Sunday, March 28, 2010

To set the Seychelles record straight, rewind to 36 years ago (360° about turn!) and you will be shocked to see history repeating itself. How ironic!
Back in the early ‘70s leading to our Independence, James Mancham had started his ‘friends to all, enemy to none’ diplomacy and invited investors to help build our country. Albert Rene & James Michel were vehemently opposed to this policy and the friends that Mancham was keeping. Their rallying call at the time was that our patrimony was being sold off, our sovereignty compromised, access to our beaches being denied... Sesel Pou Seselwa became the battle cry.
One of the prime ‘investor’ that Mancham was attracting was a billionaire arms dealer by the name of Khashoggi. He had bought several parcels of land including the whole of Beau Vallon beach. His mega yacht was a regular visitor to our shores.
Today in 2010, after more than 30 years of communism experimentation, we see James Michel doing a 360° about turn back to the pre Independence days, adopting a so called ‘economic diplomacy’! He has stolen a leaf out of Mancham’s book (he cannot think for himself!) and is now in the company of some ‘new Khashoggi’ friends. But he is not selling land at its market value (he does not have the brains & industrious acumen to carry out any business on behalf of his people) – he is gifting it for one (1) rupee. God knows how much ‘gous’ (रु. घूस, back shish, فساد أخلاقي, pots-de-vin, 贿赂, bribes, взятки) he and his cronies are pocketing with these deals. To add insult to injury, his propaganda machines will want us to believe that he has ‘a heart for every Seychellois’! No James Michel. You wanted to be judged by your actions. You have your heart (hand) in the pockets of the newfound friends that you keep for company such as Sheik Khalifa and Prince Talal.
The very same reason (excuse is more appropriate) that Michel and Albert Rene used to carry out their cowardly act of the Coup D’état has come back to haunt them. History repeats itself and how ironic that Khalifa has also been gifted the same land at Beau Vallon that Mancham had sold to Khashoggi. The ruthless communist regime of Albert Rene & James Michel had acquired this land “in the national interest” back in the days…
But worse, James Michel has given away the following to his newly found company of friends:
$$$ - Petite Anse to Prince Talal who has put up a Four Seasons hotel and residences complete with concessions galore. All profits and revenue tax free and total repatriation of funds.
$$$ - Several hectares at Barbarons, Mahe, (ex Seychelles Army chicken farm plus the whole mountain and valley); to Sheik Khalifa for his own personal use, complete with several other palaces (read personal playgrounds).
$$$ - The whole of Police Bay, Mahe to Sheik Khalifa who will turn it into his private marina (read maritime playground), where he can hide all his big yachts and toys. Check one of the toys costing US$ 485 million: or
$$$ - Huge chunks of land at La Misere, Mahe (ex US tracking station site) to Sheik Khalifa who is building a 6 story, four block, 3D palace for a holiday home. He imported over 2,000 illegal Asian workers under his own construction company called ASCON. Rumour has it that this palace complex will be linked with the Barbarons site via a cable car system!
$$$ - Several hectares at Anse Pasquiere & Pti L’Anse on Praslin to Prince Talal who is building a hotel (Raffles) and several residences to sell to his rich & famous friends. No revenue and no taxes coming into the country. Concessions galore…
$$$ - Several hectares at Beau Vallon, Mahe to Sheik Khalifa (under the cover of Abu Dhabi Development Corporation) sold off by Bel Ombre Investments (a pseudo holding company fronted by a non descript character) for no other than the powerful local kingpins in the name of Albert Rene Inc. and Mukesh Valabhji. Another massive luxury project will be in the offing…
$$$ - Several hectares on Providence reclaimed land, Mahe (Zone 21) to Sheik Khalifa where a housing complex is being erected to house his army of illegal immigrant works who are frantically working on his projects on a 24hr basis.
Today the so called ‘investors’ are not billionaire arms dealers but Sheiks & Princes armed (stuffed) with petro dollars. They have found Jason (James – the Jj one!) & his golden fleece and he is being hunted down!!
 Surprised? Disgusted? Outraged? You better be and you have all the right to be! Unless of course you are Marie Louise Potter and her gang of demagogues in the national assembly. They want us to believe that James Michel has carte blanche to perform such sell outs and it is done in the interest of the country and its people! Give us a break! Aret bat latet Seselwa!
Next week, we’ll explore the Russian connection and then the South African influence followed by the Chinese and Indian invasion!

Khalifa (below James Michel selling out)


Anonymous said...

Sheikhs and Princes are investing in the Seychelles with JAM's blessing. Ki zot problem bann la?.

Look what happened to Prince Edwards's TV has just been sent into receivership for blowing 2 million pounds of Investors monies. The millions upon millions that Sheihk Khalifa is Investing in Seychelles can be seen with our naked eyes and when his Super Yaght comes sailing in, his palace up La Misere finished with cable-cars to his Private Residence at Barbaron....what can one say except clap and salute Seychelles' WOW....WOW....WOW FACTORS!!!!!!!.

Si bannla with hatred and zaloozy still have a problem, nek nek nek nek ek bez al sot dan basin Loulou en par en and start yoking whilst Jj will keep on Rocking.

Have a nice day bannla....Ti Kreol Laid O par la O Basin Ble.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after reading your previous contributions Ti Kreol, I seriously wonder what planet you live on and whether you are at all serious and care about our country and our children’s children.

You must remember contributor, that at the end of the day, we are a small country with limited natural resources, a fragile economy and a highly questionable government with ulterior motives that has not maximized our development as a nation for the past 30+ years. This is clear.

I would suggest that you review your position as a Seselwa, and ask yourself, does not my people and country have any value? Do we not deserve better? What have we received in return for this investment? How would you like to be made second class in your own house? Do you not deserve better?

Sesel i Pour Seselwa my friend.

You should join our fellow brothers and sisters who also agree with me, and look deep into your heart and open your mind and eyes.

As a Seselwa, I am very disappointed in you.

But I have hope for you still.


Anonymous said...

This article says it all about the state of our country. While Michel is busy selling out our country to Arabs, Somali pirates have just captured another Seychellois banbara fishing boat (Galate) and have threatened to kill all on board if the Seychelles Coast Guards fire on them. Where's your Arab friends now to get us out of our shit Michel? Will Indian magnate Seeva pay a few more millions to the Somalis as ransom like he did the last time? Maybe Minister or Pirate Joel Morgan can use some of that $4.5 million that disappeared to some Arab company to pay off the pirates. Or maybe Khalifa will send Michel a planeload of money soon? How about asking Albert Rene and Mukesh to kick in a few millions of their stolen wealth to free our people?

We have an incompetent President who should be impeached or simply removed from power because he is brainless! The man has an IQ of 20. My dog at home has more brains than Michel.

As for Marie-Louise Potter the ass-licker of the century, she is another SPPF fool who has now replaced Sylvette Pool-Frichot and Mitcy as the Reddest of them all. She actually believes that she is smart and that she is Minister material. Dream on MarieLou. Your days are numbered as well and once they have abused your little red hole and your big mouth, you will be cast aside like the rest of the old whores.

Anonymous said...

Hey B

May be you should direct your question to the Seychelles' Voters who are the Judge,, Jury and Executioner "from which Planet they are from." They are the ones that care about their Country and their Children's Childrens.

If Jj had "ulterior motives" or did not maximised Seychelles' potential to the full like you say, they would have given the SPPF the flick.

In regards to "Sesel pou seselwa", all the decisions implimented that concerns Seychelles are being done so by the Seychellois Leadership and their Technical advisors.

And by the way B, can you tell us what is the definition of decision?. TIKLO

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

Ou en bon Kouyon Mate. The World's Super Powers are helpless to eradicate this Piracy scourge and you expect Seychelles to do what the above Nations have failed to do so far?.

The Mighty American Navy has been on Diego Garcia for the last 40 years and look at what they have turned this side of the Indian into!!!! I suggest you engage your brain before you put your mouth into gear. TIKLO

Anonymous said...

Just want to underline the regular rubbish on SBC:

"En Moman Avek Prezidan"

I think they even got it wrong or trying to fool people. It should be:

Every hour and day with the President or even better living with the President and his Sheikhs


Anonymous said...

Ti Kreol, as all other SPPF herling are living under the aegis of Arabs after they have bankrupted our economy , without Arabs bounty to keep them afloat they would have been scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet to.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, TIKLO is just a waste of space on this earth. He’s an avid & devoted Rene follower. He considers Rene as a legend (as if) & his idol. He embraced Reneism with open arms. Because, he lives in Australia & works on Rene’s farm. Konmdir kreol i anmas mang pou pakte. TIKLO is one of many-Rene's bootlickers!

Usually just ignore his comments & he will vanish. He always has it in his pea-brain that he’s a smart cookie but on the contrary he’s a simple sadistic nick-name calling wanker.

TIKLO....go & suck egg!


Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please take the most utter care before going into debate and/or discussion with TIKREOLOLEOTIKOKLO or whatever he calls himself. His only objective on discussion sites is to create chaos so the site becomes as polluted as his heroes conscience(Rene, Michel etc) and he's good at just that, creating chaos. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience so my advise to you is to either ignore him or simply reply politely and properly. That way he'll leave you alone as it's a language he doesn't comprehend or is familiar with. Brutes of that calibre know abuse, violence and disorder. A similar stunt was pulled on another site just prior to the last election all in the name of the SPPF as they were officially called then. The site that was a good debate page turned into manure after he intervened. Please don't let the same happen here.

Now watch this space for insults

Patrick X

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...


I welcome you back to this blog. I am pleased you did not make good on your threat not to participate because I insisted on referring to your friend Rene as the Butcher that he is; and because, as a Rasin-ist, I refuse to call anyone Sir in our country, since we are all equal citizens of the Republic. Be that as it may, welcome back.

You make several points that deserve a response. The first is that we should welcome Khalifa's millions into our country and that somehow we are opposed to Khalifa spending millions in Seychelles. Most of us are not opposed to Khalifa investing millions in our country, and we are not jealous of Khalifa's billions. We could not care less how many billions he has or how he spends it as long as he respects Sesel Pou Seselwa.

What we do care about is that because of what appears to be and are rumored to be bribes paid to our leaders, Khalifa is able to dictate to us what our national policies should be. He is able to in effect turn us into his personal colony.

For instance because of apparent or rumored bribes paid to the PP Collaborators, Khalifa can dictate to us what visitor entry stamp we can use in our own country. He is offended by the curves on our coco de mer and demands that it be abandoned - his employee, supposedly our President, complies. This offends us. Khalifa brings in plane load after plane load of goods and does so tax free and un-inspected under the disguise of diplomatic immunity. This offends us. Khalifa brings in 2,000 workers without our government even knowing about it, and who proceed to defecate into the drinking water supply used by thousands of Rasin, and with long term adverse health impacts not even known yet, and without any consequences to Khalifa or even an apology from him. This offends us. He imports 17 BMW's into our country for SCR25 each. This offends us. He "purchases" prime Rasin land for SCR1, and the associated rumored bribes that are stashed in Malaysian bank accounts under the names of Rasin of Chinese ancestry. This offends us. The list can continue for some time yet. In short he has made a mockery of Sesel Poou Seselwa the founding principle of our country.

So, you are mistaken when you say we are offended by Khalifa's wealth. We are offended that Khalifa has been sold our country by the PP Collaborators and they have and are continuing to shamelessly sell out our country for a few pieces of silver.

You are fond of saying that the Seychellois voter is judge, jury and executioner and they ahve given the PP Collaboratrs a mandate to sell us out. But what you have omitted to state is that the PP Collaborators have stacked the Electoral Roll with Fabrike and fraudulent voters. Then they have used these counterfeit voters to claim electoral victory. So no, Seselwa Rasin have never given the PP Collaborators a mandate to sell our country out from right under our noses. So when a Rasin-ist government comes to power we will retake our country from the Fabrike and foreigners.

But have no fear TIKLO, we Rasin will be judge, jury and executioner as you have said. We will have a true revolution and bring you PP Collaborates, who sell out our country for a few pieces of silver, to justice for your crimes against the Seselwa Rasin - your own people. Prepare yourself for that day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my follow bloggers, in that Tiklo has no real constructive purpose on this site apart from making noise and attempting to create havoc. Please forgive him, as he does not know any better and is only following the same tactics as his "idols" and "leaders".

So Mr. Tiklo, I shall take the good advice of my well mannered, educated and experienced bloggers, and refrain from further engagement with you.

As I said last time: " look deep into your heart, open your mind and eyes".

Apart from that, your misinformed comments, attitude, behaviour and immaturity to grasp basic issues relating to the real health of our Nation and not the nightmare created by the people you worship, are not worth my time of day. Even if they are your opinion. Sorry my friend, I choose quality.

I will refrain from discussions with you and will allow you to see the honest Seselwa path on your own accord. Soon it will become very obvious to you. However, you may choose to "manz andan" your true feelings for your motherland.

If you are still unable to see the reality facing our Sesel, I shall still respect you as a person and as a Seselwa, but I would seriously advise you to consult a doctor.

Of course, all the above is only my opinion and if you are a professional, then you may wish to either counter my opinion or even defend yourself, or not do anything at all. This is your choice.

If you do however, please return with some common sense and contributions, that have a real view of the real situation " par la O Basin Ble".

The unfortunate thing for you though, is that even if you do reply to me again, I will not reply or acknowledge you until you bring value to the table.

Now, let us get abck to the real discussions please.


Anonymous said...

Talking from he's rear as always & will never change!

Tell us where did you get the information that the Americans paid a one ruppee lease for the Tracking station site? Was it your legend telling you such porkies? Or is it your imagination playing ticks on you as always?

But your idol left the intriguing part out, that he's government were paid $4.5 million annually from 1963 when the US tracting station became operational till september 1996, when they officially closed down.

Do the math TIKLO, that's 33 years altogether & I leave it for you to work out the total revenue.

And, Seselwa Rasin i dir fodre rann kont pou sa bann larzan!

TIKLO, put your money where your mouth is and show us proof of the one ruppee lease & I'll show proof of the $4.5 million lease. Or forever hold your piss, arrh peace!


Anonymous said...


Aret bat latet donc. You stated that since "1963, 4.5 millions were paid to FAR's Government."

FAR came to Power in 1977. The Americans offered to pay 450 thousand dollars to help finance FAR's Government 5 year Plans.

Aret pran Seselwa pou enbecil Karya erhhhh Naya.

Anonymous said...

So, you still haven't done the math yet? Where's the proof for the one ruppee lease. Seselwa ankor pe espere!

Sa bann karya tou kou pou fatig ou!


Anonymous said...

Kouyon in kanmi prezan i pe riy zon laba dan son trou Perth.

Anonymous said...

So Monsieur Karya...erhhhh..Niya

I can only give you the sum total of what FAR's government received from Uncla Sam from 1977. How did you work out that it was "from 1963?." Ou en bon Kouyon Mate.

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