand parents originated from france etc.some do not, so there is nothing strange in that ,that is also why we hold names like RENE,MICHEL,ADAM,LESPERANCE etc..and not RAMBOSS,CHENG LENG and disciples.

Having said that this doesn't mean though that because of our family history we must allow French or other foreigners to come to colonize or better say turn us back to BOURGOIESIE .
We fight for independence not to continue to be colonize but take the destiny of our nation in our own hands and i supposed thatis the reason why GHANDI fight for Indian independence for the same cause and objectives to be sovereign and free.
As any sovereign Nation we must decide what we want for our people, we can't allow ourselves to be dictated by foreigners.All other Europe,USa,Singapur,the golf states and so forth they all passing and implementing drastic laws curb this problem of illegal immigrantion that have become a headache for them putting their countries'own existance in toperil.
So we need to fix the mess before it gets out of hand.

Jeanne D'Arc

ENZO said...

I've been living in Italy for the past 18years now, the italian government is very strick on foreigners, it is against the law living in italy without a working permit, if the police catch you, you will be prosecuted and put in jail and eventually deported, children born from foreigners parents are not eligilable for citizenships until they turn 18 years old. Permanent foreigners residents are eligilable for citizenship after 10 years permanent resident, and it took up to five years to process their request, I totally agree with Jeanne d'arc, JJ is too soft on foreigners. The main question is? How come all of a sudden seychelles need those cheap asian workers. So far nobody has mentioned the main issue, which is salary. I believe, seychelles as a very country has its own manpower, which is seychellois, either they living overseas or in seychelles. If our politicians have not bankrupted our country, my fellow citizens are hard workers as well, pay them good salary they will come back. People will go in to construction only if the salary is adequate, similarly seychellois people will go in to gardening if the salary is adequate and so forth...the main issue is money(salary), people work for money not peanuts. This spup sppf pl whatever they call themselves have no money to run this country for the seychelles people. For example in italy a contructions can earth up 60000Sr per month the equivalent of 4000euro even more, factory worker up to sr30000 per month net. I will go further to say living expenses is more or less like the seycehlles, even cheaper, food and vegetable are for nothing, not to mention very good wine,and there are a lots of social benefits for the its citizen.

Missy47 said...

It is incredible how a one Party state has been able to keep the Seychellois people cowed for so long..Is it because we as a nation we have no backbone or is it because we are so complacent as not to see the danger of our lass attitude in giving away our beautiful islands for peanuts? i am a seychellois living overseas and from the outside i see so many bad things..soon we will be governed by foreigners.another Mauritius in the making?Isn't it time for us to sit back and reflect on what is happening?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Missy47,but we can not lose to much time now, otherwise it will be to late.After we have to pick up only the pieces.Thats way we have to eleminate this one Party State now.


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