Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Seychelles Servant President

Since James Alix Michel got elected as president in 2006 many supporters of the opposition were enraged with the thought of yet another 5 years of SPPF rule, myself included. Nevertheless, my thoughts were that he should be given a chance to show what he was good for and prove what he was made of. I believe several felt the same way wether is was due to optimism or the though that 'things couldn't get worse'. They did.

When elected, Michel has already been in power a short while after his predecessor France Albert Rene had bailed out leaving his lomg time deputy at the rudder of the small ship called Seychelles. Taking command over a sinking vessel is no easy task and to say that Michel didn't know that the ship he now was captain of was taking in water and had been doing so for a while is to my opinion as naive as believing that the Americans are interested in helping out a nation without oil.

Back then, the country was already under forex restrictions and had been for a while, itself a clear sign of desperation from its leader(s). Shops were empty and the little goods available there were at a price that made even wealthy European visitors wonder how hte local population could make ends meet. We can therefore conclude that James Michel is either plain stupid or knew very well about the state of the nation's economy, but led the people behind the light in order to stay in power. Job well done.

With a Cuba-educated minister of finance, the position James Michel had before he was served the president title on a silver plate, the country's true econimical situation was indeed kept hushed. We all remember that many housing loans to the government were reduced, some altogether, in order to win votes. Those who were fooled by the SPPF's kindness knew little that they soon would have to pay interest at a rate that would make them shiver even in the hot climate of the islands. Little did they know that the loans the government that had kindly reduced were financed by other loans. In other words Michel's government had used one credit card to pay another or to put in another way: Borrowed from Paul to pay Peter.

Michel held the post of Minister of Finance for years before becoming prezident, a teacher turned colonel overnight after fireing a few bullets in the 1977 coup d'état and protegé of a ruthless dictator, thief and murderer we all know as France Albert Rene. Michel was in other words a simple common man and thought accordingly, i.e like a simple common man. We have proof of that in our economy as he handled the country's economy the same way many of us would if we were given the his then position. Some say economics is merely addition and subtraction plus the odd percentage or two, which it is if one is talking about domestic economy. You work, you get your paycheck and after you've paid the house, PUC and the credit you took at the local malbar store the previous month what is left is what you have till you get your next paycheck. Michel knew that as he'd grown up in Seychelles and on numerous occasions also gone the malbar store for provisions purchased on credit. So where did he go wrong?

When taking credit from the malbar, he notes the amount in a little orange or red book and at the end of the month he summarizes it all up and you pay up or ask for more. As lon as you keep on paying your credit is pretty unlimited and what you owed last month you still own this month as the malbar never charged interest. Michel as Minister of finance had therefore obviously no clue of the word or its meaning and until he recently realized what financial JAM he had led the country into, he got a crash course in finance terminology. Some say Michel was only the puppet of France Albert Rene and didn't have any choice when given orders. Well, the nazi officers operating directly under Hitler said the same during the Nürnberg process, but nevertheless they all got the noose. If he saw and knew about the irregularities, he should have resigned there and then. He didn't. Instead he took part of it and continued to make things worse.

The country's debt escalated durirng the years, mostly due to loans that were badly invested and some even pocketed to finance huge private houses and private owned farms in Australia not to mention shares in cement factories in Indonesia. Money that was loaned for development purposes was used to build an army, not a well needed coastguard to protect our shores and vast marine territory. Money loaned to develop industry, was used to build luxury apartments and houses in projects like eden Island. As the debt escalated, the foreign exchange reserve shrank accordingly as creditors impatiently knocked on our door. Our leaders, with James Michel as minister of finance took to drastic measures in an attempt to get some forex.

In pure desperation, forex restrictions were introduced. All forex was to go the CBS via other local banks and having forex was a criminal offence. Michel's naiveity, or stupidity, led him to think that the Seychellois would have cleaner conscience than himself and his predecessor. Wrong again! A black market emerged out of nowhere and flourished as it pushed prices sky high bringing the cost of forex up to three times its CBS rate. Businesses had the choice of purchasing their forex through the bank and getting a limited amount out or buying it on the BM at an exorbitant rate and having to push up sales prices accordingly in order to maintian a profit. The alternative, thanks to the government, was to shut down completely. Always good to have a choice, but with the SPPF in power the choice was often between one disease or another. There is of course no need to mention that the SPPF kept the SR at an artificially low level, in fact pretty much at three times it real value, so that the likes of Rene could get more for their SR when they exchanged it all prior to moving abroad and investing it all there.

As the forex restriction scheme proved to be a failure like most SPPF schemes, the regime desperate needed to find other ways to make quick cash so the void spaces could be filled in. Someone in the system had a brainwave that could give quick short term profits so the EDA was set to life, this despite international concern about what kinds of people it would attract. And it did. Russian mafia, ex Yugoslavian war criminals and other low lives with high limit credit cards and suitcases full of USD, EUR etc came to launder their money in Seychelles which offers 'full confidentiality' without any obligations to allow any foreign power to view SIBA businesses' accounts. Seychelles became a haven for crooks, money launderers and other tax evaders worldwide. We had become a banana republic who has to import its bananas.

The SPPF benefitted well from its EDA investors. People like Radovan Krejcir were not only given Seychellois passports, but also other priveleges like being able to avoid prosecution for crimes that would have sent the average Seychellois to a long vacation at Long Island, the former site of the national prison. These investors truly invested i Seychelles by paying off bribes and supporting election campaigns so to get immmunity in return and not least a place in the sun whilst they cast a dark shadow over the Seychellois.

Another scheme to get quick money was selling off land for peanuts. Several attractive plots of land were sold off to foreigners for teh price of a chewing gum at a local store. This giving away of land was supposed to bring jobs and other prospects to Seychelles as its new owners would invest in the country, but no conditions were made and new companies(hotels etc) employed more foreign labour than Seychellois in addition to operate with foreign bank accounts for their bookings and general payments making only 30-odd percent of their cash pass through the CBS, all with the blessing of the SPPF under James Michel as minister of finance and later president.

Then came the financial crunch and Michel found that it was time for change, that the SR would float so it could be more dynamic as we now were a part of a global village. This could now be done with the blessing of Rene wh had stashed away enough to live happily ever after on his ranch purchased with money that cannot officially be acocunted for. It is amazing that a person on a president's salary in Seychelles has managed to become as rich as Rene. The floating SR drifted and eventually docked at its previous BM rate and has since stayed there. Salaries have pretty much been unchanged since the 80s as prices have risen making it still difficult for the average family to make ends meet.

The financial crisis was the ultimate proof of the SPPF's failure and ignorance. Sworn supporters say that it was entirely the fault of the Lehman Brothers, but I cannot imagine that the Lehman Bros ever forced any SPPF official to sign under papers and endebting the country even deeper into the quicksand that the country was already up to its its chest in. Blaming others for one's own fault is a cowardly act indeed as is taking power by other means that through the ballot box. Then again, that is SPPF in a nutshell: If I can't get it by asking I'll take it by force!

The SPPF had no choice but to call in the IMF in order to perform damage control. Naturally the measures advised helped and slowly the economy got a bit better and inflation sunk from a whopping 60% to more sustainable levels giving families some well needed breathing space. Property prices sunk by half according to sources and projects like Eden Island, another SPPF white elephant, ceased although claims that all aprtments are sold are spread to the public. The IMF didn't however help without conditions so Michel had to start a desperate campaign against corruption, the same kind his predecessor practised at a higher level, but that had now reached the lower levels of our society. Every sector of public service from PUC to the morgue practiced corruption of some sort. Who to blame? Well, people do tend to follow their leaders example right?

The drop however that may have made James Michel's 'Bucket of political sins' to overflow was however his relation with his master Sheik Khalifa. the selling of land at La Misère for one SR and the special priveleges given to the sheik, priveleges Seychellois can only dream about have enraged the public to such an extent that Michel has since been balancing on a thin line. The water pollution incident was perhaps the final straw and never before in the history of Seychelles has the SPPF government taken such a protest as seriously as this one. So serious did they take it that several ministers met the public to explain the situation and perform 'political damage control'. It didn't help as the mess led to a lawsuit and a case that is still ongoing.

A sworn SPPF/PL says that James Alix Michel is no ordinary President. His style of Leadership is ‘Servant Leadership’. The person claiming this attacks anyone who questions the doing of the teacher turned presiden and his allies, i.e he is a typical SPPF old school sterotype as we know them, the type that use verbal abuse followed by physical abuse when opposed. Well, two things are well said there:

1) James Michel is no ordinary president as ordinary presidents work for their people, not for themselves and their friends.

2) James Michel does indeed practice ‘Servant Leadership’, but not the type he wants us to think:

A president is indeed nothing more than a public servant, elected to serv the people, even those who didn't give him their votes. Our president is indeed a servant president, but alas not for the people that elected him. He is however the servant of a small handful of people whom he shows a loyalty to that his own people do not have the privelege of being shown. This handful consists of Albert Rene, The Savy Bros amongst others and Sheik Khalifa. So powerful is the latter that upon command James Michel banned the use of our national immigration stamp, the Coco-de-Mèr that is a symbol of our nation and central in our crest. Our servant president is so loyal to his foreign master that he removed a part of our national indentity, hence a central part of us Seychellois.

So folks, an election is coming up and the ‘Servant President’ will most probably be running for re-election unless he re-shuffles his government and does the same as his predecessor by placing one of his trustees in charge so the people think that the PL has been filled with fresh blood. I won’t be, I can assure you that. Put Faure, Morgan or Jean Paul Adam in charge, it’ll still be the same ‘Servant Leadership’ we’ve seen, the same one that has run the country into economic ruin and will continue doing so, with or without the IMF.

So if you all want to keep losing your national identity, see your rights as Seychellois get surpressed by foreigners who will bypass you, see one beach after another get barred off then keep supporting the PL. If you really want to see Seychelles get taken over by the likes of Ramadoss and get walked over by the Khalifa’s of this world, then by all means vote for ‘Servant Leadership’. And if you want to see the land of your forefathers sold at a price that neither you or your children will ever be able to afford because it is unrealistically high as rich foreigners have ‘bought’ land for SR 1 and sold it for SR 10 Million, then go for ‘Servant Leadership’ and before you know it we will all be servants for foreign masters.

Patrick X


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick X,

Oun bien koze (you have spoken quite well).

This is an honest revelation and pretty much the story of James Michel's presidency. The man was a member of Rene's Government and he now thinks he can make people forget that he was and is still a key figure in the corruption and sorry state of affairs of our nation. His fake smile, his false pretense, his self-indulging book, his meetings with the pope and local priests when he claimed before to be an atheist, his selling out of seychelles to foreigners, his terrible decisions like bringing in Irish police and Australian tax people and selling of land to ARabs, clearly shows us that the man is just a simpleton (IDIOT) who thinks that he can simply wash his hands of the murders and corruption that has taken place during the last 33 years of SPPF rule.

I agree with you Patrick X. It is time to take back our country from these so-called servants and put a smart person at State House for a change. And not just a smart person, but a team of Ministers who will also serve the country rather than their own pockets.

While we are at it, we need to dismantle the little empires of Glenny Savy (IDC) and Corvina and SEpec (Guy Adam), David Savy (AIr Seychelles), Francis Savy (Mr. One Rupee Island Lease) and Youth League, put Francis Changleng where he belongs (behind bars), Intelvision and SMB (Mukesh, Albert Rene and Joel Morgan and others), Ramadoss (deport that Indian SOB back to India as quickly as possible) and the State should acquire all his ill-gotten gains and auction the same to put money back into the Seyhcelles coffers, Emerald Isle Holdings (Sarah Rene's ill-gotten gains and all the land she has acquired throughout Albert's rein), Island COnstruction, Providence Hospital, Long Island, Ste. Anne, Felicite, Gregoire Payet, Leopold and his army thugs, Space95 and Mirtel (Moutia and ChangLeng together), SMB (close it forever since Mukesh and his boys now based in Dubai are still the main suppliers), DRAFIX in UK with all links to Albert Rene and Bill Dixon), Sunny Khan, CCCL and Island Motors (all linked back to Albert), Pat Lablache and the konblaz gang such as Gerard lafortune, Gibbs and co, Meridiens Fishermans Cove and Barbarons (links to Currimjee in Mauritius,the good old friends of Mukesh and Albert, Tea Plantation (acquire from Mukesh immediately), Albert Rene's 10 acres at Anse Polite, Michel's properties acquired for peanuts, The Pension Fund and Social Security Fund, the infamous Children's Fund (where's the money?), and all the hundreds of others. I urge my fellow Seychellois to come up with other names of individuals and companies who have been taking this country for a ride and start posting online.

Time to clean up the house and get rid of the cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Michel was elected in to office to served the people but instead he has been serving himself, his cronies and foreigners.This guy deserve a bullet in his ass.We need to amend our law in order that we can introduce CAPITAL SENTENCE to those crooks.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Looks like JAM's Servant Leadership Style Presidency has struck a chord with Patrick X.

There is a need to take onboard that Politicians and Presidents come and go, but the responsibility rests with the salaried heads of departments and their bubordinate bureaucrats whose sole purpose in their careers should be to serve the public to the best of their ability and most importantly, be seen to be doing so. Once a JAM Government's decision and process has been made and a policy directive issued, it then is up to the appropriate public Service department heads to ensure the issues are carried out to a successful conclusion.

This, in simple terms Patrick X, means the scope of any work as specified is complete; the quality required has been accomplished and the cost and time expended has been within budjet. If it isn't, then some reasons why not should be available to the public. This is called being ACCOUNTABLE.

It is time that Heads of Departments acted more openly and in the sole interests of their Masters -the Public - and stop hiding behind the skirts of JAM's Government. We need to see their faces and start doing what they are paid to do...and that is serving the public. One felt sorry for FAR when he said and I quote:"Zot dir moin tir Paul met Patrick. Mon tir Paul mon met Patrick epi zot dir moin ki Patrick pa bon...tir Patrick met Pierre et ler mon met Pierre zot dir moin non non non nek nek nek nek nek tir Pierre et remet Paul" end of quote. Mais zot o, pa leeki mem tou sa la?. Aaarrrhhhh wee seigneur.

No wonder our good Friend Wavel Ramkalawan said "Aaaarhh wee Seigneur, gran mersi mon pa ti ganny electe President akoz mon ti pou vinn vieux en seul kou foutou et mon pa ti pou kappa dormi asoire foutou."

TIKLO i fer zot tou SALAM et i dir zot kontinyen kakaye....errhhh aboye mem.

Anonymous said...

you've identified the problem but what's the solution?

Anonymous said...

Having the capacity to identified the problems show that we also known the causes of those problems.The solutions are simple,the first step is to unrooted SPPF out of power because they are the roots of the problems,then the rest would follow.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Whether it's RAM or MICHEL,it is the same shit from different ass.....
Ram has never presented a manifesto in any elections that he has so far parpicipated in to.

The reason why he said he was not fit for office,is because in reality he didn't choose to be politician by will but becuase he was asked to do so by SPP.

SPPF knew that the only way they could keep hold of power is by having a FAKE OPPOSTION in order to put a spoke in the wheel of the REAL OPPOSITION .
RAM has been preaching the gospel of change in public but his words are never followed by actions.

Why?He doesn't have solutions to the problem dito to SPPF,.So don't count of RAM to be our saviour.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

talking about coco de mer, who's got the right to extract and export the kernel? can anyone answer that one? Gill, praslin is the main producer!

Anonymous said...

Problem identifieed as you guys state. The problem has been there for over three decades, but first now are people realizing that there is a problem. It didn't take bad economy, bad management or lack of freedom to realize that we have a problem, but it took new problems that th eold ones brought with them to make the Seychellois open their eyes.

The solution? Well, there are several solutions to the problem as there are to most problems:

In this case it means getting rid of the cause or causes, prefereably through the ballot box. The problem with this problem is that the problem must be replaced by a solution, preferably a good one or at least one that is less problematic. The opposition under Ramkalawan could be a solution, but personally I see it as a lesser problem although my confidence in Ramkalawan has improved greatly recently.

This means having an active opposition that 'bour dife anba fes' every politician that causes problems. Again, the SNP is weak there as their leader is said to have his hands tied. Here, Gill & Co are doing an extremely good job, one that has gained 100% confidence from my part even though I do not always agree 100% with them. Nevertheless, if there is a group that has done a lot for Seychelles it is the STAR team and their allies. I'd say they have shown true patriotism in their cause which has made the rotten PL to stop, listen and think. That I call preventive involvement and every Seychelllois who speaks out openly is helping to do just that.

Keep up the good work folks!

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

A weak government in always preferable than a dictatorship.The problem with RAM is that is not constance and lacks charisma.

Having said that though, we would in any case support the party which is best position to beat SPPF and get rid of those donkeys.

SPPF should not be at State house but rather at Montagne Posee.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

More like in a book called "How not to run a country".

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

From JAM to RAM overnight is unrealistic...perhaps they can start with some sort of bipartisanship

Anonymous said...

Dissenting on the blog shows that people think alike and share the same grievances, but it
doesnot change anything in the ballot box as far as PL is concerned. It would be naïve to
think that. So at the end of the day, its status quo. But nice try.

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe James michel could appoint ministers who are snp.

Would rather have Ramkalawan than joel morgan in charge of the prison.

It would be a test for ramkalawan and people would see if he is any better than the PL.

The prison is turning into a fiasco, every month there are escaped murderers on the run,
putting the public in enormous danger.

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