Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Time To Clear The Air, Separate Fact From Fabrication (PP Style)

At the beginning of the year 2010, I wrote the first article on “Sesel Pou Seselwa” and we set the course for a political sail that was bound to take us through turbulent seas of political attacks.
 As the ideology of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” has begun to intellectually challenge everyone’s imagination and perception of their realities, there have been many who have felt disenfranchised by the ideology MSR is advocating as a course of action and a way forward for the People of Seychelles. Many have felt empowered as well.
 Some have attacked, counter attacked in debates. Caveats have been raised and we have listened. Others have attacked senselessly in vain, imploring the senseless, sublime, and even the ridiculous, in an attempt to derail the MSR ideology and prevent MSR from even forming as a political party in Seychelles.
 The resources of State House have been engaged. Plants have been engaged, spies have turned up and been turned down, agents living overseas, have been employed to stir confusion in regards to the “Sesel Pou Seselwa” Creed.

In meetings, my words have been recorded in hope of finding a weakness to the whole campaign. There is no weakness. “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is as strong the granite boulders of Seychelles. Sesel Pou Seselwa is the power of our people. PP knows it. Rene knows it! Michel is worried over it!

In this brew of confusion, a number of Facebook pages have been created, and a number of fake profiles have been created, to attack the advocates of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. To every action, there is usually an equal and opposite reaction.

In the defence of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” and the confusion intentionally created by those who are bankrupt of ideas, the ideology has remained unscathed and unchanged.
 I will clear the air and address issues that remain on the confusion list once and for all.

1. We Are Pro Seselwa Rasin

First and foremost, “Seychelles is for Seychellois”.

This is the founding principle of the Republic of Seychelles set out on June 29th, 1976.

Over the years, SPPF has forgotten this founding principle. MSR’s job today, is to make it the centre stage of all development in Seychelles. We cannot advance as a Nation today, if Seselwa Rasin become displaced in the process. “Sesel Pou Seselwa” must claim its rightful place in the national psyche of all who call Seychelles their home, or call Seychelles a friend.

2. We are Pro Foreign Investment, we are not anti foreigner investment
How do the fabricators of this lie and misrepresentation think Seychelles will advance without foreign investments? Under MSR, we will welcome foreign investment, but it will have to be planned, and rules and regulations will have to be followed by investors.
 Seychelles cannot be a cake on offer for anyone to come up to her and just carve her up as they wish and not respect our laws.

By a Government not respecting their own laws does not mean we in MSR will pardon fraud, misrepresentation in transaction. We will not and we will hold everyone accountable for criminal deals.

Investors in Seychelles must follow the law, dot the ‘i’s & cross the ‘t’s and keep the investment clean. Pay your fair share in taxes; do not devise schemes to avoid taxes as we have seen with Sheik Khalifa and others recently. This type of under the table dealings Seychelles does not need. Deal above board and pay your way, do not pay a little here and there after the fact.

If you are an honest investor, MSR welcomes you to Seychelles; if you are not and have shady deals going on with public officials, MSR will deal with that like any new government would in any country.
 3. Our Citizenship Is Not For Sale

The SPPF have on a wholesale basis sold passports to Fabrike citizens over the years. We in MSR say clearly, our passport is not for sale. No deals for passport sales will be tolerated in an MSR Government. No deals to buy a passport by any foreigner with the SPPF government will be tolerated by an MSR government.
 Our position is clear and has been muddled by opponents of change. In the case of false purchased passports, we will cancel them, not renew them, and we will seek out properties and investments made under false passports and cancel the transactions. If the transactions involve government of Seychelles land that belonged to the People of Seychelles, we will use Rene’s Land Acquisition Act to acquire the same properties and vest them back to the People of Seychelles.
 If a person has not purchased a passport, he/she will not be affected by such action.

One thing is clear, the days of buying and selling passports will now end.

4. Naturalization
Every Country has naturalization laws. MSR government will amend the existing laws. Residency we believe must be increased from 5 years to 10 years. A spouse married to a Seselwa Rasin can qualify for residency and then citizenship. This is normal in any society.

5. Humanitarian Grounds For Citizenship

MSR has said countless times that an amendment in the naturalization laws need to be amended to allow for humanitarian grounds citizenship. This can be applicable in bona fide humanitarian reasons to grant citizenship.
 6. We are not Racists

There has been a systematic attempt by SPPF/PP to paint MSR as a Racists right wing grouping. We are not Racists and are not right wing either. MSR is made up of an array of individuals of many different races. What brings us all together is the common bond of being Seselwa Rasin and sensing an urgent need to set the course of our country back on course.

We have drifted off course; the time has come to set us back on course.

Mon Fes Y Grate Facebook has spouted us as being Nazi. We are not Nazi. We hate no one, kill no one. In some states of the United States, it is a crime to accuse someone of being a Nazi if they are not.
 We in MSR are interested in protecting our country and our people who are being displaced in one generation by JJ Spirit and Rene. We hate no one and we have only love in our hearts for Seychelles. That this love should offend anyone bewilders us all Seselwa Rasin.
 The effort of “Mon Fes Y Grate” and Miss Pauline Ferrari the self confessed on STAR BLOG, designer of Zomn Lib, in conjunction with PP JJ Spirit have joined to paint a false impression that we are racist- is a failed attempt to stop us in our tracks.
 No one has believed them; we have not been deterred nor feathered by their comedic attempts at destroying MSR and the MSR Creed.
 Recently we have learned that Miss Pauline Ferrari is now Honorary Vice Consul for the Republic of Seychelles, in France. This means she is not just involved in Human Rights as a hobby; she is an actual employee agent of James Michel, head of JJ Spirit. You cannot get more twisted and more confused than that.
 This explains why she has been fomenting chaos and foaming over the MSR Creed. We have made it impossible for her to entice shady people to Seychelles and partake in the sale of passport schemes that has been in play for years now - dating before Kumar De bankrolled $3 million and made for the hills of the Himalayas.
 This explains why often these days she blurbs JJ Spirit phrases in her futile defence.

MSR holds no ideological position on any political spectrum. We are neither right, left, centre for any period of permanence.
 As Seychelles requires a particular ideology, MSR will shift to it to meet the needs of Seselwa Rasin. We in MSR are smart enough to know Seychelles problems are complex enough to require great versatility to overcome the failures of SPPF and PP. We will think out of the box, and not just be Jack out of a box.
 The ideology Seychelles needs today is Nationalism- Centre-Left, to restore Seselwa Rasin as the rightful people of the Seychelles. It is our land and our country, our home, not anyone else’s. All those that come, must respect that this is a non-negotiable premise. We Seselwa Rasin are the people of Seychelles. Not PP or any other fakes PP imports.
 Once Seselwa Rasin are respected in Seychelles, and they can claim their rightful place in their country, we will shift the political spectrum positioning further right and more pro business and development to best cater for growth and prosperity for all its rightful citizens. We will have to rehabilitate a significant portion of the population and re-educate many. Thirty-four (34) years of communism has taken its toll on us as a people and Seychelles as a society and a micro state.
 For example, today, we need a moratorium on large developments until such time as we have enough sewage treatment, enough water storage, enough roads, enough electricity, enough airplane taxi and parking space, to cope with development that has been approved but cannot be digested. The La Misere fiasco is a perfect example of unfettered approvals being given without any foresight. Now 1,200 residents suffer from an event that could have been avoided. 2,700 Indian workers living next to Eden Island without an increase in sewage capacity will cause the Victoria Sewage Project to burst and over flow into the street. Pumping the human excrement out to sea will be worse; since it will all come back in fish we consume or make its way on to our beaches.
 7. Fabrike Stay Out of Our Politics

The fake Seychellois, who have been in favour with SPPF in the past and PP now have been told. You are not Seselwa Rasin - the native people of our land. SPPF have made you citizens to tip the ballot box in their favour. We ask you not to involve yourselves in our politics and our affairs. If Fabrikes like Dr. Ramadoss ignore our request, we will cancel their citizenship and deport him when MSR comes to power.
 If a Fabrike is not involved in our politics, they are free to invest and run their businesses in Seychelles. We will respect them as they respect us and our citizenship. Those Fabrikes that respect Seselwa Rasin rights can apply under humanitarian grounds or naturalization if applicable, for Seselwa Rasin status when MSR comes to power.
 Our right to protect our interests is our own fundamental right recognized under the United Nations Charter Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We became a People on June 29th, 1976, in case you forgot PP. Before that we were subjects of the Crown, in case you forgot.
 Our Right to control Immigration is a fundamental national right exercised in all countries. Today in England, France, United States, stricter Immigration laws are being put in place.

Hence the confusion sown by many on this matter has been just that, confusion to foment discourse and ridicule a real threat to the PP status quo.
 I will say this to them: we expected it, and predicted it, every step of the way. We have been delighted to have obliged in exposing you PP for what you are.
 Any one that knows me or other MSR leaders will know that we are pro business and sensitive to the needs of business and the functionality of positive business climate. But everyone must play by the rules in business. Seychelles will no longer be an exception to this. Ask Eden Island, a big project trying to find its way in a micro state conditions and environment.
 Following the rules will make our business community and market more fluid and benefit everyone. When one group cheats to get ahead, then another cheats to stay ahead, we end up with a micro corrupted state, as is the case today. With that, each generation will get poorer and poorer while they are called to work harder and harder, for less and less, as is the case today. ADB confirms (the new minister Peter Sinon will confirm – his former employer’s reports will attest) that we are getting poorer and poorer by the day.
 8. Parliamentary System Best For Seychelles Today

We need a better fluid system of governmental administration, wherein a parliamentary system is put in place in Seychelles, to foster greater debate and shared ministries. The current failed regime of PP does not have sufficient manpower to run the country at managerial levels. A system must be put in place to allow the best Seselwa Rasin minds to contribute to Seychelles. This can be part time or full time. With the computer age, a part time capable worker can do the work of three or five full time managers only 5 years ago. We do not seek dictatorship as State House and Honourable Consul to State House, Pauline Ferrari have insinuated to foment confusion.
 9. Foreign Workers must Not Run Our Government

MSR believes that there are sufficient qualified capable Seselwa Rasin to run the government of Seychelles. We do not need tax agents from Australia, or Ghurkhas, or Irish Police with no Police training. Seychellois can do these jobs. If they cannot, it is an indictment on the current government PP.
 It is MSR Creed position that no foreigner will occupy any post in defence and policing in the Republic or any managerial position of the government of Seychelles.
 No foreigner or Fabrike shall assume the post of President or Prime Minister or run any ministry. If that happens, it will be a call to revolution of MSR to deliberate to reclaim our country.
 10. Foreigners in Private Sector

MSR makes no statement on this issue because we know it is a serious issue that affects the Nations bottom line. All Seselwa must compete in the private sector to make it efficient and prosperous for the Nation.

Seselwa Rasin must be given reasonable priority for employment in the private sector, but failing to meet the challenge, any company must be allowed to import the labour it needs to get the job done and remain viable in the competitive market place. Businesses make decisions that are good for the market and industry, because the decisions are good for each business. When a bad decision is made, they will suffer.
 Let me be clear, under no circumstances must imported labour under GOP be given citizenship unless they qualify for it under one of the MSR exceptions. Marriage, humanitarian grounds, etc...
 Unity of The Opposition

MSR has pleaded for a united opposition as myself personally for years. However, in the Opposition, we are faced with many enlarged egos and many have become rich over night, and believe they are beyond answering questions put by the Public.
 It is for this reason MSR asserts itself and asserts its principles. For today the Opposition hangs on a string, but for STAR, Lavwa –Seychelles, MSR, and Weekly. The sooner the string strengthens in unity of purpose, the better off our country will be.
 While SNP and Regar have done a good job in the past, over the last five (5) years they have become dormant and unproductive. They admit that themselves in private, but in public, their version of unity is running the same candidate 5 times and placing a little blue shadow under their party logo.
 Sorry SNP, I have listened very carefully to you, but Seychelles problems are much more serious than your response and electoral proposal in 2010 and 2011. If you are not serious, you will lose anyways. So we better find another option that can win.
 The time for change is now, the time for unity of purpose is now. Hence my recent call to SNP to lead, follow or get out of the way. If they are out of ideas, we are not, we are full of ideas. If you are tired then they should retire and rest.
 SNP with SPPF have earned their salary and taken an unwarranted retirement which together which amounts to over Scr. 130 Million for the next 40 years. How will we pay for that? I bet they did not even count it all up.

SNP has become the loyal opposition to PP. What more do they want? Our blood? Enough is enough. When I asked Mr.Ramkalwan to give back the raise of 38% in a private meeting last year as a condition for my full support, he ignored my request.
 I believe this will clear up many issues some people are genuinely confused about. But I know for some, the issues will never be clear, because it will upset them to wake up to a new Seychelles, wherein Seselwa Rasin are again masters in their own country as they were June 29th, 1976.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant article Mr Gill & highly articulate.
Words from the heart & I will say amen to it.


Anonymous said...

God explanation of what MSR stands for. I'm 100% behind you. Also it would be nice if Wavel and SNP took up the call to unite all the opposition. If that happened, we would win the next elections and remove the sppf from power once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

Let me give you a few examples o9f where you cross the line.

We ask you not to involve yourselves in our politics and our affairs. If Fabrikes like Dr. Ramadoss ignore our request, we will cancel their citizenship and deport him when MSR comes to power.
If a Fabrike is not involved in our politics, they are free to invest and run their businesses in Seychelles. We will respect them as they respect us and our citizenship. Those Fabrikes that respect Seselwa Rasin rights can apply under humanitarian grounds or naturalization if applicable, for Seselwa Rasin status when MSR comes to power.

Many of the people you call a fabrike gained their Seychellois passport in a legitimate way. They are Seychellois. Like it or not. I agree some are not justified but we should not stereotype all Seychelles citizens who are of your Rasinn blood Why can they not get involved in politics. Madeleine Albright well respected State secretary of the US clinton administration . A fabrike in your definition. Should she have not had the right to become a politician in the US. In switzerland there is a colured man in parliament originally an african who sought asylum . Also a fabrike according to your definition. He is well respected by Swiss Rasinn and loved as a politician. Should he not have the right to become a politician. In England many parliamentarians will fit your Fabrike type, do they not have the right to become a parliamentarian and have a say in the society that welcomeed them.

Can you please also clarify what you consider as Humanitarian grounds as your definition is very vague.

To continue....

Anonymous said...


We need a better fluid system of governmental administration, wherein a parliamentary system is put in place in Seychelles, to foster greater debate and shared ministries.
Mr Gill. That is what SNP, when it was Parti Seselwa wanted. You however together with PP and the rest of your DP members of the constitutional commission were against. Has it taken you 15 years to see that it is what Seychelles needs.

As for your argument of MNAS for life. How many people in the US or even the UK and other countries have been congressman, Senators, MPS for well over 40 years. Is that wrong. Does it mean that after 8 years they can no longer contribute positively to the well being of their country.

Mr Gill. SNP like it or not is a legally registered party. Not like MSR. they publish their accounts to the electoral commissioners office every year. More than DP or NDP have ever done. They hold conventions and have elections for office bearers.More than NDP have ever done. Mr Ramkalawan was voted as party leader of SNP by its members, therefore it is right that he becomes leader of opposition in parliament as they are the only party in opposition. You never hear political party leaders in other countries asking for leaders of other parties to step down. It is their own party that does so. If you want Wavel to step down as leader of SNP, join them and challenge him. If not do not challenge his position as leader of that Party. If you want to get involved in politics in a serious way and regain respect of the people you betrayed when you crossed the floor. Register MSR as a political party. Have elections to nominate your party leader. Show you are really serious and maybe the other opposition parties will listen to you. If you get seats in the next parliament and do not win the presidential election then you can nominate yourself to be leader of the opposition and other opposition MNAs will vote for you if they feel you are the best option. Only then can you call for others to follow you and show them the way forward. How can people follow an organisation that does not even have a legal status, constitution or manifesto. Other than your creed and ablog full of insults, what else do you have to offer the people of Seychelles. SESEL POU SESELWA PA ASE.

When I asked Mr.Ramkalwan to give back the raise of 38% in a private meeting last year as a condition for my full support, he ignored my request..

Mr Gill. Have you shown him the way forward and prove that you are a better man by giving up your scr 3000 pension that he voted for you to get.

Seychelles requires a particular ideology, MSR will shift to it to meet the needs of Seselwa Rasin. We in MSR are smart enough to know Seychelles problems are complex enough to require great versatility to overcome the failures of SPPF and PP. We will think out of the box, and not just be Jack out of a box.

Mr Gill you have done nothing than remain in the box. Whenever anyone has criticised or opposed MSR ideas you have called them fake, Collaborators, Fabrike Spies,liars accused them of getting JJ loans, claiming to know them when you dont have any idea who they are etc.. Then claim your state house spies know them but you will not name them to protect their children.
Instead of asking them, although they are anti PP for ideas You have just insulted them. Very much the same way i guess i am going to be insulted after this post.
Those that support you though Jeanne darc, VOX, Patrick X etc have the right to remain anonymous for fears of death threats

Mr Gill. You talk about maturity. When your blog started, it showed maturity. Unfortunately recently it has become nothing than a place where you insult people that oppose to your ideology, and then you have the guts to say that you are ready to listen to ideas. It is causing hatred between people opposing the PP, it is inciting violence, death threats etc.... Is that what you want to see in the future Seychelles..

carlos the Jackal said...

Most reasoned, informed and articulate post yet to appear here. Bravo whoever you may be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carlos. The compliments are well appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction to my post
I agree some are not justified but we should not stereotype all Seychelles citizens who are of your Rasinn blood .
Should have read who are not of Rasinn Blood.

Anonymous said...

I refer to Anonymous post on top. Vox has never said it supports Mr Gill/MSR. In fact i have stated my objection to Mr Gill's stance on his position vis a vis those who have obtained Seychellois nationality and allegations of vote rigging.

I have challenged Mr Gill's positions many a times. So let us be clear about these things.

What i have said many a times however is that i respect and admire his willingness to allow free speech and debate on a blog which he controls. He has shown more of what respect and democracy is about than all the SPPF/PP and Ramkalawan/SNP put together.

On some issues you have raised vis a vis SNP. Wavel Ramkalawan behaves within and with the SNP the very same way, Albert Rene behaves with the SPPF/PL. So you make me laugh when you talk about elections within the SNP and possibility to challenge Wavel. The only time there ever was 2 persons to stand for the post of Leader of SNP (those days it was still UO) was when Gaby Hoareau stood against him. Wavel won, but then afterwards Ramakalawan, Ferrari and Mancienne conspired to sideline Hoareau. This happened in many ways: changing the time meetings were held without inviting Hoareau, after decision taken, changing those decisions unilterally... the examples are many. The same tactic has been used vis a vis Philip Boulle, Ralph Volcere and all the others which Ramkalawan thought disagreed with him.

Personally when it comes to democracy, SNP is the very same as SPPF/PL.

I warned Gill when he went for his little escapade with Ramkalawan and the SNP, he said he showed good will, i guess he has been thought a lesson now.

But Anonymous has got a point, Gill/MSR must register as a Political Party if they are serious.

BTW, Anonymous you can use your real name, since you are a supporter of SNP nothing will happen to you, SPPF/PL likes SNP's because they know as long as Ramkalawan is around then they are guaranteed of staying in power for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Just one little point about the Ramkalawan v/s Hoareau election. Ramkalawan had previously put in place in the Constitution of the Party some Elction Committee (like all good facist and dictatorship) which would weed out all opponents. In this election Hoareau came at the last minute, a discussion followed and not to lose face Hoareau was allowed to stand.

Since then all elections have been carefully rigged and orchestrated in favour of Ramkalawan's cronies and Arpent Vert insiders. The Party Leader even has the power to appoint more memebers of the Executive Committee whch naturally tilts voting power in hbis favour. From sublime to the ridicule, candidates for election forms part of the electoral committee. Can you imagine, James Michel and his candidates part of the electoral commision? Well that is exactly the situation when it comes to election within the SNP :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christ for giving those muddle-headed PP lackeys a detailed insight of what MSR is all about.Would PP get the message? Probably not,they just don't understand anything then communism.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vox, I CAnnot use my name. The last time I publicly showed support for the snp I was victimised by pp and I am still paying the price for it. Like you I prefer to remain anonymous. Any way why should I reveal mine when you hide behind the name vox

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill has articulated what a lot of us Seychellois Creoles are thinking and worrying about and I support his stance 100%. President Michel and his entourage have reasons to be worried. The slogan of ‘Sesel Pou Seselwa’ is a powerful one which resonates with a lot of people in this Country as Albert Rene in the seventies, then in opposition, used it to devastating effect.

It is quite unfortunate that the political elite in this Country has stifled debate about people’s legitimate concerns and instead tried to brand us as racists or xenophobic. I don’t believe I am either racist or xenophobic and neither do I believe my other Creole friends and families are either. We have a legitimate concern which is not being addressed let alone discussed within the current political framework.

Issues that are taken so seriously by a large percentage of the population irrespective of political allegiance cannot be left to the whim of the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Herminie or indeed the leader of Government business in the assembly, Mrs Potty Potter. I am tempted to say that the National Assembly has become a joke but it probably is more accurate to describe it as a National Disgrace. The intellect of some members is nothing more than embarrassing and consequently impacts on the level of serious debate in the chamber.

The fact of the matter is control of this Country is sliding away from the "native" people of this Country. The political framework is not conducive to having these honest debates without being branded as racist. These debates need to happen with or without the consent of the establishment. The government has been playing politics with inward migration and selling Seychelles passports left right and centre to all and sundry, all the time diluting our influence in the political and economic affairs of our Country. We need to put a stop to this practice now! This is our Land! This is our heritage! This is our Country! Our voice must count!

Like Christopher articulated, I am more than happy to see foreigners who have something worthwhile to contribute, attain permanent residency and qualify for citizenship over a period of time, through a transparent system. However no one should be allowed to either buy their way into Citizenship of this Country on the basis of their dollar-leveraged friendship with government or Political Party officials.

I would argue that maintaining the harmonious racial, religious and cultural balance that has hitherto existed in this Country, should be an absolute priority for those in authority. Unless they take the concerns of a substantial section of their citizens seriously, they will fuel the seething anger that has been simmering of late and should not be surprise if at some point this anger manifests itself in other forms.

The time to act is now.

Man Friday

Anonymous said...

Harking back to the third article.The supposed African you reffering in Switzerland parliament has since been sacked for try to force his re-election by fraud.The now Swiss of Angolan origine got to Switzerland as a refugee and then was naturalized after living ten years in the country and abided by Swiss laws.Swiss passport was not sold to him,he integrated first.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, my point is that nowadays there is no harm in saying you are an SNP, as SNP is no threat to the SPPF.

Look at all those so called SNP's pe byen pase: Pauline Ferrari has just been appted to a post.Alain St Ange at STB (though i am not sure if that one is SPPF or Opposition) and in the busines circles.

I do not support SPPF nor do i the SNP, opposing both can lead one to grave harm, SNP leaders are remnants of SPPF, been to the same schools, have same beliefs (harm to those who oppose them, si ou pa ek mwan ou kont mwan mentality), i am sorry you were victimised, i only hope your party did well by you in your time of tribulation. As for Vox, i wish for the pay when when would be free to speak one's opinion in public. Unfortunately the 2 main political parties (SPPF/PL and SNP) are refractory, to freedom of speech and thought. Wish things were different!

:( Vox

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Get your facts right Ricardo Lumengo is still a parliamentarian

Secondly you did not read my post correctly. let me put it below for your clarity
Many of the people you call a fabrike gained their Seychellois passport in a legitimate way. They are Seychellois. Like it or not. I agree some are not justified but we should not stereotype all Seychelles citizens who are of your Rasinn blood Why can they not get involved in politics. Madeleine Albright well respected State secretary of the US clinton administration . A fabrike in your definition. Should she have not had the right to become a politician in the US. In switzerland there is a colured man in parliament originally an african who sought asylum . Also a fabrike according to your definition. He is well respected by Swiss Rasinn and loved as a politician. Should he not have the right to become a politician. In England many parliamentarians will fit your Fabrike type, do they not have the right to become a parliamentarian and have a say in the society that welcomed them.

I clearly stated nationality aquired in a legitimate way.

Anonymous said...

Gill is same as all politician. He only support free speech on his blog because he ready to race to bottom when real debate start. Ask why? because Gill is already at bottom from start. He attack anybody with shit who make good argument against him.

I agree Vox have true concern but Gill have hijak this and make the problem worst to discuss.

Solve this problem is delicate and politician first must show good behaviour to be trust to do it correct.

Anonymous said...

No he is not. He quited for fraud.In any case his position can't typifies any practices in our country.

Anonymous said...

The problem is PP and that is the position of the majority of Seychellois including many PP supportors.Like it or not PP will go through election or by force.

Anonymous said...

I reply to preplexed SNP Anonymous-

1.You say DP members of the constitutional commission were against a parliamentary system. This is correct. Today you are not reading a DP article. You are reading the MSR article. You rightly point out MSR is not a regiatered party as SNP. MSR is indeed a real movement and is doing the work of a regiatered party. Soon enough, you will have your wish and the movement will become a registered party.

But when MSR becomes a registered party, it will remain a movement until Seselwa Rasin rights are respected, in Seychelles, and not deflected as SPPF/PP and SNP are trying to due now. I suggest you join up together and do a coalition government, since you could have worked on your salaries for life, it shows you have potential to work together.

2.You defend the postion of MNA's for life. MNA's for life, with pensions for life. I am practically speechless. Unfortunately, you in SNP and SPPF /PP have not done much for the People of Seychelles. Know you want to remain in the National Assembly and State House for life?

I place this out for all readers of star to see what we are dealing with.

3. I am not concerned with USA or UK and Switzerland and what they do with their MNA's. If our MNA's worked hard, we would want them for life. But they do not. MSR Activist confirm that.Exception is Gervais Henri, he works and works hard.

4. You say SNP is a registered party. I do not have a problem with SNP being a registered party. But it has not done the work for 5 years. Recently, it has fallen to the bottom of the barrel, with the 70% pension for life payments it voted with SPPF-PP. Plagiarzing by the leadership does not speak highly of SNP as a whole, especially when it defends that self destructive act as ok.

5. Not taking serious systematic steps to unite the Opposition especially after being party and parcel of the ONe Party State is not seriousness by SNP. You have all done alot for Seychelles in the past. Hats off to you. But what have you done for Seychelles, lately?

6. You have done nothing for Seychelles lately. You have taken care of yourselves, only. You SNP Anonymous, want us to believe that- this is ok as you put it. It is not.

I have a problem with that just as a simple citizen because I have children that must live in this mess you are a co conspirator to.


Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill


You say SNP publishes accounts more than DP or NDP. I have no issue with your account. Vivian Soundy was your Tresurer and she had issue with your account. St. Ange replaced her, and he did not even read the accounts, someone else did in your convention thing.

This is none of my business, leave this discussion out, as it will embarass yourself needlessly if you make it an issue.

The right to ask a Leader gone derilict to step down is everyones right. Especially a Leader of Opposition that has lost his way. Remember, it was the Allaince which SNP broke that got SNP seats in the National Assembly it otherwise would not have.

Wavel Ramkalawan should step down now. We have asked him in private to do so and move on. He ignored our call, so as a private citizen, everyone should just tell him to step down. He cannot unite the Opposition because he has become a dividing force when he did not knwo when it was time to go. Time to go has passed.

That is why SNP must rely on SIVA for bread crumbs to finance a campiagn and Seychellois- Business turn their backs on SNP.Open your eyes SNP Anonymous.

Continued II

Anonymous said...

Continued III

SNP Anonymous says "register MSr as a Party".

MSR does not take orders from SNP or JJ Spirit who are without a clue if they are coming or going.

MSR will register its political party when it determines it is time.

SNP Anonymous says only when I am in the National Assembly will I be able to call others to follow me. You are silly, Anonymous, for such a long comment, really, you should have kept it short and sweet.

You say, other then your Creed and Blog what have you done? Well, the Creed of MSr gives 110,000 Seychellois Rasin hope that they will not loose their country and that they will be respected in Seychelles as Seselwa Rasin for the next 10000 years, Sir/Mamdam. Now I believe that will be a well respected gift to the People of Seychelles.

The STAR Bolg and Lavwa -Sesel are blogs that keep and help Regar Weekly Seychelles Review, Seychelles e news with articles each week. Some of them make money off of it and that helps them . I am happy for them.But more importantly, it is opening the eyes of 110,000 Seychellois people.

By being strong, I am teaching the same 110000 Seselwa Rasin to be strong and get off their knees to rid the coountry of Rene Michel PP. Now if you SNP leader gets a sick stomach over that thought, I suggest they see Dr. Ferrari for a prescription.

Continued III

Anonymous said...

Continued IV

SNP Anonymous- You say "Sesel Pou Seselwa" Pa Ase! I say it is more then enough.

You SNP have nothing believe in nothing, make things up as you go and call the UK and Canada Liberal Party for ideas and help. You write kankan, like Honourable Consul Pauline Ferrari and Viyzon each week to fill our minds with trash instead of any ideas.

I say to you "Sesel Pou Seselwa " is more than enough for Seychelles.

Regarding salary increase of 38% and my request to W Ramkalawan to give back the money last year in private, which was ignored. You answer to that SNP is to ask me to give back my little Scr. 3,000.00 pension.

I have already said that I will if Ramkalawan give up the money. So again, go to it, before it is too late SNP.

You say I am in a box.No I am not Sir/madam. I have faced collaborators, spies, fake profiles, and I have ID them. So this accusation is not applicable and another attempt to send out false information. We are passed this stage in Seychelles politics.

Continued V

Anonymous said...

Continued VI

SNP Anonymous-

You say we in MSR ask Fabrikes like Ramadoss not to get involved in our politics. You say they should and have every right.

I suppose this position is necessary for SPPF/PP because they take money from Ramadoss and Sheik Khalifa.

I also suppose this is a necessary position for SNP today, because SIVA funds it regularly.

You SNP are sell outs, offering to protect Fabrikes like Ramadoss and SIVA over a average little Seselwa Rasin. I am ashamed to have voted for Ramkalawan 4 times. I wasted my vote.

You say Madeliene ALbright is a Fabrike in USA. I am not concerned with USA or UK issues on this blog. Here we deal with issues that concern Seychelles and Seselwa Rasin.

Regarding Fabrike Citizenship, which you refer to as legitmate. Yes SPPF made them citizens. Some are bona fide applications. Some are not. Once a Rasin government comes to power, and it will, we will go over all appplications and citizenship of Fabrikes and vet all applications for want of fraud, misrepresentation bribes, time of residence, etc.....

Hence why we urge Fabrikes not to involve themselves in our politics.

SNP- For your information: Seychelles is our country and it always will be. It does not belong to the Ramadoss Krevejirs, Sivas of the world, and it never will,not even if SPPF says so.

Now you SNP go agree with SPPF and call us whatever you want. I need the votes you are going to piss off.

Humanitarian grounds issue- ask Honourable Pauline Ferrari JJ spirit woman in Paris and SNP spokesperson in Brussels, what that means.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "If you want Wavel to step down as leader of SNP, join them and challenge him. If not do not challenge his position as leader of that Party"

So, anonymous are saying that after given my votes to SNP & Wavel and they have not delivered on their mandate, therefore, I'm not entitled to ask for Wavel to step down. The only way for him to step down is for someone to challenge him in a Leader's context. You wanted my vote but I can't say that Wavel must go! So, if no-one challenge wavel for the Leadership will should be content with him & accept him whatever maybe.

Well tell me if that is not a dictatorship system.
Well, I won't form part on this system bakal anymore...Wavel & SNP will never get my vote again, never again! Better stay home & plant some bananas just like Wavel said he will do if he lost the last elections. Nou ankor pe esper sa bann banann!

Anonymous said...

MSR would like to challenge both SNP,PP whoever but unfortunately SNP's leader RAM lies doggo.He is so busy counting his money ,i mean tax payers' money gifted to him by PP that he is in total oblivian of what is going on around him.

Ask PP to use the aired time given to Michel with his boring en moman avek presidan to air a debate between politicians of the different parties.After that what SBC should promote.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Wavel should not wait for someone to challenge him before stepping down as Leader of opposition. If he truly believes in democracy, he should have offered his resignation to the Nation after losing yet another election.

The man would have got a lot of respect and in the process set a precedent for those who come after him. Sadly he has behaved like a little dictator in opposition. Having voted for him 4 times, he now scares the shit out of me. If he craves power so much, what the hell will he do when he is in power?

Suffice to say that as much as I despise the SPPF leeches that have screwed up this Country, I will abstain from voting this time. My confidence in Ramkalawan has evaporated. If SNP elected a new credible leader, perhaps like St.Ange, then I would reconsider my position.

If Ramka thinks he is going to win the next election, he better think again. His greatest enemy will be apathy from his own supporters, many of whom feel let down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gill,

Unless you have either committed electoral fraud or you are a dishonest person. You could not have possibly voted for Wavel 4 times. You have never been a resident of St louis or Anse Etoile, therefore you could not have voted for him in paliamentry elections. Wavel has stood as a presidential candidate 3 times. Even them I dont think you could have voted for him three times as it would just show you as a traitor.
If you claim to have voted for the UO then SNP four times that would also make you a traitor.

1,In the first Presidential election, Mancham was the DP candidate and you were a DP candidate. Boulle was the UO candidate. If you did not vote for Mancham, your uncle and Party Leader, it means you cannot be trusted because you betrayed your party. Furthermore when you say you voted for Ramkalawan you are lying, which makes you a dishonest person.

2, In the 1998 Presidential election, you Mr Gill were SPPF because you had just crossed the floor. If as you say you voted for Ramkalawan then, it shows that once again you are a dishonest person and an opportunist because you were after only what you could get from the Reds. How can you be trusted.

3,That leaves 2 more elections. What are you going to say. You voted for Wavel twice both times. If yes then you have comitted electoral fraud. If that is the case, Once again Mr Gill how can you be trusted.

Mr Gill. Honourable Prea is my MNA and unlike your MSR activists think he has worked hard for the people of Belombre and continues to do so. A hell of a lot harder than you ever did for us and has never betrayed us like you did. Remember It is not just what is seen in edited version of the assembly that shows hard work. There are a lot of efforts that go unnoticed in helping constituents going through hard times. So it is not just Mr Henri like you singled out that is working hard.Others are too.

I also notice that I have been insulted by you in your reply. Calling me Kankan. It just shows I was correct when I said i would not be surprised if i was insulted by you.
You have no respect for those that oppose you and you want to call yourself a mature politician and show yourself as better than others. Well Mr Gill you are not. If anything you are worse.Mature politicians respect opponents ideas even if they disagree with them.

Mr Gill once again I say you are in the box, You have failed to publicly name, AsSeychellois Asweare, You have failed to prove that DK Smith is not a real person by naming who you think she really is. All you have done is throw insults at them. They have given you the liberty to do so. If you are a man of words do it. Name them.

Mr Gill
"Regarding salary increase of 38% and my request to W Ramkalawan to give back the money last year in private, which was ignored. You answer to that SNP is to ask me to give back my little Scr. 3,000.00 pension.

I have already said that I will if Ramkalawan give up the money. So again, go to it, before it is too late SNP."

You see yourself as a leader. Show him the way. Leaders lead not follow.

Finally Mr Gill if you think that by your last statements you were going to slam Ramkalawan and SNP you have only slammed yourself because you have finally shown your true colour. That of a traitor with no real belief. That is why no-one should ever trust you and for those that do may god bless them because they obviously will need help when once again you betray them

Anonymous said...

There is a growing devils avocation from some people who claim to be SNP to register and challenge SNP.

How can you tell who is who on this blog?

In this situation, we have to be cautious of a very likely grand strategy from SPP themselves to create division and I can feel that these people are gradually achieving their goals. If this strategy works, SPP would most probably have the upper hand even in their darkest and lowest point as a party.

However, this is not to argue that we should not do that, if SNP has no leadership and commitment.

What we should not do is allow SPP strategist succeed in making us fall in their decisive trap to lead us to our own failures.

If the registration of the movement is well thought, planned, it will not only have a major role to influence the results of the forthcoming election, but it will be a critical force beyond the elections.


Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the coffee before it is TOO LATE Mr Gill, Mr Ramkalawan. The Party in power are already turning up the heat and are spending vast sums of money buying votes, with free world cup viewing, happy hours, party's etc, etc, etc.
And what does the official opposition do, absolute NAPA. Where are the SNP what are you doing, you don't appear to be canvassing business for financial support like all political parties around the world do. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? GET OFF YOUR OVERPAID ASSES AND SHOW THE PEOPLE OF SEYCHELLES YOU CAN BRING CHANGE!!!! Lose the next election and you are dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

I Reply to Anonymous SNP Man-

Once again, you go around in circles. When you are done, you cannot even use your name. It must be the leadership. How sad!

It is human to err, this is why I said I voted for Wavel Ramkalawan 4times. I wanted to have you air your acid response. You have and it is fine with me.

But, -
the point is this: as you air such acidic tantrums towards me, how will you treat other DP and other people like former SPPF -PP that want a united opposition to remove SPPF -PP?


your intellectual pretext is predisposed to failure in the next elections, because you do not have a mental state to unite the opposition.

With that said,

it is clear that if you do not want to unite the Opposition, you do not want to win an election.

This is consistent,

with statements(W. Ramkalwan) in the National Assembly.


what has changed today, that would make you want to win an election?

Salary and Pension still not big enough?


what are you doing to win an election?

A vote ,

is secret, and you have no business arguing with a man on his vote. But to set the record straight to help you along, my presidential votes have been casted as follows in the past: Mancham, Boulle, Ramkalawan, Ramkalawan.

2. Regards to Prea who you say is a hard worker, I know he is a nice man. I take no issue with him. I did not mention him in the comment.

I mention Gervais Henri who I confirm works damn hard. If Prea works hard or anyone else good on them, their leader should follow suit and do the same.

You say you are being insulted by me. Well, I have used no harsh words, only intellectual assertions. If you have a problem with that, you do not belong in poliitcs.

Now if the SPPF-PP have to taught you to respect a mans opinion whatever it may be, whether or not you agree, be nice, and do not question him, I fear you have been in politics too long and perhaps a sabbatical preisthood mission to Madagascar would be appropriate. If you are not a preist, become one as an alternative career. How can we take politicians seriously, that do not even use their names to post a comment?

Afterall, they are paid to defend their ideas in all forums.

Continued I

Anonymous said...

Continued SNP Anonymous II-

3. DK Smith And Seychellois ASWEARE Fake Profiles- You say I have failed to publically name these individuals.

I am happy to see that you seem to want to hold me accountable for naming these persons. However, SNP themselves are not an accountable Opposition, even to the point that they do not use their names to answer a blog. If the comments were short, it would be excusable. However, your replies have become essays.

Now as I said before, these individuals do not need to be exposed at this time. They have become little more then nuissance value in terms of comments.

38% Salary and 70% Pension SNP conspired with SPPF-PP to vote for themselves, for life.

On this SNP Anonymous says, give back my Scr. 3,000.00 per month pension and W Ramkalawan will do the same.

SNP ANONYMOUS which I assume is Mr. Ramkalawan himself, since he speaks for Mr. Ramkalawan, I did not give myself a Scr. 3,000 per month pension, it was SPPF and SNP in legislative conspiracy that gave me this pension. It is there responsiblity to the people to give back these increases and pensions.

I have said I will write the check aswell when they do it. So as paid representative of the People, they are duty bound to correct mistakes. They have th epower to amend laws and revoke them that created this gross salary and gross pension for life for politicians.

Thank you for you input. But it is still short of the mark and makes a very poor defence of intertia on part of SNP.

If SPPF-PP were writing these comments, SNP should have said something. They have not, so I reasonably assume they are SNP arguments 100% pure. If they are not, I ask SNP to pronounce itself.

Remember SNP, the real issue is to unite the opposition, not divide it with self righteous BS that only wastes more time.

We have uncovered and SPPF Spy Pauline Ferrari in your camp and you say nothing about that.

We have uncovered a Scr. 1.00 sale to Khalifa by one of your MNA's and you say nothing about that.

We have uncovered Euro 150,000.00 payment by SIVA for the silent vote on Ambassadorship, while Mancham was sidelined, you say nothing about that.

We shed light in darkness, you tell us to keep the room dark.

What kind of Opposition have you become?

You even respect SPPF_PP opinions and moves to bankrupt Seychelles, and remain polite.

With an Opposition like that, we might as well take a quick route to our graves and save us more suffering.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,
What is a Sechellois Rasin? Seems to me only those born in Seychelles from all the perturbed and confusing remarks in the above posts plus a whole lot of others over the last few months....!

Take my father emigrated here when he was 19, and died at 74. He only visited his country of birth about 5-6 times in that period of 55 years. If he were still alive, would he be a Rasin or a Fabrike???

You see, unfortunately, your blog has sown confusion on this matter. It is not only what you say that counts but HOW you say it that will win hearts and minds. Unfortunately you have, willingly or unwillingly, allowed a lot of dissention and racist slur to perpetuate on your blog. If you want to be seen as credible you and a lot of your "supporters" need to change the tone and style of their "language" and have clarity of thought and ideas.

Please reflect on these few comments of mine with an open mind and in constructively.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why should I use my name. Why should people that disagree with you use their name. Why do you not ask Patrick X, Jeanne darc, Vox and all the other anonymous to use their name.
Let me just tell you though that I am not Wavel Ramkalawan. I am a resident of Belombre, Catholic, Married for 10 years so I cannot become a priest.

On this SNP Anonymous says, give back my Scr. 3,000.00 per month pension and W Ramkalawan will do the same.

I did not say that. Do not put words in my mouth. I said a leader that you want to be leads and does not follow. If you want Ramkalawan and other MNA's to do it first you are a follower.

Now the reason i mentioned Ramkalawan is because this is the one you targeted. Had it been Jean Francois,Tony Derjaques or any other I would have done the same thing

Anonymous said...

I reply to Confused-

A legitimate question is posed: Who are Seselwa Rasin.

First off, the definition is found in Mouvman Seselwa Rasin Creed which can be accessed on Mouvman Seselwa Rasin Facebook page and

All our basic principles are placed on this site. I urge all to read and spread the word.

To answer your question.

On June 29th, 1976, Seychelles became a country and its people were borne out of vestiges of colonialism on that day. These people who were Seychellois on that day, and all their descendants, whether they live in Seychelles today or not, are Seselwa Rasin.

Seselwa Rasin are made up of all races, we advocate no racist ideology. We hate no one, love only Seychelles. We are not anti foreigner as PP assert, but we are pro Seychellois.

Additionally, all individuals that became a citizen through spousal support is considered a Seselwa Rasin.

Those who buy passports and citizenship are not considered Seselwa Rasin.They are referred to as Fabrikes. They have no right to participate in our politics according to the MSR Creed.

Those that came to Seychelles under GOP and took on citizenship through special relations with SPPF, are do not consider to be Seselwa Rasin.

Seychelles is the homeland of all Seselwa Rasin. It is their mother land that gave birth to Seselwa as a people. It belongs to them and only them.

Seselwa are gifted with a special country and they are obligated to protect it for generations.

This is manifested in the Preamble of the Constitution of the Third Republic aswell.
I trust this answers your questions.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous SNP Man-

You say, "why should you use your name"? I say because you are taking stance that are a serious representation of the SNP position. That is why.

X Jeane Dárc VOX, Niya, others do not use their name because they do not feel comfortable to do so yet.

You have no fears, as SNP works in close relations with SPPF-PP.

How did they get a 38% salary increase, was it not in close working relations?

How did they get a 70% Fat CAT PENSION? Was it not in working closely with SPPF-PP?

How did SIVA become an Ambassador?
Was it not because SNP was working closely with SPPF_PP?

How did Pauline Ferrari become a Honorary Consul for SPPF-PP President?

Was it not because SNP was working closely with SPPF -PP?

So you see SNP Anonymous man, you have to fears so you can use your name, especially when you ask me to hand over my little 3,000 pension and ask the People of Seychelles to ignore the 70% or 24,000.00 per month pension for all Ministers and Leader of Gov Business and Leader of Opposition, for life. Totalling over Scr.145Million if they live for 40 years and retire today.

Use your name, I will give you the next Scr. 3,000.00 check, if not, use your energy to unite the Opposition.

As one commenter said, smell the coffee!

See you in Belombre.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I puzzle with your answer Mr. Gill. Please clarify if you say you will be corrupt because you feel others are being corrupt. that why you take the pension?

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

Sorry. I do not take bribes, although I am a pensioner on less than the scr 3000 you earn having worked for the Seychelles longer than the five years you did, i do not want your money. If you think your little offer would have made me sell my soul dream on.I will not cross the floor like you did. I am be old but I am a man of principle

I do not use my name because i have been a victim of the PP. Come the day I will stand up, but it is not you to tell me when. I will do it when I am comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous SNP Man-

The public offer to pay you Scr. 3,000.00 for using your name is not a bribe.

It is an offer of consideration to strengthen our democracy because all the SNP leadership are pussy cat scared to use their names, because it is they who have sold themselves to the devil and the SCR 140 Million in pensions we will pay on top of another SCR 180 MIllion in salaries for 40 years, is evidence of that sell out.

The difference between me and all of the SNP leadership in the National Assembly, is what you do not agree with that I did in 1998, was inconsequential to the politics of Seychelles at the time.

What SNP Leadership has done today, is today, and has dire consequences on the national budget and quality of life for all Seychellois for decades to come.

So SNP Man- you SNP people do take bribes, you are slaves for your pockets as the evidence has displayed when light is shown on you.

You are corrupt and have reduced the opposition activity to running around and collecting pay checks from foreigners and SPPF-PP every month.

You have corrupted yourselves, all by yourselves. You do not even have a DP MNA to blame.

Now you blame me for it.

For your information SNP -MAN, I have nothing to do with SNP. I never did and never will likely, except for : 1. seconding Wavel Ramkalawan's motions so he can debate in the National Assembly, 2. one session of Tea in 1994 with Georges, Ferrari, Ramkalawan,3. one speech last year to help out SNP to understand the economic crisis we are in, which Roger Mancienne told me, SNP wanted to claim credit for the successes of the reform. What success? What a complete joke of an assertion, I believe until today.

Totally lost in space.

I suggest you pack your acid pack and change your leadership to something more serious, that the Opposition can deal with instead of what SPPF-PP can deal with.

Now SNP Man- Tiklo No. 1 Proxy of Rene the Butcher, has invited Wavel Ramkalwan to State House for tea and cakes. Why don't you take Tiklo's advise and get on with it and do a coalition government to save SPPF-PP as they ask?

Afterall, half of SNP has already been hired to work for SPPF-PP.

Judging from past sell out conduct, which you remain silent on utterly to the point we can hear a pin drop on the blog, I am sure your leadership will accept the invitation.

It is a sad day for me to write this. It is a sad day for the people in the opposition to read this.

It is a sad day of mourning for us all in Seychelles, we have been sold out by an Anglican preist and a gang of self righteous, self enriching people, nothing but pocket fillers at the end of the day.

And you try to defend that?

Take some advise, instead of defending the ndefendable,consider running and hiding, doing Visa applications to Madagascar for 17 years representing the time you have taken the People of Seychelles on a ride.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

SNP man Mr Gill has answer your Articel.Do you have more to offer SNP man?MSR have no fear of death threats,because we are not afraid to died and not afraid of our shadow like SNP to fight for they right.Just look SNP man how your leader WAVEL is a loser,last time he ask for playing field for his rally he did not get it,Did he went to fight for it.No.He say when our salary are not increases his suporters will take to the street i have seen nothing.This is MAN who are afraid to take some betting agaian and afraid of death threat or his working with PP behind close door.Wavel is not fighting for change otherwise he should have STOP PP to let Kalifa and others countinue there DISTRUCTION and selling our land and our citizenship.The next election is coming your leader can not even star to tell Seselwa what he will do if he will be come President and what he will make for a change.Wavel is afraid to be come a President he can not handel and he have to pick the pieces and the mess Rene,Michel and co have left behind.Wavel himself say he dont what to be President,what you want to be?Just to be a bam head leader of opposition and work togethere with PP to countinue selling our land and stilling our money again and again till we are necked.


Anonymous said...

Reply to SNP Man and Praslin-

In meetings with Mancienne and Ramkalawan, I had to tell them to have the Public Order ACT amended. Go see the Attorney General and get his committment. We are 17 years since Third Republic but Public Orders Act still One Party State law contradicting constitution.

When SNP is out of ideas, they mean it, SNP Man.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha thats a good one. Christopher Gill say he lied on purpose!!!! ha ha ha. But of course you lied on purpose you are a frigin liar thats why. Go wash you mouth with soap liar.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Mr. Ha Ha,

Still doing the Ha Ha?

I told you the mess SNP leadership is in is no Ha Ha matter.

Now Mr. Ha, Ha, what I sia referring to my vote in past elections is not a lie. It is in english called a Red Herring, to expose your ignorance and subversion to acidic comments and division of the People of Seychelles.

Your SNP Man has demonstrated that like a well oil clock. You SNP -HA HA Man, are no better.

Your Ha, Ha's will not deter me.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Hi Twistopher,
You are indeed a great Twister, one who can dance to any tune played by any violin. You twisted on your own step father James Mancham to join the SPPF; then you twisted away from the SPPF to rejoin the DP; a few months later, you twisted towards the SNP, hoping that they would give you a platform to preach on.
You have to understand this simple thing, Twistopher: No self-respecting organisation wants to have anything to do with you anymore. I am a supporter of the opposition and I would really want to see you go back to the SPPf where you can mess up everything for them. You say you want to unify the opposition then here is the solution: Go back to the SPPF that your step father helped create and leave us alone. Or if you find it too hard to do yet another twist, then maybe you should go to hell.. the last place you will be able to call home.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha twist and shout ha ha ha or is it Sheik rock and roll??? ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

I reply to Twister-SNP MAN and Mr. SNP Man Ha,Ha, Ha.

The problems you both have with me highlight the problem with SNP leadership and their subsequent failing of their mandate to bring change for the People of Seychelles.

Twister SNP-Man says I can dance to any tune. What is important SNP-MAN is to dance to the tune that is playing for the moment. You do not want to be dancing waltz when it is sega. You SNP people do not get it. You don't even know what to dance.

Example, you complain about not being given permission from Police to hold meetings, but with all your lawyers, for 17 years, you make no effort to present a bill to amend the Public Orders Act of 1997. Of course, SPPF-PP will not do it for you, they wait while you sleep.

If I did not tell your leadership what to do on that, you would still be sleeping. I have witnesses as well on it. So grow up.

Mr. SNP Ha, Ha,Ha, for his part, says I twist things. I twist nothing. I state the truth, and bring light to the darkness which you have been living in. Now it is Mr. SNP Ha, Ha Ha, who is twisted, because the reality that his leadership has sold him out lot stock and barrel for 40 years on a pension scam has hit him, but he does not want to accpet it. Take your time, Rome was not built in a day, and the pensions will not be paid out in a day. It will take generations.

Do not blame me, for your self righteous leaders have fallen from grace.

I did not tell them to take money from SIVA;

I did not tell them to go to State House and cut a 38% salary increase;

I did not tell them to ask for a pension, from SPPF-PP and conspire to rip off the People of Seychelles;

I did not tell them to bounce Frank Elizabeth from the National Assembly and get a PP Court Judgment to enforce the move;

I did not tell them to break an election alliance;

I did not tell them to appoint Pauiline Ferrari as Spokesperson for SNP Europe;

I did not tell them have Pauline Ferrari become a Honorary Consul, and we will still love her;

I did not tell SNP to not print the Weekly, and supress Freedom of Speech;

I did not tell SNP to plagiarize articles and use them in speeches;

The list is endless with you mindless fanatics.

Seychelles does not need any fanatics that worship a corrupt Anglican Priest that takes care of himself, before he cares for his flock.

Nor does Seychelles need a party that divides us Seselwa Rasin into colors, be it Red, Green or Blue.

Red Green and Blue will help us face the onslaught of Eden Island? Or will it destroy us?

Red Green and Blue will help us face Khalifa, or will it destroy us?

Wake up from your sleep Mr. SNP -Man, stop twisting our future for a few rupees to put into your leaders pocket. He has enough already.

Seychelles need change.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha so what have you actually done Twistopher? ha ha ha ha just exploit people fears? ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Reply to Mr. SNP Ha,Ha,Ha:

I am not laughing and the people of Seychelles are not laughing Mr. SNP Ha,Ha, Ha.

When Belmont retired after not cmpleting a mandate, and we now have to pay him 70% of his salaries for all ministries he retired from, it is an astronomical number that the Government of Seychelles will not afford down the road. As ministers fail, they will go on pension.

This is what SNP voted for- for SPPF-PP to allow them to retire their failing ministers, and this is what SNP got SPPF-PP to vot efor to retire their failing opposition in style.

Why don't you reply to the allegations and deny them instead of coming back with Ha,Ha, Ha, Mr. SNP-Ha,Ha, Ha Man.

Allegations not denied are deemed to be true if you did not kow.

The next time you use the word Khalifa when you write, remember who signed the deeds and did the notary work for the Scr.1.00 deal: Bernard Georges, MNA Mamelles, SNP.

The sooner you get out of your Ha,Ha-fanatic mode, the sooner you will realize what has happen around you.

It is an awakening and you will see not just the millionaire preist standing next to you, but a whole gang of opportunitstic self interested apostles.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Oppostion political parties,is defined as partisan political institutions that are intentionally designed to temper the government's excesses while persuing both legislative and presidential offices.

It's difficult today ,in this country to distinguish between Oppostion parties and the ruling party,since both have engaged in a sacrosanct marriage,a thoughfare used by predators to keep a tight rein on the country's institution.

A real oppostion doesn't sit in the rubber-stamp "Parliament" and acts as the yes-man of the ruling party.Its strenght lies in the supporters willing to risk comfort and safety by openly protesting against the government.

Oppositon parties have proven ,to date,to be just undemocratic as the government that they criticize.One irrefutable fact,the country is still searching for principled avocates for change.

We cannot transform the nature of politics when Oppostion parties evolve around individual personalities. In the absence of structures within the Oppostion parties to assure adherence to competitive political process,they render themselves feeble and fragmented and devoid of the value to the people who votes they wooed during the last elections.

This country require political reconciliation,compromise and cooperation between oppostion parties,if we really serious and want to get rid of the despotic rule of the actual government and move forward this country.

Those refusing to do so,are real enemies of democracy,freedom and justice,who have been benefiting from the misery and hardship of the people for decades.They are playing an active role in the fragmentation of the country,thus legitimizing the dictorial tendencies of the governement.

Likewise,they are opposed to any political order which the people of this country are the sole owners of their destiny,a democratic order in which they have the right to freely choose and put their leaders in power and remove them when they choose so.

To conclude,an authentic democracy is one where government has an effective opposition.


Anonymous said...

You know why we won't reveal our names? Because it is making PP having sleepless nights.
We're here,we're there,we're everywhere.
I will reveal my ID when MSR takes over.I will be the one and first to raise MSR flag right there where ZONM LIBRE stands.
You with me,by then ZONM LIBRE would have been moulded to form Michel's last medal.This one though ,would not be gold-platted but in raw cast iron.

Jeanne D'Arc

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