Monday, June 7, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Another Day of Treason Upon The People of Seychelles
June 5th, has come again as it does every year. The PP are celebrating their first anniversary as political party, though they have been around for over 34 years. Only in Albert Rene’s brain could those numbers make sense.
To prepare for June 5th, white cloth died red have been cut and stapled to little pine sticks to hang over Maison Du Peuple. A large banner of a yellow sun has been placed on Maison Du Peuple. France Albert Rene has made it a point to spend at least Two(2) hours a day in his office. He has three identical jeeps and leaves one parked at Maison Du Peuple all day, to make the public believe he is working. He is not of course, he just makes his way each day, when he can, to the office to just make sure it is still there, and the new Commissioner of Tax is not auditing Gregoire, or Glenny Savy, or Francis Savy, Dr. Ramadoss any other business associates interests. They are not supposed to pay for the failure, we are and our children must.

June 5th is celebrated by PP and SPPF because they cannot not celebrate the feeding upon of a Nation, and the blood spilled on that day and many other days after. They must celebrate. According to Rene folklore, the day the SPPF or PP stop celebrating the 5th of June, will be the day SPPF now PP is finished. But they are finished anyways.

They will lay wreaths at the foot of Zomn Lib a metal statue, representing the day of Treason against a government in which France Albert Rene was Prime Minister. The statue was commissioned to be fabricated by France Albert Rene himself, and Mr. Ramkalawan’s father, built it to please Rene.

Rene Attempted To Kill “Sesel Pou Seselwa” on June 5th , 1977
The act of Treason on June 5th 1977 destroyed and betrayed the Nation’s founding principle of “Seychelles For Seychellois”. After that day, the existing principle became “Seychelles For France Albert Rene”. Under Michel, the new principle is “Sell Baby Sell” to pay for Rene’s failed ideas and Michel’s years of silence.

Since that dark day of June 5th, 1977, Mr. Rene has dragged our children out of Seychelles College and Regina Mundi and modern school, into NYS. Then he shut down the failed NYS himself after it failed. Rene then back tracked to allow private independent schools to be run in the country. Education in Seychelles has been turned upside down, then right side up. In public education, politics have remained an obstacle to the positive growth and development of pupils and teachers alike. Creole is still taught in schools, a language that does not have sufficient text and books to allow for proper development of our children, in order that they may compete in a competitive world. As our children graduate they have a hard time securing well paid jobs, unless they are politically bent or have no opinion about anything.

Today, Rene’s Party imports Australians, Irish, Indians, Ghurkhas to run the Government of Seychelles, much like he imported Tanzanian soldiers, North Korean soldiers in the early days after the coup to keep him afloat.
In spite of all the imports of foreign managers, keeping Rene, Michel, SPPF, now PP afloat has not been an easy task. Seychelles is officially bankrupt, and GDP has been negative to negligible since James Michel took over in 2004. We are under IMF administration for three (3) years, but perhaps 15 years.

Rene’s act of treason on June 5th, 1977,has resulted in the total bankruptcy of a Nation that enjoyed 17% GDP under the “Seychelles For Seychellois “, banner of unity government in 1976. A total failure Rene and Michel are, that is undisputed this June 5th, 2010. No wreath laying, or parade of over sized butts in red leotards will change the failure status, as sexy as they may be. 100 red flags dripping in red water as the rain falls will not make June 5th 1977 a success. It has all been a grand failure, Rene has been a grand failure, and Michel has been another grand failure. Today, they pay a pension to the person they liberated themselves from, supposedly.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”- Not Today
While failing Seychelles, they forgot that “Seychelles is for Seychellois”. They have brained washed their SPPF-PP cadre to believe that “Sesel Pou Seselwa” today, is no longer relevant. If “Sesel Pou Seselwa “, is no longer relevant PP, what is relevant, and who is Seychelles for? Who are Seychellois on this day of Treason, June 5th, 2010? Ramadoss who scammed the Chamber of Commerce elections with stuffed proxy ballots? Siva who bought the Ambassador at large post and citizenship apparently? Krejcir who is really Jules Egbert Savy a dead man? Mr. Petersik who operates an illegal hotel establishment at Port Glaud? Mr. Vallet, a director of Constance hotel who denies us access to Anse Georgette? Who else PP?

June 5th, 1977-AKA “Sell Baby Sell”
June 5th, 1977, Rene and Michel harnessed some AK-47’s and claimed that Khashoggi was buying up Seychelles. Khashoggi paid fair market value for property and did not pay Scr. 1.00 for land. Khashoggi paid his way and did not import 20 BMW’s 5 series with Scr. 25.00 tax assessment or import $1.4 Billion in materials and evade $200 Million worth of taxes which could be enough money to settle half of Seychelles external commercial debt.

This June 5th, 2010, PP will have little reason to wiggle their ass on the main street that whores use to peddle their trade at night. James Michel has bestowed nothing but shame upon the People of Seychelles and even PP supporters are without speech as the “Sell Baby Sell” economic policy has taken form.
La Misere for Scr. 1.00, another plot for Scr. 500,000.00, Joel Morgan told us it is a gift to please Sheik Khalifa. Today we know SNP remained silent because they formed the transaction to sell La Misere to Khalifa. Further gifts for 16 plots at Barbarons to give Sheik Khalifa more space.

SNP Leadership involved in “Sell Baby Sell Deal”
We know today that the transactions for the La Misere land for Scr. 1.00, was done by SNP MNA Bernard Georges. We are perplexed by SNP’s involvement in the sale. Mr. Georges could have said, “No, I will not do this transaction”, but he did not, and instead, he did it.

Mr. Georges did not reply to any questions we pose on Star or Lavwa –Seychelles. Silence has become the norm in SNP leadership. They have become too high and too mighty to answer questions while in opposition. In power, what will they do to us for our questions, shoot us or jail us?

Example, case on point, Mr. Ramkalwan has received every article and every blog comment from Star for over one (1) year and Six (6) months. He still receives them. Lavwa-Seychelles does not bother to send him any comments, Lavwa is an MSR mouthpiece. It has little patience with mediocrity. Star is a forum for all. It allows all views to be published in the interest of fostering democratic practice and openness.

Star has about 3,000 views a week at its peak periods, reproduced in Weekly in part with 2,000 circulation, read by Three (3) people each copy, and Seychelles Column is reproduced in Seychelles e-news with likely 2,000 views a week. Lavwa-Seychelles has about 1,500 views per week.

Beware of Your Generals Who Are Decorated By Enemy
People of Seychelles, beware of your generals, who are decorated and over fed by your enemies. On this 5th day of June, beware, for our generals have been over fed by our political enemies, to the point that they write little or nothing on the 5th of June every year; they say nothing on Eden Island which potentially houses 10,000 new citizens and operates an illegal hotel pool with apartments; they say nothing on the Genocide in Rwanda these days; they plagiarize articles en bloc as a sitting opposition, and say it is ok; they break the political alliance that got them Five (5) extra seats and say the PP Courts said it was fine; they vote themselves a 35% pay hike, and 70% pension and forget about the people and side with SPPF in silence; they remain silent on an Ambassador at Large vote of a fake Seychellois, while it is alleged that they took Euro 150,000.00 for the moment of silence in the form of an abstention. The allegation is not denied, ever, but defended by some as common practice. We can do better than that, and Seychelles deserves better.

Coup Plotters-Conspirators Turn Angels
Jean Francois Ferrari and his father Dr. Maxime Ferrari were part of the day of treason of June 5th, 1977. They took up arms to seize the principle of “Seychellois For Seychellois”. This year, Jean Francois Ferrari has called in the National Assembly: “Sesel Pou Seselwa” in the State of Nation rebuttal while addressing the Sheik Khalifa scandals at La Misere. A historical shift in gear from June 5th, 1977, but welcomed indeed.
I commend him on the pronouncement. But he and SNP must go further than just talk “Sesel Pou Seselwa” today. They must adopt the Creed of MSR, because they have become a national party that is not courageous enough for Nationalism, because it might offend some foreign donors. While they have taken a soft posture on Nationalism, we Seselwa Rasin are losing our country under SNP’s watch. Their Nationalism is now sounding like National –Fan, blowing hot air about to just protect their salaries and pensions they worked so hard for like all retirees.

June 5th, 1977 Retirement Pension in December 2008
What SNP did not tell us in December 2008, is that politicians are not supposed to have a retirement pension. Exception is former Heads of State. Hence, SPPF has turned them into a career opposition. Sad but true if SNP does not act proactively now.

SNP must shed their undermining two-faced style of politics and work sincerely to unite the opposition. They must learn that debate is healthy and highly productive in a society. They must not stifle debate and then defend the act of suppression (refusal to print Weekly). When they do that, they are no better than SPPF/PP. This is particularly damning since they were in fact all SPPF or children of SPPF. They are children of the day of treason June 5th 1977 today; they have become prime benefactors of the very system they are supposed to oppose.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of The Way-Man!
If they SNP do not unite the opposition, they must simply step aside, and allow MSR to finish the job they cannot seem to do.
MSR pleads for a united opposition. SNP ignores the call and says they are the main opposition with a mandate. But that does not keep them from copying and pasting, plagiarizing in June 5th style. To unite the opposition, they will at least have to give credit for work they use. Are they brave enough for that?

Complicity in Conspiracy of Confusion-More June 5th Style
Pauline Ferrari has taken the call for “Sesel Pou Tou Seselwa”, meaning Seychelles is not for Seychellois anymore, but for anyone who buys a passport. This Mata Hari of Seychelles politics has been working for James Michel for some time and has been paid to do his work. She systematically, sows confusion in the opposition camp, because people associate her with human rights and that which is right. She has compromised her credibility. She is dead wrong on her hypocritical stances and has lost all credibility in Seychelles politics, while she lives in Paris & Nice, France and travels to Seychelles, courtesy of State House.

Today in Seychelles, it is Nicole Tirant that we associate with Human Rights issues. We associate Pauline Ferrari with covering up State House fiascos on human rights. The Media Report is only one example. Why does SNP not give due credit to Nicole Tirant for her work? Why is her work censored, like my work is censored in your paper? If you do anything, we report it on Star and Weekly does the same. But you people are not doing anything lately, so there are no reports.
If the Ferrari clan and the Ramkalawan clan cannot work sincerely to unite the opposition, which they have a deep moral obligation to for great historical guilt on their family shoulders rest, then they should retire and enjoy their fat 70% pensions they voted themselves in conspiracy with the other children of June 5th, 1977. Even Henry Ferrari told people of Praslin to vote for SPPF in the last election.

What Fat Pension?
If they live for 40 years more and retire today, PP and SNP MNA’s June 5th will give them over Scr. 30 Million over the next 40 years. Collectively with the SPPF ministers, it will be over Scr. 130 Million in 40 years, the bankrupted Government of Seychelles will have to pay out to sustain June 5th, 1977. The figures are unbelievable.
People of Seychelles, in one transaction in December 2008, the salary increase for politicians; we were sold out for 40 years. The numbers do not lie.

SNP Faking Unity
I advise SNP, placing a little light blue ocean wave under the SNP logo is not working towards unity. It is a demonstration of the two faced political game the SNP have coined and reputed to play. It is the same type of political game SPPF and now PP play.
No wonder your supporters yell at you in your party conference pour “aret bat nou latet” or “les Nou Koze” and “oli nou larzan”! Sad but true.

We in MSR are straight forward and Truth is our beacon. We hide nothing; expose everything, we accept to be challenged by the public, as long as we do not talk to empty beer bottles or fake profiles. We are loyal to no party colours, but loyal to Seychelles and her people: Seselwa Rasin. We hold all accountable and expect to be reasonably held to accountability as well. With that, we will have a better Country.
We call on SNP, NDP and Independent Boulle, to work towards a united opposition in the next elections. Stop faking unity, SNP! You are looking like losers even before an election. As your Leader likes to say, “Get real”!

Third Call For Opposition Conference
An opposition conference must take place. It is the solemn duty of all of you to unite the opposition. Put your salaries aside stop thinking about your retirement and your next car. Do what you must do and obligated to do for Seychelles and put Seychellois first.

There will be many 5th of Junes, but they do not have to all be the same every year. When SPPF wiggles their ass in town, where whores ply their trade in the evening, show the People of Seychelles, we all can be better SNP. Yes we all make mistakes, yes we are all not perfect, but how many of us try to correct our mistakes in life?
Do something for your people and your country, open your minds and open your hearts, so Seychelles can move on.
After all, you have done enough for yourselves now. Over the last five years, everyone in SNP has a salary, a pension, Four (4) wheels and a villa each at least, some 3 or 4 each.
If you do not shift gears and do something for Seychelles and her People, now, you will only have yourselves to blame.

Unfortunately, you will one day find, that you cannot live in your own country, even with your Scr. 10 Million pensions that amount to Scr. 130 Million collectively, with those bands of thieves that are called PP. The same SPPF/PP you cut the deal with in a conspiracy of silence late in 2008.
This June 5th, 2010, remember late December 2008! The People of Seychelles will never forget the grand sell out!

Meanwhile, SPPF cleaning ladies are paid Scr. 500.00 to wiggle their ass for one (1) hour about how much the whores get paid on the same street at night for their wiggling.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!


Anonymous said...

Who are those S.African invading our land and try to call us racist when we want to stop them?
They are the same who refuse being ruled by Black S.African in their homeland thus have decided they can come over here and colonize our land.

PP,Michel are also is calling us racist hoping by doing so we will let them continue to illegally sell our lands as if they were their private propeties.
PP you have a thirty-six year criminal record to account for thus you have no lesson whatsoever to give us seychellois.We will fight to protect our land for invaders if neccesary regardless what PP and foreign collaborators think.This land will not be turn into the same faith as FIJI nor a new Rhodesia.

Jeanne D'Arc

Pauline said...

Dear Mr Gill,
You seem to be confused at times. Please see below your mails sent to me after having read my media report " Too many strings to the bow"; If i am not mistaken, you seemed to be very happy with it you even said " report was excellent"; also stating that state house would 'Cut and paste' and you were wrong ! in fact it was published in full on the State House website and is now on internet.....

----- Message transféré ----
De : chris Gill
À : ferrari pauline
Envoyé le : Jeu 24 septembre 2009, 7h 44min 10s
Objet : Re: Re : Media report

Hi Pauline,

Report was excellent.

I see a pattern coming from State House and I see arrogance prevailing in Jean Paul Adam's comments to Mathew Servina. This is not a good sign.

One key facet that is misunderstood here is the need for opinions to be rebutted seriously in the press and all press must allow opposing views to be aired.

Example, the Government says it does not like this article or that approach, but it does not rebut and offer alternative views. It usually just denies and lies. In the past they sued. Now they will attempt to streamline into a media commission.

If it is palatable, it will be consumed, if it is cooked up poorly, it will be pushed aside. Now we wait. You have done your job.

Best Regards,


From: ferrari pauline
To: chris Gill
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 2:24:21 AM
Subject: Re : Media report

Hi Chris,
Was nice to talk to you: We did our part let us see what gets out of it.You do not seem to be confident that it might bring some changes, i hope it will:
Keep well and best regards

--- En date de : Lun 21.9.09, chris Gill a écrit :

> De: chris Gill
> Objet: Media report
> À:
> Date: Lundi 21 Septembre 2009, 6h52
> Hi Pauline,
> I read a copy of the media report.
> They will cut and paste it and have already hinted.
> SPPF have now re invented themselves as seychelles
> only moderate party. So this week I will dubb them moderate
> communists.
> It will make for an appropriate baptismal.
> Take care and thank you for visiting me. I appreciate
> your work.
> Best regards,
> Christopher

Anonymous said...

I reply to Pauline Ferrari-

quoting an email is a good start. Kudos to you and your high integrity. Now, tell us how much you wer epaid for the Media Commission Report.

While it was not relevant to us at the time, it is now very relevant to the People of Seychelles.

If you can copy and paste the money transfer for us, we will be most grateful.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gill that SNP must hold a conference and invite all leaders opposed to Parti lepep to come forth and discuss Seychelles political future. It is in the interest of SNP as well as they have the most to lose if they lose another election next year. If they do, I am sure that Ramkalawan, Georges, Ferrari and others will simply retire from politics and just collect their huge pensions. After all, why should they continue the struggle if they are now comfortable with their new salaries and perks?

There are a few months left in this year and possible 2 or 3 more months of 2011 for the Opposition to put up a united front. If they don't, then one has to assume that they are not interested in doign what is best for the country, but rather, what is best for their pockets. THeir true colours will emerge in the next few months and the people will decide their fate.

Pauline said...

Well Mr gill i for my part is providing the proof of what i am stating and there it is written in your mails. Did you not say that my Report was Excellent? and you state now:"We associate Pauline Ferrari with covering up State House fiascos on human rights. The Media Report is only one example" Who is confused and who is lying?????

Can you explain now why you are calling me a Mata Hari???? maybe i can help you out there..... is it because i do not condone the racist and xenophobic spirit of you creed...?.I sincerely believe that you have a problem in understanding what really Human Rights stands for as you also have a problem with freedom of expression. I would advise you to read the UNDHR and also the
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.( Maybe after all you just don't give a damn about Human Rights!!!!!

You also said in your mail, i quote
'all press must allow opposing views to be aired."
My question: do you allow opposition to be aired against your MSR creed??? Not at all and we have seen defamation(vilification, slander) , personal insults, casting aspersions on others without any proof (:calumny), agaist honest seychellois citizens like Mark Jeyasingh,, David Johnstone, myself and others who dared question your creed! Now what will happen if ever you should come to power???? will you not be a worst dictator than the one you call the 'BUTCHER' ?Will you victimize all those who do not follow your ideology....????( as you call me a "Collaborater PP" and sometimes an SNP European Voice and now a Mata Hari. for Parti lepep, confusing isn't it?)
Allowing opposing views to be aired does not mean defamating insulting and slandering your opponents....
Will your MSR regime reduce human beings to the state of objects dehumanising them as you have already started by calling them 'Fabrike' 'derasine' 'replante' etc...???
Will your MSR regime be one where the neighbours will be spying on their neighbours and giving away friends and family to be be in your good books..... Will our beautiful Seychelles be a place where fear,hatred , revenge, racism and xenophobia will prevail???
Is this your "Final solution' for a better futur for seychelles Mr Gill ???
Before i leave you ......Food for thought
according to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,
the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. '
Just as an exemple above Jeanne D'arc's post: says it all Mr; Gill! racial discrimination and xenophobia!
Do you condone this? Tell us if you agree with the terminology "Invaders"?????

Pauline Ferrari

Anonymous said...

I hear that Pauline Ferrari helped design Zom Lib. Now she is back in Michel's camp and I am sure getting a nice cheque from State House for her work on the media commission. How ironic.

Carlos the Jackal said...

Amazing, a nascent political movement 'MSR' purportedly against PP/SPPF yet taking aim at SNP, the opposition, who realistically are the only organisation in with any chance of replacing PP/SPPF come elections. Michel and his cohorts must be loving it. You couldn't make this stuff up. Divide and rule, more like self mutilation or a jealous grab at the slice of the pie currently reserved for Wavel and friends.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pauline Ferrari-

The mails are over one (1) year old. Much has passed since then and much has been revealed to the People of Seychelles since then.

At Regina Mundi they did not teach pupils to quote things out of context, where did you learn that in the One Party State? I am not confused, you are.


Answer the question, copy and paste the payments and airline tickets paid to you, add all expenses.

Enough with the ramblings.

Yes you are SNP European voice and you are State House Mata Hari.

Who paid for the excellent Media Report that has been an excellent cover up that even fooled me?

Answer the question on the money and the expenses.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pauline Ferrari-

Also tell us whether or not you designed Zomn Lib and had the design over to Ramkalawan's Father to cast it in iron.

I thank the contributor for the question.

Answer this question aswell titenkay blouse lady.

Christopher Gill

Pauline said...

Quoting Christopher Gill....

Monday june 7th 2010
"Coup Plotters-Conspirators Turn Angels
Jean Francois Ferrari and his father Dr. Maxime Ferrari were part of the day of treason of June 5th, 1977. They took up arms to seize the principle of “Seychellois For Seychellois”.

Sat. Nov 21st 2009

Recently, my brother’s father Peter Gill passed away. For those who do not remember, Peter Gill was a founding member of the Executive Committee of the SPUP. He financed some of the SPUP’s first activities that allowed them to become an established political movement. Albert Rene, the coup leader, dictator and architect of Tanzanian massacres of Seychellois, was given his first decent suit to wear to represent Seychelles at the OAU by Peter Gill, when he was seeking independence for Seychelles. Peter Gill for years paid for the printing of the People newspaper – the main newspaper for the SPUP and now the SPPF or whatever they’re called.

Now if the late step father of Mr Gill had not financed Albert René, then given him his most decent suit to wear to represent Seychelles at the OAU meeting where he met his allies like Julius Nyerere -who helped provide the arms and training for the coup d'Etat, and had he not provided financing for the People...........most probably Albert would not have been able to stage the coup!!!!! Haha! and what was your late step father expecting in return?????? some special treatment business wise???? So mr Gill your late father has a responsability also in the coup D'etat. Money to buy arms to stage a coup is serious??????
Yes it was me who designed Zonm Lib and i was 16 years old and my father and brother did not finance Albert Rene to buy the arms and train the soldiers in tanzania...neither did they finance the propaganda newsletter of Albert Rene!
Shall we say we are all Square Ferrari and Gill?

Pauline Ferrari

Anonymous said...

I got so sick on the Nation article, I took 5 minutes to write an article in rebutal. To be posted shortly on Lavwa -Seychelles and Star,

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Truth on the legislative conspiracy for 70% salary pension between SPPF and SNP offends Carlos the Jackel.


Now there is no mutilation yet, as we have not taken this to the grass roots yet. But we can.

I suggest that SNP answer the call for an Opposition Conference and setttle things.

Failing that, MSR will shed light on any laggard in the Opposition, be it man, individual, party or retiree passing off as active politician.

Seychelles needs change, not pensioners in politics.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

SNP European voice designed Zom Lib. How cute.

Now, Peter Gill Senior did not buy guns for Rene. Rene was given guns by Tanzania. Ogilvy Berlouis was the contact person there.

So do not go dragging dead men into your muck, Miss Ferrari. Being 16 years old and designing Zomn Lib is perhaps excusable, but at 40 something today, what you are doing is prevent change from taking place in Seychelles, because you are on the gravy train.

Is this an SNP tactic when they fail in business? Turn to the government for a 70% pension and 38% salary increase?

Answer this question, do you support the 70% pension increase for SNP and SPPF?

Then don't forget to copy and paste the payments for the media report and airline tickets, you were not 16 years old when you recieved those, for an "excellent job".

Christopher Gill

Pauline said...

Tell us first how much you got for crossing the floor mr Gill; If there is a traitor in Seychelles it is you. You cannot say that you did not deceive your party and the people who put their confidence in you! Maybe the "Butcher' as you call him now will shed some light on this.....cause when you crossed the floor where did you go Christopher..? in whose lap did you sit was it not the 'butcher's lap and you were not 16 at that time if i may recall! Now now, you are spitting in the Butcher's face? At that time did you not think of your late father who you love to quote as a victim of this same Butcher...come on Christopher be fair with yourself just admit you were a traitor to your late step father and to the people who put their confidence in you! when you decided to eat in the hands of the Butcher (,you did not call him a Butcher. at that time.....???.) How much did you get for your act of treachery????? Talk about a male mata hari!
Yes Zonm lib is just an inoffensive iron man standing in the sun of Victoria.... he is part of our History whether you like it or not mr Gill....i have no problem with him i made him so what .....should i be proud of that! Yes as a young artist i admit i could have done better but he is not that ugly and certainly not racist and xenophobic. He has no revenge no hatred no envy he is just a peaceful iron man! Why you hate him so much? and remember he cannot defend himself he neither speaks hears or sees nor eat nor drink just takes the sun day after day...

Anonymous said...

I remember when crossing the floor Mr Gill in his speach told the people that thankfuly his late stepfather had opened his eyes and showed him all the good that the SPPF had done. Now Mr Gill do not come out with your cock & bull story of being threatened was your reason for crossing the floor. Many others have been threatened beaten and some even paid for it with their life. They are the real heroes not cowards like you.

Anonymous said...

Msye Gill,

Pa bliye. letan zot ti vot pou zot saler. Zot ti osi vot pou ou pansyon. Ou pa war li mal ki ou pe ganny 3000 roupi par mwan pou naryen letan i annan malere ki pe touy lekor pou ganny en saler ki mwens ki sa. Ase sey bat latet seselwa konmsi ou pli gran inosan ki annan. Nou mazinn ou byen belonm. Ounn kouyonn nou en fwa avek ou bann pipili kot Cima Glass kot labyer ti koul dan dalo. Ou pa pou kouyonn nou ankor

Anonymous said...

SPPF have got you all were they can control and blackmail you...Be it Ramkalawan, be it Christopher Gill, Pauline Ferrari, J F Ferraris, Mancham. It all stinks ! I give up because I do not know who to trust anymore. Politicians are in it just for their pockets ! We need a 'Ghandi' or a 'Mandela' We do not need JJ, Ramkalawan, Mancham, Gill, Ferraris or any other for that matter.People of Seychelles will carry on with their long suffering..........

Jean Pierre

Anonymous said...

I agree that all our politicians are corrupt or in it for their own pockets. This is why I am voting for Boulle as he is the anti-matter so to speak. He says that if he wins, he will put business minded people in Ministerial positions, and get rid of those lifetime politicians who are nothing but blood suckers and money hungry scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

Food for thoughts
Xenophobic and racists are some of the adjectives that are thrown to us because we are seeing and enlightening true Seychellois people that they are becoming second class citizens in their own country.

Blocking public access to beautiful beaches and outlying islands to the true Seychellois if that is not discrimination or racism .Please tell me what it is.

So if we cannot enjoy our god given heritage, so tell us where we can go to enjoy these privileges if not in the Seychellois.

Giving profitable government businesses to foreigners for peanuts, turning them into Seychellois citizens and taxing ordinary people from head to toes.

Whilst our Savior Khalifa bring in his Antonov with goods all tax free.If that is not a form of discrimination, please tell me what it is.

If you are a great humanitarian and you are getting loads of money for writing favorable reports to your pay master who is perpetrating human rights abuses.

So tell us if you are really working for the good of humanity or yourself serving personal ego.

Zomn lib may be inoffensive for it architect but it is paining the very Seychellois mothers whose sons were killed by the regime before, during and after the coup d’état.

If statues were not offensive, why the hell Saddam statues were demolished by the foreign forces and the Iraqis, Please answer this question

Please do not let that French lady lecture us on our legitimate rights as Seychellois citizen. For her naturalization because of your wealth and getting easy access to land banks plot before hundred of Seychellois on the waiting list is a great humanitarian gestures.

Keep your mouth shut and if you voice out against these policies you are xenophobic, racist or you are guilty of discrimination.

Chris is only guilty for speaking the truth which is there for those who have eye to see that people who have been mandated to do are not doing it.

You may not agree with him which you are entitled to do so but his agendas are real and the very existence of the Seychellois people is under treat.

Just talk with the real Seychellois people and you will get a very big surprise especially from those who have no French passport and no mean of escaping the wrath that SPPF/PP has unleash on the Seychellois by bring their prophet of doom on our shores.

Ask la Misere MNA, How good it is to bless people with water borne diseases from Khalifa construction workers. If that is not favoritism tell me what it is?

From a real Seychellois racine

Patrick X said...


Since we're into traitors would you see the likes of Maxime Ferrari as being traitors? First they start as soldiers of fortune á la Che Guevara, then when the going gets tough they sod off to France and abandon the country they cleimed they so loved and wanted the best for.

Would that classify as 'crossing the floor' or was that a politically correct floor to cross? I accused Gill of the same thing a while back and he gave a good enough explanation for doing so. Now, Dr Ferrari's kin claim that he left Seychelles and the party as his ideology changed. I rather believe that he took off after not making it further than a simple minister and not getting a chance at the top spot.

Now to me he seems like a damn coward too for abandoning his country like that, especially after getting so high up. but with all respect, Dr. Ferrari saved the life of a dear relative of mine, but nevertheless, this is politics.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

The day we stop calling each other names and start focusing on taking SPPF out of power is the day we will all think about our putting our country first.

We need the Ferraris, the Gills, the Patrick Xs, and every able seselwa to help rebuild our country. We need to ALL face the facts and realize that SPPF has totally ruined our country and that Michel is a true idiot who must be removed from power as soon as possible. I have a wise friend who continues to repeat himself:


We all have one vote. Use it well and let us remove this "booboo" from our skin and start the healing process.

Pauline said...

Myse marc sorry Pat X,
Mon papa y in grand zonm 80 ans tan an tan y vinn sesel ou bizoin oir li pe marse dan lavil akoz ou pa poz li sa kestyon ou mem. Y kapab repon pou son prop lekor e mon konin y pou bien kontan eklersi ou .Apresan Si ou napa naryen pou dir kont mwan mon konpran ou bezion in leskiz pou atak mwan alor parey in grang Zonm kouraz ou atak mon fanmiy. zot tou bann klik Gill zot parey; Mwa konpar zott avek ban zenfan pe lager Zott napa matirite ek kapasite politisyen responsab Zis zot pe rod pouwar. Be pou diriz in pei fodre ou anan kapasite men! pas zis kriyer lasasin trente an pase ou ti pik mwan avek in pikan apresan mon pou koup ou lebra avek in gran kouton .... larevens ek laenn mon les sa pou bann looser!

Msye Gill kot nou sesel sa ban linze soley leve y apel KITENGE pa titenge Ou pe koz sesel pou seselwa ou pa konn nu kiltir ou pa koze nu langaz kreol? Zis angle ou pe koze!!!!Apre ou apel mwan in madam franse! Zott o! Y anan in diksyoner kreol komens apren kekfwa ou a kapab fer in speech dan nou langaz kreol. Msye Misel ek msye Ramkalawan y servi kreol pou koz ek lepep ou eski ou kosider ou lekor tro siperyer pou koz nou langaz..? mwan mon napa problem avek kreol seselwa.Selman Wa fer dimoun rye ler ou kompar zom lib avek sadam husein..Ou byen konin ekel ki ti fer sa bann krim.Sa letan kote ou ti ete pou denonse ou? apresan letan elekyon pe vini la ou mont lo ou gran seval pou fer ou gran zenr komsi ou anan leker pou bann viktim. les mwan dir ou kote ou ti ete letan dimoun ti gagnn touye ....ou ti bizi mon dalon pe profite pe servi ou osi avek ou klik Pat X and Co...;Kouraz ou ti napa sa letan la. Zis dan regar ki nou ti war ki pe arive aprezan ou le fer manyer pou batt latet dimoun komsi ou solider avek zott maler . Msye Gill ou pe servi maler seselwa avek lintensyon pren pouvwar ou pe met blam lo etranze pou fer dimoun kroir zot ki responsab me pendan sa letan ou pe manz ou bekon ou napa problem ou. Aret bat latet seselwa! Aret met laenn ek la revans dan leker nou pep aret dir ban mo rasis enver ou prop dimoun aret insilte etranze ki onet e pe enmen larzan dan sa pei;;;;Ou parez y bef kinn kass lasenn in pirog ki napa zaviron ou pou bite lo brizan me osi sa bann dimoun ki anan in ti pe lespwar ou pou les zot tombe zis pou ou prop benefis pouwar parey letan ou ti cross floor pou asiz dan kartye SPPf ou ti bliy tou ou prinsip ou ti vinn in tret. Aret bat latet seselwa.Ou osi ou anan paspor etranze eski sa bann eranze kinn donn ou zott nasyonalite y apel ou in fabrike;?;eski ou napa tou drwa ki tou sitwayen merikin y anan ?eski yannan oken diskriminasyon kont ou ou byen ou fanmir ki reste lanmerik! Eski zot in deza deman ou ran ou paspor. Dir lepep seselwa laverite ou pe servi leskiz akoz ou napa naryen lo ou program e ou parey mwan nou konin ou pou bite.!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Madam Pauline-

Now we see the true colors of SNP.

You have a problem with me Crossing the Floor and ignore the life threatening position I was in and your leader was aware of.

SNP forgot about me crossing the floor when they needed me to explain to them how the national economy works and why we are bankrupt, as according to your brother Jean Francois and Mr. Ramkalawan themselves, they were out of ideas and tired.

As for the rest of your dibertrade, I will ignore, as you are clearly incoherent and even misplacing me for sitting in Butchers lap when at 16 it was you.

As you disclose to us, you and SNP see nothing wrong with ZOMN LIB and recall well the SPPF slogan:"it is part of our history", and he is handsome, I only have this to say: thank you Madam Pauline, you have disclosed your self and your SNP which you represent.

As one man told me one day, "SNP is SPPF's children, they think alike." You have clearly displayed that.

Now get back to the point, cut and paste the payments and tickets for the Media Report. I believe it was from the JJ Spirit Foundation account, is that not correct, Mata Hari Farrari??

We are waiting.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I knew you would come up with that story of being threatened. Like I said many others have been threatened and killed mr Gill. None of them crossed the floor. Those are the real heroes. You are simply A coward who is now trying to win peoples trust again. Just remember the more insults you write the more you divide the opposition. Pp is laughing at you or are they paying you? Mr gill as a politician you must accept people to have different opinions to yours. Accept it, live with it and move on. These arguments where you keep on bringing in the dead or people who are retired is petty. So what if Wavels father built zonm lib. How many other people have done things for the sppf during the one party era, not of of choice but doing a job they were paid to do. Are you saying that everybody that did work for govt during the one party era should not have done.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Pauline Ferrari:

My late father financed SPUP so that we could have Sesel Pou Seselwa. He did that before June 5th 1977. After June 5th 1977 he opposed the butcher for bringing in foreign troops to our country to murder Seselwa Rasin in our sacred land.

Support for Sesel Pou Seselwa does not equate to buying weapons to carry out the betrayal of Sesel Pou Seselwa except in your twisted little mind.

On the other hand, it is alleged that Dr. Ferrari provided the drugs to boost the confidence of those who carried out the coup and is alleged to have been complicit in Davidson Changhim's murder. You designed Zonm Lib and the rest of your family benefited financially from this June 5th betrayal and many of you still do.

My late father, instead of seeking or taking any benefits from the Butcher, continued to criticize him and lost all his hard earned assets as a result. This included his house in which you stayed for months if not years.

You also have a habit of hiding your political agenda behind a bogus human rights stand. This dishonesty endangers real human rights organizations by bringing disrepute to them and undermining their credibility. That shows how depraved you are.

Secondly you are fond of quoting law you do not understand. Take your recent quote of what constitutes racism. That quote shows that The Mouvman is not racist since we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race or national origin or any other criteria described by the UN.

We say you cannot have our country because you are not Seselwa Rasin and it does not belong to you. Like the Swiss or Mongasques say you cannot have thier country unless you are Swiss or originate from Monaco.

According to you we should hand our country over to the Rasmadoss's, Jeyasingh's and Krejcir's of the world just so you can collect your thirty pieces of silver from your Pp paymasters. We will not. We will see you and your Pp Collaborator friend on the streets of Victoria first - door to door and hand to hand.

Pauline said...

KREOL zott pa koze bann frer Gill! Be ki pe arive la oli zot kiltir kreol zot laroswar kreole pou aroz sa rasin??lala seselwa bann gran senyer ki pa koz nou langaz sorti lanmerik pe vinn donn nou leson selman pa konn koz kreol ;Leonard ou ti la letan the butcher ti gagnn larzan?????ou ti war sa ki y ti fer avek ou kroir y ti aste kakalera avek!!!! kekfwa ou pa ni konin kisisa kakalera!!!!al deman pat x fer tradikzyon pou ou;;pov diab!

Anonymous said...

I reply to "so what Wavel's Father built Zomn Lib"-

Well, so much for SNP. They designed Zomn Lib (Pauline Ferrari), they built it (Wavel's Father) and participated in the coup, voted a 70% pension with SPPF, and you SNP have a problem with me crossing the floor to save my life from you and SPPF goons in 1998?

You only had a problem with me crossing the floor when I exposed your legislative conspiracy to the People of Seychelles to sham and scam 70% of your salary as a pension for the rest of your lives, without doing any more work all of you. I can see you all in silence as the bill passed along with SPPF, like it was yesterday.

SNP and SPPF are thieves. You have collectively stolen from the People of Seychelles for 40 years to come over Scr.130 Million if you all live that long.

You attack me for my pension of Scr. 3,000.00 that you SNP and SPPF voted on and I had no word about it? I would have turned it down because politicians are not suppose to go on pensions.

Pathetic SNP and SPPF both of you. Simply pathetic. Now you want to run a fifth time and tell us all to fall in line queitly under the little blue line of your new slogan?

As for you insinuation that I want to be a hero, you are wrong. I am not a hero.I am a simple man with weaknesses and faults like any man.

But when I realized that SPPF had taken me to my knees through fear and intimidation, I did not get on my belly and crawl to please them like SNP is doing today.

I stood up and got on my feet and have stayed there. Others are getting on their feet today, and that makes us all stronger. For it, we will have a better country.

Now you SNP ghost writers think you will take me and people like me to our belly? You are wrong.

Either you announce an Opposition conference before June 29th 2010, or we continue to expose SNP for what they are: A bunch of pocket fillers, that are as bad as SPPF PP . You even created a millionaire preist out of the effort. Of course, you will say so what! So what, "my Dad build Zomn Lib, I become a millionaire preist in Opposition, give me a fifth term run." Finance it!

We want a better country. Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem. No man is too big for the voice of reason.

Now choose what you are SNP, with your little blue ocean spray under your banner.

Just when you thought, you were finishing the DP off, now you have a bigger problem.Time for laughs is over.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Repons a la Pualine-

Butcher ti servi mem tak-tik ki ou, sanz langaz ler i ti pe perdi debat lo la tab.

Ou en karya SPPF dans kan opposition. E ou en Karya SNP dan kan JJ Spirit ki ganny paye.

Dir nou ki JJ Spirit enn donn ou. Oli sa larzan?

Nou pe esper ou Mata Hari Farrari!

Le Pep Seselwa Rasin ki kwar dan "Sesel Pou Seselwa" pe esper ou. "Sell Baby Sell" pou arete dan Sesel!

Full stop!

Ou annan en devwar pou koze laveritie, parske ou kinn fer Zomn Lib avek papa Fader-millionaire!

Zomn lib e la akoz ou e dimoun parey pou!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I rely to Anonymous-

Reference a list of politicians all corrupt including Gill.

I put it to you, what money have I taken from People of Seychelles?

Subtract that from the $2.4 Billion missing,

The bankrupted economy,

The millions SPPF SNP vote dfor themselves, over 130 Million over 40 years,

The millions taken from foreigners SNP and SPPF are guilty of.

I live in a little 3 bedroom wooden house in case you did not know. I built it myself. So don't throw me in your mess. When I build a concrete house for my family of 4, it will be according to what cloth we have, not the peoples pockets.

Keep your distance when in ignorance.

Christopher Gill

Carlos the Jackal said...

One really has to ask what the agenda is here. Even the most astute strategist within the Michel/Rene circle could not have planned for this undermining of the only realistic opposition by those who aspire to replace them. Then again maybe they are that astute and have planned this all along. Nothing would come as a surprise. Chameleons one and all...not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

You could have reject the pension from the first. You have taken it all this time. We know you have taken more money than that.

You may suck at being a crook. Thats why you could not steal as much as others. You still have a crook character.

Anonymous said...

Very true Carlos. When Michel paid Gill to play the new hero, poor boy thought he would smell of roses.

He did not see it was two birds with one stone. Not very bright is he?

Anonymous said...

Dapre zot ki senn la ki pli voler parmi sa bann:

Alber Rene (need not say more)
Michel (have not hear much)
Mancham (i pa voler, me pa tro onet)
Ramkalawan (Mme Soundy Sekreter SNP ti resign akoz i ti pe vol larzan parti)
Gill (can somebody tells us what he has supposed to have stolen?)

From my vantage point it is quite clear, who is keeping who in power.

Pauline said...

En frans nou annan Jean Marie LEPEN sef parti extremis Rasis zenofob FRONT NATIONAL

Sesel nou annan Zean Mari FER LAPEN Sef Parti extremis rasis zenofob MOUVMAN SESELWA RASIN

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

Once again you drag up this story of being threatened with your life was the reason you crossed the floor. Stop making a martyr of yourself.when you are not. Just admit you were a coward . You were in your mid to late 20's at the time. You should have been wise enough and brave enough. Remember when Seychelles College and regina mundi convent marched against NYS. They were threatened. They were hardly 18 yet stood up for what they believed in. they did not cross the picket line. When people in Seychelles fought for the return of the Multi party system and got beaten, jailed and some even killed. they did not cross the floor. That lone young chinese dissident that stood up in front of tanks in tianamen square fighting for democracy . one whos photograph has become famous across the world. He did not cross the floor. These people unlike you had a principle. they faced up to what they believed in no matter what the price or how young they were. So Mr gill before you try preaching to the Seychelles people that you and MSR are the only solution to replacing the PP, i suggest you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you have the respect of the people who voted for you and who later you betrayed.I can assure you that you dont have mine or many others so no matter how much you preach on your blog until you put your words in to action and publicly stand up and oppose the system rather than trying to divide the opposition that represent if you take away the DP at least 40% of the electorate, Because beleive me they will not vote for you.

Anonymous said...

After reading through all the exchange of arguments, I certainly was challenged to think harder and find the truth from my own perspective which I would like to share with all of you.

At first, I began to realise that politics is always dirty and money is always the root of all evil. After going carefully through the mass of writings, I converged to some key arguments made by Pauline herself to discover the truth as underlined below:

1. Paualine wrote “ Yes Zonm lib is just an inoffensive iron man standing in the sun of Victoria.... he is part of our History whether you like it or not mr Gill....i have no problem with him i made him so what .....should i be proud of that! Yes as a young artist i admit i could have done better but he is not that ugly and certainly not racist and xenophobic”.

Indeed Zonm lib is part of the history of seychelles, but it is viewed by many as the very dark side of the Seychelles history. Furthermore, Pauline argues that “I have no problem with him…i.e. Zonm lib.” This statement has allowed me to see the virus in the network and the cancer in the body which is not easily detected at first.

2. The second point is that Pauline argues to try and convince us that the late Mr. Gill was the person who helped Rene with the military coup just because he gave Albert Rene a suite and some publicity in the earlier days. Again, this is an invalid and incorrect accusation in all account. One should easily conclude that the late Mr. Gill only helped an ambitious men to achieve his dreams and goals, but had no idea what where the real devious intentions of Albert Rene. Have you ever helped someone who ended up doing something bad? Would you take the blame in that case?

3. The last piece of evidence which has certainly allowed me to discover the truth is my strong belief in transparency and accountability. When Pauline mercilessly accused Mr. C. Gill about greed, racial discrimination and xenophobia she finally revealed herself in all the true colours. To challenge the bad governance principles of any government, party, or individual one has no choice but to reveal the truth and the truth is simply inconvenient, but does it reflect and equate to the men himself as being selfish, greed….

4. When Mr. Gill reveals the truth, the only attack on this man is the issue is about crossing the floor. All men are not free from mistakes just like you designed the iron men at the age of 16. We all have done something wrong, controversial, sinned. The bottom line is who is lying and taking bribes or big pay cheques now and who is the men standing tall and strong among us. This is the truth and only truth.

The last point I would like to make is that in the last 15 months I have seen an explosion of people visiting this blog and contributing their comments. I knew that there would be an increase in conflicts as the momentum increases. So we should be aware of the attacks especially on Mr. Gill. In this blog, Mr. Gill has informed us about the doubts about SNP leadership. We all know about that, but he has officially made the point because it is very clear without a strong leadership we can say welcome back one “party state” in the next coming five years. The strongest message is to clear out the bush in the forest to see the trees and the flowers and to cultivate an atmosphere of United Opposition. Our eye should be focused on the ball, not in the bush. If SNP cannot lead, then I agree they should step aside, let democracy and freedom prevail, even if it would take another generation..


Anonymous said...

Reply to all-

The Bible says, "Where there is darkness, let the light shine".

If you shoot the messenger, you are voluntarily seeking to be left in the dark.

After 34 years of communism, and living in fear and intimidation, some will take advantage of your fears and intimidation. If you stand up, and be counted, and shed light in darkness, no one will spread fear.

Freedom will reign, and the best ideas will be attacked, but if they are good, they will prevail.

I appeal to all, that includes all, work to unite the opposition. No one Seychellois is too big to not hear this call.

Pardon each other, sincerely, and doors will open for change.

Failing that, we must fight tooth and nail in the trenches for change.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Madam Ferrari-

Momma Zomn Lib, combien oun ganny paye? Di nou combien oun ganny paye pou ou travay koma karya de kote?

Koze, e ma donn ou a spray WD 40 ou kapab spray lo ou piti!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

That PP is calling MSR racist is tacit .Any force that would oppose PP criminal acts would be consider a danger that is a key pattern of communism.
You should be instead helping Michel;Rene preparing their defence for the crimes conmitted to this people.
You can use RACISM as your darkhorse to try to hide from their mess PP has created in this country but Seychellois have brains it is not those archaic propaganda which will stop us.

Pauline we will not let PP ,a gang of criminal sell our land like selling fish at the market,We are going to pressure your ass until this country is free from pp and that whether you like it or not,we don't take a HOOT .This country< will be freed from PP illegal contrl.

Jeanner D'Arc

Pauline said...

Kreol pa bon ! SESEL pa dir Momma ( lanmekik ki dir MOM)! Zanmen monn tan sa nu nu dir manman . C pa ekziste ou met in K dan son plas .Combien ou ekrir li avek in K Kombyen. la y la! PRESAN, KONBYEN OUNN GAGNN PEYE ? y annan in fot lo DI..... nu Sesel Nu DIR : DiR NU KONBYEN? OUNN GAGNN PEYE POU OU TRAVAY KONMAN IN TRET LER OU TI "CROSS FLOOR' KOZE E MWA DONN OU IN SPRAY WD 40 OU A KAPAB SPRAY LO OU FIGIR POU KASYIET OU LAONT!
OU RAPEL DAN LABIB LETAN ZIDA TI TRAYI ZEZI OU TI FER MEM KEKSOZ PIR OU TI AL ASIZ DAN KARTYE OU LENMI "BUTCHER" VRE ZIDA TI REGRETE LI OU OU FER KOUMSI OU PANN FER NARYIN. OU TI TRAYI MANKAM APRE OU DIR Y TI ENVOY DIMOUN POU TOUY OU OU TI TRAYI BAN DIMOUN KI TI MET KONFYANS DAN OU. Apre AR limen ti war kikalite looser ou ti ete y ti flit ou ek in koudpye apre sa personn pa ti le in morpion lo son ledo alor ou ti TOUSEL. Mem ou ti lager avek ou Dalon Volcer ou ti dir tou dimoun ki sa boug ti fer blakmel lo ou Apresan ou pe lager avek SNP e ou dir tou dimoun Volcer ou dalon. Be ou anna in GRO PROBLEM mon ker. Ou pa ni konin ekel ou vre lenmi dan sa zafer! sanmem mon dir ou ki ou parey in BEF KINN KASS LASEN! Sa zafer 'Cross Floor"in KOLE lo ou figir Letan Seselwa y get ou y war TRET ekrir lo ou Fron. Ki manyer apresan ou le donn leson politik dimoun. Mazinen si ounn trayi ou prop elekter Ki manyer Seselwa pou kapab fer ou konfyans Si in Zour ou ble apre ou vinn rouz apre ver ki manyer ou kapab revinn ble?...Aprezan dir pep Seselwa ki ou in PIR tret ki Zonm Lib Ou ti asosye ou avek sa bann mem ki ou akize in touy ou bann frer Seselwa! Ou ti asiz dans kartye BUTCHER Sa lepok ou pa ti apel li Butcher AKOZ ? DIR PEP SESELWA KONBYIEN OU TI GAGNN Peye pou ou Traizon? ARET BATT LATET SESELWA NU TOU NOUN WAR KLER DAN OU TRIK MARDAZ. Mon konsey : kontinyen bild ou bann ti lakaz en bwa 3 lasanm Etranze ki ou pe insilte tou le zour zot mem ki pe ranpli ou pos et pe fer ou manz ou bekon! aret insilte zot!!! Reflesi byen lo ou lavenir politik dan sa pei Sesel akoz ou pe al bite mon dalon! ANNOU EMEN SESEL EN AVAN PA FER LI RETOURN EN ARYER! SESELWA PA ASOSYE ZOT AVEK BANN TRET EK BANN KI PE KOZ LAEN EK LAREVANS ZIS POU GAGNN POUVWAR! SESEL Y IN TRO ZOLI TI PEI ET SESELWA Y IN PEP PASIFIK E BON TOU SA BANN KOZE RASIS EK SA BANN DISKOUR LAEN XENOPHOBI MET TOU SALA DAN IN SAK ZETTE! MAZINN LAVENIR NU ZENFAN DAN NU PEI KOT LANMOUR EK FRATERNITE EK LAZWA Y POU RENPLAS LAEN EK LAVYOLANS!

Anonymous said...

To PAuline
Pauline stop your fair-tale and get down to the brass tracks.

This country did not take independence to then be ruled by Arab despots and foriegn mafias.

We took independence to biult a state to promote the temporal well being of our citizen under the direction of a recognized authority call Governemnt.A recognized authority is one chosen by the people through the DEMOCRATIC process call FRE ELECTION not COUP D'etat.

Now the authority entrusted by the people to those in office is a moral authority to direct them not dictation.Zhis authority is defined by the country's constitûtion,it implies the right to direct and the DUTY to CONFORM.

Thus the authority exercised by those in office ,in this case PP,connotes the moral obligation of the memebers to comply with the directions marked for them,.This is niether absolute nor is limited in scope and wxtent by the objects for which the members of society have organised.

PP is not the law nor above the laws of this country.The only legitimate power in a democratic state is the people not a gang of bandits call PP.

Wev are going to deal with PP and their collaborators until we get them at Montagne Possee and out not State house.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

komsi ou fess y grate ker?

Anonymous said...

ZONM LIBRE: MSR is going to mould it to produce Michel's missing medal in his collection for bankrupting our economy and purloining U£2,5 billion from our coffers.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic bunch you are. Why don't you all try and find a decent job and get on with your lives? And if you want to join into Seychelles politics, why don't you start doing some real politics, clean politics, intelligent politics. And finally, show a bit of respect for your elders and for Wavel Ramkalawan for the great work he has done so far. If anyone of you thinks he or she is better than him to lead the opposition and the country in future, then create your party and challenge him with ideas and propositions not insults. Or join the SNP, a democratic organisation, and be a candidate for the post of Party President. One last word for Pauline Ferrari: If you want to support James Michel, it is your right. Meanwhile, just stop talking about freedom of the press because Michel and the free press have absolutely nothing in common. You are beginning to sound really lost, my dear girl, and soon you will become an embarassment to all your friends and family.
A school mate.

Pauline said...

How pathetic and coward you are !Sign your name my dear Show that you are brave . Dont give lessons when you yourself dont have the guts to say who you are. Your comment has no value cause you are nobody.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ferrari,
Obviously you have a much smaller brain that I thought. I was just trying to make a sensible comment but you are stuck on the details. My name does not matter, it is the principle that is important in this case. If you can't see the contradiction in working for James Michel and fighting for freedom of the press, then I am sorry I ever tried to reach you at all. Messing around with Gill in this stinking forum will only make you stink as much as the arse holes you are trying - with reason - to discredit.

Pauline said...

You are nobody i said and your comment has no value whatsoever. Sign your name . Courage!
Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Pauline can you tell me why your son when he wait to NYS he escape at the Village and go and hide in the Forest on the mountain for days?Because it was not good for him and it was good for us.PP sytem is also not good for us seen years.Thats why we are standing on this mountain shouting for CHANGE.We beleave in Democracy,PP dont.PP dem Dictator and corrupt and have bankrupt our country. What about our 2.4 billion Paulin?You also has a account in Switzerland in Basel.JUSTICE will face PP one day even if there are seating in the Wheelchairs....Your son you send abroad to get a better education.We did not get it and till today only PP get the chance in this country to go and study abroad even if there are a zero behind a zero.Your son is one of them.Thats why we are standing on this mountain shouting for CHANGE.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Johny,

Unfortunatly Pauline won't be able to tell you why her son left NYS because she had no son back then since she was only a child herself but maybe you were refering to someone else? Now next time you want to defame someone who disagree with you just make sure you know who you are talking about otherwise you sound a bit silly!!!!! Your story just shows that to MSR supporters it doesn't matter whether the accusation is right or not or whether you know who you are insulting. It is only a question of dirtying anybody that disagree with you. This is unfortunatly far from freedom of expression and more close to dictatorship. It is a pity though you don't seem to have the brain to go with! My friend I am afraid you are a danger for public order and morality but moreover for yourself!

Doctor Maboul Sef Lazil les canelles

Anonymous said...

I fer lapenn letan ou war en fanm parey Pauline Ferari pe maltret son kanmarad traisyon me selman i pa war traisyon closer to home. I pa ti war son frer donn lannen trais pep seselwa. Menn fason ki ou pe maltret ou prosen ou frer osi inn fer parey. Ou frer li osi i pan ti dn fes SPPU/SPPF e parawze avek fizi.

Zot o annou reflersir avan nou ou ver nou labous.
La prezan i pou dir nou al demand son frer ou byen koz lo li e pa son frer!

Pauline mwan ti annan bokou respe pou ou, me malerezman,ou osi ou en traitor!

Pauline said...

Mon pa bezoin ou respe mon ker ou kapab gard li pou ou semblab sa bann ki ekrir let anonyme. Monn dir ou deza ou in NOBODY e sa ki ou ekrir san ou lidentite napa valer. Mwan mon pa bezoin zami ki napa kouraze ! Dan ou plas mon pa ti pou tro fyer mon ker!
No grudge ou fer lapen.

Anonymous said...

I paret mwan ki Pauline pa kapab reste away from STAR blog konmela. Sa wi MSR inn donn li lokipasyon vi ki i annan ase letan lo son lannen diplomatic.

Akoz ki ou obsess avek idantite lezot, pou ou al dewal lenfromasyon avek SPPF/PL pou wiktimiz zot prosen.

Si ou pa kontan pourswiz Google pou privacy e zot ava tir sa opsyon anonymous pou ou e tou dimoun ava bezwen sir zot non!

Anonymous said...

Both proper and improper meanings are attached to the term Nationalism.The five common forms are:Political,economical,philosophical,cultural and Sane Nationalism.

What does interest me at this point is the latter,because in my opinion it reflects to some extent MRS's creed.

SANE NATIONALISM is synonymous with PATRIOTISM,whch may be defined as "well regulated" chairty or love toward one's country.This charity which forms the basis of patriotism is called "well regulated" in order to differentiate it from the charity which is defective or excessive.

Patriotism is a preference.It is a preference based on the proverb that "charity begins at home".
For instance,the ultimate explanation of the American has for American and for American interests,as against that of a Chinese and Chinese interests,is that Americans are nearer to him as neighbors than are the Chinese.Likewise,the preferential treatment which the citizen accords his fellow citizens,is that the interests of groups close to an individual are more identified with his own than are the interests of those at a distance.

Nationalism is not a DANGER.The real danger comes in allowing anti-patriotic forces to the likes of PP to claim the mantle of patriotism to their own ends.
The latter believes that the world is a zero-sum game where our gains come at another nation's expenses and ,theirs come ours.
The restrict national sovereignty unduly by overexalting International power is to sacrifice the benefits which national sovereignty can alone produce.

Moreover,the moral force of a social benevolence rests,after all, on the exeistence of strong bonds among a people who share common values and aspirations.It assumes that when our people are better off,they are more willing and better able to add to the country's(world's) well being.It is then more likely to be tolerant and open toward the rest of the world,because its people have learned the habits of good citizenship and social justice.

To sum up,a general reason,is that a national community has a particular or form of a nation state has some values as such,that claims in its favor have normative validity.


Anonymous said...

A little correction:I meant, preexistence of strong bonds.
(To) restrict national sovereignty rather than (THE).


Anonymous said...

Yes, bannla,
Pauline in fini vin en grenn pour James Misel. En boug bomaten in dir mwan ki zot in fini konmans regrete ki zot in met li konsil Lafrans. Sa ta kankan ki i pe fer e ki sirman i pou fer alavenir pou ase pou exsplode dan figir parti PP. Misel pankor konnen kisisa Pauline! Dan son naryen fer i pou fer zot tou dan tim Pp lager antre zot. I zis parey en morpyon e zour i apoz lo grenn enn antre zot, zot ava konnen ki li. Pa bliye ki tou son lavi in lager ek tou dimoun enn deryer lot. In kont tou sa parti politik ki exziste Sesel e aprezan personn pa oule tyonbo li, ni ek en legan. Vey byen sa ki mon pe dir zot!

Anonymous said...

DOCTOR MABOUL I can understand your point of view clearly. That is probably why you are at LAZIL, you have brain deficiency.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anoni Mouss,

Mon pe diriz Lazil sanmem rezon mon kar konnen ekel ki fou ekel ki pa fou

Pren ou medikamen aret Kalou y pa bon pou ou Y kar donn ou plis lagrenn ek paranoiak dreams taler deza ou komens war Dodosia!

Anonymous said...

The only medication you have to offer is LAPIRE,HARD DRUGS supply by PP's escobars and some BAKA.This might be good sedatives for PP and cronies like you , but not for MRS.

Anonymous said...

Anoni Mouss, pa gagnn araze koom sa ! Sa ki mon pe dir ou: letan ou viktimiz in dimoun ki pa konten ek ou kreed fer sir ou konnen lekel sa boug ou pe discriminate! Otherwise you look stupid, no? well well well this is what we call common sense! By defaming someone you are even not able to identify properly with some absurd make up story you are heavily attempting to your mouvman's reputation, making it appear like a dump dictatorship political mouvman. Just trying to help there!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "Principle" of SNP says STAR is a stinkin forum, because we lay the Truth out for debate.

Honoary Consul of Republic of Seychelles Pauline Ferrari- calls SNP anonymous, a "coward".

What's going on with SNP?

Has the money, money,money, made you people lose your bearings?

Collect yourselves, and let's get back to the final point made: Unite the Opposition and work towards it.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Pauline i ou problmen SPPF-PP/ SNP del ek li.

Kit MSR Trankil !

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Pauline i ou problmen SPPF-PP/ SNP del ek li.

Kit MSR Trankil !

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Since the last election SNp candidate has literally faded from the national political scene and his populist appeal lack of the waned tremendously.This has left some wondering if RAM has a future in politics.RAM this coming election is last chance fro you to prove yourself.And if your dreaming of becoming President you better shake your balls and get to the task.Else you must quit.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

MSR makes Pauline flesh creep.She knows havung MSR at thrhelm of the country will mean for her nomore fat cat salaries and perks and that she will have to search for a real job to make a living.Heyday is about to be over Pauline.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

After all is said and done, the fact remains that we need to take back control of our Country.

The revoultion has failed and the so called revolutionaries turned-champagne socialists, not happy with having destroyed the social fabric of this nation, are now screwing us economically then selling us out to Arabs for personal gains.

Ler n'arive pou nou pran aksyon pli serye pou fer bannla debout e tek notice. I'nnn ler pou nou komans fer pete en ou de pti 'keksoz' anba loto sa bann doner grenn ek zot akonplis. We have put up their shit for too long.

Fouter Dezord

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill,

Wavel Ramkalawan will help you and Volcere over my dead body.

What the SNP decides to do is none of your business because both of you are not only NOBODIES, but you both also cannot be trusted. It is a simple as that. You can keep on kakaye/aboye whilst I myself, would like to see Wavel tete a tete with JD at State House over more cups of Tea and Moutai. If and when Wavel wins Power, he can return the favour too in the true spirit of Friendship and Co-operation that without fail would always enhance the well-being of the Seychellois Populace.

Tiklo ki la.

Anonymous said...

Ou osi mon kwar inn ler pou bez en petar ton anba ou grenn pou ou aret rabase.

Fouter Dezord

Anonymous said...

Wavel will never win the elections remember he said he was glad he didn't win the last presidential elections. Any politician in western democracy who made gaffe like that would have been force out or vote out by his own part. Ramka is just a control freak, he has forget the virtues of being a priest and is now just like a Parti lepep poltician crooked and bent. As long as he is in charge of SNP, Michel will win the election.
In Seychelles politics is a joke all those current once are just a bunch of crooks, best thing for Seychelles would be to line all of them in front of a firing squad then we can start build from scratch. Soone or later we have to take matters in our own hands..

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