Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Air Seychelles Domestic:
Last week we again received a lot of positive feedback. We appreciate all your views and as yourselves, we remain Seychellois, and we only want to see our Tourism Industry flourish for the benefit of our country. We agree with all the points put forward by all our readers and in the coming weeks we shall bring them out in our articles.

We also thank the Air Seychelles employees who have written in with their own views and discontent about the happenings at our national airline. We sympathize with you all and we feel for you. Things will change as we get the country to bring our airline to become truly Seychellois once again. So bear with us and spread the news for everyone to read this weekly column. It is in your interest and for Seychelles that we have taken up this noble task.

As promised, this week we want to touch on the domestic sector of Air Seychelles. Simply put - what a disaster! Every predecessor of Capt David Savy managed to make a success of that sector, so much so that it paid for the bulk of the expenses of Air Seychelles’ international sector. So what went wrong along the way under the captain’s watch?

Before the creation of Air Seychelles, we had two domestic airlines namely Air Mahe and Inter Island Airways. They had local Seychellois investors with skilled and experienced local staff. These companies were profitable and in direct competition with each other operating islander and trilander aircrafts. The service was impeccable, with timely schedules and friendly staff who were well paid and fully dedicated. These companies were hungry for business and they were just simply well run. The competition ensured that they were constantly improving and innovating their services and products. The clients had a choice. Tickets for the flights were sold on Mahe, Praslin and even La Digue. It was no other than professional Seychellois running these domestic airlines.

What do we see today? More than 37 years later, a Mauritian CEO is heading our airline and the once profitable domestic airline which has a monopoly is losing money. It is no longer the cash cow that subsidized the other operations of the airline. With the bulging head office expenses and fat salaries of the top echelons of its management including its executive chairman David Savy and his Mauritian CEO (and that of his wife because she is also now employed by Air Seychelles!), the domestic sector’s profitability is being forfeited. Coupled with old dilapidated planes that break down on a daily basis, huge overheads and very unreliable schedules, the Air Seychelles domestic has simply lost its way. Passengers have shunned this lousy service and opted for a more reliable maritime ferry service.

We need to take our hat off to the capable Seychellois men and women who were pioneering domestic air travel at Air Mahe and Inter Island Airways many moons ago. Please come back and take over Air Seychelles and let us show real Seychellois administration and entrepreneurship at work.

We did not need a pilot to make it work in those days; we did not need a Doctor Professor coming from Mauritius to make it function as a professional and profitable business. We just needed plain dedicated common sense and business acumen. The managers were focused on their business and gave it their undivided attention. They were not involved in other side businesses or sitting on other boards to increase their salary & bonuses package.

The popular reaction in the country today is to separate the domestic airline from the international sector. Two competing companies are necessary because that will immediately turn our domestic airline into a profitable company and will stop David Savy and his Mauritian CEO from bleeding Seychellois and our tourists with exorbitant prices for the 15 minutes flight from Mahe and Praslin. We have so many highly skilled and qualified Seychellois administrators who can manage that small airline with great success. Why should our country continue to let the Board of Air Seychelles pass over all these failures? They need to hand over the management structures of Air Seychelles to the people of Seychelles. This current deplorable situation cannot continue and President Michel will be judged by his actions in this existing scenario. A scenario where he seems to be powerless. A situation whereby every Seychellois taxpayer is being forced to subsidize the large salaries of the upper crust of the airline’s management including the Mauritian CEO & his wife of Air Seychelles. We can no longer accept such lousy management. It is a sad state of affairs…

The staff of Air Seychelles Domestic must be involved in the decision making of Air Seychelles. How many knew that their small operation was being made to subsidize the main operation of Air Seychelles? As David Savy and his Mauritian CEO will soon be moving to spanking new BIG offices at the airport, the Domestic Airline staff continues to operate in tight quarters. Is that fair? How long will they continue to be the poor little handicapped child of the airline?

We repeat our call for a total restructure of the Air Seychelles operation. We do not need a Mauritian CEO & his wife on fat salaries after all these years of operation. Nor do we need a chairman with an astronomical pay package with a ‘genius complex’ calling the wayward shots. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Conrad Benoiton and Freddy Karkaria did not need a Mauritian (or foreign) CEO when they were in charge of Air Seychelles. And they did not make deals to take Mauritians from London and fly them to Mauritius at cheaper fares than Seychellois or tourists to our country were paying. Let us all open our eyes and press for the much needed changes at Air Seychelles.

Next week we shall be taking up complaints from the inhabitants of Praslin and La Digue on the entrance fees at the Valle de Mai and at L'Union Estate. These articles we are publishing in our bid to protect our country's tourism industry. Please join us in our mission and help spread these articles to friends.


Anonymous said...

TIKLO says to the writer of this Post that Freedom of expression as written in our Constitution is one of the fundamental principles of our democratic Society.

Your right to freedom of expression should not derogate from the rights of people to be treated with equality, dignity and respect.

Why should the Mauritian CEO of Air Seychelles and his wife be subjected to such vilification?.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Because freedom of expression allows them to do so Tiklor! And freedom of expression allows them to say what they please on that matter and I totally agree with them that the whole scheme smells rotten of corruption a long way. Bad enough that a foreigner had to fill the post many Seychellois could have filled, but worse that a leading position be given to his wife instead of another person. And you wonder why people react to such?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

TIKLO, it seems that freedom of expression is something which is hard for you to digest & you know want TIKLO get use to it. Many more to come!

TIKLO, there are many qualified seselwa that can do a much better job than this over qualified Mauritian & besides he's David Savy pti toutou and don't have much say in anything & let alone much use. Both him & his wife are here just to milk the system.
I say get rid of them & yes I said it TIKLO get rid of them & replace them with other seselwas!


Anonymous said...

Fuck me silly! That traitor James Michel has just announced the NISA board and guess what? That African (not SEYCHELLOIS) editor of the Nation called Sylla or better known as SPPF ass-licker has been promoted and is now going to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bloody TRAVESTY!!!! Michel, I don't really like to swear but if you read this... GO FUCK YOURSELF and your bunch of ass-licking foreigners! We don't need any more foreigners in our Government to give you votes!!!

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how much a Mauritian is paying to go to Singapore on Air Seychelles compared to what a Seychellois paying? Another brainwave of Savy and his Mauritian!!!!??

Anonymous said...

Guys and Gals:

It is rumoured that a reshuffling of the government is likely and due in a few months. Which of you think that a 'new citizen' like Ramadoss or similar could get a minsterial post?

I was discussing that with a close relative recently and was told that James Michel wouldn't be that stupid. What do you think?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy at Air seychelles!!!!David Savy loves foreigner...this is not news to me .why do you think he has foreigners in all key position in Air seychelles?because they have nothing to lose by being close to him and agree to everything he says and do.because they are being rewarded handsomely....The mauritians for example their loyalty does not lies in seychelles...how stupid are you DAVID SAVY.He has a wife on the left and a husband on the right who advises him.Who takes care of the finance in air seychelles a mauritian of course...leka Nair is just a mirror..or a pawn ..poor woman what a shame ......you have been shoved around just for you to keep quiet like the finnish woman who is the director of HR.You both has been more of a liability to James Michel.By sending you both to air seychelles is a way for you to enjoy your free ticket quietly and shut your mouth,in other words.....The issue here is not only CEO and his wife ,it is all the foreigners in air seychelles.Last week whilst talking to some staff of air seychelles, they mentioned something that strucked me to the core that engineering department have become a british community on its own and the seychellois engineers are like second grade.what a travesty!!!!!!!Staff are afraid to come out....Did you know that out of the 800 employees in Airseychelles there are about 750 oppositions!!!!!!!!somehow somewher it has gone horribly wrong!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I note 750 Air Seychelles staff don't subscribe to PP. A large chunk of the remaining 50 staff could well be foreigners. JAM & David will soon be arranging passports to render the situation 'acceptable at Air Seychelles' and for more Fabrike to vote at the next elections !


Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, do not forget that David Savy is still a Major in the Seychelles Air Force and pulling in another hefty salary from there as well. Rene and Michel keeps him there and the only time he works is when there is an election. He is in charge of the airport and the getaway planes just in case "The Royal Family" has to escape the country. His poor father Michel Savy who died in a plane crash in the 70's must be turning in his grave when he sees how his 3 sons King Glenny, Queen David and Prince Francis has turned out. Together with Albert, Mukesh Valabhji and Francis Changleng, they are the most corrupt Seychellois around.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it is time for us to take back our country from these thieves. Imagine what we could do with the money. Better healthcare, lower taxes, improved schools and more scholarships, better roads, a dam or two, better port infrastructure, enough generators for PUC without having to suck up to Arabs, better housing for our people, bigger pensions for our old people and more. As Obama said, WE CAN DO IT. So let's all do it together and kick those corrupt people out of our lives once and for all.

A Proud Seychelloise who once worked for Air Seychelles and that Savy crook.

Anonymous said...

IN SPPF all of its memebers hold nemerous positions just to acummulate more dollars for themselves.David Savy is Vice Chief -of -Staff of the army though he doesn't hold an active duty.Glenny is CEO of IDC but has also named Commander- in- Chief of the Seychelles Coast Guard Wings,all Patrol planes are under his command.Guy Adam is CEO of SEPEC holds various positions in private enterprises but he has also biult himself a Five Star Hotel at Port Launay,with Tax payers' money of course.The list is just endless.

To fix all our problems,the one and only solution is to get those DONKEYS out of power before we end up like Zimbabweans.It is high time to get to the streets folks.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

800 employees at Air Seychelles and Anonymous says 750 are Opposition, i have heard similar stories about Cable and Wireless, the Civil Service and IOT...i wonder how the SPPPF wins the election by almost 55% plus almost all the time?

Anonymous said...

By vote manipulation.In February for instance, SPPF not GAPPY told us that registration have been low.what Pl would like us to do is register early enough in order that they can already start with the manipulation.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Really Jeanne D'Arc, i am still waiitng for proof of those voter manipulation. Nobody is going to take these allegations seriously without proof; not even one name has been given!

Gill says that neither the SNP nor the NDP are willing to let him borrow the hard copies of Electoral Roll! So i really cannot blame him if he cannot give much proof of so called fraud, but that only serves to show the kind of Opposition this country has!

No, it was the office of the electoral commisioner who said turnout was low, Anaclet Tirant gave an interview on SBC, i think the percentage was even reported in Nation.

You see the whole problem with Seychelles and its politics, is that we have an evil govt in power, a govt/political party who works really hard to stay in power. On the other side, we have an Opposition (2 political parties) with one Leader, Wavel Ramkalawan who has said publicly that he is thankful for not winning elections and Ralph Volcere who had admitted that in the past to taking money from SPPF/PL to divide the Opposition votes in St Louis. Then we have some splinter groups like the Gills, who are content with writing on internet/blogs and preaching to the converts!

Now somebody tell me how are we to rid ourselves of this evil govt?

Anonymous said...

In the last election of Ramboss there was vote Fraud ,SPPF said it was okay this in itself typifies what is coming up in the next election.To have proof we must oust SPPF then only we will find all the truths and nothing then the truth.

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

RAM is the stooge of SPPF what he said is normal.But maybe he should tell us what is he doing at the helm of the opposition then when he cnan't rule.You know why he is being paid by SPPF to blocked any oppostion from ousting SPPF crooks.But if Election is not enough,i would porpose that we use force to restore democracy in the country and bring SPPF crooks for justice becuase waiting for eternity for SPPF to changr themselves will not happen then the people'S POWER must be used.

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


When you were happy to see Fabrikes in your colonial days, remember, what brought us around to Independence was Sesel Pou Seselwa!

The Constitution of the 1st and 3rd Republic enshrine that.

What is in the 2nd Constitution is irrelevant because i was all illegal anyway.

With reference to Gills being a splinter group of the Opposition, I say this: Gills formed SPUP and are from the SPUP grouping. I Christopher Gill was always a DP until removed from the PArty. I am from the Opposition. Today, we Gills as you refer, are focusing on the future in unity.

We do not see SNP as a faction or NEO DP. We are all Seselwa Rasin.

Gills in politics I promise you one thing, it is and always will be SPPF worst time mare.

Sweet Dreams...., you dream what you don't want around you usually.. that is science.

When they come true, that is your new reality.

I hope State House enjoyed their personal copy of the CREED en Seselwa, even the death people in Seychelles know the name of our language PP.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

An anecdote.I was shorty on a trip to Switzerland there i met a Seselwa working in the cargo department at Zuerich Airport. He made a revelation to me supported by photos that i could believe my eyes.
He produced me with photos in which they shown Cantainers full with Fishes coming from LONDON being imported to Seychelles.

This is just unbelievable AND shocking to learn that a TROPICAL ISLAND with an EEZ of more than one million square km of ocean are importing fish from Europe.

Sppf opted to buy Oil Tankers to tranport oil we do not have instead of buying Tuna seiners fish with have.It is another example of bad sense of deicsions.

STAR - Seychelles Truth And Reality said...

Thanks for the info. Send us the pictures on starseychelles@gmail.com and we will publish.
We urge all our readers to send us as much info or pictures as they can so that we can publish.

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