Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

Politik ‘zenofobi’ - lavyann poul ek dizef bon marse
The State of the Nation speech this year was a very mediocre affair. The media overdrive of the district meetings of last year, the boringly monotonous meetings with Marylou and the tedious ‘En Moman avek Prezidan’ has left JAM with an even more hollow brain. Even his master speech writers have drawn blanks. No more spin so what to do? With blunders after blunders splashing ‘malpropte’ all over this administration, it’s time to go on the offensive to win some votes.

JenPa: Good morning Sir! I must say that your state of the nation speech in the new people’s house given to us by our Chinese communist friends was brilliant. The teleprompter worked well and the procession with the new phallic object with a book and the coco de mer sitting on top was quite a spectacle. With the patronage of HRH Sheik Khalifa in our midst, we should be calling it a Caliphate. Herminie is the head Caliph of this house and I gather that he is fed up of dressing up like the old Mr. Speaker in this drab garb. He has ordered a set of dish-dash-ahs complete with the colourful Shumagg headdress, Arafat style!
Mr. President: Well JP. I really felt uncomfortable in this house. It is so big and there are a lot of empty chairs. I much preferred the old intimate one. There is no doubt that big Pat has high office aspirations… The speech was a tough one. With all these scandals engulfing us, I had to put on a brave face. We are still in control are we not? I think the introduction of this new ‘bonomm dibwa’ called ‘zenofobi’ will work on the moral and spiritual psyche of our people and get them to forget all the water contamination and illegal immigration problems we have to deal with.
The red phone springs into life, startling JP from his deep thought as he reaches out to grab the receiver.
JenPa: Hello. This is the private line of the president of the republic of Seychelles. How may I be of assistance? (Slight pause) Very well your Highness.
He turns to the President and hands him the receiver.
Mr. President: A very good morning to you your Highness. Yes, we have indeed been pushed against the wall with this latest catastrophe at your La Misère property. A thousand apologies for dragging your good name into all this excrement! It has also inflicted quite a bit of misery on the residents and we need to rectify the situation fast. There is a lot of contempt from the populace as they see your skyscraper compound taking shape. I need to do some damage control. How about some assistance with our skyrocketing utilities bills? (Long pause…) Oh, that is so kind of you your Highness! May Allah be with you! Thank you, thank you, Sir! Al salam malekum!
He puts the receiver down and flashes a beaming smile!
JenPa: Good news Sir?
Mr. President: Indeed my man! Khalifa is the man! He will donate a few more millions for us to buy a new generator that will supply all his properties and enough funding to build some dams to better hold the water at La Misère so that it does not get tainted as he does not want to risk his precious health. He is also thinking of helping us with the completion of the private health centre of Emerald Holdings. But he wants this to be called the Sheik Khalifa Mini Medical City. So I will have to seek the permission of Ramadoss, Sarah and Big Chief on this one.
JenPa: Sir, that’s a masterstroke! We have announced this in anticipation through your speech and Marylou can now have a field day and rub their noses in that shit! I am amazed how we can wriggle our way out of all this mess with the Sheik’s blessing. But how do we handle this huge influx of illegal workers on his construction sites?
Mr. President: Not to worry JP. Albert had already sold a portion of  the reclamation to him (no one seems to know where this money has gone though) and he has agreed to pay us a small lease so that he can provide some shelter for his 2,000 odd workers. We will then have a permanent solution to this problem as the workforce will be here for a while to develop all the properties including the ex-Khashoogi land. I can then ask Gappy to create a new electoral district and bingo! Re-election is assured for the next decade.
JenPa: Hmmm… this smells like the pre coup d’état days. We are already hearing the ‘Sesel Pou Seselwa’ rhetoric ringing in our ears.
Mr. President: Don’t let yourself be fooled by all this JP! This was our battle cry to force independence through. It did strike a chord with the older generation but our youth is now indoctrinated with the Jj Spirit. With Mitcy taking on the new ‘flanbo’ with the women’s league, we are in cruise control.
JenPa: Ya Papa! ‘Nanryen pa pou bar nou’! But Sir, we really need to try and curb this influx of foreigners in the country. It is now becoming too obvious that they are being included on the electoral roll. Last year you made a promise to look into this seriously and this year the figure has ballooned. Pretty soon the real Seselwa will take matters in their own hands you know…
Mr. President: JP, we are Parti Lepep. And no one knows this people better than us. We can manipulate as much as we want. Don’t forget that we have laid the foundation for indoctrination since 1977. We have built our perfect animal farm state where all animals are equal, but some animals - like us who are in power - are more equal than others. That is why we will be at the top of the pyramid for as long as we want.
JenPa: Sir you are indeed in another league. I am bewitched by your wisdom and exemplary leadership. Talk about farms, we have scored some massive points since your decision to liberalise the chicken and eggs market. No more chicken and egg situation to get us entangled! We got Minister Pinocchio to hammer the message home and I think he did a good job there. Now he runs the risk of the farmers cutting his long nose. He had promised to subsidize them and should have collected more than 9.5 million. He now claims there is only 5.2 million… Since he is the superman, we have also loaded his plate with some more midnight oil to burn on the utilities issue.
Mr. President: I need to test his mettle JP. He is also very ambitious and I’ve allowed him enough exposure to fit in Joe’s shoes. It is the ideal scenario for us. We will keep the Jj label as I would resent a JD ticket come the next election. And I don’t like Danny’s arrogance. Pinocchio is more of a humble no nonsense Mr. Nice guy.
JenPa: Great strategic thinking Sir. We need to find a way to contain this free speech emanating from the internet. I gather that all the youth frequenting the Jj spirit internet cafés are constantly logging on to the STAR blog. Despite our efforts trying to spread some confusion on this blog, it seems that their new revolutionary ideas are catching on like wildfire.
Mr. President: We need to fight fire with fire JP. This is why I have unleashed the ‘zenofobi’ beast onto them. Despite our liberation, deep down our people still have this plantation, slavery mentality. SBC will remain under our full control and no one will be able to beat us at our game.
JenPa: Sir we need to watch out. A lot of people are starting to get fed up of seeing you popping up every night and they are resorting to switching off their TV sets. We cannot afford to slip up.
Mr. President: Yeah. I need to loosen up a little. But I just love to listen to myself. It helps me to improve when I see myself on TV. It’s amazing how the teleprompter and the coaching you guys are giving me has made me feel more at ease in front of the camera. Some people are even saying that I have a lot of charisma.
JenPa: Indeed Sir. Loosening up also entails having a good sense of humour. You take yourself too seriously. I know that you need to give the impression that you are a workaholic but a sense of humour is the fine wine of intelligence. You need to portray yourself as a cultured leader of finer things that life offers. I would rather see you being appreciated for some intelligence than your charisma. But then again…State House is a weird and narcissistic place to be!
JenPa seems to be feeling more and more like Rasputin at this famous abode. He is starting to exert his influence in all circles…meanwhile, Mr. President ventures off to check if his FIFA World Cup invitation has arrived from South Africa yet…


Anonymous said...

I really like this comedy that is playing out in Seychelles. This Government of James Michel is a real joke and this President should win another award for the President with most blunders in the history of the modern world.

I watched SBC last night and every 5 minutes, it was President James Michel this and President James Michel that. Does this idiot like his name so much that he has told Onezine to mention his name every day on TV? Now the new deal is that SBC must announce that Michel has sent a condolence message to some world leader every single day that there is a disaster somewhere. If a tree has fallen in London, Gordon Brown must receive a message from Michel. For the love of God, isn't that the job of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? But then, Faure is too busy begging the private sector for funds so that he can improve his canteen! For God's sake people, wake up and vote these IDIOTS out of power once and for all. Seychelles deserves better and even a monkey can run this country better by simply doing nothing at all. Feed the animal some bananas and the country will run much better. No stupid decisions to make.

It is clear that Michel and his Government are clueless and they have no ideas on how to make this country a better place to live.

Star, keep writing as my friends are all enjoying the blog and the comments.

Anonymous said...

To Christopher Gill,

We see the picture of the Rhode Island chicken and the Egg. The pertinent question that you have to answer in regards to the issue at hand is "do you take the Chicken to the Egg or do you take the Egg to the Chicken?."

And to the first blogger I say how pathetic and "clueless" you are Mate.

Ti Kreole Laid O

Anonymous said...

Right folk wether it is nation,SBC,and so forth, they are all the mounthpiece of SPPF.

Michel on his part is fighting for his political suvival he knows heyday is about to come to an end and thus he would have to face the nemesis of his wrong doings.
Michel is in fact at his wits end ,he has no legs to stand on and all his attempts to hoax us have been bitten the dust.

We all remember Michel tell us quote " judge me by my actions"and we did . The aftermath of his actions is total bankruptcy and poverty.To date suffice it to say, all his actions have been criminal for which he should have long been subpeonead.

As to our people ,in order to solve this mountain of problems Michel left on our shoulders we will need to unite to oust SPPF out of power once and for all.

Anonymous said...

The reason why you're seeing Michel almost all night on SBC is simply because SBC belongs to SPPF.

But one thing though, is cristal clear, Michel has lost all credence among his people ,what he is left with is SBC where he could attempt to at lease try to fob us off with his cock-and-bull stories.

The old crook is bamboozled and it is rumoured that he is suffering from neurosis.He knows his time is about to end and justice would be waiting for him ,so he will try anything imaginable to save his ass.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I think that this is cheap politics! Think where you are , what you are doing, and where you are going!

Anonymous said...

Who is in power!! That is the question. Would we do any different? Or are we just playing politics!

Anonymous said...

Cheap politics are what SPPF has been playing for the last thirty-six years resulting in the ordeals our people are in today.
And believe me their wicked deeds are not pecadilloes but real crimes that deserve capital sentence.

Anonymous said...

To Second Blogger.

I am the First blogger who wrote that Michel is clueless! If you think that I am "pathetic and clueless", mate, then just go around Seychelles and ask real people what they think of our IDIOT of a President.

You are obviously an SPPF leech who is stuck you know where or who is licking the brown stuff that this DUMB STUPID IDIOT is dishing out on a daily basis. I guess you love a bankrupt country or the Arabs sticking it to us from behind. Good for you if you like the brown stuff and hopefully you get off on it. As for the rest of us normal Seychellois with half a brain, we know better and will prove so at the voting booth next year.

"Mate, it is YOU who is pathetic and clueless. Keep on licking.

Anonymous said...

To Ti Kreole Laid O




Anonymous said...

Playing politics? I don't think this site is playing politics. This site is the best site which explains exactly what is happening in Seychelles. Can you get this on SBC-TV or the Nation? How about the People? Michel has hijacked the press and uses it to spread his lies and propaganda. We must put a stop to this and take back our country. Sesel pour Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

The main & obvious reason why Michel is always in the limelight is because there’s an election round the corner. We will always be faced with this predicament up until & after the election.
The simply motive is that, he wants to constantly remind Seselwa who to vote for.

Guys don’t underestimate PL, Michel & the gang are using subliminal effects everyday on SBC. Subliminal messages are very effective, principally, when it comes to decision making & many politicians have used this very effective tactic in the past & it’s well known particularly in the US.

And mark my words, this tactic will be intensified during campaigns when they have been allocated their political broadcast slot & all sorts of adverts with embedding subliminal messages will be flashed on our screen without being consciously aware of them. That’s why we will never have other independent radio or TV broadcasting stations establish in our country as long as PL is in power. PL will use any means necessary to hold on to power.

Seselwa, change in our country is well overdue! Now, we have reports all over the International media that our beloved country is turning into a terrorist hotspot and who do we have to blame for this?

As long as we have incompetent, corrupt, naive, dishonest, deceptive, unscrupulous and untrustworthy leaders managing this country, this is what will ensue unless we formulate a regime change and dispose PL from power.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, the slightest critic of the doings and/or writings of STAR leads to an attack in form of verbal abuse.

Someone asked
'Who is in power!! That is the question. Would we do any different? Or are we just playing politics!'

From the answers here one could easily think that the answer to the two last questions are clearly NO and YES.

My question is, who is playing politics? PL or the so-called opposition and wannabe opposition?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

sbc and nation are just propaganda tools.

thats why JAM has been appearing ad nauseam.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone remembers that in one year from now(give or take a few months) there is an presidential election coming and every possible piece of media will be used in order to create as much propaganda as possible.

You all seem surprized that James Michel is using every possibility to show to the nation that he is achieving what he promised to achieve or at least making his best effort to do so.

As recent as today the Nation reported that the World Bank had praised Seychelles for its economical progress since the crunch we were in only just over a year ago. Any prezident would us this opportunity to promote himself whilst beating his chest and singing 'I feel good' in James Brown style as he goes down in split. What nation doesn't mention of course are all the grants that helped James Michel 'feel good'.

The opposition on their side with their newspapers should do a counter report on every article that Nation does in favour of James Michel and state their side of the story so that the people may see how Michel achieved things. But what do you do? You sit and mope about the fact that Michel is in the news.

Guys, this is politics, real politics. Wake up and smell the coffee. You'd do exactly the same if you had the occasion. Nation is and always has been a SPUP/SPPF/PL mouthpiece and all you have t do to make it neutral is win the coming election and fulfill those very constitutional ammendments you and Chow were all bitching about recently.

But what are you really going to do about it? The same thing you do about everything you love to copmplain about: Nothing

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

First let me once more extend my congratulations to the author for the very entertaining piece. While we all know we are discussing very serious matters, it is always nice to feel a smile come across your face every once in a while when thinking about these issues. Once more, the author has shown himself or herself to be very subtle and very sophisticated in making his or her points. Well done!

Allow me to venture a suggestion here. Since I am completely devoid of any artistic talent, it might make sense for those of us Rasin-ists who have talent in the theater arts to do some skits using Shan's manuscripts like this one. These skits can be recorded and posted on U-tube.

In that way we can all laugh a little longer, and make the Rasin-ist case a little bit more effectively.

Also, if anyone has songs, poetry or any other music, art or literature promoting the Rasin-ist cause, I and the other readers and commentators would love to see them. Please post the links to them.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

I agree with Expat. After holding power by hook or by crook for almost 35 years, the SPPF/PP cannot blame any other person, party or group for the current disarray in which we find we Seselwa Rasin and our Seselwa Rasin homeland.

I also agree with the comments made by the first blogger. The state funded media apparatus has become a farce mimicking every petty dictator who uses censored or restricted media to spout the good works of the Dear Collaborator PP Leader - even though we can all see plainly, with our own eyes, Dear Collaborator PP Leader's abject failure and betrayal, the details of which have been extensively elaborated in other comments.

While subtle propaganda is very effective, it has to be subtle and subliminal to work. And it must be targeted to a receptive audience. When the audience is aware of your propaganda efforts and knows the truth is different than the propaganda, the propaganda is less effective. In this instance, the use of SBC in such a blatant ani-constitutional way that contradicts the facts we see and feel is less effective. We Rasin-ists can make this Collaborator propaganda even less effective if we put out the truth as we are doing in this blog.

We can also counter PP Collaborator propaganda by educating ourselves about Rasin-ist principles. We should have the Rasin-ist Creed published shortly. The rough draft has been completed and it is being reviewed by Rasin-ist leaders prior to issuing a final draft that can be easily printed and distributed. When we know Rasin-ist principles, we will clearly and immediately know when we are being spoon-fed PP Collaborator propaganda and immediately identify it as such and let the 3 people we recruit know our thoughts. These discussions, occurring privately, will be critical to counter the use of State resources by the PP Collaborators to stay in power. This is how we counter this incessant barrage of PP Collaborator propaganda funded by our very own tax Rupees.

While the PP Collaborators have the public purse, we have our commitment, our numbers and our Rasin-ist ideology. In every case the individual and his or her individual effort, when properly led, will defeat big money politics that the PP Collaborators have deployed. This individual effort begins by self-politicizing and self-organizing and then by removing the abusers from power by coalescing that individual effort into a single group with a single purpose. This personal power is supreme.

The PP Collaborator effort is designed to defeat us mentally so that we do not trust the power of our individual effort or we simply do not exercise our individual power to defeat them. This is Patric X's mission. This is the mission of the SBC propaganda effort. So the first place we must defeat PP Collaborator propaganda machine, and thereby defeat the PP Collaborators themselves, is in our mind. If we refuse to be defeated we cannot be. If we insist on victory and personally do what is necessary to accomplish victory we cannot lose. With these qualities it is only a matter of time before the PP Collaborators are removed and brought to justice.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the Seychelles is in its current state because you guys have failed yourselves!
We will see what happens in the next elections!

Anonymous said...

I reply to Patrick X-

I met with the World Bank delegation this week, representing the Tourism Industry at the invitation fo the Chamber of Commerce,to discuss the issues Seychelles faces.

Unfortunately, the situation of Seychelles is nothing worth claiming a gold medal for. I will address this in an article soon.

I have also met with the leadership of PUC and it is clear, that our infrastructure is crumbling before us. If you think the Khalifa La Misere excrement dumping is a serious problem, what will you say when greater Victoria, sew line bursts when it's pipes, which are no thicker than an A4 Rassool sells.

Nation X, has no credibility. I have told you that before. They print 3500 copies a day and about 2000 comes back unsold. Most papers sold are to government desks, in case you did not know.

People also lives off subcriptions to government offices.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The article was again right on point and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the part mentioning JenPa as Rasputin. Was nice to see that others agree with me. Thanks author.

Until recently, TV and print media has been the most essential tool during a political campaign and also after, to retain voter support. The dysfunctional and joke of a government that our beautiful Seychelles has manipulating it, knows this. Hell, they have been hijacking it the first day they hijacked us and Seychelles without even a ransom note.

The same control on information that was used by FAR on us, was also apparently used on the x-Cable and Wireless staff , JAM. How else would you explain JAM losing his grip on power and allies more quickly that it takes to do a round trip of Seychelles, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Pyongyang, Havana and Caracas? FAR taught JAM everything JAM knows, but not everything that FAR knows. Ironic isn’t it?

However, in this day in age where most of our unbiased, intelligent information and communication does not come from SBC and the Nation, there is huge potential for the opposition.

In line with Leonard’s earlier statement, we can build and support efforts, beyond this blog. Please view this recent article from the New York Times: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/07/how-obamas-internet-campaign-changed-politics/

Patrick X talks about retaliating every PL (oops I meant to say Nation) article and Michel Vision (oops again, I meant to say SBC) programs, with a counter. This can be done. This site allows for that, as does many others.

Let us use these other means and show not only others within Seychelles what is really happening, but also the rest of the world.

The beauty of it is, no matter how hard they try, the PL/SPPF will not be able to stop it.

That scares them and all of their hypnotized and indoctrinated kanmarads who read the 1500 sold Nations every day and make ludicrous comments on this site.

By the way, I hear that JAM will be going to Los Angeles next year to receive his Academy Award for “ Best Short Story on How to Rape Your People and Not Get Away with It”. Maybe he can write his own speech this time.

Sesel Pour Seselwa


Carlos the Jackal said...

Elections come, elections go and the SPPF remains in power and will probably continue to do so. Even the next elections will see no change in the power base as the elites have too much to lose and are not averse to using the ultimate tools of violence, threats and intimidation. I've said it before on here but despite a lot of people's best intentions I cannot see them (sppf) being removed from power and would worry that a coup could be in the offing were election results to go against them.
I don't envisage a scenario where the army is deployed in the streets or something akin to 1977 but the hijacking of government under the guise of national unity could become a reality and unfortunately would almost certainly be ignored and/or tolerated by the international community and the IMF. At such a point they (sppf) would simply and effectively (through years of experience) go about silencing their critiques through coercive measures or the carrot and stick approach.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the last post by Anonymous. whislt i am in agreement with it that the SPPF come elections will still retain power i do not subscribe to the reasons behind that. In my opinion is that the politicians which we have enthrusted the political opposition with over the 18 odd years have not delivered. Mancham/Chow and the DP cohorts were interested in only one thing, that is try and make up for lost time when it came to amassing wealth- Mancham in the return of family properties (i admit it be a legitimate personal pursuit but certainly did not derive any political dividends) and now Ramkalawan (after a good start) following in same footstep as Mancham coupled with many faux pas and dubious dealings (Siva and party monies)!

The SPPF/PL are not invincible, and they do not win elections but rather it is the opposition that loses it for reasons that we are all aware of.

I must however say that the politicians are not entirely responsible, it is the people that in the first place elects them, and complains when they (the popultation end up in the fire from the pan)! As the saying goes, we get a govt (and may i add an opposition) which the majority of the people deserves.


Anonymous said...

sorry comment was in relation to last post of Carlos the Jackal

Incidentally Carlos the Jackal i was wathching a National Geographic programme some time back was probably one the worst spies in history!

I did not mean any personal attack on the person sporting this alias on STAR- was just a comment!


Anonymous said...

Thank you the writer. I am so glad STATE HOUSE is back. I miss it.

It makes me laugh. I always read it from my government office desk, when my Minister is on a long lunch with his girlfriend at their hide out.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


The oldest reference to this
childish conundrum goes back to a collection of essays by greek historian Mestrius Plularclus.

But philosopher David Papiceau on his part put it this way,quote"I would argue it is a chicken egg if it has a chicken in it.If a Kangaroo laid an egg from which an Ostrich hatched,it would thus be an Ostrich egg ,not a Kangaroo".
By this reasoning,the first chiken indeed came from the egg even if it was hatched from a KANGAROO.

Anonymous said...

ther are numerous examples in which the chicken-or-egg help identify the analytical problem.

One of them is;an actor can not join the actor"s union unless he has played a role in a union film,but a non-union actor can not get a role in a union film because he is not in the union.


Anonymous said...

To the first Blogger

Instead of telling us your Point of Difference as to why you are better or why we should vote for your Party if you do have one, you shamefully accuse/badmouth a Democratically Elected President of Seychelles.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...


If you are not happy with the wishes of the Majority of the Seychelles Populace in re-electing the Party that has been in Power for the "past thirty years", what is stopping you from going back to your country of birth?.

Do tell us where you come from EXPAT if you have what it takes. I doubt very much if you are from Australia Mate.

Anonymous said...

While the Internet is an extremely effective & indispensable tool for any political party in this day & age.

But simultaenously, without being pessimistic or cynical, the question is, how effective will it be especially in Seychelles?
What percentage of residents has Internet access either at home or at work? We have to bear in mind that most social networks are currently or soon to be forbidden or barred particularly in the majority of government offices.

With that said though, we have to start somewhere and you’re guys are heading in the right direction but it’s just a matter of treading cautiously!


Anonymous said...

To Anonymouse...errhhhhh mous

David Papineau and the rest of his "Eggsperts" were trois vrais Kouyons.

Coq Galega fertilizes Poule Galega's eggs and we get en bann ti poule ek Coq Galegas. This means that the Chicken came first. Like the old legendary song goes...."Mon mother creole...mon Papa creole mon osi mon bezoin Creole akoz dan disef poule ou pa kappa ganny en ti Kannard.

The composition and make-up of a Chicken's Egg is so complex. That is why as kids we used to say an Egg is God's House because no one can repair a broken or damaged Egg.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous who said Expat should go back to his own country because you disagree with him, I say: "On this blog everyone has a right to speak". This blog is not an SPPF/PP tool where if you do not agree with someone you can exile them, intimidate them, or deprive them of their human dignity as you PP Collaborators have done to all the residents of Seychelles - the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

While I do not believe that any expat or Fabrike has a right to formally participate in our elections by voting or by becoming part of our civil service, they, by all means, have the right to express their opinions and to do so freely and fully. We Seselwa Rasin must be secure enough in our ideas and arguments so that we can withstanding any amount of criticism from whoever makes it and respond with superior ideas of our own. So Mr. Expat ,you are welcome to continue to comment as long as you want to do so and however you please - and you need not "go home" because of your comments, you are welcome to stay in our country, the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

To the Jackal: I completely agree with you the the SPPF/PP Collaborator power hungry government will do everything in their power to keep power. This means they will cheat, lie, deceive, steal and do all else that is necessary to preserve power. When that is done they will resort to violence as they always have in the past. But that should not deter us. These ways of the PP Collaborators have been the ways of dictatorships throughout the history of the world. But each time the power of the masses, when well politicized and determined, have overthrown the dictators and brought them to justice. We are no different. We must politicize ourselves with Rasin-ist ideology and we must steel our nerves and be ready to unleash a popular revolution that will remove the power hungry PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people. We must be ready for this fight and do whatever is necessary to make Sesel Pou Seselwa. So do not despair - we will be victorious, not in one day or one year or perhaps even one decade, but victorious we shall be because we Seselwa Rasin cannot lose this fight. If we lose this fight we forever lose our homeland.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous who said that Michel is democratically elected; you are wrong.

You are wrong because when you cheat and deceive, and violate the Constitution to get elected you cannot cloak yourselves with the mantle of democracy.

Michel has loaded the electoral rolls with fraudulent and Fabrike voters. These voters are the margin of victory for the PP Collaborators and were the margin of victory for the SPPF Collaborators in the alst election. They have kept the electoral roll secret from the average citizen who cannot view who is actually registered to vote so that the PP Collaborators can mask this crime against the Seselwa Rasin people.

Then the PP Collaborator government has intentionally ignored the Constitutional requirement that all state funded media be controlled by an independent body. Instead, the PP has used state controlled media as its personal propaganda tool funded by every Seselwa Rasin. The PP has also implemented rules and fees that make it prohibitively expensive for independent radio stations to operate because the PP knows that this is the medium where most Rasin can be reached with ease.

Under these circumstances to say Michel is democratically elected is to stretch the idea beyond its breaking point.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill Francis, i suppose if we follow the logic and gist of arguement then it is no use taking part in any election because the SPPF/PL will win by fraud, stuffing the ballot box...so if we were to follow your arguement through the only remaining option is to boycott elections unless and until the anomalies are fixed?

However i doubt if boycott is a serious option to the current leadership of the SNP...such an idea was floated prior to the last Assembly election and even a resolution was passed at the AGM of the SNP (only for the leaders to go back on this decision a few months later), the problem is that many of the SNP politicians depend on the salaries derived from the state by for them is a means of material survival! Minus that state salary they would have to eke a living like we all do and i doubt whether one would be able to sustain a political career this way.

Going back to Niya, true internet has limited range. If the govt goes down on free use of internet in offices, the range would be even more limited. That is why any serious politics should be done on the ground, that is one of the difficulties of the SNP and the DP, their respective newspapers gives them some support but which is unlikely to be sufficient to win an election. Without a permanent prescence on the ground very little can be achieved.

In my immediate circle of friends, very few have heard of STAR, which is still limited to a few intellectuals and overseas Seychellois hungry for news of the motherland...that is why i understand some comments are totally erroneous and does not reflect the situation on the ground in Seychelles.

I say with a common opposition and objective the SPPF can be defeated. I do not subscribe with the Gill's position that 'fabrike' are stuffing the ballot boxes with votes. If that was to be a serious arguement evidence would have been forthcoming by now. I see it more as an excuse of failure to topple the SPPF/PL. Surnames which traditionally Seychellois and foreign is easily discernible and an empirical exercise is easy to settle this matter.

What is clear however is that we have a bunch a lazy opposition politicians, and if you ask me that is the main reason for failure.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Vox,

I just received your comment in my box and must reply.

Concerning the Electoral Register and stuffed boxes with non -Seselwa Rasin votes. You assert that if this was being done, something would have been done about it.

On this assertion, you are completely 100% wrong. Reason is simple.

The Opposition parties both have the Electoral Register, but neither party does any thing with it. This has been my hunch, and it has been confirmed by Hendrick Gappy, who has received virtually no complaints from SNP or DP concerning the register.

However, if you have 85,000 population and over 65,000 voters, there is something wrong.Especially when 30% of the population is under 18 years.

When I proposed the arguments to him (Gappy) of Fabrike's being on the list, he understood exactly what I was saying.

He as myself, and you VOX, know that the PP and SPPF before them, had a systematic policy of selling passports, and allowing friendly expats sympathizers to the ruling party, become "citizens". They are the Fabrike's collectively.

Just yesterday, a French citizen said to me that he is Seychellois for 2 years, and wants a good price for a piece of land.

The feed to Weekly of Tretout acquiring a passport from STAR is another example.

A French Ambassador is a Seychellois?

Passports Vox, are being sold. As they are sold, the new citizen registers his name on the electoral register.

Are you happy to know Mr. Tretout will vote in the next election? As he has an interest in CASINO, he will not gamble his wealth on the Opposition. He will be a pp vote.

Many people in Seychelles advise me that they now follow STAR. STAR is one tool, there are others. Being on the ground is important, and I am sure we will get there if necessary.

As for your comment on career politicians, this is a sad state of affairs, as our designated fighters have taken the arm chair adn they have become complacent over fat salaries. They will rise only to preserve the salaries, then rest.

Our politics must go beyond the complacency of career politics. This is the ultimate trap the pp have planted for the Opposition. It has worked.

This is why STAR exists and it is why we will be as pro active as called for.

Good day Vox, there is hope, even in darkness.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I refer to Mr Gill Francis; the electoral roll is not secret. It is available to ALL political parties albeit be it in hard format, nothing precludes the Opposition Parties (if they know well their districts and people) to come up with a definite number of the number of 'fabrike'. Districts with marginal victories in the National Assembly Elections were won by SNP: Les Mamelles (4 votes), Bel Ombre (11 votes), B Vallon

The toal votes for 2007 Parliamentary elections: SPPF won 30 571 the SNP/DP alliance 23 869. An almost 7,000 votes difference.

In the last Presidential elections in 2006: JAM won 30 119 and RAM 25 626. A difference of 5,000 votes.

Can we really call these results marginal.

My point Mr Gill Francis, is that we have to be honest in our analysis. Soi disant vote fabrike does not make SPPf/PL win and retain power, the answer lies elewhere!

However as i have said before, i have no doubt that the SPPF/PL has the ability and will to do election fraud, i just feel that there is no necessity for them to have done so and do it now. Anyone who was around during the 2003 and 2006 elections would have noticed that the SPPF/PL leaders were nervous with the results, should they have stuffed or done fraud they would have had no cause to be nervous!

As to whether a coup d etat would follow, if SPPF/PL loses elections, the answer lies in the past!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Gill Chris, thank you for your last comment. You have participated and won an election at Bel Ombre, so i have no pretension of telling you how it works, the following is for the benefit of other bloggers. The candidates are allowed to field a polling agent. Ths agent if doing his work correctly, would tick across his register who votes. That is why the SPPF/PL is seen coming late just close to closing of polling with hoards of people which to vote, that is because their agent knows who has voted or not, those who had not voted, are then flushed out by
SPPF/PL campaigners. Now, i say it is easy to verify the number of 'fabrike' who has voted at the elections, by just looking at the names. We will all agree that this is a simple exercise, and i bet will not take not more than a days.

Now Mr Gill, i agree that many passports have been sold, and normally their name should appear on the register subject to them having the qualified residency period. That is for the Electoral Commisioner to police AND for the Opposition Parties to point out to the Elec Com and made public if that is a major concern and campaign theme.

However i admit that since you were not involved in last few elections, evidence may be be easily forthcoming to you. However i wish to point out that the passport were sold to people who are not residing in Seychelles, unless the practice is to have somebody else vote in their place, again this is can easily foiled by political parties.

Apologies profesional duties awaits.

Good day


Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox,

Regarding the Fabrike's on the Electoral Register.

The point you raise concerning the issue that it is easy to check who is not a Seselwa Rasin on the list is the same point Gappy raised to me.

The Fraud if present, is in the process and will undoubtedly implicate Internal Affairs, as they issue the passports and ID's not Gappy. He only registers what is in front of him, absent a protest.

The process for checking the Electoral Register, infers checking your own name, not others, under Gappy's system. This is a material point to concealing fraud in the list. The Electoral Commission opens the register once a year, and it should be widely available all year round.

To make fraud verification easier, I suggest it should be on a website and easily available for inspection.

Currently, Mr. Gappy's policy, not according to law, is to simply give each party a register. But fairness in voting concerns the entire electorate, not just parties.Any one should have access to the Electoral Register. There should be nothing to hide. Even put it on CD.

Also as pointed out to Gappy, it is the Social Security office that issues ID.He has no control or vetting at that point, but the government of the day does.

So unless the Opposition checks- combs the Register, they will never know if Fabrike's are on the list.

I have run in elections. The process is the same today, as it was in 1993. I walked with the district register and ticked names as SPPF, DP, SNP, other, and in the list at the time, I did not check for Fabrike's. But I knew they existed. There were many.

I suspect strongly, there are many more today, then in 1993.

5000 votes, is the assertion I have made. These votes hold the balance of power in their fake status.

We must expose this, to beat pp, if we can present a united front.

That is the point Vox.

Good day.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

And we're complaining about electoral fraud, fabricated votes etc the days pass and the election is getting closer and closer.

That means that the Gills will have another 5 years to bitch and complain about the PL.

But starting a party and campaigning is too much effort. By the way Chris, if Gappy gives the impression that he agrees with you, do you really think he agrees with you or that he is saying so to shut you up? If you don't have anything in writing, then you don't have anything.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...


You have said nothing, but you have added a comment.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To Chris Gill,

If I have 20 million dollars to invest in the USA, they will piss in my pocket......give me a green card...passport....and make me and every single member of my family an American Citizen.

The only difference is in the US of A, me and my family won't be able to vote for President Obama because that is done by the Electoral College. In Seychelles, the Seychellois can vote for their choice of President directly. Now, you tell me [1]which country is more Democratic?. [2] Who was the first person that first sold Seychellois Passports?. [3] Why should the Seychelles refuse the Former French Ambassador his right to choose to become a Seychellois Citizen?.

The Vox by the way is 100% correct when he gave you the Marginal seats won by SNP in the last elections. As a PL strategist, I would make it my business to flood the district with supporters from other strong hold. With all due respect Chris, I think that you have lost the plot Mate and there is a need to re-invent yourself because by falling into the intelligent trap like Ramkalawan, you keep shooting yourself in the foot avek ou bann ta faux pas.

Regards from P'tit Kreole Laid O

Anonymous said...

Michel est à quatre pattes.Il a perdu toute maîtrise de soi,il va contre vents et marèes.
Depuis, qu'il nous a fait faillite le pauvre a fuit devant toutes ses responsabilitès.
Par exemple,quand on lui demand où s'est passé nos billions?Plus qu'il essayé de s'expliquer moin on le comprend.Ces résponses sont très symptomatique de sa façon de voir les choses,toujours à l'envers de la réalité.
Michel ressemble de plus en plus à un naufragé en train de se noyer,chaque fois qu'il parvait à remettre la tête hors de l'eau une nouvelle vague le submerge.

Le moin qu'on puisse dire;le vieux est dans la merde,rien ne lui aura été épargné.
Donc,mon conseil vieux,repentir connard!Et...n'oubliyer pas Sesel pou seselwa.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

On aimerait bien voir notre Président ces taper sur la table et reprendre initiative.On attendra en vain.Il lui manque le courage,la force,le flare et le carrure d'un leader.
Michel le pays est dans la précipice , demissioner mon vieux connard!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gill,

Strictly speaking what you suggest is not electoral fraud. Seychellois Nationality and Passports sold to X. X legally is entitled to register his name of the electoral register. he meets the requirements of the law. X new Seychellois comes to Elec Com with passport/ID, Elec Com takes down application. Elec Com sends officers to verify if X lives where he says he lives. Officers confirms residence. X is put on register. Perfectly legal.

Should Opposition Parties suspect that X is no longer resident then they should make this known to the Elec Com.

I will humbly suggest that the passport/nationality for money was not meant as a means to garner political support for the SPPF/PL, that programme was put in place when we were in dire need for forex, plus the accompganied corruption that went with it.

I also suggest that most probably those who benefitted under these schemes are not resident in Seychelles but used the Seychellois passport for things such as travelling.

There is an easy way to settle that and unfortuately the Gills will not be able to do that: a PNQ or question from other MNA to Minister of Internal Affairs: generally how many foreigners have gotten Seychellois Nationality since Indepence. Specifically how many have got it through the EDA scheme and other schemes. How many are on the Electoral Register. These answers are easily obtained by the Minister from the Statistical Office.

That is if the SNP even consider this issue serious. To tell you frankly i have never read in their newspapers nor heard any of the SNP leaders mention that, either they do not consider this siuation as prejudicial to their interests, or they do not know about it, or they just don t give a care. Take your pick.

Now Mr Gill, assuming you are correct in your asserion of 5,000 'fabrike' votes. How would exposing that make us beat SPPF/PL? Those people are on the register, legally neither Gappy nor would a Unified Opposition can prevent them from voting assuming they are interested in casting a vote.

Keep well,

Anonymous said...

Vox,there is nothing legal in all that and for the simple fact that they wereillegally issued our passports for bribes by SPPF.They were illegal yesterday,they are today and will be tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Give us a break vox.The question that begs an answer is,where all those SPPF practices LEGAL by law?The answer seems to be cristal clear,it's a big fat NO.Thus,your arguments are no cogent,dog.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jeanne D'ark,

Please attack the issues at hand and do not attack the person. As for James Michel the Lateral Thinker, he will outsmart you a tou kou, and don't you ever forget that.

As for Troufess.....erhhhhh sorry..I meant Troukler, "Seychelles has been on the verge of that precipiss" for a very long time now. In fact, you Prophets of Doom never ceases to amaze us.

Anonymous said...

Since you require more than comments, here's a statement:

- As long as the PL wins an electionm be it with or without Fabrikes on the voters list they will be accused of electoral fraud.

- As long the PL passes a law through a majority at assembly it will still be illegal to use that law of acquire anything by it.

- If the PL manages to bring the country's economy on the right track again, it will still be wrong and the WOP(Wannabe OP, read: Gill Bros) will continue to bitch about the past.

- Even in a decade when the PL is still in power although those who were involved with the coup have long resigned/retired, the WOP will still be complaining about the past, what their late father was part of etc.

The Gill Bros reminding me of G.W. Bush who also lived in his father's aura and felt he had to finish off what Daddy couldn't. For Christ's sake guys, move on! The world has revolved over 12000 times since the '77 coup and it will keep revolving with or without the two of you.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the gill brothers openly dissent with their real identity, rather than hiding behind pseudonyms.

kudos to them for that.

Anonymous said...

I missed STAR for a few weeks.

Thank you to the writer for such fun writing, making a fool out of these left footed leftists.

Seychelles of course will never succeed with SPPF now pp in power.

We all know that, even the pp collaborators as they are called are paid a salary to blog against the voice of freedom.

We are bankrupt and they say move on!

How funny.

It's a little like saying, I killed your baby forget about it.

Move on and support me to kill another generation.

While you support me, eat and drink shit as it comes and say thank you.

Be grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will support anyone other than pp. My family as well.

Courage to all.

Lera Rose-

Anonymous said...

Ptit Galega, then i suggest that the matter be taken to court to test the legality of those actions. SNP has taken the Govt to court over the beatings of 3rd October and won. But for my part i have no faith in the judiciary. Refering to comment of Anonymous calling Vox a dog: i believe that STAR started well without those kind of insults, let us keep it that way. You disagree, fine, tell us why you do so.

I still maintain that the passport/nationality for money was legal, immoral maybe but perfectly legal. Law is not cencerned with morality!

Have a good week end ladies and gents.


Anonymous said...

Well said Vox and even if the selling of passports was to mede illegal, one could not go back and punish those who had obtained such passports by for instance confiscating them or even extraditing them.

That is why I have been advocating the fact that the Fabrikes are here to stay like it or not and there is nothing a new party in the govt can do about it unless these commit a crime that qualifies for the loss of citizenship. And I dare say that voting for PL is not a crime although the Gills will most probably disagree with me on this point.

We may be bankrupt, but that is all the mroe reason to move on and get on with it. You house burns down, you build a new one with what you have because npbody else is going to do it for you.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

unless the house burns down with you in it.

Anonymous said...

If that is the case, then your troubles are over are they not?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox and X-

If an underlying act is illegal, the benefits of that act remains illegal. No color of law can legitimize the act.

Our Constitution does not have any provision for the sale of our citizenship.

Many Fabrike's buy passports. This is a fact. Michel Tretout is an example. What he paid for it whether cash, kind service, I am not aware. But most Fabrike's pay hard currency.

Morality does not factor into the debate when we discuss the legality of the citizenship.

Morality will factor in when we change laws to meet minimally acceptable standards.This will take the form of our principles of Rasinism and Sesel Pou Seselwa Principles. Not racism as you attempt to assert without success, x and all other collaborators.

Our Citizenship is not for sale! We will restore the dignity of being a Seselwa.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Well, in that case take up the matter in court and challenge the EDA and the sale of citizenship using the constitution as leverage.

The moral side of it however is another matter and I'd say it's as moral/immoral as giving special benefits to some, Rasin or Fabrike, for instance duty free import of vehicles or other priveleges like special treatment when applying for housing permits etc.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

What is clear to me is that the Electoral Register must be made public. Why is Gappy keeping it private and semi-confidential? It shold be easy and cheap to have digital copies readily available or have one available on line on the internet so every interested can see it. Gappy has established a personal rule, apparently not supported by any law, where he personally restricts publication of the Register and provides a one time copy only to political parties.

Our country does not belong to political parties it belongs to us individual Seselwa Rasin. We individually have a right to see the Register and to make a determination if we believe there are Fabrike or fraudulent voters on the Register, and to file a protest against such voters being placed on the Register when we identify them. Moreover, each individual Seselwa Rasin is better placed than the political parties to police the accuracy of the Register and to detect Fabrike and fraudulent voters on it.

Since Gappy has made it his own private rule not to publish the register widely it can only mean, in my mind, that he is hiding fraudulent activity connected with the Electoral Register. This makes me a little more convinced that Patrick X was perhaps correct when he referred to Gappy as a "Crook".

Now, part of our efforts must be focused on forcing Gappy to make the Electoral Register public and if he is a crook to replace him with an honest person. This job is too important to be left to someone without the most impeccable intentions.

If the Register is compromised by the 5,000 or more votes suggested, then a fair vote is impossible. So this effort must receive the highest priority. The Electoral Register must be made public by Gappy - this Republic belongs to us Seselwa Rasin, not to Gappy or the political parties.


Anonymous said...

Rene Bankrupt Seychelles as co commander with Michel, that is a little mistake?

Rene exiled 30,000 seychellois, mostly the best educated, now we need Irish to run the police, australians to run the tax office and customs. That is a little mistake?

Rene ruined us and Michel alongside. Today they have postponed the debt to 2016 so neither of them will pay, but our children will pay for their follies.
That is a minor error?

Rene's experiments took Seychelles 25 years backwards, not 40 years forward. Time has taken us 40 years forward, but we are backwards 25 years thanks to Rene and Michel. Look at the SBC programming in the monring, it shows you people dancing in 1989 and people singing in 1982.

Rene will go down in history as a grand failure, and Michel will go down as the grand master of selling out Seychelles and selling out Seselwa!

Sesel Pou Seselwa, are you pp afarid to say that phrase?

Anonymous said...


Gappy is 110% SPPF/PL and any doings of him will have the approval of the leadership. Tha fact that he denies giving the electoral list in electronic format is a pure act to slow the examination of it by parties that are interested in fiding errors. For all we know there could be 2 electoral lists, one for the public and one for the electoral commission.

The latter is the one I sincerely believe has the names of diaspora Seychellois and/or those Fabrike of yours. Vox is sure in his case that this doesn't happen, but I am pretty confident that it could be used as a plan B if an opposing party should be in lead.

The Radovan Krejcir case is the perfect example of how authentic false passports could be issued in the name of deceased Seychellois.

The best advise I can give you now is to obtain a copy of the electoral list and compare it with a list of citizens. All are public documents obtainable from public offices and the best you can do is get cracking with it. Bear in mind, paper copies can easily be scanned and converted to PC readable electronic documents so even if Happy Gappy should twist his moustache and say that only paper copies are available, you can scan using Acrobat and convert it to RTF or Excel for processing.

I'd love to help set up the procedure(I excel in Excel), but I'm diaspora and am hopefully not in the electoral list. If you however manage to get a copy of the list I'll gladyl let you know my true ID so you can check if I'm on it. If I am then Gappy has some explaining to do.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Are you becoming a Rasin-ist like us? Your Seselwa Rasin roots and your future roots welcome you in the effort to defeat the Collaborators who have sold out our country to Fabrike and to foreigners.

We will do our best to obtain a copy of the Electoral List and to scan and publish it on the internet despite the best efforts to impede us made by Gappy and other PP Collaborators. Since the list is such a guarded secret this will not be easy but we will do our best. If there is anyone who has access to this data base please send it to us by anonymous email electronic attachments. You can send it in piecemeal fashion. If you are afraid to send it while in Seychelles put it on a portable thumb drive and send it when you are outside the country.

I do agree with all your other suggestions in the manner to publish the List. I also agree that there could be multiple lists to be deployed in the event of a change in electoral fortunes of the PP Collaborators; as is occurring now.

Given Gappy's personal rule to keep the list secret, it is more likely than not that he does have multiple lists with various degrees of fraudulent and Fabrike voters on it. The worst the PP Collaborators are expected to do the more fraudulent and Fabrike voters they will have on the Electoral Roles, which they can amend relatively quickly if it is in electronic format.

And I do agree with you that in my mind the evidence now, given the semi-secret Electoral Register, is beginning to show that Gappy is a PP Collaborator who has stacked the electoral role with fraudulent and Fabrike voters and intends to undermine the free and fair character of the impending election.

I personally reserved judgment when you previously accused Gappy of being a crook. Many party partisans put their partisanship aside in favor of the nation when they are given positions of grave responsibility as Gappy's has been given in his current position. So I preferred to reserve judgment and render it on good evidence rather than on rumor, personal opinion or suppositions. The evidence is beginning to show Gappy's partisanship and it is beginning to show he has no business in his current position, and for us to have any potential for a free and fair election he must resign and an independent and trusted Commissioner by all sides be appointed in his place.

I however, do not understand your point that there may be other persons like Krejcir who have "authentic false passports". Either the passports are false or they are authentic; they cannot be both. Are you saying that the PP have simply given out a genuine passport to Fabrike friends? If that is your assertion we are aware that the PP Collaborators have simply given passports to Fabrike who have bribed them as Krejcir apparently did. If you are making a different point please explain.

Anonymous said...

Surely, the official opposition party, namely SNP, should always have an up to date hard copy of this register. A hard copy will suffice as this can be scanned within 10 minutes. I wish to offer my services should SNP or Rasin-ist movement require help with converting the PDF version of the electoral register into excel format. I have the facility to convert a 1000 page American or European telephone directory with over a million entries within 24 hours. Of course there will be no charge for this good cause. Bolot

微笑每一天 said...


Anonymous said...


Call me what you like(PP colaborator, wannabe Rasin, Cabolorater whatever), but fact remains as said before that I put Seychelles first even if that means supporting the party that has done wrong when I feel that they are the best we have at the moment.

Be careful when taking my words and going to accuse Gappy of this, that and the other. I have no evidence whatsoever, but speculate according to my instincts and not least historical facts where there is a whole book of dirty tricks for election fraud. In addition th that, knowing that Gappy is 110% PL and does not hide it, the probablity of dirty deeds is not exactly absent now is it?

Cooperate with Ramkalawan and copy his hard copy when he obtains it or even better, start a party and you'll also be qualified to recieve your own. As to the citizens list, that should be something obtainable from immigration.

As to 'authentic false' passports, I'll explain. Passports can as you say be either authentic or false, but they can very well be both. Here's a hypothetic theory:

A government official from immigration, upon orders from higher up, orders the issue of an authentic Seychelles passport using the name of a deceased person and places the photo of a living person. We have young people who die in Seychelles, either as infants and/or as teenagers. Bear in mind that prior to early 1990s all our certificates were pretty much in paper form so getting a passport using a deceased person's birth certificate is not difficult. So the passport is authentic in the way that it is issued form official sources, but fake as the bearer's name is false, i.e an authentic forgery.

In UK in the 70s there was a scandal when Indians obtained Britsh passports using birth certificates of deceased children, this by looking at gravestones for names. Do you think it would be any more difficult to do so in Seychelles?

I'll give you a clue by going back to the Radovan Krejcir case. The name Jules Egbert Savy was used on Radovan Krejcir's authentic false passport. Now who is/was Jules Egbert Savy? Find that out by going through birth registers as well as death registers(The archives are extremely helpful there and that FOC) and you'll see what I mean. The funny thing about the entire krejcir story is that the officer that issued the passport was never prosecuted and only got suspended before resigning from immigration. He said clearly that he did it upon orders from higher up and I believe him. Why else would there never have been a case on it and only weeks after the entire saga was silenced to a whisper.

You have no idea how much corruption exists in Seychelles nor who is involved.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Thank you for you kind offer to scan the hard copy of the Electoral Register. When we have it we will be in touch. Please let Christopher or me know how to contact you. It is with each Seselwa Rasin contributing their small individual effort like this that we can retake our country from the PP Collaborators and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X;

I did not call Gappy a crook, you did. I am now simply agreeing with you that, in my mind, there may now be evidence of it.

Secondly, I am concerned when you say you are in favor of Seychelles and not the Seselwa Rasin people. Is not the interests of Seychelles and the interests of Seselwa Rasin identical? If not how do you think they are different?

I also get your point that government issued passports are being fraudulently issued and this fraud is sanctioned by the top leadership in the PP. And I understand how these fraudulent passports can be used to allow fraudulent votes to be cast in any election. However, in my view, these are fraudulent passports. But your point is very well taken.

When we publish the digital Electoral Register we individual Rasin can review it and send in information that discloses this kind of fraud, if it exists. If any of us recognizes deceased individuals on the Register we can disclose it on this blog. Then we will protest each of the individual fraudulent voters that are identified.

I again reject your offer for us to formally establish the Rasin-ist Movement as a political party. We must do all in our power to keep the opposition united. Christopher is working on convincing the opposition to adopt Rasin-ist principles behind an effective leadership. If he succeeds, a new party is unnecessary. So a Rasin-ist party is a last resort not the first - our first job is to keep the opposition united in a common front against the PP Collaborators.

Anonymous said...

Now, that's what we are talking about!
We want things to get moving, we want to see actions & not only words. We want to show PL that we mean business & we must use any means necessary to dispose PL and bring about good deeds for our beloved country.

Count on me to offer my support 200%!


Anonymous said...

Music to my ears Leonard!

We all can have a part to play. We can educate and lead by example to show the Oposition how to be united.

From there, results will come.

Count on me as well.


Anonymous said...


I still disagree about the pure Rasinism as I am afraid it will lead to racism, but we'll just have to agree to disagree there and if if comes to the point that I have the choice of supporting your movement and see thjat it is the better option for Seychelles as a whole, then I will give you my support. With Seychelles as a whole I mean the nation as a whole, not just the Seychellois born or those you define as Rasin.

Rememebr, it is impossible to achieve a Utopian society and some will always suffer in some way or another. I do however agree, and support you fully, about the fact that there is an elite in Seychelles that has too many priveleges, bt that elite doesn't only consist of Fabrikes as you put it.

I was indeed the one who called Gappy a crook and still think he is a low life crook by favouring the PL with regards to discriminating the SNP by for instance refusing them the electronic electoral list. I have no problem with Gappy being 110% PL, that's his choice, but I do despise of his favourism as his position should only practice neutrality. Hence, he is a corrupt crook like many others in the public service, both red and green and I truly hope he gets what he deserves the day of his judgement.

As to uniting the OP, I wish you luck, especially with Ramkalawan whom unfortunately I would not rely on as long as his private parts are firmly stuck in the PL vise. But I hope he proves me wrong.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

To Patrick X

What is all this poppycock about "judgement day?." You are another "root" infected with sa maladi called hatred.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. I dodn't hear complaints when I was criticizing the Gills left, right and centre, but now that I criticize a PL it's suddenly 'poppycock'. Sorry to disappoint you, but my cock is nowhere near poppy. Is yours?

But back to your question: Judgement day fro Gappy will be the day the shit hits the fan, i.e when his monkey business is made public. That'll be his judgement day.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

ne prövoit pas l'extrateritorialité de ambassades

Contrairement à ce que veut nous croire SPPF,la Convention de Vienne de 1961, qui règle les relations entre les Etats ne prévoit pas l'extrateritorialité de amdassades.

Autrement dit,le torritoire des missions diplomatiques est soumis à la juridiction de pays hôte.

En l'occurence les locaux de l'adassade de Saudien chez nous,est soumis ä la loi Seychelloise non à la loi Saudienne.

poutant, le gouvernment ne peuve pas pénétre dans la mission Saudinne ou d'autres pays sans obtenir l'aval de pays en question au risque de violer le droite international qui garantis l'inviolation absolue des missions diplomatiques.

l'inviolation alors,peut donc présenter un obstacle à l'exécution d'un jugement ou tout mise en oeuvre.

Effectivement ces substilités peuvent donner lieu a des controverses comme celle qui oppose la caummunuaté de La Misère au Arabs ,au sujet de normes de construction assurant la protection de l'environnement.

Pour autant cela n'en aucun cas justifié l'actions illicite et le comportement inadmissible de la part de Michel.Lui seul à déclenche la crise par sa tricherie.Sa stratégie de profil bas pour pas nuire les cheiks est entrain de lui faire subir le conséquences d'un affaire qui faillait être purement diplomatique.

L'affaire elle-mème,jette une ombre sur le rôle joué par le président.Il à sans doute sous estimer l'ampleur de ses actes,il suffit de l'écoute pour voir que sa credibilité est entachée.

Dans ces conditions,pour sauver sa peau,on exige à Michel de prendre les measures nécessaires dans le contexte des ces compétences,s'il lui en reste,pour maintien de contôles adequats sur le porjet en cour à La Misère avant qu'il soit trop tard.

Mettre toi au boulot,Michel ,bouge ton cul et agir mon vieux.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...


Depuis quelque mois le gouvernment est engagé dans un combat plus urgent pour essayer de dissiper le malaise provoqué par les muavaises décisions prise à la tête de l'Etat.

Michel fait les vas-et-viens sur SBC pour tenter à relativiser la circonspection affichée par l'opinion public,sans succès.Personne l'écoute,le mal est fait, le peuple déçu est enragé.

Le pouvoir est tout démuni face à ces assauts,il n'arrive pas à trouver des solutions efficaces à la hauteur des problèmes.Les remèdes proposés jusqu'ici, sont pire que les mals déjà faites.

Dè le début de la crise, le traitement à été mal ressenti dans le pays.La passivité et Lenteur du gouvernment de se réagir à certainement engraver la situation sur le terrain.Conséquence, on est au rouleau.

Mais,qui est le coupable?Inconstestablement le président élu.La responsabilité est entieremnet sur ses épaules,lui qui n'a pas eu le courage d'aborder avec intelligence au problèmes en face de lui.

C'est pour cela,qu'on rappel michel à l'ordre et lui demand ouvertement de presenter sa démission unconditionnelle au plus bref délai.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... some very interesting revelations from TKlO! It seems that he is very much in the know of the happenings during the days of FAR. Is he perhaps the 'non de plume' for the ever anticipated tell all biography of the Great Leader who is now at the mercy of his pacemaker? He will have to repent on day as his 'konsyans i sarze' I suppose.
And how appropriate to have a name such as TIKLO, who was FAR's right hand man in all his major misdeeds including the torture of Simom Denousse and Mike Asher. FAR is sensing that TKLO is turning around in his tomb and he comes back to haunt him as his 'nom de plume'... How ironic! If State House Anytime Now was being published during the reign of FAR, it would be as colourful and downright scarry I suppose...!!
Keep up the good work STAR! These guys have never been accustomed to what real freedom of speech is all about and it is nipping them in the bud (or buttocks)!!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Niya & B:

All Seselwa Rasin thank you for your support.

It is with individual effort from each of us that we can remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people. It is each of our efforts that matter.

It is not the responsibility of the opposition or of Ramaklawa, or of Mancham or Christopher or myself. It is the responsibility of each of us Seselwa Rasin. By individually owning our movement we will forever be ready to individually defend it. In that way no one in the future will ever again be able to betray Sesel Pou Seselwa, like Rene and Michel have done, without answering to the Seselwa Rasin people for their betrayal.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I do not agree that there is any risk that Rasin-ism will end up being racism. We Rasin-ists embrace all the races that make up the Seselwa Rasin people - we exclude no one based on their race. We are proud of the multi-racial makeup of the Seselwa Rasin people.

Nevertheless, the Seselwa Rasin people thank you for your support even if it is currently lukewarm. As you know my position is that the Seselwa Rasin people's interests are the same as those of Seychelles. What's good for us Seselwa Rasin is good for Seychelles. In my opinion the Seselwa Rasin people is the same as Seychelles - we are the country and the country is us.

I am beginning to agree with most of your assessments on Gappy and appreciate your honest answers on that issue. Any more ideas that you have here especially on the ways that the PP Collaborators are cheating on the Electoral Register with fraudulent voters or likely to cheat will be welcomed. The same goes for all other readers.

On the issue of Ramkalawan and the unity of the opposition we have to try as Christopher has urged, to keep the opposition united so we approach the PP Collaborators in a united front. We must give Christopher the leeway he has asked for in order to try and reach an accommodation with the SNP. If after a full good faith effort we are simply unable to do so we must then consider all options - but his must be a last resort and not a first resort.

Anonymous said...

To Patwick X

You should be ashame of yourself. You are not only a "Liar", but you stoop so low as to accuse the Head of a very important Public Institution of being a "Crook and a PL Lover." This is the poppycock that I am talking about. Only three weeks ago, an anonymous blogger was successfully prosecuted for doing just what you have accused Mr. Gappy of. So you better watch out and this applies to the Gill Brothers as well. Please do not try to hide behind "freedom of speech/my human rights" excuses because unless you can substantiate allegations when you accuse someone of being something that they are not, playing ignorance in front of a Judge does not augur well for anybody in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

To Francis Leonardo,

Wavel Ramkalawan and the SNP will never extend a welcoming hand to Christopher and Volcere's Dead Party. We saw what happened when Elizabeth humiliated Wavel on one issue. In the final analysis, you Guys cannot be trusted. And I am not quite sure if it is because you pants are too big for you or you are too big for your pants. Then again, it could well be La folie grandeur.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous who threatens suits for Patrick X calling Gappy a crook - If you are Gappy and believe you have a libel case against me, I look forward to seeing you in court. You should be aware that suits will go both ways.

If you are Gappy, why don't you publish an electronic version of the Electoral Register? What are you hiding? I stand by my statement that in my mind there is no good reason to refuse to make the electoral register public and avilalbe to all Seselwa Rasin except to hide possible fraudulent activity. If you have a better reason, and wish to change my mind, then state your reasons clearly and I will consider everything you have to say and might change my mind.

Only a scoundrel and someone with wrongdoing to hide retreats to threats to make his or her argument when he or she can make any argument or present any explaination openly and freely in an open atmosphere.

So speak your mind, explain and argue, rather than engage in your usual PP Collaborator politics of intimidation and threats.

To Anonymous who says we are wasting our time trying to unite the opposition I say then you must be pleased. You are obviously a PP Collaborator so it should serve your interests when we waste our time. You say we have a folie grandeur. I say then ignore us and let us alone with our folie - why should it be any concern of yours? But since you are very concerned with our folie perhaps we are more of a threat to your power and position than you care to admit.

Anonymous said...

My, my, how touchy some anonymous souls are when PLists are criticized. At the same time they so enjoy when others take hits above the belt.

All Gappy needs to do to prove that things are 100% clean is to show 100% transparency. Or is the electoral list transparent as concrete?

Francis, the line is thin and you on a personal basis may not have any racist intentions, but can you say the same for all your followers?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I do not have followers. There are people who follow Rasin-ist principles just like I do. Like them Christopher and I are subservient to Rasin-ist principles and our actions are controlled by those principles. So we Seselwa Rasin should not be loyal to any one man but to those principles and we should follow those principles and not any one man.

Any person who uses Rasin-ism to be justify racist beliefs is not following Rasin-ist principles. They must redouble their efforts to study the true principles of Rasin-ism and remove all racist hatred from their hearts and replace it with love of Sesel Pou Seselwa.

I will do my best to ensure that this is the direction that Rasin-ism takes and many other individual Seselwa Rasin will do the same thing.

We are mature enough to handle and respect our nationalism without resorting to hatred of any particular group of people many of whom have not caused us any harm. At the same time we are mature enough to develop our ideology so that if anyone should challenge Sesel Pou Seselwa we will defend our interests with all our might. This is the mark of a true Rasin-ist and a Seselwa Rasin Patriot.

Anonymous said...

To Patrick X

Don't get fazed. I am only stating how this blogger ended up in court and was fine 50.000 smakaroos. If Mr. Gappy wants to slap you with a writ, that is no concern of mine. I fail to see how Francis can accuse me of threats and intimidation.

And by the way Leonardo, it is one thing to accuse but by the same token, it is morally bloody deplorable to not only distort the truth, but equally immorale to fabricate lies.

You keep saying that you are a Patriot for your rasin-ist causes and I say that you are not morally bankrupt, but it might be wise to note that a Patriot is the "last refuse of a Scoundrel."

Have a gooday Mate....TKLO Mon reste bien loin dan Leo.. lo la Kolleen..lot kote montagne la ho la ba la ho la ba la ho la ba la ho la ba...et zot apel moin Ti Kreole Leo....And Leonardo sil vou plait, aret pren Seselwa pou foubet/te because Koosoopas we are not.

Anonymous said...


I'm just beating the ground with sticks so the snakes come out of that tall grass where so much is being hidden. So far one has already come out hissing away in a defensive tone.

Whilst we're talking about law-suits, maybe half of the Seychellois population should have sued France Albert Rene after his ridiculous statement regarding 'fodre tir sa bann serpan' during the last election. Now who was he refering to again and were those accusations or just an old man talking 'dan lanfans'?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


If I have distorted the truth or fabricated lies, tell me how and I will respond.

The Collaborator version of the truth is usually not the truth. While I understand that the PP Collaborators are not used to their version of the truth being subjected to open and free discussions and argument and therefore this process can be a painful experience it is the democratic way.

Here, on this blog, what you say is the truth or what you advocate is the right thing to do, must withstand criticisms and arguments from anyone and everyone in an open transparent atmosphere, free from intimidation or censorship. This is democracy, the PP Collaborators better get used to it, and this is the kind of freedom we Seselwa Rasin crave and want.

I do not consider patriotism and dedication to Sesel Pou Selwa as something a scoundrel would do or advocate. So I disagree with you on that point.

A true Rasin-ist is a true Seselwa patriot.

Anonymous said...

"Michel's Chef D'oeuvre"

The economical policies concocted and undertaken by SPPf for the last
decades,have proven that when a country ecenomy is controlled by a handful of ignorant and ruthness individuals the aftermath of their actions can affectuate at a large-scale all other economies.

Likewise,there is no physical evidence,to date,that they have permitted the entire nation to share in any socially just way in the economies.

The indictments are justly levelled at the existing concentration of wealth which the
system of (SPPF)"concentration management has invovled.a)DEPRESSION (b)MASSED POVERTY

Clearly,the cruelties of depression and the havoc it plays in individaul and family life are enough to warrant experiment for economic life than the undemocratic concentration of ownership and control,being practiced by SPPF.

Another challenge to concentration of wealth is massed poverty.An individual or family is in poverty when it is unable to secure the goods necessary for normal health,furgal comfort and moral living.

Although,no quantitative data are available ,some occurences on the ground speak volume of how the sequel of such ill pracitces can affect a whole nation.
Protitution,inadequte medical facilities,improper housing are sufficient proof of poverty.

All in all,such practices must be radicated in our

And guess what folk!Who is behind all this'?You make the bet!.Who else than the one and only Mr never-do-well,JAM, alias JJ evil spirit.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...


It is no secret that our national media have been taken hostage by SPPF(POLITBURO)
As a matter of fact,no one will assert that they will promote any other thinking than that of those who control them.

Their prime objective,is to mould the thought and outlook of the nation as a whole,thereby,helps to justify and keep secure SPPF way of thinking and doing.

The net effect ,is to strip the people of the convinction of proprietorship and live over themselves,...making them feel and live as if they were "owned by someone else".

we need a free and independent press, without any affiliation and influence of any political bodies.


Anonymous said...


There is no such thing as free independent press as all forms of media are human conrolled and by being so our thoughts and mentality reflect the articles we write/publish.

Is Regar for instance an independent press? Is Seychelles Weekly independent? Nation isn't either, in fact all of them are controlled/influenced by one party or another the same way STAR is controlled by the Gills although they do practice a non-censorship policy with regards to those who reply to posts, mine included.

Even in UK, US or wherever you may be you will find newspapers who favour one party or another where articles defend or attack cases all depending on who or what the case is about. I would certainly not classify Regar any more independent than Nation.

I do however agree that a free independent media would be a good thing for Seychelles. Question is though, would it sell considering how much we like scandals and general kankan. Whjat do you think?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


La situation à La Misère se révèle beaucoup plus grave que celle officiellement presenté par le gouvernment.L'affaire a rebondie de plus belle.L'opposition crise au scandale,tandis les deniers espiores d'une nation en furie.

ça fait des mois déjà que les critiques assassines fusent dans les quotidiens de l'opposition sont instransigeant et fait pas dans la dentelle.Ils exigent des comptes de la part de l'SPPF.

Michel le conploteur,quand à lui,ses mensonges ont fini par lui trahir.Il est au bord du gouffle et dans l'impasse totale,il n'en sait pas quoi en faire avec lui -mème.

Il lui reste plus de marge de manouever pour lui permettre de reajuster la situation en mians.Notre vieux bonhomme est épuisé.

Donc,il n'est parcontre pas étonnant qu'il se plonger dans le monde de la silence absolu.La complexité de la situation lui à complétement échapper.

Une question poignante,donc,n'y a-t-il pas d'autre raisons que celles invoquées par le POLITBURO derrier tous ça?Seul Michel le sait.

Jeanne D'arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I agree with you that the PP Collaborators have hijacked our national media in violation of the Constitution.

I agree in part with what Patrick X has said, and disagree in part with his position. I agree that Regar, Weekly, People and other newspapers published by a particular political part are partisan newspapers advocating a distinct point of view. However. all these newspapers are funded by private sources by individuals who believe in the point of view that the newspapers they fund advocate.

In the case of state funded media, the funds come from all Seselwa Rasin through their tax contributions. As such, these state funded media outlets should remain as neutral as possible, or should allow as many points of view as possible in an attempt to match the broad spectrum of opinions in our community at large, and the tax paying public's opinion which provide the funding for the state funded media outlets. In other words, state funded media should reflect the community's point of view, rather than used as a propaganda tool of the incumbent party in power as the PP Collaborates have used SBC.

When state funded media is used as the propaganda tool of the incumbent party in power it gives that party an unfair advantage in the political arena. This undermines the free and fair character of our democracy. So the current abuse by the PP Collaborators of SBC is undemocratic and is dictatorial. This possibility of abuse and its undemocratic consequences were recognized and were prohibited in our Constitution. However, the PP Collaborates know that without this type of unconstitutional manipulation of the state funded media the PP Collaborators would certainly be thrown out of office. So the PP Collaborators have ignored the Constitutional provision requiring an independent state funded media so they can more easily use it as a propaganda tool

Furthermore, the PP Collaborators have implemented an indirect form of censorship as well, by restricting or making it very difficult for independent radio networks to operate in Seychelles. The PP Collaborators know that radio media is the best and most cost effective way to reach a significant majority of the Seselwa Rsin population. As a result, the PP Collaborators have devoted considerable resources to making it virtually impossible for anyone other than the state media, which they illegally control, to establish independent radio stations.

The manipulation and indirect censorship of media sources is just one more tool the PP Collaborators have used to illegally hold on to power and which they have used to justify selling us out and betraying the Seselwa Rasin people to Fabrike and foreigners.

Anonymous said...

TIKREOLELAIDO says that as a result of your own stupidity, you blew up your opportunity to make your Independent Radio Station a reality. Lateral thinkers in the mould of Jj spirit you are not for the simple reason that you lack the sophistication and savoire-faire and the sooner you move on and stop dwelling on the past, you can focus better in the best ways to avoid falling in the intelligent trap.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonard,

A few days ago I sent you an email at seselwarasin@gmail.com & let me know if have received it or not. Will cordially forward it again.



Leonard Francis Gill said...


I know you are a lot smarter than me, more sophisticated than me, a greater lateral thinker than me and a somebody rather than a nobody like me. So now, can we dispense with all the insults. I have already agreed you are a great man in your own mind.

Let's concentrate on getting your arguments put in a disciplined coherent fashion, so that we can all get the benefit of your position and I can respond accordingly.

You said I called your comments incoherent because you wanted Air Seychelels to fly to Western Australia. That is wrong. I have no problem with your suggestion, and it is probably a good idea for Air Seychelles to investigate this route to determine if it is financially and practically feasible. However, I did call your arguments incoherent because they are disjointed, out of context and in some cases just an old man foaming at the mouth rambling off insults in favor of his favorite dictator or "dedactor", which is not a recognized word, Rene the Butcher.

Now you say that Rene the Butcher is only a butcher to me, a nobody, and to nobody else - perhaps. But I would wager you, though I am not a betting man, that the Seselwa Rasin Rene is rumored and alleged to have literally cut to pieces and discarded and all their families believe he is a butcher. I would wager that all the Seselwa Rasin who were brutally murdered by Rene the Butcher's Tanzanian hit men in their own country on sacred Seselwa Rasin soil would agree with me that I have correctly identified Rene the Butcher as a butcher. The list can go on and on of the Seselwa Rasin that Rene the Butcher has been rumored and alleged to have mercilessly butchered, and some of whom are rumored to have been begging him for mercy and to spare their lives as they were rumored to have been systematically dismembered and butchered. I need not say more.

Anonymous said...

Air Seychelles did fly to Perth some years back, a venture that only lasted a short while as the market simply wasn't there as it wasn't to/from Bangkok. The only route that seemingly holds water is the Singapore route.

Now, all other airlines fly to Seychelles whilst Air Seychelles itself flies to Falklands. Now that is what any person would call lack of logic, but then again with David Savy as decision maker, what can one expect?

Personally I don't see Tiklo make much sense. Well articulated in a sense, but behind that thin layer I also see an aggressive person who will stop at nothing to make his point or protect his party. On the other hand however, he remains silent about unpleasant cases, for instance the selling of land to Sheik Khalifa. He despises of it as it despises us not having access to our beaches, but being such a Rene loyalist that he is, he will defend him till the last minute, just like a sheep following his sheperd.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether if an 'investor' was to apply for a radio license, get it make any profit out of the venture? My understanding is that most media operates from advertising (and rarely from the consumers), however i see that this is the only way forward for a free press. I have no recollection of it, but somebody was telling me sometime back that a guy for some time was operating a clandestine radio operatrion (and was telling listeners where to buy lavyann koson and stuff like that), so i am wondereing whether there is much capital investment to run a radio station other thana payment of salaries...on the internet there are quite a few one man radio stations.


Anonymous said...

To Patrck X,

Air Seychelles has never flown direct to Perth Western Australia. The New Zealand gentleman who started La Ligne Earienne had one plane that he used to fly to WA and back to Sey; Singapore and back to Sey; and South Africa and back to Sey; Now what happens when the plane had to be serviced when it had to be seviced?....All it takes are a few cancellations and you are up shit creek without a paddle.

Anonymous said...

To Leonardo Francis Gill,

Unless you have invested in Excellence Francis, you will never know the definition of Dedactor... Generativity and Scotoma which are the blind spots in your eyes.

In regards to your pathetic "Butcher" accusations, you will always be known as reprobate as far as the Seychellois and this writer are concerned. There is a need for you to re-invent yourself Francis.

Anonymous said...

All you pp people, Michel, Butcher,and all the servants of failure, SPPF now pp have lost the plot of "Sesel POU Seselwa".

Seychelles is for who? Khalifa? South Africans? Communist Chinese? French Ambassador Tretout?

Sesel Pou Seselwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations STAR, keep their noses in the shit they dish out.

Bravo to State House Anytime Now, I love it. Send more.pp loves it too!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous and all other contributors with words of encouragement, we at the STAT Team thank you. Now we must self politicize. Our Rasin-ist Creed or our beliefs is in the final stages of drafting and will be published soon.

So teach 3 others about Rasin-ism and the Rasin-ist Creed and ask them to do the same thing. By self-politicizing and self-organizing in a decentralized way we will create the necessary political groundwork to coalesce ourselves into a revolutionary force when necessary.

Let us all do our individual best to take our country back from the PP Collaborators and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous/TIKLO:

Your use of invented and big words to show you are intelligent does the opposite. We can all see you are trying to appear intelligent.

I suggest you abandon the theatrics and get back into the fight with your ideas. If you have none, as it appears, then so be it. But if you have some bring them forward in this free and open uncensored atmosphere.

Insofar as achieving excellence is concerned, I have made it my life's ambition to do so. However, as you have pointed out, I often fall short of achieving full, consistent and pure excellence and will continue to strive to achieve it. This is the duty of all Rasin-ists: to achieve the most that they can in the service of the Rasin-ist cause and to serve themselves, their families and their country. But this is a never ending struggle to be pursued until death.

Insofar as re-inventing myself I say I have never invented myself in the first place so I cannot reinvent what was never invented in the first place. I am what I am. A nobody with a few things to say and do and a dedication to Sesel Pou Seselwa like thousands of other Seselwa Rasin. That's what I am, and that is what I will remain.

Anonymous said...


Treatment of the issue of private ownership would be incomplete if its stopped with a mere vindication of the owners.It must discuss the question of reconciling private ownership with community needs and speciffically the part government should take in such reconciliation.

In considering these questions it is paramount of importance to keep in mind that the prime functions of the state are;to protect the rights of the governed and to promote general welfare.

The property functions of government are conditioned by the fact that,an owner may not increase his possessions indefinitely,nor use them to the prejudice of the welfare of others.To permit him to do so would be to allow him to inflict grave injustices on the others and even invite to the overthrow of the system in place.

To illustrate,when a handful number of persons in a country own the overwhelming proportion of its welfare,serious social injustice results,to say nothung of a very serious threat to public order.

The injustice consists in the fact that the great mass of people are therby forced to content themselves with barely a relatively small amount of property,while others are compelled to nothing at all.

Today,among the prominent evil standing in need of correction are the social injustices arising out of the present unregulated or rather absolated system of land ownership.
and evil that needs to urgently fixed by SPPF.


Anonymous said...


Michel,notre président ,nous a encore prouvé qu'il est l'homme de tout les mensonges.Il nous a encore mentir de la vraie situation a La Misére.

Cela rend autant plus confuse et plaussible l'affaire par la révelation de la presence de deux milles étrangers irreguliers cachaient dans les broussailles de La Misére ,ce que SPPF mué jusqu'ici.

Mais,le brut semble l'emporté sur le silence.La situation est tele,qu'elle est dévenue une sorte de fitness pour l'esprit de Michel.Commement procéder concrètement pour resourdre le problème ,peut être une besoin de spiritualité.Mais l'homme concerné est un athéeism convaincu,arrive-a-t-il a remonter la pente?

Ce serait une eurrer que,à terme,il n'est pourrait que de niure d'avantage la population.

C'est une bataille politique en cour qui laissera sans doute des traces.A ce jour,personne ont été inculpés sous l'accusation d'avoir agir illégalement et sans l'insu du peuple.

On laissera pas faire SPPF!Nous sommes une nouvelle generation qui chercher à brisser les tabous la toute inpuissance de l'etat profond constitué pas le PARTI LE PEUPLE PP= PARTI PIRAT

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...


The only fights TIKLO is fighting is the fight for no change and the one for defending Rene/Michel despite all the wrong they have done.

His ideals could murder his kin without him even reacting or feeling any anger of any kind. That is why the only time he engages in discussion is when his idols or friends are criticized, and that is always done by attempting to ridicule others by for instance giving them nick-names or twisting their names to make them sound stupid.

Corner him and he gets aggressive, buty ask a simple question that is unpleasant and he'll simply refrain from replying. Just like the SPPF/PL do when asked about similar matters: they simply do not reply or let it get forgotten.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Tiklo's fight, is a fight for political survival that neither he nor SPPF could win .They lack aspirations ,visions ,talents and so forth .They might win a fight a battle but not the war.


Anonymous said...

The possibility of treason by closer associate has been a nightmare of most dictators throughout history.More competent viziers are better able to discriminate among potential plotters and this makes them more risky subordinates for the ruler.

To avoid this rulers,sacrifice the competence of their agents,hiring medioc but loyal subordinates,to the likes of TIKLO,MORGAN etc to do their dirt jobs simply because such persons never questioned the dirty tasks they are given to excuse nor asked why , the just follows their mentors decision to the book without thinking.

Consequently,they end up by having dogbodies like TIKLO who is surely ready for the highiest sacrifice to save his mentor ass.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I agree that the PP Collaborators are not used to defending their ideas in a free and open forum. In such a forum, as we have here, their defunct, deceitful and ideas of betrayal are laid bare for all to see.

So the PP Collaborators, when faced with this circumstance, they lash out attacking by insult and by threats of violence. But even that effort shows the readers the true character of the PP Collaborators.

Now we must press forward and remove them from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people.


TIKLO and all the other PP Collaborators are defending their political power, there is no doubt about that and I agree with you on that point you made. But they are doing more than that. They are defending their ill gotten gains. They are defending their right to continue to act with impunity and to be above the law. In other words they are defending their privileged way of life.

So expect a long and hard battle to remove them from power and bring them to justice for their crimes. If we fail we lose our country to the PP Collaborators the Fabrike and the foreigners. So we cannot and must not fail. We must be victorious.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of another person on another political forum which when cornered he will reply with insults & calling nicknames.

That's typical of PL followers or suuporters; they will either reply with insults or stay silent on such important debates.

And it's no different in our National Assembly either, when such vital or paramount issues are tabled or proposed, PL will stay silent on such issue such as of the 'delo kaka Lamisere' which was recently brought forward to the Assembly. Most PL MNA’s were 'doom' except a couple who were 'kakarye' as usual without any apparent or convincing explantions.


Anonymous said...

Niya, can't say the OP supporters are much different, hence my point when I say that they are 'mem grenn' as the PL.

I may disagree with the Gills on several matters, but I do give them my utter respect for not censoring what is written here(politically at least). Such behaviour does give hope of democratic attitude and not least hope that it will continue if they one day succeed in the top political level of our country.

But the likes of TIKLO however are the counterparts of the 'racinists' that I have been warning the Gills about, i.e. those who feel they have to defend their cause with no thought whatsoever about the consequences. I hope that TIKLO keeps on showing his real side so that it can function as a warning to others how far fanatism can go and what kind of 'lanmerd' it attracts.

Get 'rasinists' with the same mental level as TIKLO and we'll be seeing more malbar-bashing and that type of fanatism in our peaceful country.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

SPPF muddle-headed apprentice to the likes of TIKLO,always sense themselves surrounded by dangers,and always they are beset by fear.
A man always reacts with force out of fear.The emotion of fear is deeply connected with fanatism and intolerance,the devil always seems terrible and strong,and he believes in him moreso,than he believes in God.

TIKLO somehow has the same symtoms.


Anonymous said...

Seychelles cannot conveivably prosper in the next 10-20 years, unless pp is removed, bagged, and corrupt men put behind bars, ill gotten wealth returned to the people of Seychelles.

We are ruled by SPPF and Seychelles is one of a handful of failed states in the World today.

This is not Christopher Gill's assertion or anyone else. It is an official statistical fact.

The IMF visits us and the World Bank visits Seychelles, not to see how successful we are, but to see if we are still on course and taking our medication, after 34 years of failure.

PP will continue to sell out Seselwa Rasinist interest in their motherland.

The situation is a bit like a heroin addiction. They are on the wrong course, and cannot get back.

Relying on rich men like Khalifa, only creates more dependency on him. As one man grows in Seychelles, other serious investors will think twice, because they know its all stinks of under the table deals.

I do not oppose Khalia investing in Seychelles, I oppose the not above board treatment and handling, which Michel is guilty of.

I oppose the compromising of our sovereignty by Michel, which is a violation of Article 1 of the Constitution.

As pp sell us out, Seselwa Rasinist ideology and Sesel Pou Seselwa, will become more relevant in all our lives as Seselwa.

TIKLO is wrong when he says Michel is the leader of Sesel Pou Seselwa. Michel, Rene, pp, sppf, started with Sesel Pou Seselwa, but along the way, they forgot about the Seselwa. They thought only of themselves.

Hence, today, this ideology has as much relevance to us all as it did in those early days of 1964.

But this time around, it will not be Rene carrying the banner, he will be running from it and sending cohorts, to block the progress of Sesel Pou Seselwa.

For our country, our Seychelles, which we have called home for generations, we must not accept the mediocrity of pp as our future.

Bring on the best for Seychelles, our best days are ahead.

The process will be long and the journey hard, but it has already begun.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Deep inside I believe that Michel means well, but unfortunately he is incompetent ragrading matters of national interest and he is surrounded by even more incompetent souls who make matters worse and think only short term in addition to not having the capability to perform the fine art of consequence analysis when making decisions. A good leader is not afraid to make decisions, but making bad decisions doesn't make one a good leader. And I can't say that his deceions have all been good.

Look at projects like Eden Island, the selling of the land to Sheik Kalele...sorry Khalifa and similar ventures where the PL went ahead and dived in head first without a single thought about those ventures backfiring in their face. Eden island has maybe sold off many of its apartments, but what have they brought to Seychelles in terms of USD or EUR? What has the good Sheik brought with him apart from a hospital ward or clinic?

Now the job for the OP is to prove that they can do better. Questione is: Can they?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I disagree that any "fanaticism", as you put it, or dedication and commitment as I put it, connected with Rasin-ism is similar to the PP Collaborator fanaticism you see in TIKLO.

Fanaticism in the pursuit of just principles is no vice. For instance fanaticism in the protection of our liberty and democracy and of Rasin rights to ownership and political control of Seychelles is no vice - it is a virtue. Fanaticism in the pursuit of personal power and self interest, like TIKLO's and the PP Collaborators' brand of fanaticism, is destructive. So our efforts should not be aimed at taming fanaticism but in ensuring that our fanaticism is targeted towards establishing justice for us Seselwa Rasin.

There is no doubt, as in any endeavor, that there will be some individuals who abuse Rasin-ist principles. But that does not invalidate the ideology. As long as the leaders espousing or promoting Rasin-ism insist that it be used justly, they will create an atmosphere which respects the pursuit of justice which will make it easy to identify abuses and to correct it. This is fundamentally different than PP Collaborator fanaticism where pursuit of power at all costs including violence against their own people to preserve their power, is paramount; and therefore, abuses and political violence are not only condoned but encouraged by the PP leadership.

So yes, we Rasin-ist are fanatically committed about protecting Seselwa Rasin interests. But no, this is not a vice; it is a virtue and a mark of a true Seselwa Rasin Patriot.

On another note, we Rasin-ists thank you for your recognition of the open and uncensored character of this blog. But, we want a society where this kind of openness and democratic expression is the norm not the exception, and where it would not even occur to anyone to thank us for it. It would simply be assumed and expected, and if not provided, would trigger protests and demonstrations of great anger.

On the issue of Michel. If he means well and still sells out our country to Fabrike like Ramadoss and to foregners like Khalifa then what do we have as a President? Is he that incompetent that he cannot decipher that these actions are damaging to his own people the Seselwa Rasin? If that is the case, who can do worse in governing our country?

While I try to restrain myself from hubris and from boasting, I can say with a fair degree of confidence that we Rasin-ists can govern our country in a far more deliberate and productive fashion. We would at least have a comprehensive energy policy, economic development strategy, social development strategy, educational development strategy, defense strategy and a comprehensive political development strategy that would enhance our democracy not undermine it. We would not govern simply to retain power for the sake of it.

So yes, there are others who can govern our country far more competently than the PP Collaborators. The more pertinent question is who can do worse when the current President is so incompetent he cannot even determine what is good for his own people much less achieve it?

Anonymous said...

TIKLO seem to bear a generic and pejorative sense of a narrow-minded adherence to a "right-belief" of whatever the teaching ,be it MARXISM or "RENE-ISM" ,capitalised properly precludes fanaticism.


Anonymous said...

LA CONVENTION DE SPPF CETTE SEMAINE ÉTÉ PLUTôT médiocre, laissant un goût amerère dans la bouche de la population.

Michel n'a pas tirer le leçon de ses eurrers du passer.Il n'a probablement pas des remèdes adaptés au problèmes en face de lui.

Le vieux est au rouleau,il a perdu toute créance au près de la Nation.

Prend-ton responsabilités vieux con?

Outre cache-toi connard`

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

I attended the conference on one day and did not go again.

It was dissappointing. I am ashame of James Michel for being my President.

PL must remove him now before it is too late for us. We will lose the election if Mr. Michel stands. He has no personality and we all feel let down by the broken promises he has made. His speech to us sounded just like all the other empty promises.

One lady told me she came because she has not paid her rent for 6 months and is trying to get it forgiven.

We need Danny Faure to take over. He is the man that helped us through the financial problems Michel put us in. He is the man for PL.

SAD PL Supporter

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Sad PL Supporter:

Your salvation, the salvation of the country, the salvation of the Seselwa Rasin people is not will Danny Faure or with any other PP Collaborator. It is with Rasin-ism.

Join us Rasin-ists, that where the future of the Seselwa Rasin people can be assured, defended and protected.


Anonymous said...

Right leonard ,our future is with Seselwa Rasin not any of those communist indoctrinated dogdodies to the likes of Faure,Potter and others.
They were all raised up by SPPF politburo, thus their political state of mind are no different than to their masters.

As to the sad PP supporter why not "Koste" with all freedom loving Seselwa to bring about the change our people badly deserved ,with SPPF we moving backward not forward,folk.


Anonymous said...

A message to Chris, Leonardo, Batsic X, Jeanne D'ork and Monsieur Troukler ki pa trou cler di tou foutou.

You Guys remind me of the Tower of Babbles because that is how you are going to end up as a result of your racial profiling, hatred, hounding, harassment and intimidation of thousands of our legal Seychellois immigrants that you are hell bent to revoke their Citizenships based on factors such as skin colour, accent and the clothes they wear.

Will the real Christopher Gill step forward and tell us what are your Points of Difference to those of the Parti Lepep?.

TI KREOL LAY HAUT sends his regards to you all and says to have a good day and please be advised that a "Kolaborateur" I have never, is not and will never be. TIKREOLLEO is singularly PL fullstop...... in it's past, present and the Future a tou kou.

Anonymous said...

It is your right to be PL past present future etc as it is others' right to think differently and have their opinion. You would be taken a little more seriously though if you would respect other peoples' opinion the same way you expect them to respect yours.

The thing is that others see things differently and feel that James Michel and the PL have failed them, hell even those who attended the convention say enough is enough for whatever reasons they may have.

what is sure though is that this election, although most probably a sure victory, will be a tough one for James Michel as he no longer will be able to dish out loan reductions nor spend the state's money wrecklessly as the IMF is watching him with beady eyes. Ramadoss, Siva and Co are also suffering from 'fes sek' and can no longer be relied on to finance like they used to.

I was reading an improved Regar the other day(electronic edition) and was very happy to see that Ramkalawan is finally showing a bit of balls and serving punches that the PL so deserves for their lack of professionalism, especially that(excuse my expression) grovelling cow Marie Louise Potter who defended the La Misere incident with nopnsense about 'only James Michel has a say'. I've given Michel credit for trying, but he has also filed greatly in not being able to have balls enough to stand up against those who have been given too much power, ref Sheik Khalifa and others.

It was also so great to read that the hospital project is now abandoned and starting to crumble in addition to the work on Khalifa's palace being stopped adn nobodt knows why. Indeed blows in the face of the incompetent fools who have lost control.

Now watch this space for insults pli ba ki later...

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You have misunderstood Rasin-ism or you are intentionally misrepresenting it.

Rasin-ism will not revoke anyone's citizenship because of the color of their skin, the clothes they wear. Rasin-ism will revoke passports of all Fabrike who are counterfeit Seychellois and Seselwa Rasin. If the Fabrike vote in our future elections they must be deported.

Seselwa Rasin are those who were Sychellois on June 29th 1976 and their descendants no matter what color, religion, clothes you wear, where you live or any other personal factor. You are Rasin by virtue of your ancestry much like how you are a Swiss in their country Switzerland.

You TIKLO are a Collaborator because you believe in and promote the rights of Khalifa to tell us what kind of passport stamp we can have in our own country. You stated that Michel can give the Americans the Chinese and any ohter foreigner anything they ask and we Rasin can do nothing about it - you condone, justify and advocate our leaders selling us out to foreigners and putting them in charge of policing Rasin in their own homeland - all these characterisitics are the hallmarks of a Collaborator.

Therefore TIKLO you are a Collaborator who fights for the interests of Fabrike and foreigners over and above your own people - Seselwa Rasin.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Francis, A collaborator would support the PL on every issue. TIKLO cannot stand seeing Khalifa get away with all this, nor our beaches being barred for Seychellois and he is about to burst from holding his voice, but cannot do so as it would mean giving up his loyalty.

The likes of TIKLO are like those dogs that are beaten but always run back to their master wagging their tail. They simply do not know better.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Perhaps under his Collaborator clothing TIKLO is a secret Rasin-ist as you suggest. But all I have to go on is what TIKLO has said and argued in his comments, and those indicate he has no problem with Michel selling us out to Fabrike and foreigners making him a Collaborator.

However, I do agree with you that any decent Seselwa Rasin, in the final analysis, cannot stand the fact that the likes of Khalifa comes to our country and instructs us what we can and cannot do to please his narrow minded sexual mores. While we are a very accommodating and welcoming people, we must draw the line with this kind of abuse of our hospitality. Michel should have implemented a system of stamping an insert in the passport of a person who may be offended by the curves of our coco de mer rather than abolishing our stamp altogether on Khalifa's command - that would have been a sensible and acceptable accommodation, and consistent with our culture of kindness and extreme hospitality to our guests.

I also agree that any decent and patriotic Rasin cannot stand the fact that we cannot access most of the beautiful beaches in our homeland while foreigners are waived in to enjoy them at will. We can only look in from a distance. The same goes for access to Silhouette and other islands where a Rasin needs to make a three day advance booking while foreigners go at will. But then again, I suspect TIKLO does not need to make this kind of reservation like the rest of us. And, being the selfish person he appears to be, it is possible he could care less what rights the rest of us Rasin have in our homeland as long as he is doing well even at our expense.

So in the end TIKLO and Rene the Butcher would be the most rabid Rasin-ists if they were not benefiting personally for their collaboration with Fabrike and foreigners. But because collaborating puts a few pieces of silver in their pockets, they have put aside all their deep feelings of patriotism and outrage that all us Rasin, even them, feel at our country being sold out from right under our noses.

Anonymous said...

TIKLO sounds like a little waif in need of affection.

keep your temper at bay TIKLO !


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