Monday, April 5, 2010


"Once upon a time, on a group of 115 little islands called the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, despite the fact that a lot of his people were on the Priority / Urgent List in the districts, 25 in all, the President of these islands decided to sell 24 acres to a Sheik, which his government says was sold for Rs. 1.00 ( the local currency, equivalent to 100 cents) but according to the buyer, paid 50 million dollars, cash, which, rumor has it, arrived in the country on a Saturday, at 9.00 and left at 2.00 pm the same day.....Rumor also has it to where, but I will not TELL.....Anyway, to continue the story, the deal was done, and the Sheik was given diplomatic immunity....I do not believe though that meant that his workers should shit on us....This, now, is the fault of this government, for not implementing the laws of the Seychelles......Who ever heard of people entering 'legally' in any country in cargo planes??? Well, this is the Seychelles for you....Large groups of people arrived in the cargo planes, no idea if they have any passports, as neither the immigration department, nor the customs saw them.....Therefore, no one, except for the Sheik's construction companies /management themselves, ( there are 4 different companies up there by the way) knew how many workers there were....Still not a problem for JJ and the click......Then, they accidentally damage an old diesel tank, there since the Americans had their base, from too many dynamite and however else they were damaging the mountain to build a castle......La Misere, let it be known, sources water to 3-4 different places......Luckily, the diesel only contaminated the river down Kennedy Road, so not a lot of households were affected, this time.......The people affected by this had their crops die, therefore causing a loss of income, animals died, and God only knows what will happen to our insides as it was deemed toxic, and the Attorney General called for a meeting. And that was in December of last year, and to this date, nothing had happened, though the Sheik apparently appointed a lawyer to deal with the case.....The Attorney General Office is sending the people to the Ministry of Environment, and they in turn are sending the people to the AG's office......And so the ball keeps rolling around in circles.......And when VIZYON carried the story, the little paper that a lot of people read whilst in the toilet as it helps the bowels, PEOPLE PLUS, had the guts to write and say that the SNP was protecting only 1 person....There were 23 families that they were defending....Unlike you people who seems to bow and say it's okay for them to drink the diesel....TOXIC DIESEL IN THE BODY CAN CAUSE CANCER PEOPLE, AND GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT ELSE, WAKE UP AND REALISE THIS......

Now, on the 13th February, if a certain gentleman and his son was not walking along a certain track next to a river, exercising in the late afternoon, I do believe that the people of La Misere would have strarted dying like flies, cause unknown......For, according to the gentleman, the amount of sh.t in that water was incredible......And definitely not an overnight thing.......


IN ANY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, THE GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE RESIGNED......You have expired by the way, gone way, way past your sell by date, hence the reason for all this stupidity.......Seychelles does not belong to the SPPF/PARTI LEPEP....Seychelles belong to the people, and you WILL one day DIE, but the Seychelles and its people will go on...SO GET OVER IT...

We cannot blame the Indian workers, cause for them, this is the normal thing to do....

It was up to the Government, the department concerned to see that they abide by our laws.......Never heard of any Seychellois breaking any rules in any country they have visited so far.....IN ROME YOU SHOULD DO AS THE ROMANS DO......

As Seychelles is now rife in rumors, the Government IS hiding everything that they do not want people to know, it is now rumored that the Sheik has already given the Gov. 450,000000 (Four hundred and fifty million dollars) as HE has apparently acknowledge the damage done, and wants to address the situation as soon as possible, and THAT Amount IS for THE PEOPLE AFFECTED, NOT FOR YOUR OWN GAINS AND BENEFITS, SO WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO FILL UP FORMS WITH PETTY CLAIMS..... how many bottles of water you have bought, extra gas to boil the water, mounting electricity bills, whether you have paid a taxi to go to the doctors, or taken the bus.....ALL THIS IS PETTY AND IRRELEVANT....THE DAMAGE IS DONE, WE SHALL NEVER AGAIN BE ABLE TO DRINK OUR WATER STRAIGHT FROM THE TAPS, RIVER....EVERYTHING HAS LOST IT'S INNOCENCE......OUR MOUNTAIN, OUR ENVIRONMENT......We still do not know, now, the damage that it is going to cause us on the insides.......We want enough, so that we can send our children and all the affected and infected for check ups and treatment overseas, as we do not believe in the PARTI LEPEP anymore.......So why are you (the Gov.) putting your dirty hands on what is rightfully ours.....Give us our dollars, as you got it, for UAE has no banks in Rupees! There has never been any school under the coconut trees as far as I know....we also know how to count dollars, BARCLAYS, MCB, and other banks have foreign account facilities for the Seychellois now....

Joel Morgan should have been ashamed to go on National TV to say that they are claiming SCR 750,000 for the damaged done to the environment, when they did not do their jobs in the very first place.......You people are the biggest culprit in this saga.....

Shame on you for all the b...s...t you give us on TV......You people have sold your souls to the Devil.... Selling us in the process.... All for SR1.00 as you say.......SHAME, SHAME, SHAME......And listening to the PARTI LEPEP FATCATS in the ASSEMBLY, NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAD A GOOD WORD FOR THE RESIDENTS OF LA MISERE.....ALL PRAISES WAS FOR THE PERSON & CASTLE UP THE HILL....So, what does that tell us??? Where does that leave us???? A STEERING COMMITTEE was elected, but was dissolved after only one meeting....IT'S okay, we do not need you guys, because we will do the steering, there are enough of us for that, and we will steer in the right direction..... DEFENDING Our rights TO THE HILT ( Well literaly speaking)....


PARASITES: GIARDIASIS, TRICHINOSIS & OF VIRAL ORIGIN:HEPATITIS A, HEPATITIS E, ROTAVIRUS......So Mr JAM, before you say, and think, that this is too much money for the simple Seychellois.... Look at all the sh.t that we have absorbed in our bodies, through our food and water, over God only know how long it's been going on.....

Who are you to decide for us, after all we have been through, with no help from you...Can you just close your eyes for one moment and image a plateful of that in front of you on a table.....We are traumatised....Some people are scared to open their taps......One usually drinks water to keep healthy, flush the bad out of the system, but in this case we were drinking water to get the bad in our system....So who are you to decide how much we are worth....A life is PRICELESS....

I firmly believe that the Government should not touch a cent of this compensation money.... The Court should appoint a Committee, who in turn should pay the people concerned, a package.......And they have the guts to write in the PEOPLE that people are but s...t in their own water to blame their dearly beloved up the hill......And you call yourselves PARTI LEPEP....You should change your name from P.L.P to P.P.F - PARTY PROTECTING FOREIGNERS......SHAME on you who are protecting your miserable little lives and big income.... Not protecting your brothers and sisters.....What are we, chop liver???? We the residents of La Misere have no immunity in our our country.......


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the story of the little community of La Misere, forgotten by its own Government.....BUT TAKE HEED, CAUSE NOW WE STAND AS ONE, UNITED, AND WE SHALL SEE JUSTICE SERVED......

 By Lydia Jumeau


Anonymous said...

From the Independent newspaper in UK:

The word is spreading fast worldwide. Jj and his pitiful leadership will be seen by all and the Sheik's misdeeds are coming to light.

Shame on the SPPF Le Pep party. May the people throw you all out in the next election.

Anonymous said...

I am an attorney in the UK and have visited Seychelles several times in the past 20 years.

I was shocked when I read the Independent story regarding the La Misere incident. My legal advice is to tell the residents to file what we call a class action lawsuit against the construction company and then file a separate lawsuit against the Government of Seychelles. For those not familiar with class action lawsuits, here is a short description below. Good luck to you all and may the good Lord bless you all.

* * * * * *

A class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group of people who have been in some way injured by the actions of a company. It is common to see class action lawsuits filed by members of the company if hiring or salary practices have been illegal.

Another type is the class action lawsuit filed against a drug company for making illegal claims about their product, or for causing deaths or physical damage to those taking the drug.

When one joins a class action lawsuit, one usually has to sign papers declaring that he or she then forfeits the right to sue the company as an individual. A successful class action lawsuit awards damages to the plaintiffs, who are those suing the company, according to greatest damage. In most cases not all members of the suit are entitled to equal compensation. Usually the attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that they will receive a portion of the award but charge their clients no fees if the suit is not successful. That portion can be high, ranging from 30 to 50 percent of the total award.

Awards from a class action lawsuit are split into two portions: punitive and compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are meant to address the defendants (those being sued), and direct damage. These funds will be used to address actual damages caused by the defendants, such as illness, loss of life, and/or pain and suffering. Punitive damages from a class action lawsuit are a form of punishment for the company committing illegal acts, or causing harm. Punitive damages in large class action lawsuits can be particularly high, when it is demonstrated the company has shown great disregard for the health, safety or emotional well being of the plaintiffs.

Class action lawsuits may become jury trials, or may be settled prior to a trial. A suit may be tried in directed mediation. Settlements and mediation mean that damages are agreed to by the defendant/s. Jury trial class action lawsuits can create problems because a company leveled with heavy punitive and compensatory damages can appeal the decision. The appeal process may last for years, so plaintiffs may have to wait a very long time before seeing any money. Companies can also declare bankruptcy, which means the plaintiffs may never be awarded any money.

One of the most well-known class action lawsuit is explored in the film Erin Brockovich. The film is a biopic detailing the class action suit on behalf of the residents of Hinkley, California. They sued Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) for lying about using the chemical hexavalent chromium, which then seeped into the ground water and contaminated the water supply. Many residents of Hinkley then became ill with cancer, or had fertility problems. As well, animals living in the small town died quickly.

The suit’s lawyer Ed Masry was able to establish that PG&E knew about the situation and deliberately risked the lives of those living near the power plants by failing to warn the residents. Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts in the film, extensively researched and documented the damages caused to Hinkley residents. Her dedication helped secure the successful verdict against PG&E. Ed Masry chose directed mediation for the class action lawsuit, meaning those severely affected by exposure to chromium were given immediate monetary relief.

Carlos the Jackal said...

A good start. Said it before and will say it again. International attention is the only way to shame sppf and their cohorts. Hopefully the story will be taken up by the likes of the Times, Le Monde etc.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree and I too have mentioned this before.

Ultimately, I feel the residents need to sue the construction company, PUC and the Government. Lawyers in other countires would be begging for this opportunity.

Michel as Head of State, and his administration,needs to resign.

This is what real men do.

But we all know that they have no respect for the office they are in.Or us.

Time will tell.

Ironic that they would choose a name as Parti Lepep, when they do not care for the people.

Now if the statement that the Govt has already recieved USD450M is true, then I will not be surprised that plans are already being made to use/steal it and give a small portion out as compensation, right before elections.

How predicatble.


Anonymous said...

Of course. With Radovan Krejcir sent running tail between legs JJ will need another sponsor for the coming election campaign and who better than a rich Sheik?

Anonymous said...

Thats great to hear the news is spreading and this is only way to deal with such circumstances. On the otherhand here is another angle of the same story.

There are at least two key issues to underline and will need to be conveyed to the public and the world:

The first message is that the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. J.A Michel has deliberately violated and broken the constitution and the laws of the Seychelles. Mr. Michel is involved in corruption by allocating state land to the Sheik Khalifa with the sole motive to achieve personnel political gains. In doing so, he has undermined the Seychellois sovereignty. Such actions are also the direct root cause leading to the worst environmental disaster affecting hundred of locals in the Seychelles. Mr. Michel has committed a high order crime and will need to be accountable according to the constitution and laws of the Seychelles.

The second message is that Sheik Khalifa has employed his power and authority to engage and satisfy his personnel needs through non-formal statesmanship acts and are signs of corruption at the highest level. Such actions and interest should be addressed in a global context because the world needs to learn and hear our voice.

History taught us that Albert Rene with others campaigned and advocated strongly against the British government converting our beautiful southwest Islands to American military bases. He was right on this one issue. This was then. Now, in modern times, President Michel is literally giving away our land while many of us have none and others settle in the low lands to then discover the fate of sea level rise flooding.

This is one central issue to do the same as Albert Rene did.


Anonymous said...

Soon on cnn i report.Rasin will saw the world.How Michel and co are doing with Seychelles environment and his own peoples.PP= Pirates Party.Somalien Pirates in our water.Pirates on land selling Seychellios with Arabs and our land for 1 Ruppee.Our 2.5 billion dollars Michel and co have taken we will never see.Michel we warn you the world is getting more smaller,no one can run and hide now a days.We will look for you and co for the wrong and bring you all to justice.

Anonymous said...

Michel is no more than a megalomaniac who’s spending our money as if it is his own. He’s prepared to see his own people die rather than losing friendship with his ‘his new Kashoggi’ Arab friends.

Both Michel & Rene have completely destroyed the Entrepreneurial spirit and have created a state dependent welfare society and as a result for many Seselwa the PL government is the main family provider.
Therefore, Michel & co knows that pretty well- if the government is the family provider then you will be loyal to them and they want to keep it that way at all cost.

Both ‘The Butcher’ & Michel have created a compliant state, whereby, increasing the government payroll and as a result they have been able to ensure that their party remains in power for years to come.

So, therefore, we Seselwa rasin are telling PL that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. STOP selling our country to foreigners and we won’t accept being treated as SECOND CLASS citizens in our own country. We will be brave and determine in our endeavours without fear of chastisement or dismissal. We will succeed to bring our country back on the right footing!


Anonymous said...

Obvioulsy Lawyer from UK has not taken time to acquaint himself with the Seychelles Legal Seystem, Bench and Bar, he would surely have realised that not only is the bench men govt men in gowns as the Ex Deputy Speaker of the SPPF National Assembly described them to a U.K journalist, but also monkeys in suit, no less corrupt than the Executive.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To the author Lydia Jumeau: I say congratulations on a well researched and well written article.

It is the collective and cumulative impact of individual initiative, and individual actions, of patriotic Rasin like yourself that will allow us to liberate our country from the PP Collaborators and their Fabrike friends.

I congratulate you on voluntarily putting your name forward at this early stage in the fight to liberate our country. When we lose our fear of the PP Collaborators they lose the ability to control us. The PP Collaborators control us by intimidation and fear. These are their tools. So when we fear them no more we are free from their control - then we can defeat them.

Once we lose our fear of them we cannot be stopped from taking our country back from them. We Rasin-ists need to take our country back from the PP Collaborators we Rasin-ists can keep our country - if we fail, we lose our country to Fabrike and foreigners who bribe the PP Collaborators to be above our laws.

Keep up the good work. You have my respect and the respect of The Mouvman. If you wish to join The Mouvman please send me an email to the address listed below. The Mouvman needs courageous leaders like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Message to Niya,

Mate, if you keep behaving like a second class Citizen, you will be treated like a second class Citizen.

How can you say the Government has increased it's payroll when you know, I know and everybody knows that the JAM Government has been downsizing the Public Service for a long time now?. Seychellois i dir ki Sesel nepli "ennan Karya dan Government Jam."

With all due respect Niya, you not only act like a second class Citizen, but you sound like one too.

Anonymous said...

To Lydia Jumeau,

Please rest assured that you have exercised your democratic Right to express your point of view and if the worst was to come to the worst, you can only be treated with the contempt that you so deserve. At the end of the day, it boils down to a matter of perception. I sincerely home that you familiar with the word "Scotoma". It is Greek for the blind spots in our eyes. As a result Ms Jumeau, it is amazing how we all see things differently.

By all means, my advise to you as "the old man in the rocking chair" is that you have to always remember that regardless of our positions from the elected President down, we are singularly Seychelles and what we do say and act in our communities in Seychelles and around the world reflect our image and reputation.

If it is your wish to be so negative about our Land of Birth, then that is your choice. Others may wish to be possitive whilst moi and the Leadership of Parti Lepep...the Majority Parti Lepep.. make it our business to analyse both the negatives and the possitives so as to discover the Interesting Part. As a result, a decision is made which as you are well aware, is an option between alternatives.
Lydia, there is a need to find the solution and to do that, you must put pen to paper and address the issues/concerns to the President's Website at State House or ask for an audience with JAM. Please try not to be part of the problem. I did, I am and I will always do that not because of this or becausse of that, but because I CARE. And I will never ever bad mouth my Country or the People that have been duly elected by the Seychellois Majority.

Please do write some more for as I have said previously, we will analyse the positives and negatives and find the most Interesting Part. Ti Kreol Leo par lao Basin Ble sends his warms regards to toi and your families.

Anonymous said...

If I act & sound like a second class citizen is because our government has already turned it's people into second class & very soon approaching third class. The proof are there for all to see & there's no need to elaborate.

And Anonymous, thanks to the economic reform forced upon JJ by the IMF that he eventually didn't have any choice but to recently apply cost-cutting measures & downsizing public services. He's been dictate what to do in his own country by IMF, Khalifa etc...


Anonymous said...

Ti Kreol seems to live so far up the leo that reality is decades away. Someone who never badmouths his country is to my opinion a coward and a bloody disgrace, a bit like those damn Catholic Bishops who never utter a word even when they see evil being performed in their own church.

I believe that even the majority elected should be badmouthed when they fail they voters. Both Rene and Michel have done so and hence deserve criticism for just that. I sometimes wonder when Kreol Leo was last in Seychelles because he certainly sounds like a person who's been gone decades and still thinks a Seybrew costs 5 rupees.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I totally support Patrick X on this last comment.

I make a fundamental point that people who do not argue, debate, mediate (not bad mouth as they percieve it to be) cannot be treated as if they are legitimate caring people of the country. Its actually the otherway round sir. They care only about their high class positions,big job titles, and spend time only protecting their power and authority appointed to them. So it sounds very logical why they cannot bad mouth or do otherwise. If they cared they should have said no to all the things they were advised, warned were bad for the country. I will not ellaborate on these failures because Mr. Gill has done a far greater job to list them time after time.

So, as a simple test to the previous writter I challenge him to show real evidence that he cares.

How is he going to uphold the constitution and laws of the Republic of the Seychelles when it is violated and undermined?

I guess we should all stay quite and die rather miserably....thats his approach, but not for many of us.


lydia said...

Thank you Pti Kreol Leo,for your 'nice compliments', contempt, I'm sure, will only come from the likes of you....Who cannot see day from night...Your perception seems to be that we take every shit thrown at us lying down....When we were drinking diesel in the water, one of your MNA's told us to quit drinking the river water as the Albiza trees were polluting the river, and to get water from the PUC, which was then contaminated with Indian s..t...Acceptable for you, right, note that some of these bacterias and parasites are fatal,they do not die, they incubate in our body or mutate, and as the whole water system is still contaminated, I am inviting you and your family to come and live up here for some time, and to take no precautions,like we did, thinking that our water was pure,and safe, and see how it feels when they get sick, knowing we are in this predicament due to your government not doing their job in protecting the citizens cause they we too busy protecting their "goose that lays the golden egg" and maybe only then your "Scotoma" will help you see the light...
Please rest assured that I love my country, the Seychelles, and I am proud to be a Seychelloise, but it is your government that I do not like, for they have spoilt our country. Seems that neither rivers, mountains, nor wetlands are safe anymore... All for a few dollars more, and the funny thing is, the more we sell, the more loans we get, and the more we indebt ourselves...All still ok with you, Kreol leo?? This is my way of finding a solution, of putting pen to paper, and I am not interested in visiting the State House or your website, for the simple reason that we did not see anyone from the State House in our hour of need...We were left to fend for ourselves, for the residents to look out for each other, and we sure are doing that... Oh and whilst you are analysing the positives and negatives, finding options and alternatives, would you mind being man enough to come out of your hiding I want to know who you really are?? I hate 'Talking to someone from behind a curtain'....

Anonymous said...

Hello TIKLO-

Thank you for your input and comments.

However, I would like to make a point I have highlighted in accusation in the past. I wrote the first few State House Anytime Now (SHAN)in the weekly. But soon after, other writers joined in the satire and started to write.

Hence credit is not due to me for the last one on STAR.

While I will not always agree with the writers, I will defend their right to say what they wish artistically, to my death.

Free Expression is protected and enshrined in our Constituition, TIKLO.Check the Human Rights Section. You will see it.

A little advise now, if Michel allowed for "divergent views" to be expressed in Nation and SBC as required under the Constitution,Weekly, Regar, Star SHAN, would not exist today.

Since your JJ Team has sidetracked the "expression of divergent views", we have found a way around it, through the web.

If AFP picks up what we discuss, well, that is part of the set up Rene and Michel have advocated after all.

Stifle Free Speech, we stifle debate and kill ideas. For this any government becomes less than what it can be, and it loses for every Seychellois!

Michel needs some ideas TIKLO!

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Your last comment to Ms. Jumeau is much like the criminal blaming the victim for the crime.

You say she should be concerned with the international image of our country. I agree, as should all of us Seselwa Rain. It is because Ms. Jumeau wants to establish the reputation of our country as a decent, well governed financially prosperous country that takes care of, and respects its citizens, that she writes.

What you are really asking Ms. Jumeau to do is to allow wrongdoing in our country to go unexposed simply to keep up the PP Collaborator propaganda that all is well in the Rasin homeland even while they plunder it, and make us Rasin third class citizens in our own homeland. Why don't you instead try to prevent or even criticize those who have created and are perpetrating the wrongdoing in the first place?

Why don't you instead criticize those who have allowed Khalifa to destroy so may Rasin lives and to do so with impunity in our own homeland? Instead you praise Khalifa and those who have allowed him to destroy the lives of thousands of Rasin like Ms. Jumeau and her family.

But your attitude is not surprising since sweeping malfeasance under the carpet, in return for a bribe, is the PP Collaborator way of doing things. And, if anyone should point out what they are doing, it is the PP Collaborator habit to then blame the messenger for the dirt they were trying to hide.

All this will change under a Rasin-ist government. Dirt will be exposed and swept away not swept under the carpet and defended even by butchering the Seselwa Rasin people as your friend Rene the Butcher did.

Finally, I would like to personally commend Ms Jumeau for her exemplary courage and her skill in presenting her case in an articulate and clear manner - she is a patriotic Seselwa Rasin who makes all us Seselwa Rasin just that much prouder of our people and of our country. Her example is not to be criticized but instead it is to be emulated by all us Seselwa Rasin and that includes you TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Lydia,

You can rest assured that no one will victimise you for what you have written. My BB King Gibson Cherry Red Stereo Guitar playing Amigo Docteur L. Popip Sik writes The Rising Sun Column of Wednesday February 24, 2010 said to my other good Friends Dave Afrosquash and Brian Gratkastrol and I quote: "Please fellows, we now live in a democratic country where you are free to speak your mind" end of quote.

As you can see Lydia, in speaking one's mind does not give us the right to accuse someone or somebody of being something that they are not unless we can substantiate the allegations/accusations or chances are, we will find ourselves in the duck-soup. I suppose if one throws enough mud, some mud would stick?.

I must say that I find your response very interesting indeed and I look forward to ingaging in some more interesting discussions in the near future. I guess the unplanned event at La Misere is most unfortunate and it is unwise to lay the blame on the Government when they pay public Servants to do the right thing and if Key Individuals withing those responsible Departments fail to deliver, why should James Michel, his Cabinet of Ministers or HH Sheikh Khalifa cop the blame and bear the brunt of insults and be subjected to such disrespectful and wicked comments?.
TIKLO will end on this note for I have something to share with you that is in itself, mind bogling because the Mighty Swan River that our good friend DR. Popip Sik knows so well, is just about dead.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO continues....The full extent of tghe environmental damage from last month's violent storm is only now being revealed, with data from the Water Corporation - the equivalent of PUC - showing that more than 117 Olympic size swimming pools of raw sewage..[no different from the type that came down your robinen]..spilled into the rivers, wetlands and beaches around Perth in just 24 hours.

Across the Metropolitain area Lydia, 143 million litres of sewage poured into the environment from 130 failed waste water pumping stations that lost power in the March 22 storm. This event was the biggest sewage disaster to hit Perth. Nearly three quarters of the total amount of sewage poured into the Swan, Canning and Southern Rivers. In one section of the Canning river, the only aquatic life left alive were 25 freshwater marron. The Department of Fisheries Principal Scientist Craig Lawrence said that 99 per cent of the population of river marron and fish in a 3 kilometre section of the canning river have died because of a lack of dissoloved oxygen caused by stormwater, decaying matter and sewage.

The Swan River Trust system Manager Mark Cugley said the oxygen levels were returning to normal after tonnes of oxygen were pumped into the river at Guilddord and above the Kent Street Weir in Wilson. And to think that over forty years ago, Popip, myself and our Friends used to go drag our nets for King Prawns on the Swan River Foreshore at night and when we could not make it to Port Beach, we would go to the Kent
Street Weir for a few quick dips swinging from a long robe on a hot hot 45 degree celsius day. If anyone bumps into Dr. La POpip, tell him that what ever happened in "them Dar Far Hills" cannot be compared to the stinking toxin death of the once mighty Swan River.

Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

I shall respond to your intersting point asap.

In the meantime Ladies and Germs....errhhhhh Gentleman, please give us your best shots and refrain from your usual mud slinging and gutter politics. I am sure that Popip will agree with moi 100%. Chow for now.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo, the Popip crap was funny the first time, but now it just sounds like you're obsessed with 'pip'. Are you?

lydia said...

Dear Ticklo,
Once again thank you for all your very informative and sad story about the Swan,Canning and Southern Rivers in Australia,all well and good, but this is Australia, they can take care of themselves, we are talking about the Seychelles, as I live in the Seychelles. I do not know who you are refering to as your Amigo and Dr. Lapopip, and all the little innuendos and
petty story and I really do not care about it. My problem is that I Drink Seychelles water and breathe the Seychelles air. We had been so COMMENDED in the past for the PROCTECTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT,and look at us now...Wetlands at Vacoa Village filled up for a Hotel project that is standing still now, there is a concrete monstrosity at North East Point that is a Russian eyesore, Port Glaud, were they supposed to build above the brigde over the water line, and what is happening name a few.... How do you think we, the locals, feel when we see all the devastation of our beautiful landscape disappearing in front of our very eyes.
Personally, I am not blaming the Sheik, for it is not his fault if
if our Gov want to sell us out....
But how can I not blame the Gov. for they are the ones responsible.
Had they, when the bought the land, been told that there are planning and environment laws that they have to follow,like everybody else, then there should not have been a problem would there? Maybe HH the Sheik thought that as Seychelles is part of Africa there are no laws in the bush?? Only we are not Africa...
The diesel, I can agree, was an accident, but the Indian S..t, no way....After the diesel incident,
Eddie Westergreen wrote a letter to Joel Morgan, telling him to go visit the site as there were loads of workers on the site, but, as the hard headed people that they are, cannot take a hint from anyone, lest of all a concerned citizen for his worry. Had to wait for the shit to hit the fan, for all hell to break lose and then yours truly saying at the site's gate, that this is a political disaster... This is and was not a problem that can go or blow away... It had to be addressed, and that was not done...So who do we blame in this instance?? THE GOVERNMENT....
One PUBLIC SERVANT working in the Planning Division, when I told him that he is partly to blame as well, told me that they did go on several occasions, but were always turned away at the gate... Apparently were told that this land no longer belongs to the Seychelles, or something to the have to laugh at that one...

lydia said...

To Continue...
I remember, what seems like eons ago now, how as a kid, in all the SPUP rallies, we used to yell out for the INDIANS AND YANKEES to go home.. At the time, all those years ago we were told that SESEL POU SESELWA...WHAT A TURNAROUND...What happened along the way from SPUP to SPPF to PARTI LEPEP?? Somewhere along the line, was it decided that we would tell the Yankees to go home as they were not paying enough dollars for the rent, cause we would sell it one day for SER 1.00?? Amazingly enough, FAR did not sell us out, left, right and center.. Long live FAR...
I also look forward to engaging in more discusions, for hopefully you can enlighten me on what happen to the monies from all the sales of the STATE LANDS...I am no politician, but I do know that you cannot sell land that does not belong to you and not account for the sale....We as a nation, should know what happen to it...So please, as you seem to know a lot guess you are in a better position to tell me!!If, the way I see it we did not sell for the Rupee, did we have to borrow more money?? An example,I distinctly remember someone saying that there would be no more drought in the Seychelles, when the big amount for the desalination plant was borrowed...
Now there are plans for the bank to give loans to people to build storage tanks so that people will have water, as there are places that people hardly get any water,so what happen to those famous words, some years ago...So glad that you noticed what
"came down my robinen", as it blocked all my pipes, and now I cannot have a shower as I have to take a bath from a "cuvet", the kids have to boil water in a "caserol" to have a hot bath, I have to physically pour water in the toilet tank every time someone has to use it. Water Heater no longer works, and it is a hassle to wash the hair....Have to fill up huge amounts of bottles and buckets every other day...And for all this inconvience, not counting the medical side, ans hopefully I will get what I ask for, as it was there, for all to see. Dollars as HH the Sheik has no rupee bank in Dubai, as the Bank here open foreign exchange accounts for the locals, and that we get all that is given as we digested all that they dished out, knowingly or unknowingly....
On last thing, Tiklo, before retiring for the night, could you pleas find out for me if HH the Sheik has already paid in the cash...Cause from everything we hear the money is the there, and even though I do not know who you are I think that you can get that information for me....Hopefully I have been nice enough for you tonight?? Not insulting anybody?? Looking forward for our next discussion...
SO, as you say, from MOI to TOI, bonsoir...

Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief, but it is not surprising to see someone writes that when failures happen, the master is not to take responsibility and be blamed. It sounds so familiar. This is what I detest most about the present government. The responsibility and blame is shifted to the small men down below.

In your own words, you have clearly revealed the practice of vertical unaccountability of the government and this is well documented in communist and often failing countries requiring IMF intervention and begging for loan extension and grace. Pls take a close look at the World Bank documents,reports and their indicators of governance.

Your suggestion implies that the bankruptcy of Seychelles is because of the clerk at the central bank or the immediate supervisor. Accountability is vertical to include the manager, the central bank governor, the Minister of finance and of course it goes all the way to the President.Plse look closely at the organisation structure, their roles and responsibilities and who they report and take decisions from. This is why this government of this country will never do any thing right and they will not progress in any way.

Another issue is that you4r government talk about considering the positive and the negatives.

How can they listen to the negatives if they do not want us to speak and they do not want to listen and consider the issues.

This is the second question of the day.


Anonymous said...

To idci,

JAM has consulted every single electorate in Seychelles this year and that in itself is quite bloody remarkable. Every Seychellois had the chance to participate with the President and his Cabinet Ministerial Entourage to express their concerns face to face tete a tete. This is democracy at it's best and can only be experienced in Seychelles and nowhere else in this world.

Please do not get confused between "responsiblity and accountability" Mate. The truth is nobody can be held responsible unless one is accountable.

Anonymous said...

To Lydia,

Thank you for your very interesting blog once again. I will have to chew, digest what you have raised and shall asap reply as soon as i have regurgitated, chewed some more and then swallow what you have raised.

For the time being let me say that your hate of Indians and Arabs reflects your racist tendencies. Why would you for example say "Indian Shit" and not Raw Sewage?. Why the discremination?.
As a result oh Gorgeous One,you killed what would have been an out of sight blog if you know what I mean. This is a not so subtle message that I have been trying to convey to our good Friend Christopher. Chris has to realise that "divergent views never existed in Seychelles under British Rule. If it did, then the People, Le Seychellois, Lecho de Zil and Seychelles Weekly would not have been in existence today either. Francis mentioned how his Dad Mr. Gill Senior went around raising funds as a founding member of SPUP so as to produce the People. The first Headline on People was written by the late Samad Suleman of Adam Moosa and he asked the question "Why are we still Mama's Child?." Mama of course refered to Her Majesty the Queen. Seychelles Weekly's first Edition asked "How about Independence for Seychelles?." Of course Weekly had to retrack the following week because bannla ti pou bez zot ek koud Baton and as they say, the rest is History.

Also, i pa concern moi si HH Sheikh Khalifa has paid what to whom. If he did pay the compensation as you said in XXXX, do you have your receipts to say that you have paid for all your damaged goods in XXXX?.

As to that person that said that he was not allowed to enter the La Misere Site, it is obvious that he is not fit for duty as an Environment Officer and should be given his marching orders by the Minister Responsible. Do you think maybe that the Minister was maybe...just maybe pre-occupied with the extra responsibilities of negotiating the release of our brothers that were hijacked by Pirates and co-ordinating with other Super Powers as to what best ways to eliminate this piracy Scourge that has decended upon us through no fault of ours?.

Last but not least ma Belle Lydia, if you were to advise the President as to what should be done in future where a large contingent of workers are housed for any particular Projects, what would be your advice to him?.

And by the way, another Legend who has not been around for a very long time now was no other than Frank Jumeau. He was the Roi of Lateral Thinkers in Seychelles, and I was fortunate to learn how to be a Lateral Thinker. If there was one Man in Seychelles that could out-smart FAR, it would have been Frank Jumeau. His exploits were truly Legendar

Anonymous said...

And Lydia,

How come you have never heard of the Rising Sun Columnist Dr. L. Popip Sik?. He is exceptionally intelligent and talented. I shall commission him to do your Portrait.

All the best and warm regards to you and your families and when you wake up demain, just be grateful that that you are alive and nothing else is going to undermine your determination and the challenges that lie ahead around sa gran kontour sek dan prinn de France.

Anonymous said...

And before I forget Lydia,

You mentioned the wetlands of Vacoa Village being filled up and left idle. Now, is that not next door to Paul Chow's residence at Mare Anglaise?.....surely I have not heard one murmur from him. Have you?.

Anonymous said...


You really should be respectful towards a Seychelloise woman. The incidences of threats are not appropriate on this site, or in your mind.

If your proxies have the same mind sent, it would explain why Seychelles is where it is today.

You still side walked the Constitutional issue of SBC being obliged to provide divergent views in its broadcasting.

Hence STAR has to do SBC's job.

Please TIKLO, refrain from the intellectual aggression against our writers and commenters. State you point clearly, and defend it clearly. Leave out the aggressive tendencies, it sets us back as a people.

We want to move forward as apeople, we are not slaves on a plantation TIKLO. We are citizens of a Nation.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are impressed by the leisure tours in the districts, but I am not. Surely this does not measure up to real democracy and freedom of speech. First of all I will outline what you may request to your government to transform the show from meeting the people compared to meeting with the people and this will be real indications of democracy to start with. If you are to succeed we shall come in massive numbers next time:

Before the meeting
1. How did this President formulate the agenda of the meeting?
2. What is the real agenda and objectives of these so called meetings?
3. With whom did his government consult to set the agenda and who was excluded?
4. When will the President stop preparing answers to questions but answers to real questions (because this takes 99 % of the time in the meeting)?
5. When will SBC be returned to the people for the people not controlled by the President (this is a key request)
6. Government facilitate and encourage the establishment of more media services

During the Meeting
1. More time is required for a meeting with the people otherwise we just hear “we shall look into it” and this is insufficient and inadequate as this bores me and a waste of my time.
2. Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely without downstream victimisation and I know this very well Sir from personnel experince which I am sure your government will not be happy to read if I was to write about.

After the meeting
1. What are the real concrete steps taken to address the concerns because we know Seychelles is flooded with meetings, workshops and conferences but results and actions are always of question?
2. What is the time frame for implementation of key issues and concerns

On the other issue of concerning responsibility and accountability I am sure you are clearly and simply just confusing yourself and I cannot do much on that


Anonymous said...

Gooday Christopher,

Please highlight where and in what way have I been disrespectful towards Lydia.

I also fail to see the "agression" towards her.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You say that Michel the Collaborator should be lauded for consulting with the Seselwa Rasin people. I say we do not want to be consulted at Michel the Collaborator's convenience in a contrived atmosphere where he is surrounded by armed guards and takes questions he likes for only as long as he likes. This contrived atmosphere is political theater where we Seselwa Rasin are used as propaganda props like we are participating in a Hollywood film. We do not want to be used by Michel the Collaborator as his propaganda props.

Michel the Collaborator works for us. He is our servant. We want to tell him what we want, what we are dissatisfied with and anything else we want to tell him and when we want to; not only when it is convenient for him and his Collaborator Ministers to hear what we have to say.

So, we want the most liberal rules allowing radio stations to operate in our country. This is the cheapest and most effective means of allowing the Seselwa Rasin people a direct say, minute by minute, on what is going on in their homeland. We demand that Michel the Collaborator lift the exorbitant licensing fee and exorbitant tower rental fees he has put in place to restrict us from speaking our minds openly freely and at our convenience about his incompetence, and his corruption.

We want free and balanced access to state funded media outlets like SBC so we Seselwa Rasin, Michel the Collaborator's bosses, can tell him what we want on the media outlets we Seselwa Rasin pay for. Instead Michel the Collaborator uses the state funded media outlets to spout propaganda that is intended to make us believe the sky over Seychelles is in fact purple and not blue. So no, Michel the Collaborator does not deserve our gratitude or compliments for "consulting" us Seselwa Rasin - he deserves condemnation for using us as propaganda props - this is another sign of his disdain and disrespect for the Seselwa Rasin people.

Secondly, you are once more, in typical Collaborator fashion, clouding the point made by Lydia Jumeau about paying all the compensation received from Khalifa to the residents to whom he caused injury. You say these residents should not be compensated unless they can produce receipts for expenses they incurred to repair the damages caused by Khalifa's recklessness. Lydia's point is that the damages she and her family have suffered are to a large extent intangible and will occur and manifest itself over a long period of time. Khalifa knew that a substantial portion of the damages he caused to the residents of La Misere is of the intangible long term character as alleged by Lydia. As a result, Lydia inquired if money to compensate for these substantial intangible damages has been transferred from Khalifa to the Government of Seychelles to compensate his victims at La Misere. Your characteristically evasive answer tends to indicate that such funds may have in fact been transferred by Khalifa and that the PP Collaborator leadership has concocted one more cockamamie excuse to steal even that from the Seselwa Rasin - their own people. If the funds have not been transferred why don't you just say so clearly and simply. But this possible theft does not surprise me since this is the Collaborator habit. But rest assured TIKLO, a Rasin-ist government will bring you Collaborators to justice for this theft too if it has occurred. This is our obligation as defined in the Rasin-ist Creed published on the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin Facebook page.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You say that under the British, freedom of expression was not tolerated. That is exactly why my late Father Peter Gill paid out of his own pocket to publish the People, the SPUP newspaper, for years - so that the viewpoint of those espousing "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" could be presented to the people. He was promised by Rene the Butcher that in a free and democratic Seychelles we Rasin would be free to say and think and associate as we please. Rene the Butcher did not say he wanted to replace British oppression with even worse PP Collaborator oppression. That is not what we Rasin fought to achieve.

We fought for Sesel Pou Seselwa where all Rasin would be equal under the laws of our country and that no foreigner, whether from Whitehall in England or Khalifa from the UAE, could come to our homeland and tell us what we can or cannot do in our own motherland.

You say that the Environmental Officer who was turned away by Khalifa's guards "is not fit for duty" and should be "given his marching orders". This is once more blaming the victim for the crime. If that Environmental Officer had insisted on entering Khalifa's construction site, he would in all likelihood have then and there been given his marching orders by the PP Collaborators who appear to have been bribed by Khalifa so he can be immune from any accountability and from observing any of our laws.

This is the state of affairs in our motherland. The likes of Khalifa has been given even greater immunity from our laws by the PP Collaborators than even the British took for themselves under the colonial government.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO, the Butcher’s chief lackey says that we Seselwa or La Misere residents shouldn’t lay the blame on the Government doorsteps or on JJ the collaborator.
But I say yes TIKLO, JJ and his incompetent government should bear the full brunt of the La-Misere fiasco because they haven’t carried out a formal Environmental Impact Assessment.
If they had, they would have simply realised that the project will not be feasible during this short time span & if the sheikh were planning of an influx of foreign workers then the Indian shit issue would have easily been recognised & be brought at the forefront.

But then again, since the sheikh is dictating what goes on in our country & to which JJ must abide, then I’m not overtly surprised at all.

If JJ & his incompetent government were following our immigration policies & not allowing a sudden incursion of foreign workers to run havoc on our tiny rapturously beautiful island just to please the sheikh, then this mess could have been avoided.

Yes, TIKLO the Butcher’s chief’re right in saying that the event was unplanned & I will elaborate further, that, it wasn’t only the event it was also the massive project being carried out on an unimaginable scale. Words from local media is that Seychelles Planning Authority did refuse permission for such project to proceed but orders for higher up from the PL government hierarchy refuted the argument submitted just to circumvent the Authority’s decision.

And you see TIKLO, JJ must be held accountable for this disaster and be held responsible. There’s no way he could sidestep it. He should present his formal apologies to the people of Sesel & to all affected La-Misere residents as soon as possible.
It was unplanned but not unfortunate to say the least.

Yes, TIKLO chief‘s Indian Shit & not raw sewage because it’s those filthy Indians that pumping our rivers with their own shit. It’s only them & no body else. Perhaps, if there were other communities involved then it would be hard to distinguish which is which, then we would have use raw sewage instead but we all know for sure it’s those bloody filthy Indians disrespecting our people & with no due regards to our environment.

The answer to your question about advising the government when carrying out projects on a large scale is simple & bring us back again to the point of the Environmental Impact Assessment. Whenever a building project is to be carried out...I suggest that the Department of Environment carry an EIA to determine the feasibility of the project in relations to our environment &its people. This should be compulsory & submitted before any planning permission.

And TIKLO, don't be fooled with all these destrict consulations meetings...its a political smookscreen and clouded form of democracy.


Anonymous said...

TIKLO wants Francis to inform this forum as to how much are the Government Authorities asking for a Radio License......and how much is the Tower Rental Fees.

I said that divergent views of the Political Parties were never aired on Radio Seychelles or the Seychelles Bulletin Print Media. TIKLO has never said or suggested that freedom of expression and speech were not tolerated Francis.

Anonymous said...

To Niya,

The "PL's Chief Lackey as you have mentioned, says that the Seychellois Voters at the next Election will again be the Judge, Jury and Executioner in regards to your false and half-truth accusations.

I shall wait for Lydia's response to my concerns about the Risk Management that have to be adhered to in regards to big Projects in Seychelles and where I believe the Workers should be housed, fed, washed and to do their no. ones' and their no. twos' in a safe environment. I am hoping that Lydia on the same wavelength as moi.

And by the way Niya, can you please factor in this Forum if the Workers are Indian or Bengladeshi?

Are you aware that in Dubai all the Cheap Labourers working on the massive projects have to actually hand in their Passports and thus at the mercy of the Contractors?

How come the UN Human Rights Commission have not done anything about it?. There are up to 18 of them to a room and they want to go back home and guess what Niya, they are trapped.

Are you aware that there are thousands of cars that have been literally dumped at the Dubai Airport by Europeans and other non-Asian Workers that have fled the Country?. You don't have to take my word for it. Take care and bye for now.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


It is my understanding that the yearly fee to operate any radio station in Seychelles, even a micro radio station transmitting 15 Km or less, is SCR800,000 per year plus the thousands of Rupees per month SBC requires for anyone, other than Collaborators, to use its towers. If you have a different set of facts about these fees, just tell us - straight - and we can check them - there is no need to beat around the bush and be coy about your position. Why do you have so much difficulty being straightforward and clear TIKO? even when you are protected by the cloak of anonymity.

Under part of time during Rene the Butcher's brutal dictatorship, anyone who wrote anything against his brutal dictatorship was imprisoned or victimized. Then Rene the Butcher, who has the sly and evil intelligence of a pirate or The Joker in Batman, decided that he could achieve much the same result by suppressing rather than through outright preventing our freedom of speech. This allowed Rene the Butcher to suppress our freedom without drawing the condemnation of the international community.

So now we have a situation where the Collaborator government uses public funds to fund public media, and uses it almost exclusively to promote its point of view and its views of the facts in our motherland, even though more than half the people, who pay for these media outlets, disagree with this PP Collaborator propaganda, and even though this abuse violates the Constitution.

A Rasin-ist government will correct this abuse and this injustice - our country must have public institutions that promote a plurality of views from any corner of our society. We must be allowed to freely and openly contest each others ideas in a tolerant atmosphere so that we can freely determine what is in the best interest of the Rasin motherland, and, our publicly funded media must be geared to accomplish this atmosphere.

You ask Niya how the governemnt could have handled the human waste generated from Khalifa's workers in a better way rather than simply allowing the human waste to leach into the drinking water of the Rasin residents at La Misere.

The point Niya and others are making is that the PP Collaborators did not even know the workers were there in La Misere - in itself a supreme abuse of our sovereignty by Khalifa. Having allowed this abuse to occur, how could the PP Collaborators have even considered the negative impact of these phantom workers' waste? Under these circumstances how could the PP Collaborators even have looked at plans to address the safe disposal of waste that would obviously result from 2,000 people living in a single concentrated area and who would obviously need to defecate on a daily basis? We Rasin are furious because the PP Collaborators so completely ignored our well being.

The point is that the PP Collaborator government did not even consider, at all, the consequences of this concentrated waste stream on the Rasin people. The PP Collaborator government totally abdicated its absolute responsibility to factor in the impact of this waste steam on the Rasin population. Not only have they totally abdicated their responsibility to their people but they have now tried to justify this negligent and reckless disregard of their duty to protect the Seselwa Rasin people. The PP Collaborators should be ashamed of themselves.

This is not all. The PP Collaborators have even neglected their duty to protect the nesting habitat of an endangered endemic bird of our homeland that is located in the area where Khalia is building his palace on Rasin land. The PP Collaborator negligence has therefor endangered the very patrimony of our country. For what? A few Rupees of bribe money in their pocket?

It is time for the PP Collaborator government to go and for a Rasin-ist government to replace them that will better protect the Rasin-ist people from the likes of Khalifa and Fabrike like Ramadoss.

Anonymous said...

To Whom it may concern.

The Leader of the Opposition has spoken that "SESEL PE APEL NOU" to guarantee "no DISCRIMINATIONs" what so ever.

And Francis, all the workers working on the la Misere Site should have been accomodated on a cruise Liner hired by the Contractor on behalf of His Highness Shiekh Khalifa. The Captain would still have been responsible if Raw Sewage were to have been discharged in the Harbour. Nothing wrong with this floating Hotel idea is it not?.

If I am not mistaken, Her Majesty's Prisoners are held in floating Cruise Liner Type Prisons because British Prisons are overcrowded. Regards TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

To Francisco Gill,

When you come to think of it, 800,000 rupees is chicken feed for a Radio Licence. It might be wise to cast our memory back to a few months ago to what happened with this unfortunate Indian Merchant who was knocked down from his motor-cycle on his way to the bank by a couple of hoons with the previous day's takings of over one million rupees. They left him blinded in one eye as a result of the injuries they inflicted on him.

Truly, seriouly Francis, everybody will tell you that "one million rupees is nothing to-day in Seychelles."

The big question is can you be trusted with a Radio Licence without violating its' guidelines?.
I am afraid not. You will add something vulgar to FAR"s name, and you will have nowhere to hide on top of having the radio licence revoked. TIKLO

PS. Lydia, where are you oh gorgeous One?. We miss your input.

I am hoping that my good Friend Dr. L Popip Sik has something interesting in his Rising Sun Column about DR. Ramadoss being elected the SCCI Chairman. And Lydia, I am at a loss how come SCCI do not have a President or even an Chief Executive Officer??.

It would be great if someone could post the minutes of the next Meeting. I am just curious of what role the Chairman plays. It would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I did not realise that I would be missed with all that is going on...
Well I was in hiding, for I was trembling with fear....due to your threatening innuendos; and frankly I find them slightly disturbing. Don’t you think your pun is somewhat perverted and demeaning? You may have Dr. Sik paint you, if he hasn’t already, since you are obviously so familiar with his work. And you say I have racist tendencies? In fact I take my hat off to the Indians, because their Government, unlike this Government, when they see that they cannot handle the Governance of their country, although ELECTED, they RESIGN, and let someone else take over instead of bringing the country down to its knees, as is being down in our little Islands of the Seychelles. No, I most certainly am not. I am simply stating a FACT. The fecal matter found in the water was the Indian workers and no matter how you look at it it is what it is. Would you like to prove otherwise?
A divergent opinion should be allowed because it is through divergence that change occurs! As you previously pointed out to Mr. Gill, it was a divergence of opinion that eventually toppled colonial rule in our beloved country, and for what we thought would be the good of our people, then. ...So why do you refuse to accept that divergent opinion is needed now, for the same reasons as then..If I wish to ask “Why are we still Papa’s (FAR) child?” why shouldn’t I? Or is your opinion the only one allowed to diverge is you and your party? What gives you only that right? Do we not all have a right to a say in what goes on in our country? I believe that is what Mr. Gill is trying to set right.. It is through sharing thoughts and ideas that improvement, and thus change comes about. Had we not voiced out what was going on we’d have been left to die, and our environment left to rot. Are we not allowed to protect the health of our children, families, ourselves, our habitats? Put yourself in our position Mr. Tiklo; if faced with a threat such as ours (even if it may not be the size of the Swan River disaster, which was a natural disaster, and though no fault of the Australian Government) would you not be angry and frustrated at the fact that nothing was being done to alleviate the situation? You give the impression that you would smile and carry on bathing in water that your neighbours had shat in...And the way you go on, perhaps even enjoy it maybe?
Once upon a time, and it came from the horse's mouth,that certain person told me that there is 'nothing that goes on in the Seychelles that the President does not know about" So how come now they are changing their tunes....JAM knew that a castle was going to be built, and in this instance, the magic stick does not work, so people would have had to be building it.. and so???
Could JAM and the click who were going to be well rewarded not have the forseen the eventually of what would happen....I guess not, to busy counting the dollars and thinking of new ways to get more....

I know well that it is not the Indian workers fault, for if they had nowhere else to relieve themselves then what other option did they have? When the planning department turned them down and orders came from the State House as Jacqueline Dugasse said on TV, how come they were not thinking of accommodation and sanitation plan for workers? A real case of GREED over COMPETENCE...

Anonymous said...

And please do not try to induce feelings of guilt when you say that the Minister Responsible was “pre-occupied with the extra responsibilities of negotiating the release of our brothers that were hijacked by Pirates and co-ordinating with other Super Powers as to what best ways to eliminate this piracy Scourge that has descended upon us through no fault of ours”. Do you mean that had other Super Powers been involved with our environmental pollution problem and the world watching, then the Minister Responsible would have been more responsive? Is that what it takes to get some attention from the government people elected to take care of them? A pirate holding a gun to a 12 hostages’ head may be life threatening but then again, isn’t the toxic poisoning of 24 families also life threatening, just a little slower? Although I am tremendously relieved and happy that our brothers are safe, ministers are not appointed or paid to tackle only one problem at a time. I’m sure they have been taught the skill of delegating!
Personally, and I believe a lot of people think this way, that the Government should Disappear of the face of SEY. as they have so often made people speaking out against them disappear...From what I hear the 20 acres Down Under can accommodate a big portion of the Fatcats of the Parti LePeuple.
Why call themselves that, I have no idea, cause I for one, being a parti of lepeuple was not consulted on the matter. We would like a 5 year Government, and if all is working, another 5 years maximun, not a Government who thinks that the Seychelles is their toy to play around with, mess it up and to do as suits them.

And yes,Tomorrow when I wake up I shall indeed be grateful to be alive, but unfortunately, Tiklo, I have no idea in exactly what state of “alive” I’m in. Remember, I have been subjected to polluted water for a while now. But as I, and all the other residents concerned, have been refused a proper medical, alive could be with all the previously mentioned diseases.
Correct me if I am wrong the latest news on the grapevine is that HH the Sheik has opened and account at the Nouvobanq,unlimited amount..La ki zot pou donn bal ladans...Paye some pauvre en esprit pour vote pou zot encore...
Believe me we will not need receipts to be paid, cause when it was dished out, we were not asked how much liters we were to ingest..
PS - Another good thing with the Indians, they work their butt off, are made to be used as slaves, yes, but always to send their hard earned dollar to their motherland, unless the people in the Government, who pockets our country's money to send to overseas accounts....
So from MOI to TOI, have a nice time digesting....A bientot...

Lydia Jumeau said...

Forgot to mention that as well as the people working for the Environment and Health, it was also one very high up in the Planning Division who told me that they had been turned away at the gates, so shall I give you their names and they will all be sacked??
All nine of them, just for some lack of hindsight from 1 JAM??
OH, and i used to loved listening to Frank Jumeau's endevours...But, you seem to be forgetting how he died.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Jumeau,

My sincere regret if I have been misundestood in regards to sa gran kontour sek enba prinn de France.

If I have offended you or threathened you in any way, please accept my most sincere apologies.

My warmest regards....TIKLO.

OH! I shall respond to toi soon as I have just noticed your new Live Wire response to moi.

Anonymous said...

Lydia Jumeau in her response to TIKLO asked "don't you think that your pun is somewhat perverted and demeaning?."

Well Lydia, I wish to advise that what I have written was not meant to bear any MALICE or INNUENDO what so ever. Again, I would like you to look up the word "scotoma" because "scotoma" is a matter of our perception of things. Was it not the son of God who said "remove the rafters from your own eyes so that you can see the grain of sand in my eyes?."

I wish you and your family the very best for the future and in regards to your goal for the incumbent to "disappear from the FACE OF SEYCHELLES", I would like to re-interate that your wish will not be the command of the Judge, Jury and the Executioners that happens to be the Seychellois Voters as a result of the Unplanned Event that affected you, your family and other residents of La Misere. Warm regards..TIKLO.

Lydia Jumeau said...

I did not realise that I would be missed with all that is going on...
Well I was in hiding, for I was trembling with fear....due to your threatening innuendos; and frankly I find them slightly disturbing. Don’t you think your pun is somewhat perverted and demeaning? You may have Dr. Sik paint you, if he hasn’t already, since you are obviously so familiar with his work. And you say I have racist tendencies? In fact I take my hat off to the Indians, because their Government, unlike this Government, when they see that they cannot handle the Governance of their country, although ELECTED, they RESIGN, and let someone else take over instead of bringing the country down to its knees, as is being down in our little Islands of the Seychelles. No, I most certainly am not. I am simply stating a FACT. The fecal matter found in the water was the Indian workers and no matter how you look at it it is what it is. Would you like to prove otherwise?
A divergent opinion should be allowed because it is through divergence that change occurs! As you previously pointed out to Mr. Gill, it was a divergence of opinion that eventually toppled colonial rule in our beloved country, and for what we thought would be the good of our people, then. ...So why do you refuse to accept that divergent opinion is needed now, for the same reasons as then..If I wish to ask “Why are we still Papa’s (FAR) child?” why shouldn’t I? Or is your opinion the only one allowed to diverge is you and your party? What gives you only that right? Do we not all have a right to a say in what goes on in our country? I believe that is what Mr. Gill is trying to set right.. It is through sharing thoughts and ideas that improvement, and thus change comes about. Had we not voiced out what was going on we’d have been left to die, and our environment left to rot. Are we not allowed to protect the health of our children, families, ourselves, our habitats? Put yourself in our position Mr. Tiklo; if faced with a threat such as ours (even if it may not be the size of the Swan River disaster, which was a natural disaster, and though no fault of the Australian Government) would you not be angry and frustrated at the fact that nothing was being done to alleviate the situation? You give the impression that you would smile and carry on bathing in water that your neighbours had shat in...And the way you go on, perhaps even enjoy it maybe?
Once upon a time, and it came from the horse's mouth,that certain person told me that there is 'nothing that goes on in the Seychelles that the President does not know about" So how come now they are changing their tunes....JAM knew that a castle was going to be built, and in this instance, the magic stick does not work, so people would have had to be building it.. and so???
Could JAM and the click who were going to be well rewarded not have the forseen the eventually of what would happen....I guess not, to busy counting the dollars and thinking of new ways to get more....

I know well that it is not the Indian workers fault, for if they had nowhere else to relieve themselves then what other option did they have? When the planning department turned them down and orders came from the State House as Jacqueline Dugasse said on TV, how come they were not thinking of accommodation and sanitation plan for workers? A real case of GREED over COMPETENCE...

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to you Lydia,

Wavel Ramkalawan when he first stood for Presidential Elections against FAR was given the opportunity to showcase his divergent views live on TV in a Debate with FAR and what did Wavel do instead?. Wavel blew that opportunity when instead of adressing his and his Party's Points of Difference to the Seychellois Populace, Wavel duly insulted FAR who immediately walked out of the debate after Wavel said that "mon pou touzour en pikan lo fes SPPF". Now Lydia, is that the way a Priest, Leader of a Party suppose to talk to the President of the Country?. Wavel's comments confirmed once and for all that he Wavel and all others in the Opposition Parties had just not reconciliated even though the reconciliation was called by FAR when everyone were invited back to take part in Seychelles' first Multi-Parti elections since our Independence.

What is stopping you Lydia from putting pen to paper to ask FAR "why are we still FAR's children?." You are using this STAR Medium to not only insult FAR but to also accuse JAM's Government of Corruption, Greed and incompetent among others are you not?. Like Ramkalawan, you both failed so miserably in your Protocol tests. And all this to come from someone who lives on John F. Kennedy Road. I was refused entry when that road was being built Lydia. Would you like to know why?. Some other time perhaps. And how long have you lived on the road since the Coup d'tat?. The only Jumeau who lived on the stretch was the late Minister Jumeau. Was he your Dad or your Father in Law?. That is just to satisfy my own curiocity Lydia.

The only Private Person living in "them thar hills" at that time was the late Guy Morel du Boil right opposite the Church. Then there was the Lan Mission Residence itself and the Family Mein lived halfway up La Misere road. A handful of people lived at Souvenir and no one else till one reached Grand Anse. The rest lived way much further down at La Louise and Copolia. And how many people now lives at Lan Mizer Lydia?. My good Friend the Flower Grower lives at FAirview and I will defend him in the same way I will defend any of my friends that are vilified by any blogger or persons in my presence.

Contrary to what you stated, a divergence of opiniions did not "topple colonial rule". Our demands as per our catch cry Sesel pou Seselwa meant that we should be the Masters of our own Destiny and not it's Slaves..and not to be dictated to by Whitehall.
The Government owned and controled Radio Seychelles and the Seychelles Bulletin never ever allowed divergent views to be aired or printed. Thus the blood sweat and tears that Francis mentioned when his late father had to raise funds to finance the SPUP's People Publictions.

Anonymous said...

And Lydia,

You are 100% correct when you said Seychelles Intelligence was second to none as far as flushing those fouter dezord..good for nothing Saboteurs, Collaborators, and Subversive Actors that would be considered "Terrorist" in this day and age. I am happly to report to you Lydia, that all monies used/spent by FAR are accounted for to the very last cent. You can always check out for yourselves in the Archives the cost paid for the Covert Opperation of Room 412.

The people responsible for the Swan River are the Local Governments who in turn are responsible to the Minister for Environment of Western Australia and not the Federal Government meaning the Australian Government. Like those nine persons you mentioned that were refused entry to the Construction site, the Local Government Councils responsible here in WA are all the same bunch.... incompetent, lazy buck passing too. The only difference is that they are in different countries.

Maybe I am being too harsh?. Yes, because it is easier said than done because regardless of our positions Lydia, we are all frail in one way or another and running a Country is not as easy as most people want us to believe.

Regards TIKLO.

PS. I do not know who killed the Seychellois Icons Trou Kler and his best Mate Deux Guy Yen. I was told that their drinks were spiked with poison. As for the Legend Frank I have no idea how he died.

Is FAR being blamed for those Murders too?.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing Lydia,

Don't you find it mind bogling that a personality like Paul Chow who cost the Seychelles Government lots of rupees to put under surveilance and would have been considered a Terrorist to be shot on sight today as far as the Americans and their Allies are concerned, was welcomed back, forgiven, stood for the DP at Beau Vallon, put "his signature next to those of JAM" in the Constitutions, became the Editor of New Seychelles Weekly, the Leader of the SDP, charged with Fraud and had many upon many open letters published in the Nation and the Consul for South Korea and still insults President JAM and not to mention FAR?.

My only conclusion Lydia, is, these people like Paul Chow and others are such a bunch of ungrateful Insignificunt Bastardos if you will excuse my political In-correctness. A bientot from Moi to Toi Mon Beaute Kreol Lan Mizer

Lydia Jumeau said...

TIKLO, my only answer to you is tell me who you are....As you so like mentioning my name, it sure like to mention yours as well...Come out from hiding if u are a man.....I am not going to go into the History of my family with you...But it would pay for ualso to know certain things before u talk..u who seems to know everything....
FINALLY, we get to have Ministers Morgan & Meriton in last Tuesday's meeting, & this I guess is due to the fact that they had heard that we were going to do a PEACEFUL STAND OFF in front of the gate. Anyway, we did not hear of any apologies from them, ( not as if we need it anyway, too late) but only that the PUC is going to change all the water system, rebuilt the reservoir, change all the pipes etc. amount to millions, and the PUC has alrready given the quotation to ASCON company that belongs to the government of the UAE anyway.....Seems that our two lawyers did not meet to talk, another hitch, as it now seems that we are no closer to getting paid any time soon...
As it is, I asked the good Ministers to tell us about the millions of dollars that arrived at the Central Bank last thursday from New York ( please feel free to correct me if I am wrong) CAUSE FROM THE TWO GOOD SOURCES THAT WE HAVE FROM THERE, MONEY IS FROM THE SHEIK AND THE GOVERNMENT'S EYES ARE POPPING OUT AS THEY WANT TO PAY US THE MEASLY AMOUNT WHICH THEY HAD DIRECTED US TO CLAIM, NOT WHAT WE FELT WE DESERVE, FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO PAY OF THE INTERNATIONAL DEBTS THAT THEY TAKE WITHOUT ASKING LE PEUPLE, AND THEN SEND OVERSEAS ON THEIR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS.. and Minister Meriton was the very first to tell us that the money is not from HH Sheik Khalifa, though they failed to enlighten us further..... And Minister Morgan swore as a Catholic who goes to Church that it is not it as well. THIS WILL NOT DO. WE ARE ADVISING THE RESIDENTS NOT TO ACCEPT THE CLAIMS THAT WE HAVE ON PAPER....FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE AFRAID TO TALK OR SHOW THEIR FACE, IT IS OKAY, WE WILL FIGHT FOR EVERYBODY....SUPPORT US QUIETLY, BECAUSE SOON, YOU WILL BE LAUGHING WITH US ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK....The only good thing that we got straight was, as the HH Sheik Kalifa does not have a Rupee Bank in the UAE, and we can had Foreign Exchange Accounts locally, then we will be given the choice of DOLLARS OR RUPEES. The choice will be ours.....
We are waiting for next week's meeting, on Monday to see, for on the Road we will go if we are not satisfied....We are looking for someone who can record our stand off for send for I-Report and other International Broadcasting Station....So please contant us......For all the Residents, be ready, we all have to wear WHITE T-SHIRTS...FOR PEACE....WE CAN EITHER STAND QUIETLY AND WAVE TO HH THE SHEIK IN WHITE T-SHIRTS TO WELCOME HIM IF WE ARE SATISFIED, OR WITH BANNERS TO MAKE HIM FEEL NOT WANTED IN OUR AREA.......Enough said I think.....

Lydia Jumeau said...

Top of the afternoon to you TIKLO, and why oh why are you still not ready to come out of hiding for us to know who we are dealing with...
So what if Wavell said what he did?
People are allow to vent their feelings when they get mad. Is he not a man after all?
Looking for respect for the JAM??
That is a laugh, why should one show respect when there is none shown....As for blaming the government of CORRUPTION, GREED AND INCOMPETENCE, dear TIKLO, it is there for all to see,and I do not even have to broadcast it, even the beloved HH Sheik Khalifa knows how this Government is....ROTTEN TO THE CORE....Only you people manipulate the elections, you are the Judge and Jury all in one, so what do we do in this case....Would be interesting to go to the Archives to check all the ballots from the past two elections....I have been told by my elders, that the opposition will never win an election in the Seychelles as long as a certain person is alive, so Ti Albert y tros fort, and that I believe...The reason why
SPPF wins all the districts that votes are counted after midnight...Polling station close at 6.00PM, and up to midnight, 6 hours, 3000 votes maximum cannot be counted by then??? How long does i take one to count up to 5,000 lol..
Why do you want to know about my family when I know nothing about you...for your information though, Minister Jumeau never lived on Kennedy Road,
The property was bought by my family, with hard earned cash, from Captain Auby Sauvage in September 1978, one year after the coup d'etat, and we had always drank water from the source/river up till last year....Do the math, and check the info for your story as you do not seem to know La Misere at all, Mr think you Know it all.....

Lydia Jumeau said...

For your info. Minister Jumeau never lived on Kennedy Road,(he the poor dear was waiting for the gov. to help him) My parents bought the place from Captain Sauvage with their hard earned rupees. That was a year after the coup d'etat in September 1978....As for the history of La Misere, please get your facts right before you start telling stories that does not make sense.
Still blaming the poor worker from the different ministries who could not get access to the site?? Even after Minister Dugasse went on TV to say that the Planning division did not approve and it was the Cabinet of Ministers who approved the project at the meeting at the State House... Were you not watching. or was he lying....
Inability to do their jobs properly, due to the fact that they could not get access to the site, does not make the workers from the different ministries incompetent after your President had given immunity to his buddy.
Even in my scotoma, I see the Gov. to blame, especially as Minister Dugasse went on TV to say that the planning had refused permission and the Cabinet of Ministers, at a meeting at the State House, were the ones to approve of the project...So was Dugasse lying??
With regards to Mr Chow, maybe he should take lessons from you guys to learn to cover his tracks??

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia, I am happy to hear that you will be fighting for all residents of La Misere. Unfortunately, some residents who were affected never picked up the forms to file a claim. I have spoken to many residents there who was at a loss of what to do. Some work for Government and were afraid to lose their jobs. Some are SPPF and similar situation, some have housing loan payments and did not dare raise any alarms. What will happen to those residents? It is unfair that only some receive the compensation while others who were truly afraid are not reimbursed for the misery caused by the kaka affair.

I think that the lawyers are licking their chops so to speak so that they can get a nice payout. What they should be fighting for is a claim for ALL residents of La Misere, regardless of where one resides. As long as the home is situated in the La Misere area, there should be no distinction and the payout should be even for all residents, regardless of whether they filed a claim or not. Also remember that the statute of limitations in Seychelles is 7 years, so unless all residents are paid out, one resident can always come back and sue Ascon within that time period. So please relay this information to your lawyers who are not so proactive, and to the 2 Ministers involved in this case. By the way, Meriton and Morgan both live at Fairview Estate La Misere which was affected as well, so are both entitled to compensation. Maybe they are getting a bigger chunk of the money because they are Ministers while the lowly person at Fairview who was afraid to be seen in a meeting will get nothing. Not fair now is it? Mr. Gill, as a lawyer, maybe you can give some guidance and ask those lawyers to be fair to all La Misere residents.

A concerned citizen

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