Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Of musical chairs and failed experiments

After more than 32 years of total control by the SPPF, Seychelles has now entered a ‘new era’ of Parti Lepep but the song remains the same… James Michel is trying to give us the impression of a makeover, a ‘judge me by my actions’ business model that is nothing but more of the same. His propaganda machine has turned into high gear to mask some of the shady deals going on behind closed doors. In order to look like a ‘bon boug’, Michel is ‘empowering’ some new blood to keep propping him up. Look deeper through the stage curtains and all you see is a pantomime of musical chairs and failed experiments.
The SPPF government has been the champion of failed experiments. Isn’t it ironic that communism has gone down in history as a total failure but here in Seychelles the same communists have metamorphosed into capitalists of the highest order, giving away our country for peanuts and treating all its citizens like monkeys? Well this is what you get from people whose first and foremost intentions were to plunder and rape. In the process, they run the country by trial and error, with massive black holes where they keep pouring money endlessly to satisfy one man’s ego or the ruling party’s hardnosed ideology. The failed experiments are there for all to see. Some are slowly fading away but they leave deep scars in our people’s psyche – like the infamous NYS (which unfortunately contributed to the death of Michel’s eldest son). The same people who are today trying to portray themselves as the ‘supermen’ savior have been the architects of our doomed and failed state. How can they be trusted? The devil you know is better than the one you don’t know?? Do we need more failed experiments for us to realize that SPPF / Parti Lepep has failed us as a people? The list of failed experiments is endless and yet we see the same old bunch plodding along…
In line with the failed experiments are the musical chairs… For 33 years, this government has been playing musical chairs with the people in the civil service. This is the best way to reward mediocrity. Get Mr. X to sit on various boards and keep everything under control. Get Mrs. Y to take on a new position so that she can regurgitate the same bull in a different context. What a great way to operate an efficient government. Today, Michel has added even more musical chairs. There is no such thing as getting the boot if you are a party supporter – you can get away with any type of blunder. On the contrary, you are elevated to the highest position and you get to serve on other committees, boards or commissions. You get to perfect the art of lying and deceiving with the whole objective of staying in power and propping up a corrupt and unscrupulous government. They have too much to lose…
The Michel administration is a lame one. It is clueless at running the affairs of state. So in order to mask and cover up all these inefficiencies, there is a lot of fanfare about trivial things such as a media commission, a judicial commission, a technology think tank etc… etc… This is called empowerment, Jj style!  Much ado about nothing! Do all these choreographed shows indicate that our leader has great vision? Do self bestowed titles, awards and medals denote individual brilliance? How long are we going to tolerate such mediocrity?
Our great president has all the experience of propping up a failed communist state to guide him in his noble task to take us into this new century. He has drawn up the ‘Vision 2020’, sold us his ‘Strategy 2017’ and brainwashed the youth with ‘Aspiration 2013’ while everything that really matters crumbles before our very eyes. His main mission is to put this country back on a solid economic and social footing. Indeed a tough act to follow, especially when you are the main culprit of this country’s socio-economical undermining. No wonder we are being bombarded with all these sweet talk of unity, togetherness, determination, ‘leve debrouye’. He has finally come to realize that the failed experiments are catching up fast and there is no more music for the chairs to dance to. Keep dreaming dear leader!
Failure is in the eye of the beholder. Judge him by his actions come 2011 if we are to break this vicious cycle of failed experiments and musical chairs that threatens to torpedo our dilapidated ship of state…


Anonymous said...

Michel is a FAILURE. SPPF is a FAILURE. Rene is a FAILURE. Everything these idiots touch turns to SHIT. No Midas touch here.

Has anyone seen the Nation (Statehouse Propaganda Newspaper) today? Now we have Nisa (National Information Services Agency). Another agency created with a CEO so that Michel will have another propaganda division to do his work for him. And did Michel not say last year that he was downsizing Government? Every week a new Agency is created and Michel puts his cronies on a newly created board so that he can control these little red robots. Then he tells us that he is empowering the people. What about all these people who lost their jobs when you fired them you son of a bitch? Have you empowered them? Have you helped them get a new job? No, I guess welfare is better for them so that they can lose their dignity and then run to SPPF to get a pitiful welfare check at the end of the month because they cannot find a job. Pathetic bastard you are Michel and you will rot in hell not only for the murders you planned and executed for Rene (the butcher as Francis Gill calls him), but also for planning the destruction of your fellow countrymen. You are a useless piece of Arab cock-sucking Kalifa shit!

Back to the Nation. We have Colonel Rosette who gave the pirates food and water and then set them free. Jesus you idiots! Where do you think they are going to go if not back to Somali to re-arm themselves and then come back to hijack another vessel or terrorize our own fishermen? And did anybody ask them what exactly they were doing behind Silhouette? Sorry Colonel, this is Seychelles territory. When you see terrorists in our waters, shoot these mother fuckers and send them to get their 72 virgins in hell. Keep one alive and send him back to Somail so that he can tell his fucked-up brothers what we did with his compatriots. See how long it takes for them to come back. And what if there had been Al Queda terrorists on board trying to sneak into Seychelles? Maybe next time Michel can take them in, give them Seychellois citizenship so that they can vote for him in the next election! You could probably teach them to say Ale Sesel as they chew on their Qat and pray in Sheik Kalifa's mosque.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we the country of Seychelles have become the laughing stock of the Indian Ocean. Our neighbours in Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar are making jokes at our expense and rolling on the floor with laughter. The English make fun of the Irish and I reckon that we are now the Ireland of the Indian Ocean.

A MAD SEYCHELLOIS M.F. - Fuck the Somalians and fuck the Arabs.

Anonymous said...

In the throes of this economic crise the country is in,PIRACY has become a source of wealth for SPPF .As a result the State becomes complicitous in the most horrific sprees of criminality in history.
The "BUZZARD"seems to has re-incarnated.


Anonymous said...

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