Wednesday, March 24, 2010

World Bank Directors Meets with Seychelles Business and Industry

Recently the World Bank Directors and International Finance Corporation (IFC), spent two (2)days on a mission to the Seychelles to see for themselves, what the situation in Seychelles was like, after the initial October 31, 2008 embarkation on an IMF programme by the Government of Seychelles.

The Seychelles have signed on to a second IMF programme and IMF is currently assisting Seychelles with a second $31. Million programme for two years. The World Bank has given advice to Seychelles, and it has given a $9Million unconditional grant to assist the Government through difficult times.

The World Bank spent its first day in meetings with the Ministry of Finance delegations, which included Minister Mr. Danny Faure and Principal Secretary of Finance Ahmed Afif. The delegation met with Mr. James Michel, current President of the Republic of Seychelles.

The World Bank second day was spent in discussions with the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce, business and Industry. In attendance was Mr. Dolor Ernesta, Vice Chairman of SCCI, representing insurance brokerage and estate agency sector, Mr. Palani, Treasurer SCCI representing printing and accountancy sector, Mrs. Nicole Tirant-Gherardi, Secretary General SCCI, Mr. Christopher Gill, representing SHTA Tourism Industry sector, Mr. Gonzaque Dóffay, SCCI Councillor, ship chandler Services Sector, Mrs. Germaine Michaud SCCI Councillor, representing the Poultry Farm, water bottling, agro-industrial sector, Mr. Paul Hodoul, SCCI Councillor, representing Car Hire Association, Mr. Albert Payet, SCCI Councillor, Seychelles Tourism Board, Telecommunications sector, Mr. Joe Tirant, MD Oceana Fisheries, Fisheries Sector, Mrs. Sona Oliaji SCCI Councillor and Retail sector.

Dr. Ramadoss, Chairman of the SCCI was absent.

Issues addressed focused on the issues that remain to be addressed that pose an obstacle to growth in Seychelles as the Seychelles implements second generation reforms to implant the free market system in a once centralized Fabian economy.

The World Bank delegation highlighted categorically, that future maintenance of the Seychelles economy and its success will have to be based on private sector growth. The process Seychelles has undergone from the early days of October 31, 2008 when she embarked on an IMF programme, has demonstrated remarkable success according to the World Bank, but the success has not been solidified and stabilization of the macro economic conditions in Seychelles are not assured.

The World Bank said that only private sector growth in the Seychelles economy will ensure that much sought for stability. This is only possible through cooperation between Government and the business community.

Impediments To Growth Were Highlighted By The Business and Industry Community.

Nicole Tirant-Gherardi, Secretary General of SCCI, said there was a lack of infrastructure in place in the Country to effect growth. There is a lack of policies in place to facilitate growth in the economy. Mistrust between the business community and the Government, lingers on and it is still very strong.

In this meeting no press, SBC, Nation, or any other, was present to highlight the valuable points made. The World Bank was surprised that the meeting was held at the Ministry of Finance conference room, and not at the Chamber of Commerce conference room or other venue.

Mr. Albert Payet of STB, advised the World Bank that many foreigner owned companies in the Tourism Industry were wedging the Tourism Industry revenues with heavy management contracts, that are paid overseas and the money never enters the banking system in Seychelles. This results in a drop in receivables as the Tourism industry registered -1% in arrivals, but -25% in receivables for 2009.

Mr. Payet said that it is important, that the Tourism Industry retains strong local participation, in order to encourage reinvestment in Seychelles. Seychellois will re invest in Seychelles. This is proven over and over again.

Mr. Payet mentioned that there are cases wherein small Seychellois run hotels are registering larger turnover then large multi-national investments in Seychelles. This he felt, was not right and the anomaly had to be addressed to restore Seychelles to long lasting growth posture.

Mr. Payet addressed the excessive taxing by Government of Seychelles of the telecommunications Industry, 22% tax on receivables. He said this tax is unacceptable and remains a direct impediment to growth in Seychelles economy, as telecommunications will have to be cost effective to world standards for Seychelles to succeed in an ever more competitive market.

Mr. Joe Tirant highlighted that in the fishing industry, the break even catch for long liners is currently 2.5 tons of fish. High operational cost is attributable to high cost of fuel, due to heavy taxes over 300% and the burden of ongoing piracy issue, which threatens the viability of Seychelles fishing industry and making it uncompetitive in the world market place today.

Secondly, as the fishing industry is seasonal, fishing companies must by and store fish for Southeast monsoon period. Cost of running freezers, causes price of fish to surge, as PUC has increased prices by 27% in this year alone. The reductions announced recently, will not benefit his sector as they consume much more than 600 kilowatts per month.

Mr. Tirant informed the World Bank that a number of projects were announced to create a larger fishing port, but has since been shelved. Port facilities badly need expansion in order for the fishing industry to expand. Without this much needed expansion, the Fishing Industry will stagnate.

Mr. Christopher Gill, representing the SHTA, Tourism Industry, advised the World Bank, the main obstacle to growth in this sector, remains the lack of infrastructure in the areas of electricity, water, roads, and an employable work force.

In electricity, Mahe has only 20 megawatts of capacity. Its generators have exceeded their life span. The two generators Sheik Khalifa will provide will not be sufficient to meet necessary growth targets needed to keep Seychelles afloat in future. They will be two (2) 7.5 megawatt plants. PUC lacks necessary network delivery capacity to get electricity throughout Mahe. Mahe needs 60 megawatts. Current system can collapse any day.

On Praslin we operate on 9 megawatts and require more output to meet demands for growth in future. Praslin and La Digue will need 15 megawatts in the coming year. The current system can fail anytime.

Sewage systems need upgrading in order to ensure growth capacity demand is met on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Current system in Greater Victoria is time bomb making La Misere look like a minor incident, potentially.

On all main tourist islands, water catchments are inadequate and hotels regularly on annual basis have water shortage issues which they must face. La Gogue Dam and Rochon are inadequate to meet demand the industry requires.

On Praslin water storage capacity is only 3 days. With the new Raffles project, this will drop to 1 ½ days’ storage.

Desalination plants have not solved the problems, which government promised it would.

In regards to Employment, the Industry is faced with a situation wherein it does not have an adequate pool of employable-trained Seychellois job seekers.

When the Tourism Industry must resort to employing expat labour from overseas, it is faced with a very tedious, dysfunctional GOP application process that can take as long as 5 or 6 months to fill a post.

This is unacceptable and poses a serious threat to future growth in Seychelles, Mr. Gill said. The labour issues in Seychelles have to be de politicized to enhance and insure the success of the Tourism Industry as well as other key industries in Seychelles.

An application for a project before the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) can take over Six ( 6) months. This is unacceptable and poses a serious threat to the viability of doing new business in Seychelles. The delays act as a serious impediment to encouraging investment in Seychelles today.

Government talks the talk, but it does not do the part that is most important: walk the talk.

World Bank officials pointed out that Seychelles has survived through the reform process only through the good grace of the World in the form of donations, debt write offs, unconditional grants etc.. Totalling Scr.700 Million in 2009. To succeed, it will now need a micro economic overhaul.

Mr. Albert Payet interjected and said, Seychelles ranks number 115 under the “Easiest Places To Do Business in the World” rankings. Mauritius ranks 15 and Singapore is the easiest place to do business in the World. We need to see Seychelles surpass Mauritius and catch up with Singapore. We must set an agenda to accomplish this objective.

Mrs. Soona Oliaji representing the retail sector, denounced that cartels existed in the Seychelles retail sector, as has been alluded by the Government of the day. This is pure fabrication on part of the Government of Seychelles and it is dishonest to suggest that cartels exist in Seychelles. If they do exist, Mrs. Oliaji asked that they be made public.

Secondly, while foreign exchange is now available at the banks, goods are imported, and sit on the shelves. People lack spending power to purchase goods.

Another problem the retail sector faces is the cumbersome labour laws. New salary requirements force business to pay high wages, but this results in business hiring less clerks and limiting staff as turnover has been reduced.

Thirdly, to allow foreign retail companies into Seychelles, with special privileges is an unfair business practice, that will hurt businesses that have suffered for 32 years, through thick and thin, to provide

Seychelles with goods. Seychelles has only 20,000 wage earners. 10,000 of them are in Victoria, Mrs. Oliaji pointed out, she does not see how such a large retail outlet as Casino will survive with these numbers.

Dr. Phogat, from Bank of Baroda, representing the Seychelles Banker’s Association confirmed that the Government of Seychelles, had been placing pressure on the commercial banks to reduce interest rates by -2 %. This according to Dr. Phogat was very difficult for the banks to do on a long term. Reason being, when government announced reform in 2008, it also announced a financial game plan which was for Three(3) years, to offer high interest on Treasury Bills, in order to mop up excess Seychelles Rupees in the system.

At one point it was 32% and went down to 18% and 15% then 4% and 3.5% currently. Commercial banks have offered 12% interest or more on fixed term, relying on the Government Three(3) year proposed plan. Now Banks are losing money on deposits. 12% Paid out to depositors– 3.5 % commercial banks receive from the Central Bank is the net loss on deposits. Scr 3.5 Billion owned by commercial banks are held by the Central Bank. Lending out that money, in real terms, can take many years, according to Dr. Phogat; if banks seek out good risks. It is not a 12 month effort as the Government wants us to believe.

By not following the plan the Government presented itself, the commercial banks of Seychelles have been placed in a highly compromised position, which will have negative impact on their balance sheets. Finally, given this situation, it is not reasonable to ask banks to take a hair cut of 45% on Government of Seychelles domestic debts. This will compound the loss of the banking sector.

Mrs. Germaine Michaud representing the Agro industries said farmers are struggling to survive. High cost of money on overdraft, high electricity costs, and regular cuts, overburdening Employment Act, which make labour expensive, high absenteeism tradition drives costs upward, and is making Seychelles products non competitive with imported products. Chicken crisis is a case in point.

Government of Seychelles set no clear policy for Agro industries since October 2008. It has been managed from crisis to crisis. There has been no advance warning of imminent changes. Many farmers are facing the reality of closure today as the result of consecutive loss take effect on their balance sheets.

Mr. Paul Hodoul, representing the Car hire Association said the cost of doing business in Seychelles since 1997 has skyrocket. Labour policy is strangling the business sector. High interest rates with banks are making business non profitable. Scenario: in 1997 a car was rent at SCR 450.00 per day. At the conversion rate of the time, it was $90.00. Today, the cars are rented out at SCR 450.00, same price. At the bank conversion rate, it is $30.00. Interest rate in 1997 was 8% and today, it is 16%.

Mr. Hodoul proposed to build a dry dock business in 1997, today if implemented, could service 40 purse seiners of the European fleet. Currently the fleet goes to Mauritius for dry dock service.

Mr. Hodoul said he supported the need for fishing port expansion. Both infrastructure improvements would have resulted in millions of dollars of additional growth revenue for Seychelles. Nothing has been done. All plans have been shelved.

World Bank reasserted that Seychelles had embarked on macro stability and it has done a lot in a short time, as most small economies tend to do. However, stability has not solidified and Seychelles will have to continue to work towards solidifying macro stability.

The World Bank will continue its engagement with Seychelles to increase clarity and interaction with the private sector. Government and Business will have to increase interaction and cooperation to remove Seychelles from the vulnerable position, she is still in, to secure the early gains made thus far.

This is an opportunity to be seized by Government and the private sector and should not be missed.

Filed By: Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

Bloody good article Chris, but just about the saddest reading I have done so far this year. Now we know what needs to be done so can anybody do better?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

This is excellent information.

Now why did it not come out in the Nation, or SBC did not view the countervailing postions to Government of Seychelles?

Congratulations STAR Team, you are a beacon of light in a dark tunnel.

Keep up the brilliant work ladies and gentlemen.We are reading and watching your progress.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning TIKLO and ALL-

In the realm of free debate, we do not use violence to impose the veracity of our ideas.

We use logic, and the best ideas taking into account that when all debate is concluded the best idea shall prevail and win the day for a better Seychelles.

This tenet discounts the use of nicknames, curse words, threats to kill others that may have an opposing view. Of course, it discounts the use of torture and intimidation tactics.

Additionally, it discounts the fabrication of history.

Please do not leave STAR. Stay and continue to comment freely.

We need your ideas, though some people may not agree with you.

When they do not, they must say why and defend a better idea they propose.

In the end, the best ideas will prevail, and we will have a better country.

Keep it coming TIKLO. We appreciate your contributions.

I encourage all players to comment, Rene Mancham, Ramkalawan, Troukler and all others.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Michel is a FAILURE. SPPF is a FAILURE. Rene is a FAILURE. Everything these idiots touch turns to SHIT. No Midas touch here.

Has anyone seen the Nation (Statehouse Propaganda Newspaper) today? Now we have Nisa (National Information Services Agency). Another agency created with a CEO so that Michel will have another propaganda division to do his work for him. And did Michel not say last year that he was downsizing Government? Every week a new Agency is created and Michel puts his cronies on a newly created board so that he can control these little red robots. Then he tells us that he is empowering the people. What about all these people who lost their jobs when you fired them you son of a bitch? Have you empowered them? Have you helped them get a new job? No, I guess welfare is better for them so that they can lose their dignity and then run to SPPF to get a pitiful welfare check at the end of the month because they cannot find a job. Pathetic bastard you are Michel and you will rot in hell not only for the murders you planned and executed for Rene (the butcher as Francis Gill calls him), but also for planning the destruction of your fellow countrymen. You are a useless piece of Arab cock-sucking Kalifa shit!

Back to the Nation. We have Colonel Rosette who gave the pirates food and water and then set them free. Jesus you idiots! Where do you think they are going to go if not back to Somali to re-arm themselves and then come back to hijack another vessel or terrorize our own fishermen? And did anybody ask them what exactly they were doing behind Silhouette? Sorry Colonel, this is Seychelles territory. When you see terrorists in our waters, shoot these mother fuckers and send them to get their 72 virgins in hell. Keep one alive and send him back to Somail so that he can tell his fucked-up brothers what we did with his compatriots. See how long it takes for them to come back. And what if there had been Al Queda terrorists on board trying to sneak into Seychelles? Maybe next time Michel can take them in, give them Seychellois citizenship so that they can vote for him in the next election! You could probably teach them to say Ale Sesel as they chew on their Qat and pray in Sheik Kalifa's mosque.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we the country of Seychelles have become the laughing stock of the Indian Ocean. Our neighbours in Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar are making jokes at our expense and rolling on the floor with laughter. The English make fun of the Irish and I reckon that we are now the Ireland of the Indian Ocean.

A MAD SEYCHELLOIS M.F. - Fuck the Somalians and fuck the Arabs.

Carlos the Jackal said...

The most informative article you have put on here to date. More of the same and less of the rhetoric. Good job Chris.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Carlos the Jackal-

I wrote and made available what was said by the trade. In Seychelles, today, because Michel is a leader that believes in censorship to hide his own failures, this is termed brilliant.

To Tiklo, it is the beginings of a revolution because pp cannot control what is written on STAR as they control what is written at Nation and what is said on SBC.

Today, the business community speaks out, because the failure is deeply rooted.

If the government wants to remove itself from failure status, it must allow business to air its views. By failing to do that, we will remain a failed state.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Just imagine waking up tomorrow to hear that Albert Rene and James Michel have gone to meet their creator. Close your eyes and just imagine what peace would fall onto our shores for the first time since June 5th 1977. Imagine what a new start it will be for our country. Time is on our side and Saint Peter awaits the traitors for judgement day. The Devil cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

If Nation does decide(read: is allowed) to write about this, it will be censored beyond recognition. Chances are howere that they will report it in a few days when it no longer is interesting for the general public or when something else can get the public's attention away from it.

I sincerely hope that both Regar and Weekly do a full report of the MOM in addition to Ramkalawan, Volcere and Gill give their full opinion on the case in a newspaper that can reach the general public, i.e one that is not only limited to the internet.

It is however obvious why Nation did not participate in the meeting, but it is also remarkable that neither Regar nor Weekly were there either and that it's report first became public through Chris Gill's voluntarism on STAR.

Anonymous said...

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I understand Gill and his Star Team people doing all this volunteerism for free. They have no salary, no perks, no cars, no concession, yet they lay out for us every week.

I have been following this blog for some time now and I am amazed at what they pull out of the hat.

I understand Nation or SBC censoring but why is it that Weekly and Regar do not cover these issues? I am truly disturbed about this.

Fat chance when you come knocking at my door for money to run a campaign all of you.

Thank you Gill and Star. Big eye opener and you have validated everything you have said for that last five years, when no one would say it.

A Seychellois

Anonymous said...

THE MEN who constitute the board of Directors are expected to make wise decissions affecting the economy as whole.Consequently they are expected to possess the know-how in and understand the fundamental of economy.

Yet,when you have some pseudo-economists to the likes of FAURE,AFIF and Co.,at the helm of the institution,without the slight foggies of ideas of how modern economy function then you're bound to end up in an economic crise.

A given economic is the end results of a process that invovles ,social organization,technological evolution as well as geography,natural endowment and ecology as main factors.These factors give context,content and set the parameters in which an economic functions.

To the contary,SPPF has opted for the so called "off the books" or informal economic,whereby the economic activities are not taxed or monitored by the institution.

This in essence,make its necessarily difficult to observe,measure and control,thus makes it impossible to determine the real state of the country economic situation.

Such a "laissez-faire" economic policy can't be tolerated any longer,it is distractive and impede all economic development of the country.

This must be reversed immediately before we experience the same faith as Zimbabwe of Mugabe.


Anonymous said...

why dont't you write about the moonies and the freemasons?

why dont you write about what is realy happening in the Seychelles?

Anonymous said...

Reply to moonie-

I am not privy to either moonie activity or free mason activity in Seychelles.

I am certain they exist. But I have no knowledge of the same.

Perhaps you would be happy to enlighten us as it seems to be a deep concern.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

is james mancham not your uncle?
is bernard george not your friend?

Anonymous said...

he is right! when the true story about the bonds will be published, it will cause a tsunami in the world.

"a private placement of euro-denominated notes in 2007"

Leonard Francis Gill said...

I congratulate Christopher on a superb bit of journalism. And it has been done in the Rasin-ist spirit of voluntarism as pointed out by several anonymous contributors and Patrick X. This kind of individual effort and excellence by each of us Seselwa Rasin is how we can take our country back from the PP Collaborators.

What is becoming clear to me now is that it is time to formally establish Rasin-ism as a separate movement. It appears that all efforts by Christopher to unite with the SNP under the Rasin-ist banner of Sesel Pou Seselwa has not born any fruit. Ramkalawan has rebuffed all efforts to meet to discuss the issue.

I now call on Christopher to take the lead in creating and formally establishing a Seselwa Rasin Movement. It is his solemn obligation to do so and it is mine to provide whatever assistance my abilities will allow. And it is the responsibility of all other Seselwa Rasin to do the same thing.

Anyone else who believes as I do that we have no more time to waste with self interested politicians and must now establish a true voluntarist and militant Rasin-ist movement, call on Christopher to take the leadership and move forward NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Moonie-

You are a man of few words.

Mr. James Mancham is my Uncle by blood line. My biological father happens to be his brother, Mickey Mancham. This is common knowledge in Seychelles, and does not beg a question.

Mr. Bernard Georges is a professional-political acquintance and we share many common ideas. We are on good terms.

Mr. Mancham is friends with Reverand Moon and they are associated through the World Foundation for Peace (WFP).

I know Mr. Mancham will go to all lengths to seek peace in the world and Seychelles, so the company he keeps never surprises me.

At one point he kept company with his own enemy, Rene who is being referred to as Butcher today, all in the name of National Reconciliation.

Rene of course, did not take Peace and National Reconcilation seriously.We all see the results unfolding, today.

Mr. Georges, is he, a Free Mason as you infer? Why don't you ask him?

What Mr. Georges does on a personal level does not interest me too much. It is the ideas he promotes for a better Seychelles that interests me and his integrity as a man to stand up and do what is right for Seychelles that interest me.

You, Moonie, what do you stand for? What are you doing for Seychelles and our Seychellois People?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

as for james, I can provide secret bank accounts... he is just a business man. as for b. george, look him in the eyes and ask him, "have you ever fucked your clients? are there people threatened with murder because of your practice of freemasonery? look him in he eyes and ask him if he has not done immoral things"

ask him "what do you know about the bonds and how is it connected to you? " you can ask james the same thing

perhaps you dont know what is realy happening in the Seychelles and the world because of b george

ask him "what is realy behind LXR?"

and dont think for a second that i am a fun of rene and jj

Anonymous said...

Good proposal Leonard! Having Christ at the helm of the Opposition will surely bring some pep and morality in the political sphere of this country.

Harking back on Moonie's illusion, the issue is not about familly affaires or about creating a dynasty ,it 's about issues of concerns that affects the nation as a whole and the direction this country needs to take in order hole creep us out of this cavity Sppf has grabbed us into for the last three decades.


Anonymous said...

I proposed Chris Gill months ago to lead the NEW OPPOSITION, Ramkalawan has done his job and its time to move over for someone with the passion and determination to excite the electorate to make them believe there can be change for the better, and that they can Beat Le Pep. Lets face it after all that has happened in the past 2 years, if you cant beat Michel now you never will.

Anonymous said...

I reply to Moonie-

If you have bank accounts of ill-gotten gains place it on star for anyone, Mancham, Rene, Michel, Georges, you name it.

Reference to Georges and his clients, say what you want to say. Let Georges defend himself.

The Leder of Opposition recieves star and every comment made here. So everyone is big enought o defend their actions and not hide and run from their shadows.

I have been defending myself for five years placing my words to paper day in and day out. I add my face and my name to what I write.

So Opposition leaders should do the same or retire.

Reference to call by Francis that I answer the call to lead. If enough people sign up, I will lead. It is my solemn duty to do whatever I can within my ability to save Seychelles and restore the dignity of our people which has been trampled on by Michel and pp.

It is the duty of every Seychellois to remove this scourge upon our people.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Reply to Troukler-

Family relations are irrelevant in Seychelles politics as a deterent to participate. In Seychelles, we are all related in one form or another. At times families oppose one another when politics of division brew.

As a people, we must move beyond the politics of division and becopme more mature, seeking out the best ideas for the times.

I welcome everyone's involvement to get the movement on the road. SPPF, SNP, DP, NDP, are all welcome
if they are Seselwa Rasin.

Now let's see results the movement brings.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Great article Chris.

Anyway, it was about bloody time! We must start to change the political fabric of this country. We’re tired of self-centred, inconsiderate and egotistical Politicians and it’s time for them to step aside. Let fresh and determine personage, someone like Chris to lead this country so that every single Seselwa can claim back their dignity.

I’m always saddened to hear such news but what can we really expect. Wavel has lost momentum & this will bring down his party as well.

Most of us up here, have been asking Mr Ramkalawan to do the right thing. Sometimes we must accept defeat & still bow-out in glory.

In my opinion; a Unified opposition will stand a better chance to defeat PL and conquer our country back. My advice to Chris is try to get other opposition members on board such as NDP. Then again, if SNP doesn’t want to join as a United Opposition then it’s just tough luck but they have to bear in mind that SNP have to share the blame when it comes to the crucial election time.

All my support will go out to Chris & his new party because so far SNP has been coerce by PL to maintain the status quo.

All the best to you all...Chris, Leonard-Francis & the Team.

By the way, just out of interest, what was the reason why Wavel didn't want to meet & discuss?


Anonymous said...

To Naya,

What a bloody silly question to ask because a smart, intelligent Man does not give a reason for not accomodating Chris Gill's request for unification with the SNP. Please read between the lines and you will find that Volcere and Gill cannot be trusted.

It is amazing how Chris states that "maturity will stop divisions" and TIKLO says that there is no such thing as "maturity" because "maturity" is when one has reached his final destination. If you don't get my drift, then I shall be happy to explain further the definition of maturity. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

So much for transparency from intelligent men who scream about transparency when they themselves desire it.

I don't see any stupid question raised by Niya, bt I see a very stupid answer made by you 'Anonymous'.

If Ramkalawan had his reasons to decline a meeting then he should do so by making it official, at least in a diplomatic way if he sees that the truth is not fit for the public.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Well Anonymous or rather TIKLO,
As much as my question might look stupid to you but I’m convince that I have a right to know the reason (if he has one ie) why Wavel has refused Chris’ offer because bear in mind he’s the current LOP, isn’t he? He’s being paid by taxpayers, isn’t he?

So, James Michel, Albert Rene or Wavel Ramkalawan can be trusted then??

Read between the lines anonymous...
Trust is one thing & hope is another, if you get my drift that is.


Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan does not trust Gill but he uses Gill's articles for his speeches in the National Assembly?

I don't think so.

The real reason Ramkalawan will not meet to unite the Opposition is likely that Ramkalawan has too many foreign masters to serve and he has taken too much money from them, so Gill's Rasinism will not go down well in the SNP camp as they have become a political flame without a fire, held together by political party funding and huge salaries for doing little or nothing.

Remember the Euro 150,000.00 allegation made on this site,paid by SIVA which Ramkalawan does not deny?

Gill told us Ramkalawan recieves every comment on STAR, even this one.But he does not reply? What kind of reason would he have for that?

Writing Regar we all know is a profit venture, masked in the need to uphold the people's right to information.Mancienne, Ferrari Ramkalawan run Regar for money, profit, you fools.

Wake Up smell your reality!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, when Mancham left the Democratic Party in disarray for political retirement and globe trotting activities (including the Moon sect), and after Paul Chow resigned, Mr Christopher Gill was of the opinion that the DP should be left as is, the idea was that a few years down the line he would waltz in and take over the leadership. Unfortunately for him Ralph Volcere saw an opportunity and called a meeting in which he was elected Leader by the ExCo (election ratified in a sham electoral conference, not too dissimilar from the way Communist Party Leaders are elected in North Korea, China and Burma, and same model followed by SPPF/PL and the SNP)! As a results Gill founf himself without a party atitre, even if the relationship with the NDP were cordial, Volcere nonetheless holds the power.

It does not surprise me that Ramkalawan/SNP do not want to (or has done little to) accomodate Chris Gill. I do not believe it to be an issue of trust but rather of threat. All political leaders especially in Third World 'so called' democracy (Ramkalawan is no different) surrounds themselves with bootlickes/people they can trust rather than competence. SPPF/PL is a prime example of that Christopher Gill, shows signs of independence.

The problem however is that whilst conflict of personalities seem to be at the centre of Opposition politics, the SPPF/PL consolidates its position, despite so many errors (delo kaka, economic decline, lack of law and order), and i am of the opinion that for a power shift, it needs a 'revolution' from the people itself. I do not see the Opposition Parties being a catalyst in change.

It is a clear as the water that runs in the stream from our mountains (other than from Sheik Khalifa's) that our present Leader of the Opposition Mr Ramkalawan is spent. Never having conditioned himself for a long haul (the Opposition may have thought that they were just going to walk to State House after one or two elections) but it looks certain that removing SPPF/PL will not be possible in the next elections unless the Opposiition changes a lot of things in its camp.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on politics:

1.Seychelles needs a new party in order to beat SPPF. SNP and DP are no longer credible as they have both sat of their asses for 4 years doing very little to change the political landscape. GIll would be a good bet to head this party but he must get support from some credible Seychellois who would stand by him.

2.Volcere should resign and let someone else take over DP. He has done nothing for the party and reminds a lot of people of a real con artist. Pirate so to speak.

3.Ramkalawan's days are numbered. If he stands, he will lose. His bet bet is to step down now as party leader and make way for new blood. Any one taking over the party will have his or her hands full. However, new leadership will invigorate the party and give hope to the people who are tired of the same old rhetoric. If he runs for Presidnet and loses again, he is truly history.

4.Ramkalawan should remain active in politics, not only to hand over to a new team, but he should run for a district. He is popular enough to win a district, but not the Presidential seat. I think he just does not have that persona or presidential look. Even though he has worked hard and fought a good battle, he simply cannot win the war. Something is missing and he should bow out with pride and dignity. I think everyone in SEychelles, even the SPPF followers, would thank him, Georges, St. ANge, Ferrari and Mancienne for bringing us this far. Because of SNP, Seychelles has moved forward and today we are a freer nation. Long ways to go yet, but at least we have moved forward.

5. Michel's days are numbered as well. Simply too many blunders by one man. The people, including his own SPPF followers have had enough of the man. People are actually turning off their television set at night when the news come on because Michel loves himself and he has to be on tv every night. He has bankrupted the country. He has sold our land for nothing to Arabs. Money has disappeared. Changleng, Morgan and many others have laughed their way to the bank with their suitcases of stolen money. Let's face it. Michel is a crook and the SEychellois are tired of him. Since June 5 1977, he has been around and he is like an old goat who just won't go away but continues to eat everything it sees. The man,along with Rene, have ruined our beuatiful little country and every day he does something wrong. Time for him to go and I think even Faure would be better than Michel. At least he is younger even if he is Cuban trained.

That's my verdict.I really wish there were more choices for Presidnet as our country can surely do better. In fact, I would endorse a woman candidate too as long as she does not have a high pitched voice like Potter. In fact, is there any other woman in SEychelles who would make a good Presidential candidate?

Anonymous said...

Is it not rather what we expect in men, that they should have numerous strands of experience lying side by side and never compare them with each other?
George Eliot (1819-1880)

In reply to anonymous: The quote of the site says it all. There are so many people who can do SO MUCH better than Michel, Danny and all the current crop of politicians. We now need a new ERA in politics. We need people with INTEGRITY. We owe this to our country. NO MORE PIMPS TO FLEECE HER AS IF SHE IS A PROSTITUTE!
There are indeed so many people in the private sector with LOADS of business acumen. A small country like this can be run like a corporate company so the experience abounds in this country. There are so many and here are a few names;
Kathy Mason (woman)
Marc Hoareau
Suketu Patel
Pesi Pardiwalla
Phillipe Boulle
Edmond Hoareau
Radley Weber
Nicole Tirant
Christopher Gill

I can go on and on....

There are a lot of brains inside and outside of Seychelles who can do a great job.
In ler pour zot aret bat nou latet!!

Anonymous said...

What still intrigue me,is the unctuous show of willingness by the opposition to grab in this historic moment of the current economic crisis and despair of SPPF to endorse a strong political agenda in this catastrophe that has become SPPF's graveyard.

This speaks volumes of the lack of substantial political levity on the part of the opposition.

The chicken-hearted RAM,has chickened out of accepting the challenge.He is tearing the opposition apart,making them unable of creating a coherent narrative for the population.

This as a result will in no time allow them to recuperate to asserts themselves as a serious political opposition.

As a consequence,the political dis-armed but unemotional SPPF might well win the battle once again albeit their misconducts.But at the cost of weakening the nation .

Weakness is an opportunity for ideological foe and opportunists.

RAM opposes by fits and starts,he is non-committal.Maybe he has a finger in the pie too.Or does he feels much safer enjoying his perks and perquisite rather than head spearing a revolution?

The least one can say is that self-interest has won over morality.

Ram has no solution of how to bring about real change except for palliative as a tactic and his follies as a strategy.

He is complice with PP,thus he should face the same faith.

The solution clearly rest on seselwa rasin who are struggling with might and main to bring about the genuine change we badly deserved.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley the rasin are so stuck in the soil they can't seem to budge. This election is already a PL victory, but as said before, an opposition, united or not, must show face and muscle through action and professionalism.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

We Rasin are moving deliberately and with purpose. We have tried, though unsuccessfully to date, to unite the opposition under Rasin-ist principles. For whatever reasons, we could not get Ramkalawan's cooperation.

We have devised our Creed which establishes our basic principles. It will be published on our Facebook page Mouvman Seselwa Rasin which we have recently established. We now are asking Christopher to lead the way. He is gauging public support and will decide shortly if he will be drafted in to lead the way.

When that is done, and if Christopher decides to lead the way, we will formally constitute our movement.

Meanwhile, Rasin-ists have been self-politicizing; teaching themselves about Rasin-ist principles. Then they have been recruiting 3 more trusted individuals to the Rasin-ist cause. In all spheres of Seychellois society you can hear Rasin-ist principles reverberating. It is rumored that even Guy Adam has protested his mistreatment by Michelin favor of foreigners who reportedly more well compensated than he is, and has refused his pay packet as a protest.

So we are far from stuck in the mud. We also know that it will be a long difficult uphill fight in the upcoming elections and if we fight it we will win - just like we have won the battle to censor us and intimidate us on this blog with little to no resources and relying mostly on volunteer power. But we do not have to win this battle to win the war. This is a long fight to win back our country and we will wage it however long it takes to remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

SPPf has expirtated our nation and brainwashed our people to the extent that even Ram a former priest and the actual main opposition leader couldn't refrained from biting in to the bait SPPF enticed him with.

Ram has deceived his supporters by his passivity and acts just like Adam detrayed GOD by accepting the apple from the serpent who was in fact the devil.

likewise, it is proof that he has no guts to lead an opposition nor the quality to be the leader of this Nation.

He is rather an opportunist who happens to be at the head of the main oppostion party and to desecrate this position for his personal benefits rather the envy to lead.
He is holding to his words when he told us he was not fit for office.

Duly, when politicians failed their people, the only option left is for the people to take their own faith in their hands or to rally behind an alternative movement inspired by the will of their people .

This alternative to this date is inspired by seselwa rasin movement a potential that needs to be explored and exploited.

We are calling on all rasins to KOSTE and convey their support behind this movement of novelty now.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne D'Arc,

There is a page on Facebook already set up for the Seselwa Rasin Movement. So if you google it you will find it listed on FB and you can join. You can then invite as many friends to the page so that we can start the revolution!
Keep the flame burning...

Anonymous said...

SHAMe for all the car hires (each of them owned by very rich and unfair families) could earn in the past 70 euro per car each day! Shame that after all the rep Mr Houdul as also the right to complaine ,SHAME ON YOU

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Jeanne D'Arc and Anonymous:

We at the Mouvman Seselwa Rasin thank you for your support.

Join us on Facebook at Mouvman Seselwa Rasin. You are now Rasin-ists.

You must educate 3 others you trust about Rasin-ism and ask them to do the same thing with 3 others that they trust.

We must also convince Christopher to launch and lead the Mouvman as a formal political party, so we can take back our country from the PP Collaborators and bring them to justice for the crimes they have committed against their own people - the Seselwa Rasin.

Anonymous said...

Leonard i have had time yet to visit the site yet but i will do so soon.

Yes indeed ,we have to and will convince Christ to helm this movement because we need a person wilh intelligence,aspiration,visions and above all supported by the people.Chirst has all it takes to be a leader ,he in fact already a leader.And if not him who else then?

Jeanne D'arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Jeanne D'Arc:

I agree completely and wholeheartedly with your comment.

We must convince Christopher to lead Mouvman Seselwa Rasin as a political party. The future of the Rasin people and our control over our own country depends on our success in convincing him to lead the Mouvman.

Anonymous said...

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