Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

Education for all & Hello India

June is here and time to take stock of the achievements of the revolution. The report card gives us an F for bankruptcy but we have commissioned a turnaround in education. The president has always had a soft spot for education. He was the first minister after the coup and today we are reaping the fruits of the socialist experiment. With the ‘Moman’ show done and dusted, the man of the people is off to India to woo some potential investors with his special advisor for Indo Affairs, the good old doctor. Full medical cover provided...

JenPa: A very good morning to you my good Sir. Your performance on your monthly show was commendable. Bring on the candidates and onward with the debate. We now boast four new cameras to catch all the angles. We have to contend with some open dialogue that will help show your humane side. The month of June is here and it is time to bathe in the limelight as we start launching your campaign. You are now firmly established on Facebook and your messages are being filtered through to plenty of fans. We will leave all the political stuff to the rear guard and we shall embark on a ‘shock & awe’ international publicity blitz.

Mr. President: I was quite emotional when I spoke about the necessary reforms we need to implement in our education system. I loved being a teacher and I might retire as an associate professor at SeyUni you know. I will also devote some time to writing my memoirs.

JenPa: Well Sir. You were indeed our first education minister that gave us the young pioneers, NYS, political indoctrination etc... Then Danny Boy continued in your footsteps. The experiment has gone full circle. It is great to see all those young products that have been through your systems and are today taken in by the Jj Spirit.

Mr. President: Education is knowledge. Knowledge is power. We need to grasp this power that drives our mind and with determination we will get there. I just have another five year hurdle. If we need to cohabitate, we will work out a deal. We do not want any ‘Reconciliation Commission’ as we will have too much dirty linen out in the open. I now want to involve the first lady to champion everything to do with education.

JenPa: She should also be involved at UniSey. Rolf will be over the moon with her presence there. Would be a good PR coup you know. But we have to concentrate on the tasks ahead Sir. This month we will focus on some overseas missions. First we will respond to the invite from the Indian government and we will hold high level meetings with the business community. As highlighted by chair Ramadoss, there are severrral, biznes oporrrtunities in India memsaab!

Mr. President: Yeah we have a lot of work to do. I have my long list. We need to finish this high tech hospital as a priority. Then we get some teachers and some investment from ‘Silicon Valley of Bangalore’ and we are set for the future. They are now in competition with the Chinese. And the fact that we are being courted by Arab sheiks intrigues them. Ramadoss has made all the right contacts and I will bring along a high level delegation. I need all my boys to shine. Can we also bring a camera crew along?

JenPa: No need for that Sir. Our camera phones will do the trick. We can then upload on your Facebook page and send the footage back to SBC via U-Tube. We need the crew to be focussed on the events around liberation day. Your press corps has everything under control. We also need some support in the field of defence and legal affairs. We need to secure our safety and security.

Mr. President: “A meeting with the visiting President will be a good opportunity for the Indian Industry to understand the vision of the Government of Republic of Seychelles and the possibilities of investments and joint ventures in Seychelles”. That’s good enough.

JenPa: Indeed Sir, “The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with FICCI and ASSOCHAM is organizing a Luncheon Interaction in honour of the President and his delegation on 2 June, 1300 hrs, at Sovereign II, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi”. You will find your time spent in this great country to be enriching and uplifting. I am sure it will give you the oomph to carry you into the next elections.

Mr. President: Salaam Bombay! I love those high powered economic diplomatic missions. ‘Mon pe leve debrouye’! Ki wa pe dir? I am sure we will soon see a weekly flight from somewhere in India. We can develop a lot of partnerships with our neighboring friends. We need them as much as they need us. We used to play the US vs USSR in the ‘80s so we have the experience to handle India and China JP.

JenPa: Sir we already have some great investors from India and one of them is our Ambassador at large. So let’s hope he can open some doors for us. After all, he owns a good chunk of our islands. He also needs to donate a bit more to the community. All he does is set himself up with the best estates. We also have a case on our hands with the concrete tower at Soleil D’Or.

Mr. President: Indeed JP. I would have rather seen Ton Jim calling it ‘home sweet home’ than this illusive guy who has disappeared and left his elephant stables behind. Maybe the Sheik would like to have it don’t you think?

JenPa: Perhaps you can discuss that on your next trip to Abu Dhabi. There might be a horse race coming up soon. I will check on the invite schedule. Meanwhile, the Antonov has resumed its daily runs and discharging its belly of containers heading straight to the La Misere site.

Mr. President: I gather that the pickup services are in overdrive. You see, at least some dollars are being spent locally. This is what we call economic progress JP. When we need a new reservoir, a new power grid, some turbines; we call our friend the Sheik. He even gives us access to some hot wheels and maybe soon you can also ride on a yacht.

JenPa: Sir I think I will need a break sometime soon. My big day is coming up so I need to sort of recharge the batteries. I cannot be the energizer bunny forever you know. So hopefully I will soon be passing on the Jazz for a fancier number. The new SUVs are quite appealing. But no Sir! I can settle for less than an X5.

Mr. President: You surely deserve to be well looked after my son. You have shown your total devotion and passion for the job. You are now taking it to another level with all the different media in collusion with Pauline & co. You guys have done a great job with the State House website. It is really a showcase of the happenings in our abode. We now need to further develop the section on the first lady. She has taken on some new tasks and needs to be seen in action.

JenPa: OK Sir. Just a small incident to report! Our eyes and ears have ‘eavesdropped’ on an altercation between Dolor and the MSR man at some office in town. He seemed to be badly battered and bruised as he could not handle the ‘Sesel Pou Seselwa’ squabble. At the last count he was trying to get ‘Lepep Ameriken pou note’.

Mr. President: Well we cannot win the battle on all fronts. You wonder why we gave him the boot? Let’s focus on our trips shall we? So then we do a detour via South Africa to see our local referee in action on the world stage right? ‘Fer monte nou pavyyon... ansam pou tou leternite...’
 We need to bring everyone together on this milestone day. We cannot count on the 5th as it was more of a stab in the back. Perhaps the 29th? Hmm... Too close for comfort. Oh well, let’s settle this arbitrarily like our ‘Per Fondater’ so dictated. The 18th it shall be ‘Koste Seselwa’ uh, ‘Ansam pou lavenir’ er ‘gouvernay dan nou lanmen’...zzz zzz


Anonymous said...

Of course, Michel is on another trip with his wife Ramadoss by his side. The faithful doctor continues to give him Viagra so that he can get a hard on for his mistresses. Be careful though that the real darling Praslinois wife at home does not end up with one of the guards. After all, chastity belts are no longer available, unless of course his Arab sheik friend has lent him one.

Anonymous said...

Michel is a joke. Now he wants to bring in more Indians like Ramados to Seychelles. THis is probably for him to make them citizens so that he can get more votes in next years election. Michel, you are a traitor to your own country liki ou maman.

Anonymous said...

This idiot mad cow Michel dont get it and dont hear when Seychellios say stop bringing Indian immigrant in our country to divide Seychellios.Because those Indians come in Seychelles to stay we dont want that.And to make a lot of childrens.And after Seychellios children will not even have a place for them self to play.Because every were you will look,they will be only foreigners and Indians on our street.


Anonymous said...

IMMIGRATION is increasely driven by the commencement of employment.
That is why we need to stop PP from importing INDIANS to our shores.They 're coming to colonize our land like they did in FIJI.
Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

to be honest, this blog used to be interesting but off late, it does seem to propogate racism and hatred.

whether or not the author of the blog subscribes to the beliefs of the people leaving comments, it would appear that he is tacitly endorsing it by allowing it to continue.

Anonymous said...

this is supposed to be a forum for exchange of ideas & debate but its turned into a platform to verbally abuse & pass obscene remarks.

am all for freedom of speech but
would recommend that the author, starts censoring such remarks, if he wants this to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

I reply to of late.

I noticed some remarks that edge to racism, but the People of Seychelles are experiencing an unprecendent social change with a large influx of foreigners seeking residency, citizenship, and taking jobs.

It will take time for it all to settle down, but it is better to air it out then to let it build up.

I personally do no condone any racist remarks and any such remarks area departure from my own personal views.

I am not the Administrator of STAR and any recist remarks, would be subject to the Administrators discretion.

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To the two prior Anonymous posts:

The Mouvman Seselwa Rasin and I personally do not condone or advocate discrimination against anyone on the basis of race. The Mouvman does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race. We ask all our supporters not to make any racist comments or to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race.

We stand for Sesel Pou Seselwa and against selling out our country to Fabrike and foreigners as the Pp Collaborators have done and are doing. Seychelles is for Seychellois Rasin only - that's what we stand for.

However, we are against censorship of anyone in these comments unless there is patent vulgarity with no redeeming political position or opinion content in that comment. You cannot be both for freedom of speech and for censorship - no matter who does it.

It is my view that the self-censorship of what one says must be based on ones character and what one expects from others in the discussion. And, it must be driven by an overriding desire to say things that promote our viewpoint and ultimately the well being of our homeland.

If someone does not meet these standards it undermines their argument. For instance if you oppose someone's racist comments you should challenge the comment and state why it is wrong and how it hurts our homeland and does not help.

A superior argument is the only form of censorship we should tolerate. After all one person's political argument is another's insult - whose to judge? Let everyone speak and let the Seselwa Rasin people judge who has presented the best view.

Anonymous said...

When we talk about Arabs,Indian,Russian.South African go back Home and stop them coming.This have nothing to do with RACIST.We have been leaving seen years with Asien like Pillay,Kim Kuhn etc..and Europeans and 50% our population are black.Can this person who say we are RACIST can tell me what this IRANIEN who get got with DRUGS at Union Vel and sentence 10 years Prison are doing in Seychellles.This is what you what to see for your children more trafikers to bring more Dirty Powder in Seychelles for your son.Every were in the world there are good peoples and bad peoples for us those are bad peoples landing on our island like Allien.When we speak for our RIGHT we are Racist come on just give me a break.What kalifa are investing in Seychelles?Cuting all our trees down an bulldoze all our mountains,What those foreigners are investing in Seychelles?SEychellios dont see even a penny from those invesment just peanuts like with our fishes.Soon they will be more of this boards like La Misere.In the past years we have seen to much what PP damage they have done.I just what to warn Michel and Morgan.Mitsy La Rue Dugasse that on Praslin dont sell our land any more ok.YOU have already sell at tizil and i think a piece near Anse Matlo also with RAMBOS.YOU WIL NOT SELL ANY MORE.Curuise Island.Anse Lazio dont even think about it.Because we Praslinios we will not let PP countinue selling what belong to us.You sell it one time but not two time.This is what we are fighting for not Racist.


Anonymous said...

Our record of racial harmony in this country is second to none. We have whites, blacks, browns, asians, chinese, africans, italians, germans, brits, french etc etc...

However, lately the government seems to be taking steps to de-stabilize the harmonious racial, religious and cultural balance that has long existed in this land.

By deliberately trying to change the demographics simply because the maths suggests that their 30 year corrupt stint in power maybe coming to an end.

They are allowing in thousands of foreigners who are all getting citizenship in double quick time to allow them to be eligible to vote.

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