Monday, June 28, 2010

Le Roi Dizef Zwazo - Seychelles King of Bird Eggs

Le Roi Dizef Zwazo Sesel - The King of Bird Eggs in Seychelles


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that he is also incharge of suppling turtle and dophil meats to his PP family.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

What a superb cartoon! Yes, he is rolling around in bird eggs as well as our bloody millions that he has stolen. That fat bastard Glenny, his gay brother David and his little ogre brother Francis who looks like Shrek should all be in jail.I hope when Albert and Michel kick the bucket, they will get their day in court. A jail cell for the rest of their lives and as prisoners, all 3 should be sent to Desnef to pick up dizef swazo.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Michel also like to eat Turtle and Dolphin meats all the time he travel to Praslin just to eat Turtle meat and Dolphin meat at Franky Leon place.


Anonymous said...

Soon they will face justice even if they are seating in the wheelchair or even if they are in oldely home.Criminel belong behide bar,but PP them self most WANTED criminel they are still walking free.Criminel belong behind BAR like all criminels.

Anonymous said...

Cartoon says it all.

Need no words further.

Hats off to the artist.