Monday, June 21, 2010


SPPF / PP and SNP Conspire To Take Millions of The People’s Money

The biggest scam to fleece the Seychelles and bring it to its knees as a bankrupt state under IMF management

The Constitutional Emoluments Bill et al of 2008 came before the National Assembly in late 2008 and the SNP was up and down State House meeting with SPPF to conspire the biggest rip off of the People of Seychelles ever, since the signing of the Constitution of the Third Republic in 1993.

We never knew the whole story, but we have come to know what took place when the Constitutional Emoluments Act of 2008 as amended meant for the People of Seychelles. SPPF/PP and SNP conspired to pass the Bill in the National Assembly and they conspired to keep the details a secret from the People of Seychelles.

The “Deal with the Devil” Signed, Sealed, Delivered By SBC
With the control of SBC, the SPPF barely released the information of unprecedented 38% increase in salary that they brokered with SNP in a legislative conspiracy, but they went silent on a first time ever life pension program for politicians.

The People were outraged by the 38% salary increases and this preoccupied everyone’s mind until the 29% PUC electricity tariff increases came along later. No one knew about the extent or even understood the extent of the new pensions the SPPF and SNP voted themselves, on the eve of the country declaring national bankruptcy.
Under the new Act, a politician can now get a 70% pension for the rest of his life. Hence, the opposition has been turned into a “pensioned opposition”, the ruling party, turned into a “pensioned party” with full pensions for life like the Civil Service, but civil servants get much, much, less on retirement for an entire life’s work and sacrifice.
No wonder none of these rascals really work for Seychelles, they have a life insurance for poor performance, voted for themselves, and the People of Seychelles have to pay for years to come, in spite of them doing a grossly bad job serving us and serving country.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa” Means Truth, Accountability, Transparency, Reality
The numbers are startling. The pension violates the “Sesel Pou Seselwa” principles of honest, transparent and accountable government to the People.
In this article, we expose the rascals, all of them, SPPF and SNP alike. We shed light in darkness so no mushroom grows on our foreheads, be it an SPPF/PP mushroom or an SNP mushroom. Truth, accountability, transparency applies to each and every one!

In the next election, the People of Seychelles need to throw them all out and send them back to the farm to increase agricultural industry contribution to our GDP.
These salaries need to be reduced by 30% and pensions need to be cancelled outright. Politicians are not civil servants and are never entitled to a pension, unless it is a Head of State who serves all.
Politicians are partisans and advance a particular political agenda for a time. Hence why the State should not be required to pension them out for life! They already receive a gratuity for end of term service that is substantial enough.

One Person-Two or Three Ministries
One scam SPPF has perfected is the multiple salary swindle. One person can run a number of constitutional offices and ministries and be paid a salary and be pensioned out on retirement. It is still unclear if the policy is to have the individual choose a salary or choose a pension, nor is it clear if a person can occupy more than one constitutional post. It seems they can and it appears multiple salaries, are part of the SPPF/PP game.

Take James Michel as an example. He is the President of the Republic and Minister of Defence, Legal Affairs, Information and Tourism. He is entitled to the salary of President, but is also paid for each ministry he heads all for work done in one day. If his cabinet makes each heading a different ministry, as it appears, then he takes a ministerial salary for each and a pension for each. Hence, Michel as a person will take a 70% salary-pension for each heading, if his government sanctions it. His retirement package will then be: Scr.26,600.00 (Office of President) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Defence) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Legal Affairs) + Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Information) + Scr. 19,600.00 for (Ministry of Tourism). Adjusted total is: Scr. 105,000.00 per month. If Michel the lives for 40 years, his pension will cost the people of Seychelles: Scr.50, 400,000.00.
He is the big winner in this deal, which SNP signed off on side by side with SPPF/PP.

Bye, Bye Belmont!
Recently, Mr. Joseph Belmont announced his retirement from his political career. The Constitutional Emoluments Act et al, over cushions Belmont’s premature departure. Belmont has been part of the Jj Spirit Team that bankrupted Seychelles but he is pensioned out for his failures and bad decisions or indecisions that led to our country becoming bankrupt officially. Instead of punishing failure to discourage future failures, the Constitutional Emoluments Act rewards failure today, to encourage ongoing failure in the future.

As Vice President, his salary was Scr. 35,000.00 per month. As a retiree, Belmont will take home every month, for the rest of his life Scr. 24,500.00 per month. Per year, Scr. 294,000.00. If he lives for another 40 years, Scr. 11,760,000.00 for being the Vice President who is responsible for bankrupting Seychelles, the same year, they voted for this salary-pension guarantee for life.
Now, Belmont was also Minister of Administration and Minister of Tourism – two (2) separate ministerial headings. As such he may and could well be entitled to pensions for each heading. Based on a 70% of total salary of Scr. 28,000.00 for each or pensioned out at Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Tourism and Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Administration. Total with Vice President pension could possibly be: Scr. 63,700.00 per month for the rest of his life. If he lives for 40 years more, Scr. 30,576,000.00 will be paid to Belmont as pension, unless he disqualifies for a ministerial heading, which is unlikely.

Farewell Marie Pierre Lloyd
Ex – Minister Lloyd had a short spout as Minister. Towards the end of her run which was cut short, the Ministry of Health had collapsed. They do not even pay their PUC electricity bills these days. The irony of this situation is that we will now pay Minister Lloyd a pension for a job badly done. She is a one term minister and entitled to 40% of salary as a pension. She will receive a pension of about Scr. 11,200.00 for the rest of her life. Per annum we will pay her now, Scr. 134,400.00 for doing nothing all year. If she lives for another 40 years, her term of failure at the Ministry of Health will now cost us the People of Seychelles another Scr.5,376,000.00, over and above the cost of a failing the Ministry of Health. Her payout is more frugal than the LO and LGB, see below.

Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business Salary & Pensions
In the National Assembly, where this legislative conspiracy between SPPF and SNP was endorsed the Two (2) leaders from opposite sides come out as big winners in their own right. It was one of the few rare moments when both sides of the house voted unanimously on a bill!
With a pension for life, politicians no longer become answerable to the voters. They can send us all to hell, they believe, don’t answer phones, ignore emails, block chats on Facebook, do not reply to written letters. Basically send all their constituents to hell!

Now, you know why the SNP has stopped opposing the SPPF/PP, aside from the occasional copy and paste of articles from Star or Weekly.
Previously the Leader of Government Business (Marie-Louise Potter of SPPF/PP)and Leader of Opposition (Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, SNP) were paid each Scr. 19,000.00 base pay excluding gratuities, allowances and other perks. They increased their salaries to Scr. 28,000.00, an increment of Scr. 9,000.00 per month, on the eve of Seychelles being declared a bankrupt state. Their pension for the rest of their lives is 70% of their salary or 19,600.00 - more than their past salary of Scr. 19,000.00 before the 38% increase.
Per annum, on pension for the rest of their lives, both Mrs. Marie Louise Potter and Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan will each earn Scr. 235,000.00.
If both Potter and Ramkalawan live for another 40 years, which is highly likely, they will each cost the People of Seychelles Scr. 9,408,000.00 for doing nothing, ever again...
People of Seychelles, SPPF/PP and SNP have taken us for fools!!!!!!

The Members of the National Assembly (MNA’s)
MNA’s that do three (3) terms in the National Assembly are entitled to 70% of their salary as pension for the rest of their lives. Past salary was Scr. 8,000.00 per month. The new salary is Scr.14, 000.00 per month, an increase of 6,000.00. The three year term, will guarantee the MNA a pension payout of Scr. 9,800.00 per month.
In 12 months after they leave the National Assembly, each MNA will cost the People of Seychelles, Scr. 117,600.00. If all 34 MNA’s make it to Three (3) terms and retire, it will cost per annum: Scr. 3,998,400.00. If they live for 40 years, than that will cost us Scr. 159,936,000.00 for them to remain on pension and do nothing.
Adding Scr. 159,936,000.00 MNA pensions to the pensions of the Two (2) Leaders in the National Assembly will give us: Scr. 178,752,000.00 just for National Assembly pensions, excluding the Mr. Speaker guy, His Excellency, The Right and Honourable Dr. Patrick Herminie.

If you add his Scr.34, 000.00 per month package excluding allowances, gratuity, perks, at 70% it is Scr. 23,800.00 per month pension, or Scr.285, 600.00 per annum. Over 40 years, His Excellency the Right Honourable, Dr. Patrick Herminie’s pension will cost us Scr. 11,424,000.00. In total, Scr.190, 176,000.00, excluding the pensions of past MNA’s to serve in the National Assembly. Over time, the pensions will wipe out progress for the Nation, unless revoked by legislation.

SPPF/PP and SNP voted themselves a golden parachute for life.

Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame on all who raised their hands to vote for fat salaries and pension deals for themselves and their political masters!

Now the People of Seychelles, you all know why neither party listens to you and your concerns.
Now the People of Seychelles know why they are so frustrated with inaction and there is never enough money for anything. But yet, we are supposed to be rich.
Now the People of Seychelles need to wake up to the biggest political scam in our history.

People of Seychelles, when these politicians have sat in their big leather chairs that Communist China gave them, we thought they were sleeping and their hair and beards were getting white as time passed. We were right! But what we did not realize, while we worried about our future as a people, is that their future was already guaranteed – thanks to the greatest legislative conspiracy of Seychelles history. No wonder why these MNAs would not give a hoot if their hair and beards were getting white. They even fell asleep in their chairs most of the time.

I have this to say to SPPF and SNP: “Sesel Pou Seselwa”.... and Seselwa pou deal ek zot pareye zot inn deal ek Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

SNP Leadership- Say Something, you are paid enough.

SPPF- Nothing to Say?

Send Pauline Ferrari as your Agent to say something, SPPF or SNP.

Anonymous said...

I note that at 9.46 am this morning, a frustrated Christopher Gill, posing as Anonymous, is already in front of his computer screen. He has screwed so many innocent people in the past that he has enough money and time to be doing nothing productive at this moment when every self-respecting human being is working to improve his or her life. He is obviously pissed off that no one has commented on his rubbish after five days. I know I should not reply, because this is exactly what the s.o.b is waiting for.... but I cannot resist giving him a piece of my mind. So here goes:

If you pay politicians peanuts, you get monkeys, just like Seychelles had in the 1990s when Christopher Gill, Paul Chow, Daniel Belle and Georges Bibi were members of the National Assembly. The not only looked like monkeys but they behaved like monkeys. Take Christopher Gill, for example, he pulled every monkey trick in the book and eventually turned into the most stupid monkey in Seychelles history when he crossed the floor and joined the SPPF for a permit to build a few chalets on Praslin. Funny, don't you think, that he behaved so much like such a humongous fool that not even the SPPF wanted him on their side. They wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.
Now at least we have a group of dedicated, responsible and hardworking opposition members in the Assembly. With all the shit that they have to take from the SPPF and from that raving idiot Gill, I say they deserve every rupee of the salary they are being paid.
Too bad for Twistopher who has ended up just becoming a cry-baby. He does not tell us though, that every month he screams, shouts and wails if he does not get his R3000 MNA pension cheque on time, just for sitting on his fat, twisted arse and writing all this rubbish. Poor little Twistopher, you smell of kaka ... check if you have not crapped ... again ... in your pampers!

NB. Today is the 24th and pensions for former Ministers and MNAs are usually paid on this date. A clerk at the bank phoned to say that Twistopher has already called early this morning to see whether his transfer has arrived. What a stinking rat!

Anonymous said...

I reply to the single reply from SNP Twister Leader-

Good argument about peanuts and monkeys. But we are not suppose to end up with a millionaire preist in the process of paying a 70% pension for life over a term of service gratuity.

Secondly, the 38% salary increase took care of the peanuts so you do not have monkeys.

The pension is 100% unjustifiable, unless the opposition is being bought out lot stock and barrel in a retirement plan.

The key behind the pension scam is that you practically succeeded from keeping known to the Public, but for a little light from STAR, like many things over the years: 1. IMF Declaration of $2.4 Billion missing,2. Bernard Georges Sheik Khalifa Lawyer that did the Scr. 1.00 deal for La Misere, 3. Breaking a political allaince that got the monkeys in their seats if you will, 4. Rwanda Genocide facts missing, that the International Tribunal now know of, I can go on.

I have screwed no one as you assert. Politicians that take un justly from the People are not innocent, but corrupted. Now if you did not have courage to sign off your comments, it reasonably means you cannot defend your arguments as a leader if your face and name is attached to your words.

In one phrase you say I am rich, in another, you say I am waiting for my Scr. 3,000.00 pension you voted for me. If you are worth your weight in courage, have the law amended to cancel the 38% salary increases and the grossly unfair pension.

Enough with the sower grapes over a article that just states facts.

It is nothing but a rip off of the people. In spite of the huge pay, we still have monkeys in the National Assembly, to the point that they collectively plagiarize what is written in STAR and use in speeches to fool the people .

You may attack me personally as you choose, but I believe when the issue is the Public's money, it concerns us all and we all have an opinion which we are free to express. I paid over 178,000 in taxes last month, a portion of which paid your bloated salaries. It hurts me to think that I could have used that money on something more productive, then feeding monkeys and they are not paid peanuts.

Pardon the analogy taken from your comments. But at least you posted a comment. Now try to use your name courageous.

Do it once, and we may be able to show a bit more respect for such a twisted Leader as yourself.

I know where I stand. Do you know where you stand?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

A taste of your own medicine. You claim it to be insults at you but you do just the same and insult Wavel ram and all MNA's without any proof that it is him that wrote the article. You are a very bitter man and have just proved it. So do not go on MSR FB page and try and seek sympathy. You will not get it.

Did you read what the bottle of Seybrew posted om MSR wall today

Your own words

"Dan en pti pei koumsa ou pa kapab pe atak dimoun personelman dan zot lavi prive, dan "Vizyon" ou pe kree plis laenn, ou pou fer dimoun pli araze ek kanmarad, plis divizyon, you can’t afford it, i ridikil. Menm Lanmerik zot pa ti pou les en keksoz koumsa arive sa degre i arive avek sa bann koze an parabol, sa bann koze anba lao. Selman zot fanatikman zot fer li tou le semenn, tou le lot semenn. Mwan menm mwan mon’n aret lir Vizyon parske i fatig mwan. Mon pa kontan aprann ki pe arive dan lavi prive, lavi personel en dimoun. I bezwen annan en serten limitasyon, en serten demarkasyon. Mon war sa konman en problenm serye."

What are you doing Mr Gill? is it not just that.

Anonymous said...

I think what the SNP/pp have done under this Act amounts to a gross abuse of power and pure selfishness.I agree that they are doing a job and needs to be rewarded for the work they are doing just like anybody else but of course to vote for themselves such a fat salary and pension at this point in time when the masses who voted them in office bearly have enough to get by and when the country is on the verge of bankruptcy is totally unacceptable. Clearly this reminds me of the creole saying" Dan disab sakenn vey son lizye". I guess this is not what they told us during election time, when they want our votes. I can understand now why they say that the opposition has become just like a toothless dog.Now that the opposition is not in power they conspire to rip off the Seychellois people, I wonder what they will do if they ever step into the seat of power. It is a shame, especially them who claims to be the chiampion of the people. How can we put our trust in them? Seychelles needs a fresh start. We need a new generation of politicians, those who really puts the national interest before personel interest. We are fed of these politicos who thinks only of themselves. They are a menace to our economic recovery. Shame on them.

In this uncertain economic climate when most countries are cutting here and there, our politicians in Seychelles are voting for a bill that will fill-in their pockets. Surely the way I see it is that we are being betrayed by the opposition. It looks as if they have become completely out of touch with the 46% of the voters. They should show that they are different from PP. I hope they do come to the realisation that they have committed a grave mistake and find ways to rectify it. After all politics is not only about how much you can earn, its about making a real difference to the lives of people, its about shaping a brighter future for each and every citizen of a country.

Anonymous said...

SPPF has brokered Ramkalawan to work for them as a loyal opposition.

You people still do not see that?

The National Day speech and the Independence Day speech of Michel, focused on MSR ideology issues, and the party has not even formed yet.

Inside State House word is they are worried about MSR.

They have nothing on Gill. That complicates the case for them.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

You know a lot of the situation between Mancham in bed with SPPF in 1994- 1998 and the attempt to bar me from the Convetion of DP.

To shed some light on history:
Who sent the PMU to the DP convention? -Rene.

Who asked for PMU at the Convention? __________?

Who tried to have me arrested by making pleas to the Police Commissioner the day before the convention? ____________?

Answer the first question, you have answered the second question.

Now, knowing the answer to the two questions....., what was the liklihood that the person in question 1,2 had told Rene to send thugs to my house at night to threaten me??????

Now when one does not now who is your enempy , things do become quite perplexed, indeed Vox.

Thank you for your comments, invaluable.

Christopher Gill

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