Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Rumours have it !!!!!!!!

The Seychelles President brokering the latest transactions on his 'Sell Baby Sell' scheme on his last mission to  Abu Dhabi

Latest from the rumour mill……
1. Khalifa is expected to be the Guest of Honour for the National Day. He will be coming bearing gifts. Many gifts. Rumours are that he'll be settling the shit water issue in La Misere beforehand. USD 150,000 PER HEAD for everyone in that district. Residents should turn into millionaires overnight thanks to delo kaka!

2. He will be buying off the property at Anse La Mouche where Qatari Diar (real estate investment company of Emir of Qatar) had planned a massive hotel complex.

3. He will be given Coetivy. There are indications that oil & gas does exist in our waters, he's been given reign over the exploitation and will run the operations from here.

4. As soon as his palaces are completed, he's moving all his workers to Perseverance to complete the housing estate - well in time for the election.

5. He will be building the long-planned highway to Anse Etoile and will in the process be given l'ile Aurore.

6. Operations of the airport will be handed over to UAE. There may be a base for his private planes.

7. One of the small reclaimed islands near the port is being turned into a base, supposedly "to combat piracy" but in actual fact for Khalifa's yacht(s). We'll soon be declared the xth Emirate of UAE, eating of pork forbidden, the official religion islam, harems allowed, arabic the official language, women veiled, alcohol banned, except lapire.

8. Khalifa has purchased the plot of land adjacent to his La Misere property from the Chinese Embassy (the land on which the Chinese govt was supposed to build their own villas). This land was gifted by Michel's government to the Chinese in exchange for the construction of the Assembly & Judiciary buildings on Ile du Port!

Thank you James Alix Bin Khalifa Michel


Anonymous said...

If that is the case we will you FORCE against PP,We can not allow a group of criminels to sell our lannds,has if there selling fish on the on the market.STOP those criminels now.


Anonymous said...

If that is the case we will use FORCE against PP,we can not allow a group of criminels and Mafia to continue selling our lands like fish on the Market.STOP those criminels.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Seychelles University offers courses in Arabic ? I think I need a headstart.

But who would have thought, eh, after listening to Albert Rene all these years rabitting on about being our own masters, we would be throwing ourselves at the feet of an Arab Sheikh for salvation, before his own body has turned cold.

Patrick X said...

I'm ok with the harem part! :-D

But from joke to reality, none of the rumours would surprize me if they turn out true. Then again, if the people vote for PL after it, then I dare say that we can conclude that the majority of us are no better than Michel.

But let's see what the course will be prior to the election. So far they are rumours and until they are true...

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Just look at the body language in this photo. Michel is PASSIVE and Khalifa is DOMINANT, there tells the story. Khalifa has Michel and his cabinet by the balls and could bring down Parti le Pep all on his own as he must know so much.

Anonymous said...

In the Nation 16.6.2010.Puc say there will impose more water restrictions.As any Seselwa ask there self why there are more water restrictions in our country.Michel and co have no vision and PP dont have any Plane.If you dont have water Michel how can TOURIST wasch them self.Because Michel and co there are investmenting only build hotel and increasing our population.Thats why there are more water restrictions,today also in there sheet news paper Meriton say Michel has approved two more hotels to built by Russian investment companies.Michel idiot you dont have any vision you no only invesmenting in Tourist industry.NO MORE HOTEL,The sea are all around us buy a few Fishing boats.Leave A BIT OF OUR LANDS FOR OUR CHILDREN of tomorrow.Seen years Rene n Michel has said Seselwa will get his own fish boat,you fucking lie to your own Peoples like always to win the Election.MICHEL say this fishing boat are building in France.Have any one seen a fishing boat for Seychelles in the Port.Michel and PP what to leave like spider waiting for food in there house with out sweating.


Anonymous said...

Michel want to bring more Russian Mafia and more comminist sytem.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pp can already start implementing SHIRA LAw in the country.In this way our women can be stoned for adultry.Thieves can have the hands chop,in a word, go back to the a medieval time.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Why don't fuck off. Everyone knows you and your bro are crooks and have been to jail in Guam and swindled other people. Far from being a PL supporter I jusk feel that your a crook calling other crooks. If you were to walk past me I'd be hiding the silver right away...!!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Fuck off PL Man"-

I did not write this Radio Bamboo.

It was written by a member of Equator Institute.

Now regarding my brother, he has receieved a full unconditional executive pardon, since 2000 I believe. So the crooks thing is actually a defamatory statement.

I suggest you PP people stop selling our country and return yourselves to a little civility,for it is you all who are the real crooks in Seychelles.

Deny that!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

So you are saying he got a political pardon after the law of the land passed a sentence? That is even worse! Again you are a pot calling kettle black when politics interferes with justice. Did he sell his soul to the devil in exchange for the pardon?

Fuck off not PL man

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Fuck Off Pl Man"

My brother Francis was charged with crimes because it was the only way to stop him from using a loophole in the laws of Guam to acquire 10% of all the land there.

Being smart and playing on the edge, he paid a price when he took food off the plates of the equivalent of the Rene's and Savy 's there.

Because it was common knowledge that he was being victimized, and persecuted, the highest executive officer of the island, offered him an unconditional executive pardon,as the incident of prosecuting him made the government look bad.

This was back in 2000 I beleive, I am not sure.

Since then, he has gone on amassing greater holdings, and I last heard he now hold 12% of all the land in Guam through a multi-tude of companies.

Now if he was doing anything illegal, I am certain, we would hear about it.

Most recently, he is signing a contract for 5000 houses to be built on his land with the US Military to make way for a 15 Billion base relocation.

Would you have a problem with that as well?

Is it only the Savy Brothers that can succeed in life and Gregoire, even if they all collectively could not even read a book?

Finally the man stealing food out of Seychellois mouths, like Pl or PP.....and he has not killed his own people.

Can you say that P.P.?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Why are you defending your brother so much... everyone reading this post sees that there's a tree trying to hide the forest. I certainly hit a nerve. As for you you are a crook and a traitor - crook because you defrauded many a seychellois rasin (irony isn't it) - remember the guy in Praslin you defrauded. And last but not least you crossed the floor so who can trust you as a politician let alone a human being. I am far from being a PL - way opposite man - but I truly believe you belong to the same crass as PL - didn't you cross the floor to them so why should you be different?
Deny that! haha!

Anonymous said...

Reply to PL turn opposition -

I do not defend my brother. I state facts. It is the facts that defend him and exonerate him 100%.It is even official.

You want and wish to prosecute him, because he is a man that has stood up to Pl failure and SNP failure, as I have.

Let me tell you PL convert, there are many more coming out of the wood work each day.

Seychellois -Rasin own their country, and you will not change that. No one will.

If the facts stated prosecuted him 100% then I would accept the facts.

I have other brothers I would not dare defend, but accept a fait accompli based on the facts.

Now Pl convert, you are looking very desparate.

It seems you have nothing more to say.

Try increasing the level of the debate.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The level of debate is low because you are a lowlife. Yes you have other brothers and many of them and this is for a simple reason - you are a bastard (batar mancham).
I wanted to expose your crass to everyone who reads this post - let them know who you really are. I guess you're the desperate one now. Adios!

Anonymous said...

The level of debate is pretty high that even Michel seemed to be concern ,he spoke about MSR in his rediculous speech,this is a sign of strength and depth of this movement.Moreover,whether the bedate would have been low at lease we have a debate,PP doesn^t is worth having something than nothing.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pl convert to Opposition

reference to me being Batar-Mancham.

Yes my father is Mickey Mancham and I am proud of that.

He did not live long enough to have a say over you bankrupting Seychelles. Had he lived, he would have sung you all to your death beds.

Incidentally, a large portion of the Seychelles qualifies as being "Bartars" as you put it.

What is important, is not how you were concieved, in life, but what did you do with the life given to you by God.

You PL Convert to Oppositon-

You are overwhelmed by gross jealousy. You even charge me with high crime of being a "Bartar Mancham"?

I plead guilty, as the facts demonstrate.

Finally, get a life!

Christopher Gill

Batar said...

STOOPID Anonymous!
The biggest father of 'batars' in Seychelles is ALBERT RENE. You just need to look around you to see all the 'mini Alberts' driving around in Pajero jeeps with big houses all over the place. If you are hell bent on taking on the 'batars' you can have a field day with Albert's 'mini-me's'. He was the biggest 'coq de la basscourt'!! He has well taken care of his batars (that are all spitting images of him) through the millions that he has squandered. This is NEPOTISM perfected RENE style.
At least Gill has worked for what he has and not gifted by thieves in the mould of Rene.
Get a life anonymous. I am inclined to believe that you are one of Rene's batars who does not have a life and wants to chastise those that are trying to put things right from this chaos that your 'papa playboy de la basscourt' has perpetrated on us!!!

Anonymous said...

Not that STOOPID because I know what I'm talking about having seen the dealings of Gill first hand.
No sir... Gill did not work for what he has.. he stole it!
Now if you are glorifying the bastardisation of Sez in the last 30 years this is your choice. I think that this has led to a corrupt and immoral society. If you want to perpertate this kind of society then go crown Gill as your king!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

I was granted a full unconditional pardon because I was innocent and to correct an injustice perpetrated agaisnt me.

You should be more concerned with the "crooks" with whom you consort such as Rene the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator. Those are the individuals who have systematically looted and allowed the Seselwa Rasin patrimony to be looted. Why no offensive words directed at them?

You prefer to instead to insult fellow Rasin who are fighting to bring those who have murdered their own people and stolen from their own people to justice. What does that say about you and your character?

Anonymous said...

"now they are bringing Khalifa's troops from the United Arab Emirates onto our sacred soil to massacre Seychellois in their own country just to keep power so they can continue to sell us out to foreigners and Fabrike."
Your own words FL Gill!!
Now will you say thankyou to Kalifa for the great gesture he has made to save two badly injured children of Praslin? The man you called a "Snake" has a beautiful generous heart that you do not have!

Anonymous said...

The first thing PP told us is that Khalifa sent a plane to transport injured for treatment in UAE.Well PP 1)it shows how bad our health system is 2) Running on SBC to pratraited KHALIFA as the savour will not stop us from asking him to go home nor will it in any case justifies the government illegal destribution of our to him and all the destrection his doing in our country.Khalifa should pay His u$200 million taxes it would have been enough to biuld and modernized our hospitals and to buy medication.

Kahlifa warshipsd in our waters are not to help us fighting piracy but instead to escourt KHALIFA'S big yachts sailing in our waters.This action is illegal,We must stop Khalifa and to stop Khalifa we musT first stop this gang of gangsters call PP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

I will not thank Khalifa for saving the two injured children and I will explain why. His "generosity" is motivated by evil intent and an evil desire to colonize our country.

His "generosity" is intended to masque the failure by the Pp Collaborators to have a proper hospital system in our homeland. Khalifa is being generous to assist his employee Michel the Collaborator to keep power so Michel can continue to allow him to colonize our country. This is not true generosity it is a cunning investment by Khalifa to dispossess us of our homeland. He thinks we value our motherland so little that it can be cheaply bought and he thinks so little of our dignity that he thinks it can be cheaply purchased.

This is the Pp's failure highlighted by Khalifa's "generosity". By now the Pp should have a proper medical evacuation system for those who are critically ill. We know that our population base is insufficient to support all types of critical injuries and that these evacuations will be frequent and necessary. The Pp should have managed our country's affairs so Rasin lives need not depend on the "generosity" of anyone much less the likes of Khalifa. This is a person who instructs us even on what passport stamp is acceptable to him and who is sending soldiers to our country to massacre us to keep what he has apparently bribed his way to obtain.

We Rasin should not have to sell out our country so we can save the lives of our children. If Michel the Collaborator and Rene the Butcher would return the billions they have sequestered in foreign bank accounts this kind of evacuation could be made available to everyone, not just a lucky few who happen to be injured in the right political climate that has prompted Khalifa to act generously to protect his employee Michel and to convince us to forget his crimes against us and our sovereignty.

Our country is not for sale Mr. Anonymous, not to Khalifa or anyone else at any price. It belongs solely to us Seselwa Rasin. Some things you do not sell. Your motherland is one of them. And since Khalifa has persistently interfered in our internal affairs and continues to do so, I say yes, Khalifa Go Home!! Sesel Pou Seselwa!!

Anonymous said...

You out of all people questioning my character? Pardon? Who are you trying to fool? << a pardon does not imply innocence. It is merely a forgiveness of the offense. It is generally assumed that acceptance of a pardon is an implicit acknowledgment of guilt, for one cannot be pardoned unless one has committed an offense >> quote unquote. Voila! Do not try to fool people with your so called pardon. You would otherwise be a felon along with all the constraints that go with it. It’s funny.. I read some of the court judgments ( and they are vaguely similar to what was done to Ramka’s half brother in Praslin. I guess you guys share all the great ideas. Keep digging a hole for yourself.
As for my rasin brothers, I’d like them to stay away from crooks like yourselves who are no different from the Rene’s, Savy’s and Ramadosses. Given the opportunity, you would have done exactly the same thing if not worse.
This is getting very boring as you are cornered and uncovered like rats. Go back to Guam and stay there!

Anonymous said...

Well said above,

Gill with your 12% of Guam what have you done to help a bus full of Rasin children in an accident? Gill the other one, what have you done?

Then you sit on the side of the road and spit venom at others who are helping children in pain.

A fucking shame you low lifes.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To First Anonymous:

A pardon in the face of holding to your innocence is a recognition by the political authority of your innocence. This kind of a pardon negates any previous judgment even more conclusively then a finding of innocence by a court of law. So you do not know what you are talking about.

Secondly, if you think that my circumstance is similar or worse than the Pp Collaborators selling us out to the likes of Khalifa, Ramadoss, Krejcir and Jeyasingh and murdering Rasin who disagree with them and ripping off Seselwa Rasin of their patrimony by your Pp Collaborator friends, I need not say more.

You Pp Collaborators like to kick Seselwa Rasin out of their own country and repalce them with more pliant Fabrike or with ambassadors who pay for their positions, don't you. Well this Rasin is not "going back" anywhere. You Pp Collaborators have exiled this Rasin once too often.

Get used to it - I am here to stay. Seychelles is the Rasin homeland. It does not belong to you Pp Collaborators. It belongs to all Seselwa Rasin wherever they are and however long they have been there.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Second Anonymous:

I am not surprised you agree with the First Anonymous. You Pp Collaborators don't like Rasin who speak the truth. So your solution is to exile them, kill them, imprison them or insult them. Well this Rasin is not intimidated by you and your dirty tactics - I will confront and defeat you.

Don't try to hide the fact that you Pp Collaborators have to sell out our country to Khalifa to save the life of our children by passing blame to others. Give back all the money you have stolen from the Seselwa Rasin people so we can stop begging to save our children's lives when they are injured. Then we Rasin will not have to depend on Khalifa or charity of anyone even if they own 12% of Guam as you say.

Additionally, I have not spat venom at anyone. You just take the truth as venom. You Pp Collaborators are the true low life's. You have used the suffering of children to concoct political propaganda. If Khalifa and his employee Michel the Collaborator had truly wanted to engage in an act of generosity they would have evacuated the children quietly and without fanfare. Instead they have manipulated the suffering of the children and the suffering of their parents to gain political points. This is a new low even for you Pp Collaborators. But it just shows the kind of despicable characters you really are.

Anonymous said...

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