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Seychelles Chamber of Commerce - Under Siege by Dr. V. Ramadoss


Nearly 500 people gathered on Friday afternoon at the ex-Regina Mundi Convent Hall to attend the SCCI Annual General Meeting.  There was an air of excitement in the air and little groups had formed all over the compound to discuss the most interesting AGM in the history of the SCCI.  Some were calling for a stop to the Indian invasion, while others were pushing for a new executive committee comprising of Seychellois nationals only. Several people were passing out leaflets asking members to vote for certain candidates.  There was a political overtone in the air and clearly there was a nationalistic feeling in the midst. 

The much anticipated meeting which was to start at 2:30pm ended up starting at nearly 4:00pm due to the registration process which was somewhat slow and disorganized. Basically, every business who had the right to vote was made to register and given 3 pink ballot papers to be used in voting for a Chairman (1st ballot), Vice-Chairman and Treasurer (2nd ballot), and 12 Councillors (3rd ballot).  Note that the ballot papers were void of any serial numbers and only carried an SCCI stamp.


The stage was set for a showdown between members who were against Dr. Ramadoss as Chairman and those in favour of candidates Paul Chow and Louis D’Offay.  Note that Dr. Ramadoss had hijacked the Chairmanship 2 years ago by arriving with over 100 proxies at the last minute, most of which came from Indian retailers throughout Mahé and Praslin.

The ousting of Albert Payet as the Chairman in 2009 was seen as a push by Ramadoss to control the SCCI and to portray a positive image for James Michel and his reform agenda. Others saw this as a nationalistic movement by the Indian community, many of whom had received citizenship courtesy of the lax Immigration policies of the SPPF Government.

Prior to the meeting, Dr. Ramadoss had this week placed full-page colour poster adverts of himself in the Rising Sun and the Nation newspaper, stating that he was a patriotic Seychellois who employed over 1200 people.  On the reverse side of the poster, he had also listed the candidates he wanted members to vote for.  See poster below:

The shameful act of advertising oneself for the post angered many SCCI members, as this type of arrogance had never been seen before in the history of the SCCI. Usually, the outgoing SCCI executive committee would present themselves at the AGM, the meeting would take place peacefully and a new executive committee would be elected by the members present.

But this was not to be the case this year.  In his quest for power and in order to remain Chairman, Ramadoss had broken all the rules of engagement.  Firstly, he amassed around 250 new members and ushered them in before the closing deadline for membership. Then he proceeded to pull the majority of the Indian community into his camp. Finally, he used his printing press to put out colour posters telling people to “Work for Dr. Ramadoss” and that he has “contributed more to the Tourism Industry than anyone else”.  Speak about the arrogance of the man with no integrity!


As history would have it, Ramadoss today is one of the richest naturalized Indian-Seychellois businessmen in Seychelles, having amassed a fortune through an exclusive casino business that does not pay any taxes to the Seychelles Government. In addition, Ramadoss somehow managed to get his hands on the Pirates Arms Restaurant (sold to him by state-owned insurance company SACOS), the casino “Amusement Centre” at the Ocean Gate Building, another casino above the Pirates Arms Hotel, another casino on La Digue named the “Fun House”, the People’s Supermarket and the entire building complex at Mont Fleuri, a bureau-de-change, the Coco D’Or hotel and restaurant at Beau Vallon, the largest printing press in the country (Printec), the ex-SMB water bottling plant, the ex-SMB Juice and Milk factories, the Destination Management/Tour Operator company called Select Travel which is headed by Freddy Kakaria and Conrad Benoiton who were both present to give support to Boss Ramadoss.  Ramadoss also owns many more businesses, including the failed private hospital at Providence where he is a partner with Albert and Sarah Rene on Government land allocated to Emerald Holdings.  Lest we forget, most of the Providence land in that area belongs to Emerald Holdings and Airtel and Intelvision are also based out there and pays rent to Emerald Holdings. 
The Pirates Arms

select-seychelles logo

In summary, Ramadoss has amassed more businesses than anyone else in Seychelles in just a few short years. Not bad for a poor Indian doctor who landed in Seychelles a couple of decades ago in flip-flops to work as a doctor for the Seychelles Armed Forces! 

How this man amassed this large fortune in such a short period of time is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Today, Ramadoss wields more power than most local businessmen who have been working in Seychelles for decades and whose parents worked hard even before Independence.  Ramadoss has many foreign Indian expatriates working for him, including his own brother who recently arrived to help him run the family business.  Ramadoss is either the luckiest man in the world, or he has a money tree growing in his backyard, or he is indeed the new Seychelles Indian mafia.  He is no longer a Doctor, but a multi-millionaire courtesy of Albert Rene, James Michel and the SPPF-Lepep party who today seems to be at his beck and call.
Ramadoss' Money Tree


Now back to the SCCI meeting.  Prior to the start of the meeting, Ms. Daniella Payet-Allis came through the door and announced that while she was holding the proxy of several members who had vested their confidence in her to vote because they could not attend the meeting, she had been told by some of the people registering the companies that she may not be in a position to vote. Mrs. Payet who was wearing a neck brace was clearly angry and despondent.

Finally, Dr. Ramadoss walked in with no less than 3 muscular bodyguards at his heels.  The man has more bodyguards than President Michel and it makes one wonder why this man requires this level of security. Ramadoss then sat down at the head of the table and informed the crowd that the Secretary-General of SCCI Mrs. Nichole Gherardi-Tirant was not doing her job and was conspiring to bring him down and was against him. The crowd was shocked to hear such comments since Mrs. Gherardi-Tirant has been a faithful and professional Secretary General for well over a decade and had performed an admirable job despite all the difficulties that the SCCI has faced due to the SPPF tactics to undermine the Chamber.
Mrs. Nichole Gherardi-Tirant
Mrs. Tirant who was outside the room at that moment was informed that Ramadoss had insulted her and was obviously upset and decided not to come forward for the meeting.  Since the Secretary-General has to be present in order for the meeting to start, there were rumbles throughout the hall and the crowd started getting restless.

A Mr. Anacoura stood up and told Dr. Ramadoss very bluntly that he should be ashamed for attacking Mrs. Tirant in public, especially when Mrs. Tirant played a crucial role on the SCCI team.

Several long-standing members and past councillors then took the opportunity with the microphone to accuse Ramadoss of deliberately bringing shame to the SCCI. Past councillors Gonsalves D’Offay, Paul Hodoul, Paul Chow (Honorary Consul for South Korea) and Joe Chung-Faye (Honorary Consul for Thailand) and a few others made it quite clear to Ramadoss that publishing posters prior to the AGM and insulting Mrs. Tirant were not acceptable and that he should apologise for his actions and step down as Chairman.
Mr. Paul Chow

Mr. Louis D’Offay then took the floor and pointed out that despite the fact that he had been nominated legally with a seconder, his paperwork had somehow vanished into thin air and that he had been excluded from the ballot papers. 
Mr. D'Offay in white shirt

He called for the meeting to be postponed to another date and to a larger venue that could handle the 500 plus members.  Some members echoed Mr. D’Offay’s call for postponement while proportionally-elected SPPF-Lepep MNA Clifford Andre was extremely vocal in favour of Ramadoss and called for the meeting to continue.

SPPF MNA Clifford Andre


Incidentally, the hall had no less than 4 SPPF-Lepep MNAs present, including Cascade’s Charles De Commarmond, Clifford Andre, Pointe Larue’s Jennifer Vel and Vicky Theresine, all sitting on the right side of the hall with many other SPPF-Lepep supporters clearly supporting Dr. Ramadoss through their actions.  

SPPF MNA Charles De Comarmmond

SPPF MNA Jennifer Vel

SPPF MNA Vickie Theresine

Even former Minister Noelli Alexander was in attendance and was a Ramadoss proposed councillor candidate.  Even ex-MNA Rubber-Boy Simon Gill joined in to defend Dr. Ramadoss!  Surely Ramadoss’ money tree has many benefactors and no one wants to lose their monthly stipend!
Mrs. Noelli Alexander
The flustered Ramadoss then took the microphone and started screaming that this was a democratic country and that he was the Chairman and that the meeting would continue.  He stated that this was a war against him and that he was a Seychellois.  Clearly, the meeting had deteriorated and turned into a divisive political battle of 2 camps. The Red Ramadoss versus the Other members.

Showing her true professionalism and despite being falsely accused, Mrs. Tirant finally walked in and sat down next to the Treasurer Mr. Palani who incidentally is also an employee of Dr. Ramadoss. The Vice-Chairman Dolor Ernesta also took his seat and the meeting finally was called to order.


The minutes of the 2009 AGM was skimmed over and there were no matters arising. Ramadoss then proceeded with his Chairman’s report in his heavy Indian-English accent which few could understand. His report apparently had been written for him by Dolor Ernesta, another benefactor. Ironically, Ramadoss’ opening remark was to praise and to thank Mrs. Tirant for her hard work and devotion to the SCCI.

The highlight of his speech was that he had acquired land from the Government for a new building for the SCCI and the Government had already given him the land.  He told the crowd that under his Chairmanship, he would build a beautiful building for the SCCI and no one else apart from him could accomplish such a feat. Little did Ramadoss know that most people in the crowd knew that Government had earmarked a parcel of land for LUNGOS and that the land had now been carved into two plots so that the SCCI would benefit and be able to build this long-awaited building. But the powerful Dr. Ramadoss stressed that without him, the Government of Seychelles would never have allocated this land to the SCCI. This is how important Ramadoss was portraying himself to be!


Ramadoss continued by stating that he was also going to erect a statue of the Lady of the Sea at the Seychelles Fishing Authority (Fishing Port) for the fishermen of Seychelles.  The crowd was somehow puzzled as this had absolutely nothing to do with SCCI business.  But one guesses that he was refreshing his campaign poster slogan that states “GIVING CONTRIBUTIONS”.  That money-tree is still bearing fruit!
Lady and the Sea.
Ramadoss then closed the meeting by stating that he was donating SR 100,000 to the upcoming Economic Forum to be held in Seychelles in October 2010 since this was to be organized by the SCCI.  He then wished everyone well and thanked his fellow executive committee members.

The meeting then proceeded with the presentation of the Accounts and the appointment of the auditor.  Apart from a few minor queries, this segment of the meeting proceeded normally and without much fanfare.

Clipart Image of a Voting Button
It was now time to elect the new council members, and Mrs. Tirant spelled out the voting procedures.  It was agreed that apart from the nominations already on the list, that new nominations would be accepted from the floor for all positions.

First up was the vote for a new Chairman. Dr. Ramadoss declared that he agreed to stand for another year, while Paul Chow whose name was on the last declined to stand stating ironically that since he was not in a position to guarantee Government land for a new Chamber office building, that it was best for him to remove his nomination from the floor.  Instead, he seconded a motion made by Mr. Bernard Elizabeth of SEPEC and nominated Mr. Louis D’Offay of l’Archipel Hotel Praslin and also the Chairman of the Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association (SHTA). 

Mr. Louis D’Offay accepted to stand for the Chairman’s post and in his short speech, stated clearly that Dr. Ramadoss should not have published a poster because it was negative publicity and it cheapened the SCCI.  He stated that the SCCI is a serious organization made up of all sectors of the economy, but that his opponent had turned it into a second Seychelles Retailers Association and that this was a dangerous precedent since it did not represent the real business community, especially the ever-important tourism industry. 

D’Offay continued and took a swipe at Ramadoss’ slogan stating while Ramadoss had asked “the members of the SCCI to work for him (Ramadoss)”, he would if elected serve the business community and work for the members instead.  Some of the crowd applauded D’Offay’s remarks.  It was clear that there was a battle brewing between the arrogance of Ramadoss and the professionalism of Mr. D’Offay.  Little did the crowd know at that time what a battle that would turn out to be.


It was now around 6:00pm.  Many members who had other prior engagements started to leave and handed their already filled out ballot papers to friends who wanted to stay to watch the showdown.  This was Ali versus Frasier or better yet, Tyson versus Hollyfield!
Clipart Image of a Black and White Ballot Box
All members proceeded to the front in an orderly fashion to cast their votes for the Chairmanship.   Many people observed that several Indian men made their way to the front with handful of ballot papers in their hands.  These were supposed to be proxies, ballots that had been given by others who could not attend the meeting. 

During the voting, Mr. Albert Geers of Sunset Beach Hotel and the Honorary Consul for Netherlands suddenly grabbed the microphone and stated that this election was not fair and should be postponed due to the fact that Mr. D’Offay’s name had not been on the ballot, and therefore the proxies would not have been aware that they could have voted for Mr. D’Offay.  This argument was nullified when the ever-faithful Mrs. Tirant cleared the matter up stating that proxies had been vested in good faith by members who could not be present, and thus the members entrusted with the proxies were allowed to vote as they deemed fit.  Little did Mrs. Tirant know that her comments would come back and bite her on her faithful behind!


The voting for the Chairmanship was finally over and the voting box was emptied and the counting started in front of several witnesses while some of the crowd proceeded outside for a well-deserved snack and refreshment.  It started to rain heavily outside… a bad omen indeed!
After some 25 minutes, and with a restless crowd waiting in anticipation, Mrs. Tirant finally took the microphone and informed the crowd that that there was a major problem with the votes.  She told the crowd that there were some 465 total votes cast and counted but that only 413 companies had registered to vote.  It was quite clear that somehow, there had been ballot stuffing and that illegal votes had been cast.
voting_fraud2.jpg image by segite
A very despondent crowd starting to hurl comments that the vote was rigged and that the meeting should be adjourned or postponed to a later date. In the Ramadoss corner, they called out that the vote was legal and that the meeting should continue as planned.

An angry Ramadoss then picked up the microphone and stated that there was nothing wrong with the vote since 600 ballot papers had been printed.  One man pointed out to Ramadoss that the vote could not be legal if there were more votes than registered companies. 

In jumped Percy Ahman who is the Editor of the Rising Sun and an employee of Dr. Ramadoss.  He declared that he was the one who had printed the ballot papers and that he had “destroyed” the disk after printing some 600 ballot papers. What disk he was referring to we will never know, since Percy Ahman is well known in Seychelles for working diligently for his Master of the day.  These have included Regar and SNP, then Weekly with Bonnelame and Volcere, then his own rag The Independent which was funded by the good Doctor, and then after running in financial problems and suffering a heart ailment whereby Ramados paid for him to have an operation in India, Percy quickly found a new Master and is now the Editor of Ramadoss’ daily rag “The Rising Sun”.
Ahman’s argument was quickly discarded and the GM of ISPC and Honorary Consul for Belgium Xavier Heinen quickly jumped in and asked where the extra ballots had come from.  Mr. Heinen made the point that the vote could not be considered legal and he called for a postponement of the meeting whereby proper procedures could be put in place. 
ISPC's Xavier Heinen
Another person mentioned that in future elections, ballot papers should include serial numbers and should be printed by an independent company not linked to Ramadoss.

Mr. Albert Geers took the floor once again and stated that in the future, proxies should not be allowed and members should make a concerted effort to be present at the AGM since it was important to vote.

After much haggling, a very frustrated Mr. Louis D’Offay took the floor and told Dr. Ramadoss and the crowd that there was no use in continuing the meeting since it had turned out to be farce and that this could not be considered a credible election and AGM.  He suggested that everyone should go home and that another meeting be set for the future.  A large majority of the crowd took up Mr. D’Offay’s call and exited the hall in disgust!  It was well past 7pm by then; a waste of nearly 5 hours.


Meanwhile, Ramadoss took the microphone and asked all his supporters to remain in the room. Seeing all his opponents leave, he could smell blood and victory since the members who had presumably voted for his opponent had left the hall.

After several minutes of arguments and uncertainty as to how the meeting should proceed, SPPF MNA Clifford Andre called for a resolution to state that the AGM should continue despite the discrepancy in the vote count.  This MNA is obviously not au fait with the SCCI’s rules since it is illegal to vote on a resolution at the AGM if it has not been circulated to members 21 days in advance of the meeting.  Nevertheless, the remaining Ramadoss faithful members voted for this illegal resolution and the meeting proceeded.

Mrs. Tirant and her staff by then had worked on the discrepancies and had narrowed it down further.  She then proceeded to declare Ramadoss as the new Chairman with some 290 plus votes versus 175 plus votes for Mr. D’Offay.  The Ramadoss crowd was ecstatic and clapped and jumped up and down in glee to please their Master.


The rest of the election was a farce since Ramadoss’ supporters were still around and the others had left the building.  Dolor Ernesta was voted in as Vice-Chairman and Brijesh Jivan, another employee of Ramadoss was voted in as Treasurer. Eventually, all the councillor candidates proposed by Ramadoss on his poster were declared as winners of this sham of an election. Ramadoss was the new King of the SCCI.

In summary, it will only be a matter of time before the SCCI turns into the Seychelles Chamber of Ramadoss and followers, especially since the Indian community had rallied behind one of their own.  It is obvious that Ramadoss wields more power than anyone else in Seychelles at the moment due to his deep pockets. 
Meanwhile, many current members were promising to resign from the SCCI come Monday morning.  Some stated that they will form a new association which would include legitimate, vetted businesses only. 
In addition, it would not be surprising if Mrs. Tirant does not resign from her post of Secretary-General. The abuse she has taken at the hands of Ramadoss would be hard for any professional to swallow.

As for the upcoming Economic Forum, it will turn out to be a disaster for Seychelles since the members elected could not organise a tea party for 5 year olds!

In summary, Ramadoss has won a shallow victory of sorts and now fully controls the SCCI along with his humble servants.  The Indian doctor has set off a nationalistic movement last seen by Albert Rene when the latter produced a poster telling the Yankees to go home.  This time, Ramadoss is telling the Seychellois to go home.  The Indians have won!

President Michel who recently mentioned in his State of the Nation address that there is no room for xenophobia in Seychelles, could hardly see beyond the horizon that it is the Indian community and Indian businesses who have declared war on the Seychellois community. 
Little did Rene and Michel know that they have created a monster in Ramadoss and that they now have a tiger by the tail.  Our Seychellois passports that have been so cheaply gifted to Indian nationals are now coming back to bite us on our asses.  The business and tax concessions given to Ramadoss so that he can provide ample cash to the SPPF coffers are now being used by Ramadoss to create his own nationalistic Indian party movement and to feed his own arrogant ego let alone his pockets. 
Seychelles is on the precipice of a great disaster and whilst this SCCI power struggle has been but a small battle, it is nothing compared to the devastating war that lies ahead. 

Contributed to STAR by an SCCI member who will resign on Monday


Anonymous said...

What a great report. Thank you Mr. Gill for describing this event in such detail.

As for Ramadoss, he is obviosuly not aware of the power of the SPPF. He will soon find out that SPPF does not like people to get too big for their breeches. Clearly he has stepped out of line although his riches may not be his but probably belong to the Sppf party.

Anonymous said...

If Ramadoss runs for Presidnet, he will get more votes than Boule.

Anonymous said...

In the final analysis, it was found that "413 Businesses were registered to vote and there were 465 ballots casted".

Can the SCCI Member who is resigning on Monday please tell us how many Farmers, Fishermen, Electricians, small Builders, brick Layers, Carpenters, roof Carpenters, Masons, Cleaners and Security Businesses were registered to vote in the "413" voters?. Regards TIKLO.

Anonymous said...


Cliford Andre and Jennifer Vel,Charles De Commarmond will you please second this?

Anonymous said...

Without the support of the sppf clique with the power and money he would not have pulled a fast one. I think he is being used by powerful people with special interest, why else would these MNA's be in attendance. I wonder if people like Clifford knows why a country needs a Chamber of Commerce, he was sent specially for the mission, it would appear. He is quite aware of the power of the sppf, he is prepared to play the game and make money at the same time.

Sharon said...

Next thing you'll know, sa malbar will be running for president in 2017. People, my people, stop being complacent. We have to strike now before it is too late. We do not want to be another Mauritius. Look at Bahrain, the local Bahrainis are surrounded by these...dare I say people? Do we want to be next? I think not.n a few months time, we will have power again to decide our destiny again. Vote with your mind. Vote for what you feel is right.

Real Seselwa said...

All these SPPF MNAs and the few local sychophants who voted for Ramadoss and his cronies in this sham election, are nothing less than TRAITORS to their motherland. We are at a point in our history today where our beloved Seychelles is being ruled by Arabs, Russians, and now the Indian merchant leeches want a piece of the action. Do you TRAITORS have any kaka in yours skulls not to realise what is going here? History shall judge you all one day..

Anonymous said...

And you guys wondered why I said that Ramadoss has a bullet or three with his name on it?


Now the EDA and the ass-kissing by Rene and Michel is really starting to leave a bad taste ok kaka malbar in their mouth.

Then again, TIKLO does have a point indeed when he asks how many Farmers, Fishermen, Electricians, small Builders, brick Layers, Carpenters, roof Carpenters, Masons, Cleaners and Security Businesses were registered to vote in the SCCI. I ask how many of these are members of the SCCI.

So now that we've realized that the SCCI is mainly Indian controlled I suggest that it starts attracting members from all trades who perhaps can get together and outvote that ugly fat-faced bastard who's grown too big for his own boots.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Unreal. People of Seychelles, wake up from your slumber before you become Mauritius or Fiji. We are losing our identity adn must vote Parti lepep out once and for all. Michel and Albert can retire in India if they want to.

Anonymous said...

To all the honest business people out there...

The best way out of these shambles is to create a new association (call it something like SBA - Seychellois Business Association) and pull the rug from under the feet of Ramadoss (aka Narcissus) and he cohorts! SIMPLE

Then the SCCI will become a lame duck stuffed with Indian shopkeepers, Ramadoss employees and SPPF MNA ass lickers. They can then share in the spoils of Narcissus!!!

SBA can be built from legitimate, hardworking, honest business Seychellois with dignity. This is the credible alternative similar to what we are looking for in the political arena!

Let the fat and greedy bastards choke on their own waste...

I call on the Chows, D'Offays, Masons, Pools, Patels, Hoaureaus, Sulemans, Hodouls etc... to unite and take your destiny and that of your children into your own hands.


Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill, TIKLO says

Hey Mate, is it just possible that Doc Ramadoss is 100% correct in his accusations when informing the crowd that the Secretary General Mrs. Gherardi-Tirant "was not doing her job and has been conspiring to bring him down and was against him?."

How then does one explain the ballot paper irregularities Mate?.
Is it not the Secretary who makes sure that the right amount of ballot papers are allocated to the Members?. What has she got to say in her defence in regards to this farce?.

And furthermore, I would like to remind everyone especially the Gill Brothers what France Albert Rene had to say on his first speech standing on that little bridge right infront of the Carnegie Library with the crowd on Gordon Square.

FAR was answering to a question by one of those donneur grenn who wanted to know what will happen to the "Malbars" in regards to "Sesl pou Seselwa." The answer from Rene was simple and to the point when he said and I quote: "In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant regardless of where he may come from and who comes here in good faith, becomes a Seychellois and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else. It is and it will always be an outrage to discriminate any such man because of creed, birthplace or origin." end of quote

In regards to Dr. Ramadoss, I think FAR's message to this day is quite simple that when one comes to live or work in Seychelles, one's allegiance must first and foremost without fail, be to Seychelles.

Has anobody got any evidence to suggest that Ramadoss is involved in corrupt practices or conspiring to undermine the people of Seychelles or in the worst case scenario, the Doctor is involved in covert or subversive activities and for ever hold your peace!!!??.

Anonymous said...

Chris wrote: "the shameful act of advertizing oneself for the post angered many SCCI members" and TIKLO says you bannla are Pathetic.

Born in Seychelles said...

"I am seacellois" - Ramadoss 09/04/10. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

I challenge all seychelles born nationals on this bogus SCCI council to resign if they are true patriots. Let us see if you have the backbone to stand and be counted as people with sound moral principles.
Ramadoss and his clique have brought shame and disrepute to such an honourable national institution. Shame on you all, but of course you have no scupples..

Anonymous said...

TIKLO bez ou manma, ler sa gro malbar pundaki a rantre net dan ou gran fes las wa konnen kisisa Ramadoss.Sa gro figir anfle a desir ou lanis sa mon boy.


Anonymous said...

These Seychellois on this bogus council "SCCI" are all SPPF cronies they know nothing than what their mentor RENE and MICHEL taught them, the art of corruption.

When they see dollars they just can't resist from the temptation and believe me they won't mind selling their own ass.... against a few dollars.They lost all morality.

The solution is not to ask them to quit but to oust SPPF out of power once and for all then we would have them all for justice.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

am still young, but my mind is old enough to realise wat is goin on! seriously this is fucked up!! I knew it would lead to some shit like this! FUCK RAMADOSS!!!

Anonymous said...


This is not my article. I did not write it. Read the bottom, contributed by a SCCI member. I am not a member of SCCI.

The Ramadoss affair at SCCI highlights what happens when PP create these Fabrike's. There will be many more to deal with, Ramadoss claims to be a "Patriotic Seychellois", yet he came to Seychelles as an Indian Army Doctor. I fail to see how Ramadoss can now be a Seychellois, unless SPPF granted him citizenship, as it has done with 5000 plus other Fabrikes loyal to SPPF.

The Ramadoss affair highlights the gravity of what we face today as a People.

In defending Seychelles, and our place in our motherland, we must not weaken our effort by calling Ramadoss names. Refrain from names calling. We as Rasinist, must protect what is ours, this is not racism as the PP propaganda machine will have us believe, it is patriotism. We hate no one, and we love only Seychelles.

Seychelles, is for Seychellois!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Daniella, thank you for your professionally written letter which outlines the irregularities as well as the threat to the SCCI's future.

Dr. Ramadoss has been propped up by a corrupt SPPF Government and is today a kingpin and front man for the ruling party. I attended the SCCI AGM on Friday and was simply shocked at the arrogance of the man. I don't hate anyone and being a black man with African decendents, I am certainly not xenophobic as many others in the crowd were.

But when an Indian national who arrived in Seychelles as an Army doctor can today claim a net worth of 300 plus million rupees, when this man employs nearly 20% of the private sector employees, when this man seems to operate with a bankroll that sees no end, one has to wonder at the source of his wealth let alone the power that he wields in our small country.

When the good Doctor took the microphone and insulted Mrs. Nicole Tirant in front of 400 plus, when the man shouted that he was a Seychellois, when the man started speaking about democracy, when the man printed the ballots at his own press, when the man had all the SPPF MNA's at his beck and call, one starts to wonder and even marvel at this man's power. In fact, it was quite scary and disturbing for me and unless something changes at the SCCI, I will not renew my membership.

I dare say that Ramadoss today is probably the richest businessman in Seychelles, or at least number two after concrete-rock magnate Joe Albert and Vijay Patel, another Indian-Seychellois who arrived in SEychelles a few decades ago. If not the richest, then surely Ramadoss is the most powerful.

Ramadoss must be stopped one way or another. The Attorney General, the Tax Department and the Michel Government must start investigating the source of this man's wealth as no one could amass such a large fortune in that short amount of time without some form or corruption. The people of Seychelles has a right to know and the Government needs to collect its fair share of taxes that will benefit all Seychellois.

Finally, Doctor Ramadoss has brought shame to the SCCI and he should step down. This institution will not be representative of the country businesses as long as he remains Chairman. Many of my business colleagues have told me that they plan to cancel their membership if Ramadoss is allowed to continue with his charade.

God bless our country and may the winds of change blow over us one day.

Anonymous said...

Understanding the importance and strategy for Ramadoss to control SCCI........

After 5t June 1977, when Seychelles became a one party state, ruled by a dictator who controlled everything there was no real need or relevance for independent institutions such as SCCI to exist. SCCI managed to exist, god only knows how. At times there was no quorum at the SCCI Agm, meetings had to be called off. During the days of one party state SPPF did not give a damn and did not ‘recognise’ SCCI.

After the re-introduction of multi-party politics, SPPF managed to ignore and sidelined the SCCI for the best part of 10 years whilst the SPPF controlled all the lucrative business activities. Leading up to and since the arrival of the IMF to our shores, it has become increasingly important for the government of the day to recognise and work together with SCCI for the benefit of all legitimate, independent businesses and investors. In real terms the government becomes a facilitator to independent businesses rather than a business preventative government which was the case prior to the arrival of IMF to our shores. During the past decade, the SCCI started playing a very crucial role for the serious, independent business community. SCCI was vocal in exposing the unfair legislations and practices that was detriment to businesses and Seychelles in general.

The SCCI is usually the platform/institution and body that interacts with foreign bodies, businesses and delegations to ensure a fair and level playing field for all concerned including the government of the day.

The strategy for Ramadoss to control the SCCI is a well thought political strategy. The SCCI needs to be controlled by yes men such as Ramadoss to ensure foreign bodies such as IMF gets the message and impression that all is well within the business community of Seychelles. The result of this well engineered election is indeed a sad one for the independent business community. One the other hand it is a great result for SPPF who now have Ramadoss at the helm of SCCI. Ramadoss will ensure the likes of IMF get to hear what the government of the day wants them to hear. It is unfortunate that the SCCI has been turned into a political football.

There is no point blaming Ramadoss or SPPF government for the result of the meeting. We only have to blame ourselves the local independent business community for allowing Ramadoss to take control of this very important institution.

It is high time for the serious local business community to organise and mobilise support to oust Ramadoss from this post. If we do nothing we will return back to the days were only businesses affiliated to SPPF survive and do well.

Should you decide not to be on board with SPPF and the new SCCI you will suffer the consequences.
Do so at your own peril!

Food for thought.

Jean Pierre

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jean Pierre,

Your last paragragh just does not hold water. JAM's Government lights are switched on for to-morrow and it is not their style to discriminate or vilify any groups or individuals.

Can you Jean Pierre tell us who represents the Professional Fishermen in SCCI?. No one has had the courtesy to answer this simple question. Have a gooday.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

I would guess, Ramadoss & Palani are the (new)representatives of our fisherman. Hope the above Fabrikes understands the challanges that our local fisherman faces on a daily basis.

Hope this answers your question !

Jean Pierre

PS If I was a fisherman, I would distance myself from these lot..

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jean Pierre,

Sur cette Pierre, do not come on here to guess sil vou plait Jean Pierre.

It is obvious that you do not get what I am trying to tell you because you do not know what you are looking for. Every Profession Fisherman needs to have a Fishing License and hence each one of them do have a business to run. What about the Electricians, Small to Medium size Builders, Renovators, Masons, Carpenters, Cabintet Makers and Brick Layers to name a few. Do you think that there are more Indian Shop Keepers that the above mentioned Registered Tradesmen?.

These same people vilifyhing Ramadoss need to take a long hard look at themselves and to stop blaming everybody else for their own naivety and most importantly, there is a need to stop falling into the intelligent Trap.

A bientot Jean Pierre. Un Petit Kreol Le Haut ki aime bien prend son bain dans le Basin Ble. If you want to check it out, fer cir ou pa bez deboulle dan ranpar Zepi Ble.

Anonymous said...

I wound like to ask Mr Gill its time that we Seychellios leaving abroad,That we also hvae a right to vote.Because our vote will make a big diffrent in the next election and remove this couminist sytem.who have been doing they Dirty jobs seen 32 years.

Selwa Rasin

Anonymous said...

COCO2 say that.Just a free words for Metsy La Rue,How many years seen you been wearing this Red dress?Like we all no every time the election is coming on Praslin Metsy La Rue supply some Praslinios with cook,fridge, kelera,brain wasching people like BIYOKO.Metsy dance your free last dance in your red dress.Metsy when Rasin will win the election one day,we will play for you and PP just one song,that you can dance in your Red Dress for the last time.This song call,Lady in Red is gone she co.They will never come back again,My brothers and sister...Dem Dictator have gone...they will be no more corruption and suffering my brothers and sisters and no more selling Seychelles and Seychellios to those wekid bam heads.


Anonymous said...

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