Sunday, March 28, 2010

‘Bonzour Sesel’ - Circulating on the Internet…

"Seychelles are not what they seem to be. Officials of the country are mostly not professional and some are even corrupted or involved into criminal activities.

Just have got the news saying that a number of persons working for Seychelles offshore industry regulator (SIBA) are involved in money-laundering. The source mentions Ms. Wendy (****) from Compliance Department as well as several persons out of SIBA (described as her connections). According to some anonymous sources there is a soon-to-follow lawsuit in preparation, with FATF-experts involved.

2. Sheikh Khalifa's palace being built on the land once occupied by the USA Tracking Station site. This site was given to the Sheikh for one rupee by our incompetent President Michel, the same man who also gave Francis Savy the island of Ste. Anne for a rupee as well."


Anonymous said...

And how much did the Americans pay for that site plus more?.

Whilst you are it, may be you can enlighten us all how did the Americans pay the British for the Chagos Archipealago.

Also tell us who owned Chagos. Was it Seychelles or Mauritius?.


Anonymous said...

How has Seychelles benefitted from the sale of land at La Misere for SR1? After all no taxes are being paid by Khalifa, all his good are imported by him and not a single Seychelles owned business makes a cent from him apart from perhaps PUC and I can assure that even his workers will be imported from India or elsewhere so how have we benefitted apart fro a lousy contribution like a clinic or some medical equipment?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


How does anything the Americans did with the British justify what Michel and the PP Collaborators are doing and have done in La Misere?

If as you say the Americans and British did us Seselwa Rasin wrong, how does that justify Michel and the PP Collaborators doing worse to us. Were the colonialists our teachers? Did we not fight for independence to gain control over our own country? Was it not to make Seychelles Pour Seychellois?

How is it now right and just to sell out our country simply because the British or the Americans did this or that to us? We fought and sacrificed for a future where we would be masters in our own land. Not for a future where the likes of Khalifa could dictate what we can or cannot do in our own country. We did not fight so foreigners and Fabrike would have more rights than us Seselwa Rasin in our own country. We did not fight to become citizens of a Republic free from being British subjects simply so we could become the vassals of the likes of Khalifa who has even less respect for us than the British did.

While the PP Collaborators feel it is justified to sell out our country and its sovereignty, this in unacceptable to us Rasin and we will do whatever is necessary to correct this situation. There is nothing less than our very right to own and control our country at stake. In may ways this fight is even more personal and dangerous than the fight for independence from the British. Here we are up against people who are traitors to their own people - therefore they have no scruples and will stop at nothing to profit themselves. We too must stop at nothing to liberate ourselves from the corrupt grip of the PP Collaborators.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You ask how did the Americans acquire Chagos from the British and who owned the Chagos?

The real question is "What has the PP Collaborators done to recover the Chagos archipelago for Seychelles?" There is no reasonable question that we own these islands so why have the PP Collaborators engaged in absolutely no efforts to recover them for the Rasin homeland?

The second question is what has the PP Collaborators done to provide those Chagosians deported to Mauritius a right to return to their homeland. Nothing - nothing at all.

There is also the question of what has the PP Collaborators done to recover Glorieuse. Nothing - absolutely zero.

The answer to all these questions is that the PP Collaobratrs ahve done precious little to recover our national territory. They have been too busy accepting bribes, setting up secret bank accounts in money laundering schemes in Malaysia and elsewhere. They have not even been able to defend our inner islands from measly pirate attacks much less recover our stolen national territory. We are not talking about policing the entire Indian Ocean here, but just the inner islands. The PP Collaborators cannot even do that!!

The PP Collaborators have shown themselves to be thoroughly useless and incompetent at anything and everything except filling their pockets with bribes by selling out their own people to their Fabrike friends like Ramadoss and their foreign friends like Khalifa.

The PP Collaborators must go, and they must go NOW.

Anonymous said...

Has Seychelles ever had any claim over Chagos. I always thought this was between Mauritius, U.K and the USA. I must confess never heard of anything with regards to Seychelles claim on this archipelago. I am a bit of a histtory buff so would appreciate any assistance to further research this subject.

As far as i know prior to Mauritius attainig independence, Chagos was excised from Mauritius territories and made into a separate entity called the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). There is a recent scandal when U.K converted Chagos into a nature reserve and got on board some international NGO, only for those NGOs to retract their support on knowing the battles of the chagosians to go back to their land:

Above is a link to a BBC article.

Chagos is not mentioned as one of our territories in the Constitution, so i am unsure as where Mr Gill or Tiklo get their information.



Anonymous said...

To Vox,

The Americans paid a one rupee peppercorn fee for the lease of La Misere, Souvenir and Helvetia.

The Americans paid Great Britain with Trident Nuclear Submarines for the 99 year lease of the Chagos and 18 million pounds were paid to the Mauritian Government for the repatriation/re-location of the Ilois and the Late Mr. Paul Moulinie who had the lease was paid just under one million pounds.

The Mauritian Government invested that money instead to gain high interest rates and the Ilois ended up in the slums of Port Louis with absolutely nothing at all.

I have never said that Chagos was part of the Seychelles. They have always been the territory of Mauritius.

TIKLO says that sa kouyonade "rasin ek PP collaborateur" ki pe rann Monsieur Francis kouyon.

Anonymous said...

Talking from he's rear as always & will never change!

Tell us where did you get the information that the Americans paid a one ruppee lease for the Tracking station site? Was it your legend telling you such porkies? Or is it your imagination playing ticks on you as always?

But your idol left the intriguing part out, that he's government were paid $4.5 million annually from 1963 when the US tracting station became operational till september 1996, when they officially closed down.

Do the math TIKLO, that's 33 years altogether & I leave it for you to work out the total revenue.

And, Seselwa Rasin i dir fodre rann kont pou sa bann larzan!

TIKLO, put your money where your mouth is and show us proof of the one ruppee lease & I'll show proof of the $4.5 million lease. Or forever hold your piss, arrh peace!


Anonymous said...

Francis thanks for the precision, for one second there i thought that i had either made a blunder in my history with regards to Chagos! Apologies 4 the confusion!


Anonymous said...


Democratic elections require more
than just casting and counting votes,it must hold the government accountable to the governed.

This happens when; a)citizen are free to select their representatives,b)citizen can choose among candidates seeking their supports,and c)officeholders must be re-elected to retain their positions after a specified interval.

They face electoral verdicts on thier performance and risk losing power at the ballot box.

Competitive elections promote uncertainty among political aspirants and thus encourage their responsiveness to citizens.

Having said that,elections will only produce accountability when they are free,fair and transparent.

In many post-communists countries(like the Seychelles for instance) electoral competition has not ensured accountability.

WHY? In most cases is,a)because electoral procedures are irregular rather than transparent and in full comfromity with the constitution guidelines, b)incumbents dominate the political playing field by dispensing patronage to established and potential supporters,or by manufacture "FAKE" oppostion(SNP) and harasss "REAL" oppostion, c)by controlling voter registration,voter turnout,and vote tabulation.

What GAPPY does for SPPF- pure manipulation.

All in all elections should serve two functions in a democratic order namely;hold governemnt accountable to the governed and legitimize democracy.

This limits guard against autocracy by preventing any one individual from holding power too long and thus deprive citizens of the opportunity to vote for a "TERM OUT" candidate.

Play the game by the rules,SPPF!


Anonymous said...

Troukler, do you know any politician to play by rules (least of all SPPF/PL), let me give you 2 examples:

SNP elections for its office bearers, is a sham election that will make elections held by the Communist Party of China pale in comparison SO was the election held to elect Ralph Volcere as Leader of the NDP. And here we are talking about people who point fingures at others.

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