Monday, June 14, 2010


The Ministry of Employment is set to ensure that jobs in the hotels are protected for Seychellois. It sounds like a good and patriotic statement, but the whole procedure being employed is baseless and borders on a joke. It is even an insult to the Seychellois People, the talk at Pirates Arms echoes.

A hotel may be refused the employment of a security guard or a chambermaid because a Seychellois can do that job. Yes they can, but they can also be a Marketing Manager at Air Seychelles, an Accounts Manager at Air Seychelles, a Paris Based Representative at Air Seychelles or a Business Development Manager based in Paris. These Managerial positions are what we should be aiming to have Seychellois occupy. Let foreigners do the menial jobs, but let us be a proud nation managing the workforce of foreigner laborers. We surely have it all upside down. Jocelyne Bonnal at Air Seychelles can have over one hundred local applicants who can do so much better than her. The same applies for all those in the Air Seychelles office in Paris. Let the management staff at HQ Air Seychelles take a promotion and manage the Paris office. Six foreigners exist at that office, let us give them their due notice and send six Seychellois to replace them.

As for the CEO Rajiv, let us advertise the post and see how many will apply for that position even for half his salary if the 10000.00 US Dollars per month is deemed too much for a Seychellois! But give the Seychellois team just a few months and then see the difference at Air Seychelles. Staff morale, the bottom line, loyalty to Seychelles to fill up local rooms and not those in Mauritius - all these will change overnight. We only need the will to force the issue through. Please let us stop trying to localize the simple and menial jobs. We are a willing and able people and we need to see the management positions earmarked for Seychellois.

We need to see some concrete plans from Minister Mondon herself on how the government is planning to localize all these posts mentioned above. Right now, there is only lip service being paid to this issue and we need some decisive action. Is that asking too much from government?


Many will recall what Albert Rene and the SPPF Government had to say on the issue of land back in the days of one party state … "Many people who own land have no interest in planting - most people who wish to plant have no land. Government will pass a law which will make it compulsory to declare what development he is carrying out on his land, what plans he had to develop his land and how many acres he is capable of developing. Everyone will be given six months to make this declaration.... If the landowner refuses to develop his land the Government will take over what is not being developed and will redistribute to other people who do not have land... The landowners will be compensated according to the revenue accruing from that land at the time of transfer".

With the arrival of a more liberal economy, government has gone the opposite direction. It has adopted a careless attitude towards the availability of land for sustainable development. Today we have flats left idle and two flats owned by the same person at Eden Island. We learn that Minister Joel Morgan has set aside land for his wife to build flats on state land to rent out and generate personal wealth – at the expense of his fellow Seychellois who are struggling to find decent shelter. We have once productive land, such as Fairyland, Anse Cocos, ex-Choppy's, Therese Island, Conception, Cote D'Or Dauban land, etc… being left idle. No revenue for the country from these vast land tracts, but a culture of speculation. Everyone in the country is upset with such a practice. What is our ‘responsible’ government going to be done about it? People still have no land to cultivate. Yet many have blocks of apartments. Many still do not have a flat, let alone a house... That promise from the Government dates back to 1977... “Judge me by my action”...


This phenomenon is now becoming a cancer for the local hotels and guest houses. They do not pay a license, they do not pay GST and they benefit on all the marketing efforts being made by the country. What does the law have to say about this? What is the STB doing about this? Can Mr. Peter Moncherry and his team show that they are working in the interest of the legal tourism establishments that pay their taxes to keep them in their jobs? Why do we expect the small Seychellois guesthouses to pay for everything when illegal accommodation is allowed to flourish everywhere? We can now count the apartments at Eden Island that are doubling up as a hotel. The Desroches Villas are being sold without a license. There are today over three hundred rooms being rented out with NO LICENSE. Is that acceptable? This sad state of affairs is a clear signal that the Government has failed its small entrepreneurs. It is now getting VERY SERIOUS! The Judiciary, the Attorney General, Finance and STB must sit together and move fast to halt this growing cancer, if not dismantle the inspectors office at STB as they are of no use as their only mission seems to be the harassment of bona fide small Seychellois hoteliers.


Anonymous said...

This should not be limited simply to Air Seychelles but all the countr's institutions being illegally contrlloed by foreigners.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with this article.

Seychelles Employers should be importing foreign labour to do the menial jobs such as gardeners and maids, while Seychellois should be in mid to upper level management.

It is time to change the employment laws to allow anyone to import foreign labour as and when they see fit. The Government should not have any quotas as the Employers know their businesses better than the Government. How can a clerk in the Ministry of Employment determine who should be hired? That clerk should be there to process the application only. The Government would then collect the necessary GOP fees.

Just imagine what a dynamic labour force we would then have in Seychelles. For those who are against this idea, I urge them to watch the number of jobs that are shown on SBC TV every Sunday evening. We must remember that when a new hotel like Ephelia or Raffles open, they need 500 to 700 NEW employees. If someone resigns from his current job to take a job at that new hotel, the older hotel has to replace that person. So we are looking at NEW jobs. The problem is our working population is not changing. Thus there is a great need to import labour and SPPF is playing games as usual and saying there are enough jobs for SEychellois. The only Seychellois not working are the lazy ones on welfare, the drug dealers and drug users, the baka drinkers and the pti men who are sitting idly by the road side or breaking into our homes. Heck, even the prostitutes are working hard at night.

And by the way, allowing workers into the country does not mean that the workers can apply for citizenship. The workers would receive an annual work permit only and not a residency permit. Ninety days before their contract expires, the Employer can decide whether to renew their contract of not. This would be just like renewing a license at SLA and should not be complicated.

This influx of foreign labour into the local market will have one other adverse effect. It would get those lazy people who are on welfare to get off their lazy butts and get to work. It has been proven that when you are hungry and there is no welfare to be had, the people actually get off their settee, stop watching soap operas and actually go out and work.

SPPF and Minister Macsuzy Mondon, wake up and smell the coffee. Take some serious decisions if you are to lead this country out of the mess created by SPPF. As for Michel, maybe he can tell us why his friend the Sheik brought in the labour to build his palace at La Misere. Do you think that the palace would be up by now if the contractor had to wait for Seychellois labourers? Let us stop all this bullshit and move quickly to change these archaic laws. Dubia has grown because of foreign labour. Even the pyramids of Egypt were built with foreign labour, even if they were slaves. The American cotton fields were manned by slaves from Africa. Stop kidding ourselves to think that we have a great working populace. With barely 40,000 people working and half working for an inefficient Government, that leaves only 20,000 people left to hire.

Anonymous said...


Sustainable Tourism is defined as the tourism development that avoids damage to the environment,economy and cultures of the locations where it takes place.It is therefore about re-focusing and adapting.A balance most be found between limits and usage so that changing,monitoring,planning ensure long-term and realising that change is often cumulative,gradual and and environment aspects must then include local communities,visitors,industry and governemnt.

The question that crops up is how to achieve this task while limiting social and environmental costs?The answer is by promoting and developing small and medium-sized enterprises, which compared to large-scale hotels,have more moderate impacts on the environment.The industry should also encourage local communities to start tourism-related businesses and grant access to low interest loans.Plan should encompass all facilities and services that the tourists would want to see,find and do in the country.

Education and proper training in both public and private sectors would go some way towards achieving this goal.By devising local training programmes and establishing educational projects the tourism industry can ensure that local qualified people are employed in thier projects.

Moreover,the tourism sector should adopt measures to prevent FINANCIAL LEAKAGE by a commitment to re-investment of fair share of local accrued profit.Some have already been mentioned,protect areas,training programmes on code of conduct for tourists etc,as projects in need of fund.Additionally,a new way to overcome this problem is by having "a satellite accounting system"-it is a set of economic acounts which are being integrated with each other and with an overall system of national account.

No doubt,the government has to play a much more active role in nourishing and guiding such objectives.For example,it should formulate and manage a tourism strategy which identifies and justifies its strategic objectives,priority and target and implement a regulatory and support framework.

In other words,the sector must be viewed as top priority for overall governemnt policy and action.

Tourism though,will never be completely sustainable as every industry,but it can work towards becoming more sustainable.

FIANACIAL LEAKAGE-occur when revenues arising from tourism-related activities in destination countries are not available for re-investment or consumption of goods and services in the same countries.Financial resources"leak away" from the destination country to another country,particularly, when the tourism company is based abroad and when tourism-related goods and services are being omported to the destination country.


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