Monday, June 7, 2010

Seychelles Cartoon

Lucky Luke Rides Again!

 The Commander of the fight on Piracy and the Head of the Prisons has called in the reinforcements! He is not about to throw in the towel and is desperate to see his mandate through as a cabinet reshuffle looms...


Anonymous said...

on a separate issue, did anyone see the article in today's nation about how Sheikh Kalifa is our saviour?

it was nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Ja have seen it.Morgan idiot and PP blood sucker like vampire told us that when Arabs SHEET in our Rivers and BULLDOZED our mountains is good for us.How long we will wait until those DISTRUCTION are stop.WE SOULHD STOP THEM NOW!


Anonymous said...

Only one way to stop these bloody bastards. VOTE THEM OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL AND LET US TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon. Joel really thinks he is the savior. Just wait until he falls and breaks his puny bones.

Patrick X said...

I did indeed read the article about our 'Arab saviours'. To my opinion the article is an insult to the Seychellois.

Here Nation states that 'the Arabs' have given us work in connection with their building projects as if they were doing us a favour as it is indeed the Rebublic of Seychelles that has done Khalifa tons of favours starting with free land....ehhh, sorry he did have to pay SR 1 for it.

Of course the Seychellois have maed a dollar or two from the work involved in building the infrastructure that will benefit Khalifa and Khalifa only(water lines, power lines and the roads that his cars will need as his cars have damaged ours. Yes, he really is doing us a favour.

What Nation of course has failed to do is see the entiore picture(one cannot expect more as they after all represent the PL). Now what jobs will we have when 'the Arabs* have finished building their roads, power lines and water supply? And where will they get water from or rather, where will we get water from when Khalifa's harem need tons a day to wash away Khalifa's semen?

What surprized me more in today's Nation was the little that was written about June 5th, Inpoundment Day. It was all about India and us becoming in debt of the Indians in addition to the Chinese and Arabs.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Read the article & I found it very repulsive because it's just pure propaganda at its best. The state using the national newspaper as a propaganda machine.

Instead of improving with the recent changed & dis-associating itself with the government but in reality Seychelles Nation is doing the complete opposite.

They're bragging how much money they have collected via the GOP but not mentioning anything & elaborating about the 2000 illegal workers in the first place.

Instead of providing financial details of a fictitious company, why don't that contributor gives us a breakdown on how much tax & import duty the state could have collected on that project if the sheikh followed the proper legal channel.

This article is giving an impression that every single seselwa in seychelles has practically won the lottery & all thanks to Khalifa!
So in return, we should keep quite & let khalifa do as he likes to us seselwa & to our country!


Anonymous said...

This Nation newspaper has no boundary when it comes to propaganda. Another article in today's paper is about the R30million Air seychelles HQ. A company which has just been bailed out by the tax payers but spent R30 million on a building is just sheer arogance.
Sanmenn sa ki apel pran seselwa pou kouyon!


Anonymous said...

As the old adage goes:"The more the world change the more they stay the same". I would add to that"The older they grow the more they become childish".

Joel Morgan told us that the destruction at La Misere and Babaron is good for us.
The real question in fact is not what good for us or not but rather who gave PP the authority to gifted our land for SR1 to an Arab despot?
Answering this simple question will answer all the another questions Morgan is finding hard to justify.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

La Misere -the former Global Direct cable TV area - was not just "given away" for 1 Rupee. Just go back to the time when "Global Direct" was confiscated by James Michel himself and then connect the dots on that story: Stealing "Global Direct" from its rightful owners was a perfect act of piracy, a set-up, instigated by "local advisers" to inflate the import prices of the material over about 3 years. And all that "overpricing" was known from day one by the SPPF Government, "evidence for
fraud" was collected and monitored all the time for the day X -the grand opening of the Cable TV -
when on that Monday morning the owner of Global Direct where locked out of their premises and disowned by a court order.
But Global Direct had powerful Arab friends - a certain Sheik as well - who finally blackmailed the local crooks which were responsible for the fraudulent set-up to steal the entire Global Direct facilities and all future bussiness income for themselves.
James Michel had only the chance to sell for 1 Rupee or be exposed as the fraudster and the Sheik himself will pay out all the investments and losses to Global Direct indirectly. This way the local crooks would not be facing the due fraud charges from Global Direct, the Government will once again get away with piracy in perfection (Plantation Club and many others)and the thiefs-the new owners- will collect happily ever after from running the stolen facilities as they do still to the day.
1 Rupee sale ? Think abouit it and connect the dots....

Anonymous said...

Khalifa and all his Arab friends will one day regret setting foot in Seychelles. He should bail out now while he has time. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and these Arab and James Michel deals will be exposed to the world. Then the world will realize how corrupt the arabs are. Israel and God will come to the rescue of the people of Seychelles. Mark my words, the day it happens, there won't be one bloody corrupt arab left in Seychelles. This is a message for Khalifa and his Plantation owners.