Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seychelles Cartoon

Mr. Chairman of the Seychelles Pirates Commission engages in buccaneer diplomacy! 'Donn zot tetwar lanmok lapire'!


Anonymous said...

Bougla y bezwen larg sa bann pirat, zot parey li mem ek sa manman fron ek zot bann pti moustas. :-D

Sorry, couldn't resist it.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Seychelles Government just released a group of pirates that were off the coast of Shilouette Island, which is 3 miles from Mahe.

Pirates are known to carry a few dollars to pay captors in the event of capture.

I cannot believe they release these pirates over and over and over again.

Maybe the Government itself is a bunch of pirates.

Anonymous said...

Michel government has reverted to the old time of piracy by working hand in gloves with Somalis pirates ; allowing them safe portage in our waters in return for a share of the gains.It is quite a lucrative way to make some extra dollars now that our country in shit.