Saturday, April 10, 2010


On the matter of your antics and corrupt efforts to remain chairman of the SCCI

In a bid to obtain some accolade in our society, you are turning the venerable institution of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) into an object of ridicule by your antics with your newspaper.

Dr. V. Ramadoss

I make this statement not as one of the candidates in the upcoming elections for officer bearer but as a long standing member predating your arrival in our country.

I wish to point out at the outset that, unlike you, I did not seek these nominations, nor have I contrived to register a hundred or so bogus or ghost “members” at the last minute and to obtain their proxy in order to vote for you and your minions. In a truly democratic society, this is tantamount to rigging an election because in effect this afternoon you alone will be voting for yourself to be the Chairman of the SCCI.

If you were a truly honest and bona fide businessman in a free market environment, who has made a success of his ventures after risking his own money, accolades would be bestowed upon you by your peers (the other members) in recognition not only of your success but also of your leadership qualities.  This is what happens in a civilised environment of a corrupt-free society.

But you are not a bona fide businessman, neither are you honest. You owe whatever financial success not by risking your own capital, nor by legitimate business means. You have been part of and the beneficiary of corrupt practices by corrupt politicians in a corrupt political environment. Let’s face it you are a front man for a corrupt political class and you have no scruples.

You have built a gambling business through state patronage and in a government building which became government property through corrupt means during the one-party state. You alone could have a gambling license at the exclusion of everybody else. It is said, and generally believed by everyone that the proceeds of your gambling interests have been and continue to be used to finance the political activities of certain individuals and groups who have and continue to deliver patronage to you.

You “own” and manage the only printing presses capable of producing your newspaper, in a fraudulent and corrupt manner. It was previously state property, therefore, the people of Seychelles property.  It was confiscated from the people and handed over to vested interest of the same political group to whom you are indebted. 

Unlike you, I came into business at a very early age (1974), without any patronage in a free market and corrupt free environment. In those days you did not need patronage or access to political influence in order to set up a business and make a success of it.  I became a member of the Chamber and rose to become its honorary secretary, a post I held until I was arrested, detained without charge or trial for nine months and driven into political exile, by the very political class to whom you are indebted.  This was the very class who went on to decimate our successful free market system and instituted corrupt practices on a grand scale.

Today, having recognised the virtues of free market capitalism and as they try to whitewash their past history and image as a destructor of the free market in Seychelles, you are, my good friend, not only an embarrassment to them but also a constant reminder of their corrupt past which they are strenuously trying to put behind them.

Paul Chow


Seselwa4Ever said...

Excellent post Mr Paul Chow highlighting the rise of the infamous Ramadoss ( the simple doctor who became the Oligarth of Seychelles). The smoke screens of business men with many businesses used by sppf to hide their greed and ownership and corruption shall soon unveil to the whole nation...and as for you Ramadoss it will be a painfull fall unto the sharp stake awaiting you. How in the world is millions of ruppees worth of profits from gambling institutions not taxed I cannot understand. I hope that some of these articles are posted in Seychelles Weekly to further increase the pace of the movement. I sincerely hope Seselwa sees some light and get rid of this curse of JJ evil spirit that has been chocking us for decades!

Anonymous said...

It is time for the tax department and the Attorney General to launch an investigation into Ramadoss' empire. There is no way that one man can amass this kind of fortune in such a short period of time. Sooner or later, Ramadoss will fall as he is getting too big for his boots. I think it is the SPPF who will take him out.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

I agree with Seselwa4Ever that Mr. Chow did a superb job of laying out the Ramadoss connection to the PP Collaborator government and its leaders. He is one more cog in what appears to be a criminal enterprise that is now called the PP.

To Anonymous: We Rasin-ists have no objection to any businessman or businesswoman who achieves success by risking his or her own capital and making a profit. This type of activity benefits the businessman or businesswoman but it also benefits the consumer, who gets products or services from the business, it benefits his or her employess and their families who gain productive employment, and it benefits the country by improving the taxes we can collect to be spent on the general good.

However, we do object to a "businesman" who is a front for a corrupt and what appears to be a criminal enterprise aimed at fleecing us Seselwa Rasin.

So we Rasin-ist object to Ramadoss's business practices since, in our view, he appears to be, and is alleged to be, a corrupt businessman who has subverted our economic and political system to benefit his PP masters and to destroy and undermine Rasin-ist interests.

A Rasin-ist government will deal with Ramadoss' crimes with aggressive prosecution and imprisonment if he is convicted. And we will find him wherever he hides in the world and bring him back to Seychelles to face prosecution and to face justice in our country.

Anonymous said...

We understand despite that most people walked out of the meeting, Ramados insisted on the election being carried out against the SCCI constitution. Is there a way of removing him legally by a court action? How can we allow such corrupt practices to prevail.

Anonymous said...

This shows us how the 2006 election was rigged and how this year or next year's election is likely to be. As we know Ramados is just a front, there is a greater force behind him. JJ despises him but must play the game. This leaves those with influence, power and money who is prompting and using him to call their tune.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

There is little hope of obtaining any redress from the current court system in the Rasin homeland for Ramadoss' alleged illegal actions. The PP Collaborators have stacked the Court with foreigners and Fabrike who depend on the PP Collaborators, in most cases, to renew their limited term employment contracts. This ensures that these judges remain beholden to the PP Collaborators. If these judges exercise any independent judgment that contradicts the expected outcome of cases by the PP Collaborator government, these judges exercising such independent judgment will be sent packing. So there is little possibility of obtaining redress from an impartial and independent court system. That kind of a court system simply does not exist in our country. Ramadoss is doing the biding of the PP Collaborators, so they will protect him in the courts from any independent judgment.

The Ramados affair does instruct us of what to expect from the PP Collaborators in the coming election. It is their intention to stack the Electoral Register with fraudulent voters and Fabrike voters, as we have warned and Ramadoss has appeared to do. This fraudulent scheme is one reason we believe that Gappy has thus far not published the electoral list and why he has thus far not made it available on line in digital form so that all Seselwa Rasin can freely and conveniently inspect the list.

So what are we to do? We must take political action to redress the situation. We must do our best to obtain the voter list and take all efforts to identify the fraudulent and Fabrike voters on the list and protest that fact. Then if all peaceful means are exhausted to peacefully change our government we must be prepared to have a true revolution to remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people - their own people.

Anonymous said...

When Paul Chow came in Business in 1974 as he claims, Paul Chow and his Brother in Arms who worked upstairs across the road as the Chief Immigration Officer were the Masterminds into subversive activities that culminated in the Student Demonstrations. Even when out of the country, those same two persons were involved in more subversive activities using naive young Seychellois to do their dirty deeds not to mention the Room 412 conspiracy against the One Party State Government of FAR.

Singapore is still and has always been a One Party State where opposition participation of any kind are not permitted let alone subversive activities in order to undermine the Government of Lee Kuan Yew. If Chow had done what he did towards Seychelles in Singapore for example, Paul Chow would have faced the Firing Squad and the triggers would have put pulled not by Singaporean Indian Nationals but by the Singaporean Chinese Nationals that resembles Paul Chow en painture.

Chow is dirty because Ramadoss is an Indian. Singapore and Malaysia their Ministries of Finance are run by Indian Ministers and their Ministries are dominated by Indian Workers because they are above intelligent, hard workers. They have a knack for making and generating money.

Can Chow please tell us exactly what has Ramadoss done ilegally?. Voting by proxy is the norm in this day and age in business and was definitely not invented by Ramadoss so why the Character Assasination and Vilification by Chow?.

Can Chow specify the so called "corrupt practices" that only Chow and the Brothers Gill seem to know about so well?. If Ramadoss or any Government Agencies have committed ilegal and corrupt practices, why can't Paul Chow substantiate the accusations/allegations in a court of Law?.

When Paul Chow was charged with Fraud, how did the case end up?.

Regards to all....TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO say: It might be wise to note that Temooljee under the Leadership of Gro Jimmy - Darius' Dad - was a Legend in his own lifetime and the very best of the best too. It was so sad that he died at a very young age. And together with Adam Moosa, Chaka Bros and Jivan Jetha among others owned the best properties around....the best houses....leases on Islands...had the best cars..... and above all, they were not only examplary and hard working Seychellois Citizens but also well respected.

If I am not mistaken, P'tit Jimmy Wadia as he was affectionaly known happened to be Paul Chow's Partner in some News Agency. Ti Jimmy would be rolling over in his grave with Chow's Anti-Indian antics and personal attacks on other law abiding Indian Citizens.

Shame on you Paul Chow Sing. You are a loser.

Anonymous said...


Just a reminder that JJ is switched on for to-morrow where "evil" and insults are not part of his current thoughts whilst he controls "La Bar."

TIKLO pou touzour la.

Anonymous said...

Can I please ask everyone to ignore that fucking idiot called Tiklo and to stop engaging him with your comments. The man is a total SPPF idiot who is here only to disrupt good deebates. Here he is castigating Chow and Gerard Hoarau for inciting the Student Demonstrations when he forgot that a year prior Albert Rene had taken over the country with guns and several people had lost their lives. Hassan Ali was a respected businessman too and he was murdered by no other than Rene the Butcher and his henchmen.

So Tiklo, GO FUCK YOURSELF and stick a Fosters up your dirty SPPF ASSHOLE!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Well, now teh Seychellois can see which way the country is heading by allowing such an organisation as the SCCI to ridicule its members and Seychelles as a whole the way Ramadoss is doing now.

That man is making us as a nation a laughing stock and really bringing back the 'banana republic' state.

Now if you think Ramadoss is taking us for a ride, just wait till Khalifa & Co start bringing along their interestees into SCCI. La ki nou pou war kouyon.

So now you all see what that passice attitude of ours has led to, i.e 'I want change but I can't be bothered to make the effort'. Just keep at it and you'll soon see more likes of Ramadoss landing in their flip-flops and jumping into Armani suits within no time at all.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Well, now teh Seychellois can see which way the country is heading by allowing such an organisation as the SCCI to ridicule its members and Seychelles as a whole the way Ramadoss is doing now.

That man is making us as a nation a laughing stock and really bringing back the 'banana republic' state.

Now if you think Ramadoss is taking us for a ride, just wait till Khalifa & Co start bringing along their interestees into SCCI. La ki nou pou war kouyon.

So now you all see what that passice attitude of ours has led to, i.e 'I want change but I can't be bothered to make the effort'. Just keep at it and you'll soon see more likes of Ramadoss landing in their flip-flops and jumping into Armani suits within no time at all.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


If Chow and Gerard Hoareau were trying to overthrow Rene's dictatorship and replace it with a democracy they are patriots and heroes, not villains as you suggest.

Insofar as Le Kuan Yew's government in Singapore is concerned, they never took over their country by force of arms, exiled 30% of their people who disagreed with them, tortured and murdered their opponents and shut down all opposition newspapers and media outlets and imposed a totalitarian dictatorship. So you PP Collaborators do not have the legitimacy of the Singaporean government in order to compare your actions to Singapore. But in any event, we Seselwa Rasin want a democracy more like Switzerland's rather than Singapore's. We want to speak when we want to, and how we want to do so without fear of being tortured and murdered by our own government as Rene the Butcher did and as he has taught Michel the Collaborator to do.

You TIKLO seem to think that by not killing Seselwa Rasin in even more numbers than he did that Rene the Butcher and the PP Collaborator's are doing us Seselwa Rasin a favor. You think that it is your right to murder Seselwa Rasin who disagree with you because this or that country has done it to their citizens. You think that it is your decision how much democracy we can have. You seem to think that we Seselwa Rasin must accept PP Collaborator dictatorship. You seem to think we Seselwa Rasin must accept you PP Collaborators selling out our country to your Fabrike friends like Ramadoss and your foreign friends like Khalifa.

We Rasin-ists say no to you traitors and Collaborators. We will not lose our country to you Collaborators and your Fabrike and foreign friends. We will fight you in the streets of Victoria, hand to hand, if necessary - but we will not lose our country.

You say where is the fraud in the recent Chamber of Commerce election where you PP Collaborators and your Fabrike and foreign friends gave us a preview of how you intend to conduct the coming elections. If you do not think it is fraudulent to cast more votes than the number of registered voters, than that says it all about your character and your mentality. If you think ballot stuffing is not fraudulent then by your definition every vote won by the Collaborators is a valid vote and that is exactly the problem - you Collaborators do not respect Seselwa Rasin's democratic right to a clean, fair and honest election. You are power hungry traitors who will lie, cheat and steal just to stay in power so you can sell out our country for a few Rupees.

You say Chow should substantiate his allegations in a Court of law, when you know the court system is rigged by a corrupt judiciary beholden to the PP Collaborator government.

So fellow Seselwa Rasin what are we to do? We must educate all our fellow Seselwa Rasin Creed. It can be found on our Facebook site - Mouvman Seselwa Rasin. Then we must educate 3 other Rasin about the Creed and ask them to do the same. Then we must work peacefully to achieve change and we each must do our part to accomplish this. But, if this fails and we are cheated out of our democratic rights we must prepare ourselves for revolutionary action to remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against their own people - the Seselwa Rasin. Rasin-ism is the answer to Ramados and all other Fabrike like him.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, those people you making allusion to like MOOSA and others, they came here legally before independent they are integrated in our society and did not obtain our passport or nationality illegally.
They have always parpicipate in and respected our people ,they parpicipated to development this country which also made them what they are today.

Furthermore, they have never ever try to imposed their tradition,culture on us to the contary they learned ours.

RAMBOSS has no ancestors in this nation If you search in any birth records in the archive of our nation, nowhere you will find the name RAMBOSS written somewhere in any records.RAmBOSS citizenship should be revoked immediately and have him deported .He had a working permit which had expired thus he should leave now.

IF NOT nce RASIN take over all those pests , illegally colonizing our shores will have to go,voluntary or by deportation .

Seychelles will not become Mauritius nor FIJI there will be two options namely they leave our country and go back to their homes voluntary or we will do it by force.

Some might try to use racism as as tactics to try to justify their illegal actions.

We do not take a damm ,any one of you who has a problem with our position or think we are racist come to see us when again when we have finished doing the clearing our sovereign land from those foreign pests like RAMBOSS.

Sesel pou Seselwa the attempt to use racism as tactics to try and quiet us will not work because before all your aguments SEYCHELLES IS FOR SESELWA what foreigners think are not important ,if they do not like what we decide in this country they must go back to their motherland.
Remember we never asked SPPF to illegally Import those pests onto our shores.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MR CHOW is a patriot not a criminal like Rene,Michel and co.
His intention in trying to restore democracy in this land was noble and we should extol such devoted persons.
To the contary of Rene,Michel and co.they are meal-mouthed politicians who couldn't follow genuine process of demecracy to come on power.

Criminals, Tiklo should be in the court room to face the nemesy of their crimes not in state house.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Ramadoss employs so many Malbars in his businesses . If he does not trust Seselwa, he should pack up and take his businesses and Malbars back to India and take charge of a Chamber there. Ramadoss go back to India


Dr Sunder said...

hey guys ,i thought seychelles was a peaceful nation ,encouraging enterprise , the posts are quite self damaging, you are projecting a racist outlook, you have to accept it is these indian teachers and doctors, who gave seychelles the education and medicine , it is the true business spirit of the indian businessmen which created business enterprises in Seychelles , dont crib for these growth , other wise you would be a primitive tribe if not for dynamic people like Dr Ramadoss ,see Singapore, it respected the Indian brain , the indian contribution , they are still doing very welll, quite rich , inspite of being a very small nation, take the case if Srilanka, they failed to recognise the Indian diaspora, they were in Dumps, finally it is the Indian army which has resurrected the nation , though covertly, now theyare looking up, so dont take away the credit for the sake of petty politics, try to grow yourself , if Ramadoss can fund politics , why dont you try doing it ourself, and be more powerful than himself, it is easy to blame, try to be it , grow man grow


Leonard Francis Gill said...


Just because we attack Ramadoss for his malfeasance does not mean we are attacking all Indians. Where did you get the idea we are attacking Indians? Because Ramadoss is an Indian? Is that it?

Because Ramadoss is an Indian and because he is a businessman he is not immune from following our laws. You seem to argue that he shold be immune.

It is our opinion Ramadoss has engaged in crooked illegal dealings in our motherland. It is our opinion he has worked with the Pp Collaborators to steal our patrimony.

So we should keep quiet just because Ramadoss is Indian? No. we will not keep quiet.

Everyone, Indians and anyone else, are welcome to come to our motherland and do honest, fair business on a level playing field. But no one, Indian or anyone else, can come and give bribes to anyone in our motherland to gain favorable treatment and enrich themselves at the expense of the Seselwa Rasin patrimony. And that includes Ramadoss whatever his race. If that is too tall an order for you and Ramadoss, then, by all means, go somewhere else where you are allowed to bring your greatness and your bribes.

Finally, Ramadoss is a Fabrike or fake Seselwa. He has no business interfering in the political affairs of our motherland. Politics in our motherland should be solely the concern of Seselwa Rasin - real Seselwa.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Now and Sesel pou Seselwa Forever

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