Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Strange Bed Fellows in Civil Suit

(Part 1)
The shameful man of the people James Alix Michel, is back in the limelight after what appears to have tacitly hosted some shady dealings, with his key men facing a lawsuit in Ireland in civil court.
Most recently, the dirty laundry has been aired to expose the stink and the rot of how our sovereignty has been used to over ride private interests for the profit of a few government employees.

These transactions cannot be undertaken, in any country, without the colour of law, endorsing and protecting such activity. What are the transactions exactly is unclear. However, arms dealing have not been ruled out at this time. I call on the Government of Seychelles to come clean and make an appropriate press release on the matter. Clear the air, before the bubbles become a volcanic eruption.

The lack of back bone and concrete, focused action when faced with internal malpractice and corruption, is..... what is wrong with the Michel Administration. The lack of action by Michel Administration in these types of cases, is the single issue that discredits his integrity as a leader. We do not have to discuss the bankruptcy of a Nation.

Michel’s Irishmen Accused Defendants In Ireland
Two (2) men currently employed with the Michel Administration have been named as Defendants in a civil lawsuit in Ireland 2009/2845 P filed in the High Court of Ireland. They are: 1. Naill Scully, former Ireland Army and current Deputy Commissioner of the Seychelles Police, 2. Declan Barber, former Ireland Army, and current head man at the FIU or Financial Investigative Unit based at State House, Victoria, Seychelles, in President James Michel’s office.
No named person has yet to deny that they are Defendants of this suit. As Public Servants of the Government of Seychelles, they are duty bound to all Seychellois to declare their interests and concerns in the litigation.

Other accused in the case include Ex Governor of the Central Bank Mr. Francis Chang Leng who is a known close collaborator of James Michel, even after resigning as Central Bank Governor. At one point Chang Leng, was said to be in full control of the Seychelles, and Michel was his puppet. The arrival of Jean Paul Adam and exit of Alain Butler Payet changed that, to Jean Paul Adam’s credit.
Mr. Chang Leng has not denied being a Defendant to this suit the events of which, took place when he was the Governor of the Central Bank.

According to the official press release from State House at the time of his “resignation”, Mr. Chang Leng resigned from the Central Bank for “medical and health reasons”.
But it is now common knowledge that IMF was insisting on his removal as Governor of the Central Bank, before any reform program could be considered to assist Seychelles after going officially bankrupt under the Michel Administration. At the time, Mr. Chang Leng had wiped out our currency reserves, and we had less than $3 Million in the Central Bank, according to sources inside the glass building. This amount of reserves represented not even enough money to buy fuel to run vehicles in Seychelles for one day.
Numerous articles written by myself, highlighted the need to have Mr. Chang Leng vacate the Central Bank glass towers.

The articles also showed the need to prosecute Mr. Chang Leng, but the Michel Administration has lacked the political courage to take on serious corruption in Seychelles, especially cases involving Mr. Chang Leng.
The Irish for their part, in the Police force, focus on arresting drug addicts in the streets and fill the prisons with patients. The Irish contract workers in the Police Headquarters, build up the statistics of a job well done, while evading capture of the heavy drug traffickers in Seychelles, or ESCOBARS as Michel likes to refer to them.

As a consequence of Michel favouritism towards the Irish, numerous good senior Seychellois Police have left the force, preferring to move on to private security then to be subjected to being given orders from 1. An Irish , 2. A non police trained political officer of State House.
It has been alleged by Police Officers that Naill Scully has no police training, but currently occupies the post of Deputy Commissioner of Police in Seychelles. This allegation has not been denied by Mr. Scully. Silence is deemed acceptance in the press.
As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee of SHTA, I have had numerous meetings with the Seychelles Police, for years now, and have met Mr. Naill Scully for one Three (3) hour meeting. My efforts have resulted in a lower crime rate for Praslin, and this has lowered crime rates through out Seychelles on a per annum basis. I am no stranger to crime incidences in Seychelles.

I can confirm, in my opinion, Mr. Scully cannot be a Ireland trained police officer, as he demonstrated to me in my meetings with him, his lack of legal knowledge, and lack of understanding of how crime is prevented effectively, not to mention his lack of professionalism and sense of intimidation when faced with serious questions.

If Mr. Naill Scully is has Police training in Ireland, I ask that he make this information public as many Seychelles Police officers and the community are now questioning his fundamental training.
If Mr. Scully is an Army officer of the Ireland Army, please do advise us, we can then urge the President to adjust his salary from the alleged SCR 135,000 per month to Scr. 3,000.00 commensurate with his training and ability for the Police Force, while he remains in employment of the Michel Administration.

Failing that, I urge President Michel that the Police Force must be run by Seychellois. As you employ Irish army to run our force, you are compromising our sovereignty as a Nation and demoralizing the Police Force.
This act violates the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles.
Send the Irish home Mr. Michel, and go back and recruit those good police officers, the Irish pushed out of the Police Force, so they could have their own little “Curragh Gang“ running Seychelles and milking us while they run us broke.

Strange Bed Fellows For a Law Suit
What a Central Bank Governor and a Deputy Commissioner of Police, a head of a financial fraud investigative network would be doing in the same civil suit as co defendants would alert any head of government to take immediate action to protect the integrity of his government.

Since this matter has been made public, James Michel and State House has remained silent. It would be in order for any Government to announce the suspension of these men, immediately, without pay, until this case has been adjudicated. It would certainly be grounds to terminate the contracts which are alleged to involve between Scr. 84,000.00 – 135,000.00 per month for Irish workers who have no police training.

How Much Money-Michel?
I ask the Michel Administration to make public the Irish pay packet in whole. Secondly, disclose to us their full involvement with Francis Chang Leng in this Ireland law suit. If there is any Ultra Vires action like arms dealing, conducted by them, while in the line of employment with Government of Seychelles, take action if you do not condone such action, be it civil or criminal.

Condone or Condemn
If you do condone arms dealing by government employees, then we will know this is your government’s policy. Seven (7) days is sufficient time for the Michel Administration to disclose the dealings of this case and accept or deny the allegation in the Public’s interest that these agents of the state, of the Republic of Seychelles, were or were not involved in arms dealing.

I bet you cannot wait to read Part 2 of this article...

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

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Anonymous said...

Keep muckraking about SPPF crimes Christ.Michel is already feeling the pain in his ass.The closer we get to the election the hotter will be the revelation.For instance about our u$2,5 billion who holds them in Swiss Bank?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

E ou la Christopher,

You of all people should know that one cannot comment or debate publicly on any case - especially a law suit like you say - before any Court whether they are in Seychelles, Australia or Ireland.

You may well be charged with contempt of Court by the Ireland High Court Judges. Don't think that the Internet will protect your derriere Mate.

Have a good day all the while. TIK

Anonymous said...

they get paid sr 135,000 a month??? that must be more than James Michel's salary.

Anonymous said...


1. Jeane D'Arc, regarding the $2.4 Billion, missing from our banking system. I first released this information after recieving it from a good source. I did that to preempt the SPPF from buying adverts in the two main opposition papers to silence them.Now that you reminded me, I will delve into it and release more information, which TIKLO will just love to read.

I must continue Part II of this saga and it involves arms dealing. So please stop bugging my phones SPPF and give me the permits I paid for to have some trees cut along the road of my hotel.

PP, a word of advise, you need to know what type of person you screw with now and then.

Look at Kydia Jumeau, a clear example that PP just screwed with the wrong woman!!!

KOZE SESELWA, STAR moving to 3000 visits a week over 40,000 visits.

More than Nation sells to Government offices.


Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

We are really unique in all possible ways. Apparently the current band of politicians go out of their way to cause this country embarrassment.

How can a foreign national be deputy commissioner in our police force? Where are our experienced officers? They could make do with the hefty salaries that we pay to those expatriates.

This can only happen in Seychelles. It is as if our leaders don't know that such high ranking posts have to be localized as they are crucial for our national safety.

Question for State House - Can a Seychellois ever dream of being deputy commissioner of Irish Police Force?

We have enough people in this country who can take up this position. If you thing they are not qualified enough then get them trained.

It is time we run our own business. Send these irish boys home and save us the high cost of their upkeep.

Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

Can you please clarify further your comment on Lydia Jumeau?.

Would be most grateful.

"Those trees along the road" to your Hotel, are they on your property or the local Council Land?. Regards TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

Reply to TIKLO-

Lydia Jumeau is a brave Seychelloise she is standing up to TIKLO main proxy to PP,SPPF.

Lydia is demanding in (S)eychelles, (T)ruth (A)ccountability in our (R)eality.

I salute her.

The trees TIKLO , are no where near a council property for 5 kilometers.

Wake up from your sleep TIKLO. If you are a Seychellois, wake up! Our people are being victimized at the cost of appeasing foreigners in our country and making them comfortable at the cost of Seselwa Rasin comfort and prosperity.

Michel's policy of "Sell Baby Sell", has another policy for us Seselwa Rasin: "destroy the roots".

We will not be desptroyed TIKLO.We are large in numbers, and have unity of purpose, once well defined by our leaders.

Connect to our radio station and listen to our KREDO RASINIS every night, TIKLO.

Enjoy thr music too, its real nice, and will add extra years to your life.

I feel younger already after one session.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

TIKLO, Firstly Christopher is right in expecting a comment from the Government. All the Government has to do is suspend the accused. If after the court case the accused is found not guilty then can be re-instated. Whichever way you look at it, a Seychellois should have been holding this post in the first place. If we cannot produce a deputy commisioner after 33 years then we have a big, big problem. Presently the accused is dragging Seychelles name into disripute especially when he is holding such a high reponsible post.In the eyes of the world Seychelles is seen as the playground of criminals, especially when the Government keeps quiet and does nothing to the accused. This is how serious and responsible Government should react.

Tiklo, I don't know how old you are, but I remember 5th June 1977 very clearly. I remember when the message went out over the then radio Seychelles,,, when the Irish Police and Judge were asked to pack their bags and make their way to the airport. What a full turnaround after 33 years. The coup d'etat was not an act to 'liberate' Seychelles it was the biggest robbery in the history of Seychelles !


Anonymous said...

I believe if foreigners to likes of camel Khalifa could ilegally bull- dozed our mountains ,shit in our rivers,biult Palaces in our National reserves ,you as a genuine Seselwa Rasin should and must be allowed to chop trees you think should be chopped on your land, Christ.

SPPF attitude is the same as for banning us the democratic rights from conducting public gatherings .
All gatherings other than that of PP have been banned ,but on the other hand illegal Hindus workers can cavalcade our streets in illegal religious processions .

You should in fact ignore SPPF. They do not have any lesson to give to any Seselwa as for all their practices have to date been criminal.
What they should first is to present themselves for justice before opening their ass to forbid seselwa from exercising their legitimate rights.

Chop down those trees Christ! And if SPPF dares to challenge you, we would be there to support you.

Sesel pou seselwa SPPF!

Jeanne D'Arc

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...


Now you say Irish judges have jurisdiction in our Rasin homeland and can tell us what we can and cannot say here.

You want Irish judges in Ireland to tell us in our homeland what we can and cannot say about a case of significant importance to us. What's next, we'll have to get permission from Khalifa or Tanzania before a Seselwa Rasin can get a passport or hold an election?

How cheap has our sovereignty become to you?

Leonard Francis Gill

Anonymous said...

You of all people Francis, should know that a person is innocent until found guilty. In Western Australia, I know of three persons in the last twenty years who have been wrongly convicted and served long prison sentences only to be released for the murders that they did not commit in the first place.

To Tonton, Seychellois deputy -Commissioner of Police cannot be trusted because they have this bad habit of cutting off the balls of innocent Praslinois bystanders that happens to be in the wrong place at the right time or is it the right place at the wrong time?.

And Christopher, fancy chopping those trees down. Keep this up and soon you wont have any rasins to tow your line Mate.

Anonymous said...

Well, in Seychelles many were imprisoned without charge and some even killed for having the 'wrong' political opinion. Today the same people are being bugged, harassed and not so long ago one even got pushed off the road. One would think it was Western Australia.

Isn't that amazing?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis GIll said...


You are right. Everyone should be innocent until proved guilty.

Does that mean we have to keep our mouths shut about allegations in Ireland that our foreign Deputy chief of Police has been engaged in arms smuggling?

Now that you PP Collaborators cannot control all our media outlets you are looking for Irish judges to do your dirty work for you. I am not surprised.

Perhaps now you should call your Fabrike friend Jeyasingh to argue how discussing this issue is a human rights violation against SCully who has god given rights to engage in the alleged arms smuggling, and that if we object we are committing the gravest human rights violation against him.

Anonymous said...


How are you?. You of all people should also know that one cannot comment on any matter before a court. It is called contempt of the court. That is the Law and it has nothing to do with "human rights violation" as you have inferred. After all, like you have said, these are merely allegations and once these allegations have been substantiated and the accused found guilty, then by all means, you can have a field day.

Anonymous said...


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