Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sheik Khalifa Invasion

Fit for a ruthless KINGPIN! The 747 Jumbo makes daily trips to disgourge its belly load of containers destined for the two massive projects at La Misere & Barbarons. All this while the customs officials stand by powerless... It's amazing what loads of dosh can do, from bribes and corruption to cocky arrogance!

The other metal beast that has been plying between Abu Dhabi & Seychelles on a daily basis, unloading its cargo of several dozen containers per trip. Alleged to have transported the over 2,000 illegal workers into our country...


怡如 said...


Anonymous said...

Khalifa will get to know the People of Seychelles, and he will find them to be unique.

Michel is not a good example of a Seselwa. He is a traitor.

I understand Khalifa just gave him a BMW for use.

Anonymous said...

First of all michel sould had never let those ARABS come to Seychelles,because they are still using peoples like slave in they own country and they have no respect for peoples.what seychellios peoples have do now.if michel still dont hear,like he have sheet in his hear and not listen to seychellios.its time for action to be taken.Befor its to let for the next seem like michel have madcow dieases.when i mean action real action,because freedom WILL come from DEMOSTRATION in the street in a PEACEFUL away.I am fucking tied hearing Michel is leting KHALIFA doing this Michel is leting KHALIFA doing that.who the fuck is long my peoples can we seat and watch.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

The STAR Team would like to thank the contributor to this blog who provided these images for us to publish.

It is these small incremental steps of assistance provided by each Seselwa Rasin that will ultimately lead us to victory over the Collaborators.

On another note I noticed Anonymous's posting here which attacked all Arabs. I must state that Rasin-ism is not an ideology of hate. It is an ideology of love for our country - a love of Sesel Pou Seselwa.

There are many Arabs who are good visitors and guests in our own country. We must continue to welcome them as we do all well behaving guests. We must nevertheless be concerned with the actions of individuals who are attacking a Sesel Pou Seselwa, and not against any groups of people. We must not collectively condemn a whole people based on the actions of a single individual like Khalifa.

I understand the frustration and anger that all Rasin feel by the fact that the Collaborators like Michel and Rene the Butcher are selling out our country from right under our noses. TIKLO a proxy contributor to this blog for Rene the Butcher says there's nothing we can do about the fact that Michel is selling us out. But there is something constructive we can do in each of our small ways just like the contributor who provided us the pictures we published here.

We can also politicize ourselves about Rasin-ism teaching ourselves about Rasin-ism and we can recruit 3 other people we trust to the Rasin-ist cause.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Rasinism is dynamite and must under no circumstances be handled by incompetent persons. It is not weapons that kill people, it's people behind those weapons that kill people.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...


Leonard Francis Gill said...


Well said. Very well said.

Now you must teach 3 others about Rasin-ism.

And when the time is right we will have a true revolution and remove the Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

All Seselwa Rasin are competent and able to handle Rasin-ism. It belongs to each and everyone of us - even the PP Collaborators.

While Rasin-ism is the ideology that ensures Sesel Pou Seselwa, each individual Rasin has an individual responsibility to make sure not to abuse or disgrace Rasin-ism and we each have an individual responsibility not to use Rasin-ism to inflict injustice or to engage in wrongdoing. We must each ensure that we fight against any and all actions that challenge Sesel Pou Seselwa and not against people or groups of people we may dislike; our only objective is Sesel Pou Seselwa. If those people who's actions we fight eventually accept Sesel Pou Seselwa, we then must accept them as our friends.

Rasin-ists are friends of everyone who is a friend of Sesel Pou Seselwa and and enemy of all who are enemies of Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

First of all khalifa is not using seychellois people, his actually doing a lot of goods for us and our people.He will create a lot of job opportunity and by the way in his country we are also regonised and get a lot of exemptions. And i dont think that he has caused any harm to any person and even if he did it was not intentionally. Before posting such bad comments you should start thinking.

Anonymous said...

Harking back to the question,who the fuck is khalifa? Well my rasin friend He is an Arab camel illegally imported to our shores by Michel as pet.

Having lost control over him ,he was set free in the forest of La Misère.As he is not used to such habitat he has started to turn our mountains in to a desert.

My friend,if we failed to stop this camel, he will sooner than later transform the whole country in to a desert just like in Saudie Arabia.

A rasinist

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

You say that Khalifa will bring us investments and jobs so we should not object to what he has done and is doing in the Rasin motherland. None of us have any objections to Khalifa investing in our country and creating jobs here.

You say he has done us no intentional harm. If that is the case why has he not apologized for the harm he has caused us? For instance he appears in my mind to have bribed our leaders to "purchase" prime real estate in the Rasin motherland for SCR1. If that was a pure accident why has he not explained himself and apologized? He has instructed his employee Michel to stop using our national symbol the coco de mer as our visitor entry stamp. If that was an accident and misunderstanding, why has he not explained himself and apologized for the mistake? Khalifa has brought in 2,ooo illegal workers to work for an illegal company and allowed them to defecate in our drinking water. If that was unintentional and a mere accident why has he not explained himself and apologized? This is just a sample of the "unintentional" harms Khalifa has caused us and never apologized. Instead he offered us money and said if we do not take his money he will not pay us. Is this arrogance a mark of a man with any remorse for causing unintentional harm?

In my view when someone accidentally causes you injury they are quick to explain and apologize for the harm. Instead Khalifa takes the attitude we must take whatever he dishes out to us. He and the PP Collaborators take the view that we have no choice.

Take TIKLO's position for instance. TIKLO is a proxy for Rene the Butcher and his attitude is that Khalifa can bring in as many workers as he wants, when he wants to, and they can defecate anywhere they please and we can do nothing about it and it's just our tough luck. TIKLO the collaborator speaking for Rene the Butcher says we Rasin must just accept this.

How can you, a Rasin, defend this kind of action and this kind of attitude?

You seem to be a sincere person, as much as I can tell from your comment. We both want want what is best for our country. But you should not be with these Collaborators selling out our country. You should be with us Rasin-ists who are defending Sesel Pou Seselwa

Anonymous said...

We are a sovereign country not a duchy of Saudi Arabia and we share nothing in common with them .we just want our sovereignty respected ,be it by Khalifa,Mullah whoever.


Anonymous said...

To Francis Gill,

TIKLO says...The fact still remains that an accident was caused by either an unsafe Act/s by a person/s that created an unsafe Condition/s that resulted in what happened in the La Misere water Catchmen Areas that affected the Residents' Water supplies.

What we won't/and cannot see for example, are the Personal Factors which contributed to that unfortunely un-planned Event.

In the final analysis, worst and comparable accidents on a massive scale have happened and the main and most important point is that we are not God; we are not to lay the blame on anybody; but the find the cause and to take action to prevent re-currence.

To you bann "Fouter Dezord" - like Sir James rightly said to describe you bunch of Losers - need to get a life and refrain from your half-truths, distortions, manipulations and of course your promulgation of fictions in the 'guise of fact not only highlight the absurdity of it all, but in essence, leaves a lot to be desired. A Classique example is someone like Volcere who received only 66 votes when he contested St. Louis, and yet the rubbish nonsense that he gets away with as Editor of SDP is bloody mind-bogling.

This reminds me of another Legend in his own Life time in ex-President Kenneth Kaunda visited Seychelles and made a bold public remark that:
"Seychelles is the only Country where Opposition Leaders are free and not in jail to be incarcerated."

I would like someone to dispute the above statement and forever hold your peace.

I have criticised the Seychelles Authorities in public in the past at haut voice for everyone to hear. But I did not say that Rene is this or Rene is that. It was not what I said to get my message across, but how it was said.

I must stress however that only "Conspirators" like Gerard Hoareau who was the mastermind fouter dezord behind the Student Demonstrations that were jailed.
The first batch that included Robert Frichot were jailed for trying to mount a counter coup from Mombassa. For their own protection, the ring Leaders were allowed to go where they wished and no black marks were stamped against their names because if a conviction had been proved in a court of law, no Country would have accepted that person. And to this day, I failed to comprehend why/how Chow and Gerrard gave the order to Asher and and young naive Simon Denousse to "eliminate Ogilvy Berlouis in a final solution because he was the Power then"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And furthermore while I am at it, it is very very obvious that the
Gill Brothers, Volcere and many others that are filled with hatred in their eyes have not reconciliated.....fullstop....which is very very sad indeed. If is as if whatever decisions JAM takes as the Democratically elected President and his Party take, they have seek permission from Volcere, Christopher and Francis Gill. Even Mr. Ramkalawan have realised that JAM is surrounded by very intelligent young Advisors that are very capable indeed and as a result, it is a pity how some never stops the abuses and bad mouthings. Zot bien bez mal-elve and will do your cause/s no good what so ever. You say you are
"Rasin-ist" but to the majority Seychellois, you are but a pack of Racists.

Kind regards TIKLO and top of the avvo to you wherever you are.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Welcome back to the STAR Blog after threatening not to participate as a protest against my calling your friend Rene his correct name of Rene the Butcher.

You say that the contamination by Khalifa is but an accident that could not be avoided. This position ignores the circumstances in which the "accident" occurred which contradicts your point that the contamination at La Misere was a mere accident.

While I agree that accidents do occur, when you ignore the law, and when you ignore protections that are intended to reduce the possibility of these "accidents" they are no longer accidents. They are negligent or intentional acts causing serious injury that you know or should know will result from your actions - as exactly happened at La Misere. Khalifa knew or should have known that his actions would cause or was likely to cause serious injury to the Seselwa Rasin people.

In Khalifa's case he flouted all our laws ignoring our sovereignty, relying on the alleged bribes he has paid to Michel the Collaborator, in order to insulate him and his activities from the laws of our country the Rasin homeland. Then he proceeded to systematicall flout all our laws that made this "accident" all but sure to happen.

Khalifa brought in 2,000 workers and set them up at his construction site that did not go through the normal environmental review and approval processes. They were installed in living quarters that apparently were not fully inspected to determine if they were compliant with our laws. These workers and the work being done at La Misere was done by an unlicensed and obviously unqualified company who did not take the necessary environmental review or precautions before starting the work. Khalifa then started work to build his palace in the nesting habitat of an endangered endemic bird of Seychelles putting them in danger of extinction resulting in an incalculable loss tot he Rasin patrimony. So I ask you TIKLO, under these circumstances how can you honestly describe what happened in La Misere as a mere accident?

Under these circumstances your position is that of an apologist Collaborator who will defend the actions of a foreigner against your own people, the Seselwa Rasin, just because that foreigner happens to be rich and appears to, and is rumored to have paid huge bribes to the PP Collaborator leadership.

Secondly you say that Mancham has called me a "Fouter Dezord' or a troublemaker and you say that too. In the first instance, I have never heard Mancham describe me in that way. Secondly, if fighting for Sesel Pou Seselwa makes me a "Fouter Dezord" so be it. I wear the label proudly.

I am a Fouter Dezor when the order of the day is selling out our country to Fabrike and foregners so that we Seselwa Rasin are third class citizens in our own country. I am a Fouter Dezord when the order of the day is the PP Collaborator slogan of "sell baby sell" selling out our country to the likes of Khalifa for SCR1 just so they can feed their addiction to power for just one more day. I am a Fouter Dezord when the PP Collaobartors stack our Electoral Register with Fabrike and fruadulent voters so they can deceitfully keep the illegitimate political power they have stolen from the Seselwa Rasin people.

Yes I am a Fouter Dezord when I say we need a true revolution to sweep the PP Collaborators from power and bring them and the Collaborator in Chief, Rene the Butcher, to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people. So yes, I am a Fouter Dezord against the current situation in our country today and proud of it.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Cont. Ans. to TIKLO:

You say that President Kaunda vouched for the Democratic credentials of the PP Collaborators. I am not familiar with Kaunda's statement, so cannot attest to what he said and in what context he said it. However, if he was stating that the PP Collaborators or Rene the Butcher were democratic, or that their regimes were democratic regimes, he was simply wrong. If that is what he meant he was simply ignorant of our history. In any event, Kaunda is a foreigner who had no business interfering in our internal affairs by endorsing anyone in power.

But I am not surprised that you TIKLO a lover of foreigners and their interests over the interests of your own people, the Seselwa Rasin, would bring up the statement of what appears to be an ignorant foreigner, to justify a view of the facts that you know to be absolutely false.

Then you try to justify the actions of Rene the Butcher in imprisoning Seselwa Rasin without charge and then exiling them from their own motherland. The way you do that is instructive of your perverted view of justice. I will explain.

First you call Gerard Hoareau a "Collaborator" for organizing student demonstrations against the brutal dictatorship that Rene the Butcher installed in Seychelles. While I do not agree with everything that Gerard did, in my view, Gerard undertook heroic actions to challenge Rene the Butcher's dictatorship and bring back a democracy to the Rasin homeland. When Gerard undertook his actions he knew that Rene the Butcher would think nothing of killing him or anyone else who opposed his grip on power - he persisted nevertheless. This is the mark of a true Seselwa Rasin Patriot not a collaborator like you TIKLO, or a coward like your friend Rene the Butcher. In the end, Gerard was murdered allegedly on the orders of Rene the Butcher, because he loved liberty and wanted to restore a democracy in his motherland. How was that right TIKLO?

You then say that Rene the Butcher was generous to those Seselwa Rasin he imprisoned without charge because he did not bring them to trial and allowed them to leave their homeland without a "black mark". In the first instance Rene the Butcher had no right to impose his brutal dictatorship on us Seselwa Rasin. In the second Rene the Butcher had no right to arrest any Rasin without charge; no one made the Butcher king of the Seselwa Rasin people. In the third instance once Rene the Butcher did impose his brutal dictatorship, it was the obligation of every Seselwa Rasin to use all means necessary to remove him from power and replace his dictatorship with a democratic Rasin-ist government. So those individuals who in the face of death attempted to restore a democratic government in Seychelles were Seselwa Rasin Patriots and should be honored for their efforts, not vilified as you TIKLO attempt to do.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Cont. Ans. to TIKLO:

TIKLO you then bring up Simon Denousse, and attempt to blame Simon for the crimes allegedly committed by Rene the Butcher against him. Whatever Simon Denousse allegedly did, nothing justifies Rene the Butcher's alleged actions taken against Simon. These allegations include Rene the Butcher's goons systematically dismembering Simon, while he was still alive, in an extended torture session, making him beg for life over hours of torture until he was finally brutally killed while Rene the Butcher allegedly looked in and was allegedly updated on the work of his henchmen. How is that correct and right as you argue TIKLO?

Even if Simon had violated Rene the Butcher's laws, why did Rene the Butcher simply not put him on trial for his alleged crimes? Why did Simon have to be allegedly butchered by Rene the Butcher? What kind of sick masochistic human being would do that to another? What kind of sick twisted human being is your friend Rene the Butcher, if he did what he is rumored to have done and ordered to be done to Simon and other Rasin, his own people? Under a Rasin-ist government all these facts will be made open and public, and all those who participated in this butchery, if it occurred as rumored, will be brought to justice for their crimes. If the perpetrators are dead, as many are, their memories will be laced with the stain of shame that they deserve for all future Rasin to look on with contempt and scorn.

Never again should any Seselwa Rasin be butchered in their own country for any reason, especially not by their government who should protect them not butcher them.

Finally, you say that Christopher and I have not reconciled with the PP Collaborators and are filled with hate. You are right we have not reconciled with the PP Collaborators because the PP Collaborators have not repented for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people, and are continuing to perpetrate their crimes against their own people.

Recocilitaion must come with confession by the perpetrators of the crimes which caused the division. If not, reconciliation is merely capitulation by the victims to the perpetrators of the crimes committed against them. We Rasin-ists are not interested in capitualion to the PP Collaborators. We are however interested in genuine reconcilitaion.

If the PP Collaborators confess their crimes and ask for forgiveness for their crimes and make restitution for their crimes and pledge not to continue their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people, we Rasin-ists are ready to reconcile with them and accept them - they are after all Rasin like us, even if they currently are collaborating to sell out our motherland. So Christopher and I and all other Rasin-ist are not filled with hate. We are filled with love of Sesel Pou Seselwa and have open hearts to anyone who accepts Sesel Pou Seselwa no matter what their past crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people may have been.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have visited the Seychelles four times as my fiancé is a Seychellois. Its very difficult for me to understand what is happening. The only Seychellois jobs that are being created, by these building projects, will be for gardeners and cleaners. The more the country is built upon, the less people will want to come to the Seychelles. The irony is that it will actually kill off tourism.
Its important for the government to realise that they, and their family names, will be remembered for destroying the natural and irreplaceable beauty of these islands.

Anonymous said...

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